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A New Sedona ~ A New Me: Revisiting & Renewing in this Sacred Land

gc3Returning to Sedona (with a stop-over at the Grand Canyon) was a surprise journey this year that felt very important. I found it interesting I had to cancel my Florida trip right before it, but that this trip remained intact for me.

There are just some places you are meant to be and others not.

Since Sedona has always been a powerfully potent activation place for me that supports my big shifts, it made sense that my bunny loves wanted me home the week before, to integrate between Goshen and Sedona, and prepare myself with some nurturing. I believe they also wanted to infuse mom with some supportive energy and love for the journey while I supported them too.

To add to my feeling of it being an important trip, I made a very synchronous and interesting discovery while in Sedona about it being a very full-circle experience, as the time period I first moved to Sedona for two years was during my #9 personal Hermit year (overlapping with my my #8 and #1 years) and here I was again in another #9 personal year spending the most time I have in Sedona since then.tania3

I lived in Sedona between ’96 and ’98 and have visited several times in between for specific purposes of either visiting my parents, taking classes with Laura, getting a tattoo, mini vacations, and showing my art at the Raw Spirit Festival – all at integral time periods in my life.

For me, Sedona’s powerful energy vortexes are transformatively supportive and it’s a place that I dip in and out when needed for a jet propulsion.

However, my time when I lived in Sedona was not quite what you’d expect. It was full-on personal and spiritual growth focused, utilizing the energy of this potent land to fuel that expansion and integrative healing. So, I spent my time by myself cut off from everyone and everything I knew (I walked away from my life as it was), deeply working on myself on all of the layers I possibly could on my own from pre-birth to my current year in age, within my own experience, and only got out to select areas some times to anchor in the work I was doing. But I never really explored thoroughly this powerful place.

It wasn’t important at the time to do so, as Sedona in and of itself is a transformational energy zone that simply by my being there intentfully was supporting this process. Sedona became my partner in this personal work that offered me a hand that I embraced. airport3

So, I was happy and grateful to be able to spend some more actual immersion connecting this time, during another important period in my life. It was a trip that almost wasn’t going to happen, but the Universe and my Higher Self saw to it that it did. And I felt that only specific areas were calling for me to go to while there…the others for another time in the near future.

And such a different experience it is for me each time I return to Sedona…this one really feeling like a soul cleanse and soul recharge. Plus, I got to have some fun and everything felt specifically orchestrated from the heart and supported on all levels and by so many spirit guides.

I also discovered that I’d be in Sedona for the Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, unknowingly. This Moon was about “seeing through the fog of illusion to pierce the truth within”, which feels connected to Joy’s blind left eye and how she is “seeing” in a different way now and bringing that experience within my own. This Moon was also about grounding the electric and creative energy abound with wise discernment, which also felt very aligned with where I am.

And the trip was indeed a lovely and seamless experience of supported and nurturing energies that I will continue to integrate and draw upon in the days, weeks, and months ahead. One of my favorite “return” trips ever to Sedona.bell view

This trip was organized by Dave’s family so it wasn’t something I put together or “timed” in any physically deliberate way, although soulfully these things are always aligned beyond conscious purpose. It makes you smile when you see how the Universe and your Higher Self always indeed have your back and support you when you trust and embrace your path.

So I did have this built up excitement about returning to Sedona and also to be able to revisit the Grand Canyon, which I hadn’t been to for likely 30+ years or so.gc29

My trip began with another early start to make my three connections to meet up with Dave coming in from Florida and to get to Flagstaff, AZ on Sunday the 31st, which had us touching down at exactly 1:11 pm in Flagstaff! We then picked up our rental car, which was a cute white Ford “Focus”, which also seemed relevant to the eye stuff with Joy, and the clarity in general that is coming through in a deeper way.

We found out that the rest of his family was deterred and delayed in their travels, so we had the day to ourselves until meeting up with his dad and stepmom for refreshments overlooking the Canyon in the evening upon their arrival.dave and tania

This provided us some good time to settle in and enjoy a long walk along the perimeter of the Canyon after checking into our room. We first were going to be staying in the “Bright Angel” Lodge, but we asked if there were any room upgrades available, as when we made the reservation everything was booked and we got a room without view and with a shared shower. We were pleasantly pleased to find them saying they now did in fact have one room opening at the “Thunderbird” Lodge that had a partial view and full bath. 🙂gc28

Rocking and rolling the energy at “Thunderbird”!

After that lovely little gift we then enjoyed the Grand Canyon energy on a walk to take in the views, sent some energy out to protect the Canyon and to receive her nurturing and blessings, and took time to sit along the way and just “be”.gc1gc2gc

It was such a lovely afternoon and evening that finished off with sharing arrival drinks with his parents overlooking the Canyon sunset and a wonderful dinner.

Dave and I always share beautiful encounters with the wild animals, having impeccable timing and awareness to see and connect with them.

gc6Our whole trip drew in many animal spirit guides, which all got kicked off when first approaching the Grand Canyon, at the Canyon, and then continuing for the rest of the week in Sedona and surrounding areas. Such a blessing.

On our first day at the Canyon we saw many deer, lizards, chipmunks, and squirrels, but our second day brought these encounters even closer and in more abundance.gc24

gc31We woke early to take a pre-breakfast 2+ mile walk along the side of the perimeter walk along the Canyon, which we didn’t do the day before.

gc38gc10gc41We came upon two deer directly in our path that just seemed to want to hang out and stroll ahead of us, and also tons of spunky chipmunks and squirrels running along the path with us, lizards, and even a rabbit blessing with white cotton tail.gc23

But we also got to see several condors, which was truly magnificent and potent to watch them gliding and swooping above the Canyon.tree

gc15After breakfast and taking another walk with the family, enjoying the Canyon through the eyes of our niece, Violet, we then gathered ourselves up and made the drive to Sedona, stopping along the way to check out a piece of property his parents own in an off-grid area.

gc19The land is 40+ acres nestled against the National Forest, which was fun to see, and of course Dave and I got to see a giant black cow all by itself nestled amidst some trees resting, whichcow2 seemed symbolic of the shadow in such a beautiful way, as well as a big jack rabbit with long ears and feet…reminding me of Cosmo.jack rabbit

No one else saw them, but us – again.

There were many themes abound for this past week, including self-nurturing, recharging, releasing, downloading the new, deepening connection, heart fulfillment, and integrating fears…to name a few. This was all assisted by staying in Sedona’s powerful energy, which has always, as mentioned, facilitated huge shifts for me.airport8cactus

The vortex energies are downloads of Universal receivings as to what is next and what Great Spirit has in store through the vehicle of me as contracted.

We were so fortunate to stay in an amazing house for the week that was situated right on the creek that runs through Sedona and in the Cathedral Rock vortex area.cath3

The house itself sits on a vortex, as the owner shared stories of a previous Reiki Master Teacher and Shaman who stayed there and their experiences with this energy.house4patio

creek12Anyway, needless to say the house was enchanting, amazing, and so tranquil…quite the sanctuary amidst the Sedona energy with flowing creek water and rustling trees in the wind…the perfect place to make home while there for this experience.

I so enjoyed dipping my feet and legs in the invigorating water, while just listening to the sounds and soaking it all in.creek10creek9creek3creek8

house3There was even an amazing telescope in the viewing room that enabled us to see the Full Moon on Tuesday, up close and very personal.

And it was such a warm welcome to find a giant Amethyst Geode in the living room, as well asamethyst a Faery statue by the front door, bunny statue by the outdoor fireplace, and three bunny statues adorning the shelf in our designated room. 😉 our rooms19fireplacerabbits2rabbits



The area we were in was “Back o’ Beyond,” which was a development that came about just after the development I used to live in with my parents, which was named “Mystic Hills” and situated just across and slightly south of where we lived across the highway.

So it was fun to be back in relatively the same area of Sedona that I love. Everything just felt so divinely orchestrated. I couldn’t have been more grateful or felt more blessed.

The only Crystal from home, besides several bracelets, rings and necklace I brought with me was a Rainbow Obsidian palm stone that I slept with each night and took out with me on hikes to connect and anchor the energy. I also let it soak of the creek water energy too.stone2

It was a great companion I kept in my pocket on the hikes and climbs and then would lay it on stones at each vortex area when we got to the top, to infuse it with energy I could then take home with me, but also to provide a mirroring transformation to my crystal friend that would partner with me on the journey. The Rainbow Obsidian represents my soul path, having a Capricorn North Node, and so this felt important.sunsetsunset2
We enjoyed an amazing sunset welcome the first evening enjoying an outdoor dinner in a beautiful garden of our restaurant choice for the night. Every meal we had was enjoyed outdoors in fact, whether outdoor gardens, patios, or the sanctuary at the house.

After settling in, the rest of the week was a build up of lovely experiences and energy starting with an early morning hike and climb up Cathedral Rock Vortex to the “Saddle” and “Ascension Chamber”, which was amazing, on the first full day there to kick things in.hikeview6cath9bell davecath5cats16s17view8cairn2s5

After, before lunch, Dave and I, along with his dad and step mom visited my old home so I could take photos of it at the request of my parents to see how things had evolved since the house29 years they sold it, and then made our way to Chapel Rock to take in the energies there and visit the Chapel overlooking the Madonna and Child and two Guardians next to Elephant Rock, which all resided over the house I lived in while there all those years ago.cath2cathedral8
These were my old stomping grounds, as I would take walks up to Chapel Rock to sit and meditate inside and outside after a long day of personal work and spiritual surgery 😉 – my only connection to the outside world at the time, as I’d meet people from all over the world on my walk and time up there.

We enjoyed several of the great restaurants including ChocolaTree Organic Oasis for some raw vegan goodness and of course chocolates and dessert we took home to enjoy the rest of the week. It was so lovely to see the amazing expansion this place has gone through since my first being there when it was new. They now have a huge back oasis patio and side patio. Such a wonderful energy and vibe there.chocolatreegoddessdragon teachocolates2desserts

I went on a second hike with my partner’s brother’s wife/our sister-in-law around the Cathedral Rock lower trail area too this first day after lunch. And upon returning home a large lizard jumped off the table of our outdoor patio and wrapped around my ankle. LOL! Some nice medicine for the Full Moon day.

Not to mention got some great Creekside time just soaking in the amazing energies of the flowing, potent water and tons of musical birds, including a giant orange dragonfly that all graced this afternoon.tania

I was feeling totally enchanted.

We decided to take in the sunset with everyone and the tourists at the Airport Vortex, which is always quite the event and gathering. This evening was a very simple sunset compared to the night before…clear, piercing, and intentful.sunset5

That night there was a huge drum circle gathering at Cathedral Rock for the Full Moon (which was a 10 minute walk from the house), but we decided to embrace our intuition that getting a good nurturing sleep was more powerful than joining it. And so we did, falling asleep to the drums echoing in the evening air, lulling us to sleep for a nice long, restful night of downloads.

The next day we decided to do some touristy things, since most of the others had not been to Sedona, but they all felt very supportive to what I was there for.

So, we started off with a morning visiting Montezuma Castle National Monument, which are well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings.montezuma

I was called to wear my Obsidian arrowhead ring this day and when we arrived at the grounds, three of the people that worked there, including a guide, stopped me when they were taken in by my dragon tattoo (the one I had actually had tattooed in Sedona by Siva on my last visit to Sedona a few years back).

I remember visiting these ruins years back a couple of times, but this time felt different due to the space I was in personally. And as we read the information on the history inside the museum area at front, there was a hand print that they had found in the ruins there that you could place your hand in to see how it compared to the people of the time.hand

Mine was a perfect match and this ran chills through me knowing the connection. No one else’s fit that I was with or that was around trying it at the time.

The other odd, but interesting thing that happened was that our three-year-old niece, Violet, who is a very intuitive, seeing, and advanced child asked me a question. We were sitting listening to this guide who just came over and started telling us information, when Violet whispered to her dad something. Her dad said to ask me and she got shy, but eventually she did and asked very seriously and with conviction, “Are you an Indian?” to me. I giggled inside and out and said, “why yes, I am”.

She “sees” so much and I’ve found it fascinating to listen to stories from her mom about the things she intuits and “knows”.

To say I felt like my ancient roots were being embodied was an understatement, and it seemed I couldn’t hide it either. 😉

After our walk through the ruins we then made our way to Verde Canyon Railroad for an afternoon train ride for several hours. It just so happened to be in the town adjacent to where a dear friend of mine lives…one I had never met in person until this day.

Dawn and I share the same Reiki Master Teacher extraordinaire, Laura Bruno, and we have been friends for several years online, sharing much of our journeys and synchronicities together. So it was quite the gift that timing aligned for us to connect, even if just briefly. I did not know if I was going to be able to meet up with her or not, but Dave had the idea when we realized where we would be, for her to meet us for lunch at the train station.dawn and tania

And so Dawn did…and we got to share a hug and a good meal together, which was truly a gift. It’s always special to make that in-person connection when it aligns and as I shared with Dawn, even though brief, it is potent and creates an activation for what’s to come when things like this happen.

So grateful for divine flow and grateful Dawn could make it, as I had just caught her before she was about ready to head out for lunch at the last minute.

trainThe train ride was also very relaxing and quite beautiful. As mentioned, Dave and I always have this uncanny way of “seeing” and connecting with animals when together and this was no exception. We saw three Bald Eagles, horses, two unusual ducks, and a family of javelina (wild pigs) – mother and babies. No one else saw them except for the horses, which we pointed out.

It was a lot of fun and relaxing and I enjoyed the symbolism of crossing over a bridge twice and entering the tunnel twice…leaving the old, embracing the journey without knowing the outcome – just trusting – and then welcoming the completely new, which arrives after you go into the dark and shadows with courage.train6

I noted that I was experiencing a lot of train energy between my visit with Laura in Goshen where trains go by consistently choo-chooing through and now this train ride in Sedona. Made me think of my train dream and post “Riding the Train of Life”.

A long and enjoyable day ended with us all enjoying Thai take-out on our outdoor patio amidst the evening sky and bright moon-lit sky, followed by a lovely star-lit walk around the neighborhood with Dave’s dad and step-mom.

And wouldn’t you know it…as soon as we returned back to the house I picked up something unusual in the sky, with my Eagle eye, which his dad then also saw. It moved quite erratically, and was faint like a star, jumping about and disappearing and reappearing. We knew it was an un-Earthly craft. 😉

This night I slept well again, but had a dream interacting with the reader we were going to be seeing the next morning – Ray of Sedona.

In the dream he and I were already making our connection, communicating telepathically. He is usually very vibrant and high-energy, but in the dream I could tell we were in our Higher Self modes and connecting during his sleep as well, as his energy was calm, slow, and as if I was talking to him in his sleep (which in fact I was).

I have met him before in the past and had a reading done in person, as well as an Astrology reading via email. So we already had a connection, aside from our both being Pisces and sharing the same destiny numbers and similar life paths – all of which he reiterated in the reading when you made comparisons between our experiences and roles in this life.

I felt having a reading on this visit would be potent and in fact it was. There were two times during it that it activated a deep soulful emotional release that had me tearing up with “letting go” and “gratitude”.

Before visiting him we decided to visit the Airport Vortex and to hike there as well.

airport2So we climbed the rock and downloaded, then did the Airport Loop on which we came upon Snake medicine on the path, right after Dave saying he couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen one, and us both thinking, now we will and did.snake

We constantly manifest together and this keeps amping up for us.cactusflower

On this hike I saw tons of heart-shaped cactus and was just so enjoying the sweet, connective, and uplifting energy preparing us for our next experience.cactus2cactus3cactus4cactus5

So after an energetic walk we visited Ray at his office outside Crystal Magic shop receiving each an individual reading and one together. Without going into any detail, I’ll just say, “wow”. What reiteration and confirmation of everything.

I normally don’t do readings and haven’t had many in my life, but there are these times and situations where I’ve enjoyed it and felt it to be potent as a check-in. This indeed was one of them and having it in Sedona meant a lot to me. Plus, never had I had one in conjunction with someone else, which was quite lovely and powerful.

After the energizing, very-affirming, exciting, and releasing reading, our sister-in-law also had one, which she enjoyed very much. And Dave and I both then explored the crystals in the shop while she did so, each finding some special things. I only took home two new friends – one of which was a surprise new find and the other a find I had intended and hoped to find.

