Little Bits Of Magick That Blow In & Ever-Evolving Surprises – Hint: The Reiki Portal Is Open

As the week winds down I wanted to send a little magick to you for a touch of inspiration and added infusion of hope and wonder, as I know many of you have been navigating some rough patches lately. I know it can be a wild rides these days, but I can feel the impetus of change and things releasing in the underbelly of it all.

I’ve been pretty immersed in stuff over here, but it all feels tied into that release happening and making way for the new.

In the meantime, pure little bits of wonder consistently blow in, highlighting the bits of magick going on behind the scenes that I feel.

This included these incredible, perfect specimens…two tiny snowflakes.

As I mentioned in my last post, it snowed for the first time since our December storms on Valentine’s night and then gently through the 15th as well. We took advantage of the new powder with a ski day, which turned out to be a gift because the mountain was quiet. It turned out that most people weren’t drawn to skiing in the snowy and much colder conditions than our Spring warmth we’ve been having – all the better for people like me who prefer the silence.

Upon returning to the car and sitting down, these two little flakes came to rest on the seat between my legs. If you can believe it, they were literally only 1/16 of an inch in size, but you could see them so clearly even without having to take a close up photo!

Two beautiful cosmic light codes within water molecules forming ice crystals that floated in like snow faeries upon the breeze.

Those ice crystals forming in the sky were echoed again when we came upon this sun dog over a moonscape with a white wolf-looking dog on the 5th of February, just before the transcendent experience the next day that I shared about in my last blog.

Interesting that last month I captured a moon dog for the Wolf Moon and this month there was a sun dog a week and a half before the Snow Moon.

In both cases, it’s interesting that they each reflected the Moon Tarot card that depicts a dog and a wolf. January having both the “dog” and “moon” symbolism in it and February having a double “dog” in it – the sun dog and our dear friend’s dog who actually looks like a white wolf.

We were on an awesome trek that day in Spring-like weather doing a trail others don’t normally think of doing in the Winter, which gifted us having the whole wilderness to ourselves, again.

And stumbling upon wise beings like this incredible, elder juniper tree hidden in the forest, as we forged a trail:

Once again, the reflections were appreciated and they spoke to gifts that await the adventurous at heart to unwrap.

I hope these glimpses of enchantment speak to your heart and whisper what ever you need this day.

And speaking of the adventurous at heart, for anyone interested in embarking on the next leg of your journey in expansive ways, don’t forget that you can still sign up for the new Empowerment Series of workshops during the next 10 days through February 28th.

I’m excited about these, especially as you can guess, the Transcending Duality immersion. πŸ™‚

I also have a surprise for some of you who had messaged me last year about Reiki workshops when I simply wasn’t in the space to be able to support this on the heels of a big year of Reiki training that came out of the blue.

I’m going to be making these available beginning April 4th, 2022, but as with all things, these are taking on the energy of the new and transitioning to mirror these times.

Because I know the importance of supporting the collective shifts, even more so these days, I do still want to provide what I can as my piece in this. That said, I also need to honor my shifting path and the time I need for huge upcoming projects, and so I’m merging these two in a way that is balanced, more flexible, and organic without compromising quality.

Just as the latest offerings have turned into recorded online immersions – as with the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum monthly sessions and the latest Empowerment series of workshops – I am fully transitioning Reiki training into a recorded module series as well.

Everything these days is about empowered freedom and transformation, while providing expansive and flexible options for personal growth, ease, and flow.

You can review the Reiki details and register at this link to begin your training come 4/4/2022:

Reiki Certification Training

For the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum group, I will have your new session out to you in the next few days. Thank you for your patience!

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for some upcoming Spring bundles and more.

Also, The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store has a few new items, which include some cute, blank note card sets. You can hop on to check them out here:

The Magick Rabbit Zazzle Store

Thank you for being here. Your presence is so needed!

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  1. Lovely gifts from you and nature.

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