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The Magick Bus Adventure Takes a New Turn on the Spiral of Life


It will soon be a year that we’ve been living in the Magick Bus – my time flies when you’re soaring through shifts – and during that time much has evolved including some alchemically poignant experiences that were markers for both walking into and creating a new era. I’ve experienced literal near death, the transition of one of my beloveds, ancient remembering, peaceful embodiment, widening perspectives, realization of personal truth, a new level of alchemy initiated, shedding of more layers of skin, danced with cosmic forces of shadow and light, began a new creative path, deepened into sound as my harmonic resonance, heard the call of the sacred areas that align with my soul, and so much more.

It’s been potent indeed!

And as I shared in another recent post, “It’s an ever-flowing evolution of creative execution requiring constant, increasingly conscious presence to hear the voice within.”

Nothing ever “arrives,” but continues to morph in reflection to continued expansion beyond limiting versions of today’s ideas and beyond duality into multi-reality potentials that release definition.

This adventure we’ve been on has had several purposes, but most importantly to literally move energy in a rapid and deep way, which it indeed has.

It’s been a journey of surrender, vulnerability, lifting of veils, stepping into greater personal power, and expansion.

Much more than I have even shared with words and photos via my adventure blogging here that documented the journey, as it’s just not possible.

Things continue to spiral and with shifts embraced, adjustments to mirror and flow with the current streams of energy have, and continue to take place.

I know from what I’m hearing and experiencing from the collective that this is really proving to be a moment-to-moment fluctuation of different energy currents to navigate, which can be unnerving, confusing, knocking off balance, and challenging to say the least.

Or, fun if you’re able to really enjoy learning a new dance partnership with the current energies inviting you and the constant morphing quality to things right now while not getting fixated and attached, as everything rapidly transforms.

While we’re keeping from locking into anything and allowing the energy to move and form naturally to support new opportunities and visions streaming in, I can share some of what is happening in a general and symbolic level.

We are currently heading out of Canada sooner than originally planned (originally traveling another nearly 2 more months through) and will be entering back into the States on the 31st and last day of August (that’s tomorrow and seems symbolic) through North Dakota with the International Peace Garden as our entrance bridge, which feels quite fitting to move through a harmony zone between two “worlds” – Canada and the U.S.

Then we’ll continue traveling and touching down in several states along the way like Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. getting a taste of this area of the country, and culminating with a very special, private, and intimate Equinox celebration and activation with Laura and her David in a sacred place, immediately heading to where the land has called us to start creating the next phase of our lives, right after.

We’ll of course be exploring what the areas we travel through have to offer along the way to our landing zone, integrating that into the creative manifestation process, no doubt.

We’ll then be focused on creating the next phase of our lives solely.

This will involve purchasing and setting up a new home in one of the places closest to our hearts, which will be an evolving process and may morph and expand into more than we originally thought to incorporate everything desired and necessary to our paths.

And during this time the Magick Bus will be our base until our home is in order, then we will likely be saying goodbye to it.

However, this doesn’t mean our adventure is over. It is simply evolving and taking a new turn on the spiral of life.

We are exploring varying possibilities, which may include things like purchasing a much smaller Magick Bus II and journeying sporadically once we get set up, or simply traveling without a Magick Bus.

The possibilities are endless!

Either way, we would be navigating the landing zones of exploration by very specifically focused areas of intent and calling, rather than everything in between.

This to include some international travel that’s come up, including a long stint in Australia in the Spring of 2017 due to an important event invitation for Dave in relation to his book.

So, there is much evolving and much excitement ahead, not to mention I am looking forward to creating a new sacred haven and sanctuary to continue with my creative projects and new ventures that I envision.

And that’s where my next phase of feeling I need to withdraw external energies comes in, in order to fuel all the things I/we need to create and anchor in.

This may seem abrupt, but I’m going to be offline beginning September 1st – the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo and our first full day back in the States – for a good majority and unknown length of time, and will touch in only if absolutely called, which means the rest of the journey I won’t be documenting anymore.

This means I won’t be updating via Facebook either and newsletters are coming to an end for an unknown period of time.

I may pop up with an update or channeled inspiration, via my blog solely, when you least expect it, but that would be in alignment with what’s already anchored, rather than the process, and I’m not going to place any time frame or limitation on it.

Like with everything, it will organically create itself.

I just wanted to put it out there so that you don’t think something happened to me or that something is wrong, like some people thought the first time I took my 3 month sabbatical, although much IS happening. 😉

This feels more resonant, as things shift way too much and with such speed that it doesn’t make sense, nor supportive all around, to update until things anchor into manifestation more solidly.

Plus, I want this part of my life to be created with as little commingling and energetic interference than we already all share simply by being part of the collective experience unfolding.

And, I also need this time to utilize an early, clear, and focused hibernation for the creation of all of this on a personal, partnered, and collective level.

Thank you so much for all of the loving support and understanding that you share so generously.

Sending out much love and wishing everyone a creatively empowered journey, an alchemically potent New Moon Solar Eclipse tomorrow, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, and Equinox, as well as a peacefully flowing end of 2016.

Quick Magick Bus Itinerary Update


I’ve had several friends recently ask about our upcoming whereabouts to see if things align to connect in person so I thought I’d share our itinerary between now and end of October to help out. We’ve just left Colorado and are in Wyoming with a continued journey onward through Montana, parts of Canada (we’ll be returning two more times here), down through Michigan, and a stop in Indiana to visit with my bestie. I do have the rest of the proposed plan to take us throughout North America over the course of the next couple of years, but will post as it evolves.

We’ve had three visits so far by family, friends, hosted a private retreat, and about to receive our fourth guest today – a sweet friend who has been inspired by our journeys and made her own abbreviated version of a similar path right behind us, now catching up with us to hang out for a while. I’ve also been able to connect with one dear friend while in Sedona.

We aren’t always able to make the connections happen, but I always know that everything has its divine timing and what does take place is perfect.

Magick Bus Itinerary: 


6/8 – 6/11 Laramie, Wyoming
6/11 – 6/14 Green River, Wyoming (Flaming Gorge)
6/14 – 6/19 Moran, Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park)

Leave to Montana

6/19 – 6/22 West Yellowstone, Montana (Yellowstone National Park)
6/22 – 6/26 Gardiner, Montana (Yellowstone National Park)
6/26 – 6/29 Bozeman, Montana
6/29 – 7/3 Helena, Montana
7/3 – 7/6 Missoula, Montana
7/6 – 7/10 Great Falls, Montana
7/ 10 – 7/17 East Glacier Park, Montana (Glacier National Park)

Leave to Canada


7/17 – 7/20 Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
7/20 -7/24 Calgary, Alberta
7/24 – 7/31 Edgewater, BC (Kootenay National Park)
7/31 – 8/7 Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta
8/7 – 8/14 Jasper National Park, Aberta
8/14 – 8/17  Edmonton, Alberta
8/17 – 8/21 Elk Island National Park, Alberta


8/21 – 8/23 Lloydminster
8/23 – 8/25 Saskatoon
8/25 – 8/28 Candle Lake
8/28 – 8/30 Manitou Beach
8/30 – 9/4 Sherwood Forest near Regina


9/4 – 9/8 Riding Mountain National Park
9/8 – 9/11 Portage La Prairie

Proposed Places To Be Booked Soon:

9/11 – 9/14 Winnipeg
9/14 – 9/18 Nopiming Provincial Park
9/18 – 9/22 Big Whiteshell Lake


9/22 – 9/25 Vermilion Bay
9/25 – 9/29 Nestor Falls
9/29 – 10/2- Mine Centre
10/2 – 10/9 Thunder Bay
10/9 – 10/16 Pukaskwa National Park
10/16 – 10/20 Lake Superior Provincial Park
10/20 – 10/23 Sault Ste. Marie


10/23 – 10/24 Grayling
10/24 – 10/25 Big Rapids, MI (Manistee National Forest)


10/25 – 10/30 Goshen

Celebrate Today & The Entire Journey

We all go through struggles and challenges, but we also all have the ability to pass through the veils and experience what awaits us on the other side.

Celebrate you today and how far you’ve come.

This is a day I’m celebrating how far I’ve come – the depth of the entire journey I’ve discovered and learned to navigate.

I shared this on Facebook yesterday, but since it’s in alignment with my recent posts from the last few days, I thought I’d share this quick little reflection and message here too:

Today is wow here!

beautiful day

Tank top weather, windows open with ocean breeze, I’m even getting a tan while at my desk working lol! and feeling more and more grateful and invigorated every day.

my view.jpg

We may have simplified our life and are living a life not everyone would choose, but the gifts and nature’s surprises are in abundance and my joy and peace is increasing by the day!