They include a Bumble Bee/Eclipse Jasper (inspiration, creative manifestation, overcomes obstacles, stimulates adventure, courage & endurance…) – a new find and SO perfect for the current energy I’m focused on with everything including my Capricorn North Node focuses and things I discussed with my sister-in-law about my Mars in Capricorn and what that meant for me and my evolution – which she reiterated and shared through her knowledge of Astrology since she’s been deeply into her astrological studies of recent months. It’s so wonderful to share so much with her, as she has similar interests and background in the metaphysical and magickal realms and I know her daughter is natural gifted in these things as well.

The other find I picked up was a magick wand, which is so graceful, elegant, and simple…just as I wanted.faery

It is made of Red Oak for the wand and then has copper beautifully wrapped around a Quartz point at the end. Love!!faery2

While I was picking these up, Dave was playing Sedona Santa, as we had been guided to intuit a special stone for each of us and the whole family, which he secretly picked up and then passed out later that night, sharing the properties of each that he felt were good for us. I ended up receiving a Chevron Amethyst.

We then enjoyed lunch out, I revisited my old home again for some more photos, had a rest at our creekside sanctuary, and then enjoyed our last family dinner out for a well-rounded and nurturing day that included patio seating facing Snoopy Rock. 🙂

snoopyAnd we put beautiful and potent closure to our week in Sedona the following morning by doing a hike and climb up Bell Rock Vortex to one of the highest pillar tops overseeing the valley.bell11courthousebell view2

We happened upon a guy named Mark playing his harmonica, as he ascended just ahead of us. He turned out to be a guide based in Oak Creek and stopped on the same pillar we did, which was great, as he then offered to take amazing photos from above.bell us2

We were on about the second layer of pillars from the very top one. He jumped across to get some cool shots of us.bell4

I’d already embraced my fear of heights free climbing to where we arrived, but to go the ultimate top was beyond our desire, especially after seeing two guys attempting it by scaling the walls and rocks falling from their foot placement – just missing us by divine timing.

I have an odd fear of heights in certain circumstances like scaling mountains from up high, skiing advanced slopes, and dropping straight down on rides. I embrace them all, but I have had fear take over to the point of freezing me and then my learning how to walk and talk myself through it, which I have.

This came upon me twice briefly on this climb, but I moved through it quickly by myself and kept forging on like a true mountain goat my Capricorn ascendant, North Node, and Mars in Capricorn in the first house would be proud of.

I did in fact have my Rainbow Obsidian, Bumble Bee Jasper, and Chevron Amethyst with me. Dave had his new Blue Tiger’s Eye and special stone too that he carries with him.bell7

It’s odd because things like para-gliding and para-sailing, as well as sky-divining and flying don’t phase me. But standing on the edge of a cliff or high-rise definitely gets the hair on the back of my entire body on edge.

So doing things like this are big leaps for me and doing it in Sedona, where I was setting new aspirations and intentions felt potent.bell3

And I WAS pretty proud of myself, especially after hearing from Mark that people with a fear of heights never make it to where I was, let alone get up even close to it.bell10bell8
So after this beautiful and growth-inducing morning we made our way back to our creekside sanctuary to pack and have lunch on our own, since the rest of the family headed out before us.

The drive up the canyon back to Flagstaff for our two-connection flight home was a perfect ending to this week, stopping at the scenic overlook and perusing Navajo artistry.flagstaff

On the flight to Phoenix I listened to the tape-recorded readings again that Ray had already sent us from the previous day, integrating and anchoring more levels of it. And decided on my flight from Phoenix back home to Orange County to process the trip by writing this post, which I completed on the way.

It felt important to reflect and leave it all behind, before entering back into the zone where I would be preparing to make the new leaps.

After quite the cycle of life I’ve been through, this trip really put to rest all of it. That’s why the emotional tears of release had welled up inside of me during Ray’s reading because it reiterated this ending and complete rebirthing that is taking place.

As he mentioned, I’ve been in the “Tower” and all of the challenging stuff and me, I’m tossing into the fiery depths to transmute into gold now.

Alchemy is at work in the most fulfilling of ways I have yet to experience on every single level and for that, and for ALL, I am SO grateful.

I will be making some announcements soon, as I honor these changes in my life. Thank you to everyone for all of your support and love. It means a lot.

I’ll Be Away May 18th – June 5th With Minimal Online Time

Starting May 18th, I’ll be gone for 3 weeks through June 5th – home only for 3 days in between the two legs of my trips. I’ll be online minimally, but will check emails and share posts of the occasional inspiration when I have time.

I won’t be available for any services, however, during the 3 weeks. So work resumes the week of June 8th and is already filling up with private and group workshops, as well as design work. If you’re interested in joining any of the workshops and events upcoming, you can message me and register while I’m gone.

For info on those please visit: Life-Enhancing Summer Events & Workshops

I’m also booking tattoo designs for July. 

I’ll be visiting three different areas while I’m away, which means receiving and giving an energetic infusion on multi-fronts.

First stop Goshen, Indiana to visit my dear best friend, Laura Bruno, for the first time in nearly 6 years (about 5 years and 8 months to be more precise)! The last time being our fun trip in Chicago, Fall of 2010 – Blast from the Past – my how we’ve changed! It just so happens to coincide with her Birthday so celebrations all around in store. Excited to see her amazing garden and to do some special activations together for what we are individually and collectively creating. She has a lot of garden goodies in prep for yummy meals (she makes amazing Faery food) and has been working away on planting hundreds of plants before I get there so that we can spend some quality time together. Although some of that I know will be shared in the garden where she’ll be giving me some garden-101 tips I’m sure! Our time in person is always potent and usually kicks off a new cycle for each of us and I feel this one is going to really spark a leap in our journeys. Our most magickal and life-changing trip to date was in Mendocino/Fort Bragg in Fall of 2009. It changed the whole playing field for us, indeed.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the mischief and magick upcoming for sure. This will be our longest time spent together too! We figured nearly 6 years of distant mischief deserved some bigger celebrations. 😉

I’ll return for 3 days after our Faery fun together…just a little downtime transition to integrate and prep for the next leg of the journey, plus check in on the little bunny loves I’ll be missing big time. And then am off to Orlando, Florida for a week. Dave is giving several talks at “The Real Truth About Health” Conferences that week for his book “Meatonomics” which will host an amazing line-up of incredible speakers. This is a free event both in person and online. You should check it out. I’m looking forward to also visiting Disney World for the first time and seeing my good friend Yasmin there locally while sharing the crystal love!

Then before returning home, it’s off to Sedona, Arizona for a week, direct from Florida. Going to be spending a day at the Grand Canyon and then the rest of the week in my once-home-town of Sedona with family. I used to live there for two years and have frequented a lot, so I’m very much looking forward to this and the timing I feel is auspicious to things for me personally, as Sedona has always been one of those places that I go to or live in at particularly large leaps in my life – and this definitely being one of those! The energy there has always ignited big things. So I’m looking forward to hiking the vortexes, getting a reading from a favorite Tarot/Astrologer/Intuitive – already got in an appointment! – hopefully seeing another dear friend, Dawn, in person for the first time, and seeing what unfolds.

I’m so grateful for these powerful trips and connections this year that all seem to be supporting, igniting, and activating the major shift I feel happening personally and collectively. And that always means new inspirations and channeled creations to come!

As mentioned, I’ll still be checking emails and messages, but if there’s something particularly important or that you need more assistance with, please message me before I head out on Monday.

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 2

taniaThis is the second and concluding part to our sacred journey to Peru. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for joining the experience with us. If you’re just tuning in, you may want to check out Part 1 first to put this all into context. You can find it here:

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 1

2015-03-16 06.39.10Day 6 – 3/16/15: Today we headed back for our second encounter with Machu Picchu, leaving in the morning and getting back before 1 pm. We started the day with a vigorous uphill hike on part of the Inca Trail from the city to Inti Punto (the Sun Gate or Sun Door). DSCN1388We started at 8500 elevation and worked our way up another 1500+ feet to just over 10,000 elevation. The Sun Gate connects with the Sun Temple in the city below creating a direct path the Sun’s rays align with during certain time periods in the year. The day started with some rain, but once we started the trail it stopped, supporting our climb. 2015-03-16 06.29.04But this day was a mystical contrast to yesterday’s clear skies, with a lot of mist rolling in and out and covering much of the city at times – quite magickal! 2015-03-16 06.47.19It was nice to get away from the people into an immersion of nature silence, and once again our timing was perfect having just a few people ascending with us, but of which two were connected to us. It was more jungle along the trail and we saw so many different things like large spiders, tons of butterfly varieties, birds, centipede, multitude of flowers (especially different orchids) and dense little jungle niches off the side. On the way, 2015-03-15 08.34.422015-03-16 06.48.202015-03-16 06.51.072015-03-16 07.16.312015-03-16 07.18.332015-03-16 07.47.232015-03-16 07.48.07DSCN14332015-03-16 07.51.51Aymey got a butterfly on her nose and at the top Christopher got one on his foot! All three of us were being greeted by our ancestors. The two that traveled up with us were an older Argentinian couple that didn’t really speak English, but were spiritually conscious. Along the way my camera stopped working and would continue to be as such on and off when it chose to for the rest of the journey. It felt connected with my energy amplifying and shifting. As we were getting close to the top suddenly these giant stunning butterflies appeared. They were iridescent white with iridescent blue underneath their wings…never seen anything so magickal. They would float by close, but never stopped for us to capture on film. They felt to be greeting us. And when we were able to see our destination – the Sun Gate Temple itself – a sun gatehummingbird appeared on a branch below it, sitting there peacefully as a symbol for us and in greeting – messenger of the Gods indeed and of the Cosmic and Etheric Essence. We first DSCN1447individually connected with the temple on our own. I was guided to stand center of the inner temple area facing out toward the valley below. I had so many visions, one after another come at me here, endlessly it seemed. First, a large being stood straddling both sides of the stone walls before me…very strong..huge…holding a staff and wearing a headdress. Seemed to be a guardian. Then, many beings – Gods/Goddesses, Priests/Priestesses appeared. One wore what seemed like metal armor all over including its headdress of silver and gold that made a bird, but it was alive. This live, metal bird being/God was so clear and I realized that it was not wearing armor at all, but in fact it WAS the metal bird. The Sun Star appeared at center so bright and brilliant coming into me and I remember the stones around me came alive into stone statues that moved…one as a Condor and another as a Puma/Jaguar. I was peering through me, but I was me from another time surrounded by these guardians and then the Condor was screeching and looked back at me and then I got on its back and we flew over the valley. Then I was back again to the Sun Star portal and ancient ones/beings were coming toward me from the portal that felt like a gateway. Then a large face appeared in it with outstretched hands that reached out to cradle my face in them, feeling welcoming and inviting, as well as honoring. Then I went into the Star Light and I open my eyes feeling no more visions to come. There is much more than I write in my visions, but these are what remain with me. I do remember getting the message “Shine”. After this I moved to the front ledge of the temple site to the left of Amaru. Aymey was to his right and Christopher joined in between them. The two Argentinians stood behind us. The woman behind me and the man behind Christopher. They joined us in our spiritual ceremony led by Amaru, chanting, sounding, flute…and as we did the mist that covered the city below us, parted and opened and then closed again when we were done. This happened also when I first got to the ledge and was singing with Amaru. We did a healing meditation for self, those dear to us, and the collective, and as we finished a large group of people were just arriving up on the top. Until then we had created a peaceful serenity. So, we knew the work was done, it was time to descend, and the opening had been created and supported once again for the work. On the way down Aymey and Christopher felt presences with us following us down. They channeled that it was a woman and her husband and child from long ago. She had been trapped energetically here and with our work and presence, had been released to be with her family. She was thanking us. She also shared with Aymey that they had all been waiting for the Three that arrive, led by a Shaman. I got major chills when I heard this, knowing the significance on a soul level. The large iridescent white and blue butterflies showed up on our descent down and once more right before we got on the bus to return. We all noted how no one else seemed to notice these butterflies or make mention of them at all, which was odd to us since they were so beautiful, and yet not surprising. Hearts and triangles/pyramids continued 2015-03-16 09.22.10showing up for us. We saw many heart stones and on the way down from the temple I found an amazing OM symbol naturally created from some soft twig like material on a rock in front of me. You can see it clearly here. Signs were all around for those with eyes and hearts to see. 2015-03-16 09.16.14The rain also gently started up once again as we were descending. Perfect for that cleansing freshness. We then made our way to the city to explore a few key areas Amaru had intended for us. We explored the Sun Temple with Royal rooms, Condor Temple, and cave temple areas that were very deep with energy. We also saw sacred baths used for purifying before 2015-03-16 09.43.35ceremonies. It is then that I saw the triangle portal entrance that I mentioned seeing in my vision the other day, here in physical form. Apparently it invites into another dimension and has a hidden labyrinth underground where 2 men were lost in years back that were exploring it. The others with them came out running and they never found the men and felt it better to shut up the hole so no one else would be lost to what was beneath there. The Sun Temple DSCN1472had windows directly linked to the sun beam from the Sun Gate we’d come from and inside was an inner Sun Dial that represented the inner Sun/Illumination within us rather than the outer Sun Dial/Light we’d seen the day before. I found our visiting all of the Sun Temples this time for me, at Machu Picchu, to be like a full circle integration since the last time I was there we had journeyed down to the Moon Temple. We then returned to town and had lunch, traindid a little market exploring and got on our train back to Cusco. Both ways we enjoyed the Inca Tea of eucalyptus, coca, and mint – and as you can see, our cups to hold them in gave 2015-03-14 16.08.26sentiment to our journey “A Mystic Experience.” One side note: I saw a lot of little poops all over Machu Picchu and had joked to Christopher they were from magickal rabbits. Well, in fact I was right, as Amaru said that they were in fact from Andean wild rabbits. 🙂 My bunny loves were making their mark and leaving trails in my journeys once again. They had even shown up in the form of juice names on a menu we came across near the beginning of our journey.juice menu

Day 7 – 3/17/15: Today we woke and after breakfast were off on our bus ride from Cusco to Puno and the Sacred Lake Region of the Incas, stopping along the way at sites of interest. We visited two museums, a Church like Sistine Chapel inside that was very ornate and to me, almost gaudy. But at the first museum with Ancient Lithic culture we saw an extraterrestrial 2015-03-17 06.24.38skull that had been found. It was displayed next to a human skull. We also saw the elongated human skulls, as the ancient people used to try to mimic extraterrestrials they encountered and engaged with, seeing them as Gods and that this was the ideal form to emulate. DSCN1515You know the difference between human and extraterrestrial skulls because the human skulls have seven parts and extraterrestrial one has three parts. We also saw some very cool spiral 2015-03-17 06.31.04DSCN1591DSCN1542symbols carved in rock and one that was exactly like the Tibetan Fire Serpent in Reiki. We explored Rajchi – Temple of Huiracocha – where we came upon more lovely flowers, a frog 2015-03-17 08.29.382015-03-17 08.51.11friend that had made a comfy home on a traveler we came across, and a large bumble bee on a yellow flower that foreshadowed a vision I would see DSCN1554later in symbolism from a ceremonial meditation. Then enjoyed a beautiful buffet we loaded up on overlooking amazing grounds with Alpaca in the foreground and waterfalls in the background. Then we ascended to 2015-03-17 10.16.19DSCN1575DSCN1566the highest point of our journey at the plateau of 14,222 feet in elevation. This area is between the basin of Lake Titicaca and the Amazon. Lake Titicaca is at 12,500 feet – our next 2015-03-17 11.08.062015-03-17 11.07.212015-03-17 11.08.162015-03-17 11.10.272015-03-17 11.12.40destination. We had to divert around Juliaca because of a demonstration going on that was closing off the roads and for precautions of safety was necessary to avoid. So this added an hour and a half to our full day drive, but beautiful landscapes and scenic views were abound. 2015-03-17 10.59.18The demonstration was about people refusing to pay taxes to use roads the government decided to build that they didn’t want. They were also unhappy with polution of the river by mining companies, which they had so far been able to have one shut down with their efforts. Goes to show you the power of the people when they stand together in the truth of their sovereignty. Together we used our energy again when we hit a block at a different route the bus driver took and our path was open. We managed to cross a flooded area of the road safely too with our energetic focus. Adventures! We arrived in time to see the lights glistening on Lake Titicaca and settled in before a lovely dinner. Our hotel was The Royal Inn. 😉

