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Making Dreams Into Realities ~ My Nearly 3 Year RV Dream Manifests

It’s a dream no more.

I’ve held a dream about living and traveling in an RV now for quite a while – somewhere between 2 1/2 – 3 years. And it is finally happening, but all in perfectly divine and aligned timing, just as I had posted it would back on May 17, 2013 in this blog, when I saw an interesting all white RV parked across the street where I could see it directly in view from my office:

Faery Stones & Crosses

It’s always fun to look back at how things have evolved. I actually didn’t realize it had been that long, as time flies, but at the same time I’ve kept myself focused on moving forward as if it already was, patiently awaiting the alignment to light up.

The more I’ve connected with my essence and heard the truth in my heart, the more I’ve connected with what that looks like for me in terms of my life callings.

I have a deep desire as a soul to explore, forge into unknown territory, create beauty, imagine expansively, flow naturally, live freely, simply, and with ecstatic softness, and love boundlessly. I’m a soul, that much like my dear Twin Soul, Nestor, cannot be confined, contained, nor bound.

Ideas come to me without some long analyzed process…I get the idea as a spark of inspiration and knowing first…and then I start working out the details, looking at the angles of how that looks, and exploring possibilities after.

This is what took place when I first got the RV inspiration. It just came to me. I knew it was right. And little by little, things started showing me and messaging me that my guidance was on point for my life with this. I knew I was meant to move on from California at this time. I’ve lived here nearly all my life, except for 7 of my 42 years, which were spread between Seattle, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, and Reno.

And I knew there was a timing on this. It wasn’t until I returned from Alaska last August of 2014, that I knew with all of me I had fully moved into a new embodiment and was living in the new reality, which was no longer in California. It would just take time for the rest to align. From the moment I arrived home everything felt so unreal to me and like a parallel reality to my own. And since then, I’ve upped my energetic work and movement forward to create what I knew was needing to be done.

I know that as long as I listen to the nudges I will always be supported, safe, and taken care of – in the right place at the right time. And there was a time limit on when this needed to take place, how long I knew I would be able to wait, but this would also coincide with an opening that had to be taken at the precise moment it was offered.

I think people didn’t take things seriously when I said a move and RV living was coming, since people operate only on the tangible things they see and experience. So, I just worked toward it, not mentioning it much, as it wasn’t important others were consciously in on it with me or not.

I operate in the intangible, as that’s where the tangible is created. So yes, for most of the time I may look like The Fool Card in the Tarot, but that’s where I live with great peace.

That used to be a big challenge, especially when I was much younger, and now I relish in it. It doesn’t much matter to me if people don’t believe what I share about experiencing, seeing, and knowing. If I’m happy and experiencing magickal things, plus doing no one harm in the process, I think that’s all that really matters, right?

I just know that I’m needing to move around right now and not root at this time, although will plant many roots along the way, and seed much on the journey, while also doing energetic work for the collective since all of my travels are intentional for the highest good of all concerned while I’m guided by my heart.

It will be interesting to see what evolves and where the journey leads. I have some visions of things that may culminate along the way, as well as potentials for what may happen at some end point of the journey, which has no time limit. It will be as long or as short as it’s meant to be. Until I KNOW with all of me, like I did with this first step, I’ll just be following the path unfolding one step at a time.

But once I fully embodied the truth that this was actually going to happen, things have just continued to unfold to open the pathway there very clearly.

And synchronously I’ve been calling up a lot of RV energy over the year. And even on my visit to Indiana to see Laura, little did I know until she told me, that Elkhart County, Indiana was the birth place of about 90% of RV’s in the country. So there is a good chance mine could have come from there.

And another fun thing was just after word came that things were a green light with the RV last week, I pulled out of my driveway to do some errands and a large RV came down the street, ending up in front of me and leading me out to the main road. AND, on my way back home, the same EXACT RV was coming back at the same EXACT time, turning back onto my street just as I was.

When you’re in the zone, you call up a lot of synchronized alignments and reflective experiences.

So, while it may seem overnight to some people, since it’s something that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes, it has been a process of continued belief, dedication, and moving forward without letting anything deter me from knowing what is in my heart would happen.

