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Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 2

taniaThis is the second and concluding part to our sacred journey to Peru. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for joining the experience with us. If you’re just tuning in, you may want to check out Part 1 first to put this all into context. You can find it here:

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 1

2015-03-16 06.39.10Day 6 – 3/16/15: Today we headed back for our second encounter with Machu Picchu, leaving in the morning and getting back before 1 pm. We started the day with a vigorous uphill hike on part of the Inca Trail from the city to Inti Punto (the Sun Gate or Sun Door). DSCN1388We started at 8500 elevation and worked our way up another 1500+ feet to just over 10,000 elevation. The Sun Gate connects with the Sun Temple in the city below creating a direct path the Sun’s rays align with during certain time periods in the year. The day started with some rain, but once we started the trail it stopped, supporting our climb. 2015-03-16 06.29.04But this day was a mystical contrast to yesterday’s clear skies, with a lot of mist rolling in and out and covering much of the city at times – quite magickal! 2015-03-16 06.47.19It was nice to get away from the people into an immersion of nature silence, and once again our timing was perfect having just a few people ascending with us, but of which two were connected to us. It was more jungle along the trail and we saw so many different things like large spiders, tons of butterfly varieties, birds, centipede, multitude of flowers (especially different orchids) and dense little jungle niches off the side. On the way, 2015-03-15 08.34.422015-03-16 06.48.202015-03-16 06.51.072015-03-16 07.16.312015-03-16 07.18.332015-03-16 07.47.232015-03-16 07.48.07DSCN14332015-03-16 07.51.51Aymey got a butterfly on her nose and at the top Christopher got one on his foot! All three of us were being greeted by our ancestors. The two that traveled up with us were an older Argentinian couple that didn’t really speak English, but were spiritually conscious. Along the way my camera stopped working and would continue to be as such on and off when it chose to for the rest of the journey. It felt connected with my energy amplifying and shifting. As we were getting close to the top suddenly these giant stunning butterflies appeared. They were iridescent white with iridescent blue underneath their wings…never seen anything so magickal. They would float by close, but never stopped for us to capture on film. They felt to be greeting us. And when we were able to see our destination – the Sun Gate Temple itself – a sun gatehummingbird appeared on a branch below it, sitting there peacefully as a symbol for us and in greeting – messenger of the Gods indeed and of the Cosmic and Etheric Essence. We first DSCN1447individually connected with the temple on our own. I was guided to stand center of the inner temple area facing out toward the valley below. I had so many visions, one after another come at me here, endlessly it seemed. First, a large being stood straddling both sides of the stone walls before me…very strong..huge…holding a staff and wearing a headdress. Seemed to be a guardian. Then, many beings – Gods/Goddesses, Priests/Priestesses appeared. One wore what seemed like metal armor all over including its headdress of silver and gold that made a bird, but it was alive. This live, metal bird being/God was so clear and I realized that it was not wearing armor at all, but in fact it WAS the metal bird. The Sun Star appeared at center so bright and brilliant coming into me and I remember the stones around me came alive into stone statues that moved…one as a Condor and another as a Puma/Jaguar. I was peering through me, but I was me from another time surrounded by these guardians and then the Condor was screeching and looked back at me and then I got on its back and we flew over the valley. Then I was back again to the Sun Star portal and ancient ones/beings were coming toward me from the portal that felt like a gateway. Then a large face appeared in it with outstretched hands that reached out to cradle my face in them, feeling welcoming and inviting, as well as honoring. Then I went into the Star Light and I open my eyes feeling no more visions to come. There is much more than I write in my visions, but these are what remain with me. I do remember getting the message “Shine”. After this I moved to the front ledge of the temple site to the left of Amaru. Aymey was to his right and Christopher joined in between them. The two Argentinians stood behind us. The woman behind me and the man behind Christopher. They joined us in our spiritual ceremony led by Amaru, chanting, sounding, flute…and as we did the mist that covered the city below us, parted and opened and then closed again when we were done. This happened also when I first got to the ledge and was singing with Amaru. We did a healing meditation for self, those dear to us, and the collective, and as we finished a large group of people were just arriving up on the top. Until then we had created a peaceful serenity. So, we knew the work was done, it was time to descend, and the opening had been created and supported once again for the work. On the way down Aymey and Christopher felt presences with us following us down. They channeled that it was a woman and her husband and child from long ago. She had been trapped energetically here and with our work and presence, had been released to be with her family. She was thanking us. She also shared with Aymey that they had all been waiting for the Three that arrive, led by a Shaman. I got major chills when I heard this, knowing the significance on a soul level. The large iridescent white and blue butterflies showed up on our descent down and once more right before we got on the bus to return. We all noted how no one else seemed to notice these butterflies or make mention of them at all, which was odd to us since they were so beautiful, and yet not surprising. Hearts and triangles/pyramids continued 2015-03-16 09.22.10showing up for us. We saw many heart stones and on the way down from the temple I found an amazing OM symbol naturally created from some soft twig like material on a rock in front of me. You can see it clearly here. Signs were all around for those with eyes and hearts to see. 2015-03-16 09.16.14The rain also gently started up once again as we were descending. Perfect for that cleansing freshness. We then made our way to the city to explore a few key areas Amaru had intended for us. We explored the Sun Temple with Royal rooms, Condor Temple, and cave temple areas that were very deep with energy. We also saw sacred baths used for purifying before 2015-03-16 09.43.35ceremonies. It is then that I saw the triangle portal entrance that I mentioned seeing in my vision the other day, here in physical form. Apparently it invites into another dimension and has a hidden labyrinth underground where 2 men were lost in years back that were exploring it. The others with them came out running and they never found the men and felt it better to shut up the hole so no one else would be lost to what was beneath there. The Sun Temple DSCN1472had windows directly linked to the sun beam from the Sun Gate we’d come from and inside was an inner Sun Dial that represented the inner Sun/Illumination within us rather than the outer Sun Dial/Light we’d seen the day before. I found our visiting all of the Sun Temples this time for me, at Machu Picchu, to be like a full circle integration since the last time I was there we had journeyed down to the Moon Temple. We then returned to town and had lunch, traindid a little market exploring and got on our train back to Cusco. Both ways we enjoyed the Inca Tea of eucalyptus, coca, and mint – and as you can see, our cups to hold them in gave 2015-03-14 16.08.26sentiment to our journey “A Mystic Experience.” One side note: I saw a lot of little poops all over Machu Picchu and had joked to Christopher they were from magickal rabbits. Well, in fact I was right, as Amaru said that they were in fact from Andean wild rabbits. 🙂 My bunny loves were making their mark and leaving trails in my journeys once again. They had even shown up in the form of juice names on a menu we came across near the beginning of our journey.juice menu

Day 7 – 3/17/15: Today we woke and after breakfast were off on our bus ride from Cusco to Puno and the Sacred Lake Region of the Incas, stopping along the way at sites of interest. We visited two museums, a Church like Sistine Chapel inside that was very ornate and to me, almost gaudy. But at the first museum with Ancient Lithic culture we saw an extraterrestrial 2015-03-17 06.24.38skull that had been found. It was displayed next to a human skull. We also saw the elongated human skulls, as the ancient people used to try to mimic extraterrestrials they encountered and engaged with, seeing them as Gods and that this was the ideal form to emulate. DSCN1515You know the difference between human and extraterrestrial skulls because the human skulls have seven parts and extraterrestrial one has three parts. We also saw some very cool spiral 2015-03-17 06.31.04DSCN1591DSCN1542symbols carved in rock and one that was exactly like the Tibetan Fire Serpent in Reiki. We explored Rajchi – Temple of Huiracocha – where we came upon more lovely flowers, a frog 2015-03-17 08.29.382015-03-17 08.51.11friend that had made a comfy home on a traveler we came across, and a large bumble bee on a yellow flower that foreshadowed a vision I would see DSCN1554later in symbolism from a ceremonial meditation. Then enjoyed a beautiful buffet we loaded up on overlooking amazing grounds with Alpaca in the foreground and waterfalls in the background. Then we ascended to 2015-03-17 10.16.19DSCN1575DSCN1566the highest point of our journey at the plateau of 14,222 feet in elevation. This area is between the basin of Lake Titicaca and the Amazon. Lake Titicaca is at 12,500 feet – our next 2015-03-17 11.08.062015-03-17 11.07.212015-03-17 11.08.162015-03-17 11.10.272015-03-17 11.12.40destination. We had to divert around Juliaca because of a demonstration going on that was closing off the roads and for precautions of safety was necessary to avoid. So this added an hour and a half to our full day drive, but beautiful landscapes and scenic views were abound. 2015-03-17 10.59.18The demonstration was about people refusing to pay taxes to use roads the government decided to build that they didn’t want. They were also unhappy with polution of the river by mining companies, which they had so far been able to have one shut down with their efforts. Goes to show you the power of the people when they stand together in the truth of their sovereignty. Together we used our energy again when we hit a block at a different route the bus driver took and our path was open. We managed to cross a flooded area of the road safely too with our energetic focus. Adventures! We arrived in time to see the lights glistening on Lake Titicaca and settled in before a lovely dinner. Our hotel was The Royal Inn. 😉

Day 8 – 3/18/15: Got a good 8 hour sleep – first really so far – and after breakfast we journeyed to the local Puno market to purchase food for our picnic offering lunch and ceremony. Then we were off to the Dimensional Door & Forest – Amaru Muru. Aymey’s shoes had mirrored mine from my first trip to Machu Picchu, having the sole detach. And I too experienced this again on this trip. We purchased some glue to fix it when on the island. Last time I had it fixed on Machu Picchu and this time on Lake Titicaca. 🙂 We picked up bread, fruit, avocado, coconut water, coca leaves, matches, salt, tomatoes, oregano, ginger, lemons, flowers, water. The market was amazing in all its array of colors and variety of fruits and vegetables 2015-03-14 06.58.292015-03-14 07.07.152015-03-14 07.04.532015-03-14 07.04.012015-03-18 06.48.312015-03-18 06.47.442015-03-18 06.53.272015-03-18 06.51.002015-03-18 06.35.37and everyone was so sweet. Then we were off to our sacred destination. The van seat in front of me had the image of a Dragon and Faery on it, which I thought was synchronous. When we 2015-03-18 06.13.12arrived at the site it had been raining, but we waited in the van a few minutes and sent energy to it together and the sky opened and the rain stopped for the entire time we were there. We went to the Door/Dimensional Gateway and set up for our ceremony with crystal 11076282_10152758849002196_6555401383881616924_n2015-03-18 08.39.31and sacred offering altar. On this journey I had been guided to only take my new giant Herkimer Diamond, which was part of every ceremony and acted as the central generator of the grids. It is a Record Keeper with many Rainbows and has some mirroring qualities to an Elestial, but is a powerful Herkimer. This was a very potent ceremony for me – one of my very 2015-03-18 10.13.02favorite sites in Peru. On the first day I had shown Amaru this crystal and he asked its name. I said I hadn’t gotten it yet, but very shortly after that, her name came to me – Soriah. At Amaru Muru I told Amaru its name and he said the meaning of this was Mother of the Inner Light. When I looked it up I found that it is a celestial name having an Arabic origin that means “Bright Starlight – the Pleiades”. I also found this interesting meaning by Seven Reflections: Soriah. Amaru chanted and drummed as we meditated. First thing I saw was giant beings come to life from the stones. Some were Stone Beings and others Crystal Beings. They reminded me of the Stone Being in the NeverEnding Story. The Crystal Being had a head like a Crystal Shard like the Shard in the Dark Crystal. They were like Guardians to the portal but also welcoming us/me. Then a four pointed star creating a diamond effect appeared that was a portal in silver with pale yellow at the center in an oval shape. At first seemed like a crystal or stone, but upon further glance it was actually not dense but gaseous and swirling. Then a large Tibetan Magician emerged. This portal is very connected to Tibet, as is the energy of the site, even having a rock that is clearly a Buddha. All the rocks are naturally formed into beings tibetan buddhaand symbols – similar to Sedona in this way. But the Tibetan Magician I saw was ancient and came in very clear with very long white hair, beard, mustache, and brows, wearing an icy blue robe and taller hat with silvery adornments. He kept coming toward me and lingering in gaze. Seemed other beings came too, but can’t remember. Then saw myself in a robe and headdress – ancient – with hands up to the Light coming upon me. An elephant appeared with golden trunk, saw a starlight bright coming closer and hit me in the 3rd eye gently lodging.2015-03-18 10.16.042015-03-18 10.14.35 2015-03-18 10.18.31This day I was wearing my rabbit sweatshirt that said “Never underestimate the power of a woman with a rabbit” and has a white rabbit, and at the end of my visions a white rabbit in fact appeared. And then the Gateway showed up as a triangle of light with inner dimensions. 2015-03-18 10.35.07After our meditation ceremony we each one by one went up to the three openings in the Doorway and invoked and received energies. We faced in and out, and did what ever came to us naturally to do. Interestingly, we all felt to do sound at the center main portal. This was huge for me and something deep, strong and with force came through me that felt ancient as I faced the Doorway. After, Amaru hugged us individually and I remember him being teared up when I approached him. Something activated strongly when I did this and we both felt it. So much so, when I returned to my seat supporting Christopher with his turn, I couldn’t stop shaking until he had also returned to join us. I shook uncontrollably and was breathing out with release. The only other time I can remember similar was in Egypt. Although this wasn’t as intense or long in duration, it was definitely a Kundalini activation just the same. Powerful! I 2015-03-18 11.45.39was so ready to step into this. After our ceremony we climbed to a level place with a natural stone table and chairs where we would have our lunch offering. On the way here we stopped by a few local women selling offerings they had found. I purchased two stones that were Quartz with Calcite. We had an amazingly yummy lunch that was to be as a collective offering DSCN1653DSCN1656eating mindfully of those without and sharing the abundance  with all. We then made large closed and open-faced sandwiches of fresh bread with tomato, avocado, ginger, salt, oregano, and lemon juice. YUMM! We finished off with grenadine as dessert and coconut water. Two hawks screeched overhead as we ate in reverence. We then went to another location at this site for our next closing ceremony working with all of the elements at a natural altar rock that had 10 small pools of water on it. One larger and the others smaller. The only thing I remember seeing was a large Cobra head and after we opened our eyes there were two heart clouds in the sky. One large one with a pyramid hole in the middle and the other smaller one with a spiral. At the end we offered the flowers we had picked up in the market and then we were each told to follow our guidance to take our 3 coca leaves we were holding to offer them at a sacred place any where that called to us. I was called to climb higher and so I did. I made 2015-03-18 12.50.20my way up a steeper area and stood on a rock doing my own offering and intentions to the collective that I would in turn give to receive and the wind blew strong as I stood there. At the end I was moved to say “I’m ready to go”. Directly after I stepped off the rock I hawk feathersimmediately noticed 2 Hawk feathers on the ground before me that I knew were offerings to me. And then two Hawks flew overhead. It was amazing. Another beautiful day with butterflies all around and two bright caterpillars. I held one butterfly with an injured wing to 2015-03-18 11.55.26give it extra energy and life. After this powerful experience we enjoyed a lighter experience of laughter and joy at the Temple of Fertility where there are many mushroom stone sculptures (appearing like Phalluses) and one large Phallus sculpture at the center tania aymey chris2015-03-18 14.26.182015-03-18 14.26.43tania and aymey chrisalso encapsulating the female energy as well. We laughed so hard as we took funny photos. No one leaves this little temple without being tickled giddy. As we left we took a look at the items offered by the locals and I was surprised to meet a 17 year old girl here that shared my exact name in pronunciation and spelling, which is not a common name in Peru. So we took a photo 2015-03-18 14.38.59together, and then we made our way back to town to explore the city streets/shops and enjoyed dinner before bed.

DSCN1702Day 9 – 3/19/15: This morning we traveled by Tuk Tuk – three-wheeled little mobiles that one guy powers by pedaling like a bike. We loaded our bags and ourselves and off we went to the DSCN1697DSCN17232015-03-19 06.25.00harbor to catch our boat to Amantani Island, where we were serenaded by music Amaru joined in on to kick off our lake journey. Lake Titicaca means Puma of the Stones or Gray Puma. We first stopped at the Floating Islands (or Reed Islands) of the Uros people. We spent a lot of time immersing with them on one of the islands – Santa Maria – which was really fantastic. The people are passive and peaceful, fleeing from confrontations long ago to live a life of harmony. They basically work around the clock cultivating their life and their little islands, 2015-03-19 06.50.2620150319_10273820150319_102746fixing them constantly from wear and tear of sun and the elements. Every two weeks they have to redo their homes. They relay reeds on their island anew as well. The islands float on roots of reeds bound together that act like corks. There are 87 islands total, each with up to 10 families per island. They have one president for the entire community and one president per island. The main president is elected and has a term of 3-4 years. The individual presidents have 1 year terms. So everyone gets a chance to run things. Everything is shared on the islands in responsibility and in abundance. Money is distributed equally, as well as food. 20150319_09550220150319_09125720150319_100948Children are raised by all families. There are separate islands for schools and banks. They have some small boats with motors to get to Puno for trade, but otherwise they do everything on their islands. They also now have solar energy, which was gifted to them by an Asian businessman. They eat fish, fried bread, potatoes, and even the white part of the reeds. They boil water from the lake because it is clean enough and fresh with only a very tiny portion of 20150319_101153salt in it. When we arrived, one woman took us each into their homes to share their lives. The woman who took Christopher and I in was named Marie – like me again. She also offered to 2015-03-21 18.15.0120150319_09184411072244_10152758759692196_9149894589261006930_nDSCN1804dress us up in their local clothing, which we were excited to receive. In exchange for all the hospitality we purchased some of their handmade items and also gifted them the toys we had brought. I gave all of mine to the people on this island to distribute. The slinkies from Aymey were a hit and they loved my stuffed kids20150319_092159animals – one little girl got the purple dragon 🙂 We 20150319_094353were there witnessing their normal daily routines…cooking, making their reed boats, etc. Their two sources of income are fish and tourism. The little girls were sweet – one pulling on my shirt to get my attention…another was playing with Aymey in her lap placing stickers on her skin. Amaru was overwhelmed with love and tears on the island, as he has such a DSCN180020150319_100855aymey10636320_10152758761472196_5131027883186141827_nreverence for these people and his roots and it was easy to understand, as we were all sad to leave. These people remind us of our ancient ways, who we really are at heart, and the simplicity and beauty of natural harmony at work, shared with Terra and each other. We left, sharing lots of hugs and kisses with everyone and then continued our boat ride to Amantani – 20150319_13205620150319_13255520150321_100813the Island of Love. We had a long climb up to our home for the next two nights, but arrived at our beautiful accommodations greeted by the family that would care for us. We received an amazing spread of fresh veggies (corn, giant fava beans, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and rice), guacamole, quinoa and veggie soup, bread and teas. Wow! It was a lot, but so good! We 2015-03-19 12.41.37finished off with some papaya and then all went to our rooms to rest for a couple of hours before sunset. I was loving the high altitudes so felt invigorated. I was so grateful Amaru gifted me his usual room he gets when staying here, which was a large room overlooking the 2015-03-19 11.47.162015-03-19 11.57.2520150319_17330720150319_165126Lake with nearly 360 degree views. The room had a large front area perfect for ceremonies, which we would use the next day. I was so grateful. After our rest, Amaru, Christopher and I walked up the hill for the sunset. Aymey remained to rest, as the altitude was creating the need for adjustment for her. We watched the stars and sunset, focusing on the aura of the 20150319_175045trees and Earth. Then returned for dinner of veggie soup and garlic bread with tea and conversation. Our days were full with communing and sharing. Amaru was grateful to have like-minded souls to be able to talk about everything with. The evening was filled with clear stars abound. I provided a short Reiki session to both Aymey and Christopher this evening to help them adjust with things they were experiencing either with altitude or a food eaten, and to help balance things more. Then nighty night time.