Day 8 – 3/18/15: Got a good 8 hour sleep – first really so far – and after breakfast we journeyed to the local Puno market to purchase food for our picnic offering lunch and ceremony. Then we were off to the Dimensional Door & Forest – Amaru Muru. Aymey’s shoes had mirrored mine from my first trip to Machu Picchu, having the sole detach. And I too experienced this again on this trip. We purchased some glue to fix it when on the island. Last time I had it fixed on Machu Picchu and this time on Lake Titicaca. 🙂 We picked up bread, fruit, avocado, coconut water, coca leaves, matches, salt, tomatoes, oregano, ginger, lemons, flowers, water. The market was amazing in all its array of colors and variety of fruits and vegetables 2015-03-14 06.58.292015-03-14 07.07.152015-03-14 07.04.532015-03-14 07.04.012015-03-18 06.48.312015-03-18 06.47.442015-03-18 06.53.272015-03-18 06.51.002015-03-18 06.35.37and everyone was so sweet. Then we were off to our sacred destination. The van seat in front of me had the image of a Dragon and Faery on it, which I thought was synchronous. When we 2015-03-18 06.13.12arrived at the site it had been raining, but we waited in the van a few minutes and sent energy to it together and the sky opened and the rain stopped for the entire time we were there. We went to the Door/Dimensional Gateway and set up for our ceremony with crystal 11076282_10152758849002196_6555401383881616924_n2015-03-18 08.39.31and sacred offering altar. On this journey I had been guided to only take my new giant Herkimer Diamond, which was part of every ceremony and acted as the central generator of the grids. It is a Record Keeper with many Rainbows and has some mirroring qualities to an Elestial, but is a powerful Herkimer. This was a very potent ceremony for me – one of my very 2015-03-18 10.13.02favorite sites in Peru. On the first day I had shown Amaru this crystal and he asked its name. I said I hadn’t gotten it yet, but very shortly after that, her name came to me – Soriah. At Amaru Muru I told Amaru its name and he said the meaning of this was Mother of the Inner Light. When I looked it up I found that it is a celestial name having an Arabic origin that means “Bright Starlight – the Pleiades”. I also found this interesting meaning by Seven Reflections: Soriah. Amaru chanted and drummed as we meditated. First thing I saw was giant beings come to life from the stones. Some were Stone Beings and others Crystal Beings. They reminded me of the Stone Being in the NeverEnding Story. The Crystal Being had a head like a Crystal Shard like the Shard in the Dark Crystal. They were like Guardians to the portal but also welcoming us/me. Then a four pointed star creating a diamond effect appeared that was a portal in silver with pale yellow at the center in an oval shape. At first seemed like a crystal or stone, but upon further glance it was actually not dense but gaseous and swirling. Then a large Tibetan Magician emerged. This portal is very connected to Tibet, as is the energy of the site, even having a rock that is clearly a Buddha. All the rocks are naturally formed into beings tibetan buddhaand symbols – similar to Sedona in this way. But the Tibetan Magician I saw was ancient and came in very clear with very long white hair, beard, mustache, and brows, wearing an icy blue robe and taller hat with silvery adornments. He kept coming toward me and lingering in gaze. Seemed other beings came too, but can’t remember. Then saw myself in a robe and headdress – ancient – with hands up to the Light coming upon me. An elephant appeared with golden trunk, saw a starlight bright coming closer and hit me in the 3rd eye gently lodging.2015-03-18 10.16.042015-03-18 10.14.35 2015-03-18 10.18.31This day I was wearing my rabbit sweatshirt that said “Never underestimate the power of a woman with a rabbit” and has a white rabbit, and at the end of my visions a white rabbit in fact appeared. And then the Gateway showed up as a triangle of light with inner dimensions. 2015-03-18 10.35.07After our meditation ceremony we each one by one went up to the three openings in the Doorway and invoked and received energies. We faced in and out, and did what ever came to us naturally to do. Interestingly, we all felt to do sound at the center main portal. This was huge for me and something deep, strong and with force came through me that felt ancient as I faced the Doorway. After, Amaru hugged us individually and I remember him being teared up when I approached him. Something activated strongly when I did this and we both felt it. So much so, when I returned to my seat supporting Christopher with his turn, I couldn’t stop shaking until he had also returned to join us. I shook uncontrollably and was breathing out with release. The only other time I can remember similar was in Egypt. Although this wasn’t as intense or long in duration, it was definitely a Kundalini activation just the same. Powerful! I 2015-03-18 11.45.39was so ready to step into this. After our ceremony we climbed to a level place with a natural stone table and chairs where we would have our lunch offering. On the way here we stopped by a few local women selling offerings they had found. I purchased two stones that were Quartz with Calcite. We had an amazingly yummy lunch that was to be as a collective offering DSCN1653DSCN1656eating mindfully of those without and sharing the abundance  with all. We then made large closed and open-faced sandwiches of fresh bread with tomato, avocado, ginger, salt, oregano, and lemon juice. YUMM! We finished off with grenadine as dessert and coconut water. Two hawks screeched overhead as we ate in reverence. We then went to another location at this site for our next closing ceremony working with all of the elements at a natural altar rock that had 10 small pools of water on it. One larger and the others smaller. The only thing I remember seeing was a large Cobra head and after we opened our eyes there were two heart clouds in the sky. One large one with a pyramid hole in the middle and the other smaller one with a spiral. At the end we offered the flowers we had picked up in the market and then we were each told to follow our guidance to take our 3 coca leaves we were holding to offer them at a sacred place any where that called to us. I was called to climb higher and so I did. I made 2015-03-18 12.50.20my way up a steeper area and stood on a rock doing my own offering and intentions to the collective that I would in turn give to receive and the wind blew strong as I stood there. At the end I was moved to say “I’m ready to go”. Directly after I stepped off the rock I hawk feathersimmediately noticed 2 Hawk feathers on the ground before me that I knew were offerings to me. And then two Hawks flew overhead. It was amazing. Another beautiful day with butterflies all around and two bright caterpillars. I held one butterfly with an injured wing to 2015-03-18 11.55.26give it extra energy and life. After this powerful experience we enjoyed a lighter experience of laughter and joy at the Temple of Fertility where there are many mushroom stone sculptures (appearing like Phalluses) and one large Phallus sculpture at the center tania aymey chris2015-03-18 14.26.182015-03-18 14.26.43tania and aymey chrisalso encapsulating the female energy as well. We laughed so hard as we took funny photos. No one leaves this little temple without being tickled giddy. As we left we took a look at the items offered by the locals and I was surprised to meet a 17 year old girl here that shared my exact name in pronunciation and spelling, which is not a common name in Peru. So we took a photo 2015-03-18 14.38.59together, and then we made our way back to town to explore the city streets/shops and enjoyed dinner before bed.

DSCN1702Day 9 – 3/19/15: This morning we traveled by Tuk Tuk – three-wheeled little mobiles that one guy powers by pedaling like a bike. We loaded our bags and ourselves and off we went to the DSCN1697DSCN17232015-03-19 06.25.00harbor to catch our boat to Amantani Island, where we were serenaded by music Amaru joined in on to kick off our lake journey. Lake Titicaca means Puma of the Stones or Gray Puma. We first stopped at the Floating Islands (or Reed Islands) of the Uros people. We spent a lot of time immersing with them on one of the islands – Santa Maria – which was really fantastic. The people are passive and peaceful, fleeing from confrontations long ago to live a life of harmony. They basically work around the clock cultivating their life and their little islands, 2015-03-19 06.50.2620150319_10273820150319_102746fixing them constantly from wear and tear of sun and the elements. Every two weeks they have to redo their homes. They relay reeds on their island anew as well. The islands float on roots of reeds bound together that act like corks. There are 87 islands total, each with up to 10 families per island. They have one president for the entire community and one president per island. The main president is elected and has a term of 3-4 years. The individual presidents have 1 year terms. So everyone gets a chance to run things. Everything is shared on the islands in responsibility and in abundance. Money is distributed equally, as well as food. 20150319_09550220150319_09125720150319_100948Children are raised by all families. There are separate islands for schools and banks. They have some small boats with motors to get to Puno for trade, but otherwise they do everything on their islands. They also now have solar energy, which was gifted to them by an Asian businessman. They eat fish, fried bread, potatoes, and even the white part of the reeds. They boil water from the lake because it is clean enough and fresh with only a very tiny portion of 20150319_101153salt in it. When we arrived, one woman took us each into their homes to share their lives. The woman who took Christopher and I in was named Marie – like me again. She also offered to 2015-03-21 18.15.0120150319_09184411072244_10152758759692196_9149894589261006930_nDSCN1804dress us up in their local clothing, which we were excited to receive. In exchange for all the hospitality we purchased some of their handmade items and also gifted them the toys we had brought. I gave all of mine to the people on this island to distribute. The slinkies from Aymey were a hit and they loved my stuffed kids20150319_092159animals – one little girl got the purple dragon 🙂 We 20150319_094353were there witnessing their normal daily routines…cooking, making their reed boats, etc. Their two sources of income are fish and tourism. The little girls were sweet – one pulling on my shirt to get my attention…another was playing with Aymey in her lap placing stickers on her skin. Amaru was overwhelmed with love and tears on the island, as he has such a DSCN180020150319_100855aymey10636320_10152758761472196_5131027883186141827_nreverence for these people and his roots and it was easy to understand, as we were all sad to leave. These people remind us of our ancient ways, who we really are at heart, and the simplicity and beauty of natural harmony at work, shared with Terra and each other. We left, sharing lots of hugs and kisses with everyone and then continued our boat ride to Amantani – 20150319_13205620150319_13255520150321_100813the Island of Love. We had a long climb up to our home for the next two nights, but arrived at our beautiful accommodations greeted by the family that would care for us. We received an amazing spread of fresh veggies (corn, giant fava beans, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and rice), guacamole, quinoa and veggie soup, bread and teas. Wow! It was a lot, but so good! We 2015-03-19 12.41.37finished off with some papaya and then all went to our rooms to rest for a couple of hours before sunset. I was loving the high altitudes so felt invigorated. I was so grateful Amaru gifted me his usual room he gets when staying here, which was a large room overlooking the 2015-03-19 11.47.162015-03-19 11.57.2520150319_17330720150319_165126Lake with nearly 360 degree views. The room had a large front area perfect for ceremonies, which we would use the next day. I was so grateful. After our rest, Amaru, Christopher and I walked up the hill for the sunset. Aymey remained to rest, as the altitude was creating the need for adjustment for her. We watched the stars and sunset, focusing on the aura of the 20150319_175045trees and Earth. Then returned for dinner of veggie soup and garlic bread with tea and conversation. Our days were full with communing and sharing. Amaru was grateful to have like-minded souls to be able to talk about everything with. The evening was filled with clear stars abound. I provided a short Reiki session to both Aymey and Christopher this evening to help them adjust with things they were experiencing either with altitude or a food eaten, and to help balance things more. Then nighty night time.

Day 10 – 3/20/15 Our Day of Assimilation and Comprehensive Preparation in the Path of the Light for the Equinox: I was happy to hear that both Aymey and Christopher were feeling better. The night was a wild one in terms of a major thunder, lightning and rain storm coming down. It was also the first night I remembered my dream clearly while here. Interesting that in Iceland and Peru, while I was dreaming a lot and sometimes vaguely remembered something, I wasn’t remembering clearly and extensively like I normally do until this night. I had an important and symbolic dream that the four of us were doing an initiation/activation ceremony, as we’ve been doing, but it was on a much larger scale – interestingly synchronous since this day we’d be engaging in our Equinox ceremony. We had a fifth person with us, however. We each had done our part, provided our key codes, and it was then time for this fifth person to do theirs. But they were hesitant and reluctant to do so. Finally he said, “OK,” and added his “key code” to the mix. He stated out loud a sequence of 6 numbers that activated the finalization. The very instant this took place, in conscious life a very loud thunder hit and the storm started that night, fully bringing all my awareness into awake state, although the experience was all seamless. As I talked to Amaru about this the next morning we realized that this fifth person represented humanity, or the collective. In my dream he appeared Asian (or a mixture of ethnicities), but he was like the fifth element needed to put into place things. Interestingly, I’ve been on other trips, including the 12/21/12 Bimini one, where humanity/the collective was not ready for some of what we were activating/opening. So we needed to wait for more alignment that would take more time. However, in my dream, humanity/the collective WAS ready. Although somewhat hesitant, did come through and met with us in partnership. This was huge in my opinion! And the storm activating directly after was potent indeed. Big stuff! In the morning I noticed one of my windows slightly opened, after I’d been awake a while. I’d closed all of them in the night and this one wasn’t open when I first woke up. So I went over to it and on the sill inside I find a folded up piece of paper with writing on it. The paper said “This way to open” with an arrow pointing to the right and then a heart with the word “thanks”. I asked around to everyone, but no one had left it on my window. Where it came from I can only imagine, but it felt connected to my dream somehow and was a message of some sort. I saved it in my journal. Was it pointing up the hill, as that’s where it was placed – pointing to our location of our last ceremony on the island to come? Or was it something beyond this trip in general? Hmmmm….The rain continued hard that morning, but we felt it was perfect and fine, as we had already made plans to have our Equinox/New SuperMoon/Total Solar Eclipse ceremony in my room overlooking Lake Titicaca. 2015-03-20 07.25.512015-03-20 07.26.04DSCN1850DSCN1846So after breakfast of yummy pancakes and fruit with Amaru’s special green tea mixture, we set up our very powerful altar grid and we each took our places at the four corners. This ceremony lasted until lunch and as you can imagine…once it was done, the skies opened to blue sunny light! Our ceremony was nothing short of amazing again and very powerful. I mostly just felt peace and expansiveness as Amaru lead the ceremony chanting, meditations, and then we all together created music and sound – Aymey and I had purchased rattles on the Floating Island – Christopher and I had also purchased flutes in Cusco. The only visions I remember were that of what to me was Pachamama symbolized in a large, voluptuous, Inca-looking ancient woman with animals around her, and then light and Cosmic beings. One of them held a diamond of light in its hand and placed it in my 3rd eye. Then at the end of the ceremony I remember seeing a giant gold ring with a giant gold bumblebee on it that was being presented to me. Amaru then presented the platform for me to share concluding and supportive words to everyone for our journey thus far and what to take away from all of it. At the end Amaru gifted us the ceremonial head pieces (that were his) he’d placed upon us for the ceremony – very special. And after, I presented Amaru with the Herkimer Diamond and Aqua Aura Quartz pendant that was mine, as a gift to him to wear in his special ceremonies. After we cleared out of the room, Christopher offered to do an energetic clearing for my cough with me. So we did that and then enjoyed lunch before we would head off to our amantani lunchsacred site on pilgrimage with sunny blue skies! The rain stopped, as our ceremony ended. Our pilgrimage took us around half the island to find a very special altar place no one knows of 20150320_180609that isn’t local to the island. We walked through the terraced hills on the stone path and off-path when the water had covered the path. We also walked the pebbled beach, finding many 20150320_15252220150320_14381520150320_15070120150320_15133620150320_15175420150320_152706symbolic stones. We were so absorbed we passed the altar, but knew it was perfect, as we found special things along the way. So we made our way back for a very powerful ceremony at the altar overlooking the Lake and a big initiation. I first initiated Christopher and Aymey with Reiki. Christopher received his Reiki 1. Amaru and I felt this to be important to link us all in the energy, since the rest of us were Reiki attuned, but also to raise vibrations to receive his initiation from Amaru after. I gave both Amaru and Aymey Reiki 3 initiation attunements, however, I was guided lake titicaca initiationDSCN1879initiating aymeyto initiate them with a special Cosmic activation that channeled through, which was very powerful, and something I haven’t done or gifted anyone before. I did Aymey first then Amaru later. Amaru placed a colored square cloth of 7×7 squares = 49 around my shoulders for this, 20150320_175946like a little cape. After this, Amaru then initiated us with the Solar Path and taught us 3 symbols we were to memorize for now only, and receive energetically. They are imprinted within us, as the Reiki symbols are and I easily memorized them to this day. He will provide more thorough explanations to us in the days to come, but for now the activation was necessary and we have learned to use them already by what he briefly shared. The essence was most important, as always. This was all very powerful and connected us, as well as ignited something on a very large scale beyond us. As I was giving Amaru his initiation, Christopher buried a crystal grid in the ground that he had been guided to do that would link with another grid he buried in Arkansas to be part of the Earth grid. The next day I received that what we’d done and the grid he placed had all activated the Crystal that resides beneath Lake Titicaca. After our initiations, we walked back to our home, but it was sunset, so most of our walk was in the dark and starlight. It was definitely part of the initiation to use our inner light now and inner Sun to light the way and actually, the path was easier going back than coming, as a new path was created for us that we didn’t take before! We had a great dinner, and off to bed early, as we had a very early rising for our concluding island ceremony.

