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Paralysis of Analysis

I SO LOVE this! Preston Smiles dances it home to the core.

Do you over-analyze? Are you never making a decision because you have so many choices and refuse to decide until you have the perfect green light?

I see this time and again, and have gone through it myself, where things get dead-locked, or even continuously self-sabotaged into a circle that continues to just circle.

While there isn’t a right or wrong, or time-frame, using that as an excuse isn’t necessarily of help either. We easily convince ourselves we need to “know” more, see it ALL clearly, get some fancy message, make a certain amount of money, read more books, take more classes and seminars, etc… in order to feel secure and adequate to make a move.

You can do all of that OR you can simply understand you are perfect in this moment, and that you have everything you need, and trust you’ll have everything you need along the journey, as you take the supportive steps into your truth. It doesn’t have to result in some “idea” of the perfect outcome, as every moment is a step and evolution to something else that is surprisingly enjoyable, but you wouldn’t know it, had you not taken the step. So when you just embrace the journey, you’ll find yourself loving the process and enjoy every place you land because you know it’s leading to something new and will more closely resemble and feel like your joy.

The time is now. Truly. You only need to take a step in “some” direction…let the energy move through you and ignite into an expression of experience, which will lead you forward and draw the next experience to you.

Don’t wait on the fence all of your life because of some old conditioned thoughts and beliefs that weren’t even yours to begin with. Live out loud! Dreams happen when you decide to start living them.

Thank you Dawn Vierra for sharing this. I hope it inspires others to take a step, a leap…anything. Then perhaps you’ll soon be dancing your way through life inspired by the rhythm of the Universe moving through you.

This video shares insights on how to think less and live more.

And as Preston shares, “Life honors the Liver”.

Last Day of March’s Release & Renewal Reiki Special

00641a4c7059564b64ef3eebd82fc4dfToday is the last day of March, and so marks also the last day of this month’s “Release & Renewal Reiki Special.

If you’re interested in support for aligning more harmoniously with your natural self and for making the shifts that will help you to embody the intents and dreams you have, then you can still take advantage of this special until midnight tonight. Sessions do not have to be used today. You can schedule them at any time, but you’ll be locked in at the offered rate.

For details on March’s special please see:

March’s Release & Renewal Special 2014

Also, a reminder that I no longer do in-person sessions unless they are part of a workshop or retreat. New clients will all receive powerful sessions via distance, with exactly the same results, but from the convenience of your own home. There are occasions I may offer an in-person with past clients I’ve already worked with or on a special needs basis.

You can contact me with inquiries and for more information at

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of April and a new month’s offering. Stay tuned!

Gopher Wisdom – Masters of “As Above, So Below”

gopherEach weekend always involves a nature immersion experience of some sort and yesterday it was hiking day. And as always, walks include conscious conversation. I find that energy moves through and things process out naturally, when moving in nature.

And what usually happens, when something is stated that is poignant, made with conviction, or truly shifts and transforms perceptions – opening to something new – an animal spirit guide will show up at just the right moment and offer up his or her supportive insights and messages through the symbolism they embody.

So yesterday was no exception to this. At first it was two very large Ravens that were gliding and floating on the air just about 15 feet away from us. One of them was just going back and forth in a 40 foot area, floating, which allowed us to see his full beauty and detailing in a way I hadn’t been able to see before. He looked so magickal there just floating in air with wings out and talons showing, as if ready to pounce on something.

And then a bit later, after some conversation, we were graced with a very rare sighting. This time, the animal that showed up at Divine timing, was one that I hadn’t ever seen in the wild before, ever.

It was a Gopher.

We were walking along and we noticed a head pop back in to hole we were about to walk over. We stepped back a couple of feet and he returned, not shy at all. I was only about 2 feet away from his hole, but he kept popping all the way up and saying hi, as I talked to him, and sometimes grabbed a bunch of grasses outside his hole to munch on, then popped back in, and out again…over and over.

gopher2He came about 3/4 out and it was the first time I was able to see those little buck teeth protruding from his mouth and his long nails for digging. He was just adorable and I felt really honored he felt so comfortable to show himself, as like I said, I have seen many a Gopher hole, but never a Gopher.

So, of course, I shared what I felt the meaning of his appearance was, in relation to the conversation at hand, and then decided to look it up at home to see if what I could find. What I found did in fact reiterate what I had shared, but also added some extra insight that I thought was very cool.

Since Gophers may not be one of the animal spirit guides that come along for many that much, I felt to share their wisdom, as it seemed aligned with energies I’ve noted for the collective and even that align with today’s New Moon energy. And perhaps others may have seen Gophers more than I have, or will now start seeing them after reading this, so now you’ll understand their gifts they have to share with you.

Gopher as an Animal Spirit Guide:

Gophers live in colonies and understand the meaning of family and trusting in others. They have a very cool communication between them, which includes speaking in clicks and whistles, as well as with a special ultrasonic whistle for family members.