Day 10 – 3/20/15 Our Day of Assimilation and Comprehensive Preparation in the Path of the Light for the Equinox: I was happy to hear that both Aymey and Christopher were feeling better. The night was a wild one in terms of a major thunder, lightning and rain storm coming down. It was also the first night I remembered my dream clearly while here. Interesting that in Iceland and Peru, while I was dreaming a lot and sometimes vaguely remembered something, I wasn’t remembering clearly and extensively like I normally do until this night. I had an important and symbolic dream that the four of us were doing an initiation/activation ceremony, as we’ve been doing, but it was on a much larger scale – interestingly synchronous since this day we’d be engaging in our Equinox ceremony. We had a fifth person with us, however. We each had done our part, provided our key codes, and it was then time for this fifth person to do theirs. But they were hesitant and reluctant to do so. Finally he said, “OK,” and added his “key code” to the mix. He stated out loud a sequence of 6 numbers that activated the finalization. The very instant this took place, in conscious life a very loud thunder hit and the storm started that night, fully bringing all my awareness into awake state, although the experience was all seamless. As I talked to Amaru about this the next morning we realized that this fifth person represented humanity, or the collective. In my dream he appeared Asian (or a mixture of ethnicities), but he was like the fifth element needed to put into place things. Interestingly, I’ve been on other trips, including the 12/21/12 Bimini one, where humanity/the collective was not ready for some of what we were activating/opening. So we needed to wait for more alignment that would take more time. However, in my dream, humanity/the collective WAS ready. Although somewhat hesitant, did come through and met with us in partnership. This was huge in my opinion! And the storm activating directly after was potent indeed. Big stuff! In the morning I noticed one of my windows slightly opened, after I’d been awake a while. I’d closed all of them in the night and this one wasn’t open when I first woke up. So I went over to it and on the sill inside I find a folded up piece of paper with writing on it. The paper said “This way to open” with an arrow pointing to the right and then a heart with the word “thanks”. I asked around to everyone, but no one had left it on my window. Where it came from I can only imagine, but it felt connected to my dream somehow and was a message of some sort. I saved it in my journal. Was it pointing up the hill, as that’s where it was placed – pointing to our location of our last ceremony on the island to come? Or was it something beyond this trip in general? Hmmmm….The rain continued hard that morning, but we felt it was perfect and fine, as we had already made plans to have our Equinox/New SuperMoon/Total Solar Eclipse ceremony in my room overlooking Lake Titicaca. 2015-03-20 07.25.512015-03-20 07.26.04DSCN1850DSCN1846So after breakfast of yummy pancakes and fruit with Amaru’s special green tea mixture, we set up our very powerful altar grid and we each took our places at the four corners. This ceremony lasted until lunch and as you can imagine…once it was done, the skies opened to blue sunny light! Our ceremony was nothing short of amazing again and very powerful. I mostly just felt peace and expansiveness as Amaru lead the ceremony chanting, meditations, and then we all together created music and sound – Aymey and I had purchased rattles on the Floating Island – Christopher and I had also purchased flutes in Cusco. The only visions I remember were that of what to me was Pachamama symbolized in a large, voluptuous, Inca-looking ancient woman with animals around her, and then light and Cosmic beings. One of them held a diamond of light in its hand and placed it in my 3rd eye. Then at the end of the ceremony I remember seeing a giant gold ring with a giant gold bumblebee on it that was being presented to me. Amaru then presented the platform for me to share concluding and supportive words to everyone for our journey thus far and what to take away from all of it. At the end Amaru gifted us the ceremonial head pieces (that were his) he’d placed upon us for the ceremony – very special. And after, I presented Amaru with the Herkimer Diamond and Aqua Aura Quartz pendant that was mine, as a gift to him to wear in his special ceremonies. After we cleared out of the room, Christopher offered to do an energetic clearing for my cough with me. So we did that and then enjoyed lunch before we would head off to our amantani lunchsacred site on pilgrimage with sunny blue skies! The rain stopped, as our ceremony ended. Our pilgrimage took us around half the island to find a very special altar place no one knows of 20150320_180609that isn’t local to the island. We walked through the terraced hills on the stone path and off-path when the water had covered the path. We also walked the pebbled beach, finding many 20150320_15252220150320_14381520150320_15070120150320_15133620150320_15175420150320_152706symbolic stones. We were so absorbed we passed the altar, but knew it was perfect, as we found special things along the way. So we made our way back for a very powerful ceremony at the altar overlooking the Lake and a big initiation. I first initiated Christopher and Aymey with Reiki. Christopher received his Reiki 1. Amaru and I felt this to be important to link us all in the energy, since the rest of us were Reiki attuned, but also to raise vibrations to receive his initiation from Amaru after. I gave both Amaru and Aymey Reiki 3 initiation attunements, however, I was guided lake titicaca initiationDSCN1879initiating aymeyto initiate them with a special Cosmic activation that channeled through, which was very powerful, and something I haven’t done or gifted anyone before. I did Aymey first then Amaru later. Amaru placed a colored square cloth of 7×7 squares = 49 around my shoulders for this, 20150320_175946like a little cape. After this, Amaru then initiated us with the Solar Path and taught us 3 symbols we were to memorize for now only, and receive energetically. They are imprinted within us, as the Reiki symbols are and I easily memorized them to this day. He will provide more thorough explanations to us in the days to come, but for now the activation was necessary and we have learned to use them already by what he briefly shared. The essence was most important, as always. This was all very powerful and connected us, as well as ignited something on a very large scale beyond us. As I was giving Amaru his initiation, Christopher buried a crystal grid in the ground that he had been guided to do that would link with another grid he buried in Arkansas to be part of the Earth grid. The next day I received that what we’d done and the grid he placed had all activated the Crystal that resides beneath Lake Titicaca. After our initiations, we walked back to our home, but it was sunset, so most of our walk was in the dark and starlight. It was definitely part of the initiation to use our inner light now and inner Sun to light the way and actually, the path was easier going back than coming, as a new path was created for us that we didn’t take before! We had a great dinner, and off to bed early, as we had a very early rising for our concluding island ceremony.

Day 11 – 3/21/15: We rose at 3:30 am this morning in the dark and starlight in order to ascend to our destination by sunrise for our ceremony of Solar Initiation. Throughout the night it 20150321_05462520150321_05394020150321_05433320150321_055511ceremonyrained even harder than the previous night, and when we woke we discovered hail piles all around, like mounds of ice pebbles everywhere. The weird thing is that the hail storm started right when I was dreaming something else this night that felt significant, yet this time I didn’t remember the dream like the previous night. We bundled up in our layers and were given heavy, thick ponchos to keep us warm for our hike up to the Temple of Pachatata. We 20150321_054219climbed at least 1000 feet higher, taking us to 13,500+ feet elevation. Our intent was to connect with our inner Sun and give reverence to the Sun. We began our walk at 4:00 am after having tea to warm us. As we were reaching the temple, the Sun was rising and Amaru then DSCN193320150321_06190320150321_06044420150321_060752set up for our ceremony with fire and inner visions. The light and Sun danced with us, creating amazing illuminations all around and within each of us (seen in the individual photos of us here) – at times engulfing us (as you can see in one DSCN1906photo where I appear like a Sunlit headless DSCN1912DSCN190520150321_055552horseman). We each had sacred time with the fire, as Amaru blessed and activated along with our offerings. This was a very sacred and powerful experience, still giving me chills now to 20150321_06222520150321_06244120150321_061949 20150321_06205220150321_06210220150321_062424 120150321_062253reflect and write about it, as the feelings flow through me. And we then concluded with music we played on our instruments, while we 20150321_064325danced in celebration, which all brought out the Sun, as well as a Hawk that hovered intentfully right above and in front of us between us and the Sun as Amaru was concluding 20150321_061629ceremony. A Puma paw glowed in the water ahead of us after our ceremony and the Sun glowed each time we invoked it. After, we descended for a delicious breakfast – everything looking so vibrant, freshly new, and beautiful, which this 20150321_07040620150321_070415whole journey in fact had changed for us and how we see things. We packed up to get our boat back to Puno. We were all sad to leave our island home and sanctuary, and these gentle people. Our journey across the waters was mostly silent and inward, as we sat at the back of the boat receiving the Sun’s rays. We rested and integrated the journey thus far and I felt the Lake’s giant Crystal activated. We were tania3feeling the sun inside and out. Upon arrival, we settled into our hotel, had lunch, shopped, and then packed before our dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Day 12 – 3/22/15: Our last day together began with breakfast and then off to our last sacred site to do a closing meditation, overlooking water at the Temple of Immortality – Sillustani. 2015-03-22 06.59.402015-03-22 07.02.57pumaWe did this individually and quietly within ourselves to give gratitude and honor, as well as celebration for the journey we shared, and the journey yet to come. I only felt peace within this time and no visions except a profile of a Hawk that turned into a Condor, but I communicated a lot from within my heart and out to all in reciprocation to all I’d received. After we completed our individual time, we joined together with Amaru and he initiated us in a diamond formation to channel the Cosmic Light. We were shown how to move the energy, again only needing to remember the basic essence of what we were experiencing and would receive further what we needed when the time unfolded divinely. I felt incredible heat through my core when doing this. Upon completion and a group hug, we always shared, we descended the temple grounds back to our van. Along the way I saw my first live rabbit – a 2015-03-22 07.52.122015-03-22 07.52.30wild Andean one that descends from ancient times. I was so moved by this symbolism and physical manifestation on our very last day, concluding our very last ceremony together, as rabbits are my magickal familiars. I knew Nestor was shining down upon me with her love and support, as well as that Joy and Cosmo had been with me all along…everything was in Divine order, was being supported, and was coming to full circle closure. All I had been guided to do was complete and honored. I was grateful both to all of my soul family that had supported this, but also to myself for embracing the call. This was very magickal and special to me and I captured photos of the rabbit that showed up. The path to and from this site was also lined with yellow flowers and represented to me the yellow brick road like in The Wizard of Oz, which Aymey also reiterated. It spoke to how we always search for the power or some outside source/wizard/magick, but all along we were the power/wizard/true magicians and could have and do all we needed and wanted at any time we recognize and embody that truth fully. That is the true magick. And that is one of the things I took away from this trip. Not needing anything external, but knowing I have all that I need within me. Interestingly, upon return home two of my crystal friends (the largest I have ever had) were also going away to their new home and mom – one of which was my giant Amethyst Rabbit. Again, everything is within us/me, and so the connections and magick are always there to experience when ever we want, regardless of what we think we have or don’t. We made our way to the airport and shared our “see you soons” rather than goodbye with Amaru, which still tugged at the heart, as we parted ways to take our flight back to Lima and he would take a bus to his home in Arequipa. We spent the rest of the day driven around in Lima to bide time until our late night 2015-03-22 14.36.522015-03-22 14.43.542015-03-22 14.45.392015-03-22 15.20.09 2015-03-22 15.07.27flights back home, having lunch, exploring the beach and beach area, as well as the city center. It was Chistopher’s first Pacific ocean sunset and touching his feet in these powerful waters, so we had to capture that first moment indeed. Some card games and dinner saw us through our last hours and then it was I who left first this time (I had arrived last at onset) and I settled in on my flights for a good night’s rest until home. We know we will all be called again together for further work when the time aligns.

We had all been gifted protective, empowering bracelets with seeds from the Amazon Jungle from Oscar, our first driver who also greeted us upon arrival into Peru. These united our energy daily, as we wore them throughout our journey together and like with everything, but mostly our hearts, will deepen the continued connection.

IMG_1397It’s not goodbye. It’s simply until the next time…Not the end, but only the beginning.DSCN1412

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 1

tania8Wow, ain’t gonna cut it this time to convey the magnitude of our experience in Peru. LOL! What an incredible nearly two weeks we shared. This trip definitely goes on my top fav list of journeys, including my top powerful list as well. Woah! Not to mention it was SO different energetically from my first trip in Peru. You can’t compare, but definitely doing this twice really reflects the shifts and how much has evolved, including myself.

I return feeling even more connected to multi-dimensionality and with a deepened sense of inner peace and centered strength.

From onset to closure, it was jam packed with potency, magick, harmony, and love. All I knew when I was called to put together this journey, was that I needed to be there, the timing was auspiciously aligned and not to veer off from, and who ever was truly meant to show up would.

machu picchuThe rest I released to the Universe and the beauty of Divine unfolding.

And boy oh boy did things synchronize into perfection.

2015-03-15 09.05.11I was so moved to reunite with my Cosmic brother, Amaru after 7+ years and our reconnection was sweeter and deeper than ever.DSCN1134

I was also so grateful to reconnect with my beautiful and powerful soul sister Aymey and brother Christopher, which was a soul family celebration indeed when all four of us came together, not to mention a powerful reactivation of the powerful work we were continuing together…chills writing this now even.DSCN1651

Themes of the trip were activating and integrating our Cosmic essence with our human bodies, embodying the power and light of the Great Central Sun, remembering who we REALLY are and standing in that knowing and power so we can simultaneously support others through that example, opening and expanding our hearts deeper and wider to the unconditional love and gentle nurturing within us, transmutation, and courageous embracing to return to the natural harmony essence with all.

There was also the beautiful balance of deep spirituality and very, very light humor and humanness we enjoyed and experienced each day. Laughter, tears, playfulness and focused integrity, overwhelming grace and power…just exquisite.DSCN1048

Rebirthing was indeed mirrored again for this trip, as it was in Iceland. I also, personally, saw a lot of orange show up for me – it came through in what I was drawn to over and over, which included a raw orange Jade I picked up as a new friend (which just so happened to have the mirroring outline of Machu Picchu inside of it as you can see below -I got it at Machu Picchu too), as well as orange roses that were given to myself and Aymey during our journey by one of our amazing drivers and co-facilitators in Cusco, Paullo.2015-03-15 06.15.01

roses from paullo2015-03-14 09.13.19We experienced our ability to manifest what we desired and how our individual powers can be harnessed massively when brought together with others with heart-full intention. We saw this at work over and over each day, as we literally controlled the weather together (forecasts had shown rain throughout our time away, but in fact didn’t happen or did at the opportune times), crowds of people encountered, and every detail that would perfectly support what we each would need, as well as would be in support of the highest and greatest good collectively.2015-03-13 14.28.34

Everything was orchestrated from onset, in a way that would provide the right synergy for all of this, down to even creating who would actually show up in order to have what was needed take place – which is a story in and of itself.

I personally return feeling the most empowered and whole I have yet, and lighter – literally – as I lost another 4 pounds on top of the 5 I lost from Iceland. Woah!

2015-03-15 18.44.07And it definitely wasn’t for lack of eating, as I ate much more than I normally do at home, since I only have a smoothie for breakfast and don’t snack through the day.

dinnerBut with all the fresh veggies, fruits, amazing pure fruit juice mixes each day, quinoa, and lots of potatoes (was craving these)…I was in vegan whole food, simplicity bliss.

lima pizzaI had also brought along some raw vegan snacks and goodies like kale chips, raw chocolate, raw macaroons, fig cookies, chocolate hemp seeds, raw vegan and vegan energy bars…

tania2Not sure exactly physically where it all came off – kind of just all around – although I do look and feel different to myself, but I can definitely sense it and it feels like an energetic release has taken place at another deeper core level that is cleansing and letting go of everything with ease. It is incredible to compare my photos from my journey back in 2008 with now…what a change.

But this energetic release was evident also with something physically I have been experiencing.

Since the day of my return from Iceland I had a very deep lung cough that lingered since the 28th of February until my very first full day back from Peru – incredible! I haven’t had anything like that ever, in terms of such a long experience with something lasting nearly a month. I never get sick, but know that anything that shows up is a reflection of something on another level working itself out. These trips have been huge for me and this time period in my life is significant.

A little background: my lungs have always been my weakest link in my body, which always mirror things that aren’t good for me and how my body reacts to help cleanse it out. When I was a child, I wouldn’t really ever get sick except for my deep lung coughs where my lungs would fill with stuff that had to be coughed up and out, literally gagging me (gross I know). And since, my lungs react to anything that isn’t good for my body (allergies to food and things in the air like smoke of any kind, etc.) by creating the same experience of messaging my body with a deep cough that has to come up and out of my body, lasting for anywhere from a half an hour to a couple of hours until it’s all gone and my body is rid of it – like a protective barrier my immune system has, as well as a way to alert me.

However, I’ve also come into this life with a huge amount of past life grief to transmute, which has resided in my lungs and has been working itself out with my work. I also have very small lungs in comparison to most people and a smaller rib cage, as well as much more shallow breathing than what others experience, which is normal for me. Perhaps also part of why being at high elevations for me is very natural and easy without challenge. And recently I’ve learned that shallow breaths actually have a cosmic connection. 😉

Anyway, that all to share that having this pretty major lung experience between two very important and potent trips I was called to take, really felt to be symbolizing taking/breathing in life in a whole new way, which would call for a deepening release of anything remaining of that grief. As well as, embracing the changes on a life large scale I’ve been integrating – opening to what that involves and a new way of taking in and experiencing life, freely and filling up more space by being in full essence without hindrance.tania machu picchu

So while I was coughing pretty badly since Iceland, as well as every day in Peru (although decreasing every day more and more), it all dissipated upon return. I had no other issues, nor felt bad in any way. There was just this cough that was letting go more and more, with less and less needing to come out. It was not something I didn’t need to do anything about except to embrace it and allow it to move through, supporting it energetically to do its thing…running its course while the integration/transmutation was taking place.

Just like with all things in our life we come up against, if we can just flow with it and not fight it, fear it, be angry at it…it WILL move through and bring you into the next experience awaiting on the other side.tania4

My cough was an example of that, as literally the first full day I was back it completely disintegrated. And the day I traveled home, it was already dissipating nearly away and now poof! Buh bye! Amazing, yes? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But back to the fullness of our journey. The first incredible thing that took place, after the fact that the trip actually was energetically created, was the bringing together of soul alchemy in mirror of the experience to unfold.