Day 11 – 3/21/15: We rose at 3:30 am this morning in the dark and starlight in order to ascend to our destination by sunrise for our ceremony of Solar Initiation. Throughout the night it 20150321_05462520150321_05394020150321_05433320150321_055511ceremonyrained even harder than the previous night, and when we woke we discovered hail piles all around, like mounds of ice pebbles everywhere. The weird thing is that the hail storm started right when I was dreaming something else this night that felt significant, yet this time I didn’t remember the dream like the previous night. We bundled up in our layers and were given heavy, thick ponchos to keep us warm for our hike up to the Temple of Pachatata. We 20150321_054219climbed at least 1000 feet higher, taking us to 13,500+ feet elevation. Our intent was to connect with our inner Sun and give reverence to the Sun. We began our walk at 4:00 am after having tea to warm us. As we were reaching the temple, the Sun was rising and Amaru then DSCN193320150321_06190320150321_06044420150321_060752set up for our ceremony with fire and inner visions. The light and Sun danced with us, creating amazing illuminations all around and within each of us (seen in the individual photos of us here) – at times engulfing us (as you can see in one DSCN1906photo where I appear like a Sunlit headless DSCN1912DSCN190520150321_055552horseman). We each had sacred time with the fire, as Amaru blessed and activated along with our offerings. This was a very sacred and powerful experience, still giving me chills now to 20150321_06222520150321_06244120150321_061949 20150321_06205220150321_06210220150321_062424 120150321_062253reflect and write about it, as the feelings flow through me. And we then concluded with music we played on our instruments, while we 20150321_064325danced in celebration, which all brought out the Sun, as well as a Hawk that hovered intentfully right above and in front of us between us and the Sun as Amaru was concluding 20150321_061629ceremony. A Puma paw glowed in the water ahead of us after our ceremony and the Sun glowed each time we invoked it. After, we descended for a delicious breakfast – everything looking so vibrant, freshly new, and beautiful, which this 20150321_07040620150321_070415whole journey in fact had changed for us and how we see things. We packed up to get our boat back to Puno. We were all sad to leave our island home and sanctuary, and these gentle people. Our journey across the waters was mostly silent and inward, as we sat at the back of the boat receiving the Sun’s rays. We rested and integrated the journey thus far and I felt the Lake’s giant Crystal activated. We were tania3feeling the sun inside and out. Upon arrival, we settled into our hotel, had lunch, shopped, and then packed before our dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Day 12 – 3/22/15: Our last day together began with breakfast and then off to our last sacred site to do a closing meditation, overlooking water at the Temple of Immortality – Sillustani. 2015-03-22 06.59.402015-03-22 07.02.57pumaWe did this individually and quietly within ourselves to give gratitude and honor, as well as celebration for the journey we shared, and the journey yet to come. I only felt peace within this time and no visions except a profile of a Hawk that turned into a Condor, but I communicated a lot from within my heart and out to all in reciprocation to all I’d received. After we completed our individual time, we joined together with Amaru and he initiated us in a diamond formation to channel the Cosmic Light. We were shown how to move the energy, again only needing to remember the basic essence of what we were experiencing and would receive further what we needed when the time unfolded divinely. I felt incredible heat through my core when doing this. Upon completion and a group hug, we always shared, we descended the temple grounds back to our van. Along the way I saw my first live rabbit – a 2015-03-22 07.52.122015-03-22 07.52.30wild Andean one that descends from ancient times. I was so moved by this symbolism and physical manifestation on our very last day, concluding our very last ceremony together, as rabbits are my magickal familiars. I knew Nestor was shining down upon me with her love and support, as well as that Joy and Cosmo had been with me all along…everything was in Divine order, was being supported, and was coming to full circle closure. All I had been guided to do was complete and honored. I was grateful both to all of my soul family that had supported this, but also to myself for embracing the call. This was very magickal and special to me and I captured photos of the rabbit that showed up. The path to and from this site was also lined with yellow flowers and represented to me the yellow brick road like in The Wizard of Oz, which Aymey also reiterated. It spoke to how we always search for the power or some outside source/wizard/magick, but all along we were the power/wizard/true magicians and could have and do all we needed and wanted at any time we recognize and embody that truth fully. That is the true magick. And that is one of the things I took away from this trip. Not needing anything external, but knowing I have all that I need within me. Interestingly, upon return home two of my crystal friends (the largest I have ever had) were also going away to their new home and mom – one of which was my giant Amethyst Rabbit. Again, everything is within us/me, and so the connections and magick are always there to experience when ever we want, regardless of what we think we have or don’t. We made our way to the airport and shared our “see you soons” rather than goodbye with Amaru, which still tugged at the heart, as we parted ways to take our flight back to Lima and he would take a bus to his home in Arequipa. We spent the rest of the day driven around in Lima to bide time until our late night 2015-03-22 14.36.522015-03-22 14.43.542015-03-22 14.45.392015-03-22 15.20.09 2015-03-22 15.07.27flights back home, having lunch, exploring the beach and beach area, as well as the city center. It was Chistopher’s first Pacific ocean sunset and touching his feet in these powerful waters, so we had to capture that first moment indeed. Some card games and dinner saw us through our last hours and then it was I who left first this time (I had arrived last at onset) and I settled in on my flights for a good night’s rest until home. We know we will all be called again together for further work when the time aligns.

We had all been gifted protective, empowering bracelets with seeds from the Amazon Jungle from Oscar, our first driver who also greeted us upon arrival into Peru. These united our energy daily, as we wore them throughout our journey together and like with everything, but mostly our hearts, will deepen the continued connection.

IMG_1397It’s not goodbye. It’s simply until the next time…Not the end, but only the beginning.DSCN1412

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 1

tania8Wow, ain’t gonna cut it this time to convey the magnitude of our experience in Peru. LOL! What an incredible nearly two weeks we shared. This trip definitely goes on my top fav list of journeys, including my top powerful list as well. Woah! Not to mention it was SO different energetically from my first trip in Peru. You can’t compare, but definitely doing this twice really reflects the shifts and how much has evolved, including myself.

I return feeling even more connected to multi-dimensionality and with a deepened sense of inner peace and centered strength.

From onset to closure, it was jam packed with potency, magick, harmony, and love. All I knew when I was called to put together this journey, was that I needed to be there, the timing was auspiciously aligned and not to veer off from, and who ever was truly meant to show up would.

machu picchuThe rest I released to the Universe and the beauty of Divine unfolding.

And boy oh boy did things synchronize into perfection.

2015-03-15 09.05.11I was so moved to reunite with my Cosmic brother, Amaru after 7+ years and our reconnection was sweeter and deeper than ever.DSCN1134

I was also so grateful to reconnect with my beautiful and powerful soul sister Aymey and brother Christopher, which was a soul family celebration indeed when all four of us came together, not to mention a powerful reactivation of the powerful work we were continuing together…chills writing this now even.DSCN1651

Themes of the trip were activating and integrating our Cosmic essence with our human bodies, embodying the power and light of the Great Central Sun, remembering who we REALLY are and standing in that knowing and power so we can simultaneously support others through that example, opening and expanding our hearts deeper and wider to the unconditional love and gentle nurturing within us, transmutation, and courageous embracing to return to the natural harmony essence with all.

There was also the beautiful balance of deep spirituality and very, very light humor and humanness we enjoyed and experienced each day. Laughter, tears, playfulness and focused integrity, overwhelming grace and power…just exquisite.DSCN1048

Rebirthing was indeed mirrored again for this trip, as it was in Iceland. I also, personally, saw a lot of orange show up for me – it came through in what I was drawn to over and over, which included a raw orange Jade I picked up as a new friend (which just so happened to have the mirroring outline of Machu Picchu inside of it as you can see below -I got it at Machu Picchu too), as well as orange roses that were given to myself and Aymey during our journey by one of our amazing drivers and co-facilitators in Cusco, Paullo.2015-03-15 06.15.01

roses from paullo2015-03-14 09.13.19We experienced our ability to manifest what we desired and how our individual powers can be harnessed massively when brought together with others with heart-full intention. We saw this at work over and over each day, as we literally controlled the weather together (forecasts had shown rain throughout our time away, but in fact didn’t happen or did at the opportune times), crowds of people encountered, and every detail that would perfectly support what we each would need, as well as would be in support of the highest and greatest good collectively.2015-03-13 14.28.34

Everything was orchestrated from onset, in a way that would provide the right synergy for all of this, down to even creating who would actually show up in order to have what was needed take place – which is a story in and of itself.

I personally return feeling the most empowered and whole I have yet, and lighter – literally – as I lost another 4 pounds on top of the 5 I lost from Iceland. Woah!

2015-03-15 18.44.07And it definitely wasn’t for lack of eating, as I ate much more than I normally do at home, since I only have a smoothie for breakfast and don’t snack through the day.

dinnerBut with all the fresh veggies, fruits, amazing pure fruit juice mixes each day, quinoa, and lots of potatoes (was craving these)…I was in vegan whole food, simplicity bliss.

lima pizzaI had also brought along some raw vegan snacks and goodies like kale chips, raw chocolate, raw macaroons, fig cookies, chocolate hemp seeds, raw vegan and vegan energy bars…

tania2Not sure exactly physically where it all came off – kind of just all around – although I do look and feel different to myself, but I can definitely sense it and it feels like an energetic release has taken place at another deeper core level that is cleansing and letting go of everything with ease. It is incredible to compare my photos from my journey back in 2008 with now…what a change.

But this energetic release was evident also with something physically I have been experiencing.

Since the day of my return from Iceland I had a very deep lung cough that lingered since the 28th of February until my very first full day back from Peru – incredible! I haven’t had anything like that ever, in terms of such a long experience with something lasting nearly a month. I never get sick, but know that anything that shows up is a reflection of something on another level working itself out. These trips have been huge for me and this time period in my life is significant.

A little background: my lungs have always been my weakest link in my body, which always mirror things that aren’t good for me and how my body reacts to help cleanse it out. When I was a child, I wouldn’t really ever get sick except for my deep lung coughs where my lungs would fill with stuff that had to be coughed up and out, literally gagging me (gross I know). And since, my lungs react to anything that isn’t good for my body (allergies to food and things in the air like smoke of any kind, etc.) by creating the same experience of messaging my body with a deep cough that has to come up and out of my body, lasting for anywhere from a half an hour to a couple of hours until it’s all gone and my body is rid of it – like a protective barrier my immune system has, as well as a way to alert me.

However, I’ve also come into this life with a huge amount of past life grief to transmute, which has resided in my lungs and has been working itself out with my work. I also have very small lungs in comparison to most people and a smaller rib cage, as well as much more shallow breathing than what others experience, which is normal for me. Perhaps also part of why being at high elevations for me is very natural and easy without challenge. And recently I’ve learned that shallow breaths actually have a cosmic connection. 😉

Anyway, that all to share that having this pretty major lung experience between two very important and potent trips I was called to take, really felt to be symbolizing taking/breathing in life in a whole new way, which would call for a deepening release of anything remaining of that grief. As well as, embracing the changes on a life large scale I’ve been integrating – opening to what that involves and a new way of taking in and experiencing life, freely and filling up more space by being in full essence without hindrance.tania machu picchu

So while I was coughing pretty badly since Iceland, as well as every day in Peru (although decreasing every day more and more), it all dissipated upon return. I had no other issues, nor felt bad in any way. There was just this cough that was letting go more and more, with less and less needing to come out. It was not something I didn’t need to do anything about except to embrace it and allow it to move through, supporting it energetically to do its thing…running its course while the integration/transmutation was taking place.

Just like with all things in our life we come up against, if we can just flow with it and not fight it, fear it, be angry at it…it WILL move through and bring you into the next experience awaiting on the other side.tania4

My cough was an example of that, as literally the first full day I was back it completely disintegrated. And the day I traveled home, it was already dissipating nearly away and now poof! Buh bye! Amazing, yes? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But back to the fullness of our journey. The first incredible thing that took place, after the fact that the trip actually was energetically created, was the bringing together of soul alchemy in mirror of the experience to unfold.

To make a long story short, which won’t be possible in these journey shares, we went from being a group of 16 of us down to 4. Twelve people for one wild/odd/timely reason to another, all dropped out and/or cancelled leading up to the journey. So amazing! Much of this taking place not long before I went to Iceland, during my time away there, and upon return from there. Having done this enough times in terms of retreat, journeys, workshops, etc. seeing how everything works itself out like a collective chess game, I just sit back and watch the divine perfection and cosmic fun unfold. 🙂

I know where I’m meant to be and welcome others who know the same.

Since I was going on this journey regardless, I just marveled at who was going to show up alongside me and was so so grateful for who did.

2015-03-16 14.15.27And so we were four – two male and two female souls creating a most beautiful and connective family. Each so beautiful and powerful in their own way, but the four of us together was incredible to say the least. We were so in tune with each other, on the same page, in flow, supportive, and experiencing similar in different ways in our lives. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Another beautiful alignment was our shared birthday energies between three of us. I had just had my birthday, one was going to celebrate his in the middle of our journey, and one would be celebrating hers soon after our return!

The other interesting thing is that each of us had an integration of Female and Male energy within making us both sensitive Males and strong Females…not to mention we all were so in tune that we could understand one another and knew how to support, communicate, and flow with each other intuitively.

Had it not been the four of us only, we would not have been gifted the astounding things that we received, nor created what we did. Our journey was deeply intimate and because of the soul energy synergy we shared, we were able to visit places that were intuited by our group essence (including some new places I had not been to before), and were able to spend extended time emerged in the energies, as well as received initiations we otherwise wouldn’t have due to lack of time and different energy dynamics. The intimacy provided us all the things we each needed to give and receive. Blessed we were.

2015-03-15 09.33.13To say I love these three souls in human bodies is an understatement. And before I progress further with our experiences, I just want to extend my deepest, heart-felt gratitude and honor to each of them for courageously showing up, and bringing forth the vulnerability they each shared, as well as the power they embodied. I have no words to describe the magnitude of feeling I have for them, but I know that they know just what I mean.

What we experienced individually and together, was not isolated to merely us (nor to this one moment in time), but rippled out to the collective and amplified through the Cosmos and out from this sacred energy center we were at physically.

Nothing we do is “just” about us, and yet it’s not about needing to specify this is for me and this is for you….it simply all is that, simultaneously, within the presence of experience we consciously show up to embrace and consistently walk in the path of daily with each breath of expansive awareness.2015-03-13 11.02.05

I hope you find a piece of yourself in this journey I share. I can’t express enough how these journeys in the physical truly are life-changing. People simply don’t realize, I believe, what a trip like this can support. And each person on this journey manifested their way there magickally, just as anyone can do. I never accept something as impossible…perhaps not meant for someone or perhaps not aligned, but where there is the will and intent, there is the way.

We are all magickal beings living a magickal life, if we want to realize and embrace that truth.

Here’s my vision of this magickal journey we shared through my eyes and heart, shared with each of you.

DSCN1236 Each of us had our own journey, which is not for me to share, honoring the privacy and sacredness of that. So this is my personal experience and how I saw things. It was all being experienced with all of you in mind and how what we do creates the possibility and potentials for everyone, as well as literally IS being experienced by all through us.

I wrote quite long journal entries for this journey (no surprise I’m sure lol!) – longer than usual – but given this trip was double Iceland’s time period I’m going to try to abbreviate just a bit – if that’s even possible as a Pisces with Mercury in Pisces loving to creatively express from the heart.

Another chronicle in store indeed, but it ended up about 4,000 words shorter than Iceland, so I did something different given this trip was twice as long. LOL! Hopefully the photos will help with capturing the essence, but I do want to share my visions in meditations and ceremonies, however, feeling it important this time. So this will add to the length, as well as perhaps draw you deeper into the experience with me and us.