As a being that lives underground, they are said to be “Secrets of Life” Keepers. They are also known to be Masters of “As above, so below”. They live underground in tunnels that intersect and connect, keeping them safe underground for extended periods of time. But whether life is above ground, or below it, or even in the water, their series of tunnels demonstrate how everything is connected, even though it may be hidden from us.

Gopher is a master at  knowing how to dig and uncover hidden truths and meanings and she/he shares this gift with you. Gophers have poor eyesight (in part because of spending a lot of time underground in the dark, and because they are small) so they will keep watch on the tallest point of land in order to be able to see movement so they can warn their colony.

And of course, they are very adept to feeling vibrations in the ground, which is usually why we don’t see them often, as they have advance warning of oncoming visitors. Gopher has beautiful attributes and not to be seen as a pest like many do, as they try to run them off, or worse, from their homes, especially because they love our gardens too. 🙂

They feed from their tunnels, pulling down plants and run around with ease and speed, able to jump down small holes instantly. But rather than see them as a nuisance, it would be of more benefit and compassion to observe the Gopher’s wisdom and get more acquainted with what they have to share.

gopher3Gopher showing up in your life is asking you to feel all around you and to be present with the vibrations of energy you pick up, are sensing, and intuiting. Their medicine teaches you how to attune yourself to these spiritual and physical vibrations and sensations, as well as teaches abilities to listen, feel, and heighten your intuition to be able to tune into the guidance of direction your innate instincts are leading you to. Then to be do the energy work that what you are feeling is presenting to you.

They bring a message of looking to your own growth process and observing where you plant your seeds, and ask you to take responsibility for your actions instead of adopting a victim role and blaming others. Gopher also helps us develop the skill of uncovering hidden truths and meanings and all that lies beneath a situation, which would include our shadow parts.

He/she also shows us how to listen to and align with perfect timing to take of the many choices available and how those choices are interconnected. Perhaps it is time to “dig” with a sense of purpose and direction or perhaps it is time to utilize your resources that you have before you – because you are more prepared than you realize, but just haven’t trusted yourself enough to just go for it – get it….”go pher” it. 🙂

So our amazing little Gopher friends shows you how to maneuver with purpose and keep the balance of instincts in tune with the heartbeat of our beautiful Earth. Gopher offers us wisdom of deeper truths that are awaiting us to pay attention to and then to follow their flow.

I feel very grateful for Gopher showing up yesterday. The one I saw looked exactly like these images I found online that I’m sharing in this post. Thank you sweet Gopher teacher!

Regenerating True Desire and True Self – Sunday’s Super-Charged New Moon in Aries

Live the life you want to live and activate it into passionate action now!

Yes, this is the theme for our New Moon in Aries today, which heralds a powerful collective rebirthing energy we can all tap into. It’s time to radiate who you really are and accelerate your vibration into courageous initiation of all you are here to share.

It’s all about being the uniquely creative individual you were meant to be so that you are aligning with your authenticity and personal frequency. Change is moving swiftly and it will benefit you if you can embrace new risks with trust. This is a very regenerative and renewing time to start living as the natural magician you truly are.

Thank you Laura Bruno for sharing this post by Emily Trinkaus, which shares some great insights. As Laura points out, it offers “some great tips for navigating these potent New Moon in Aries energies!” And, like Laura, I also love the line about “breaking free from the trance of fear-based, disempowering stories about who you are, where you come from, and why you’re here”.

Here’s to an empowering New Moon!!

virgo magic

“To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” – e.e. cummings

aries new moonSunday’s New Moon in Aries (11:46 am Pacific) activates your inner Warrior, Pioneer, Innovator, and initiates a new cycle of desire and self-discovery. What do you feel passionate about? What motivates you into action? What do you want, and do you have the courage to go after it?

This New Moon is super-charged – at 10 degrees Aries, it closely conjoins with Uranus (12 Aries), stirring up the desire for more freedom, creativity and authenticity. Where do you feel limited by old beliefs about who you are or who you think you should be? Where are you suppressing or resisting your true desires and true self? Uranus the Great…

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Through the “Airwave” – Honoring My Twin Soul Nestor & So Much More

inner worldEleven years ago, today, Nestor (aka Nestie), came into “this” life of mine and every year I like to remember with reverence her beautiful presence that is eternally and ever-prevading. I like that this “11” energy – a Master number – is around this week, which included our Reiki Retreat weekend where “11” Reiki Master Teachers were present together at culmination of our workshops.

My life has never been the same since she and I found each other “again”. And it is because of her that Joy is now in my life and that I am where I am today in all ways.

And to add to our 11th anniversary, I’m hearing from the beautiful souls/my students from this weekend on their amazing openings and from people they are touching with their healing gifts, who have personally messaged me about their experiences received from them and to share their gratitude with me in assisting this process. A full circle of love and giving. So I am literally overflowing with love and reverence right now. Tears of All That Is.

And it’s all just compounding what I already was feeling and realizations I’d come to since this past weekend – doors closing and opening in an expansive new way.