It’s not necessary that I dictate the timing, as that would go against natural flow and divine alignments. It was only necessary to gently (like a soft, but potent gaze) hold the energetic connection, relax, and realize that I was to be patient for what was on the threshold working itself out to bring it all together in the most supportive way for the highest good of all concerned.

In the meantime, fully embodying the new, not holding my life back, putting anything on hold, or stopping life until it happened, but continuing to cultivate things and live in abundant creation, which helps keep the energy moving and manifesting the pieces into place, one step at a time.

It’s a balance of intention without attachment or expectation, full embodiment of the new even though it isn’t here yet, flowing with the energy rather than forcing it, not allowing setbacks to deter you or discourage you, realizing the perfection of what shows up, and then courageously leaping when there’s a green light. Plus, don’t forget to intend everything for the highest good of all concerned to create the most harmonious and love-centered experience for everyone involved.

The Universe then supports you tenfold.

And although the next steps are not seen yet, I will be living and cultivating the life I want, while I await the next green light.

So, moving out of the house and into an RV park here locally, until the next leg of the journey comes together and reveals itself will be beneficial on many accounts.

It will help get things settled, integrate the new lifestyle, get the animal companions all situated, and work out any kinks, while also getting to live waterfront on the beach, which will be amazing and creatively supportive for my sabbatical projects I’ll be channeling.

I don’t know how the next thing is going to happen, but I do know that it will.


The new baby that has birthed into manifestation – A 39 foot Fleetwood Discovery with the absolutely perfect inside layout needed and desired, with 3 slide-outs for quite an off-grid home on wheels


A sneak peak of the main living salon with slide-outs out….pretty nice even before clean-detailing it and making it home.

This Sunday, two days after the Aquarius Full Blue Moon, and one day after the celebration of Lammas – “first harvest” – the RV arrived home at 6pm on the nose (all the way from Arizona), just as I finished in the garden.

garden towerI had been tending to my garden tower, tinkering around because I like to make all the plants pretty and give them attention, pruning, watering, harvesting, and also planting a few new plants. And lately, whenever I go out to the garden to check on my plants and do any work, it never fails that a white butterfly comes to greet me and will flutter around me with such loving grace, ecstatic softness, and gentle support. This day was no exception.

applese galoreI also made the rounds in the yard checking out all of the fruit trees and flowers – seeing the abundance of Fall fruits that are getting ready including apples and persimmons, and finding my two out-of-season, surprise tangerines getting really close to being ready too!

tangerine surprise3tangerine surprise2

They aren’t supposed to be harvested until February, but low and behold, just like me, a couple of them had to buck things and prove that “anything is possible”. Perhaps they’ll be ready, just like my two sunflowers out front, to harvest and bloom right at onset of embarking.

It was a most lovely and perfect timing to be out planting and cultivating, only to then have the “fruits of my labor” (both literally in present time and symbolically in terms of a few years of work) manifest at the exact timing of coming in from the garden.

There’s a lot to do between now and October, both with the RV, the house, my work, and all preparations, but I know it will all get done, as it always does.

Right now the RV is going to be getting an upgrade, making sure everything is functioning properly, fixing any little things to have it move-in ready, detailing it so it is fresh and clean, adding in a new washer/dryer to the hookups already there, getting a new mattress, adding solar panels to the roof, installing the towing kit so it’s ready for hook up to the car, etc…and then of course a nice little ceremony to activate her and energetically surround her in a new frequency of experience she’ll be supporting.


I love her model name, “Discovery” and I love that she “just so happens to be” mostly green with some gray, but the gray shifts color in the light and next to the green, so that it becomes a green/blue.

“Coincidentally”, the house we live in is also green – the only green house in the neighborhood with an address that numerologically holds the essence of #6, which is all about harmony, love, home, balance, family, groups, friends, truth, sincerity, peace, calm, beauty, responsibility, and service.

The reason the green color is so significant is because that’s the color of the Heart Chakra and the focus of my work at “Emerald Bridge”.

Emerald Bridge was created to be a compassionately conscious business that fuses visionary services and creations focused on a journey of the heart.

And that’s just what this adventure ahead in the RV will be – a journey of the heart.