However, being that this will be a long share with many photos (thank you to Aymey and Christopher for sharing some of theirs to add with mine), making it a very big post, I am going to share it in two parts so things upload more easily and don’t overload with the energy that’s potently packed in it. 😉

I find that writing and sharing these experiences are an integral part of the integrative process, not only cathartic in a way for me, but also brings things to full circle closure. Until I’ve put it all down and out there, it doesn’t feel fully complete.

2015-03-15 07.34.21

So from my heart to yours, I share this with the Cosmic love that resides within all that I am and all that you are.

Day 1 – 3/11/15: Today was a very full travel day from Los Angeles to Lima, Peru starting at 4 am until 4:37 am the next day. I had an hour in between my connecting flights from Miami to Lima. But my LA flight was delayed for some silly reason (perfect in the eyes of Universal plans) and literally everything blocked me from getting to my next flight in a way I have never seen. Even the people on the flight ALL completely ignored the announcement to stay seated and allow all passengers at the back of plane with tight connections off first. I’ve never experienced people not listening to that before. Every single person got up and blocked the passage so that most of us all missed our flight connections. And even when I did get off and ran/sky trained to my gate, they had just closed and although an attendant asked them through the door if they’d let me on, they said no. So, indeed I was being rerouted energetically on timing to arrive. Who knows what I avoided, or what was being aligned, but one thing that worked out is that the hours I had in the airport provided me the time to work on a sacred tattoo design and complete it in totality. I normally don’t take work with me, but something said to do so and so this all worked out quite well and created a really amazing design my client was quite pleased with. The only down side was my arrival at 4:37 am in the morning rather than 9:57 pm in Lima, which meant literally settling into my room, showering, breakfast and off to our first journey immediately at 7 am. Despite not sleeping much on the plane, I was feeling refreshed and ready to go, knowing it was all perfect.

DSCN0819Day 2 – 3/12/15: This morning we gathered (Aymey, Christopher, and I) at breakfast and ignited the energy connections for our sacred journey together. At breakfast I shared the crystal gifts with each of them that I had intuited for them (and which we used in each ceremony along with all our sacred things – our grids kept growing from onset to end of our journey) and was also surprised at a lovely crystal gift I, too, received, which was a Golden Healer personally found in Arkansas by Christopher. I also later received an amazing cosmic heart from Aymey for my birthday. We constantly were gifting each other throughout the journey with gifts from the heart, which was such a sweet surprise to each of us to experience that kind of unconditional giving and receiving with so much mutual honor that likely we’ve mostly been accustomed to giving out more. I also got to reconnect with Amaru, our amazing Shaman and my dear, dear friend, which was very beautiful to give and receive hugs once again. I also gifted him a crystal. We got more connecting time on our 4 hour drive to our first sacred site – Caral. 2015-03-12 11.07.13I had not visited Caral on my first journey to Peru, so this was a new experience for me. It was very expansive with many pyramids on the sacred grounds. Caral is the Highest Altar of the Oldest Civilization of the Americas. So it was perfect to begin the journey with this ancient energy igniting things. 2015-03-12 11.45.50We did several meditations and ceremonies here. First, we stopped on the bridge over the river on our way to the site welcoming and opening to the energy. Each time we did, the wind would pick up and soar through. It was the beginning of our experiencing the power of our being in tune with and able to work with and control the elements with our heart-full intents. It also was mirroring of how the ancients and Cosmic ones were supporting and engaging in every aspect of this journey. They had been waiting for us. 2015-03-12 11.48.012015-03-12 11.49.03On the middle of the bridge where we stopped, which represented moving from one reality and world to another we were crossing into as we welcomed this journey, as well as reintegrating ancient parts of ourselves, I had my first vision of an Inca Warrior with large headdress standing on the other side of the bridge with his arm out extending a welcome to me/us. We then did another pause and tuning in, where this time I then saw what appeared more to be like an Inca God with huge headdress/crown of gold reminding me of Huiracocha/Wiracocha (Creator God/Cosmic God), sitting tall on a very tall, lean white horse on the other side of the bridge waiting for us and welcoming us. We then walked with intention along the path to the site. DSCN0829We found many old things on the path – petrified corn, pottery, part of a skull, feathers, shells – as we retraced our ancient heritage. We explored all of the grounds, including a circular area used for ceremony and Cosmic connection, similar to a Sun dial with Obelisk, and a fire altar, and above an entrance to an underground labyrinth where the spiral symbol was hidden. 2015-03-12 12.36.31We were not allowed to do ceremony here, but Amaru was given permission to do a quick one to ignite things for us at the fire altar using our crystals we had all brought and other sacred things. While he did this, we tuned in and here I saw flames emerge and a white Dragon appear. 2015-03-12 12.49.22On our way back we did a ceremony at the top of the hill overlooking the pyramids, valley, river, and feeling all the elements of wind/Air, river/Water, Earth, Sun/Fire, and Spirit. Again, this is not usually permitted, but even when a man came to inquire on us after we’d been in ceremony, he simply waved us on when Amaru told him what we were doing, aligned with our pure heart intent. Amaru created a grid with the things we’d found and our crystals, which we sat around in a half circle, and then led us in a special Cosmic initiation he does not do usually – very special. DSCN0907During this I saw a Native American Indian Chief with headdress and later learned that Christopher had this guide show up in his meditation providing his name of Red Cloud, I believe, who was then with him throughout. So we were seeing the same, as would continue to happen through the journey DSCN0910for us all. Amaru came around to each of us and we channeled the Gold Light of the Cosmos, as well as the Blue Light of the Earth and transmuted it all through our hearts, emanating the Green Gold Light. He inititated us each while playing his flute, chanting, doing symbols and had us join in with our first chant of “Nokan Inti Kani – I am the Sun”. We BECAME the Great Central Sun, to carry this energy with us always, during and beyond this journey. After, I gave Amaru a Reiki Initiation Attunement. He is already a Reiki Master of 18+ years,DSCN0906 but he/we felt it important for him to receive this initiation for all that he would be facilitating for our journey, as well as to connect he and I with the combined energetic work we were doing and be a mutual exchange of giving and receiving. After the ceremony, Amaru gifted each of us some of the sacred pieces he used in the ceremony and told us something personal when doing so. I received a Chrysocolla Heart Stone (he said it was for the Healer that I am). During the ceremony he had also honored me with ceremonial knitted-ribbons around my neck (you can see in photo here to the right), feeling as an honoring to work alongside him. And Christopher and Aymey also received special pieces of a crystal and a crystal necklace. The Sun moved behind the clouds during ceremony and then out when we ignited the Sun within us. We then crossed back over the bridge, as a flock of sheep approached us and waited for us to let them pass. DSCN0917Right before this a huge flock of goats were making their way down to the river. Both very appropriate for this year of the Sheep/Goat that we’ve entered. 2015-03-12 14.41.50After, we headed back to our hotel on our 4 hour drive.
sunset2We caught a beautiful first sunset together to kick of the journey, including a small rainbow portal in the clouds. rainbow portalI was in bed at 1 am and up at 4 am, for another early departure. Not much rest for the Cosmic adventurers!

2015-03-13 11.38.59Day 3 – 3/13/15: Today we were off to Cusco, hence our early morning to catch flights out – we were on 3 separate flights, although Aymey and I were together and manifested sitting next to each other through a whole fun exchange. Upon arrival to Cusco we all felt an 2015-03-13 11.41.16immediate shift in energy – lightness, opening, uplifting. After settling into our beautiful hotel with amazing views and beautiful baths, we headed off to our first destination – Qoricancha Temple (Temple of the Golden Consciousness), which is a mission on old Inca ruins where now stands Santo Domingo Catholic Church. We2015-03-13 11.07.25 explored the history and ancient energy here, receiving more insight to the evolvement of things. We then took a walk 2015-03-13 12.30.39and had lunch at an amazing little place with a stunning view in the city square. After lunch we set off for Sacsayhuaman where we used our energy in synergy with each other and held 2015-03-13 13.12.522015-03-13 14.38.032015-03-13 15.23.17off the impending dark clouds and rain, diverting them around and away from us. After our time here, the locals at the parking lot thanked Amaru, as they knew that we had moved the clouds and rain, knowing he is a Shaman and the work we were doing. This assists them 2015-03-13 11.11.48little girlsabundance bullwomenbecause with rain they cannot sell their hand-made items. We explored here and then drove to another near location where there was a cool cave we all really connected with and spent a little time sitting in, tuning in. Back to hotel and before dinner I felt this evening was time for some special healing intentions and setting the tone of the journey for Christopher and Aymey’s intents, as well as my own. So we gathered in Aymey’s room that had a half circle/Moon large window space and table at it, perfect for our altar we created with all of our crystals and sacred things. We sat and talked for about an hour and a half about their intents, challenges, blocks, and deeper discussion of where things are energetically to really connect with it all before I did Reiki Healing Attunements for each of them. We also discussed that now is the time to release, transmute, and ignite as the powerful co-creating beings that we are. It was a very special, intimate, connective gathering that set the tone of our Magickal Triad that we were – creating a pyramid energy between us. At times it was the two females holding the base of the pyramid with the male energy at the point. And at other times, I felt our energies would shift into positioning each of us at the integrative point for what was needed, holding the energy of that space. Every piece integral to the other and supporting and receiving to and from each other. After our session we had a very nice dinner overlooking 2015-03-13 16.25.41the city of Cusco and relaxed in our rooms for an early night of good sleep – my first! Triangles showed up much on this day as symbols everywhere and this would continue throughout the journey, mirroring the three of us and the energy of the three/pyramid that I discussed during our session. A great day really shifting energy in a lighter, opening way. This day was Friday the 13th. 🙂

2015-03-14 08.41.59Day 4 – 3/14/15: Today we made our way after breakfast to a very special site we all really connected with, and which I hadn’t been to on my first trip either, where we did an incredible long ceremony (ceremonies and meditations every day! weeee!). This site is in the 2015-03-14 08.37.382015-03-14 08.31.012015-03-14 08.34.26Chinchero Region and went by several interchangeable names – the Magic Altar or “Willko Umo”, the Sacred Head, and then its secret name: “Qori Uma” meaning Golden Head. This place had such an ancient, alive, nurturing essence where all of the rocks were rich in life and the energy was infused with Faery essence especially amidst the waters trickling through and 2015-03-14 08.59.33the mossy magick. Aymey and I both went off for a little nature bathroom break and saw a black butterfly together and then we returned for our first meditative exercise of seeing ourselves and aura through Amaru, as our mirror. This took us deep within. During this I had a vision of a figure wearing a huge golden headpiece and then realized it was a very large golden head of a dragon with spokes that made up the headpiece. The face of the figure became my own, wearing this golden dragon. Simultaneously a vision of a woman all in white floated through the valley in front of us with an ethereal, transparent robe flowing behind and the then the two images merged into a white ethereal, transparent Dragon flying through the valley. I learned after that Aymey saw a white Dragon too during this. I also saw many visions of what the area may have looked like in the past, including a triangle cave 2015-03-14 10.43.24opening or portal with dimensions that was before me to enter (I later saw this opening at Machu Picchu and recognized what I’d seen). After this and tuning in a bit more…a very powerful place for Aymey here, we went on top of the Mother rock and did an incredible long ceremony with fire, drumming, flute, chanting, singing, and our own meditation supported by all of this. We had created a crystal and sacred altar grid again around the fire. I felt called for this one to place the ring I was wearing – my silver ring that says in Mayan “To Be Reborn”, which felt perfect for this, not realizing consciously what were going to activate. (If you remember, this was the only jewelry I took with me to Iceland, and once again here to Peru, along with 2 necklaces of Orange Kyanite/Flower of Life and Herkimer Diamond/Aqua Aura Quartz). The smoke at first came all at me and when I breathed in, it burned in my nasal passage and throat, which felt to be like transmutational fire that was assisting me, including the energy to move in my cough – cleansing, purifying…and ended up helping my cough to stop for the entire ceremony and for quite some time after. As always, 2015-03-14 10.46.46we cleansed our aura with sacred oil and would hold 3 coca leaves in our left hand, as well as placed some of these on the left side of our mouth during the process. During this ceremony I saw what all seemed to be a place and time elsewhere – not Earth – or perhaps a New Earth. Many visions of light portals and light stars as gateways I would enter and become the light of each one after another. Light infused landscapes, not Earthly, for me to enter and embody. 2015-03-14 10.52.09After our meditation we went to the upper top portion of the rock where Aymey, Christopher and myself all took turns  holding the clay pot that held our fire – now smoke – in our left hand and Condor feathers in our right. I started off and we were each to embody the essence of the Magician, Master, Goddess/God, Leader, Light that we each were and to invoke and activate that in any way that we were moved to, acting from our inner guidance as who we were in totality and once were and always are, rather than the us we identify with only in this life. An 2015-03-14 10.42.47experience of being in our true power to continue to walk in forever. “Being Reborn” was indeed a theme for today and this journey. After our beautiful ceremony we ate some amazing fruit Amaru had picked up at the market for us. We then visited Ollantaytambo – site with its ancestral Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Condor, and Altar of the Cosmic Waters DSCN1114where rain came for the first time, however, here it was perfect and like a purifying cleanse for what we had just experienced, as well as a nourishing and nurturing gift of renewal. We climbed the many steps up to receive activation and then descended to catch our train to Machu Picchu town – Aguas Calientes where we settled in, explored the market and had trainaymey and me train






Day 5 – 3/15/15: Today was Christopher’s birthday and what a way to celebrate by visiting Machu Picchu – the Crystal City – for the first time! Yay! Was so excited for him to experience this powerful time for his special day. We had perfect weather and no rain, with beautiful clear views of the sacred city and grounds all around. There were crowds of people, which is normal for here, but much, much less than when I had been here last time. This is because it was not a high season 2015-03-15 05.10.23tourist time. I noted that much had changed since I was here back in over 7 years ago. Roped off areas, more rules and areas we were able to hike to on the mountain were now only accessible with in-advance specially purchased tickets months ahead. How things shift indeed. But, we always created our own sacred space, moving crowds energetically by will 2015-03-15 05.16.142015-03-15 06.47.232015-03-15 06.46.082015-03-15 06.53.06and it never being an issue. Upon our arrival a butterfly flew to us and directly came at me, literally kissing my lips with its fluttering wings, lingering there a bit. That was such a gift and blessing. And right after that, another butterfly came at me and circled around me. The night before I had been guided to purchase a very large butterfly pendant at the market with stones in all of the Chakra colors/energies. 😉 The butterfly was my first symbol that came to me in this life and represented my path when I began my conscious spiritual journey. This was amazing and butterflies continued to grace us with their presence, one by one later welcoming the rest of the group as well. This day I was also wearing my infinite love t-shirt (a 2015-03-15 05.26.59heart with infinity symbol and wings) that has a Hunab Ku symbol on the back as well, along with my Cosmic Love sweatshirt. Amaru discussed how the butterfly kiss was an honor and recognition. I have also learned that butterflies represent ancestors that are returning. So this was very powerful. 2015-03-15 07.57.142015-03-15 08.08.072015-03-15 08.22.00We hiked up to our first scenic overview where we did a meditation looking out over the sacred city. During this I saw a figure appear wearing a large bird headdress, but the bird was actually alive – seemed to be a small Phoenix. Then there was a procession of headdressed beings when a large Condor appeared over the entire city of Machu Picchu with wings spread and then seemed to turn into a Phoenix energetically with light and fire. A lot of light and 2015-03-15 05.25.09bright star energy lit up the city from it and I took this in and embodied it once again, projecting it across the city and out to the Earth. Then a High Priestess/Magician showed up and I knew it was me, as I saw out from her, wearing a large headdress that was all light and gold. I/she turned into light that projected out and then ascended to the Cosmos. Then I 2015-03-15 05.22.48sent out Golden Green Healing Light from my heart through the center of the city, beaming it out like a beacon across the globe, illuminating the Earth in healing Golden Green Light. During the meditation I also was holding my orange Jade I had also picked up the night before in the market. And when I came out of it, Christopher and Amaru said to sit still, as they were gently removing something from my hair. Apparently a tiny orange insect, that looked somewhat similar to a ladybug, but all orange, had been sitting on the crown of my hair/head. Amaru again said that when they land on you it means you are very blessed and honored. I was, as I know all of us were, feeling very blessed indeed. After our meditation we visited areas 2015-03-15 09.01.30of the city, including the Pachamama stone altar and Sun Dial that Shirley Maclaine touches on in her book “Out on a Limb” – one of my first spiritual introductions along my path when I was 15/16 or so.  Together, we moved the crowd of people at Pachamama altar so that we 2015-03-15 09.27.44could get unobstructed views/photos, as you can see. It then started to rain, as we were leaving. After our descent from the mountain we had lunch outdoors (but under cover) in 2015-03-15 11.21.04town serenaded by beautiful, live Peruvian music, as it rained. Then we shopped the market2015-03-15 14.36.19aguas calientes2015-03-15 14.49.18 – the skies clearing of rain once again to support a beautiful rest of the day. After, we changed into our swimsuits and went to the hot springs for a couple hours before dinner, 2015-03-15 17.31.53which was relaxing. Along the walk to the hot springs I captured many orbs in the night sky 2015-03-15 16.25.152015-03-15 17.36.462015-03-15 17.37.522015-03-15 17.40.45along the river. Then we enjoyed a very lovely dinner at a really nice restaurant to celebrate Christopher’s birthday. Our little family was deepening in connection, as our hearts expanded more and more each day. Oh how I love these souls.