Yesterday evening’s large earthquake not far from here, while I was early in bed, came at just the synchronous time I was affirming things and releasing into complete detachment to however change may want to manifest.

This experience/life we share is such a gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve written and shared a lot about Nestor, so today I just simply wanted to publicly tell her “thank you” and “I love you”.

Usually I post one of the songs that are special to her and I, and they often are these enchanting melodies, or have poignant words that mean something to us.

But today, I’m guided to share one of our expansive songs between us – one of my all-time favs – with high energy and limitless possibilities – titled “Airwave” by Rank 1.

She and I share a meditative journey through Earth and Cosmos with this one that I just LOVE. And being that I am feeling a more full embodiment of my Galactic Nature, this feels fitting right now and perhaps reveals more of who I am.

It seems to reflect the energy I’m feeling now as well, and the adventure ahead that is WIDE open to imagination and creative potentials.

I’m also now getting huge chills, as I had no idea until I looked at my CD that it is in fact #11 on the CD!!! OMG!!!

And this different version (which may be my current favorite) of it with gorgeous photos that I found is so WOW, perfect right now, and beautiful to me! A love for all of life on this beautiful Earth and beyond! And I know that visuals are what people enjoy, if they can’t journey within there yet themselves, so I think you’ll find this first version to satisfy on that level. 🙂

Following the first version, with visual adventure, is another of the same version I found, but with a static, perfect image I loved, and then a portion of the actual version I have listened to with Nestor, right after that.

I couldn’t help myself as I LOVE this song, what it means to me, and where it takes me when I LET GO. Plus, Nestor deserves a LOT of honoring and we, as multi-dimensional beings deserve recognition and embrace of what that fully means to embody.

Total joyous, loving, EVERYTHING tears and chills.

Enjoy the journey!









Recipes to Make You Say, “YES!” to Vegan Cheese

Love these! I can’t wait to try a few of these vegan cheese recipes out to include with the recipes I know myself that are tried and true. I made a vegan baked almond feta cheese ball for my retreat this weekend and it was one of the hugest hits of the meal plan. I had many guests that were not vegan and they all said that with a cheese like that there’s no reason why their cheese “cravings” wouldn’t feel more than satisfied with it and if stuff like that was available in stores, that they’d be purchasing it.

I assured them it was extremely easy to make, as I only like things that are simple and quick, being somewhat lazy in the kitchen unless I have the time and feel inspired, and that take the least amount of work and ingredients. They were all excited when I told them how easy it was to make and looked forward to making it themselves.

I have to say, not being a huge cheese person myself, nor did my body ever resonate with milks, creams and the like in any way) I suddenly had a new found liking for cheese from the vegan cheese recipes I’ve made. Not only are they healthier, but I am not contributing to animal cruelty – so that aligns with my personal spirituality, I’m helping out the environment – which is important to me as a caretaker of the Earth, and am supporting awareness of other options that can be helpful in aligning with the vibration people are interested in embodying, as they make shifts in their life.

I’m not a huge fan of cashews, but I have found that almonds can easily replace them in most recipes, or several other nut combos you may like for that matter. Be creative! I sure was this weekend. My mom and I were laughing a lot when making things for the retreat, as we were just tasting and testing as we went along based on what felt good to add. So the baked cashew cheese in this post can be made as I did with almonds if you too have allergies to cashews, or simply don’t like them.

Thank you Celeste for sharing more recipes I’ll be excited to try. We’ll have to share notes when we make them. 😉

Honk If You're Vegan


My mom, my blogger friend, Mike, and countless others have told me that they can’t go vegan because they could never give up cheese. I get where they’re coming from – I was there. I found, however; that giving up cheese was easier than I imagined it would be. Sure, it was hard at first, but once I discovered how to make wonderful sauces, cheese-free pizzas and other cheese replacements it was a cinch (and delicious too!).

I’ve been perfectly content without cheese, but a few weeks ago my sister mentioned that a vegan cheese shop, Peace Cheese, opened up in San Diego. I thought this was strange because I didn’t think it was possible to make really good vegan cheese. Online, however; their cheeses like Cashew Glow and Pumpkin Sun looked tasty.

l “Pumpkin Sun” – Vegan Cheese Alternative to mild Cheddar by PeaceCheese

I have yet to…

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Tania’s Offering of the Month – March’s Release & Renewal Special 2014

Remember that Monday is the last day to take advantage of this Month’s Release & Renewal Reiki Special – in honor of Spring and the recent Reiki Renewal Retreat. Each month I post “Tania’s Offering of the Month” so April 1st will kick that off. But if you’d like support with current transitions, to make those leaps and align more harmoniously with your natural self, then you may feel drawn to March’s Special. You can purchase these up until midnight on the last day of the month and sessions do not have to be used before then. You can schedule them at any time, but you’ll be locked in at the offered rate.