Does that mean this is the only way to experience stuff like this – heck no!

But if you listen to, support, and take action in alignment with your truth while integrating more balance, Nature, and letting go into your life, you’ll too experience more inspiration, invigoration, and vibrancy in the way perfect for you and your path.

I don’t have to pinch myself, because I know I’m awake and it is all real.

I/you create my/your own reality with each choice.

I’ve seen my life over all of the years go from one challenge and struggle after another, constantly working with the shadow, feeling stuck, unrelenting heart ache, and giving up, to ease, peace, constant inspiration, flow, and magick.

It’s available to us all.

I’m falling more in love with life because of truly coming to understand the meaning of it, which is all feelings and all experiences.

I am grateful for the entire journey…not just for where I am now, as without all of the pieces I would not truly understand this gift of life.

So, yes, I’m grateful for all of the challenge that has gotten me here because now when anything shows up I have a new appreciation for it and know my power in creating more of it, or something else when ever I so choose.

And so do we all.

It’s not about running away or denying some experiences over the others.

It’s about understanding the beauty and value in all of it to help us remember the powerful creators we really are.

And then when we experience the things we enjoy most, we REALLY have gratitude for it.

And when we experience the things that are more painful, we can REALLY have gratitude for it.

And at some point they just all become experiences and energy we have the ability to create and channel or not.

So, while I am basking in this light right now and feeling free, it is because I have basked in the dark and learned to turn the chains I used to feel there into a pathway of flowers I simply have to fully inhale in order to receive the gift of their fragrance.
malibu view


Your Dreams Have Purpose ~ Inspiration From Sanaya Roman


mini garden malibu sunset


“Your dreams are there for a reason; they are guiding you to your higher path here on earth. Enlarge your vision of what is possible for you to do. Dare to dream and think big.



sunset on pacific coast highway


Your higher self speaks to you through your feelings, imagination, desires, and dreams. It shows you your life’s work by guiding you to the things that are joyful and giving you pictures of what you love to do.





Your life’s work will be something you think about, feel connected to, are familiar with, or are already working on. It may be something you do in your free time for fun or something you tell yourself you would do if you had more free time or money. Your life’s work will involve making a contribution to humanity, animals, plants, or the earth itself.



sun getting ready to rise


You will recognize when you are doing your life’s work by the feelings of vitality and aliveness it gives you. You will feel that your life has greater meaning and that you are making a worthwhile contribution. You will have a compelling vision or goal. You will feel happier in every area of your life. Your work will allow you to express more fully who you are; it will help you grow and evolve.” ~Sanaya Roman





Making Dreams Into Realities ~ My Nearly 3 Year RV Dream Manifests

It’s a dream no more.

I’ve held a dream about living and traveling in an RV now for quite a while – somewhere between 2 1/2 – 3 years. And it is finally happening, but all in perfectly divine and aligned timing, just as I had posted it would back on May 17, 2013 in this blog, when I saw an interesting all white RV parked across the street where I could see it directly in view from my office:

Faery Stones & Crosses

It’s always fun to look back at how things have evolved. I actually didn’t realize it had been that long, as time flies, but at the same time I’ve kept myself focused on moving forward as if it already was, patiently awaiting the alignment to light up.

The more I’ve connected with my essence and heard the truth in my heart, the more I’ve connected with what that looks like for me in terms of my life callings.

I have a deep desire as a soul to explore, forge into unknown territory, create beauty, imagine expansively, flow naturally, live freely, simply, and with ecstatic softness, and love boundlessly. I’m a soul, that much like my dear Twin Soul, Nestor, cannot be confined, contained, nor bound.

Ideas come to me without some long analyzed process…I get the idea as a spark of inspiration and knowing first…and then I start working out the details, looking at the angles of how that looks, and exploring possibilities after.

This is what took place when I first got the RV inspiration. It just came to me. I knew it was right. And little by little, things started showing me and messaging me that my guidance was on point for my life with this. I knew I was meant to move on from California at this time. I’ve lived here nearly all my life, except for 7 of my 42 years, which were spread between Seattle, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, and Reno.

And I knew there was a timing on this. It wasn’t until I returned from Alaska last August of 2014, that I knew with all of me I had fully moved into a new embodiment and was living in the new reality, which was no longer in California. It would just take time for the rest to align. From the moment I arrived home everything felt so unreal to me and like a parallel reality to my own. And since then, I’ve upped my energetic work and movement forward to create what I knew was needing to be done.

I know that as long as I listen to the nudges I will always be supported, safe, and taken care of – in the right place at the right time. And there was a time limit on when this needed to take place, how long I knew I would be able to wait, but this would also coincide with an opening that had to be taken at the precise moment it was offered.

I think people didn’t take things seriously when I said a move and RV living was coming, since people operate only on the tangible things they see and experience. So, I just worked toward it, not mentioning it much, as it wasn’t important others were consciously in on it with me or not.

I operate in the intangible, as that’s where the tangible is created. So yes, for most of the time I may look like The Fool Card in the Tarot, but that’s where I live with great peace.

That used to be a big challenge, especially when I was much younger, and now I relish in it. It doesn’t much matter to me if people don’t believe what I share about experiencing, seeing, and knowing. If I’m happy and experiencing magickal things, plus doing no one harm in the process, I think that’s all that really matters, right?

I just know that I’m needing to move around right now and not root at this time, although will plant many roots along the way, and seed much on the journey, while also doing energetic work for the collective since all of my travels are intentional for the highest good of all concerned while I’m guided by my heart.

It will be interesting to see what evolves and where the journey leads. I have some visions of things that may culminate along the way, as well as potentials for what may happen at some end point of the journey, which has no time limit. It will be as long or as short as it’s meant to be. Until I KNOW with all of me, like I did with this first step, I’ll just be following the path unfolding one step at a time.

But once I fully embodied the truth that this was actually going to happen, things have just continued to unfold to open the pathway there very clearly.

And synchronously I’ve been calling up a lot of RV energy over the year. And even on my visit to Indiana to see Laura, little did I know until she told me, that Elkhart County, Indiana was the birth place of about 90% of RV’s in the country. So there is a good chance mine could have come from there.

And another fun thing was just after word came that things were a green light with the RV last week, I pulled out of my driveway to do some errands and a large RV came down the street, ending up in front of me and leading me out to the main road. AND, on my way back home, the same EXACT RV was coming back at the same EXACT time, turning back onto my street just as I was.

When you’re in the zone, you call up a lot of synchronized alignments and reflective experiences.

So, while it may seem overnight to some people, since it’s something that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes, it has been a process of continued belief, dedication, and moving forward without letting anything deter me from knowing what is in my heart would happen.

It’s not necessary that I dictate the timing, as that would go against natural flow and divine alignments. It was only necessary to gently (like a soft, but potent gaze) hold the energetic connection, relax, and realize that I was to be patient for what was on the threshold working itself out to bring it all together in the most supportive way for the highest good of all concerned.

In the meantime, fully embodying the new, not holding my life back, putting anything on hold, or stopping life until it happened, but continuing to cultivate things and live in abundant creation, which helps keep the energy moving and manifesting the pieces into place, one step at a time.

It’s a balance of intention without attachment or expectation, full embodiment of the new even though it isn’t here yet, flowing with the energy rather than forcing it, not allowing setbacks to deter you or discourage you, realizing the perfection of what shows up, and then courageously leaping when there’s a green light. Plus, don’t forget to intend everything for the highest good of all concerned to create the most harmonious and love-centered experience for everyone involved.

The Universe then supports you tenfold.

And although the next steps are not seen yet, I will be living and cultivating the life I want, while I await the next green light.

So, moving out of the house and into an RV park here locally, until the next leg of the journey comes together and reveals itself will be beneficial on many accounts.

It will help get things settled, integrate the new lifestyle, get the animal companions all situated, and work out any kinks, while also getting to live waterfront on the beach, which will be amazing and creatively supportive for my sabbatical projects I’ll be channeling.

I don’t know how the next thing is going to happen, but I do know that it will.


The new baby that has birthed into manifestation – A 39 foot Fleetwood Discovery with the absolutely perfect inside layout needed and desired, with 3 slide-outs for quite an off-grid home on wheels


A sneak peak of the main living salon with slide-outs out….pretty nice even before clean-detailing it and making it home.