What you’ve read so far concludes Part 1 and to bring the journey full circle you can visit Part 2 here:

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2015-03-15 18.41.12


Now We Are Free – Sister Spirits Soar in Bimini & Beyond

double arc rainbow bimini

Double arc rainbow greeting our first evening

Another sacred journey comes full circle on the spiral adventure of life and it never ceases to amaze me how every experience exponentially expands and deepens things to a whole new level. Having been on so many journeys both on my own and with groups (always focused on personal and collective work simultaneously) I remain in awe of the magick that divinely aligns and unfolds. There are never the words to explain and capture the feelings and experiences that take place, but the truth of it all remains a part of the heart and soul to take away with you every day.

20140725_104215_resizedAnd one thing that I’d been intuitively receiving was nudged more clearly during this week, which is that I would be getting back to more of my vortex and sacred journeys for Earth grid work like I was doing prolifically before. Hence, why I’ve been putting together the upcoming Peru journey, after receiving the guidance on that. I’ve continued my travels and on every trip I focus on energy work, but specific grid work is speaking loudly again, whether it’s personal trips or group collaborated. It was no surprise Jenny had also received the same nudge and we were already discussing future trips with the same common mission focuses.

As with anything I do, but especially so with meaningful trips like this past week’s, I devote a couple of days to write about the adventures and gather together the photos. Some people keep personal journals and I publicly journal my personal experiences and thoughts. It wasn’t always that way, but I’ve discovered how valuable it is to share things with others and many people have expressed how much they look forward to these stories so that they can feel a part of things and also share that it helps them feel not so alone because they see their experiences mirrored through the vulnerable sharing I put out there.

20140725_104325_resizedSo, as part of the process of personal integration, to tie in the journey for those that attended, to share the moments I captured in photos, as well as to share the energy and possibilities available for all others to be a part of these collective experiences, I am always drawn to express a recount of the stories as I saw them unfolding and what was taken away from the adventure. I never know what will come forth as I sit down to write, but I sense a lot wants through on this one.

Each journey is so unique and whatever shows up is exactly what was needed. I LOVE embracing the flow because it provides the highest possible outcomes.

Having experienced the immense transformational shifts from these sacred journeys, and observing the same in others, there is simply no denying, in my opinion, what is possible when we are nurtured in all the loving and supportive ways.

IMG_6326This last week in Bimini was another unique shared experience that was able to unfold in beautiful and powerful ways, because we all entered without attached expectations. When you let you go of the need to control or force things, and you release attachment to outcomes and expectations, you align with life. You then find that the things you desire from the core essence of you, are what life conspires to bring to you in more beautiful ways than ever imagined.

LET things COME to YOU and indeed they will.

IMG_6329I never enter any retreat or sacred journey (or any venture for that matter) with any expectations and this has allowed truly the most divine experiences to take place. I let go and let love take over and then I sit back and watch the amazing things that happen as a result. I always tell everyone, I have no idea who will end up showing up for things until the actual day “of”, as there is always this dance of energies that rolls in and out, while I allow life to conspire in alignment with the energies most needed for the highest good of all concerned.

And that IS exactly what happens.


The ARC and The ARC’s boat

The people that end up showing up, are always the perfect blend of energy that is supportive to the highest good of everyone who’s timing is aligned to join AND what is perfect for the collective since everything we personally work through affects and trickles outward to the collective.

2014-07-25 16.12.07_resized

Our daily favorite beach at sunrise

So, this journey evolved into an intimate soul sister group of Divine Feminine energy that was lovingly conducive to every single person’s needs and the individual journeys everyone was on, while creating a collective group energy that was in total synergy with each other. And my intuitive hunches on this quickly were demonstrated, as we came to see the importance of that group dynamic from the get-go.

I cherished my “girly connecting time” and truly loved each of the girls who joined, bringing something perfect not only to the group, but also perfect to a piece of me that was reflected in each of them. I had so much fun pajama slumber partying it up, having long talks over tea, dessert, and nap time curled up like little girls…not growing up with a sister it’s just so valuable to me to spend quality time with women just being ourselves. I had the opportunity to deepen my “already” friendships to new heights and to make special new ones. Did I mention I love these women?

And I always see the empowering symbolism and messages in every little experience. As usual, this trip was full of them around every corner.

last rainbow

Rainbow gift on our last morning before departing

Our week was filled with blessings including, as Jenny shared, weather that “played us around” with wild thunder storms and lightening and an “alpha and omega” double arc and single rainbows (the beginning and the end or eternal), gentle feminine “girl time”, an elder bottlenose dolphin messenger, five sea turtles, a baby shark, starfish, a cosmic sting ray that glided to greet us the first day out front of The ARC, night land crab fun that had a couple of us squealing from it charging forth at us (lol!), tons of fun lizards daily, visions at the Atlantis Stones/Bimini Road, a light being visitor in our first session of the week, crystal activations, exploring our “true voice” through sound healing, inviting greater vulnerability and trust, releasing old patterns and emotions to shine more naturally and make way for new beginnings, nourishing our souls from the inside out with vibrant food, yoga, and allowance of rest and relaxation, strolling down memory lane with story-telling time that inspired and healed, and acceleration, rejuvenation, and renewal.


Raw vegan tacos

YES, it was a full week of full days and moments that felt both to have a deliberate slowness that allowed every moment to be absorbed fully, and yet in a flash it was also simultaneously like a blip in time.

And the magick and integration continues to unfold upon return.

But more on that as the story unfolds.


Jenny and me 2009 when we first reconnected – also when I first got my aquamarine and citrine necklace with mermaid necklace she made (she had shared she knew she created it for someone special)

Many of you may remember how Jenny and I “re”connected in Bimini back in 2009 in this life. I attended my own personal sacred journey in Bimini to do some healing and activation on a retreat she was hosting…and the rest was history since then. We’ve co-hosted three retreats since, from the onset of her opening The ARC. I had the extreme honor of being able to officially help baptize her new center on a journey over 12/21/12, which to date was the largest gathering there making it quite special in the way we were all able to anchor collective energies and help kick-start the amazing journey of healing and transformation that The ARC was founded upon and successfully is supporting week after week, guest after guest.


Me currently wearing the same necklace, 5 years later, on our last evening in Bimini – definite transformation since then

What I do is a soul mission and calling and I’ve known from the get-go that part of that included being a part of the energy at The ARC. Jenny and I share an amazing cosmic connection that keeps us bonded and energetically aligned. I respect her greatly and have cherished being able to do this work with her. We share a mutual honor and soul mission recognition. It’s always amazing to see how we parallel our lives and teachings, even without speaking much. There’s just this knowingness between us that speaks volumes of the telepathic connection, and I have come to see the times we are physically together to be these check-in points that are energetic activations, in and of themselves, simply by merging at specific aligned times. I believe this happens, not just with grid areas on the globe, but also with certain souls when they come together.


Chris smiling big even when she continually was soaked with waves from the rougher waters

That has become clear to me, especially from this trip. So I’m grateful for Jenny showing up and being the courageous soul that she is and for my own courage to embrace showing up along with her.

And I was happy that the other women got to experience Jenny’s amazing strength, confidence, and magick, as we sat many evenings listening to her awe-inspiring stories of manifestation. It was just the bit of hope and belief each of the women needed for what they are heading into creating in their own lives so bravely.


On the boat for our first day on the ocean with our Rasta captain, Alamo

Yet, the thing that moves me most and continues to fuel what I do, is the courage I see from every guest – turned lifelong friend – that shows up for themselves. This brave embrace trickles out to the collective when they make the decision to follow their heart, move through the transformational shifts, and join on one of these adventures. It’s really moving to see those transformations literally take place from one day to the next, as people arrive one way, but leave completely different, more open, and definitely more shining and free.


In total joy at my favorite place front of the boat

This week was a true joy for me as well, as I had the opportunity to share some new things, in a closer-to-home and organic way, that would also ask of my own vulnerability and truth to step up several notches. I always see everyone as my own teachers and that committing to the role I have is about vulnerably speaking my truth out loud, being willing to learn in the moment, talk the shifting processes out loud while sharing, embrace my weaknesses, and make all the human “mistakes” with an audience. It’s been one of the greatest growth processes for me and I have to thank this wonderful group of women for embracing me, and being who they are that made my own processes so gentle and so much easier.


Me being the silly, playful girl getting rolled around by the surf on the shore laughing the whole time!

To me, it’s simply about showing up to life with what I/we have to offer. And when we gather like this, while I or someone else may initiate that, hold the space for, help guide, and anchor things, I feel it’s more about friends gathering and creating the supportive space so that everyone is filling their role equally as the stunning souls that they are. Everyone is listened to whether they outwardly or inwardly are speaking, everyone is honored and respected, and everyone has something of value to share and to teach.


Melissa having tons of fun, fun, fun! as the light that she is

One of the themes of the week, was vulnerability, but also sweet synergy of supportive alignment we all were energetically for each other and the individual needs brought to the space. We all honored, without skipping a beat, what ever came up and what ever anyone wanted to do or not do. We shared those magickal moments of silence together many times, without any discomfort and need to fill the space, realizing how powerful that silence was and how powerful it was that we each unspokenly honored it. So much happens and is communicated in silence and it is such a breath of fresh air to be with others who get that. There was never a need to explain ourselves and never a need to ask…we were just in “flow” together, as the individuals that we are.


Janet exuding her inner child, girly innocence, tenderness, and purity

There were tears shed, breakthrough moments shared, laughter and play, silent peace, and new awareness.

I flowed with what felt to be showing up energetically each day and session, and also infused what I believed to be of great support for each of us to go to the next level into who we really are, activating latent parts of us and inner knowledge, and to bring greater wholeness to the journey of ascension. We got to explore our own “voice” through sound healing and explored our cosmic essence and multi-dimensional beingness. We ventured into newer realms and were introduced to new ways to really shift ourselves into our natural and most powerful frequency.


Chris emanating the light and strength of her truth

I’ve come to learn how just being open to exploring new perspectives, or simply to be present to hearing and discussing new things, instantly and naturally awakens those parts of the wisdom of our DNA in subtle, yet powerful ways.


Our first sunrise with a red heart-shaped orb illuminating the cairns on the dock

Not always do things have to be these huge big bangs to activate us into shifting. Most things are subtle and the more we practice them, the more they deepen and become natural to us, once again. I believe we all experienced how this takes place through our week together, whether fully realized at the time or not. And it was no wonder that everyone who was present, were all ready to move to a whole new level in life. We all came together in that transitional phase or needed that extra boost to make the changes, find greater clarity, realize the dreams residing within the heart that are now ready to blossom.


A fresh new day – sunrise from The ARC

And ready is what came out of the messages to all…yes we are all ready and will be supported on the next leg of the journey. Whatever your heart desires you can create. Just ask what it is you really want and when you listen to your body’s messages – ask it how it feels and tune in to the subtle energetic frequencies that are always alerting you – you will find your answers, which will always reflect your truth.

Whatever the body/feelings share, is the reflection of what your journey will be if you travel down the road you are asking about. It does not matter what the outcome is – release attachment to that and it unfolds for the greatest and highest good. But if your body reflects peace when you ask it something, you will experience peace the whole journey through. If it reflects joy, you will experience joy. If you feel it reflecting confusion and tenseness, you will experience a challenged path. If you feel fear or anger, then the path will mirror this.


Melissa and Heather – Heather is an awesome yoga teacher and an amazing and inspiring young woman who is so courageous and conscious. It was truly a joy to have her beautiful spirit with us, brightening each day.

We can all tend to get too “heady’ and our focus this retreat was on “feeling” and being “natural”. I felt it so important to discuss ways to embody personal truth, greater balance and empowerment, and harmony from the inside out. And we also had opportunity to venture down discussions of cosmic/extraterrestrial origin (one of my favs) and into embracing and becoming more of our Galactic Human Beingness.

And a “Galactic” visitor graced us in our first session in the yoga room. One of the guests shared how she’d been distracted a while, as I was sharing this cosmic information, because she was seeing a being of light in the room in front of her that kept moving and growing taller. She said it was listening in and seemed to be observing us/me and supporting what I was sharing, at one time moving to my side and turning toward me as I spoke. I definitely was in a zone and had shared information I did not go into that day having on my “agenda”, but something guided me to go there and so I was just drawing forth with whatever wanted to consciously channel through, trusting that the information was important and timely to impart as the initiatory phase of the week, that everyone was ready to hear it regardless of whether or not I thought I should or shouldn’t share it or how it may or may not be embraced.

IMG_6440After she told me and the others that, at the end of my sharing, I was not at all surprised and it made the energetics of what I’d been feeling, have a reiterating reflection.

We spent time also delving into “human origins” and our cosmic legacy that is within the inner library recesses of our ancient DNA. And interestingly, the first night that I returned home from the week in Bimini (which was also the first night I was remembering something from dreamtime, as I was very deep in Bimini) the one thing I woke up remembering was the words “Popol Vuh” repeating over and over in my head.


Egyptian papyrus art that synchronously hung across from my bed on the wall of my room

I remembered this from Mayan connections and research I had done many, many years back at onset of my ancient explorations, which opened up a whole new world and led me to where I am today. It was also part of the inspiration behind my painting titled “Cosmic Tree ~ Heart of Sky: Mayan Cosmology of Creation”. The Popol Vuh, or “Council Book” is the creation story/myth and most important sacred book of the Maya. The first part shares of creator, Heart of Sky, attempting to create the first human inhabitants, which finally resulted in creating the “true people” from maize.

I found this fascinating to be speaking through my dreamtime, given what I’d been sharing with the others and also how it linked to my Mayan pendant that I wore every day of the last week, until the last day (more on that below).

I’m still piecing together a lot of what has come through and was activated from the journey, but I also know that it will continue to reveal itself each day with new pieces to the puzzle unraveling.

me beamsThese are some of the things we discussed in order to assist each person with the choices they are facing and the new they are embarking upon, or desiring to experience. Some of it planting seeds several steps ahead  that will blossom when the time is right and provide the space to grow into. I am a big believer in not being complacent and always being steps ahead of myself to allow the energetic percolating to take place along the journey.

And every moment and day was exactly conducive to the needs that would support this process. Because none of us had any expectations, we were able to move freely through the experiences and find what ever showed up or didn’t, to be magickal.

We discovered so many layers of synchronicities that we all shared and it was fun to see some of these that included how we all had tattoos, we all were extreme empaths/sensitives, we were all Reiki attuned to some level or another, we all had a lot of parallel challenges in life, we were all around similar time periods in life, and we were all ready for a very large and life-transformational shift.

IMG_6375Another theme that showed up, as mentioned, was that of rainbows and I found this extremely magickal. It’s the first time I’ve seen rainbows down there in Bimini and Jenny said it was the first time a rainbow arc, let alone a DOUBLE rainbow arc, showed up in front of The ARC. And how symbolic and amazing to have it show up on our very first evening together?!