To make a long story short, which won’t be possible in these journey shares, we went from being a group of 16 of us down to 4. Twelve people for one wild/odd/timely reason to another, all dropped out and/or cancelled leading up to the journey. So amazing! Much of this taking place not long before I went to Iceland, during my time away there, and upon return from there. Having done this enough times in terms of retreat, journeys, workshops, etc. seeing how everything works itself out like a collective chess game, I just sit back and watch the divine perfection and cosmic fun unfold. 🙂

I know where I’m meant to be and welcome others who know the same.

Since I was going on this journey regardless, I just marveled at who was going to show up alongside me and was so so grateful for who did.

2015-03-16 14.15.27And so we were four – two male and two female souls creating a most beautiful and connective family. Each so beautiful and powerful in their own way, but the four of us together was incredible to say the least. We were so in tune with each other, on the same page, in flow, supportive, and experiencing similar in different ways in our lives. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Another beautiful alignment was our shared birthday energies between three of us. I had just had my birthday, one was going to celebrate his in the middle of our journey, and one would be celebrating hers soon after our return!

The other interesting thing is that each of us had an integration of Female and Male energy within making us both sensitive Males and strong Females…not to mention we all were so in tune that we could understand one another and knew how to support, communicate, and flow with each other intuitively.

Had it not been the four of us only, we would not have been gifted the astounding things that we received, nor created what we did. Our journey was deeply intimate and because of the soul energy synergy we shared, we were able to visit places that were intuited by our group essence (including some new places I had not been to before), and were able to spend extended time emerged in the energies, as well as received initiations we otherwise wouldn’t have due to lack of time and different energy dynamics. The intimacy provided us all the things we each needed to give and receive. Blessed we were.

2015-03-15 09.33.13To say I love these three souls in human bodies is an understatement. And before I progress further with our experiences, I just want to extend my deepest, heart-felt gratitude and honor to each of them for courageously showing up, and bringing forth the vulnerability they each shared, as well as the power they embodied. I have no words to describe the magnitude of feeling I have for them, but I know that they know just what I mean.

What we experienced individually and together, was not isolated to merely us (nor to this one moment in time), but rippled out to the collective and amplified through the Cosmos and out from this sacred energy center we were at physically.

Nothing we do is “just” about us, and yet it’s not about needing to specify this is for me and this is for you….it simply all is that, simultaneously, within the presence of experience we consciously show up to embrace and consistently walk in the path of daily with each breath of expansive awareness.2015-03-13 11.02.05

I hope you find a piece of yourself in this journey I share. I can’t express enough how these journeys in the physical truly are life-changing. People simply don’t realize, I believe, what a trip like this can support. And each person on this journey manifested their way there magickally, just as anyone can do. I never accept something as impossible…perhaps not meant for someone or perhaps not aligned, but where there is the will and intent, there is the way.

We are all magickal beings living a magickal life, if we want to realize and embrace that truth.

Here’s my vision of this magickal journey we shared through my eyes and heart, shared with each of you.

DSCN1236 Each of us had our own journey, which is not for me to share, honoring the privacy and sacredness of that. So this is my personal experience and how I saw things. It was all being experienced with all of you in mind and how what we do creates the possibility and potentials for everyone, as well as literally IS being experienced by all through us.

I wrote quite long journal entries for this journey (no surprise I’m sure lol!) – longer than usual – but given this trip was double Iceland’s time period I’m going to try to abbreviate just a bit – if that’s even possible as a Pisces with Mercury in Pisces loving to creatively express from the heart.

Another chronicle in store indeed, but it ended up about 4,000 words shorter than Iceland, so I did something different given this trip was twice as long. LOL! Hopefully the photos will help with capturing the essence, but I do want to share my visions in meditations and ceremonies, however, feeling it important this time. So this will add to the length, as well as perhaps draw you deeper into the experience with me and us.

However, being that this will be a long share with many photos (thank you to Aymey and Christopher for sharing some of theirs to add with mine), making it a very big post, I am going to share it in two parts so things upload more easily and don’t overload with the energy that’s potently packed in it. 😉

I find that writing and sharing these experiences are an integral part of the integrative process, not only cathartic in a way for me, but also brings things to full circle closure. Until I’ve put it all down and out there, it doesn’t feel fully complete.

2015-03-15 07.34.21

So from my heart to yours, I share this with the Cosmic love that resides within all that I am and all that you are.

Day 1 – 3/11/15: Today was a very full travel day from Los Angeles to Lima, Peru starting at 4 am until 4:37 am the next day. I had an hour in between my connecting flights from Miami to Lima. But my LA flight was delayed for some silly reason (perfect in the eyes of Universal plans) and literally everything blocked me from getting to my next flight in a way I have never seen. Even the people on the flight ALL completely ignored the announcement to stay seated and allow all passengers at the back of plane with tight connections off first. I’ve never experienced people not listening to that before. Every single person got up and blocked the passage so that most of us all missed our flight connections. And even when I did get off and ran/sky trained to my gate, they had just closed and although an attendant asked them through the door if they’d let me on, they said no. So, indeed I was being rerouted energetically on timing to arrive. Who knows what I avoided, or what was being aligned, but one thing that worked out is that the hours I had in the airport provided me the time to work on a sacred tattoo design and complete it in totality. I normally don’t take work with me, but something said to do so and so this all worked out quite well and created a really amazing design my client was quite pleased with. The only down side was my arrival at 4:37 am in the morning rather than 9:57 pm in Lima, which meant literally settling into my room, showering, breakfast and off to our first journey immediately at 7 am. Despite not sleeping much on the plane, I was feeling refreshed and ready to go, knowing it was all perfect.

DSCN0819Day 2 – 3/12/15: This morning we gathered (Aymey, Christopher, and I) at breakfast and ignited the energy connections for our sacred journey together. At breakfast I shared the crystal gifts with each of them that I had intuited for them (and which we used in each ceremony along with all our sacred things – our grids kept growing from onset to end of our journey) and was also surprised at a lovely crystal gift I, too, received, which was a Golden Healer personally found in Arkansas by Christopher. I also later received an amazing cosmic heart from Aymey for my birthday. We constantly were gifting each other throughout the journey with gifts from the heart, which was such a sweet surprise to each of us to experience that kind of unconditional giving and receiving with so much mutual honor that likely we’ve mostly been accustomed to giving out more. I also got to reconnect with Amaru, our amazing Shaman and my dear, dear friend, which was very beautiful to give and receive hugs once again. I also gifted him a crystal. We got more connecting time on our 4 hour drive to our first sacred site – Caral. 2015-03-12 11.07.13I had not visited Caral on my first journey to Peru, so this was a new experience for me. It was very expansive with many pyramids on the sacred grounds. Caral is the Highest Altar of the Oldest Civilization of the Americas. So it was perfect to begin the journey with this ancient energy igniting things. 2015-03-12 11.45.50We did several meditations and ceremonies here. First, we stopped on the bridge over the river on our way to the site welcoming and opening to the energy. Each time we did, the wind would pick up and soar through. It was the beginning of our experiencing the power of our being in tune with and able to work with and control the elements with our heart-full intents. It also was mirroring of how the ancients and Cosmic ones were supporting and engaging in every aspect of this journey. They had been waiting for us. 2015-03-12 11.48.012015-03-12 11.49.03On the middle of the bridge where we stopped, which represented moving from one reality and world to another we were crossing into as we welcomed this journey, as well as reintegrating ancient parts of ourselves, I had my first vision of an Inca Warrior with large headdress standing on the other side of the bridge with his arm out extending a welcome to me/us. We then did another pause and tuning in, where this time I then saw what appeared more to be like an Inca God with huge headdress/crown of gold reminding me of Huiracocha/Wiracocha (Creator God/Cosmic God), sitting tall on a very tall, lean white horse on the other side of the bridge waiting for us and welcoming us. We then walked with intention along the path to the site. DSCN0829We found many old things on the path – petrified corn, pottery, part of a skull, feathers, shells – as we retraced our ancient heritage. We explored all of the grounds, including a circular area used for ceremony and Cosmic connection, similar to a Sun dial with Obelisk, and a fire altar, and above an entrance to an underground labyrinth where the spiral symbol was hidden. 2015-03-12 12.36.31We were not allowed to do ceremony here, but Amaru was given permission to do a quick one to ignite things for us at the fire altar using our crystals we had all brought and other sacred things. While he did this, we tuned in and here I saw flames emerge and a white Dragon appear. 2015-03-12 12.49.22On our way back we did a ceremony at the top of the hill overlooking the pyramids, valley, river, and feeling all the elements of wind/Air, river/Water, Earth, Sun/Fire, and Spirit. Again, this is not usually permitted, but even when a man came to inquire on us after we’d been in ceremony, he simply waved us on when Amaru told him what we were doing, aligned with our pure heart intent. Amaru created a grid with the things we’d found and our crystals, which we sat around in a half circle, and then led us in a special Cosmic initiation he does not do usually – very special. DSCN0907During this I saw a Native American Indian Chief with headdress and later learned that Christopher had this guide show up in his meditation providing his name of Red Cloud, I believe, who was then with him throughout. So we were seeing the same, as would continue to happen through the journey DSCN0910for us all. Amaru came around to each of us and we channeled the Gold Light of the Cosmos, as well as the Blue Light of the Earth and transmuted it all through our hearts, emanating the Green Gold Light. He inititated us each while playing his flute, chanting, doing symbols and had us join in with our first chant of “Nokan Inti Kani – I am the Sun”. We BECAME the Great Central Sun, to carry this energy with us always, during and beyond this journey. After, I gave Amaru a Reiki Initiation Attunement. He is already a Reiki Master of 18+ years,DSCN0906 but he/we felt it important for him to receive this initiation for all that he would be facilitating for our journey, as well as to connect he and I with the combined energetic work we were doing and be a mutual exchange of giving and receiving. After the ceremony, Amaru gifted each of us some of the sacred pieces he used in the ceremony and told us something personal when doing so. I received a Chrysocolla Heart Stone (he said it was for the Healer that I am). During the ceremony he had also honored me with ceremonial knitted-ribbons around my neck (you can see in photo here to the right), feeling as an honoring to work alongside him. And Christopher and Aymey also received special pieces of a crystal and a crystal necklace. The Sun moved behind the clouds during ceremony and then out when we ignited the Sun within us. We then crossed back over the bridge, as a flock of sheep approached us and waited for us to let them pass. DSCN0917Right before this a huge flock of goats were making their way down to the river. Both very appropriate for this year of the Sheep/Goat that we’ve entered. 2015-03-12 14.41.50After, we headed back to our hotel on our 4 hour drive.
sunset2We caught a beautiful first sunset together to kick of the journey, including a small rainbow portal in the clouds. rainbow portalI was in bed at 1 am and up at 4 am, for another early departure. Not much rest for the Cosmic adventurers!

2015-03-13 11.38.59Day 3 – 3/13/15: Today we were off to Cusco, hence our early morning to catch flights out – we were on 3 separate flights, although Aymey and I were together and manifested sitting next to each other through a whole fun exchange. Upon arrival to Cusco we all felt an 2015-03-13 11.41.16immediate shift in energy – lightness, opening, uplifting. After settling into our beautiful hotel with amazing views and beautiful baths, we headed off to our first destination – Qoricancha Temple (Temple of the Golden Consciousness), which is a mission on old Inca ruins where now stands Santo Domingo Catholic Church. We2015-03-13 11.07.25 explored the history and ancient energy here, receiving more insight to the evolvement of things. We then took a walk 2015-03-13 12.30.39and had lunch at an amazing little place with a stunning view in the city square. After lunch we set off for Sacsayhuaman where we used our energy in synergy with each other and held 2015-03-13 13.12.522015-03-13 14.38.032015-03-13 15.23.17off the impending dark clouds and rain, diverting them around and away from us. After our time here, the locals at the parking lot thanked Amaru, as they knew that we had moved the clouds and rain, knowing he is a Shaman and the work we were doing. This assists them 2015-03-13 11.11.48little girlsabundance bullwomenbecause with rain they cannot sell their hand-made items. We explored here and then drove to another near location where there was a cool cave we all really connected with and spent a little time sitting in, tuning in. Back to hotel and before dinner I felt this evening was time for some special healing intentions and setting the tone of the journey for Christopher and Aymey’s intents, as well as my own. So we gathered in Aymey’s room that had a half circle/Moon large window space and table at it, perfect for our altar we created with all of our crystals and sacred things. We sat and talked for about an hour and a half about their intents, challenges, blocks, and deeper discussion of where things are energetically to really connect with it all before I did Reiki Healing Attunements for each of them. We also discussed that now is the time to release, transmute, and ignite as the powerful co-creating beings that we are. It was a very special, intimate, connective gathering that set the tone of our Magickal Triad that we were – creating a pyramid energy between us. At times it was the two females holding the base of the pyramid with the male energy at the point. And at other times, I felt our energies would shift into positioning each of us at the integrative point for what was needed, holding the energy of that space. Every piece integral to the other and supporting and receiving to and from each other. After our session we had a very nice dinner overlooking 2015-03-13 16.25.41the city of Cusco and relaxed in our rooms for an early night of good sleep – my first! Triangles showed up much on this day as symbols everywhere and this would continue throughout the journey, mirroring the three of us and the energy of the three/pyramid that I discussed during our session. A great day really shifting energy in a lighter, opening way. This day was Friday the 13th. 🙂

2015-03-14 08.41.59Day 4 – 3/14/15: Today we made our way after breakfast to a very special site we all really connected with, and which I hadn’t been to on my first trip either, where we did an incredible long ceremony (ceremonies and meditations every day! weeee!). This site is in the 2015-03-14 08.37.382015-03-14 08.31.012015-03-14 08.34.26Chinchero Region and went by several interchangeable names – the Magic Altar or “Willko Umo”, the Sacred Head, and then its secret name: “Qori Uma” meaning Golden Head. This place had such an ancient, alive, nurturing essence where all of the rocks were rich in life and the energy was infused with Faery essence especially amidst the waters trickling through and 2015-03-14 08.59.33the mossy magick. Aymey and I both went off for a little nature bathroom break and saw a black butterfly together and then we returned for our first meditative exercise of seeing ourselves and aura through Amaru, as our mirror. This took us deep within. During this I had a vision of a figure wearing a huge golden headpiece and then realized it was a very large golden head of a dragon with spokes that made up the headpiece. The face of the figure became my own, wearing this golden dragon. Simultaneously a vision of a woman all in white floated through the valley in front of us with an ethereal, transparent robe flowing behind and the then the two images merged into a white ethereal, transparent Dragon flying through the valley. I learned after that Aymey saw a white Dragon too during this. I also saw many visions of what the area may have looked like in the past, including a triangle cave 2015-03-14 10.43.24opening or portal with dimensions that was before me to enter (I later saw this opening at Machu Picchu and recognized what I’d seen). After this and tuning in a bit more…a very powerful place for Aymey here, we went on top of the Mother rock and did an incredible long ceremony with fire, drumming, flute, chanting, singing, and our own meditation supported by all of this. We had created a crystal and sacred altar grid again around the fire. I felt called for this one to place the ring I was wearing – my silver ring that says in Mayan “To Be Reborn”, which felt perfect for this, not realizing consciously what were going to activate. (If you remember, this was the only jewelry I took with me to Iceland, and once again here to Peru, along with 2 necklaces of Orange Kyanite/Flower of Life and Herkimer Diamond/Aqua Aura Quartz). The smoke at first came all at me and when I breathed in, it burned in my nasal passage and throat, which felt to be like transmutational fire that was assisting me, including the energy to move in my cough – cleansing, purifying…and ended up helping my cough to stop for the entire ceremony and for quite some time after. As always, 2015-03-14 10.46.46we cleansed our aura with sacred oil and would hold 3 coca leaves in our left hand, as well as placed some of these on the left side of our mouth during the process. During this ceremony I saw what all seemed to be a place and time elsewhere – not Earth – or perhaps a New Earth. Many visions of light portals and light stars as gateways I would enter and become the light of each one after another. Light infused landscapes, not Earthly, for me to enter and embody. 2015-03-14 10.52.09After our meditation we went to the upper top portion of the rock where Aymey, Christopher and myself all took turns  holding the clay pot that held our fire – now smoke – in our left hand and Condor feathers in our right. I started off and we were each to embody the essence of the Magician, Master, Goddess/God, Leader, Light that we each were and to invoke and activate that in any way that we were moved to, acting from our inner guidance as who we were in totality and once were and always are, rather than the us we identify with only in this life. An 2015-03-14 10.42.47experience of being in our true power to continue to walk in forever. “Being Reborn” was indeed a theme for today and this journey. After our beautiful ceremony we ate some amazing fruit Amaru had picked up at the market for us. We then visited Ollantaytambo – site with its ancestral Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Condor, and Altar of the Cosmic Waters DSCN1114where rain came for the first time, however, here it was perfect and like a purifying cleanse for what we had just experienced, as well as a nourishing and nurturing gift of renewal. We climbed the many steps up to receive activation and then descended to catch our train to Machu Picchu town – Aguas Calientes where we settled in, explored the market and had trainaymey and me train






Day 5 – 3/15/15: Today was Christopher’s birthday and what a way to celebrate by visiting Machu Picchu – the Crystal City – for the first time! Yay! Was so excited for him to experience this powerful time for his special day. We had perfect weather and no rain, with beautiful clear views of the sacred city and grounds all around. There were crowds of people, which is normal for here, but much, much less than when I had been here last time. This is because it was not a high season 2015-03-15 05.10.23tourist time. I noted that much had changed since I was here back in over 7 years ago. Roped off areas, more rules and areas we were able to hike to on the mountain were now only accessible with in-advance specially purchased tickets months ahead. How things shift indeed. But, we always created our own sacred space, moving crowds energetically by will 2015-03-15 05.16.142015-03-15 06.47.232015-03-15 06.46.082015-03-15 06.53.06and it never being an issue. Upon our arrival a butterfly flew to us and directly came at me, literally kissing my lips with its fluttering wings, lingering there a bit. That was such a gift and blessing. And right after that, another butterfly came at me and circled around me. The night before I had been guided to purchase a very large butterfly pendant at the market with stones in all of the Chakra colors/energies. 😉 The butterfly was my first symbol that came to me in this life and represented my path when I began my conscious spiritual journey. This was amazing and butterflies continued to grace us with their presence, one by one later welcoming the rest of the group as well. This day I was also wearing my infinite love t-shirt (a 2015-03-15 05.26.59heart with infinity symbol and wings) that has a Hunab Ku symbol on the back as well, along with my Cosmic Love sweatshirt. Amaru discussed how the butterfly kiss was an honor and recognition. I have also learned that butterflies represent ancestors that are returning. So this was very powerful. 2015-03-15 07.57.142015-03-15 08.08.072015-03-15 08.22.00We hiked up to our first scenic overview where we did a meditation looking out over the sacred city. During this I saw a figure appear wearing a large bird headdress, but the bird was actually alive – seemed to be a small Phoenix. Then there was a procession of headdressed beings when a large Condor appeared over the entire city of Machu Picchu with wings spread and then seemed to turn into a Phoenix energetically with light and fire. A lot of light and 2015-03-15 05.25.09bright star energy lit up the city from it and I took this in and embodied it once again, projecting it across the city and out to the Earth. Then a High Priestess/Magician showed up and I knew it was me, as I saw out from her, wearing a large headdress that was all light and gold. I/she turned into light that projected out and then ascended to the Cosmos. Then I 2015-03-15 05.22.48sent out Golden Green Healing Light from my heart through the center of the city, beaming it out like a beacon across the globe, illuminating the Earth in healing Golden Green Light. During the meditation I also was holding my orange Jade I had also picked up the night before in the market. And when I came out of it, Christopher and Amaru said to sit still, as they were gently removing something from my hair. Apparently a tiny orange insect, that looked somewhat similar to a ladybug, but all orange, had been sitting on the crown of my hair/head. Amaru again said that when they land on you it means you are very blessed and honored. I was, as I know all of us were, feeling very blessed indeed. After our meditation we visited areas 2015-03-15 09.01.30of the city, including the Pachamama stone altar and Sun Dial that Shirley Maclaine touches on in her book “Out on a Limb” – one of my first spiritual introductions along my path when I was 15/16 or so.  Together, we moved the crowd of people at Pachamama altar so that we 2015-03-15 09.27.44could get unobstructed views/photos, as you can see. It then started to rain, as we were leaving. After our descent from the mountain we had lunch outdoors (but under cover) in 2015-03-15 11.21.04town serenaded by beautiful, live Peruvian music, as it rained. Then we shopped the market2015-03-15 14.36.19aguas calientes2015-03-15 14.49.18 – the skies clearing of rain once again to support a beautiful rest of the day. After, we changed into our swimsuits and went to the hot springs for a couple hours before dinner, 2015-03-15 17.31.53which was relaxing. Along the walk to the hot springs I captured many orbs in the night sky 2015-03-15 16.25.152015-03-15 17.36.462015-03-15 17.37.522015-03-15 17.40.45along the river. Then we enjoyed a very lovely dinner at a really nice restaurant to celebrate Christopher’s birthday. Our little family was deepening in connection, as our hearts expanded more and more each day. Oh how I love these souls.