This Sunday, two days after the Aquarius Full Blue Moon, and one day after the celebration of Lammas – “first harvest” – the RV arrived home at 6pm on the nose (all the way from Arizona), just as I finished in the garden.

garden towerI had been tending to my garden tower, tinkering around because I like to make all the plants pretty and give them attention, pruning, watering, harvesting, and also planting a few new plants. And lately, whenever I go out to the garden to check on my plants and do any work, it never fails that a white butterfly comes to greet me and will flutter around me with such loving grace, ecstatic softness, and gentle support. This day was no exception.

applese galoreI also made the rounds in the yard checking out all of the fruit trees and flowers – seeing the abundance of Fall fruits that are getting ready including apples and persimmons, and finding my two out-of-season, surprise tangerines getting really close to being ready too!

tangerine surprise3tangerine surprise2

They aren’t supposed to be harvested until February, but low and behold, just like me, a couple of them had to buck things and prove that “anything is possible”. Perhaps they’ll be ready, just like my two sunflowers out front, to harvest and bloom right at onset of embarking.

It was a most lovely and perfect timing to be out planting and cultivating, only to then have the “fruits of my labor” (both literally in present time and symbolically in terms of a few years of work) manifest at the exact timing of coming in from the garden.

There’s a lot to do between now and October, both with the RV, the house, my work, and all preparations, but I know it will all get done, as it always does.

Right now the RV is going to be getting an upgrade, making sure everything is functioning properly, fixing any little things to have it move-in ready, detailing it so it is fresh and clean, adding in a new washer/dryer to the hookups already there, getting a new mattress, adding solar panels to the roof, installing the towing kit so it’s ready for hook up to the car, etc…and then of course a nice little ceremony to activate her and energetically surround her in a new frequency of experience she’ll be supporting.


I love her model name, “Discovery” and I love that she “just so happens to be” mostly green with some gray, but the gray shifts color in the light and next to the green, so that it becomes a green/blue.

“Coincidentally”, the house we live in is also green – the only green house in the neighborhood with an address that numerologically holds the essence of #6, which is all about harmony, love, home, balance, family, groups, friends, truth, sincerity, peace, calm, beauty, responsibility, and service.

The reason the green color is so significant is because that’s the color of the Heart Chakra and the focus of my work at “Emerald Bridge”.

Emerald Bridge was created to be a compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations focused on a journey of the heart.

And that’s just what this adventure ahead in the RV will be – a journey of the heart.

I’m excited to see what gets created from this new abode, and look forward to exploring the entire U.S., Canada, and Mexico. I’ve traveled a lot abroad, but now I get to explore all of North America and areas surrounding.

Everyone has their own path, but it seems collectively, as Lee shared in his August Energy Forecast, that it’s a time for going within for a recalibration and redefining of how you want your life to be and allowing fire into your life to move through you to create growth.

For some that inner depth focus might reflect as deepening roots where they are and cultivating things locally. And for some, like myself, that inner depth focus is about deepening the roots within (home is where the heart is) that can be carried where ever we go, spreading and cultivating connection, community, and love around.

I look forward to being able to connect with people I know all over the country, but have never met in person, and I also look forward to meeting new people and having new adventures. I’ll be able to offer things locally, where ever I am, making it easier for people since I’ll be accessible to any locale I’m at.

I especially look forward to all of the beautiful nature and peace, inspiration, and expansiveness that I’ll immerse in, and how that channels through my work.

All I know is that we each need to follow the inner guidings we each have.

For me, right now I know this is what I am to do, and I’ll see where it leads and where I end up. Part of the journey is about exploring where I may end up wanting to root after this adventure.

But for now it’s simply about the journey…no end goal in mind. Seeing where it all leads and listening along the way to the promptings of Earth and Cosmic messages that will alert me.

(P.S. – before I added this end note and the two photo captions the whole share was 2222 words 😉 )

Simplifying, Creating & Living Your Dreams


I decided to post this inspiration I shared for this month’s newsletter, given the themes in it that keep coming up for everyone I talk to and hear from. If you want to sign up to receive monthly newsletters, you can do so here: Receive Newsletter

May’s Inspirations: 

Wow, we’re already a week into May and 2015 is nearly half through! What an incredible year it’s been so far. For me, it’s a simultaneous experience of this deeply powerful energetic cleanse and build up both in shedding layers, as well as fueling the new in the same breath of release.What I know solidly is that I’m no longer holding space, but creating it. And that is enormously freeing.

And within this experience it’s been an increasingly present state of embodying that which I AM, without concern for what that looks like or how it unfolds – it just IS.

I may have visions and intents, but I’m letting my “beingness” create the path and the manifestations.

Along with physically lightening the load I’d been carrying, naturally inducing the shedding of 9 pounds of energetics from my core, I’ve also increasingly be living a life of simplicity…truly knowing the experience of not “needing” anything.

In this process I’ve been able to not only release old core “stuff”, which induced the unusual shed of pounds that I wasn’t trying to lose, but have even been guided to move my most prized/cherished parts of my life on to others, sold, donated, and continue to let go of everything, but that which speaks as most essential to this leg of my journey NOW.

And mostly, that is simply ME and the rest are joys I can choose, but don’t need any longer.

It’s an empowering process of releasing and lightening on all levels. And it opens the door for what currently wants in and mirrors my ever-shifting, creative intents.

We recently had a Scorpio Full Moon that to me speaks to this and digging into the dark inner realm where the truest security and personal power lives.

I remember a past article on Scorpio Moon by Simon Vorster that spoke about it as “a powerful cosmic flush” that brings us to the inner core vibration of who we really are through a total “inner spiritual transmutation.” Love this!

Indeed an inward journey back home.

And it is this inward journey that assists us in actualizing our dreams from a place that isn’t anchored in the old paradigm, structures, and conditioning. There’s nothing weighing down or restraining what wants to emerge.

This brings to mind Snail wisdom, as she keeps popping her enchanted little antennae up now and then.

Snail speaks to grounded awareness, conscious expansion, the motivational inspiration to create, self-reliance and having all that one needs within/on them, the cycles of renewal and unlimited abundance, and the vulnerable sensitivity of full awareness that can be harnessed into patient progression – all while thoroughly enjoying life (whimsically) each small, purposeful step of the way and knowing what is desired WILL come to fruition.

There have been many things in my life I’ve embraced in the smooth, deliberate glide of Snail, while journeying over rocks and twigs in the path – steadily continuing ahead. And with that unhindered inner guidance, regardless of outward experiences, have one by one been seeing things continue to come to fruition.

And now, another large dream I’ve had for a while and intentfully decided 9 months ago that it simply already WAS, now IS.

This involves my upcoming move and an adventure that is now happening after simply living it already on another timeline, while the me in this timeline did the necessary Snail-gliding to merge the details with the vision embodied.

I’ve lived “as if” my dreams already were, in all ways and senses, while letting go of the timeline, which is ego-driven at its unproductive best.

So I do believe in living/embodying your dreams regardless of whether or not they are here and now yet in the physical manifestation. This means every choice you make, the visions and feelings you hold, the thoughts and beliefs you tell yourself, the actions you take, are all aligned with the dream “being.”

That doesn’t mean you lie to yourself or deny the “stuff” that comes up in the process. But you DO keep creating, while you journey through the rest with full embrace – in this way all the pieces become alchemical ingredients to the creation.

And a lot rides on us letting go and simplifying so that what is necessary and of valuable benefit can speak to us without the clutter of “stuff” in the way. Simplifying also removes the distractions, the temporary appeasement of superficiality, and our tendency to put and project energy/time into things that we convince ourselves are needed because we don’t want to really take the steps.

Simplifying not only involves the physical clutter in our lives, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter. Yes, you can have spiritual clutter too, to convince yourself you’re doing something aligned, but is actually on a camouflaged-to-look-like, yet diverted path away from your dream.

I will devote a separate newsletter for details on the upcoming dream manifestation/change, as I’m taking heed of Snail’s wisdom to slowly, step-by-step it. Plus, this newsletter is packed enough! 😉

In the meantime, please allow yourself to imagine, dream, and deliberately create!

What is it that calls from within?

How much do you want it?

And if I told you it WAS possible, would you invest trust in yourself to at least see where your inspiration wants to take you?

Because here’s a little secret….it IS possible.

Now it’s up to you to believe that and to take the steps toward embodying it.