We were seated enjoying one of the “yummy” meals Jenny so lovingly prepared for us and as we looked out the opened doors at the end of our dining table, there appeared our greeting – a double arc rainbow was emerging directly in front of us across the water! Needless to say that sent chills through me knowing we were receiving such a confirmational gift and blessing from the Earth and beyond.

And at the very tail end of our week, as we gathered for some impromptu Kundalini Yoga on our favorite beach that we’d shared sunrise and sunset swims on every day, there appeared a small rainbow emerging between the clouds!


Rainbow that appeared in sky at home this weekend on Crystal Cove Beach

Interestingly, I spent this weekend at my favorite beach here – Crystal Cove – gently flowing back into things and saw a rainbow emerge from out of nowhere in the clouds just infront and above our spot on the beach from where I sat under the umbrella. That is the most rainbows in the shortest period of time I’ve ever seen, and so beautifully aligned in timing. AND, to top it off, I just spoke to Melissa today who stayed in Florida for a few days after visiting with loved ones, and she said that when she was flying in the plane to come home, she saw a full circle, luminous rainbow halo in the sky from her window! Uh huh 😉

And to add to the magick, the rainbows showing up is also aligned with a new project, as I had also been recently commissioned to paint a sacred painting of Rainbow Lorikeets by a fellow soul visionary, as an extension to my series, Universal ARKitecture – yes another ARK/ARC. 😉

Of course I recognized some of the symbolism and received messages from this, but also delved into seeing what other information on rainbows there was out there to discover. They hold some powerful symbolism including ascension, expansion, initiation, transformation, enlightenment, creation, promise, hope, good luck, divinity, potential, choice, opportunities, and harmony – all so perfectly mirroring for our group!

Rainbows are a unification of light in perfect harmonic vibrational frequency and embody a full color spectrum. They herald a period of fresh outlooks and perspectives, seeing multi-dimensionally so that you recognize the spectrum of options possible – not just one, transitions from one way of life to another, reviewing if we are honoring the promises and commitments we came into life with, what our relationship and connection to that higher source and self is, and being initiated into a new dimensional awareness and way of living – all things, by the way, that were discussed during our week. 🙂

Arches, which the rainbows create, are symbolic of gateways, portals, and doorways opening to something new and heightened awareness. So that double rainbow on onset was a doozy of a message that set the tone for what was ahead that week that we’d gathered together for. It may not fully have hit everyone consciously, as to what took place, but I kept sharing with them that A LOT was indeed and simply our talking about what we did and being in openness to the experience, was working its thing on deep levels.

Rainbows of course are also symbolic of “bridges” – we’ve all heard of the Rainbow Bridge where souls transition. It connects Earth and Sky and transports us to an integrated experience of unity and enlightenment between the two, as well as unites our eternal beingness.

Many ancient cultures and teachings also share the “rainbow body” as the achievement of the highest meditative state or ultimate oneness and ascension reached as a body of light. The rainbow has also been seen as a double-headed dragon that communicates thoughts and prayers to the heavens from Earth and as a rainbow serpent that when ridden provides illuminated guidance from the Spirit world – I happen to have as one of my spirit guides, Rainbow Serpent Teacher, who of course is Mayan connected 😉

IMG_6430So indeed I was, and remain, very grateful for these reflective blessings and gifts that graced us. It is a humbling and deeply honoring experience, like so many magickal symbolisms are that we receive on a daily basis, but perhaps go unnoticed and respected as such.

But a week like this couldn’t be complete without one of my electronic blow outs though, right? 😉 Yes, that did happen. One evening we were sitting and I went to shoot a photo and “pow” we all heard quite the electrical burst from my camera that scared us and a lot of charged crackling that I could also feel, which continued a bit as I held it. The flash blew out spontaneously and the camera increasingly was dying thereafter, until not more than a couple of days later it was fully put to rest by a wave on the boat. That same wave took out another’s cell phone as well and of course when I left, I left behind my cell phone charger in my room and was without a cell phone until today.

The fun and also symbolic thing I didn’t discover until I got home, was the number of photos on my camera’s little memory card, which to my delight were preserved. I was happy to discover that my photos were in tact, despite all else being so NOT with it. And when I placed the card in my computer to retrieve the photos I’d taken up until then, I discovered there were exactly 111. No more or less. Hmmmm….yes quite symbolic I feel. 😉

tania bimini2

Me at the beach wearing my special pendant necklace, which I wore every day never taking off, until the last day when I released it

Another thing I left behind was some very important and symbolic pendants on a necklace that I had. I was intuitively guided the morning I packed to embark on this trip to take this necklace I had with three special pendants hanging on it. Each one spanned ancient culture timelines from my “past” and collective soul that have been very meaningful in my life and part of the integration to wholeness I’ve worked on personally and through actual sacred travels I took. There was a pendant I got in Egypt, one in Cancun Mexico at a Mayan ruin, and one from Ireland. Each pendant was silver (the Egyptian one had some gold) and they each were engraved with my name in sacred language. The Egyptian one in hieroglyphs, the Cancun one in Mayan Sacred Glyphs, and the Ireland was Celtic in old Ogham Tree Alphabet.

(Synchronously, the room I stayed in was the only room that had an Egyptian piece of art on papyrus that faced the bed where I slept each night)

Some of my personal work on this journey was to leave this necklace in the energetic Atlantean waters of Bimini, and to leave a piece of the old me behind in her healing and transformative embrace. Since these lives and what they represent collectively, hold very charged times for all, I did an intentional sacred meditation for healing integration globally through this release, as well as for my own closure of these times, so that I/we can move forward completely free and new, infused with the wisdom and empowerment only, of those integrated lives. But all else would be lovingly left behind and the waters would be the alchemy to that closure.


Melissa and me – we always showed up with the same colored bathing suit themes each day

It was an emotional little experience I had and I was grateful for the loving support of my dear friend Melissa, who held my hand through it, as tears rolled down my cheeks. I can feel that part of me left behind and it was indeed and feels indeed, like a mourning that has taken place, but the empty space within me that at first felt sad, I know has made room for the joy and newness to fill it.

I made it light at the end, as we had been talking about the movie Titanic and feeling like these free “Queens of the world” on the front of that boat, by sharing how the old woman at the end had climbed up on the rails of the boat and so gently, child-like, and freely took out that necklace she carried with her for her lifetime since the sinking, and made a little faery-like “uhh” as she tossed it effortlessly over and into the waters back from where it came.

I turned to Melissa and said, that’s how I will do this…light, fun, and with gentle ease (the way I intend and desire my processes to be)…and so I placed it in my palm and gently tossed it with my own faery-like “uhh” – very freeing indeed.

And every day did become more freeing it seemed, as the week moved along.

IMG_6380I watched other’s faces shift moment to moment into deeper relaxation and openness. Everyone’s energetic vibrations went through a complete transformation. And each day I had us pulling Tarot cards from two of our favorite decks Jenny has in her library (a Mermaid and Atlantis deck of course!), to see a reflection of what our daily energy and messages were, how we were evolving over the course of the week, and what we would take away into our journeys back home at the end. They were always SO on point and told such an incredible journey of what was taking place for us all. A few times I would draw the same card for a couple of us, and always everyone’s cards seemed relevant to and revealing things for us all that were helpful. So it was a lot of fun to not only pull them, but we’d read them out loud and share about how that was reflecting for us and how we each could benefit from the messages. By end of the week, we were in a state of renewed opportunity and with so much love and support from all around for the choices we were each going to be making and fulfilling.

IMG_6348I also enjoyed our Yogi tea messages and my very first one was SO perfect for me and this week’s focuses. So much so I took a photo of it and it’s message, “Sing from your heart”. And sing from my heart I did, and shared with the others, and we all journeyed down the discovery of our voice and personal frequency through sound. On the last night of the journey I also pulled a card about harmony and musical harmony/sound, which was just so reflective, not to mention another full circle spiral from onset to closure.

quartz2We also had some Crystal friends that joined us for the week, as I brought along large Brazilian Quartz Crystals for everyone as gifts, which I charged and activated, to have with them throughout our adventures. I encouraged them to come into each day’s session with their Crystal friend, so that they would absorb the energies to take back home, and be there to support the process. I also shared how powerful it would be to bring them into the waters with us, and so everyone did, to really charge their friends with that beautiful crystalline energy of the ocean there. We all slept with or near our Crystals and when we napped/rested, several of us laid with them on us and woah!!! Activations were taking place in wild ways!

I had my Lapis Lazuli with me as my friend from the week and one of the stormy days Melissa and I rested together after talking on her bed, and some crazy things were going on. I never actually fell asleep, which I’ll get back to in a bit, but Melissa did while I went into a very relaxed half trance, but fully conscious and awake place. Thunder and lightning rolled outside as she slept with her crystal on her Solar Plexus and I with mine on my Third Eye. The day before she had slept with it on her Heart Chakra and she emerged from nap time saying some wild activations that she’d never experienced before were happening.

But this continued on this second day with my experiencing it along with her. Suddenly, I felt like someone had zapped me in the Third Eye with an energetic blow and it jolted my head back into the pillow and to the side as if someone gave me an electrical shock or was using a defibrillator on my Third Eye. And not long after, I felt the bed shake, as Melissa’s whole body jolted and twitched much the same.

I put the Lapis back center on my Third Eye – it hadn’t knocked off, but I wanted to ensure it was securely anchored. And not too long after the same energetic blow and jolt zapped my Third Eye back and to the side.

I figured after that I’d move it to my Throat Chakra, just in case it knocked off on to the floor, as the jolts were getting pretty powerful. And not long after the same thing happened, but to my Throat. I left it there and continued to relax, feeling like something quite powerful had just happened. And when Melissa woke up, she explained having felt it again while she slept and was happy I had been there to actually witness and feel it, as she was wondering if she’d imagined it.

20140724_202007_resizedEvery aspect of what unfolded during the weekend was so conducive to what was going on and intricately connected. Those thunder rolls and lightning bolts were the same energetic surges zapping through our Crystals and I found it so fascinating that the first days unfolded as such, providing a lot of nurturing rest time for everyone. Most of the others didn’t realize how much they needed and wanted to rest and shared that they normally don’t nap or are tired, and yet it was as if a self-induced, aligned with Source, trance was being implemented in order for everyone to receive what they truly needed, which included downloads galore! Weeeeeeeeeee!

And to also put everyone in a place of complete surrender to the inner processes of healing, cleansing, releasing, and integration that their bodies and souls were needing. Not to mention, putting everyone in a more open place to receive the energetic activation support.

20140724_065335_resizedAs mentioned, I never actually fell asleep any of the days I laid down to rest, but this also seemed to be the theme for the week in general when I went to sleep at night. I barely slept and wasn’t able to. It wasn’t in a negative way, but I felt so literally charged up/activated that it was a challenge to get to sleep. I’d lay there resting in the dark with my eyes closed, but sometimes it would take three or more hours to fall asleep with all the energy running through me, and then I’d only get like three hours of intermittent, actual sleep with waking up in between. This carried on through the week and continued upon my first night back home as well.

Finally, just two nights ago I seemed to have hit my “I’m ready to sleep point”, which also indicates to me that all of the new energy activations have been integrated into my body, and I was able to do so for a nice long night.

Peach melba cheezecake

Raw vegan peach melba cheezecake

raw pizza fresh from dehydrator

Raw vegan pizza fresh out of the dehydrator

There was definitely A LOT of energetic stuff happening and it was all being supported by every beautiful detail of the week from the delicious, love-infused, high-vibed raw vegan delights, to the raw feelings and shares, cleansing swims, soul-massaging laughter with some really funny stuff that flew out of some of our mouths, and conscious conversations. Every where we turned was some mesmerizing or soul-captivating experience that none of us took for granted. We remarked on all the little and large magick and embraced each moment fully. I believe this is what actually felt extending to “time” and the fullness and richness to each day, because we were fully “being” in each moment with awareness.

And even for those that went through emotional cleansing that brought up sadness and confusion at times, what a beautiful and powerful reflection of their willingness to feel, acknowledge, and release those feelings. The natural process of flow and integrative healing was being supported simply by courageously showing up.

20140724_201429_resizedWith beautiful tropical storms playing with us, it still allowed us some amazing beach sunrise and sunset walks and swims, gorgeous meditative sunrise and star gazing (the first night seeing what was either a shooting star or UFO), while keeping the weather beautifully cooler – mirroring a cooling down/cleansing of things for everyone on onset to clear the way – as well as creating some amazing colors and clouded skies. It also provided us stillness and slowing down, as well as time to venture over to the Dolphin House and visit with the amazing visionary and Pisces soul brother, Ashley Saunders, as well as created two amazingly fun days out on and in the ocean for snorkeling, super gorgeous and ultra fun boat time – all while receiving activations from the powerful energies in the waters of this Atlantis vortex.

The ARC itself is in the ley lines of this energy vortex on the global grid, so no matter where you go, even if you remain in your own bed or sit out on the lounges facing the bay at the dock behind The ARC, you are receiving some powerful stuff!

20140724_075734_resizedWe saw a lot of sea life including a baby shark and one really quirky, long gray fish that was following us on one of our snorkels. It seemed to be a little messenger to one of our guests, as apparently it appeared and followed her after a vision message she had at the Atlantis Stones and then came all around each of the group of us, wanting to hang out and did. On the last day’s morning swim a school of gorgeous fish swarmed out of nowhere around and in between Melissa and I and then disappeared – the first time fish had come around on the beach itself, which was as if they were saying goodbye and creating an energetic bubble of energy around us to take home.


One of many gorgeous varieties of lizards we saw daily – our favorite were the ones that curled their tails up behind them

The sea turtles were awesome and, as mentioned, the most I’d seen on one trip – five. I pondered on their showing up so much perhaps being connected to my sweet Gaia, who is still M.I.A. and now I’m not too sure whether she will be returning this time. She was once a giant sea turtle in Atlantis and she has messaged me through showing up on previous Bimini trips as a sea turtle to let me know she was there with me to support my journey. Seeing five sea turtles seems also connected to her because her birthday is 5/5. Could this have been a message of her transition back to the cosmos?

Sea turtles symbolize protection, wisdom, strength, Mother Earth, femininity, knowledge, longevity, independence, and freedom. Creation myths of Native American tribes share about Great Spirit creating their homeland by place Earth on the back of a sea turtle – another interesting and synchronous link to the “creation” discussion we had in sessions.

Other Ancient myths believe turtles brought about the creation of the Universe from its parts, which are said to depict a map of the stars and sacred writings: the shell symbolic of the heavens and used in divination readings, the body symbolic of the Earth, and its undershell symbolic of the underworld. This cosmic order they represent, coupled with the magical ability to support us in uniting heaven and earth within our lives, supports our experience of life as “heaven on earth.”

IMG_6457And the waters in this part of the Earth globe we were in after the storms, on our days out on the boat, were quite something. One day brought rougher waters, which for me was a natural high and Pisces dream ride at the front of the boat getting sprayed and being lifted weightlessly. The rougher water supported one of our guests to work through and embrace her fears and feeling out of control, which she did so beautifully and came through more empowered. I was so proud of her.  And our last day was like glass at times and felt like flying across the every-shade-of-aquas-greens-blues-waters.

Jenny now has her own boat at The ARC (another magickal story on its manifestation), which is wonderful for the intimate groups that come and it speeds along with great power and zip that again, a little Pisces as myself so appreciated. Everyone had the most magickal, fun time on the boat. And much of the time we just soaked it all in, in silence together, receiving the energy that just being on it provided. A lot of internal processing, integrating and activation was taking place on our boat time. It was just beautiful!

And the underwater sea fans, especially the purple ones that swayed so gracefully and ethereally, were “mesmerizing”, as Melissa put it. They also seemed to mirror the expansion and flexibility of our consciousness and awareness.


Janet floating in surrendered bliss, as Melissa readies herself for a invigorating plunge

It was great fun to just float and see all the underwater magick move under and around us. And at times, just soak in the energy and do nothing except “be”.

Storms draw the dolphins deeper in their underwater homes and so we were so lucky to have a bottle nose dolphin emissary show up for us. We had shut down the boat to snack on luscious fruit when he appeared and kept swimming around and near us for a bit, making his presence known. The bottle nose are the elders and not as interactive with humans like the spotted dolphin are. It was beautiful watching him surface and dive down and glide by the boat a bit. We discussed the symbolism later of his appearance/presence, which was twofold.