What you’ve read so far concludes Part 1 and to bring the journey full circle you can visit Part 2 here:

Nokan Inti Kani ~ I Am the Sun: Our Sacred Journey to Peru Through My Eyes – PART 2

2015-03-15 18.41.12


A Faery In Iceland ~ Chronicles Of An Epic Birthday Journey & A Glimpse of This Magickal Realm

blue lagoonI’ve returned and although am a bit “misfitted” with the reality I find myself in, it is also not a harsh experience, as I am also feeling very comfortable in my own skin in such a fluid and softened way – definitely in this world, but not of it. I know this will continue to balance out, as I integrate being back, but I also know that on some level things will not be the same again – for I am not the same person who left on Friday, February 20th.

I also know that it is not for me to morph back into the environment here, but rather will be holding/embodying this new energy that I bring and bridged from across the globe that will in fact create alchemy here, to help shift and make aligning adjustments as it seeps out.hike to caves

As always, I keep a journey journal when I’m…well…journeying 🙂 and so what you will be reading is a chronicle of my experiences while immersed in Iceland’s energy, as well as some interesting facts that stood out to share about this beautiful country that is so new, fresh, and pure – holding the essence of renewal and rebirthing we are experiencing as a whole.

So, I do forewarn this will be a long share, as it is a journal of my experiences, things I learned about Iceland, and how it all was seen and felt through my eyes.

If you don’t like to read then you can just explore the photos, but it is an example of the kind of things available to us all to create where ever we are or where ever our courageous hearts lead us.

I don’t detail every little inner experience, process, shift, and expansion that took place, but perhaps through the images and feeling of my words it will come through nonetheless.waterfall

PLUS! If you ever find yourself drawn to explore Iceland, it will give you some ideas of what you can explore, not to mention some interesting info about this magickal land.

I know most people have only time to read brief things, but I share because it is who I am, and who ever wants to read it, or is meant to, will. I find writing to be a very powerful form of processing, integrating, and an outlet for creative energy. It is also a way to connect with, share, and transmit energy with others.hike to caves2

I was so grateful to be experiencing the enchantment of winter. I know many people asked or may have been thinking, “why would you want to go to Iceland in the winter?” Well, because for one, it truly has its own magick to appreciate that can’t be described – all seasons of life are to be honored for their gifts and value. There’s just this sense of cleansing and fresh clarity, as well as mystical and sparkly secrets around every corner. Two, it is the only time you can have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, although is not guaranteed by Nature. 😉 Three, it was my birthday celebration that I felt guided to do in a very extraordinary way this year. And four, I actually do enjoy the winter. Although I get cold very easily, I’ve learned how to layer up, I find the snow enchanting, I’m a winter baby, and there is beauty in the symbolism of winter hope, renewal, and fortitude that is powerful. I never run from the challenges and in doing so, end up integrating the gifts.

My friend Kate Magic had told me about how wonderful the people were and I concur completely. Iceland, herself, is quite an extraordinary place where everything is so simple, peaceful, and with an essence of innocence you don’t much experience. Not to mention is a dimensional doorway to the Other World, the Elemental Realm and Beyond.national park4

I felt myself both evolve and mature on a level that felt so natural and grounded, really knowing and embodying more of who I am in such a gently relaxed way.tania birthday

And there were several themes taking place during the week including rebirth, activation, genuine empowerment, greater clarity and solidity, harmony, duality merging, fearlessness, timelessness, lightness (I literally lost 5+ pounds – which is a lot for a wee Faery – and have been experiencing a natural physical cleansing/detoxing upon return), connection, and magick.happy with horses

Iceland is the land of fire and ice, and I definitely felt those energies surging through me both in the physical and spiritual sense.

The only piece of jewelry I was guided to bring and wear while in Iceland just so happened to be a Mayan-inspired ring I had engraved about 10 or so years ago. Go figure!! Mayan in Iceland..well that isn’t too far from the truth. 😉

The ring is a very wide silver band with the Mayan phrase ká a yaán tah, meaning “to be reborn” etched around the outside.

And there definitely feels to have been a sort of rebirthing that was taking place leading up to and during this journey. During my time wearing it in the geothermal hot springs it was continually shifting and changing color because of the sulfur – mirroring my transformations I was recalibrating within. At times looking copper with touches of blue emerging. But then it would morph again and upon returning home it is all back to silver, except the center area where the engraving is, is slightly copper still, which symbolizes to me the change has rooted within me and will now be carried forth in a new sand beach2

I can’t tell you how I looked forward to this week to myself. And I can’t tell you how piled on everything was right until before leaving. I was astounded at how I managed to do EVERYTHING I intended before I left, AND still got to bed at 10 pm, giving me a good 7 hour sleep night before traveling. Unheard of, in my land that is. It has happened on occasions counted by fewer fingers than I have on one hand…in my lifetime. 🙂

But magick was afoot. The Elven enchantment had already reached its hand across the globe to me and pulled me on through to the Otherworld Realm with ease.violet faery light

I didn’t know how I was going to leave my little ones, especially Cosmo. Joy has become accustomed to my travels and tuning in with me, so I did prepare Cosmo and told him how he too could be with me. And he was since I left, including his sweet smell lingering on my hands the first half of my journey abroad, as I bathed and cuddled him bunches before leaving.

And everything on my first travel day, went like clock-work. I sent energy to have all connections, transfers, and excursions link up, as if one was late, it would throw everything off. And what do you know?…everything was either on time, or early and perfectly synchronized.goose and violet ray

2/20 Friday: Upon arrival in Seattle, my Gate to Iceland was #11 – mmmhmmm and I was on a mission to read my entire book “The Last Unicorn”. For some reason it felt important. I’d actually started into it several weeks back, but had only read about 40 pages. The other nearly 260 I felt needed to be done before getting to Iceland. Coincidentally, I was also wearing a Unicorn sweater with the word “Imagination” on it to begin the day. It got wet when I was bathing Cosmo, so it then switched to a white sweater with a dove that said “Peace on Earth”.

The day before my leaving I got my hair trimmed and styled with new bangs I didn’t have. I needed change. I wanted change. And I had been feeling the full on bangs coming for a while. All part of the “rebirthing” new energy.

And birthday energy was abound, not just being that this trip celebrated and would be over my birthday, but my birthday numbers were always showing up throughout my time away: 2/26…2:26…226…26. Even my airplane seat to Iceland was 26A and returning it was 26F. And on every single flight (all 4 going and returning)…nobody sat in the middle seat between myself and the other person, leaving it quite comfy and energetically spacious.snow stairs

2/21 Saturday: I arrived on Saturday 2/21 in Iceland at 6:50 am being welcomed by 6 degrees Celsius (21.2 degrees Fahrenheit) weather, a super easy breezy airport to get through (without customs forms, crazy inspections, lines, or questioning) and baggage awaiting me as soon as I got to baggage claim.

I only rested/slept on and off for maybe 3 hours and on my day went, as once I arrived and got transferred to the apartment I was renting, I had just enough time to settle in, shower, change, and meet my next transfer to the Blue

I purposefully set this up as my first day so that I could unwind and relax, ground myself and immerse in the natural energy of Iceland, and literally do nothing but soak in the geothermal pools, saunas, pampering, and gourmet food. What a change for me! A week all about me and nurturing my every whim.

I’d heard the Blue Lagoon was a must visit and that it is considered one of the 25 Wonders of the World.

blue4So, although it is a bit more touristy, I felt this first trip to Iceland would be both about exploring/seeing the main highlights, while also soaking up a little local color once my magickal Faery friend, Kate Magic, arrived to join me at the tail end of my journey. I wanted to make sure to see the things I wouldn’t have to see again, so a next trip could be about a different kind of exploration.

But I still wanted to make sure to choose the right things for the right days that felt aligned, as there are many things to choose from to do in Iceland.blue2

It seemed I picked the best of both worlds, and even the apartment I rented through Airbnb, ended up being RIGHT where the company I booked my excursions through was able to pick me up next door to where I was staying, which made things REALLY convenient and without having to walk all over with luggage or whatever.

apartmentI also happened to love the street address of the place “55”, which is my favorite number doubled for double the fun of “bring on the change baby!”apartment2

Anyway, my first day was lovely and I so enjoyed going it alone. On the way to catch the second bus we passed by an area in town where a little lake had frozen over, but one end had some water and there in the water were like 75+ giant white swans mixed in with some geese. WHAT A SIGHT!!

I had never seen such a huge flock of swans in my life and I told myself that at some point I would go walk to it and immerse in their energy (which I did on my last day).beautiful swans

The driver told me I was lucky, as the day I arrived it was the best winter weather they’d had in years and before this it was snowy, cloudy, wet. But this first day was clear and brisk. A lovely day for the Blue Lagoon indeed. I was told the night before that the people had seen the Northern Lights, but unfortunately this night was not good viewing, so my trip was cancelled. I knew it meant there’d be a better night and that I was meant to catch some much needed zzzzzzz’s, as otherwise I’d get hardly any in 3 days, since the Northern Lights trip is an all-nighter.

Elves and Faeries already looking after me…patience they say…patience.

Just as we were about to embark on the bus ride over to the Blue Lagoon this woman with really odd and brash energy came onto the bus. There were many seats open, but she insisted to tell me to move my bag so she could sit next to me. I just politely moved it to my lap and said, “sure” without any of my energy shifting in reaction to hers (I was in peace and calm and would remain so throughout this trip), although thought it odd she “had” to sit there.

Well, something happened because about three minutes later, after she’d given the driver her info and time she wanted to be picked up at the end of the day, she suddenly got up right before he was about to close the doors for us to go, and said to him, “I don’t want to go anymore. I just don’t want to go.” And off the bus she walked, down the street, and disappeared. VERY interesting and yet not surprising giving the energy I was holding and reflecting. 😉

blue3And so off we went to the Blue Lagoon where I did enjoy the pools, sauna, steam rooms, waterfall, put the white silica mud on my body, and sat at my own table in the more upscale LAVA Restaurant enjoying my amazing two course lunch and green tea before heading into the beckoning warm waters.

blue lagoon lunchThe Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that is definitely an experience worth visiting and it’s nice if you aren’t rushed and can just take it at your own pace, as I did.

I was there from 12 – 5 and that seemed perfect to me without feeling I had to hurry to make it somewhere, as some people book it in between their excursion or with a short time before catching a flight out.

But on my way out I ended up meeting two other solo travelers. One, a young man Kevin from France exploring Iceland for his first time (my mom is half French/born in France). And then later a young woman (I didn’t catch her name, as we were briefer) that was also exploring Iceland for her first time as her birthday trip too! Her birthday was just a few days before mine. Very cool to “stumble” upon these two quite NOT arbitrarily.

LAVA diningFun, fun! I also didn’t happen to mind the sweet Icelandic waitress who asked me how old I was in the restaurant when I shared I was there for my birthday, nearly losing her eyes out of her socket when I told her I was turning 42. She proceeded to ask if I spend a lot of time in the sun (which I do) and what I do to not have wrinkles and if I’d spent a lot of time visiting the Blue Lagoon on travels since people come there to rejuvenate and reverse the aging process with the mud, algae, and the waters. It was VERY sweet and cute and I was actually quite shy over it having her eye me so much, as she looked me over.

I thought to myself…just stoking that Faery fire consistently…hehe 😉 And this shock at my age continued throughout the journey, as well as the surprise I was traveling and celebrating my birthday on my own, although everyone then thought it was very cool, wishing they also had the courage to do that.

2/22 Sunday: Then, as all things are fleeting and ever-changing, I woke up the next morning after a wonderful 10+ hour sleep, to snow that had fallen in the night. This also created a very wind chilled, cloudy day and although I was up at 8am, sunrise isn’t until 8:45 – 9 am, so it was quite a contrasting morning to the bright beauty of yesterday’s Blue Lagoon.

That said, it was lovely to wake to snow when the sun rose. And due to the weather, my excursion was cancelled. Rather than get upset about it, I knew there had to be a plan in action. Part of it, I felt was to get some relaxing in and to also sink my energy a bit deeper into actually being here before setting off to explore other realms. I found myself so calm, unaffected by anything, and any nervousness or anxiety I could have or might have gotten in the past, was non-existent.

And of course I was able to reschedule and shift around my remaining days, so I could still get everything in that I wanted. When you just allow, things fall into place without the stress and anxiety.

But I did wait outside for nearly an hour for my bus in the cold, as they were so backed up in contacting everyone about the change, they hadn’t yet had chance to tell me. I got a hold of them on the phone finally though. Standing outside gave me a chance to see how my 6 layers of tops and 2 layers of bottoms would keep me warm for the day ahead. And it worked like a charm. It also showed me how easy it is to shift and flow with change, without getting worried, just accepting and allowing what is, to just be.horses2

So after finding out the change of plan, I decided to have a quiet, close-to-town day to explore a bit. I looked at a few things online and mapped them out and off I went. First stop was the local grocery store, just 3 minutes walk away. I explored the food and picked up some apples, grapes, blueberries, and figs. Then dropped them home and went back out walking Laugavegur where all of the shops, galleries, and restaurants are.

It was quite the gift to have such a well-situated apartment just minutes from literally everything.

After I walked for a bit, as I’m not much of a shopper, I then walked down a bit further along the water and stopped in at a little hidden spot – Kex Hostel. I’d read in Helga’s notes (the woman I rented the apartment from) that this was one of the out-of-the-way places you could get a tea or coffee and look out at the water.kex hostel

It would sort of be missed if you weren’t looking for it and the door was locked to get in. Not knowing how things worked with the buzzer, I just waited a minute and people came out, which allowed me access in. I went up the stairs and found it to be such a quaint, cozy, welcoming, community setting with a lot of eclectic antique decor and tons of lounge space to hang out, a bar to order food and drink at, and yes a table overlooking the water for me.

I asked the bar tender if they had anything vegan when he showed me the menu and he asked the cook, whom was happy to make one of the items from the dinner menu – vegetarian he’d easily just exclude the cheese from for me. And it ended up being a really good salad over grilled zucchini with an amazing spicy vinaigrette-like sauce and toasted pine nuts. I ordered a raspberry ginseng tea along with it and sat to eat and write in my journal, at my little shared table with another young woman, overlooking the ocean. It was fun to sit there enjoying the people coming in and out and keeping warm, as the wind was picking up outside.

While I was eating I quickly scanned the room and nearly fell over at the things, one by one, that caught my eye. First there was a large column wall in the center with letters all over it that people can spell things out on and immediately the first two things I saw were “love” and Happy Birthday!”

Then I looked to the left and my eyes found a giant rabbit sitting on the top of the book shelves. Directly after that my eyes scanned a little down to the left and in the forefront and on a side shelf table I found an old tattered, large ticket stub with large black numbers “226” – my birthday numbers again. 🙂

It was amazing how it was like connect-a-dot, my eyes going from one to the next, to the next, without anything else in between.

I knew I was where I was supposed to be and being watched over, although I have to say I felt moreso like I was in my own time bubble on this trip. Even though I interact now and then, those things feel very deliberate and I move quickly in and out to do so.

I learned while sitting there exploring some info about Iceland, that water is its finest drink and is free. I found this very true, as the water has a flawless taste of mountain brook. It can be streamed straight from the tap and is among the cleanest in the world. I’d been drinking and putting the cold water in my bottle each day from the apartment tap, which Helga had mentioned to do and it was amazing.

geysir3I also learned about Iceland having the highest ratio of swimming pools per human in the world. It is a public activity that is fundamental to Icelandic culture and because the country has an abundance of geothermal energy, for a modest price people can swim outdoors all year.

There are baths and pools all over and in the first two days of being here I’ve already been to one each day (and by the end of the trip, I’d been to one every day of 5 days out of the 6 full days I was there – lots of healing/relaxing action going on!!)

Which brings me to what I did next after my meal and break at Kex Hostel.

I walked up to Sundhollin, which is the oldest (built in 1937) pool in Reykjavik. It is also the only indoor pool, but does have outdoor jacuzzis – all natural hot spring water. This place is popular with the locals and has a certain level of authenticity because of that (not touristy at all). Of course it is only 3 minutes walk from my apartment too. So I stopped in to relax and get warm, while experiencing this in contrast to the more touristy Blue Lagoon.

Just under $5 gets you in for the day and another about $4 for towel rental if you don’t have one. I hung out for about 3 hours. You have to always cleanse yourself in the showers before entering the pools anywhere and then off you go. I spent most of my time in the hottest jacuzzi up on the roof and then a bit in the pool inside, downstairs, and in the steam room up on top. It was really fun and quite the contrast to be in the frigid wind with little snowflake flurries wizzing past and at my face and settling on me, while I soaked in the hot water. I enjoyed keeping my upper body from chest up, out in the cold and the rest of me in the hot water – the contrast was perfect in my opinion, as I happen not to like being immersed in hot water for long up to my neck.