Also, a reminder that I no longer do in-person sessions unless they are part of a workshop or retreat. New clients will all receive powerful sessions via distance. There are occasions I may offer an in-person with past clients I’ve already worked with or on a special needs basis. You can contact me with inquiries and for more information at

Tania Marie

231634-1280x768-[DesktopNex In celebration of renewal and rebirthing energy this month, as we will be transitioning into Spring, this month’s theme special is focused on Reiki again. Reiki seems to be coming up a lot – and I mean A LOT – and it’s this month’s nudge to offer.

It also keeps in line with the theme of this month’s Reiki Renewal Retreat that is kicking off Spring Equinox on March 20th!

So, if you’re in process of moving through shifts, major transformation and cleansing release, as well as doing your own internal reorganization to empower those intents and dreams, then perhaps a little gentle, but powerful Reiki boost may be the nurturing support for you.

Reiki will help you to get rebalanced again and support calming that over-worked and over-stressed mind, while supporting more courageous action from you with energetic clarity, focus, and embrace. It can assist you with any…

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Release, Reclaim, Renew – A Recap of Our Expansive Reiki Renewal Retreat in Laguna Beach


9 of the 11 of us after our Reiki Master Teacher workshop

I’m still in a beautiful space of warmth from the inside out from this past weekend’s Reiki Renewal Retreat in Laguna Beach, California. I know many of you had wanted to attend and some of you at the last minute were unable to, but I also know that everything always unfolds in Divine alignment and I look forward to when that timing presents itself again to connect with each of you in the near future.

For those of you who have been wanting to hear about the weekend and what you have to look forward to on future retreats, I always love to share our adventures together, both in word and photo story format, so you can feel a part of the experience and feel into the energy that can be beachcreated when souls come together in intention and love like this.

I know also that this weekend’s Reiki family is looking forward to seeing the photos and having a memoir recap of our time together. So here it goes….

There is always so much magick, synchronicity, and symbolism that unfolds in subtle and not so subtle ways. While I do make it a point to share the things that come to me during our time together and to point out things I see along the way, I do also save some for later, as it adds to the continued integration that can be seen from a different perspective than at the time.

Our extended weekend began on Thursday afternoon at 3pm on the Spring Equinox. I’d been immersed in the energy of the weekend all week previous to it, and then some. My mom arrived on Monday the 17th to assist me and I am ever-grateful for her help, as I couldn’t have pulled it all off without her.

IMG_8911It was so special for me to have my mom with me (who is 71, although you’d never know it!), not only because she’s my mom and I love her so much, but because I knew how huge this weekend experience would be for her (I get chills as I write this). And it was. I had finished off attuning her to Reiki Level 2 and 3 Master Teacher, after my Teacher and dearest friend, Laura Bruno, had trained her to Level 1, but they were simple trainings and quite some time ago.

She had never had an official class with me and so not only did she get a chance to experience me in my “element”, but I was able to gift her with my deepened experience since I trained her, along with her being able to participate in sharing her own experiences, to get a lot of hands on practice IMG_9414with everyone, to share “her” gifts of love and cuisine talents, but also to have others reflect to her what an amazing healer she is, as they experienced her Reiki practice.

It was also the first time she was able to “receive” so much from others in terms of love and Reiki treatments, as she is ALWAYS the one giving. I LOVED being able to gift her this weekend and I look forward to more of these shared collaborations with her. IMG_9371

After she arrived, Mom and I spent the next three days immersed in recipe planning, shopping lists, the mother-load of shopping adventures at Mother’s Market here locally, and then preparing and prepping everything so we’d have time during the retreat to fully engage with everyone and not worry much about things other than getting everything presentable and doing last minute prepping that can’t be done ahead of time. IMG_9263

Knowing how people love food, like I do, I thought you might enjoy exploring what we filled our tummies with this weekend.

Here is the menu we enjoyed for our Retreat experience: Everything was 100% Vegan with some Raw Vegan mixed in to integrate and balance the days and the meals, and with a high amount of gluten-free too. Our beverages were a mix of flavored sparkling waters, coconut water, water, teas, and smoothies.

Thursday: IMG_8851

Appetizer: Baked Almond Feta Cheese Ball with Dill Oil and French Bread

Dinner: Baked Lasagna with Salad followed by Chocolate Cheesecake with Cacao Nibs and Raspberries for DessertIMG_8869


Breakfast: Cinnamon Blueberry, Gluten-Free Pancakes topped with Fruit and Maple Syrup and Apple Pie Smoothie garnished with apples IMG_9117

Lunch: Stuffed Mushrooms with Tunisian Eggplant side with Pita Bread Wedges followed by Raw Fudge Balls rolled in Coconut for Dessert

Dinner: Evening out at Au Lac


Breakfast: Raw Chia Seed Pudding with Fruit and Pina Colada Smoothie Lunch: Raw “Tuna” and Broccoli/Spinach Spread Lettuce Wraps followed by Raw Chocolate Pudding topped with Raspberries for DessertIMG_9443