I’m excited to see what gets created from this new abode, and look forward to exploring the entire U.S., Canada, and Mexico. I’ve traveled a lot abroad, but now I get to explore all of North America and areas surrounding.

Everyone has their own path, but it seems collectively, as Lee shared in his August Energy Forecast, that it’s a time for going within for a recalibration and redefining of how you want your life to be and allowing fire into your life to move through you to create growth.

For some that inner depth focus might reflect as deepening roots where they are and cultivating things locally. And for some, like myself, that inner depth focus is about deepening the roots within (home is where the heart is) that can be carried where ever we go, spreading and cultivating connection, community, and love around.

I look forward to being able to connect with people I know all over the country, but have never met in person, and I also look forward to meeting new people and having new adventures. I’ll be able to offer things locally, where ever I am, making it easier for people since I’ll be accessible to any locale I’m at.

I especially look forward to all of the beautiful nature and peace, inspiration, and expansiveness that I’ll immerse in, and how that channels through my work.

All I know is that we each need to follow the inner guidings we each have.

For me, right now I know this is what I am to do, and I’ll see where it leads and where I end up. Part of the journey is about exploring where I may end up wanting to root after this adventure.

But for now it’s simply about the journey…no end goal in mind. Seeing where it all leads and listening along the way to the promptings of Earth and Cosmic messages that will alert me.

(P.S. – before I added this end note and the two photo captions the whole share was 2222 words 😉 )

Standing in the Light of Who You Are & What You Desire – Celebrating a New Moon in Leo

approaching new moon in bimini

Approaching New Moon out front of The ARC, Bimini

I’ve just returned home late last night, so am adjusting and settling back in. I’ll be sharing a bit about our journey soon, but wanted to just share this, as I feel everyone in some way or another is at a personal crossroads in their lives in terms of choices, new directions, and new beginnings.

As shared before, I didn’t realize when I chose the week for this retreat that it began on the day of Mercury going direct and would end just as the New Moon would be emerging, but as all things always are, divine alignment once again was at hand.

And not having focused on what specific sign the New Moon would be in, until I returned, it was also synchronous that the themes we focused on were synchronous to the energy at hand as well.

Being that today is a New Moon, which symbolically is about new beginnings, perhaps you may find it supportive to tune into yourself and ask the really important question, “What do I really want right now?”

On our last evening and morning in Bimini the questions posed were, “What is your heart’s desire to do right now? What do you really want to do next?” and then “What ever that is, how can you support yourself to go do it?”

It was an open-ended question for each to explore and we left with greater connection to the answers, more expansive inspiration, the feeling of trust that we are supported always, and the knowingness that the time is now.

Although you might find doing the thing/s you want to be a bit challenging, you wouldn’t think that JUST asking the question would be hard. And yet it is a stumbling block for many of us, bringing up subsequent, and sometimes self-sabotaging questions that keep us at a stand still.

We avoid answering it directly and experience how our ego minds like to find every reason not to just simply express our truth, let alone can find all of the excuses why we feel that we can’t do the things now (sometimes with ingenious spiritual ego answers that run us in circles.)

Some of the questions that are triggered with this seemingly simple question posed of “What do I really want right now?” may include:

You mean I can really do what I want?

The only thing blocking me is me?

I don’t know what I want and I feel confused or worried I’ll choose the wrong path. Don’t I need to know what my ultimate end goal in life is before I can proceed?

How do I choose just one thing?

Will it be the right choice and will it make me happy?

Am I worthy of having what I want?

How do I do what I want when others are relying on me?

Won’t people judge me if I actually show them who I really am?

My parents, partner, friends…won’t support my desire if I share it, so how can I do what I want when everyone will be against me?

I don’t have enough money or time, I don’t know where to start, I’m scared, I’m not good enough, talented enough, experienced enough, etc., so why even go there and set myself up for disappointment?

And the list goes on….

new moon in leo

These are all valid questions to be aware of, which can lead you to greater understanding of yourself and to get to the core of why you aren’t experiencing your deepest wishes. But the challenge is not to let them run the show…not to let your ego minds reason with you, as they will always find a way to keep you from, and running circles around, yourself.