What I realized in these first two days is that me and my tattooed dark skin are quite the spectacle causing many an eye to stare at the baths, which is kind of an interesting experience, as for me it’s just who I am and I don’t think anything of it. They were not odd stares, but intrigued ones and as if they’d not seen anything like it before. So there was definitely a cool energetic infusion taking place from the energy of my tattoos, as they connected to each person and imparted a vibrational activation to each.

And it was my tattoos that struck up a conversation with a guy who had just moved to Iceland in November from Northern Italy, near Milan. He is an artist and does a lot of drawing and asked if I knew any Iceland tattoo artists, as he was trying to show them his work – drawings he does that, in his own words are “magical, spiritual, and mythological”. Hmmmm, sound familiar?

Of all the people to talk to, here is this guy who came to Iceland to pursue his drawing and art (he told me of another project as well) and was able to get a good job working prep and cooking in a kitchen while he works on and supports his passion of art – a style like tattoo work (and the work I wear on my body he says) that he’s trying to get out there.

As he left (it was his only day off – go figure) I told him to keep believing and that things would open up for him. He said, “thank you” and “thank you for being here today”. I could tell that these were the exact words he needed to hear to help fuel his fire and our meeting was an alignment synchronously created just for that.

After I dried off and got back on my 6 layers, I made my way over to Glo, a vegan, raw, and vegetarian restaurant chain with now 5 restaurants in Iceland (they recently opened the new and large 5th). I went to the one close to my apartment of course, since I could walk there easily in 5 minutes. There was a line to order, but I immediately knew what I wanted – they have about 5 things on the menu choice, then you get to choose 3 of like 10 salads to go with it, and of course I got a dessert.glo dinner

I ordered the raw vegan coconut curry soup – amazing!! that came with awesome raw vegan bread – mmmmm! and picked some kind of rosemary potatoes, an orange, fennel, yam salad, and a cauliflower, chickpea, eggplant, caper salad. All was great. I finished it off with a piece of raw vegan Snicker’s pie. Wow! I was stuffed, but warm from the inside out for my walk back and cozy time in bed before a big day ahead.

2/23 Monday: This was a very full day’s experience and truly one of my favorites. I went on an 11 hour excursion to the South Coast and continued immediately on a Northern Lights expedition directly after for another 7 hours. Sounds incredibly exhausting and dragging, but as mentioned, timelessness seemed to be a theme here. Everything seemed to move so fast. What seemed like an hour or two was actually 6 or 7. It was incredible how rich each moment was and yet it all flew by.

southcoast village vikBut this excursion was really special. It journeyed to two waterfalls, an indoor and outdoor museum, the coastal village of Vik (southern-most village in Iceland with population of 300), two black and beaches, Dyrholaey (a naturally formed rock arch), dramatic basalt stacks of Reynisdrangar, and a farmhouse where one of the volcano eruptions had struck just several years ago. So it was an early day starting at 8 am and a very late night. I did not get back until about 3:30 am and wasn’t in bed until about 4 am. Given I woke at 6 am, it was a nearly 24 hour day.

A little Iceland background: Iceland has a population of just under 330,000 people, but is growing fast, as in 1900 there was just over only 5000 people. Reykjavik means Bay of Smoke or Smokey Bay. It is named by a Viking who when he saw the area while arriving from boat, saw what he thought to be smoke from fire. In actuality the smoke was steam from all of the geothermal activity.

national park3There are not many trees in Iceland and those that ARE around are not very tall. 25% of Iceland used to be covered with woods, but now only about 1.5% is. This is because when the Vikings arrived, they needed wood to build and so basically all the trees disappeared and were destroyed, which also affected the winters causing them to become longer too. Reforesting efforts have taken place to cultivate the original Icelandic trees and trees were brought in from Alaska and Siberia as homes2

Life in a volcanic country is unique. Every 1 – 5 years there is volcanic eruptions that happen. And earthquakes are a daily experience. There is a lot of natural hot water and geothermal activity, so this enables the people to be able to heat pavement, driveways, and pools. There are many geothermal spas and even a warm beach where they have been able to heat the water. Swimming and baths are an important and natural part of Icelandic life. And the cold water is so pure – some of the cleanest in the world – you can drink it right from the tap, as I mentioned and have been doing. Water is abundant and provided free everywhere. And it truly is wonderful tasting and silky. I noticed my hair being so smooth and shiny after washing without use of conditioner (which I never use anyway).museum

One day I just remember this sense of clean purity that washed over me being in Iceland and it wasn’t just about the water 😉

Grain is imported, and most of all of the fruit is too. Meat and dairy is hardly ever imported, as they produce that themselves abundantly. While I’m not a supporter of eating meat and dairy myself, I am happy to see that the animals in Iceland are not farm factory raised and are out grazing the lovely fields freely. Blueberries, black currants, strawberries, and crow berries are found locally. Most vegetables are grown in Iceland too, except in the winter they import some. But they have many greenhouses to assist with growing in the harsher cold temperatures, which I enjoyed seeing by day and evening, all lit up.greenhouses

There are barley fields all around because of one farmer. He was determined and tried growing them and it worked. And after watching him, other farmers then too began to grow it themselves when they learned. This farmer is now trying wheat so we’ll see how it goes and if it too catches on with everyone once he learns the ins and outs.

waterfall5Names of things in Iceland all mean something. Skogafoss Waterfall (which we were heading to) means “the forest”. It is said that a hidden treasure lies beneath the falls, buried by the Vikings. Vikings believed when they died they would come back and fetch the treasure. Before the Vikings, there were few Irish monks that lived in Iceland and my friend Kate later in the week shared that the Vikings would pick up Irish women on the way to Iceland so this is where a mix of the Irish warmth and values merges with the Viking determination, adventure, and fortitude of the people.

mountainAs I was listening to all of this information on the drive, I turned to the left and my eye caught the numbers on the dashboard. I’m not sure what the reading was for, but when I looked it read 22.6 in red glows….again my birthday showing up.

It wasn’t long after this, by our first stop, that I met Fey and Chris. We became a threesome of faery and elf energy for the 11 hours. Fey came from Malaysia and Chris from Boston. Both of them were so light and full of twinkly energy. Fey’s name itself was such a giveaway to that – pronounced just like Fae. He was really a path maker, as he would always forge the path no one was following. Chris was simply sweet and joyous with his jovial face and kind heartedness. We all had very independent, walk (skip or fly)-to-the-beat-of-our-own-drum, explorative energy. So it made the day fun.

museum homesWe first visited a museum that both had artifacts inside to explore, as well as some old dwellings outside. The history of Iceland is young, so things do not go back that far, although the land itself is richly invigorated with many a story and energetic imprint to impart.

two headed sheepThere were some interesting things at the museum…one of which was a small lamb that had two heads and three eyes. It was quite odd, but also quite interesting, as the 3rd eye was exactly dead center of the third eye. It seemed quite symbolic of this integrative, innocent energy that intuits from that sacred feminine connection.

We then explored, as mentioned, two black sand beaches where there were crazy waves and currents. We were warned not to go too close to the water, as it would immediately sweep us away and off to Antarctica because that’s where the current flows.

southcoast2They were not kidding, as those waves were wild and one moment they weren’t on the shore and the next they were. They had a lot of accidents happen and not so happy endings, which is where the warnings came sand beach4black sand beach3southcoast5southcoast4southcoast

There were very cool basalt formations like steps you could climb and sit on, very cool large rock formations and tumbled pebbles along the black sand beach.basalt and icicles

basalt I found one stone that reminded me of the Faery Stones, with etched designs in it that came home with me.

heart rockI also came upon a heart rock on the beach, as well as three perfect white feathers, all the same size, that were naturally connected at the bottom. I thought 3 to be interesting to find, since by birth I’m a number 3 and 3 is also about integration and creative abundance energy. The number 3 showed up again several times later, including the auroral activity level on a special night and the number of the bus I road then too.feathers

iciclesicicles2This day was quite windy, but not the storms like the day before. Yet, when we would visit the waterfalls it always felt like they called up the air element power, as the wind would rage through and felt to come off of the falls and just surge through the body making them feel like these forces – gods and goddesses and a bridge between otherworlds one could enter if they uncovered the key.waterfall4

waterfall6Between that and their watery mist, and any precipitation in the air, it was always quite powerful and frigid, but in this incredibly invigorating and revitalizing way. Not to mention, each waterfall was totally enchanted and you could just hear the magick singing and sparkling from them, creating chills throughout your body of immense and overwhelming beauty.waterfalls

We also explored a glacier, which was absolutely amazing too.glacier I’d seen quite a few of these in Alaska, but this one had its own energy and was a lovely pale blue. The walk up by the glacial lake was stunning and the glacier itself was awe-inspiring. There was a lot of similarities to things here in Iceland, as in Alaska. Some of the differences being an energetic thing, as well as the volcanic energy and geothermal hot springs, but in general also a lightness vibrationally.glacier pool

And we also visited a farmhouse that had been in the eye of Eyja Fjalla Jokull’s path when she erupted in 2010. This was an ash eruption that followed a lava eruption from another volcano just before it. These back to back eruptions created a lot of damage, but this farmhouse showed how determination and belief would see them through. We watched a movie about the tons of ashes that covered everything and how they cleared it out and revived everything. Some ash is actually good for the ground with its mineralization that helps with growth. Too much though is simply not good.iceland7

horsesThe land between stops was just beautiful. You can see horses throughout, sheep, cattle…I could picture the land in my mind’s eye both in winter and summer and really appreciated being able to see the beauty in all of it.horses3

We arrived back from our long, but seemingly short day, around 7pm. It was Fey’s last day, so we bid him a farewell for now, as Chris and I had both booked the same Deluxe Northern Lights excursion for that night. So we hopped on another bus and got ready for the adventurous night ahead.

All other Northern Lights excursions were cancelled because they are shorter. Ours was a longer one, which is the only reason they let it go because it provided more opportunity to drive farther and potentially past the stormy night areas that the others wouldn’t be able to in their short time out.

On the way we learned much about the Northern Lights, as I always did learn a ton listening to the very interesting and experienced guides. There are three factors that need to be at work in order to make it opportune for the Northern Lights to show up:

  1. There has to be high auroral activity
  2. There needs to be darkness (no light pollution)
  3. There needs to be clear skies (seeing the stars and moon preferably)

This night we had #1 and 2, but were in search of an area that had #3. Things in Iceland change by the minute, so it is always possible to have a huge storm one moment and then 10 minutes later, have it blow over to clear skies.

So we journeyed off and stopped at about 4 locations along our night’s adventure to see what we could see. The journey included blankets and pillows, as well as a dinner stop with dinner included, and a hot refreshment stop as well.

There was talk about Elves (The Huldufólk or the Hidden People) this night and how many people believe in them. There is actually a city (Hafnarfjordur) where every inhabitant there believes strongly, so strongly that they will not build anything unless it is in alignment with the Elves and doesn’t take away their homeland areas. There are true stories about how people have had things happen to them, including death, or something stops the building, if they do not heed the warnings and honor the Elves.southcoast church

There was also talk of Trolls and how the ones here in Iceland are good luck. There was a lovely story of one Troll shared and then stories of the Elves and how they show up for people. It is said they are mostly only seen by children and only show themselves when they want to adults, but it’s believed that the way they do that is by showing themselves in the Northern Lights. When you see them you can understand this, as it is like a ballroom dance of Elves in the green lights that take place (green is the most common color to be seen).

Elves are said to live in the lava fields especially in that one city – (Hafnarfjordur). They also live in the mountains, hills, rocks, and stones.

In Iceland you can actually study Elves for 3 semesters in school. The first semester is on Elf Genesis 😉

But back to the night’s adventure….the first about hour or a bit over an hour drive took us to a restaurant called The Blue Ocean. By the name I figured they’d have nothing for me to eat, but I didn’t care much as I was always carrying my vegan snacks with me – all raw except for my amazing granola. I was actually 95-100% raw on this trip, which was really fitting for the energy and what I was activating and renewing. It also might sound odd, given it was so cold, that I’d be eating raw, but truly if you eat the right things it doesn’t make a difference. Although, the weather wasn’t colder than in the 20’s, usually around mid to upper 20’s with the occasional lower twenties and sometimes 30ish. The wind factor is what makes it colder, but truly when the wind wasn’t around, it was really amazingly nice.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that they actually had a vegan option. And not only vegan, but gluten free too! For everyone else, but maybe three or four of us there was a lobster soup. For the veg peeps there was an amazing, I think broccoli soup, which was fantastic. At first I thought I’d not be able to eat it, because it was creamy, but when I asked they said it was actually made with soy milk and no gluten in it. Who knew?! There always seemed to be a vegan option to be found when you least expected it, like at Kex Hostel. Kate later told me it had to do with Solla – the owner of the Glo restaurant chain, whom I’ll talk about a bit later, and her influence on Iceland’s diet and shifting eating habits.

We first journeyed to the Bridge between Continents where the 2 tectonic plates meet – Eurasian and North American. It was so stormy as we walked out of the bus and made our way along the path to the bridge, but wow!! Everything reminded me of these Lord of the Rings treks and this one was really powerful.

bridgevoid tectonics bridgebridge 2Chris and I stood on the bridge that literally straddles the gorge between the two plates. It was otherworldly in the black of the night and storm, with seeing just hints of the rocky gorge, but feeling the deep, dark, density and unknown underworld below. The photos I took are of this gorge in the dark of the night with interesting things showing up amidst the stormy mystery. We also kept joking about The Goonies, having both seen it many times over our growing up period. We were all hooded up and layered and on these adventures like them…giggling a lot.

This area, usually a site where the Northern Lights can be seen, was obviously too stormy of a night for that tonight.

When we got back from this frigid walk to the bridge we were served up coffee, tea, or hot chocolate by the bus. They opened the bottom of the bus and created a refreshment truck out in the middle of nowhere, which was great fun and yummy warm.

We then headed off to the two lighthouses for our next Northern Lights lookout. It ended up proving not successful, after staying around there for an hour or so waiting out the storm. But it was fun to step out on the balcony of the restaurant by the lighthouse, in intervals, in the storm over-looking the water.

Then on the bus we went again and on our way back to Reykjavik where we’d go through one more area that is usually a good Northern Lights sighting area. But the sky never did open enough, despite our patience.

Yet, it was a really fun night all around with much adventure in the dark and mystery, and there is something to be said about experiencing and being in stormy weather.

AND, because we had chosen this deluxe excursion, they offer a free shorter excursion if you don’t end up seeing the Northern Lights, so that you can return and try again.

Both Chris and I knew we wanted to do that and so we both figured we’d be seeing each other the next night again for the later 8pm excursion if all went well. I wasn’t actually sure if I could, as my friend Kate Magic from England was going to be arriving then to spend the last 2 and a half days with me. So I kept it in mind to see how things would go.

As mentioned I was back around 3:30 am and had a very short night’s sleep upon hitting the pillow at 4. But wow, what a day!

national park22/24 Tuesday: this day marked Joy’s and my 6 year anniversary together. So I already knew it was a special day and she’d be connecting with me. All of my little ones and soul companions on Earth and off Earth were with me always, but today was a kind of pre-birthday celebration since Joy had come home with me as a birthday gift, two days before my actual birthday in 2009.

This day was another long and full day ahead. Destination – Golden Circle and Fontana Baths. This would be a day of seeing the amazing Golfoss Waterfall (or Golden Waterfall), Geysir hot springs and crater, as well as walking through the National Park and an area of the separating tectonic plates and enjoying the wonderful baths.

national parkChris was also doing a Golden Circle excursion, but we were not together because I’d opted for a longer one to pamper myself in between the day with some soaking in the hot springs time. But we did run into each other in the morning once for a hug, which proved to be our last for this trip, unbeknownst to us. This excursion originally had been scheduled for Sunday, but the weather cancelled it, making it happen on this day.

When I was picked up in the morning it was feeling like a new day. Each day was like renewal itself, as it was shifting moment to moment, day to day. The female driver (first female picking me up) that came was such a happy and energetic soul. I sat down and she switched radio stations…and what comes on is “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis. I had to smile so big to myself, as she started singing and dancing in her seat. This was the energy setting the tone for this day that would end up being a blessed and magickal gift.

The driver who then became the guide was very funny and fluid with her comedy and high energy. She was also really proficient with tons of great info to impart.

Always I was learning more, and today some things included:

  • Reykjavik being the most northern capital of the world
  • Iceland is being torn away tectonically
  • Iceland being one of the most environmentally conscious and peaceful countries in the world (lowest crime – as most of it is by foreigners), even international prisoners that are kept in the Iceland prison say it is like being in heaven (as they get a lot of amenities and things they wouldn’t elsewhere because of Iceland laws including a television for each)
  • There are no McDonalds in the country (it went out of business)
  • The KFC’s have no trans fat
  • There’s a 99.9% literacy rate – which is the highest in the world
  • There’s more golf courses per capita than anywhere (67 golf courses in all and 17,000 members)
  • There’s more pools per capita than anywhere

Very interesting indeed.

First we stopped at the National Park, which was a lovely walk and interesting to walk the tectonic plate path.

fontana bathAfter this I and 6 others (3 couples) departed the bus, while the others went on, so we could take in 3 hours of relaxing at the Fontana Bath in the midst of our excursion. I was surprised not more people did this, as it truly provided a relaxing and renewing experience admist the day’s stops and for a mere $18 more you could enjoy yet another lovely hot springs bath experience that included lunch.

These baths overlook a hot springs lake and were truly lovely. Whereas the Blue Lagoon is much larger and with more people, this was a nice off-the-beaten-track, quieter place to soak the enriching air and water in. Here, I met Ivan and Jamie from Los Angeles of all places. They were coming through on their own – Jamie’s fiancé had stayed in the restaurant while the two of them enjoyed the baths. Like with most of the people I met, it was as if I knew them. They were soul familiar and so easy to talk to. I really enjoyed the brief time we had to connect and hope since we’re so close by means of where we live, that we’ll connect again at home.

After soaking for a couple hours, I changed and went to the restaurant. I originally had no idea they offered lunch as part of the package, and was pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful ginger soup option that was truly amazing! Ivan and Jamie came out too and introduced me to Kelly, Jamie’s fiancé. Ivan was traveling alone like me (as it seemed most of the people I would connect with were too – I love that!)

lava breadThey then took people outside to show them how they made the lava bread that is geothermally baked in the ground, which the fresh loaf was then brought indoors to cut and disperse to all who wanted. I couldn’t unfortunately try it because it’s made with milk, but it definitely was interesting to hear about.

gollfossThen it was off to Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall. A new bus picked me and the 3 couples up and we made our way. It was so stormy when we got there, but I truly feel that the waterfall itself is what creates this, as the wind and sleet-like sheets that came at you felt to come directly off the waterfall. There was an icy (as was usually the case to be cautious of) walk down and up to see it from two angles, but wow!!

gollfoss3It was like this raging entity of power that just went in and through me…despite the cold, the wind that would like to knock me over if it could, and the sheets of sleet, I just stood there solid and centered, facing it directly and taking in all that this powerful life force wanted to bring on. It did not feel like a rage, but a force that could be harnessed by those who knew how and who stood their own with it. It was exhilarating and empowering.

gollfoss2I felt like I became the waterfall in my integrating and receiving its energy rather than hiding, leaving, or being cut down or weakened in its presence. I felt much stronger in fact and bigger, as I took the pounding over and over like an activation pulsing through me.