Appetizer: 7 Layered Mexican Dip with Tortilla Chips

Dinner: Raw Tacos (Taco “Meat” with Baja Spicy “Cheese”) on Red Cabbage Shells followed by Raw Spiced Chocolate Brownies with Sticky Caramel Frosting for Dessert

Sunday: Breakfast: Tofu Scramble with Tortillas and “Sausage” Patties and Goji Mint Cacao Smoothies IMG_9377

Lunch: “Cheesy” Kale Quinoa Patties on Lettuce with Baked Potato Fries and 3 Varieties of Hummus with Carrot Sticks and Tortilla Chips followed by Raw Key Lime Mousse Pie sprinkled with Coconut for Dessert

Dinner: 3 Varieties of Thai Curry with Brown Sticky RiceIMG_9556


Breakfast: Banana/Raisin/Cinnamon/Vanilla/Oat Breakfast Squares with Fruit Smoothie

I have to say that our planning paid off, as we ended up with not only the right amount for everyone who I knew would be eating with us, but we were also able to accommodate guests IMG_9561that came in and out of the weekend with enough to keep everyone’s tummies more than satisfied. Yay!

I am also super grateful for my sweet friend Lynne (you may remember her from the interview I did – Lynne Day) who was our onsite photographer/videographer and my assistant (thank you for your amazing photo captures!), while she was returning to receive her Reiki Master Teacher training.

Lynne was my eyes during this weekend and I couldn’t have asked for a better second pair, as it was like she read my mind as to what and how I would have wanted to capture the moments. So once again, while I’d love to try to simplify down to just a few photos, I simply could not and so you will not only see photos throughout my share, but a huge album extravaganza at conclusion, because a few just wouldn’t do justice to capturing the essence. (We actually had over edging towards 700 photos, so I think I still did a pretty good job cutting down 😉 )IMG_9344

Between mom and Lynne, I had the dream team that rocked!

But equally rocking was the amazing group of souls that one by one trickled in on Thursday, and throughout the weekend, who graced us with their courageous hearts and willingness to embrace this accelerated expansion in their lives. I couldn’t have been more blessed to have such a wonderful group with us.

We had an intimate group of 6 housemates that were at the house round the clock and then several others that came in just for the workshop days and dinners some nights.

There were a few returning students that were just auditing IMG_9452and reviewing the classes to deepen their own practice and prep for their own teaching, others that were joining to receive all 3 levels of training, one person that only wanted levels 1 and 2, and a couple of people that just stopped in to share in the celebrations.

And all around, everyone did and will continue to receive an exponential shift in expansion because of the energy shared and elevated during our time together.

And in the end, we were a group of 11 Reiki Master Teachers lighting up Laguna Beach in our “Top of the World” home in the hills. Wow! IMG_8961

I found it so brilliant how the Universe brought together this magickal and masterful number of 11. How more perfect could that be?

I sent this info to everyone who joined us for the weekend, after we all returned home, to share the beautiful synchronicity of this number with them:


The Master Teacher, illumination, enlightenment, inspirational, transformation, idealism, intuitive, psychic, channeling, poetry, art/artistic, symbols, expression, dreamer, IMG_9473sparkling qualities, revolution, alternate consciousness, mysticism, catalyst, prisoner, prophet, celebrity, highly energized, radical, sensitive, visionary, enthusiastic, creative/creativity, vision, perfect balance, invention, refinement, congruency, fulfillment, higher ideals.

The Master Number 11 is usually called The Illuminator, The Messenger or the Teacher – inspirational guiding lights that bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness. IMG_9003

11 develops ‘Soul Power’ through loving, selfless service. 11 is a magical message asking us if we are centered or off kilter. Balance is the key with the #11.


Some of the people that joined I have known and others I got to meet for the first time, but across the board it was a “coming home” to a soul family we will always have connection to. IMG_9013Whether near or far, we are always in heart and soul, and with the added benefit our distant symbol provides us, we will always have extra energetic connection to draw and call upon.

So our weekend began Thursday, as we celebrated the Spring Equinox getting to know our housemates and digging in to our vegan cuisine extravaganza for the weekend. Each night we IMG_9398also concluded with a magickal crystal bowl sound healing bath by the amazing Shane Chunephisal, who also was a wonderful part of the workshops each day, as he provided valuable information and experiences for the group – not to mention shared his healing hands providing massage body work to some of our house guests.

Each house guest was provided a gift bag upon arrival, courtesy of me, and everyone who attended a workshop received a special Golden Labradorite crystal in a pouch – one chosen for each – that I felt carried the perfect energy for everyone IMG_9427attending and the perfect support for things everyone is going through right now, especially those who are really stepping into new experiences.