For this moment, this day, allow yourself to journey where you wouldn’t dare normally go…even just an inch…and see where it takes you…what unfolds and what starts to grow.

I have and will continue to allow myself to live my dreams, as simply and as gracefully as possible – these are my intents. But I gave up worrying about how long it took to get there, how I’d get there, or even if my dream wanted to shift along the way.

I know these “control” mechanisms are simply a means to deter me from what naturally is my destiny. And they simply don’t reflect the truth of my essence.

When I go within, I discover the ingredients to create alchemy in my life. When I embrace the shadow and the light I am powerful beyond measure.

And so are you.

On Beltane I placed a Crystal offering out in the garden for the Faeries. My intent placed was to give/live in reverence of ALL that is sacred and to receive their reflection of that sacredness and flow in all that I create.

The next day the Crystal was gone. The commitment sealed and honored.

What are you willing to commit to in order to manifest your dreams?

In Love and Creative Magick

Paralysis of Analysis

I SO LOVE this! Preston Smiles dances it home to the core.

Do you over-analyze? Are you never making a decision because you have so many choices and refuse to decide until you have the perfect green light?

I see this time and again, and have gone through it myself, where things get dead-locked, or even continuously self-sabotaged into a circle that continues to just circle.

While there isn’t a right or wrong, or time-frame, using that as an excuse isn’t necessarily of help either. We easily convince ourselves we need to “know” more, see it ALL clearly, get some fancy message, make a certain amount of money, read more books, take more classes and seminars, etc… in order to feel secure and adequate to make a move.

You can do all of that OR you can simply understand you are perfect in this moment, and that you have everything you need, and trust you’ll have everything you need along the journey, as you take the supportive steps into your truth. It doesn’t have to result in some “idea” of the perfect outcome, as every moment is a step and evolution to something else that is surprisingly enjoyable, but you wouldn’t know it, had you not taken the step. So when you just embrace the journey, you’ll find yourself loving the process and enjoy every place you land because you know it’s leading to something new and will more closely resemble and feel like your joy.

The time is now. Truly. You only need to take a step in “some” direction…let the energy move through you and ignite into an expression of experience, which will lead you forward and draw the next experience to you.

Don’t wait on the fence all of your life because of some old conditioned thoughts and beliefs that weren’t even yours to begin with. Live out loud! Dreams happen when you decide to start living them.

Thank you Dawn Vierra for sharing this. I hope it inspires others to take a step, a leap…anything. Then perhaps you’ll soon be dancing your way through life inspired by the rhythm of the Universe moving through you.

This video shares insights on how to think less and live more.

And as Preston shares, “Life honors the Liver”.

“Rising” to the Magickal Awareness of You – Interview with Epona Rise Retreat Centre’s Founder, Hillary Schneider

hillary11I love hearing about, connecting to, and co-creating this beautiful new paradigm with other visionaries. So many amazing souls are shining their lights these days within the creative and healing arts world and it is these very souls that are paving the way to a new reality that not only is focused on authentic self-expression, but weaves co-creative community, love, and rhythms of natural harmony into the collective frequency field.

We’re about to meet another of these super-inspiring souls in today’s guest interview.

Hillary Schneider is an amazing, heart-based soul that is sharing powerful work through her own unique gifts. I feel so blessed to know Hillary and from the instant we connected online, it’s been a beautiful and synchronous flow that we know is simply a reconnection continuing on.

hillary20We are all reuniting with soul families these days and it is increasingly, more rapidly, and more instantaneously taking place with conscious awareness. Why? Because we are, together, integral threads to what is collectively being woven as a new reality. And that recognition, implemented into action, is the foundation for shifts we are creating.

Hillary and I connected, as I said, via the web. She found me online and followed a nudge to reach out. I, in turn, reciprocated, feeling something amazing there energetically hillary13between us just from onset of reading/feeling the energy in her email. Shortly after, we connected via telephone and it was such a beautiful resonance of family, through hearing and feeling resounding expressions and experiences. During the course of our “reconnecting”, we have come to find so many parallels between our experiences, much in common, and a ton of magickal synchronicities.

And, no sooner did we connect, did it become evident we would be co-creating and collaborating together.

Very soon we will be sharing our venture together, which is looking to be in the summer of 2014. So stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on a special retreat in British Columbia at Epona Rise Retreat Centre that we will be offering from our hearts and the horse’s hearts to yours, in likely June of next year. I’m overflowing with joy and love about this for many reasons, and have already been connecting with Hillary’s beautiful horse family there in my wake and dream experiences.

But today’s post is focused on this star-light, Hillary, who is beautifully weaving her love in service.

hillary8Hillary Schneider Bio:

Along with her many years and extensive background in working with horses, Hillary has also received intense and in-depth training in both the Co-active coaching and leadership model through the Coach Training Institute, and the equine experiential learning field through Horse Spirit Connections in the art of  FEEL. Both trainings have aided Hillary in her development as a gifted facilitator and helped her blossom in her unique skills as leader who is intuitive, wise, gentle, calm and fierce! Hillary is strongly committed and passionate in her partnership with the wise and incredible teachings of the horses. She is  grateful and honored to be engaged in this sacred union with the horses and is excited at the opportunity to bring their teachings out into the lives of others through the space that has been created at Epona Rise.

hillary23Inside Hillary Schneider – A Short and Inspiring Interview: 

Tania: Did you always know what you wanted to do in life and if so, when did you first have that clarity?

Hillary: I knew from an early age that my purpose would involve horses in some capacity but I didn’t know exactly how that would manifest.  I also know I was born, in some extent, being aware that I was here to fulfill a purpose and that this form that I was in was not “it” and there was a reason for me being here. The horses came into my life early on and have been a guiding light from very young.  That, coupled with a strong knowing and desire to be on purpose in some capacity, helped draw me to my purpose and clarity on what it was I was meant to do during my time on earth.

Tania: I find your work to be so unique and a beautiful expression of you. Can you share a little bit about what you do and what you find enriching about it, both for self and others?

hillary2Hillary: Loaded question. I will try not to write an essay 🙂  I run a retreat centre where I support others on their path of growth, discovery and awakening all through the way of the horse.  The horses are my partners in the facilitation of others, I call them access points or gateways, they provide a really powerful space of reconnection for us to remember who it is we are and begin to rediscover and heal our relationship with our inner voice, spirit, and help us ground into a purpose that is uniquely ours.  From my own process of self growth and discovery I have found hillary10that not much compares to the power and wisdom of the horse, they just create this really powerful space for us to really see ourselves, our brilliance and connect to who we are in a way that just transcends all boundaries that we may have that has kept us from really tuning into ourselves.  For me personally I have always felt most grounded and aware of myself when I was with the horses – the clarity, depth and knowing and touching the depth of who I am has come from being with them.  They have also helped me with my own struggle of being in the body and learning how to embrace my humanity and also take claim of the gifts I have brought with me during this lifetime. I have watched others that have come into their space just transform and become so much more present in themselves and empowered in who they are when they are with the horses.  What I love most about being with them is that they really help us awaken to our own inner wisdom and remembering that all the answers we have are within us, our intuitive senses hillary5sharpen, and we begin to learn how to be in flow with nature and our own cycles. They also provide a loving non-judgmental space for us to see ourselves in a way that feels really safe and sacred for people to be vulnerable and open during the process.  Horses are so intuitive and cannot be lied to, in that way they provide such a pure and honest mirror for ourselves, which some people are afraid of because they fear they will only see bad. This is so not true. The beauty of the horse is that they mirror our brilliance. We do a good enough job putting ourselves down and painting distorted images of who we are. The horses remind us of our own purity of spirit which is really beautiful to witness in others as they come into the space with the horse.