After the waterfall we explored the Geysirs and got to see the one go off every four minutes, which was really cool shooting up into the air.geysir

geysir2craterAnd then we were off back to Reykjavik.

What I failed to mention is that this is day was the only day I did not have wi-fi access. This was important only because I was keeping in touch with my friend Kate Magic via this way and this day, in the evening, she was going to be arriving and then teaching a raw chocolate course at the restaurant Glo.

So, for whatever reason, although I learned why later, we were unable to communicate this day. She was going to try to coordinate my arrival back from my excursion with somehow getting me to the restaurant, which was too far to walk and the buses weren’t really an option.

However, it became more clear as the day went on, that I was not to meet up with her that evening. Not only was my excursion running later, having me back around 7:30/7:45 pm, but her course was from 6-9pm, which means my rushing there would be almost meaningless, as I wouldn’t catch hardly any of it. I made the decision on the bus, since I couldn’t get in touch with her that I was going to for sure use the free Northern Lights excursion and join Chris on that for the 8pm one out. I had tuned in and gotten a loud green light that said this was what I was to do.

Not long after deciding this, the guide announces on the bus that the Northern Lights excursion is on for the night, as they make a decision each night between 4-6pm based on the weather. Apparently it was a really good potential, as not only would this excursion go out, but they were going to be sending off 24 buses that night! That’s huge! So I knew something was brewing.

My Saturday night had been cancelled due to weather, Sunday night weather was too bad so it didn’t work then either. Monday night we tried, but weather was still not good. So now we’re at Tuesday with my chances dwindling down, as I was going to be with Kate the next two days and only one of the days we were going to try the Northern Lights with a friend of hers that said he’d take us out.

Anyway, I got off the bus and went to set up my ticket for the Northern Lights leaving in just a few minutes. Since Chris and I were on different excursions, I couldn’t find him amidst the 24 buses of people loading and coming in and out. So I just got on my bus and felt things were as they should be. As my bus pulled away, I ended up seeing Chris in line outside, but it was too late. For what ever reason I/we were meant to experience this on our own.

And off we drove straight to the light houses again, for the second night. I just increasingly was having this knowingness it was going to happen. And I watched as we drove, how the sky was getting more and more clear….the stars and moon coming out brightly. And not long before we arrived at the lighthouses I saw a small group of Icelandic horses lined up right next to the road, so that they were right there by my window like sentinels. I got chills throughout my body, feeling they were a sign, since I had such a connection to horses and one of the things I wanted to do on this trip was to see them and to get up close and touch them.

One by one the buses arrived at the lighthouses. 12 had gone another route to a different location. But 12 were here where I was, back at the same spot as last night. I later learned that Chris in fact had been on one of the 12 buses also going to the lighthouses, so although we didn’t find each other, we were in the same spot energetically together.

And when I stepped outside it was like night and day. The night before was wildly stormy with winds and some wetness, but tonight was pure stillness. Not a wind at all, ALL night we were there. And the skies were so clear you could see the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt, etc., as well as the crisp Crescent Moon.

I made my way out across the snowed over sanded rocks to the rock barrier that divides the ocean from the lighthouse and stood for a while looking at the sky. I then started tuning in with myself and with Nestor, Joy, Gaia, and Cosmo, as well as my Cosmic family. I did some inner centering and integrating, blending my Earth and Star body, as well as owning and embodying the power that I have within. I asked the Faeries and Elves, along with my soul companions mentioned, for a reflection and gift so that we may mirror each other in celebration. This felt to be for maybe 45 minutes to an hour or so, but time is so weird here I’m not sure.

I then took a seat on the rocks and looked out over the ocean to the North, where they said to look, just under the Big Dipper. And it was no more than minutes that I started to see something emerge in the sky ahead and I just knew it was starting, even though I had no idea what it would be like or what to expect.

And it did. Little by little as the sky parted even more where there was a slight haze across the horizon, the dance began.

NL Erick Pessoa www.epessoa.comAt first it was like a cloudy form of pale green growing and it soon turned into an arched green rainbow across the sky and over to the lighthouse.

Northern_Lights-0853Then in between the arch and to the right, shapes started to form and areas became more intense green and they started floating and twisting, skipping, and twirling.

I saw at times a rose and yes, in fact a rabbit standing on two legs, more human-like, even showed itself.Northern_Lights-085

During this time a man had come to sit by me, once the lights had started. He set up his camera with timer and stand on the rocks and every 30 seconds or so his camera took photos, as the delay was necessary.Northern_Lights-

I had been trying to change my camera settings, but couldn’t get things to work. And in the midst of that my camera battery was dying. I asked if he could help and he tried, but my camera battery fully died. I knew then I was not needing to take photos, but to fully just receive this magickal gift. So that is what I did.Northern_Lights-0859

And it made me teary eyed, as I watched this wonder reminding me of the miracle of life and magick of the cosmos and origins of home.

The man next to me I found out was Brazilian, living in France. He, too, was traveling on his own. We talked briefly, but mostly took things in, in silence. I was able to see his camera shots that were coming through, which were beautiful. It’s interesting that the cameras are able to see the lights better than the naked eye. While it is beautiful in person without camera, the camera picks up all the frequencies we can’t see, and much, much more vibrantly as well. So it was really interesting to see both.

The photographer’s name was Erick Pessoa, and that made me smile being that my brother’s name is Eric. He asked me about my being here in Iceland. I told him how I’d always wanted to come and decided it would be my birthday celebration. Before he left to go, he told me he would send me the photos he took as a birthday gift and since we are seeing the same thing and would have taken the same pictures, he would be more than happy to share them with me.

What a gift!

Northern_Lights-0858bSo I gave him my email and we parted ways. I sat for a while more, by this time, although there was no storm or wind, my body was becoming frigid with cold I just hadn’t been focused on while watching. Yet my feet and hands felt frost bitten so moving around was a good idea.

While I was walking, a photographer, Alli Moller, that the bus happened to have on board this night said if anyone wants to have their photo taken with the Northern Lights behind them, he’d take them and send to us.

I, of course said, “oh yes, me!” to myself. This was a once in a lifetime I wasn’t going to miss. I was doing a lot of special things for myself this week and this was just another to add to the list.

I was about 5th in line and got my photo taken and was feeling very complete.northern lights photo by alfred moller

If you’d like to experience a live capture of the Northern Lights, taken from a different sighting, you will enjoy this video by Alli Moller that he shared with me later when we had time to connect more:

Northern Lights in Iceland

By this time things were dying down, and people were heading in buses or inside, as the Northern Lights of ballroom Elf enchantment was decreasing little by little and the time was coming to depart. I found it hard to break away from engaging in the cosmic dance, but the cold caught up with me and I gave in to its need to warm up.

I felt fulfilled and full of gratitude, thanking all who had made this possible.

I got in the bus and headed to the very back, where I’d been sitting. This time sitting next to a young guy from Thailand who lived in England while he was going to University.

We got to talking and he showed me his magickal photos he took of the night. Then we exchanged emails and Facebook info. To do this, he opened his tablet and as he did I was taken right away with the photo of a rabbit that popped up. I said, “do you have a rabbit?” He told me that was his rabbit who is no longer with him, but that rabbits were his favorite and he loved them. Hmmmm, sound like anyone you know?

After we talked I then turned to my right and this girl’s hoodie caught my eye.

I got chills throughout, as I could hardly believe my eyes and yet of course it was right there plain and clear!

Her hoodie had an image of a white rabbit on the back with white wings that came off of the temple-like aura around the rabbit sitting there, framing the rabbit like angel wings. And above and below the rabbit the words written were:

“Never underestimate the power of a rabbit”

WHAT?!!! Oh yes….was not my dear Nestor, Joy, and Cosmo with me that evening? Did not the rabbit show up in the Northern Lights? Did not Joy make her presence known and celebrated with our entire magickal family together with me? And did not Joy know how much I loved and acknowledged our anniversary?

To say I nearly fell over with rushes of chills would be an understatement. But indeed I had a smile running through me from ear to ear and heart to auric field around me.

I was so floored, but not surprised, by this blatant and quite humorously powerful message. So much so that I decided I had to find a sweatshirt like this of my own and did! Although when I did I discovered it read “Never underestimate the power of a woman with a rabbit.” I wondered if this had actually been what was written and when I saw it in the darker lit bus, the words “woman with” had been in the folds of the sweatshirt, or if in fact the message was to only be as I’d seen it.

Nonetheless, I now will have a sweatshirt of this too, reminding me of this miracle night we created and of what I’ve always known…that rabbits are magickal! and when I am teamed up in partnership with them, there is nothing we can’t create together! The power of one is strong, but together we are invincibly expansive! All things ARE possible, yes!!

There had been so much magick, more than I have even shared here, because that comes in the experience. Perhaps you can see the energy in the photos, although they hardly capture the presence of it all.

It was also then that I found myself again during this trip thinking how much I loved traveling alone, as I am NEVER alone. And truly, the magick happens most when I embark on my individual journeys and am connecting with my soul family energetically.

I got home earlier than the previous night, was able to message and make a plan to meet up with Kate the next day, and went to sleep a  VERY happy bunny.

2/25 Wednesday: interestingly, again I awake to a new day and a stormy one at that. Kate and I were meeting at Glo (the raw, vegan, vegetarian restaurant in Iceland that has now 5 locations).

gloglo2glo3Glo is owned by Solla who is a true alchemist in the kitchen with her raw vegan delights. Kate had talked about her so much, as being one of her favorite people in the world, and I was soon to discover why. But until then, her food spoke mountains, as it was truly amazing and exceeded many of the raw places I have eaten at. I could go so far as to say her food is the best I’ve had, as her blends and textures, and secret little variations are pure magick, not to mention light and rich with mysterious tastes in the perfect blends!

Anyway, I could go on about the food and likely will say more, but Kate and I met at 11:30 am and caught up over a long lunch that was gifted to us along with amazing raw vegan chocolates and raw vegan cake from Kate as a birthday gift.

raw curryLunch was an amazing spicy raw vegancurry, with these wonderful light crackers (I don’t normally like crackers, but these were awesome) and I also had a turmeric tonic and blueberry smoothie…MMMMM MMMMM GOOD.

glo dessertWe finished off with a piece of raw vegan coffee raspberry cacao brownie pie. OMG! Silky amazingness.

It was as if Kate and I picked up where we left off about a year ago. We have seen each other once every year for the last 4 years, so this is only the 4th time we connect in person. Each of the other times have only been for a day. This time for two days and in Iceland, rather than California where we usually meet.

glo4If you don’t know Kate Magic, she’s a raw chef extraordinaire herself and has the largest online raw store in Europe. She has numerous books and is known as one of UK’s leading raw food chefs and authors. AND, of course she’s a proper Faery and tattoo aficionado herself. 😉

So we caught up and then bundled up to brave the stormy streets, which for two wee Faeries is quite a task. We decided to head to the main and tallest church, with largest organ in Iceland – Hallgrimskirkja.

church towerThe winds got so crazy when we approached it that we were both blown 10 feet across the walkway. NO JOKE! I had to ground and then catch her, as we were being whisked away.

We got in wet and winded out. Kate looked at me, giggled, and said it looked like I’d been out in a storm for hours when we’d only been walking for a few minutes! LOL!

We checked out the inside downstairs and then bought a ticket (tower keeper gave me a little discount 😉 )to go up the tower. Smart idea? Hmmm…

view from towerWe get up and the wind is howling and screaming through the tower as the storm rages. I look around through each window with some difficulty, feeling like the wind will grab my camera from my hands any second, but I manage to snap a few photos and we figure we’ve had enough after making the rounds to each window’s view. The way up was on an elevator, so back to the elevator we went to go down.

But of course Faery and Elf games were on the way. The tower also has four large clocks on each side of it, so it is like a time sentinel that truly marks the center of town. So there was some time warping perhaps about to happen or dimension jumping.

Of course the elevator wouldn’t work. We tried all the buttons. I even tried some Reiki, but the elevator was stuck. Kate hit the emergency light…no sound. She picked up the phone to call, but it doesn’t work.

We then try the door to the stairs, but it’s locked.

No way out and no way to communicate. We’re stuck up there for like 10 minutes…just the two Faeries in a clock tower church overlooking Reykjavik.

Then we hear the phone ring in the elevator. Kate answers and tells him we’re stuck. He says to take the stairs down. She tells him it’s locked. He asks if she’s sure because it’s always open. She tells him oh yes it’s locked.tower

Anyway, about 5 – 8 minutes later a huffing and winded man opens the door after climbing the spiral staircase all the way up to us. He proceeds to check out the elevator to see if he can fix it and we proceed to go down the spiral staircase. He warns as we go that if the lights go out, to just stay where we are, very still and wait it out.

So we wind down and down and I swear it was like the endless rabbit’s tunnel because I couldn’t believe it kept winding more and more. I thought it was only eight stories, but my goodness. And about half way down, of course, the lights go out. I just knew they would.

This is our black out of the trip and may I say it was fascinating. We both stood still in the complete nothingness and started laughing, saying we knew it would happen. And I swear we both said it was like being out of body and just consciousness floating in the cosmic soup of consciousness. We were definitely transported elsewhere, as I was not in body, but just a voice, as was she. And the voices were all around us and in us and coming at us, but there was no body. Woah!

After several minutes the lights finally go on and we continue laughing until we emerge back into the lobby where there are now many more people than before.

Where did we go? What was it about? The Elves were definitely playing with us and it WAS FUN!

(The photo below was the only photo I was able to take of the staircase once we got to the bottom. Nothing clear would show up, so you can tell indeed magick was afoot)stairs

The storm had died down after that and so we decided to walk the shops just a bit. First stopping at Glo’s natural food store below the restaurant that also has a juice and smoothie bar in it. We both picked up a few things – I got some Icelandic moss herb tea, Icelandic lava salt, and some volcanic clay and wild Icelandic birch mask to try, for some deep earthy goodness to nurture myself back at home with.

We then strolled a bit and ventured into just a few shops, including a crystal store. I picked up a couple of gifts and an Icelandic raw quartz stone just for myself. I, of course, couldn’t help myself when I saw the large Troll beings in the magickal little store we were in. So Kate snapped a couple of shots of me between my jovial Troll friends. 🙂trolls

Then we went to Solla’s house, on the same street that was just behind my street where I was staying. Kate was staying with Solla, as she had an extra room and thought I might want my place to myself for my birthday, which was nice of her.

Solla had just finished a food photo shoot and so there were raw goodie samples all over. She was just lovely and from the moment I met her until the day we parted, she just increasingly brought fuzziness to my heart. She is an example of someone who is hugely successful and famous – her 5 Glo restaurants, numerous books, her own food line in all the grocery stores and health food stores, and even her own truck – all with orange Glo label and her face on it, have not changed who she is one bit. She is sweet, down to earth, humble, generous, conscious, and loving. A true Faery Goddess Mother that you just love to love.

This whole trip was such a blessing and gift up until this point, but from here on I became extra spoiled, after meeting up with Kate and her introducing me to Solla and Solvi (a Pixie friend that works his magick helping out Solla in the kitchen and with creating smoothies and juices).

So we got to sample some of the food Solla had made for the shoot and she offered to drive us to the baths and pool on the way somewhere, and then to pick us up and take us to an outlet shop Kate wanted to check out, and back home.

So off we went to Laugerdalur – the largest pool in Reykjavik. We spent 2+ hours soaking, relaxing, chatting, swimming in the evening and night sky, as the snow came down upon us, which was just magickal. It was the first night bathing I’d done, which was wonderful to experience.

We were then picked up, got to the outlet store where we each found something we loved, but Kate had intentfully manifested exactly what she asked for. And then we went back to a different Glo location for another gifted dinner. Kate and I had an amazing raw vegan kale, kelp noodle, coconut and berry salad, with spicy dressing. So good I got it again the next day for my birthday lunch on-the-go. Rakel and Solvi ordered these amazing vegan burgers with some kind of yam stack that both looked and sounded amazing when Solla described what was in it. That’s what you see pictured here.rakel's amazing vegan burger

I was feeling so nourished in many ways. We also got to meet Solvi’s friend Rakel. All of them were total sweethearts and we thought it fun that Rakel and Kate were Scorpios. Solvi and I were Pisces. And Solla is a Libra. She sat at the head with one of each of us on each side…balancing us all. Oh the symbolism!

And it WOULD be the four of us water signs that would be heading out on another adventure the next day together – on my birthday.

So off to sleep I went after Solla and Kate dropped me off. Life kept getting better here in Iceland.

2/26 Thursday: My birthday!! I was actually up until my almost real birthday at 3:01 am, as I just could never go to sleep early. Not due to jet lag, as I don’t get that, but time was like not on my radar and I’d get caught up in things and notice it was late. Then I’d wake up feeling ready to go even after not many hours of sleep.

Many energetic downloads were happening just by being here and by the encounters and experiences. It’s like I say about what happens in workshops or at retreats…it’s not about what the agenda is necessarily that is being taught or intentfully focused on, but about the coming together in person that activates things. People just being in the presence of each other, and/or in a particular time and place, create alignments of energy frequencies that vibrationally are being transmitted in the encounters. Nothing even has to be said for it to happen. It’s part of why I encourage “experiences” and embracing the courage or willingness to do them, as they truly make a huge difference when you physically engage on top of all the other aspects you are engaging.morning walk to glo

But back to my birthday day, as it truly felt perfect and ended out this epic week wonderfully. I woke to a brilliant, spectacular sunshiny day!! Yay!! It was as if the storm never was. It was beautiful with sparkling brightness and baby blue skies. It was like a spring day they each said.birthday morning sun

We all met up at Glo at 10:30 am. Kate had mentioned she was asked to be on the radio that day at 11 and that I and Solvi were also invited. I was like, what? Um, ok. Sure!

I had no idea what we were talking about, but it sounded fun. In my past when I first began my journey I’d have been freaked out of my mind, but I didn’t even think twice. I was also feeling so in my essence and peaceful and this to me was like this amazing surprise fun adventure we were about to do, AND ON MY BIRTHDAY! It was unbelievable how it fell on this day. I’d done several radio interviews before, but all over the phone, so to go in-studio was going to be a blast.