For anyone curious, here is the information I provided everyone when gifting them their Crystals, to understand its metaphysical properties:

Also known as Oregon Sunstone, introduces essential life force energy as the golden solar energy that can connect you to the Great Central Sun – the nucleus of the spiritual Universe. Stimulates the Solar Plexus (or Power Chakra), assisting and teaching one the right use of power and will and to better manage your personal IMG_9002power. It is a premier manifestation stone that if used consistently, aids with intentions you are investing attention into creating. Also supports manifesting financial prosperity and in general, aids you to let go of things that hold you back so that you can embrace and embody the new qualities that come through from using it. Excellent to use in curbing procrastination and can help develop consistency in action. Helps one perceive their gifts and abilities and to develop strong self-esteem, assertiveness, physical vitality, guidance, and confidence. Enhances one’s confidence to use one’s spiritual abilities. Empowers and encourages one to let one’s Light shine. Connects one with joy and childlike playfulness. Its energy helps strengthen and enhance creativity, brings greater clarity of mind, courage, revitalization, and expanded thinking. When placed under your pillow at night, you will wake up in the morning feeling more eager, refreshed, morning sunriseand invigorated for the day ahead. It is wonderful for meditation, as it will guide you into this realm and help calm your emotions to help you better see the direction of your life and to let go of control. It will infuse you with a feeling of reverence, love, and gratitude for all that the Divine gives to you, and remind you of consistently feeling these and deepening them, even if you already do. As a Sunstone, it has a very positive effect on your psyche, promotes good humor, cheerfulness, even temper, supports stamina, increases feelings of self-worth, optimism, and enthusiasm, and help you to say “no” and cease sacrificing yourself, while working to help remove inhibitions, support healthy detachment, and help you to see release the IMG_8848ideas of failure so you can see the silver lining in everything. Physically it enhances digestion and metabolism of food. Detoxes kidneys, spleen, and gall bladder, and promotes healthy, stable organs.

I also had been guided to bring along Raja Seraphina, my Crystal Skull, whom you may remember has told me her desire to be a part of my events, gatherings, and workshops – wanting to add her energy to the mix. So we were graced with her powerful presence, IMG_8876alongside several other crystal friends Shane and Yasmin brought along, as well as myself and mom, and all of the Golden Labradorite friends. You can see Raja Seraphina’s energy captured in the photo here, as we prepped for our very first sound bath healing on Thursday night. She was definitely revved up and ready to go!

We even created a crystal grid infront of Shane’s crystal bowls for our sound baths and that all proved, alongside the Reiki, to be quite powerful. Having the combination of Reiki and sound healing was such the perfect partnership of energy to really accelerate things for everyone.

We were definitely in our own little world up on viewtop of that hill, and we now each carry the energy of our time together along with us throughout our day-to-day because it IS a part of us now that is integrating and recalibrating from the inside out.

Our home for the weekend was such the perfect blend of spaciousness, comfort, intimacy, and peace. We had the most amazing view from the huge deck area, along with a side “zen-like” garden with fountain and bench, and being at the very tip-top overlooking everything certainly mirrored our elevating our energy and raising our frequencies to a whole new level.

IMG_9517We were even graced with 2 Banana mascots for the weekend, which goes back to a long running joke between Lynne and I, which is part of Lynne’s interview you can read at the link above. Both Lynne and my Banana Masters were along for the journey, every step of the way.

IMG_8918They helped bring things down to Earth, infusing our days with lightness and laughter, child-like innocence, and good old-fashioned fun! Just the way every day of life should be danced and just the way I like to roll and play. 🙂

retreat8So, if you were wondering what was up with all the Banana craze in the photos, needless to say, they added the perfect ingredient to the recipe of our flambe that set the weekend on fire. 😉

On the morning of our nature integration day, as we sipped on tea, a strange thing floated in the sky towards us. As it approached, we could make out that it was a balloon – where from, who knows? – but interestingly it was an Orca Whale immediately reminding me of the recent movie “Blackfish” and how that symbolizes “freedom” and our awareness that is needed.

IMG_9155But it also brought to mind key symbolism that was meaningful to our group, such as: connection, leadership, teamwork, community, communication, soul family, intuition, depth, playfulness, intelligence, environment, and Divine Feminine guiding us (as Orcas are a matriarchal society).

So, to back track, after we settled in and enjoyed Thursday evening’s dinner welcome and sound bath, we then began our first workshop of the weekend that next Friday morning. And of course, every day was balanced out with the perfect blend of meals from morning until night to compliment the energy we were working with.

IMG_9218On workshop days where we were working in the spiritual realms and raising our vibrations, we ate a majority of more grounding, cooked vegan foods. And on our nature integration day, in between both workshops, when we were grounding with the Earth, we had a more raw vegan lightened meal plan to keep things balanced. I always strive for creating harmony and balance in everything we do, as that is key in my book.

Friday we began our Reiki training with Levels 1 and 2, greeting new arrivals to our group. Our evening concluded with a night out on the town at the infamous Au Lac, where everyone inhaled a IMG_9130ton of great foods after our energetically opening day, followed by a crystal bowl healing sound bath.

It was an amazing first training day to say the least. I was so excited to see everyone beaming from their attunements and their own excitement about the experience of Reiki for the first time.