Tania: Please tell us a little about your background and training in both Co-active coaching and leadership and how this partners with your equine training in the synergy of the services you offer at Epona Rise Retreat Centre.

hillary24Hillary: I was fortunate to grow up in a house where personal growth and development was valued, and with my Dad being a leader and teacher for CTI – Coach Training Institute (one of the top training institutes for personal and professional coach development) – I grew up in a culture and space that really fostered an empowered state of being in relationship. We were always encouraged to express ourselves and were listened to in those expressions.  It was actually through my training with CTI in 2006 that I was led to this way of being with the horses.  I had just recently left what I thought would be my career of being a horse breeder and was lost as to how I would come to be with the horses. hillary16When I was taking the courses I became aware of coaching with horses and the rest was history. I find the coaching will help support people in their process and the tools I learned on how to powerfully empower others has fit beautifully with what the horses naturally do for people.  The leadership program really helped me understand who I was as a leader and what my unique gifts that I bring into the space are. It helped me really know my impact which has given me the space to help others do the same. The beauty of the horse is that they help us really integrate the learning on such a deep level and also provide us with instant feedback so we are able to really see, feel, sense and know who we are being and showing up as in each moment.  The Co-Active coaching model aligns with what I do with the horses because it is all about seeing people as creative resourceful and whole, and being partners in the work and equals in the process.  It is seeing people and knowing that they have all the answers within and there is nothing to be fixed and no solution that needs to come from anyone other than the person. It is empowering them in their own wisdom, greatness and resourcefulness which is what the horses really want for us. To be authentic, congruent and empowered in who we are and knowing that we are so much more than what we think and there is so much available to us within ourselves.

hillary28Tania: How did Epona Rise Retreat Centre come to be?

Hillary: Epona Rise Retreat Centre is a life long dream come manifest. I have always wanted to live on a farm and have a retreat centre. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do there, but I always felt that this was a space I was meant to create.  It has been a vision I have held for many years and this particular space we are on now came about quite magically!  I moved out to BC (British Columbia,  Canada) from Ontario, two years ago, after feeling a strong pull that I needed to hillary29be out here. Before that time I had been doing the work with the horses out of other facilities until it was time to have my own space.  Within a year of being out here I felt the push that it was time to find the space to run the work full time.  And so I got really clear on what I needed for the space, allowing the horses to provide their input as well and I put it out there. Within a month a friend drove me to a farm that she thought I would love, which I did but I didn’t have two million dollars to buy, so driving away from the farm that day I said, “ok peeps, if it is meant to happen hillary30help make it happen.” Within another two months I received an email from the real estate agent I was working with that she heard of a place that came up for lease and low and behold it was the very same farm.  The power of manifestion and intention setting!  That was a year ago and after I manifested the space I went from 1 to 5 horses, the horses I have with me were donated or given to our program because they can’t be ridden anymore due to injury, or old age.  The work we do with them here is all done on the ground being in the space with the horses, so it was also a way to give the horses a second purpose and to help shift hillary31the consciousness of how we hold them.  About a month before I was to move onto the space I spent three days in meditation, in nature and with the horses on finding the name of the space that was to be. I find names such a symbolic and powerful thing so I wanted to really create some awareness and feel into the space that was being created. “Epona” came in strongly. She is the Celtic goddess of horses and I really felt that my mission on earth was in such deep resonance with what she represented. I feel like I am fulfilling a purpose that aligns to her energy with horses, women, children, nature and the earth. She was a beautiful symbol to pay homage too. “Rise” comes from “moon rise” and wanting to provide a space where people rise to the consciousness and awareness that they were meant to and rise above the mundane to experience something profound and magical!  That is how the space came to be. This is our first setting. There is a bigger property that I hope to call my own one day that will be our home sometime in the future so stay tuned for that!

hillary25Tania: What is it about the horses that you feel makes them such powerful teachers, or better yet, as you put it, “co-facilitators”? Please share about how they play a role in the healing at Epona Rise.

Hillary: I have touched on that a little bit and just to expand some more, as prey animals they have a natural heightened sensitivity and intuition to what is happening in their space. They are able to discern and connect to what we are holding within us that we are sometimes and most often not even connected to. They hillary6have a purity of vision and connection to energy, emotion, and what is happening to us internally and they mirror that and interact with people according to what they pick up and feel the person is needing.  They are honored in the work as teacher. They are co-facilitator and we work together to help support a person in their process. I look to them to guide me and they will look to me to help translate and be messenger for what they are trying to communicate with others.  Everything I do here is in partnership with them, from the programs I run to each session I facilitate, I am in constant communication with them and co-creation. They guide the space as much as, if not more than, I do in some capacity. They are aware of things before I am. I joke that I am often the last one to be privy to what is going on:)  What is so amazing about this work is that I am blown away every time. What I watch them do with people is amazing.  I never know what is going to happen in a session or workshop because I can’t predict what they are going hillary21to pick up on or how they are going to respond to each individual, that is the beauty of it, it is so present-moment-unfolding. There is a deep trust between us in the process and a real intuitive flow to what is going on. I really allow them to dictate and lead what we do with someone and how that is going to unfold and my part is creating the space for them to shine in their gifts and purpose in helping us awaken to ours.  They are truly amazing animals and I feel deeply blessed and honored that I get to co-create and live in partnership with them.

hillary22Tania: Have you always felt connected to animals? Explain the relationship you have with them and how that developed.

Hillary: Yes I have, always. More so than people, animals have always felt more kin to me than humans. I remember most of my childhood was spent pretending to be a horse or acting like one!  They have been my companions in life and so deeply part of my growth and also safety in a human world hillary17that has often felt harsh.  I feel like my soul is very intertwined with the animal kingdom, they are my messengers, my guides, my teachers, my strength and are a big part of me being who I am today.  They have truly been a saving grace in my life and a place I have found comfort in very dark places in my life. What I love about the space with the horses that is created here is that it creates an opening for the other animals to come and have their wisdom be shared. We often have eagles, herons, birds, my dog and cat that will take part in sessions here, as well, and become integrated into the teachings for others who come here.  Every animal here, or that shows up, is witnessed, heard and received as teachers and wisdom keepers.

Tania: What would you consider is the mission you are creating the space for at Epona Rise and are there any programs that you especially love and people that you feel especially called to serve?

hillary7Hillary: My mission and an anchor for me with Epona is really honoring and fullfillment of purpose. It is a space that provides fulliment of the purpose of the horse and of myself. My hope is to help others connect with my clarity to theirs.  Honoring each person’s unique journey, and honoring every person, animal, and being in their voice, in their wisdom, in their strength and teaching others to do the same.  I am particularly called to help people whether that be women, children, or men in awakening to their purpose, and living a life that is in alignment with their unique hillary14truth.  Working with sensitive people, especially youth and young adults, is another area that I feel especially called to serve. The horses have taught me so much about my sensitivity, how to honor it, and how to be with it in a world that often feels really overwhelming at times. They have taught me about grounding, sacred space and boundaries and how to be true to who I was.  There is also a resonance to work with those that are struggling to be in human form, as this was a big part of my own journey. There is a reason why we are in a human body and the horses taught me how to honor and embrace this, and to heal my relationship with humanity.  This is who I want to help and the horses have been such a powerful teacher and space for this. I do think though that everyone can benefit from the horses and trust that whoever is meant to come into the space will be led here!

Tania: What is a typical day at Epona Rise like for you?

hillary9Hillary: There is no such thing 🙂  haha!  Typical day…well there are daily chores that have to get done everyday so my morning usually is feeding the horses hay and connecting in with them, making sure they have had a good night, and everyone is well. Good way to get grounded first thing in the morning too!  Then I will either move into a walk with my dog, and then sessions, or if I don’t have sessions in a day I usually spend it writing, or spending time on the business.  Typically I will schedule 2 sessions a day, about 4-5 hillary26days a week, – maxium 3. Each individual session with the horses are 90 minutes in length. Then late afternoon there is another feeding with the horses where they will get their grain, fed hay, and I usually clean out their shelter, and again spend some time out in nature and in their space grounding from the day.  Each day is a bit different and I really just flow with the currents of the day. At least 1-2 weekends a month we hold workshops with the horses as well.  Then there is always yard care and house care in there as well 🙂 I also spend some time at the end of each day meditating and journaling before I head to bed for the night and tune into any intentions or energy I wish to create on the space.