They are simply the reasons you have come to ACCEPT and keep telling yourself as your stories, in order to not experience your desire and not to be who you really are. Seems odd you’d do this, but it’s just an old program that’s been running overtime that needs rewiring and a little love and nurturing to cultivate the new program – the natural you.

Today’s New Moon in Leo is about expansive and creative passion to authentically, and with fullness of heart, express yourself, and support and nurture the flame within. New inspiration and vibrancy is at hand to embrace, which can assist you in inviting new shifts and initiate new experiences into your life right now. It all starts with the courage to say out loud what you dream of and want, and the courage to fully and vulnerably follow and trust the innocence of your inner child, step out of the darkness, and then live what you say out loud.

All of these were the themes of this week we shared in Bimini. And we walked away with greater exposure of our intimate selves shared more intimately with others.

Yes, it’s time to live without regret and fear, and shine brightly without apologies. Let us each take the time to tune in to who we really are and what we really want so that we can stand in the joyous expression of ourselves, together, in the light.

Interview with Jewelry Designer, Reiki Master Teacher & Soon-To-Be Yoga Teacher Allison Jacobson: The Holistic Journey of a Philly Girl Who Followed Her Heart

allisonToday we continue with another inside look at one of the courageous souls forging the way by following their passions. I love sharing little snippets of “real life” people that are embracing their fears and blossoming into beautiful leader examples, each in their own unique way, for others to find inspiration to do the same.

And one such story comes to us from the lovely Allison Jacobson, whom many of you have known as my Joyful Earth Crystals partner and very dear friend. You’ve heard me share about her through the work we’ve created together, but this post is all about miss Allison and her personal journey. In light of the many transitions that have taken place for her, mirroring the natural evolution of both of our work focuses, it felt to be the perfect time to give you a little insight into her experiences in today’s short interview sharing.

allisonA Little Background On How I Met Allison:

Allison and I met a couple of years ago when she first landed in So Cal. Our journeys collided at a local vegan meetup and the rest was history from there. It seemed we were destined to cross paths for the next evolutionary phase in each of our lives. Meeting both her and her husband, Chris, has been a blessing and I am deeply grateful that we decided to show up for one another when we did. What a gift they both are to the world.

It wasn’t long after our meeting that we combined forces in creating crystal healing jewelry together, that she embraced the path of a Reiki Master Teacher, and even got her first very potent sacred tattoo, among other things. Allison is definitely one of those get ‘er done people on a fast track to empowerment.

We’ve been through a lot in a very short time and during that process I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow and blossom in many ways, which has been wonderful to witness. I’m really proud of her courage and the beauty she is creating, and equally grateful for her supportive love. It’s like a whole new butterfly emerging from the cocoon and about to take flight, both literally and symbolically, as she and Chris will soon be off to the next destination their life paths are leading them on – Kauai. But I’ll let Allison share about that in the interview.

One of the things I’ve loved most about Allison is her determined eagerness to embrace as much as she can and her openness to new things. She has always been inquisitive and curious, which I feel is a most powerful part of the evolutionary process, and has always been focused on keeping things light and playful – another very important quality that is priceless. We’ve shared many a laugh and tear and through it all have grown in leaps from all that we’ve mirrored for learning. She is an ever-giving soul with lots to give!


Allison and I at our Joyful Earth Crystals debut event

Allison’s design work, both in jewelry and graphic arts is uniquely beautiful. She has an eye for simple elegance and coupled with her conscious life choices, she creates impactfully. It’s been fun to watch all of her gifts come to surface through following her heart and trusting to come to Cali, which ended up providing a more mirroring and nurturing environment that supported this flourishing of her awaiting talents.

Through our supportive connection we have been able to learn how valuable co-creation is, how we each have special gifts that blend well with others in service, and how when you embrace the journey that is presented with your heart, you’ll be led to the perfect experiences that will support your evolution, where ever that may lead.


Allison and her husband Chris

I am honored to have been able to train her to her Reiki Master Teacher level, as well as her husband in Reiki 1 and 2. (It’s exciting to know that she will be gifting her husband his own RMT training soon – a creative force couple they will be!) But moreso, I am honored to be able to call her my friend.