IMG_6439First off, I felt how appropriate that the dolphins go deeper during these stormy times, as we were all ALSO going deeper within ourselves and into our feelings, which the ocean symbolizes. Embracing more of our shadow, and acknowledging our patterns and things we want to release. I shared how beautiful and powerful it was to have this elder dolphin show up, as we also discussed during the week about the release of expectations to outcomes and simply to follow the feelings in our body, which would lead us to our greatest joy, love, and/or peace. Since the elder dolphin showed up at the end, to me that felt representative of us coming into our spiritual maturity more through the week and a reflection of how we create our own magick regardless of what shows up externally. All of that is icing on the cake, but when you reach that place of inner comfort and self love, you no longer “need” things or outside validation. You simply continue and consistently find every moment to be filled with the grace and beauty of divinely reflected perfection and realize that the energetic activations are taking place when you align with yourself as Source.

The second part of the symbolism of this dolphin showing up was connected to a friend of Jenny’s who was simultaneously in Peru Iinterestingly) at the time and had lost her husband there while they were in search of a cure for his cancer. It was a very challenged time with her in another country and yet she was so powerfully and beautifully embracing the experience with grace and peace, having been told by her husband before his transition that he would always be with her. This fueled a trust and peace within her during a very taxing time. She was challenged in getting back, having had some financial issues come up along the way, but Jenny had just sent off some money to assist her from our week’s offering to The ARC for the retreat, which came about due to the time storms kept us land based. AND, the same exact time/day she was traveling on her way to transport her husband and journey home, one single dolphin showed up alongside the boat she was traveling upon and she felt it was a sign from her husband that she was being watched over and supported. Jenny came to share this story with us as we sat gazing at the stars our last night, and we were all so touched and grateful we could assist with helping with her travels financially, as well as felt that the one single dolphin showing up for us was her husband’s way of showing us gratitude and sending us a message.

Yes, a lot of chills and love ran through us. We are all SO connected! And it also mirrored our session discussions on true service, which involves a consistent way of being no matter what you are doing or the job that you have, without expectation of anything whatsoever in return. If you want to be of service, you live daily in that vibrational frequency with whomever you meet. I’m grateful that by living in our truths, we were able to be of service to this woman.


Jenny’s amazing dog companion, Ralph McDuff in his pink life vest that makes his fur pink, who is officially obsessed with dolphins. It’s all anyone can do to hold him back when they show up or you mention the word “dolphins” around him. I love my nephew on the other side of ocean!

And dolphins just have this magickal way of touching our lives whether we directly “physically” interact with them or not.  The cetaceans are cosmic beings that are caretakers of the Earth and bridges between us and the Cosmos. They work on a species-by-species basis (with specific individuals or specific species on land, as well as in the oceans) to help maintain their life essences and biofield energies.

I remember many days of sitting on rocks overlooking the ocean and seeing and hearing the underwater magick taking place all around me, with my inner eye and heart. There is much that is unseen by our physical eyes that are locked into 3D viewing, but be assured there is SO very much going on all around you at all times whether you see it or not.

I have dolphins show up in dreams, they work alongside me in Reiki sessions with their sonar, I tune in with them in meditation, and I have experienced swimming with them on several trips, as well as having them show up at the beach and waters here at home. I can share that even the times I am in my room, just sitting by the ocean or am above it on a boat, I can feel their powerful energy tuning in and energetically supporting me. When you ask and invite the presence and support of others in, you will receive it, but you must ask, as this is a free will zone.


The very handsome and soulful Ralph McDuff post life vest, sporting a vibrant pink heart chakra!

And no matter the way they show up, just like with anything, the experience is the same magickal experience across the board. It’s simply our ego minds that perceive and reason something different.

That brings me back to Ashley and the Dolphin House, as it is because of his connection and experience with dolphins that his life’s mission is what it is today. He shared with us that he will never be able to equal what they have gifted him, but with all of his heart he passionately creates the vision he received to do in homage to them and the magick of life his heart was touched with through them.

IMG_6418I’d visited the Dolphin House each time I’ve been to Bimini, but this was actually the first time we had unlimited time with him and I heard the in depth story and detail of his life and how the Dolphin House came to be. Listening to him and being in his presence is truly magickal and he reminded me of the Pisces essence of myself, as I got lost in his eyes and stories that reflected the passions, love, dreams, service, and magick of his explorative and visionary heart that is ahead of his time and in a world of his own. His love and honor for Bimini, Atlantis, and the Dolphins exudes from every fiber of his being.

I couldn’t help but give him a huge hug when we parted. A separate blog would need to be written on him and his creation of this amazing House built solely from a vision, without blueprints and with his own two, unassisted hands from all of the treasures he found in the ocean and that had washed up on the beach over the 21 years he has literally been building his dream. The entire house is laced with mosaics of sea shells, conch shells, sea glass, and sea treasures – a one of a kind that is so solidly built it is the only building on the island that has withstood 6 hurricanes without a single touch of damage.

20140724_194004_resizedInspiring to say the least, which each of the women of our group were equally in their own unique way. I came away from the week with a full heart and reverence for the journey of the soul every one is traveling.

And speaking of sea treasures, each trip to Bimini I have brought home with me a special conch, but this trip the sea treasures that wanted to come home were four beautiful pieces of sea glass – one clear that has been formed into a fan and has some sand trapped in the folds, two emerald green, and one beautiful aqua piece. They now reside on my altar placed around my extraordinary Atlantean Crystal scepter-like healing wand. The colors all represent energies of the heart, higher heart, and the highest, innate vibratory frequency/expression of elevated consciousness – something we discussed in sessions during the week as well.

IMG_6334How wonderfully aligned it was to have the first day of the retreat to be on the full direct flow of Mercury from its Retrograde, as well as to have our last day in the building energy and light of the New Moon in Leo that would illuminate our new beginnings on our integration back the next day. This all really framed the experience in a supportive bubble. Again, divine perfection all around.

IMG_6455One thing I was drawn to do on this trip was to take a bunch of photos of each individual who joined, to capture their transformation and reveal to them the beauty of their true essence. It was a lot of fun having these essence photo shoots 🙂 which no one had ever done before. IMG_6393I felt it would be empowering and energetically accompany the work we were focused on in coming more into our authenticity and natural frequency. You see some of those photos interlaced into the photo story here – great reminders of that new beginning we are all embarking upon and the creative self expression into a more dynamic self.

20140724_074304_resizedI observed and experienced how faces relaxed, lit up, body postures changes, eye brightened, conversations loosened, sharing deepened, and more freedom was embraced. What a gift – the best gift I could ask for truly.

I love this sharing that really does capture the essence of the week. It comes from one of the beautiful guests who shared,

IMG_6343“Bimini was the answer to my prayers. A blessing that sums up how I have been feeling and how this trip has changed that: A New Beginning by Jonathan O’Donohue”:

In out of the way places of the heart, Where your thoughts never think to wander, The beginning has been quietly forming, waiting until you were ready to emerge. For a long time it has watched your desire, feeling the emptiness growing inside you, Noticing how you willed yourself on, Still unable to leave what you had outgrown. It watched you play with the seduction of safety and the gray promises that sameness whispered, Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent, Wondered would you always live like this. Then the delight, when your courage kindled, and out you stepped onto new ground, Your eyes young again with energy and dream, a path of plenitude opening before you. Though your destination is not yet clear, you can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is at one with your life’s desire. Awaken Your Spirit To adventure; Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; Soon you will be home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world that awaits you.

In our last session of the week, I played this song below (the visuals in the video are so reflective of the essence of our discussions and experience), which also captured the energetic focus of the week, some of the sound teachings, the new beginning expressed above, and the new found freedom we all came to embrace and embody a little bit more. I share it here so you can soar along in the freeing shifts that I know, you too, are experiencing. I was listening to this song over and over, as I wrote and put this share together as well. Felt perfect to support the energy I wanted to try to pull into words.


Soaring across the Bimini waters to the eternal beyond, on another adventure of the soul…the journey is always just beginning

And, to my soul sisters I thank you from my heart to yours for who you are and for choosing to open your hearts to me and this experience. Together we soar, taking with us the experiences shared in Bimini to the Beyond, infusing our lives with the enrichment embraced and accelerating us into new levels of being.

There are no limitations to what you can do and create, nor to where you can go. So aim high and put your entire heart and soul into whatever it is you choose. Remember, it’s simply a choice we have to make. The rest will come together once you take the first step.

Yes, Now We Are Free – we always have been, but now we know more of that truth available within us.

I hope this story inspires and infuses the same to anyone else who has been drawn to it. May you walk in the power of your free will, and bask in the light of love and magick always.

IMG_635520140724_064600_resized20140724_193357_resized20140724_074123_resized20140724_194744_resized20140723_195334_resizedBannofee Pie (bananas, caramel, coconut cream with chocolate sauce)...all raw20140725_091811_resizedIMG_6333rawvioli lunchIMG_6350IMG_6373IMG_6434IMG_6415peach pierawvioli on our first lunch togetherIMG_6401IMG_642320140724_074231_resizedIMG_6424pinkIMG_6431tania melissa20140724_193834_resizedIMG_6338tania dock20140724_075041_resizedIMG_6397IMG_6442

Personal Bliss in Bimini – Last 4 Days to Register & Join

BiminiWell, we’re finally in the home stretch with just 4 days remaining on final decisions. Does your heart feel called?

If so, July 11th – this Friday–  is the Last Day to Register for the upcoming Bimini Retreat we’ll be sharing from July 20th – 25th.

That also means we’re less than 2 weeks away from the actual experience. YAY!! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am for so many reasons.

Are you feeling the need to slow down, unplug from everything external, support the shifts you’re going through, and really experience timeless and sacred “beingness”? What if you could do all of this in a powerful energy spot on the globe where you will be lovingly supported into a higher truth of you?

This is one of those experiences that will truly activate soul vibrancy and open the potentials for all of this and more.

So, if you are still on the fence about joining the “Accelerate Your Vibration” Retreat, now’s the time to search your heart and find the choice that reflects its needs.

July’s retreat has some powerful focuses. So, if you’ve been pushing this off and wanting to come, this may be the one!

Plus, remember that each of you that joins will also be receiving a beautiful Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has chosen to be of service. And of course, my personal support and attention.

A magickal time awaits.

You can explore the retreat details here to ask your heart if this is the retreat for you: 

July 2014 Bimini Retreat

And…Silver Airways has special deals right now for flights to Bimini – another great reason to join.

You can check out the flight fares here: 

Silver Airways Deals

If you really feel called to come and need any assistance, do reach out. I always try to do my best to help support other’s dreams.

view from the arc sitting room

Here’s the view from the sitting room of The ARC located right on the water, where we will share time, especially in the evenings, gathering in fun, love, relaxation, and connection.

For anyone thinking of coming, take a look at some testimonials from past guests at The ARC here:

Atlantis Rejuvenation Center Testimonials

And you can check out testimonials about the work I facilitate, as well as from some of the beautiful souls, who remain my dear friends, about the time we shared in Bimini in the past here:


I’m so looking forward to this time we will be sharing.

Two Weeks Left to Join Us in Bimini July 20th – 25th

biminiWe’re in the home stretch before plunging into the powerful energies and magickal waters of Bimini again. Only 23 days (that’s just over 3 weeks away) until retreat time July 20th – 25th.

If anyone feels like a reinvigorating, opening and activating experience is just what you need right now, then this may be the gift to self you have been asking for.

I know that I can use the added “oomph” fueling my engine. I’m grateful that I receive the same through facilitating such a week, as my own vibration raises when I am stretching and expanding myself along with you.

There’s still time to join and replenish your heart and soul in the magick of it all while we share a daily immersion of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection. This Atlantean energy power spot is a vortex for deep and empowered integration to take place. The energies present have the ability and potential to support the wanted changes in your life (in both subtle and not so subtle ways), if you embrace what moves through you.

We’ve been in process of finalizing things so that we have an idea of rooms and food supplies for the amazing goodies we’ll be enjoying from ARC owner, chef and now yoga instructor, miss Jenny – my amazing friend.

The official cut-off date to register is July 11th. At that point we will need all last registrations confirmed. So there’s just another 2 weeks (exactly 14 days) to search inside and make the choice that best mirrors what you discover there.

I am appreciative of the connections I have made during my times spent in Bimini and cherish the connections with a family of souls that have opened their hearts to me, to The ARC, and to themselves. I know many of you have been wanting to join one of these retreats there that I’ve been hosting, but unfortunately I am not going to be offering this retreat again next year, as Spirit is guiding me to work with the energies elsewhere for the Earth grid and I don’t know when I will be back.

I’m excited to have a special return guest on this retreat however, who happens to be the first person that registered for the first retreat hosted in Bimini, and since become a dear friend. Very cool full circle. It’s definitely a place that remains in your heart and calls to you when your soul is ready.

I have immensely enjoyed, am so grateful for, and have received so much from these sacred journeys in Bimini and so this (my fourth journey) will be a powerful and beautiful send off for now that I feel is going to be really propelling. I’ll be honored to share that with whomever joins.

For all the details please visit:

Accelerate Your Vibration – July 2014 Bimini Retreat

You can contact me here or email with any questions and to register.

My Thoughts as Our Summer Retreat Nears

arc breakfast

The ARC welcomes you to Bimini

In just 5 and a half weeks we’ll be in the magick of Bimini again and the inner joy is building, as I envision the space being created for this gathering – not to mention I am filled with peace to return to a place dear in heart.

You are welcome to join us for our opening experience, which will be a daily indulgence of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection.

It’s a great honor and responsibility that I take to heart with gratitude, to be able to share in the journeys of each soul that allows me the opportunity to know them on deeper levels.

Yet, always the perfect group is divinely orchestrated and I’ve been getting a sense of how things are aligning with this one, as I observe the dance of energies that have been maneuvering to create the perfect mix for this time and space of coming together. It’s always like a game of Chess, where people make strategic decisions/moves that then dictate decisions/moves by others – all soul-based of course. It’s quite the dance too and I find it fun to observe, as Divine synergy takes the lead.


Magick underwater with our dolphin friends

And there’s been a lot of maneuvers with this retreat. I’ve seen some last minute, pretty drastic events take place in people’s lives that are really interesting in terms of their ability to join or not. I have found that what goes hand-in-hand with things that bring along transformational shifts on new and increased levels, is truly a choice in readiness to embrace or not.

And timing will take its part in when and how that unfolds for each. This happens every time I teach a Reiki workshop, and have heard the same from my teacher as well. You never know who is actually going to be in the day’s workshop, until the morning of it.


Dolphins and Sea Turtles in the Bimini waters await

So, that being said, I’m not going to make predictions, as energy constantly shifts daily, but I am receiving a loud nudge about how things are evolving with this group and timing, which will play out in the experiences I set up for us. I am seeing a very intimate soul group family that will be delving deeply. And I honor this time and the souls that are choosing to join in with me in this really powerful vortex that supports and enhances activations.

All experiences are special, but there’s something different taking place for this gathering and I’ll enjoy seeing it through to its fullness once it unfolds.

I’ve only touched briefly on the types of things we’ll be engaging in, as truly I would rather people be drawn in by energetic resonance than knowing every little detail. It’s a soul knowing that involves just choosing if its for you or not.

It’s simply impossible, anyway, to provide all details, as I constantly flow with where the energy is and this is what brings about the specific experiences we’ll encounter along the way. Plus, it will also depend on the people who are part of the group.

meditating in Bimini

Meditation and activation in Bimini

That said, there are some unique things in store for whom ever hears the call, as we explore and access deeper levels of ourselves through a variety of channels including:

  • Sound and movement flow from the depths of emotions
  • Activation through expansive exploration to open and challenge your perspectives and have you experiencing more multi-dimensional awareness
  • Connecting more with your personal frequency and authenticity that provides a clearer connection for conscious channeling
  • And all this while you deepen your connection with your new Crystal friend

People who are drawn to my retreats and workshops are not people wanting to learn structure, rules, and dogmatic approaches. But they are people who are wanting to delve into the discipline of “unlearning” in order to unleash their true gifts and flow more. They are ready to explore the nature of their own uniqueness through the different modalities and perspectives available, and come to create their own journey through the process of remembering and awakening what is within. My role is to gently guide this process and facilitate experiential activation, which takes place in subtle ways simply through the energetic exchange we share.