Tania: To me, you are a shining example of exactly why I enjoy doing these interview articles – a courageous soul who is living her dream and following the authenticity of her heart. I applaud you and honor the beautiful way in which you have woven your intentions into the manifestation of your heart’s calling. Can you please share how you have been able to turn your dreams into a reality and what advice you would like to gift others that you have found to be the most valuable along your journey to create this?

hillaryHillary: Great question and thank you!! I am so passionate about this because my desire is to inspire others that it is possible to live a life that is in alignment with your purpose and you can live a life of your dreams.  For me, perseverance and holding the vision has been key.  I held onto this vision with a vice grip – it’s what got me through the times when I didn’t know how, when, where, why and felt lost and just persevering on the path. Knowing that this step will get me to where it is I am meant to go, even if it didn’t seem so at the time.  Letting yourself dream is a huge one too! We don’t allow ourselves to dream enough or dream big. I spend a lot of time creating dreams, vision boards, dream boxes… it is part of a ritual that I do at least every 3 months – putting intentions out into the space and just taking steps towards those dreams, following urges, intuitive guidance, and taking action when I feel guided. Faith and trusting the process is also important, which I am not always so great at! It is hard, but there is always some part of me that believes!  Also, surrounding yourself with people that support and empower you in your dreams and reminding you of your beauty, strength and wisdom. That is huge! I am so grateful for the people in my life that have really helped me and supported me in the process, and continue to do so.  Give yourself the freedom to dream, be bold in your dreams and your actions, take a leap of faith!! I moved out to BC without any idea of why, or a job, or anything, and just trusted that I was meant to be here.  I think really what has worked powerfully for me is a combination of connecting in with my heart and spirit and setting intentions, and then taking action in the physical, asking for help, and big and deep gratitude to my peeps ( who I call my helpers in the unseen ). Prayer and surrender are just as powerful as well! And just keep going. Don’t lose hope. A big one for me was “don’t quit right before the miracle occurs.”  And to remember just because we can’t see things happening doesn’t mean there is not something occurring beneath the surface. I love that image of a carrot growing underground. It takes time to nourish something into the light and we have to sometimes be patient with that process and learn how to enjoy the journey along the way!

Tania: What inspires you the most in life and really gets your heart pumping?

hillary12Hillary: Great question!! Gosh this is hard to answer, life inspires me! Being on a path that is so aligned with purpose is inspiring. Nature and the horses inspire me and I think the search or seeking of knowing the depth of myself and of others, and watching and being a witness to the awakening of our spirits.  Music and dance, and what is coming up for me is the whales. I love love love being out on the water and being in the space with these amazing animals. They inspire me. I feel so in awe of their presence and bigness.  I think if I wasn’t doing the work with the horses I would want to be out in the water with the whales!  My family inspires me, my friends and community, and the people that have come here to experience the horses always create such joy for me.  Deep connections and connecting with others has been rich.  I am inspired by the simple, ordinary, and extraordinary experiences in life, and within all that we walk through life with.

Tania: If there was only one thing you could tell all little girls and boys just embarking on their life journeys, about what you have found to be the most important piece of information that has changed your life, what would you tell them?

hillary27Hillary: That you are never too young to be know who you are, and what your purpose is, and that there is nothing wrong with who you are. You are a unique and beautiful soul. Don’t ever forget that. Hang onto your dreams like they were precious gems and know that you have wisdom inside of you that is so needed, is valued, and is meant to be shared. You don’t have to live a whole life here to be of service, or to know things that will serve us, the planet, and humanity.  You are worthy. Follow your heart, ask for help, and believe in yourself and your dreams. Stay true to you.   All will be well. Trust the process and don’t give up on the dreams of your heart!

And thank YOU, Hillary, for sharing and living from your heart’s dreams that you have made a reality. You are truly an inspiration to us all. 

You can learn more about and contact Hillary for her services here:

Hillary Schneider
Founder and Creative Director
Epona Rise Retreat Centre

World Bridger & Eclectic Creator – An Inspiring Interview with Visionary Intuitive Healer & Artist Jennifer Helminski

Today circles round to another inspiring guest interview from my series of creative and healing arts visionaries. I love seeing people overcoming and moving through challenges, integrating their lives, digging deep into the well of authenticity, and bringing that forth as a manifestation of their natural expression.

Everyone has a unique and beautiful story to share that many can relate to. While our stories are unique to us, we all process the same, collectively shared energetic themes. How they translate or feel are relative to each, but they all demonstrate the powerful resiliency of the soul and our capabilities of creating unlimited potentials when we align with our hearts.

I’m loving how more and more people are creating their own definition of what work to them is – an expression of love from within, shared out of joy, which becomes authentic service in flowing harmony.  And that can take on many continuously evolving forms that never need to, nor will fit into any box. Visionaries are sharing a new way, which is constantly expressing and sharing the abundant creative energy that we all are, simply because we know nothing else but to do so.

I’m excited about today’s guest, Jennifer Helminski, as she is such an eclectic soul who is creating each day by heart. I find a ton of similarities and resonance with her multi-faceted self-expression and the way she incorporates all of who she is into all of what she shares. In hearing people’s stories a beauty of connection is revealed and reflected that bridges our hearts. We come to realize how much we share with others and how truly connected we are – there is no separation, isolation, or loneliness in our experience. There are many kindred brothers and sisters all sharing this journey and all supporting one another simply by blazing their trail.

And blazing her creatively inspired trail, Jennifer is.

The world-wide web is an amazing place to connect with souls globally and it is this vehicle of communication that connected Jennifer and I a few years ago. It’s been a synchronous reflection and resonance since, and I have been grateful to reconnect with this sweet, magical and powerful soul. I’ve especially been enjoying watching her blossom and to see all the beauty that is flowing from her. I am also deeply honored to have been able to actually meet her in person for the first time last month to support her with her Reiki Master Teacher training. A beautiful activation takes place in these encounters of reconnections. It’s always never felt for me to be a hindrance to live distantly from the souls I relate to, work with, connect with, and love, but it is a beautiful thing when you do physically solidify that feeling into the flesh.

While you may not come to meet Jennifer in person, I do feel you will come to know and connect with her through her expressive sharings and feel a kinship to her mirroring journey of co-creating this experience with you. She has many beautiful gifts to offer and I hope you will explore and celebrate them with her, as we celebrate ourselves through her courageous reflection of personal truth and abundant collective beauty.

Jennifer Helminski Bio:

A North Jersey girl, Jennifer Helminski is a visionary intuitive healer and artist, trained and gifted in various therapeutic, complementary, and spiritual modalities. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition (traditional Reiki as founded by Dr. Mikao Usui), and is also trained in other energy practices such as Integrated Energy Therapy, Matrix Energetics, and Healing Touch for Animals. Jennifer is also an experienced animal caretaker and communicator, and has worked in zoos, veterinary hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and has been privileged to work with dolphins.

Combining compassion and wise, heart-centered communication, Jennifer loves working with people and animals in order to facilitate healing, growth, relaxation, balanced well-being, and harmonious relationships. She also creates various sacred artworks including paintings and crystal jewelry, as well as channeled writings and other spiritual services.

Jennifer is a cosmic creator of all things sacred and from the heart.

Whether you are already working in the healing and creative arts fields, are in process of cultivating your passions into service, or are starting to explore your heart desires and dreams for the first time, I think you’ll find resonance with Jennifer, as I do. I happen to be wearing my “Seva” tank right now, which basically means “Selfless Service.” Jennifer is a shining example of this way of living.

An Insightful and Inspiring Interview with Jennifer Helminski:

Tania: What are the first things you remember as a child that ignited your heart, how did that evolve for you, and do you find yourself incorporating those things into your current life and expression of your service?

Jennifer: So many different memories come to mind, and they make me smile! From my childhood, I have always loved being out in nature, in  connection with the earth and with animals. I grew up having dogs my entire life and, being an only child, they truly were family to me and some of my dearest friends. I was also guided to love and cherish nature by my grandparents who would frequently take me on “treasure hunt” nature walks (many prized pinecones and seashells were collected!) and who would also employ my help in the garden with watering plants and collecting vegetables for dinner! Many of my most magical memories are the ones that took place in their backyard, like learning about the flora that bloomed in their garden and playing with fireflies on warm summer nights. That simple sense of wonder has never left me, and those same things still feel the most magical, most connecting, and most invigorating for me. I feel the most at home when I am in nature, gleefully discovering winding streams and waterfalls in sun-streaked forests. I feel an instant awakening, grounding, and return to my true self when I connect with the earth, and I hope to integrate that power in everything I do, am, and create. Even when I was a child I found myself very drawn to sacred healing arts and to fairies (one of my favorite movies being Fern Gully, for those who remember that one!), fantasizing about living in a tree with my own herbal apothecary, masterfully blending healing potions with my mortar and pestle! Today I still have that fantasy, and am ntegrating more flower, herb, and plant-based healing into my service as I continue to learn about nature’s medicine and messages.

Tania: Have you always known what you wanted to do or has that been a process to uncover? And what, if anything, have you found to be the most challenging stumbling blocks to connecting with who you are at heart?