It’s wonderful to be part of her life and see the amazing changes that continue to take place. One of these changes, which has evolved in our following our hearts, will be in her focusing on her own unique and beautiful line of Yoga-inspired jewelry under a name that is reflective of her (she’ll share more on that below). The journey has led both myself and Allison to new ventures that mirror our personal evolution and transitioning service focuses. Transitions like this are powerfully beautiful to me, as it demonstrates that all parts are integral to the continually evolving journey itself. You may not know exactly where you will be led and you don’t even have to see the end result, yet as you hold the essence of what brings you joy and allow your heart to guide you, it will take you exactly where you need to be. Allison has been been a beautiful example of how embracing each step will lead to a more empowered you.


Allison and me in Bimini over 12/21/12

For now, Joyful Earth Crystals remains until Allison settles in her new home, so that in the meantime some of her own beautiful creations can continue to be available at the current etsy shop until we transition it. My own involvement with crystals has led me on a journey I’ll share another time.

I will dearly miss her not being at arm’s length, physically, but know that connections like ours transcend distance and now our wings can spread across the ocean in connective flight of shared service to the collective. I’m excited to see where her journey will take her next and what new developments she’ll have to share with us. I see a bright future of unlimited possibilities.

allisonAllison Jacobson Bio:

A Philly native, Allison is a high-raw vegan, jewelry designer, graphic designer, Reiki Master Teacher and soon-to-be Yoga Teacher. She currently lives in Huntington Beach, California, but in less than two months will be calling Kauai her new home. She can be commissioned for event planning, marketing, graphic design, Reiki, custom crystal jewelry design or any related services. Once settled, she will have beautiful Yoga offerings to add to her services to share.

A graduate of Drexel University, Allison has over 15 years of design, marketing, advertising, sales, social media, recruiting and management experience with Fortune 500 companies. Her experience in the corporate world combined with her keen eye for detail, unique sense of creative style and intuitive vision creates a powerfully integrated recipe for success.

A Short Interview with Allison Jacobson:

Tania: How has your life changed since moving to California and how has that shaped the path you are on now?

allisonAllison: Moving to California has been an amazing and enlightening experience of growth and expansion. In just over two years, I’ve learned and experienced so many new and exciting things and met so many amazing people who have truly enriched my life and brought me closer to discovering my soul’s true purpose. I knew that I needed to move here, but didn’t really have any concrete reasons for the move (beside the weather and sunshine!). I just knew that it was where I had to be. (Luckily, Chris – my husband – felt the same way!) I’ve always been one to follow my heart and instincts when it came to moving, and it has always been fun to look back and see clearly why each move had to happen, even though at the time, I didn’t have a clue as to its true importance. My journey has taken me from my hometown of Philadelphia to Indianapolis to Minneapolis to Huntington Beach… next stop Kauai!

Tania: Please share a little about what your passions in life are and how those translate into the work you do and are working towards?

Allison: I am extremely passionate about holistic health and wellness, including yoga, meditation, Reiki and being plant-based. My passions also include animals (especially my two cats, Charlie and Sadie!), the environment and crystals! My passions all come back to a place of wanting to support and help bring overall healing to others, in mind, body and spirit. I envision all of these passions uniting together quite strongly in the future to bring a full spectrum of wellness and support to many!

Tania: Can you please explain your evolving journey briefly with spiritual and healing arts and what led you to embrace not only these, but becoming vegan?


Allison visiting the rescued animals at Farm Sanctuary

Allison: I do feel that this journey officially began when I became vegan back in 2009. As I was questioning where our food comes from and why, I read and learned as much as I possibly could and came to the understanding that the animals that we eat are sentient, loving beings with feelings, friends and families, and are beautiful souls just the same as you and me. It was clear to me that going forward I would be vegan for life, as the understanding of the unity of all beings began to become clearer to me. Things came even more into focus when we moved to California where I now understand that I needed to be to continue to awaken and connect with those who could support my journey into consciousness (especially you, for which I am eternally grateful!).

Tania: What do you enjoy about designing crystal jewelry and how has your work evolved from the time you first created jewelry, started designing for Joyful Earth Crystals, and then transitioned into your own new line of focus?