I thought to myself, how many people wake up in Iceland on their birthday and end up on the radio? Oh, the fun the Elves and Faeries were having!radio iceland fm

And so the fun began as guess what? No one knew which radio station and where it was. LOL! They tried to get info and call around, asking Solla, etc. And the four of us watery Faeries and Pixies were just flowing around in a car from one radio station to another. We walked into each building and asked around to no avail.

Finally, and don’t ask me how, we ended up at the right studio, although 45 minutes past our time. But luckily it was not live, and Icelandic people are so relaxed, it was all perfect.

radio icelandWe met the crew and the radio host, Darren Foreman, of Radio Iceland Fm – 89.1 who just so happened to be from Los Angeles, but living in Iceland now for 13 years.

We got set up and Darren asked us what we did and next thing you know we were on. It was just a short piece, but lots of fun. Kate started off, with Solvi and I rounding out the closure. Quite the way to kick off my birthday having fun on air with such great people. And Darren was amazing. We all loved him and can’t wait to connect with him again the next time I visit. I’ve enjoyed connecting with him since the show and find it so cool he has been living in Iceland all this time and is from L.A. near me. He was floored when he found out my age and Kate’s. We said, it’s all that good raw vegan food and magickal living. 😉

Darren is a great host and has an awesome radio voice. On our trip out that day we actually listened to him give some interesting news on the radio and found him to be the best news broadcaster because of his style and voice.

radio iceland fm funAfter the interview fun and photos, we whisked away to Glo to pick up some snacks and lunch for our adventure for the day, as we’d be out all day.

One thing I had said I wanted to do on my birthday was see the horses up close so I could connect with their energy. They are so amazingly sweet in their small, but very sturdy stature and so much fur, mane, and tails in every variety of color blends.

icelandic horse4And that was manifested, as along the way to our driving destination, we came across a horse ranch and were able to go connect with them.

icelandic horseWe brought them apples, although they seemed to have already eaten, but did give us some love and were so, so sweet I could have squeezed them.

icelandic horse2I was so happy to get to rub their noses and stroke their faces. I was so grateful for Solvi finding a place we could see them, as the others along the way we saw were out far in the fields to connect with.icelandic horse3

After horsey love, we ventured on, as we were headed to some natural baths out in the middle of nowhere.

kate and taniaAnd we arrived at Hrunalaug, not far from The Secret Lagoon, but Hrunalaug is literally out in nature and isn’t an establishment of any sort.

hike to springs2hike to springsYou hike in through the snow and arrive at what appears to be a little hobbit house that is just big enough to change in with a stream of water running through half the ground below it to clean your feet of the springs2

Then you make your way up behind the house and into the hole in the middle of the snow surrounded by rocks.

hot springsTalk about fantasyland and winter wonderlands. It was absolutely amazing and enchanting.

kate tania rekelIt was just the four of us for a bit until a small group with a guide came through, which included 2 Australian girls and 3 Asian guys. They joined in the pool with us and then the guide put on some music and we just enjoyed ourselves there for a good hour or more – I guess, although I am not sure about time as mentioned.birthday hot springs

What was really special was that when they found out it was my birthday the whole group of them sang me happy birthday out in the middle of nowhere in this pool hole in the snow by a hobbit structure. I was so moved and happy. Best birthday singing ever! That’s not normally something I enjoy, but this truly was special and I really enjoyed every second of it…so heart-felt!

We then got up and changed and hiked back to the car. We were all pooled and bathed out, since I’d now done 5 days of bathing since being here this week, so we decided to explore some caves the guide told us about at Raufarholshellir.

hike to caves3We got there and it was still so still and crisp…everything was white with baby blue skies out as far as the eyes could see. And we hiked around trying to find the entrance to the caves. We found the caves but the entrance seemed to have been snowed over too much and even if we had slid down, there’d be no way out (or at least it seemed).

entrance to caveBut we could see into them and they went deep and far in and were really really mystical.

cave entranceOne photo an orb came through when I moved the camera. It was really deep snow around so we were being really careful so as not to fall through a hole somewhere, but after quite a while of exploring around we were getting pretty cold, so we decided that just being in this magickal field and above the caves was pretty powerful as it was.cave hike2

And luckily we decided to leave then, as a huge storm blew in. We ended up in the middle of a white-out. And so now we had our complete white where we could see nothing but white everywhere, just as Kate and I had the complete black-out in the stairwell.white

Luckily Solvi is a great driver and managed to keep the car stable in the massive gusts of wind and without being able to see. We saw cars stopped and a bus that had been pushed off the road and was caught on an angle with a full load of people. I’d seen and heard about Sunday’s storm and how people had to leave their cars and cars had been turned over. When they get bad storms you really need to stay off the roads or be so careful. They have a lot of accidents and tragedies that happen between that and ice. Iceland is beautiful and giving, but also can in an instant be treacherous. The symbolism of life and change we can embrace or fight.

But our timing was perfect enough to experience this white-out storm and the craziness, as well as perfect enough to just have made it before they closed the roads. As if they had, we’d be stuck on the other side and not able to go anywhere until it blows over or the next day, which wouldn’t bode well for Kate’s early morning flight.

So, back to Solla’s we went and when we arrived she and Solvi put together a dinner very quickly which ended up being an amazing raw vegan wrap, and kimchi, as well as fermented beet root. It was all scrumptious and wonderful as my birthday dinner. Nice and light and full of yummy tastes and blends.raw birthday

I forgot to mention that earlier that day Kate had brought a bag of hats that Solla’s friend Dora makes. And so Kate and I both chose a hat. It was as if they were made for us, as there was only one perfect one each we immediately saw and of course mine was blues and white, just like the snow and sky scapes we’d been seeing, but also like my favorite colors I’d been wearing a lot of that week.

raw chocolate birthdayAnd after dinner Kate surprised me with raw vegan chocolate goodness! Rather than a cake, we had amazing raw chocolates that were licorice chocolates with he shou wu, mucuna, and acai, she placed in a circle on a plate, laced with Icelandic flowers of baby’s breath, daisies, and leaves looking like a Faery head wreath. She then placed a tea light at center and this time Solvi, Rakel, and Solla sang happy birthday to me in Icelandic!! Yay!!

I was feeling amazing to say the least and so spoiled by all the love with my Faery family.

I had three chocolates and each one kept getting better, melting in my mouth immediately.

And as we ate our chocolates, Solla pulled out her Feng Shui Astrology book and started reading my birthday energies and then moved on to each person’s reading. That was really fun and I found out I was a Fire-Earth-Fire in this version, which was really dead on and quite empowering to hear about.

I just felt so at home and exactly where I was meant to be for this experience…off in Iceland…off in harmony.

I was then surprised yet again with a gorgeous blue scarf from Solla and I was nearly just taken back by all the amazing love being shared and the generosity and nurturing sweetness from all of them. I immensely enjoyed my time with each of them.

Solvi and Rakel were both wonderful and so giving. Rakel is an amazing young woman who is stronger than she thinks and has much to give. She has a courageous story she shared with us, that is truly inspiring. Looking forward to where her path leads, as she continues on her journey. She will surprise herself I believe, as she was not connecting with her Feng Shui Astrology saying she was a leader. We all said, you’ll look back at this in the years to come and say “Ah-ha! now I get what they were saying.”

She is off to Argentina actually, for two months (she left the day after I did). So she and I will be in South America at the same time. We had a dear connection, so much so she showed up the next day synchronously.

The evening ended with lovely conversation with Solla, Kate, and Solla’s husband. Then the lovely Kate offered to walk me back to my apartment! How sweet is that to walk me in the snow to my apartment and then walk back on her own? I am so blessed with these wonderful people in my life. I hope they can feel beyond my words, the gratitude I have.

Solla and her husband will be out in California in Orange County in April for Expo West, so we’ll meet up again and Kate will be coming out as well in April and May (she’ll be hosting a special dinner you won’t want to miss L.A. peeps!), so a mini reunion is to be had.

2/27 Friday: My last day and it is now surreal to go home. It’s like feeling caught between worlds a bit and will take integrating when back. I had a leisurely morning and then decided to just walk a bit. I went to the crystal shop again and the natural food store, and walked briefly by the water. But my main desire was to see the swans and geese I’d been seeing so much each time the bus went by.

And I found them on my own by walking where I thought they were. And just before I reached them guess who pops out of the bank, but Rakel! We were meant to have one more hug and connection before we parted. Talk about synchronicity, as she had just messaged me that morning to say goodbye again and thank you for the connecting. And here we were bumping into each other on the street on my way to the swans.geeseiceland geese

She came with me for a bit, then left to meet a friend for lunch.

I stayed with the swans, geese, and ducks for a bit, amazed at how many there were.

swans2swansswans3Over 75 large white swans, even more than that of geese and ducks. It was enchanting to say the least and I could have lingered there for a long time. They were all so docile too and walked in and out around me and were swimming in the frozen pond. A local man came to feed them and the flurry of them all coming to him was so great to watch and the swans just ate from his hand.feeding swans

I was like, “this is magick and a return to natural harmony”. What symbolism to have so many white swans in one place. I’d never in my life seen this. Only one or two at a time, but this was awesome!swans11

Here is a short video I took to give you a glimpse of what it was like:

Magickal Swans, Geese and Ducks in Iceland

And off to airport I went. Leaving a piece of me and my heart in Iceland to return again some day soon. I’ll likely try summer next time, to get the full experience of the seasons and can explore some of the areas you can only explore in the summer. Darren has invited us back for more radio fun too and there could even be some workshops in store for Iceland. 😉

Something else that magickally manifested for me on this trip was finding a symbol I had been searching for. I had been trying to find a symbol for Music that resonated with me and had inquired and researched to no avail. Music and sound is important to me and there was reason for this. And it was on this trip that I found what I was looking for, which makes sense that in such a pure essence kind of energy I would find the missing link to the musical essence of my Faery and Cosmic soul.

I was at one store the first day where I came across what are called BindRunes in a pendant. They had many symbolizing different words, but they were all out of only one – the one for Music. And several days later I came upon another store and there it was, but only one – the last remaining symbol for Music waiting just for me.

These are Ancient Viking/Norse inspired symbols using the method of binding Runes – a historic process where individual Runic letters are overlapped to make a single word or name. They are based on the younger Icelandic Futhark, which they feel is most representative of ancient culture and custom in Iceland.

I couldn’t have been more excited and of course this pendant and two others came home with me (Creation and Love), ending a several month search I’d been on.

Everything I had hoped and intended on this trip took place and manifested, and then some…as I did not exactly know how things would come to be and I didn’t know how I would feel or who I’d be upon return.

Since arriving home, I’ve been struck by this feeling of extreme calm and peace, as well as centeredness that has carried over, in a deeper way. There’s been a lot going on that would likely seem surprising on many levels, and yet none of it phased me and I just marveled at how extra flowing I was and ready to make any changes necessary. I also simply just embraced taking my own responsibility and not looking to or asking anything of others to change or make things a certain way that might “seem” better. I’m just ready to do what is necessary and see it all as better the way it exactly is.

I’ve also been met with an interesting contrast of extremely synchronous magick with some things and other things taking interesting twists and falling away that before were in place. There’s been an influx of mega embrace and trust, alongside things not happening or throwing things on me that would otherwise be extremely stressful.

Yet, I am not phased and I’m so at peace with what ever is to be, knowing that when one embraces change that entails that things actually DO have to change. And since I’ve intended and feel big change, then big shifts will take place in wild ways – at least that’s how it happens for me. Things that are not in alignment will have to drop away or end completely. And only that which is, will remain or come through.

I also feel like the experiences that have taken place in the last couple of days are my way of testing the solidity of this new embodiment I feel that has taken place. There have been interactions with people that have contacted me about varying things that were all old triggers that would have pushed my buttons in the past.

And I was pleased that wasn’t the case. In fact, I have had in some cases no response and just allowing things to unfold patiently.

waterfall3While missing Iceland, I’m happy to be home only because I’m happy to integrate the new and that means taking the magick I learned and activated, and bringing it into every day experience.

But life has been interesting upon arrival and my little ones have blessed me with their snuggles. I thanked them for being with me and creating the magick while I was away.

The morning after I arrived a physical detox and cleanse seemed to be underway bringing on being under the weather, but I welcomed it knowing it was evidence that I was purging the old and in transition of shifting.

That morning was quite full with me settling back in, there was a tv film crew at the house, I also made a dash over to the Gem Faire to pick up a special crystal, I had the opportunity to visit my favorite beach for a walk (and my Osprey friend was there to greet me back!), and I’ve already been seeing things swept out the door in many ways.

The crystal feels especially important – it is a large record keeper, rainbow Herkimer Diamond that felt integral to be part of a threesome grid with my other two Herkimers that my friend at Energy Gems was saving for me (love that it was the day after I returned…feeling like another special gift and part of this new embodiment it will support). While at the Gem Faire briefly for like 10 minutes or less, I happened to run into dear friends who showed up at the exact same place too at the very same time. 🙂

And each day is continuing to be a finalization and closure to everything that had been from before this trip. I’ve had a ton come at me and yet I’m in a place where I am able to harness this sense of peace and see the magick despite what any of it appears to be. I feel that the rest of this month is going to move quickly and will be pivotal to a shifting leap I’ll be making.

black sand beachIf you’ve made it this far in reading, wow! and thank you. I hope you enjoyed my experiences and perhaps might find yourself changed by the energy in the photos and between words, feel a connection, or maybe even will one day be in Iceland or some other magickal place that has been calling to YOUR heart. It truly is a special place that has much to offer if you are open to receiving it, and much more than I’ve expressed here, as most of what takes place is not something that you can explain.

Faery magick to all and a lot of love!


I’m Off to Iceland & Offline 2/20 – 2/27 ~ Magickal Wishes to All!

Elizabeth Gadd Self Portrait Iceland Take It In

Elizabeth Gadd Self Portrait Iceland


It’s here! And it’s still so surreal!

Tomorrow I will be heading off on my long awaited personal journey to Iceland to celebrate my birthday, as I will be there over my actual birthday on 2/26.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. To say I SO need this is more true than the sky is blue. 🙂

Everything is booked (I actually only just had the chance to finalize that this weekend while I was away) that called to my heart to do for this first journey there in this life. I always follow my guidance as to where I’m to go and what I’m to do.

I say first, as I’m sure it will be a place I’ll want to return to, and perhaps even become my favorite. Every journey I’ve taken has been special in its own way, but there are places I wouldn’t have need/desire to return to and a few that I would. Some create the activation and remembrance experience upon one return. Others, are more like home and continually nourish the mind, heart, body, and soul.

Overall, there are only a couple of places that truly stand out as having had the greatest impact on my life and holding a dear place in my heart.

And with vistas like these: Iceland and energy that has called me so powerfully, I know there is a home away from home to be found in this magickal place.

I will be unplugged during my time away. I intend to fully immerse without any distractions and to create “my” space and time out of time for this week away.

But I will share what unfolds, upon return, so that I may bring the enchantment to each of you. It is always my desire to inspire and to create waves of change through every impactful experience I undergo.

Thank you for understanding my needs to be with myself a lot lately. There is much in process of change and I’m definitely someone who energetically needs her own space for that.

I’ll be returning late 2/27, but you may not hear from me until March, at which time a monthly newsletter will be in store for those subscribed to that, and a reinvigorated me will emerge.

In the meantime, there’s still time to join us in March for our sacred journey to Peru. I’ll/we’ll be heading out for that on the 11th, just 12 days after I return. Yes, indeed it’s a very full experience lately.

This journey will take us over the Equinox/New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces next month. So if you’re still deciding, it really is time to make those decisions.

Journeys like this are truly invaluable as to what you will take away and what will be infused into your life. Believe me, I know the value and the incredible change and potentials that are possible. Why else do you think I’m heading out on my own sacred journey that is calling my heart?

Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun ~ March Equinox Sacred Journey to Peru March 11-22

Details and registration here:

If you need help with registering, flights, or any other assistance, I will check my emails now and then to help, since we are so close to departure time. Please ONLY SERIOUS inquiries, as I will only be checking emails for Peru assistance needed that comes through, otherwise I’m offline and will not return emails until I’m back, as I’m not entertaining all else that can wait.

If you do in fact need to email me about Peru, please place in the subject line of your email: Peru Assistance Needed. I will be scanning for this subject line and only opening emails that are addressed as such.

I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year of the Sheep (sometimes also Goat) in the after-glow of the Super New Moon in Aquarius we just experienced! (which was at the last degree of Aquarius, transitioning us into new worlds, as we quickly moved into Pisces less than a minute later).

It feels especially potent that I will be traveling on the onset of Pisces energy, really driving home that I am in my element and essence for this trip that awaits me and igniting a new chapter.

I wish all of my fellow Pisces brothers and sisters a beautiful, flowing, and magickal birthday to kick off your new cycle, as I know quite a few of you have birthdays right around mine and I will be away to extend those wishes at that time.

And to all, keep believing, keep taking those courageous steps, keep deepening and expanding your heart, and keep nurturing the heart and soul of who you are.

I leave you with this message from Daphne Rose Kingma:

“Ultimately, self-compassion is a series of choices, a moment by moment conscious turning away from that which will harm your spirit toward that which will nourish and sustain you.

It is choosing, in any particular situation, and over and over again whether you’ll treat yourself well, or beat yourself up, whether you’ll deny yourself, or treat yourself as lovingly as you’d treat your child or your most precious friend.

Self-compassion means looking at yourself with kindness, with a conscious awareness of your sufferings, and in time, with a deep appreciation for the way you have transformed them.”

 ~Daphne Rose Kingma

Still Opportunity to Join Our Sacred Journey to Peru Over March Equinox’s New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse ~ This Trip Won’t Be Offered Again

machu-picchu (1)Sacred Journey to Peru 
March 11th – 22nd, 2015

There’s just over a month before we embark on a life-enhancing experience where you’ll experience the powerful energy of this sacred area, while empowering your life, and making life-long friends, as we journey as a cosmic soul family together!

3/20/15 carries a threefold energy with it -the Equinox, a New Moon, and also a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces (no coincidence we have several Pisces being drawn to this trip)peru

If you would like to join our intentional group please visit the link below for details and to register: 

Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun

Free Quartz Crystals to all who join.

Last minute specials available!

Contact for more information.

This trip will not be offered again, nor will the auspicious timing occur again, so if you’re feeling called, this is the one to join.

Dates to Remember & Gifts to Receive ~ 2015 Sacred Journey to Peru & British Columbia Horses & Reiki Retreat

DON’T FORGET!! The end of this month and 2014, is the last day to receive $200 off our upcoming Sacred Journey to Peru.

If you’re feeling called to join, you just need to place your deposit by the end of December 31st to receive this savings.

You can then do your balance in payments after that.

There’s also July’s Horses & Reiki Retreat to keep in mind if you’d like to receive your Reiki certification training, as well as receive the support and guidance of the Horses at Epona Rise for this journey and beyond. We’ll have more to share about this experience, as we approach.

FREE gifts for everyone who joins either or both experiences with us in 2015.

All details found at the links, where you can also directly register. If you have questions please contact me for assistance.