Jennifer: In a way, I have always known what I wanted to do. The tricky part has always been that I want to do everything! I have often found myself cycling through various facets of my consciousness and expression, and areas in which I feel drawn to explore and engage. One of the first things I ever wanted to be was a paleontologist (I was probably 4 years old when I decided this), but then I also wanted to be a veterinarian, and a geologist, and an archaeologist… Egyptology followed shortly after, and the list goes on. I even wanted to be a priest, and recall being miffed that women weren’t allowed to be priests in the Roman Catholic church in which I was raised. Nowadays, I want to be an astronaut! At my core, I have always been interested in the same things: the earth as a living being and our place in the cosmos, ancient civilizations, animals, crystals/gems, art, healing, science, and spirituality. One of the most challenging things for me has always been in trying to focus my energy and attention in just one area, or picking just one thing to pursue, and I’m beginning to accept that perhaps I am just not wired that way! I operate pretty intuitively, so it’s become a practice of going with the flow and engaging and creating things as they come up day-to-day. It has been a challenge to accept myself working and being in this way, because it doesn’t quite fit in with the norm or the way our society is currently structured. Growing up as someone who doesn’t fit the norm has certainly created its
own opportunities for me to accept and embrace myself for who I am, and being a beacon of that kind of unconditional love (both for myself and all others) is my main goal in this life. If I can manage that, I’ll consider life as Jennifer Helminski to be a great success!

Tania: Which of these would you identify with most if you had to choose – a calculated optimist or a hopeful pessimist? Why? Please share a new creative concept of how you see yourself or how you are working towards being and what you might call that and how that would play out
for you.

Jennifer: In general, I would have to say I’m more of a calculated optimist. I do believe that “good” outweighs the “bad”, and that love and light will ultimately prevail! I believe we are awakening and that humanity is evolving into a higher way of being, though the process of shifting takes time to play out. My shadow and light aspects, as well as my left and right brain, have an interesting way of dancing with one another, so I can find myself alternating between believing that I can easily achieve my highest expression, goals, and dreams – and then feeling somewhat defeated or “lost” when things don’t quite come together as I hope or envision. I am definitely working towards being fully accepting, approving, loving, and supportive of myself along my journey and believing fully, on every level, that I can and will live and weave and create the dreams of my heart and spirit! I feel like my current life path is of integrating the wisdom and experience of many previous lives, as well as connecting and harmonizing many different layers of being, so I might like to think of myself as a “worldbridger”, like my Mayan sun sign. Traversing, exploring, and integrating the various “worlds” within myself, worlds in which I have lived, the spirit world, physical world, other worlds in our cosmos, and on.

Tania: What is your greatest fear and how do you think it is supporting your evolution?

Jennifer: My greatest fear is of leaving this earth with my life unlived and my dreams unrealized. There is so much that I want to see, experience, do, and be, and I don’t think I would be satisfied if I didn’t make it happen! I feel like there is so much yet ahead of me that I just have to keep working towards, keeping my dreams alive in my heart and trusting that whatever is meant to be will be. I think the fear of my own life passing me by, and the fear of not actualizing my true potential, helps keep me motivated and moving forward when times get tough or don’t work out the way I hoped. We all encounter these setbacks and bumps on our journeys, but the important thing is to never give up or consider yourself defeated. It’s never too late to make your dreams a reality.

Tania: One of the things I love so much about you, besides your gentle, loving way, is that you are such an eclectic healer and creative soul – something we share. You have so many wonderful gifts (I don’t know quite where to start), can you share a little about the things you do and what you love most about them?

Jennifer: Well, both in my personal life and in my work and service, there are a lot of different things that I do and love. Many of my interests stem from the same core foundation: my love for nature and animals, my creative passion, my desire to return myself and others to our pristine Wholeness, and my thirst for knowledge and adventure! Lots of different things inspire my passion, and I try to connect to and integrate them all into what I do. Work-wise, I offer a lot of different services, and I usually blend them together – including energy healing (Reiki and other modalities), animal communication, channeled and intuitive artworks and writings, sacred jewelry… the list goes on! Lately I’ve taken on the added role of being a volunteer hospice caretaker, which is a true spiritual service for me as I am not only learning how to be even more present and compassionate, but also learning to embrace life and heal my own fears surrounding death and transition. I was searching for more ways to put my Reiki to use, and that is where I wound up. The Universe has made it unequivocally clear that it was meant to be, as well!

Tania: What would you consider your strongest gift and how does this express in your life and work?

Jennifer: Hmm… maybe my stubbornness! I know that doesn’t sound quite right, but I think my stubborn belief in what I am, and what I am meant to be and achieve, has kept me persistently moving forward and going after my dreams, no matter what happens. Perseverance is probably a better word for it! And I don’t just believe in the best for myself, but I believe in the best for others as well. There’s that saying about how we’re all just walking each other home. I think that’s true, and I also think we’re here to awaken and inspire one another, and to motivate each other to be fully present in our lives and actualize our dreams!

Tania: When did you first realize you had the ability to communicate with animals and what is your most memorable experience with this and why?

Jennifer: You know, I don’t think I really knew I could communicate with animals until I attended a weekend seminar on the subject with Carol Gurney of The Gurney Institute of Animal Communication. This was a few years ago, and immediately followed my experience as an intern dolphin trainer in the Florida Keys. That weekend was full of surprising confirmation for me that I was indeed communicating with animals, something which still amazes me. There was one exercise in particular that really shocked me. We were working together in pairs, taking turns communicating with one another’s pets via photographs and looking for concrete information which could be easily validated, such as the animal’s name, age, etc. Well, when it was my turn to communicate with my partner’s Golden Retriever in the picture, I found myself struggling for the intended information. I remember getting frustrated with myself as, in my mind’s eye, I only saw abstract images of an ethereal purple butterfly, and the color green. Time was up, and I was so embarrassed to relay the outcome of the exercise to my partner, convinced that I had failed and couldn’t do it. However, when I told her what I had seen, she immediately became emotional and explained that her other Golden Retriever had recently passed away, and that her collar was green with purple butterflies on it. She used to refer to that dog as her “butterfly girl”, and felt like my vision was a confirmation that her dog’s spirit was still around and taking care of the new dog, who was a rescue. Carol caught wind of my experience and shared it with the  group, adding that mediumship was a subject that would be addressed in the more advanced levels of training. She later worked with me privately and had me communicating with her dog, Spirit. I certainly surprised myself with how much I experienced in that short weekend and I know it was only the beginning!

Tania: You are trained in a variety of different energy practices, but would you say that your training was merely a refinement of what was natural to you already? And if so, when did you first realize your natural healing abilities and are there any experiences you remember where you were doing things instinctively that created effective results?

Jennifer: Yes, I would say that rather than really implanting information within me that wasn’t already present, my trainings have instead given me tools and structures that I can utilize and integrate intuitively to channel what I already know in my core. I’m not sure exactly when I knew I was a healer, but I remember imagining and believing even as a child that I could heal with my hands and my spirit. I recall being young and placing my hands over a scar on my knee, closing my eyes and concentrating on fading the scar, and feeling like it appeared less conspicuous afterwards. Or, at some point when I was a teenager, I would sometimes experience intense feelings of having wings coming out of my shoulder blades. I took to placing my hands upon other people’s backs and focusing the energy in my hands so they could feel their “wings” as well. I also remember doing a telepathic chakra clearing and cellular restructuring for my mother, and she reported results to me the following day without knowing I had done it. As my knowledge and wisdom have expanded, my processes have refined themselves. I still operate
intuitively, and I integrate many different modalities and services to create what I feel is a custom-tailored, multifaceted approach to healing transformation which I feel is more fully supportive for the individual’s needs and goals, and has yielded highly positive results.

Tania: Do you find any one particular modality standing out for you in your work, or have you created something unique to you? Explain how this plays out please.

Jennifer: While I think I employ a pretty eclectic blend of services and tools, I use Reiki the most out of all the modalities I have learned. I feel as though it comes the most naturally to me, or perhaps it is just the most in-tune with my natural way of healing. I don’t have to think about how to use Reiki, I can just kind of invite it into my process and the rest just happens
automatically. My work in general is pretty unique to me, I think, as I blend a lot of different things together. My healing sessions typically include all of the following: a channeled energetic artwork for the client including several positive affirmations which are supportive of their
intended goals for the session; energy healing; sound healing (Tibetan singing bowl, tingsha, drumming, rattling, music); working with angels, guides, and masters; vibrational repatterning, releasing negative thought patterns and dis-ease and implanting the desired positive changes; creating unique crystal grids; oracle card readings, and more. I find that this multifaceted approach is more fully supportive for my clients and has consistently yielded excellent results and experiences.

