Two Weeks Left to Join Us in Bimini July 20th – 25th

biminiWe’re in the home stretch before plunging into the powerful energies and magickal waters of Bimini again. Only 23 days (that’s just over 3 weeks away) until retreat time July 20th – 25th.

If anyone feels like a reinvigorating, opening and activating experience is just what you need right now, then this may be the gift to self you have been asking for.

I know that I can use the added “oomph” fueling my engine. I’m grateful that I receive the same through facilitating such a week, as my own vibration raises when I am stretching and expanding myself along with you.

There’s still time to join and replenish your heart and soul in the magick of it all while we share a daily immersion of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection. This Atlantean energy power spot is a vortex for deep and empowered integration to take place. The energies present have the ability and potential to support the wanted changes in your life (in both subtle and not so subtle ways), if you embrace what moves through you.

We’ve been in process of finalizing things so that we have an idea of rooms and food supplies for the amazing goodies we’ll be enjoying from ARC owner, chef and now yoga instructor, miss Jenny – my amazing friend.

The official cut-off date to register is July 11th. At that point we will need all last registrations confirmed. So there’s just another 2 weeks (exactly 14 days) to search inside and make the choice that best mirrors what you discover there.

I am appreciative of the connections I have made during my times spent in Bimini and cherish the connections with a family of souls that have opened their hearts to me, to The ARC, and to themselves. I know many of you have been wanting to join one of these retreats there that I’ve been hosting, but unfortunately I am not going to be offering this retreat again next year, as Spirit is guiding me to work with the energies elsewhere for the Earth grid and I don’t know when I will be back.

I’m excited to have a special return guest on this retreat however, who happens to be the first person that registered for the first retreat hosted in Bimini, and since become a dear friend. Very cool full circle. It’s definitely a place that remains in your heart and calls to you when your soul is ready.

I have immensely enjoyed, am so grateful for, and have received so much from these sacred journeys in Bimini and so this (my fourth journey) will be a powerful and beautiful send off for now that I feel is going to be really propelling. I’ll be honored to share that with whomever joins.

For all the details please visit:

Accelerate Your Vibration – July 2014 Bimini Retreat

You can contact me here or email with any questions and to register.

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