Tania Marie

tania marie alpaca peru1) Don’t forget 12/31 – that’s the end of THIS month, 2014 – is the last day to receive $200 off when you register for the upcoming:

Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun ~ March Equinox Sacred Journey to Peru

Full Details & Booking can be found at:

3/20/15 carries a threefold energy with it…it will be the Equinox, a New Moon, and also a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces (my Native Sun Sign)

markahuasiMarch 11th – March 22nd, 2015 ~ With Optional Extension to MARKAHUASI: The Stone Forest – Altar of the Cosmic Soul through March 25th, 2015

PLUS! Each person that registers will be receiving a personal Reiki-charged Quartz Crystal to work with during our journey and take back home infused with the energy of this sacred place

amaru (4)To register, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your space and lock in the…

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Dates to Remember & Gifts to Receive ~ 2015 Sacred Journey to Peru & British Columbia Horses & Reiki Retreat

tania marie alpaca peru1) Don’t forget 12/31 – that’s the end of THIS month, 2014 – is the last day to receive $200 off when you register for the upcoming:

Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun ~ March Equinox Sacred Journey to Peru


Full Details & Booking can be found at:


3/20/15 carries a threefold energy with it…it will be the Equinox, a New Moon, and also a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces (my Native Sun Sign)


markahuasiMarch 11th – March 22nd, 2015 ~ With Optional Extension to MARKAHUASI: The Stone Forest – Altar of the Cosmic Soul through March 25th, 2015


PLUS! Each person that registers will be receiving a personal Reiki-charged Quartz Crystal to work with during our journey and take back home infused with the energy of this sacred place


amaru (4)To register, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your space and lock in the $200 discount for your sacred journey


Payment plans available


All registrations need to be confirmed by February 9, 2015


Hillary horse healing2) We still have some spots for July’s upcoming Horses & Reiki Retreat at Epona Rise Retreat Centre in British Columbia

We have limited spaces for this because of the intimate nature of the work


A non-refundable deposit of $300 holds your space for this unique and incredible chance to work intimately with the horses, as well as receive Reiki certification training


tania channeling reikiPLUS! Everyone who registers has the opportunity to receive a FREE personal 1/2 hour session with me, which I only offer by distance normally, but you’ll be able to experience in-person


You then have the option of easy monthly payments – the more in advance you register, the smaller the payments


mustangs10Full Details & Booking can be found at:


If you have any questions you can contact me here: Tania Marie

Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun ~ March Equinox Sacred Journey to Peru with Shaman Amaru & Reiki Master Teacher Tania Marie


machu-picchu (1)I am very excited to finally and officially announce 2015’s first retreat of the year, which has been a long time in the making. As with all things, I listen patiently to guidance on where and when these sacred experiences are to come together. It wasn’t surprising to see how it unfolded to create the timing and beauty of the energy it now is.

IMG_4306I journeyed to Peru back in November of 2008 on my own sacred journey. It was then that I met and became very dear friends with my Cosmic brother, Amaru, who was leading our experience. We’ve remained in touch over the years and here we are now merging our energies to bring to you this empowering experience for the upcoming Equinox of March 2015, where we will blend our gifts of service together to support you and the Earth.

condor3Our journey will begin on March 11th, take us through the Equinox on March 20th, and conclude either the 22nd or 25th, depending upon the option that you choose.

March 20th, 2015 carries a threefold energy with it…it will be the Equinox, a New Moon, and also a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces (my native Sun Sign). Astrologically, this represents new beginnings, planting inspirational seeds, renewal, growth, revitalization, and the aspect of blooming in all its glory.

condorMarch 20th is one of a few major celestial occurrences taking place in 2015, which include a 3rd and 4th Total Lunar Eclipses of the Blood Moon Tetrad – March’s Equinox lying in the middle of this sequence.

Needless to say, I am already feeling the depth of this journey I’ve been called to facilitate, as part of my soul mission to help anchor in energies on the Earth grid at these sacred energy vortex areas.

ufo peru amaru

UFO caught in photo by Amaru in Peru

This and July’s Reiki & Horses Retreat in British Columbia will be the last opportunities to join me for one of these special experiences to anchor in the energies both for the Earth collective, in Cosmic alignment, and for yourself.

We will be walking the path of remembrance and activation of Source within (the Nameless and Omnipresent One) on this journey, as we connect and align ourselves with the emanations we are of that Universal Light anchored in the Great Central Sun – traveling the Ancient ways, connecting deeply with Terra (Earth), and infusing the Light in the Heart of your Essence that will propel your ascension into Vibration of Light.

I look forward to seeing who else will be hearing and embracing their call and joining us.

Below you will find the itinerary for our upcoming Spring 2015 Sacred Journey. If you have questions and/or would like to register, you can contact me here: CONTACT TANIA MARIE

Let me first introduce you to Amaru Gustavo Cornejo Cornejo our Leader, mystical guide, and the Founder of Light of the Andes who has so beautifully put together the itinerary for our Sacred and Cosmic Journey, with a bio introduction:

amaru (5)“Amaru” Gustavo Cornejo Cornejo  is the Director and Founder of “Light of the Andes” ~ Cosmic Journeys dedicated to guiding groups of seekers and aspirants to the Light Warriors, who travel to Peru from all countries to accomplish the Great Work and to reach enlightenment of the Great Being that is within every Human Being’s potential. Amaru guides the reconnection of geo-cosmic Power Centers (Chakras ) of South America and throughout amaru and mallku condorthe Andean world, integrating Ancestral Shamanic Path titles and professional knowledge in tourism , mining and metallurgy , Cosmo-biology , Chinese Martial Arts (therapeutic and evolutionary Ancient system of Tao Arts) and the various initiations received from traveling several Ancient trails in the Spirit of the Andes and the East. He imparts the investigations and discoveries he’s made from walking the Path of the Warrior of Light in communion with the Universal Source. Amaru is a Master of ancestral therapeutic system of the Cosmic amaru (4)Light of Andean origin – Lemurian called YLLA – HANTATY , as well as a Master of the ancient Reiki System, Instructor of Chinese Martial Arts dedicated to “the Healing Tao System” and above all things, facilitator of the Holisitic Shamanic Path in the Andes. Since a child, Amaru has been dedicated to mystical exploration, which has allowed him to discover a wealth of archaeological and anthropological remains of the Ancient cultures of the Wizarding World Andino, thus has discovered and recognized some of the trails of the amaru (7)Ancient Wisdom Andina, which is still alive and available to those seeking to open heart and mind without dogma or preconceptions. He has also been in contact with some of the Masters of various paths of Ancient wisdom of our humanity and is a mystical writer whose works are based on his experiences, research, and accomplishments – his first book titled “Huaynaputina” (Young Waterboy ). In this work we find the answers Amaru explored in effort to answer questions that tourists and scholars from Peru and around the world are constantly asking. Amaru seeks to share with us these Ancient cultural values of our humanity, ​​which he says is a legacy that Source grants us, of civilizations ignored and unimagined by us today.

tania marie alpaca peruTania Marie is an international Reiki Master Teacher, experiential facilitator of workshops and sacred journeys/retreats, author, visionary artist, and sacred tattoo designer. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania supports people globally to find inspiration and empowerment, and to live with more love, harmony, and conscious awareness. Her mission and commitment to integrative balance and returning to natural harmony on personal and collective levels have led her across the globe to many exotic lands and sacred energy portals to anchor the Earth grid energies and help assist activation of remembrance. Tania integrates her visionary imagination, intuitive healing, and Ancient and Cosmic insights with passionate devotion to empower others into recognition of their wholeness and to walk in the personal frequency that is creatively unique to each individual.light of the andes


Walking the Path of the Great Central Sun ~ March Equinox Sacred Journey to Peru

March 11th – March 22nd, 2015

With Optional Extension through March 25th, 2015

(See below for pricing and early registration discount savings of $200)condor from amaru



Day 1 – 3/11/15: Arrival at Jorge Chaves Airport, Lima, Peru in the p.m., transfer to your hotel accommodations and rest.

Day 2 – 3/12/15: Meeting with the Highest Altar of the Oldest Civilization of the Americas. In the early a.m we travel by bus to the great altar of the oldest culture of the Andes and the Americas: CARAL where we will do a special ceremony with the Apus to receive their teachings and protection.amaru (10)

Day 3- 3/13/15: Flight to the Capital of the Incas Empire – Cusco City – a.m. Arrival in Cusco, transfer to your hotel accommodations/Lunch. P.m. City tour visiting the biggest Temple of the Sun: SACSAYHUAMAN, descending to Cusco city for visiting QORICANCHA Temple (Temple of the Golden Consciousness)

Day 4 – 3/14/15: Full Day Sacred Valley – early a.m. we travel by bus to the Sacred Valley to visit OLLANTAYTAMBO (town with its ancestral temple of the Sun), the Altar of the Cosmic Waters, enigmatic Temple of the Condor and monument dedicated to the Civilizator Heroe of the Andes. After lunch we take a train from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu town – Aguas Calientes. Transfer to your hotel accommodations and rest or explore the town.

machu picchu double rainbowDay 5 – 3/15/15: Encounter with the wonderful Altar of the Future Solar Humanity – Machu Picchu. Early a.m. we take a bus climbing up to our first encounter with the Crystal City – Machu Picchu and experience a Shamanic Ceremony to work for the Solar Humanity. Lunch in the village and option to enjoy the thermal baths in the afternoon and evening or explore the town.

Day 6 – 3/16/15: Second Visit to the Crystal City – Machu Picchu. Early a.m. we climb by bus and enjoy our second encounter with the Crystal City, City of Peace. Lunch and then return by train to Cusco. Transfer to our hotel accommodations and rest or enjoy the town.tania peru (3)

Day 7 – 3/17/15: Journey toward Sacred Lake Region of the Incas. A.m. bus ride from Cusco to Puno city with stops to visit beautiful and important manifestations of the Ancient cultures of the Andean World: RAJCHI or Temple of Huiracocha, the museum of the Ancient Lithic culture PUKARA. Lunch in the village of Sicuani. Afternoon arrival to the city of Puno. Transfer to hotel accommodations and rest or explore the city.

tania peru (1)Day 8 – 3/18/15: Traveling in Search of the Dimensional Door. A.m. travel by bus and on the highest plateau of planet Earth, come close to the border with Bolivia in search of the now famous door – Dimensional Amaru Muru where we will perform another ceremony with our ancestral Aukis Apus. In the afternoon we will then get the first and transcendent enounter with the highest lake of the Earth, considered the matrix and source cultures of the Andean World: Lake TITICACA. After that, we return to Puno for dinner and rest at our hotel.

IMG_4298Day 9 – 3/19/15: Navigating the Sacred Lake of the Incas. A.m. travel by boat from Puno to the island of AMANTANI, named as The Island of Cosmic Love, with a stop on the way to visit the floating islands of The Uros. P.m. arrival to Amantani, ascend on foot to our lodging house accommodations. Lunch, rest, and time to share the Shamanic Ceremony of the Sacred Fire with the local Andean Priest and Master Amaru.peru fire

Day 10 – 3/20/15: Day of Assimilation and Comprehensive Preparation in the Path of Light – Equinox occurs at 16:57 pm Universal Time. This will be both a free day and day of comprehensive and initiatory work facilitated by both Amaru and Tania. A day to share the Andean Cosmogony and its relation with the global humanity. At 16:57 p.m. we join in a magickal ceremony on Amantani Island for our Equinox connection with a special and simple sacred gathering.

Day 11 – 3/21/15: Powerful Day of the Solar Initiation Ceremony. Very early a.m. before the sun rises, when the stars are still shining, we will walk to the top of the mountain for the Ceremony of our SOLAR INITIATION together at the Temple of PACHATATA… We present our offerings to the Universe and return to our lodging for breakfast, time to assimilate our experiences, and then descend to the harbor to sail back to the city of Puno.peru ceremony

Day 12 – 3/22/15: Temple of Immortality and Return Home. Very early a.m. we travel to visit the Temple of Immortality: SILLUSTANI. After a beautiful concluding ceremony, we then continue on from there to the airport in Juliaca for our flights back to Lima, and then evening flight connections back home for those of you concluding your journey here. And for those of you who would like to continue on to join us at the Altar of the Cosmic Soul with an optional extension to MARKAHUASI we will travel forth to our next destination.


Optional Extension: MARKAHUASI: The Stone Forest – Altar of the Cosmic Soul

Markahuasi is a very powerful, energetic, sacred place up at roughly 4000 meters (13,123.36 feet in elevation), with some areas ranging 3,850 to 4,200 meters. The reason it is known as “The Stone Forest” is because of its landscape of curious, large rock formations that create a “forest” of stone human and animal figures. Due to an abundance of metal the rocks are magnetic and really can be felt by the energetically sensitive. Due to the unknown molding technique of these rock carvings, some say the formations are simply due to natural erosion, while other theories speak to their creation by Ancient civilizations of extraterrestrial origin. On clear days there is good visibility of the Pacific Ocean from here and at night you can see the Milky Way, constellations, planets, and often shooting stars.markahuasi


Day 13 – 3/23/15: After our night’s rest in Lima, we depart by bus at 6:30 a.m. from our hotel Miraflores in the district of Lima city to the high mountains of the eastern region of Lima to San Pedro de Casta. 10:00 a.m. we take a rest stop and pick up our picnic lunches while we appreciate the energetic landscapes of this part of Lima. Stops in Santa Eulalia, Huinco, and Autisha Bridge. 12:30 p.m. arrival to San Pedro de Casta to enjoy lunch. 2:00 p.m. we start the walk up, which we take approximately 80 minutes. By 5:30 p.m. we regroup on the Plateau and make camp. 7:00 p.m. our guide shares ancient knowledge of the Andes in connection with our entire planet. We then share a Sacred Fire Ceremony with thanks to the presence of fire spirits who will work with us for more than two hours of fire ceremony while the Stars and Light of the Cosmos and Earth hear our songs and mantras in offering and connection for our journey in the following days.markahuasi rocks

Day 14 – 3/24/15: 7:00 a.m. or upon waking, we enjoy a warm breakfast and hot tea or coffee to encounter the colder temperatures on the Plateau. 8:00 a.m. we start the hike up the Plateau to experience and explore the mystical rock formations. 12:00 p.m. we enjoy a picnic lunch, rest, and then descend the Plateau. 3:00 p.m. we make our way back to the town of San Pedro de Casta and enjoy a delicious farewell meal then catch our transfer back to Lima. 8:00 p.m. we arrive in Lima after our two full days on the Plateau of Markahuasi. Rest in our hotel accommodations.

Day 15 – 3/25/15: A.m. breakfast and free day until your transfer to the airport and flight back home. ALWAYS TOGETHER IN THE COSMIC SOUL.peru



Receive $200 off if you register by 12/31/2014

To register, a non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your space and lock in the $200 discount for your sacred journey


You have the option to either pay the full amount now or hold your space with the non-refundable deposit of $500 per person.

If you choose to do the deposit, you also have the option of making monthly payments or waiting until 30 days before the retreat date (when the balance is due by), which is February 9th, to pay your balance in full.

If you choose the payment option, and register this month of November 2014, you could split the total in 4 payments of $574 each, which would lock in your space. This example of payments would be for the itinerary WITHOUT the optional extension (or 4 payments of $699 for the itinerary WITH optional extension), in a shared twin room, and including the discount, as an example. 

Or, you can simply provide the $500 deposit, which locks in your $200 discount and pay the balance in full by 2/9/15 without payments.


Options: (If you’d like to pay in full and do so by the 12/31/14 cut off to receive your discount, you will need to message me for a separate invoice, as prices below reflect regular pricing. There’s also an option below to just place your deposit)


12 Day Itineray 3/11 – 3/22 without Optional Markahuasi Extension in Shared Twin Room: $2495 ($2295 by 12/31)

Book Your Sacred Journey in Full Here:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

12 Day Itinerary 3/11 – 3/22 without Optional Markahuasi Extension in Private Room: $2795 ($2595 by 12/31)

Book Your Sacred Journey in Full Here:

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15 Day Itinerary with Optional Markahuasi Extension in Shared Twin Room: $2995 ($2795 by 12/31)

Book Your Sacred Journey in Full Here:

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15 Day Itinerary with Optional Markahuasi Extension in Private Room: $3395 ($3195 by 12/31)

Book Your Sacred Journey in Full Here:

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Or, register to hold your space with a non-refundable deposit of $500 here:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

If you choose the deposit option, you will be contacted once the deposit is received to discuss and set up your payment plan.


amaru and tania dancing in cusco (1)SACRED JOURNEY INVESTMENT INCLUDES:

  • 9 NIGHTS HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS – CATEGORY 3 * WITH BREAKFAST BUFFET, (Hotels in Lima, Cusco, Aguas Calientes and Puno)


  • NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL AIR FLIGHTS (I can assist you with the dates, times, and flight cities you will need)


  • The walk from Atogolpo to Markahuasi Plateau approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • The walk will take us from 3700 meters up to  3950 meters approx. = 12,139 to 12,959 feet. So that is an incline of 820 feet at high altitude in the 80 minutes
  • Difficulty level 2+ to 3: Requires having fitness
  • peru vegan foodDIETARY NEEDS: Vegan and Vegetarian Diets are easily accommodated and can be assisted conveniently by Amaru who has been vegetarian since childhood. I have been vegan for 9 years and had no difficulty with food on my journey in 2008 to Peru whatsoever.

NOTE: We will be traveling at higher elevations than most people are accustomed to, so some acclimatization may take place. Some people experience altitude sickness and this is relative to each person, including the way each person experiences symptoms. So just be aware that this may happen. We have people to assist with this. Being that I don’t experience the effects, I will also be able to provide energetic assistance for this during your time.

tania peru (4)Below are roughly the elevations we will be experiencing during the journey:

Lima – 5, 090 feet

Cusco – 11,200 feet 

Ollantaytambo – 9,160 feet

Machu Picchu – 8,000 feet

Puno – 12, 565 feet

Lake Titicaca – 12, 507 feet

Markahuasi – 13, 123 feetamaru (6)

Two Weeks Left to Join Us in Bimini July 20th – 25th

biminiWe’re in the home stretch before plunging into the powerful energies and magickal waters of Bimini again. Only 23 days (that’s just over 3 weeks away) until retreat time July 20th – 25th.

If anyone feels like a reinvigorating, opening and activating experience is just what you need right now, then this may be the gift to self you have been asking for.

I know that I can use the added “oomph” fueling my engine. I’m grateful that I receive the same through facilitating such a week, as my own vibration raises when I am stretching and expanding myself along with you.

There’s still time to join and replenish your heart and soul in the magick of it all while we share a daily immersion of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection. This Atlantean energy power spot is a vortex for deep and empowered integration to take place. The energies present have the ability and potential to support the wanted changes in your life (in both subtle and not so subtle ways), if you embrace what moves through you.

We’ve been in process of finalizing things so that we have an idea of rooms and food supplies for