Tania: Alongside all of the beautiful services you provide as an energy healer, animal communicator, oracle card reader, and Reiki Master Teacher, you are also a visionary artist of many hats. Please share about some of the sacred creations you channel and what you love most about this expression of you.

Jennifer: One of the things I most enjoy creating is sacred crystal jewelry. I have always loved crystals, and incorporating them into wearable spiritual tools and reminders is very satisfying for me. My intention, as with all of my creations, is to inspire people, and to remind them of the magic, divinity, and possibility within them and in the world around them. Another particularly
popular creation of mine are my “fairy wish bubbles” – clear glass ornaments filled with sparkly iridescence, glitter, feathers, hearts and the like, with a small scroll of ribbon-tied parchment where you can write or intend a wish or prayer for the fairies to answer. That was inspired by a vision I had of a new form of sacred play/prayer, where one could sit outside in nature, blowing bubbles and lightheartedly sending your wishes and prayers floating into the sky, trusting that the fairies would carry each one to the Divine. There are many other things which are in the process of being creating in the physical world, including healing stuffed animals, various channeled paintings, guided meditations, and more! I love creating in all these different channels because I can access my carefree, creative inner child who knew that everything she created would become real. It’s magical!

Tania: What inspires you the most and is there anything significant that really stokes your fire?

Jennifer: Feeling connected to others really inspires me. I always feel like there’s some kind of
magic that happens when you connect with someone that you really  resonate with, someone you feel mirrors you and that you can really  openly share with. But one of my all-time favorite things, and something that never fails to brighten my whole day, is when I have an unexpected friendly connection with a complete stranger. You know those moments that just leave you smiling and loving humanity; I always treasure those. Being out in nature, of course, always inspires and energizes me. Or being with dolphins – be still my heart!

Tania: Are there any dreams you have that you are either intending or are currently in process of creating that you’d like to share? Do you feel it is important to dream and what would you say to others who feel hopeless and discouraged?

Jennifer: I believe dreaming is essential to the human experience. We’re born curious, we’re born hungry for discovery, adventure, and greatness. Dreams are what ignite our passions, they motivate us and awaken our drive to achieve incredible things. And you can’t dream too big. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Don’t let anything convince you otherwise. We’re all born as these unique configurations of consciousness and experience, and the things your yearn for and envision are also unique to you. You have a one-of-a-kind song to sing, so please share the music living within you. Even if you’ve struggled your entire life, it’s never too late to start. Among many other contributing experiences, I lost my mom to a decade-long battle with breast cancer when I was 19, so I have spent much of my life dealing with depression and feelings like hopelessness, disconnection, frustration, etc. and all I can say is that those experiences do not bar you from happiness, they do not bar you from fulfillment or living your dreams, or feeling loved. As alone as you might feel, you are not. As futile as every effort might seem, it is not. I know how hard it can be as you try to hold it all together, or make something happen, and things just seem to fall apart. Just keep breathing, reach out for support, and keep moving  forward each day, even if just in baby steps. Aim for patience with the process and a positive mindset, and trust that it does all work out in time.

Tania: What do you feel is one of the most valuable and integral keys to living with continual passion and aliveness?

Jennifer: Staying open. Humans are creatures of habit, and it is so easy to feel like we stagnate or get stuck in a rut, stuck in patterns that don’t serve us, situations and relationships in which we aren’t happy and fulfilled, and so on. It is essential to stay tapped into what turns you on, what excites you and makes you hungry for life, experience, adventure, connection. If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, just start trying new things! Put yourself out there and feel like you are in the flow of life. There is no end to what we can discover, learn, create, achieve, and more, so there’s no good reason to stay bored or dispassionate for very long. Make sure your heart is open. Forgive the past and allow the future to be limitless. Live and love freely. Dive into the adventure of life!

Tania: How can others reach you to acquire your services and sacred creations?

Jennifer: My main website, which continuously evolves, is at There you can read more about me, the services I offer, schedule sessions, and also get news about things like upcoming events and workshops. I am also active with my Facebook page at, and sell many of my
various creations through my Etsy store at Luna Luxe

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your sacred heart with all of us. 

5/5/13 Bimini Discount Extension! – Opportunity to Create the Dream

beach bimini


I’ve been having a ton of vivid dreams, strong intuitive feelings and guidance coming through recently – perhaps you have too. One of the things that came in revolved around the energy of 5/5/13, which is a special day personally for several reasons, as well as the day I’ll be teaching a Reiki 3 Master Teacher class here in Orange County, in support of my amazing friends who joined on the Winter Solstice 12/21/12 Bimini Retreat and went through their Reiki training with me there.

To make a long story short when I receive something I listen and one of the things that resulted from this listening to the energy around this day, was to provide an extension to the discounts for the upcoming Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat. Seems that part of the message is to be of support in providing the best possible opportunities for empowered choices to everyone going through a lot of transitioning out there, as I know many of you are currently in very big ways.

So, if you were feeling drawn to this and then disappointed when the deadline passed, it seems there’s still an opportunity to embrace the specials for another few weeks in support of a life-changing experience. 

The extension on the up to $200 off special for this retreat is now good until Sunday 5/5/13. A deposit holds your space at the discounted price. (See link for details: Summer Solstice Bimini and contact me at with questions and to register)

If you have been going back and forth, this may be your opportunity answered, prompting a time to really explore and answer for yourself what might be holding you back if you are feeling drawn to journey with us because of the potential growth awaiting.

Are there any potential fears or blocks creating a feeling of unclarity? Do you believe your dreams are not possible? Are you worried about what it means to come into more of your authenticity and express your gifts?

Questions are important to ask ourselves whenever we are feeling confronted by a limitation causing us frustration in some way. It doesn’t matter if it has to do with a decision to join a trip like this or if it concerns a transition with your work, relationships, or even voicing your honest feelings.

I know a few of the people from our last retreat went through their own personal processes with this and I can’t begin to tell you the amazing stories that took place that have continued to work their magic in each of their lives.

One thing I’ve learned is that continuing to live life on hold is always being just an arm’s length away from having what you desire. Sometimes there is a timing for things to flow with, and yet sometimes we can also use time as an excuse.

I’ve seen the magic of all things falling into place for myself and others when we become committed to embracing the journey with our whole hearts. When we take the temporary, uncomfortable steps to move through fear, we come to realize the illusion we’ve been living in, once we’re on the other side of the threshold. Walking through the door is always the hardest part, and yet it sometimes is as simple as that one step that then reveals a whole new supportive experience we’ve been dreaming of.

Anything is possible and we don’t need to know how, nor to see the end result. Trying to dictate and map out the scenario just creates limitations in how things “could” be. You can’t possibly know the end result if you haven’t taken the steps, so to assume the final outcome based on where you sit now, is already setting up your decided future. We only need to trust in the decision made to be open to the possibilities.

This pertains to anything we may have struggle, challenge and fear around in our lives…both the small and large decisions.

I actually only meant to share the guided manifestation of the discount extension and as I started sharing, the rest of this came through. Always works that way when I open to the collective energy. I feel I know why, as it really isn’t about the details and the discount, as much as it is the theme of realizing how many opportunities and how much support is constantly around us there for the receiving and yet so many times we turn the other way. The Universe is saying to each of us in every moment, here is a life of unlimited opportunity you’ve been given…what do YOU intend to choose and WHEN are you going to realize what is possible?

There is so much support and we each are so powerful beyond words. Yes, you CAN create the life you desire and you CAN move through the challenges of today. You are eternally loved.

Being someone who lives on the edge of the moment never knowing what tomorrow may bring, I understand how fears, doubts, or even periods of feeling out of abundant flow can seep in from time to time, yet I believe in our ability to instantly shift every experience through shifting our perspectives, becoming alchemical magicians of our lives, and letting the joy of our hearts guide us. I know the power of complete trust and following my heart – having yet to experience not being supported by the Universe when I take the mirroring steps.

For those of you have personally committed already to participate and join us for this magical retreat week, thank you, and thank you also to all of the RSVP’s that have come through the event postings. Don’t forget to take the next step in registering, if you haven’t already, and please contact me if you’d like to discuss any questions or concerns. I look forward to assisting you with anything you may need and to sharing this positively transforming experience together.

I am counting the days until my return with you to this magical island where a door of possibilities awaits.

Stay tuned for next week’s updates on what you can look forward to on this journey. I will be sharing about the new focus of offerings for this retreat that will assist you in integrating on deeper levels.

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