Allison’s jade mala bracelet creation

Allison: I had dabbled in creating jewelry several times throughout my life, taking classes here and there and eventually losing interest again. I was only ever creating costume jewelry, more for fun than anything else. It wasn’t until I received some serious nudges from several angles (lol!) while living here that my true passion for crystal jewelry came into focus. Designing for Joyful Earth Crystals helped me to integrate my passion for healing with my passion for crystals and design! Being able to create supportive and healing jewelry for our amazing clients has truly been a gift. My passion for yoga and meditation has shifted my creations as of late into more yoga-inspired pieces which I absolutely love creating. I feel that my jewelry will continue to evolve after our move to Kauai next month, and will bring some amazing new super-charged creations to light!

Tania: You also do lovely graphic design. Can you share a little about what you enjoy most as a graphic designer and what kind of projects you find most fulfilling and why?

Allison: Thank you!! I went to Drexel University where I earned my degree in graphic design, then worked in advertising and marketing for several years. Eventually, design in the corporate world left me feeling unfulfilled and I started to look for something new to ignite my passion.  In the last few years, I have rediscovered my love for design, working on some really creative and exciting freelance projects. I absolutely love supporting conscious businesses with advertising and marketing as they strive to really make a positive impact on the world we live in.

Tania: What do you find most fulfilling and valuable in practicing Reiki and what do you hope to impart to your students?

Allison: Reiki is such an amazing gift, a limitless, powerful gift that can support anyone, anything, anywhere at any time. Reiki gives us the ability to channel the unlimited potent energies of the universe for anything we need help with, specific healing purposes, support of personal goals and really any possible situation you could come up with that needs support. I love how infused my daily life has become with this energy and I hope that my students will feel empowered by the gift of Reiki and understand that they can tap into this energy to manifest, heal and support anything for themselves or others.


Allison in Bimini

Tania: What drives your passion behind becoming a yoga teacher and what do you envision for your practice?

Allison: I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for years and always thought of yoga as solely a physical practice that kept people in great shape. In the last couple of years I discovered that yoga is much more than that, and through my studies, I now understand that it is really a way of life. Asanas (or poses) are just a fraction of what yoga really is. Yoga has shifted so much for me personally and is an amazing gift that everyone can benefit from. I have been drawn to restorative and gentle yoga for healing, stress-reduction and its potent health benefits and want to share that with the world. My goal is to make yoga accessible for all and incorporate it into my portfolio of healing modalities. I have had some very inspiring teachers here in California who were a major influence in starting my training to become a teacher. My goal is to teach yoga that will help people to reconnect with their true essence, relieve stress and anxiety, support healing and find peace within that is so essential to a happy, healthy life!

Tania: What advice would you give someone who is on the fence about following their passions and feeling anxiety over their fears and insecurities?

allisonAllison: It can be super scary to take a big step, get out of your comfort zone and follow your dreams and passions. My advice would be to trust your instincts, be aware of all of the little nudges that come your way (they eventually turn into big nudges if you ignore the little ones – one way or another, the universe gets your attention) and follow your heart. Timing is everything and everything truly does happen for a reason. We are divinely guided along our true path but finding our way usually means getting out of our own way, listening to our heart and not our ego. I also have a powerful support team, and each member of that team has come into my life at all of the perfect times and have helped to council me along the way. It can be so helpful to bounce things off of others and confirm what your instincts are telling you. Simply ask the universe for help, and help will come your way.

Tania: What inspires you and the work you feel guided to share?

allisonAllison: I am so inspired by limitless beauty of nature, the continuous discoveries and ah-ha moments along this journey and the beautiful souls who I am blessed and grateful to have crossed paths with. Being able to support others along their journey is such a wonderful inspiration for me and continues to fuel my passion for healing and gives me the courage and drive to continue along this path.