Saturday we woke to a lovely and relaxing day ahead of leisurely eating, conversation, nature, Reiki practice, and more sound baths. Four of us went on a hike down the canyon, just a two minute walk from the house. How lucky were we to have IMG_9166nature in our backyard and every variety of flower and bird imaginable, as you can see from the photos. We also came up on fuzzy caterpillar and lady bug friends, and even saw what appeared to be mountain lion-looking tracks. I could feel her presence and that was a beautiful gift.

Looking back in reflection, I do find it fascinating that “birds” seemed to be the main theme of animal guides around us the entire weekend. As mentioned, we saw so many varieties and they would also come around each time we did the initiation attunements during Reiki trainings. One time it was some crows that swooped in just above our group on the deck and actually spoke to one of our group in his attunement, telling him to “let go”. Another time musical birds came to the window chiming in with our frequency shift.

IMG_9518And of course, when outside, they were all around including some hawks and every variety of small bird. We even had a sandpiper guide that was leading ahead of us on the beach and always stopped to wait for us. And on the way home on Monday, just as we were exiting the freeway ramp behind my house, one of my mainstay hawk sentinel friends was peering down from the street lamp in all of his glory, as if to say, “welcome home” – having of course twofold meaning.

I thought you might enjoy this article I posted last April on Bird Wisdom, which shares some of the symbolism and medicine they have to show and support us with:

Bird Wisdom Appearing in Our Lives

We also came upon interesting caves in the rocks across the way, some huge statue that someone had placed on the hill that was of a prehistoric Triceratops! and mystical Cairns sitting atop a

IMG_9247rock overlook that made for the perfect place to have a silent meditation.

We were graced by the sun beaming so bright and hot in the middle of our laying and sitting on the rocks…making us feel very much like Usui on the top of the mountain receiving the very first natural Reiki attunement from Source.

After a leisurely lunch we then proceeded to Crystal Cove State Park Beach – my favorite – and had ourselves a walk along the water, grounding our feet in the sand, enjoying the sea life and air cleansing through us, and having fun practicing Reiki symbols in the sand.

IMG_9271Our night concluded with a dinner celebration with guests and of course another amazing sound healing bath.

This led us to Sunday’s Reiki 3 Master Teacher workshop and another new day of experiences for all. Great food, conversations, lots of love, and beaming smiles and souls were the day’s joys.

We had a lot of practice time, which really was powerful for everyone as they all got to experience just how naturally gifted they each IMG_9470were as unique healers, surprising themselves with how intuitive they really all are. Beautiful!!

And as we said goodbye to each of the souls that had journeyed with us during our workshops, the group of housemates that remained, decided to embark on another beach journey to celebrate a weekend of profound change and accomplishment.

So we took a sunset walk back on Crystal Cove Beach and the Universe gifted us a most stunning sunset that shifted from golden enchantment to red/orange with a portal in the sky, and then to amazing vibrant pinks like that love energy, which was all like a celebratory IMG_9535display of the renewing energy experienced all weekend. Not to mention, quite the send off for our little group.

The golden glows you’ll see in the photos below capture the golden expansion of consciousness experienced. This shifted into a creative power portal rooted in passionate oranges and reds we’re integrating for embodiment, and then the feathered and pulsing pink, like that of our hearts taking flight more gracefully in our lives.IMG_9491

We again enjoyed some Reiki symbol practice in the sand and took some fun group shots of our vibrant and freeing energy. That evening, rather than go out to eat, my mom and I were gifted a beautiful meal created by Shane of a variety of Thai curries that he and Yasmin prepared for us. MMM…MMM…GOOD!

Of course it was hard to leave the next morning, but after we cleaned up and organized, said our farewells – for now- until the next time. With teary IMG_9564eyes and love filled hearts, we know that what we created here together that weekend will remain with us always and that these new friends will eternally be our Reiki family for life and beyond.

And so, everyone is integrating back from our Reiki Love Bubble weekend. As mentioned in a previous post yesterday, there is a huge expansion that I personally, also, experienced. This manifested as blow outs with my cell phone and the ATM machine. Everyone will, and is, experiencing their own version of an upgrade, as the accelerated energy of this weekend was through the roof.

beachfunIt couldn’t have been more perfect and truly reiterates to me where my heart lies, in supporting empowerment of others and helping people on that fast track to integrating the lives they have always wanted, and to getting aligned with the paths they have soulfully intended.

I honor and celebrate the courage and heart conviction everyone who showed up this weekend has to their personal journey, understanding how integral that is for the collective when they align with who they are. I IMG_9509am deeply grateful, humbled, honored, and in love with each of you for who you are and congratulate you for taking the leap into a more expansive and synchronous life experience.

You are each powerful, natural healers in your own unique ways. Remember to honor that individuality that you have and bring it confidently into everything you choose to create. There is only one of each of you and we need the special gifts you have to offer. You are valuable in every way!