Tania: Last year you also got your first (and might I say boldly beautiful) sacred tattoo, followed shortly with another smaller one. I say boldly, as many end up with something small the first go around, so this was a courageous move I know you processed through. What drew you to get it when you did, and what if anything did you find yourself moving through in terms of beliefs and feelings that supported you’re being ready now to do so, and so “boldly”? 😉

Allison: My intention, as you know, was to get a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist. It was a conservative size and in a spot that was not very visible. allison tattooI was definitely playing it safe. I’ve always had these programmed voices in my head saying that “tattoos are trashy” and “tattoos don’t look nice on professional people” and “people are going to judge you if you get a tattoo” which are thoughts that I think a lot of us are programmed with. I had wanted a tattoo for more than twenty years, but I always let the worry of what other people would think prevent me from moving forward. There was definitely a lot of processing that I had to go through to get to the point of having the courage to get a tattoo initially, and then to have it grow exponentially in size really pushed me beyond my limits. It was time for me to really come into my own, shake off the programming and begin a new phase of my life. The symbolism and meaning behind my tattoo is so powerful, the whole experience was completely transformational. And the reaction to my tattoo by 99% of the people who have seen it think it’s absolutely gorgeous. And I LOVE it as well, so I thank you and James, my dynamic creative team who made this work of art possible. Can’t wait for the next one!

Tania: I know that another synchronous move is upon you. Would you like to share about your upcoming transition with your husband to Kauai, what you have done to manifest and embrace the big move, what calls you there, and what you envision for yourselves?

allisonAllison: I’m just so excited! In less than two months, Chris and I will be living on Kauai. We visited the island back in September, my first time and Chris’ third, I think. It honestly felt more like home to me than anywhere I’ve ever visited. I knew a couple days into the trip that we should (and would) seriously consider moving there. As I said before, I always follow my heart and intuition when it comes to moving, and it just felt like the perfect thing to do. So, we set our sights on Kauai, trusted that everything would fall into place, and really haven’t looked back! Everything has been magically flowing so we feel absolutely blessed in this process. I am so looking forward to being bathed in the magical energy of the island each and every day, beginning to teach yoga, really connecting with nature and spending as much time outside as possible. There are so many adventures in store for us there – I can’t wait to experience them all!

Tania: Can you share one vulnerable thing or greatest fear that not many know about you, but would find solace in knowing they are not alone in experiencing, and your advice?

Allison: I am definitely your typical “type A” personality, very much a perfectionist and therefore have very high standards, most of all for myself! I am working really hard on that, being kinder and gentler with myself and honestly really learning to truly love myself. I think we are all critical of ourselves in different ways, especially as women. There are these “ideals” that we’ve been programmed to believe, about how we should look, how we should act and how we should feel. I’ve written about it a couple times lately in my blog, very much for my own benefit as well as others. Loving yourself first and fully, celebrating your own uniqueness and beauty, knowing you are perfect just the way you are and always being willing to forgive yourself – these are things that are so essential to our happiness and our ability to love others. I’ve been using Louise Hay’s powerful affirmations, in combination with dōTERRA essential oils, meditation, crystals and Reiki to work through a lot of this and am blasting through these layers and loving myself more fully and completely than ever before.

allisonTania: How about one unique, crazy, or quirky thing about you that makes you uniquely and beautifully you, loved by those near and dear, and that you’re proud to embrace?

Allison: I am definitely a total goofball. I’m always cracking ridiculous jokes and finding ways to make people laugh (I have my Dad’s sense of humor for sure). I love bringing light and laughter to serious situations, because we truly are here to have fun!

Tania: Life is an endless shifting journey of stepping stones, which you have definitely demonstrated in your listening to and following. From where you are at this moment, what are your dreams and visions for your work?

allisonAllison: I am focused on supporting more and more people by bringing wellness and healing into their lives by continuing to share all of the healing modalities that I am passionate about, including Reiki, crystal jewelry, essential oils and yoga. I’ve also had visions of hosting yoga and wellness retreats on Kauai. The possibilities are limitless and so exciting!

Tania: If someone wants to contact you to commission jewelry, graphic design, or acquire Reiki services and yoga classes (once you are set up in Kauai), how can they reach you?

Allison: There are definitely lots of ways to get in touch with me:





Twitter: @AllisonDNO


Instagram: @adnojacobson

Joyful Earth Crystals on Facebook:

Joyful Earth Crystals on Twitter: @JoyEarthCrystal

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