It’s really challenging to express what experiences like these feel like until you actually experience them in person, IMG_9079but this is why I try to capture what I can through my sharing and in photos, to give you a glimpse to reflect on and explore. Words are far too limiting to express the infinite felt and the love that will stay with you always from the connections made and shared.

Our weekend was full of laughs, play, deep conversations, intimate connecting, vulnerable sharing, opening and healing tears, expanded hearts, expanded awareness, and conscious elevation. All the ingredients that provide the potentials for big leaps and empowered transformation.

IMG_9439Some of my most cherished moments, besides all the intimate times that you see captured in these photos and the bonds shared, were the times I got to sit back during teaching in silence as I got to listen to everyone in conscious conversation, teaching each other. I was there as a facilitator/observer/space holder to provide a foundation, direction, and different perspectives. However, the empowering thing that happens – which I LOVE – is that everyone discovers that they are teachers and leaders themselves and so holding that space for them to step into this aspect of themselves that is awakened, and to see people process their experiences out loud, means everything to me.

I also loved the times I got to guide them and then watch them practice on each other, as their faces lit up and they discovered their intuitive gifts and abilities they never acknowledged or knew about before.

PRICELESS! INVALUABLE! And is the reason I do what I do.

IMG_9266I love what I do and am able to offer. It doesn’t come without its sweat and work, but my soul commitment and love is to be of service through the unique vehicle that is expressed by my embodying my personal frequency. I know no other way in life than to integrate who I am seamlessly/simultaneously in service to the collective.

If you missed this retreat and are interested in joining another, you can find updates here on my blog site at the Retreats link, as well as can find updates on the Inspiring Classes & Workshops link. I’ll be teaching (and soon posting) some upcoming advanced IMG_9390Reiki classes, which include combining with crystals, as well as working more with Chakras and creating a magickal and Divine life experience. And there are more retreats this year as well. The next being in Bimini, Bahamas in July.

There are several new inspiring workshops I’m putting together, as well as 2 more retreats later this year. I’m already receiving guidance on next year’s retreats and their whereabouts, so stay tuned. And don’t forget that I will be in Chicago teaching an accelerated Reiki workshop weekend on Saturday October 11th and Sunday October 12th. I don’t know yet if I can make it to Toronto in June, as hoped, to teach Reiki and speak at AnandaFest, but I’ll know that likely by Monday.

tania-retreat3So some fun to look forward to, alongside all of the amazing creations coming forth from so many of you, including this weekend’s students. I know a couple of them are already gearing up to start teaching their own Reiki classes and putting together retreats. And I anticipate some co-creations in store, as I’ve already discussed some cool collaborative ideas with a couple of you. 😉

I love that life’s experiences are only limited by our ability to utilize our imagination and free our minds. I hope that you will actively engage your own creative power, as truly it will gift you tenfold if you do.

Much love and creative magick to you all!

I hope you enjoy the photo album story of our beautiful weekend shared together, realizing that the shifts and expansion each of us make individually, directly impacts the collective and provides others greater ease to make transformational shifts too.

IMG_8830mom as we embark with fully loaded carmaster-suiteIMG_8838IMG_8840IMG_8841IMG_8843IMG_8852IMG_8853IMG_8849IMG_8860IMG_8862IMG_8866IMG_8868IMG_8874IMG_8877IMG_8887IMG_8896IMG_8902IMG_8909IMG_8912IMG_8915IMG_8916IMG_8937IMG_8940IMG_8941IMG_8943IMG_8947IMG_8949IMG_8951IMG_8968IMG_8992IMG_9001IMG_9008IMG_9009IMG_9011IMG_9028IMG_9018IMG_9061IMG_9069IMG_9104IMG_9114IMG_9119IMG_9132IMG_9137IMG_9142IMG_9145IMG_9147IMG_9150IMG_9152

Dear Human – Another Perspective to Ponder

dear human

Jill Mattson ~ Three Clues That We Are Influenced — From the Stars!

As someone big on harmonics, Earth and Cosmos alike, but even moreso on the harmonics of sound we can each produce from our voice when it’s in pure connection with the nature of ourselves and Source, I find this article shared via Laura from Jill Mattson to be helpful for others in revealing how the harmonics of the Universe are influencing every aspect of life and beyond. Enjoy!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Here’s an article that shares some scientific confirmation of energy from the stars influencing life on Earth. Anyone who’s ever wondered if astrology is nonsense, or who can’t understand why we might feel impacts from Mars, might want to read this article. Those who do feel astrological tugs might enjoy learning why. Thanks, G!

JillsWingsOfLight~ March 26, 2014


The planets in motion create waves, and they influence us! This is indisputable science! The waves are below our hearing range, but are recorded from satellites. These waves correspond to the waves of our body, mind and emotions, and transfer energies through octave resonance – pushing and pulling us. Many would call this vibratory influence astrology!

Numerous scientists have confirmed the presence of this energy that comes to Earth from the stars. Sharry Edwards uses information taped (but below our hearing range) from satellites to describe subtle energy influences that you…

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