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Free Give Away to All Who Enter ~ A Way to Support Your Courageous Journeys

Don’t forget this Thursday is the last day to send in your stories for the Friday Give Away where anyone who enters will receive:

~ a one card Tarot reading provided via email including photo of the card

~ everyone will be entered in a drawing to receive one free – one hour Individual Clarity & Guidance Session with me over the phone

~ plus you’ll receive a 33% off voucher toward a 5-Week Intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions

~ AND, I will also feature your story, in an upcoming blog, granted you’re okay with that, supporting you for the courage you’ve embraced and highlighting your gifts for others that you may be sharing in terms of your path and work.

How it works:

If you’ve joined on one of my retreats over the years, taken some of my workshops, worked with me in intuitive coaching sessions, have received Reiki support, experienced shifts and changes because of a sacred tattoo design we co-created and you now wear, or went through energetic changes because of a crystal I supported into your care or a painting that has helped you through your processes….I’d love to hear your stories.

You can either message me sharing how your life has changed because of the experience or thing, where you were, where you are now, and the steps in between that were part of the process.

Or, you can send me a video sharing the same.

This needs to be sent in to me by 3/3/2016 – that’s this Thursday.

The recipient will be announced on Friday, March 4th.

I’m a bit behind due to my birthday this weekend, on the Tarot readings, but will be getting those out this week. Thank you for your patience.

On the River of Life

20160228_140231_resizedRivers are symbolic of the passage of time, are metaphors for life, convey fertility, embody the power of nature, and also symbolize passageways, as well as boundaries and continuous change.


view out the front of rv

They are constantly flowing so moving through life with greater ease is a part of their reflection for us that is available as our experience.


beautiful mountain ranges on both left and right from our site

Rivers are wellsprings of ancient wisdom indeed and help direct and clarify your path if you are ready to listen.


view out the front of rv

This is the symbolism I will be sitting with this week and having reflected, as we landed on the Colorado River in Blythe yesterday.

An unassuming, but extremely peaceful spot right on the rapidly flowing water.

There are tons of varieties of birds here, one particular kind loving to congregate in the tree to our right chirping away their songs.

And we continuously have seen a couple hundred white cattle egret flocking through, which is an incredible sight and sound as they swirl in circles before landing then rise up again and swirl some more.


you can see how our rv basically is parked just feet from the edge where it drops off down below the bench to the river


Last evening while we relaxed outside on our chairs with refreshments, a large group of coyotes greeted us with their ancient howls, followed by a Burrowing Owl hooting nearby.



view from bed

The crickets and frogs were chirping away throughout all of this, creating a symphony of Nature’s voices and us as her guests, listening to the evening unfold its magick.

river (1)This morning we were greeted by our first beautiful sunrise here and again the flocks of cattle egret spiraling about.

river (5)

I love the individual ducks that joyfully take a ride on the fast flowing current down the river. They, too, slowly spiraling like a spinning tea cup ride, as they glide by.

Makes me giggle, as that would be me indeed.

river (4).jpgThere are many reflections here for me to receive and the flowing peacefulness will be a great nurturing for my projects and inspirations this week.

Everywhere we turn there are guiding posts, messages, and support.

I hope you take time to notice the ones in front of you as well, where ever you are.

river (3)


Gratitude, Rest, Assimilation & Blossoming ~ My Birthday in the Desert

FB_IMG_1456505954043I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone for all the beautiful and loving messages and wishes sent for my birthday over the last few days and for the magickal and thoughtful gifts received both in the mail and simply in the presence of your friendship and hugs – virtual and in person.

I’m grateful for each of your threads woven into my life, this journey, and grateful to each of you for choosing to show up at this time on Earth.

This year I chose a simple way to experience my birthday, although did gift myself a few small treasures that aligned with what felt most supportive to me right now.

20160226_073210_resized.jpgThis included a sweet little rose quartz heart ring, which felt to be nurturing that love from the inside out and about falling in love with myself and nurturing my heart’s joy in a whole new, but most natural way.

And also a sparkly sandstone bracelet with “tree of life” charm. Sandstone is a stone of creativity that encourages truth, promotes clarity, balances one’s reality and facilitates ease of movement and change.

As well as a new Tarot deck – likely my last for a while now.20160226_073409_resized

It’s so precious how the gifts I received from others were so perfect for me too, including a tiny gold dragonfly necklace, a magickal unicorn horn necklace, a colorful tapestry pouch (perfect for my Tarot cards), sweet hemp flower hair pins, and a couple of tops including one that said “Trees”.20160227_173829_resized.jpg

My birthday morning kicked off with a Great Blue Heron coming to visit us on the beach in front of the RV just before we left.20160226_062737_resized

And it was a lovely birthday weekend that unfolded from there, which I chose to experience quietly and immersed in the energy of the desert and self nurturing and a lot of love shared with my little family of loves including these sweeties.20160223_095335_resized.jpg

I’m not a celebrator in terms of parties and gatherings, preferring to be within my own experience in ways that feel most aligned with my energy and don’t like having a big deal made out of my birthday.

FB_IMG_1456505921150.jpgSo seeing some friends the days preceding my birthday was a nice way to say farewell for now, since we’re not returning for a long time, and a way to see people without specific celebrating. Although during a dinner right before we left I was surprised with a little birthday candle fun to make a wish. That was very sweet.FB_IMG_1456505943387

Last year on my birthday I was being in the purity of Iceland’s beauty, which called to my own innocence and essence within.

This year it was returning to a place I loved as a child and frequented often with my parents – Palm Desert.20160227_104319_resized.jpg

The desert couldn’t be a more beautiful way to relax and reflect on the year behind, the year ahead, and the integration of both in the now, while doing a lot of nature connecting and self-nurturing.

20160227_105302_resizedThere is a purity and sacredness to the desert that feels supportive of receiving clarity and standing in the raw nakedness of my personal truth.

And like the starry skies of Iceland, the desert also offers a beautiful night time Cosmic landscape to get lost in.

20160227_101158_resized.jpgAnd relaxing is just what I needed and need right now, as I have found myself getting very energetically tired by end of the day and needing to sleep a lot and get in bed early.

My body and soul are going through transitions to support all that is changing quickly.

I can feel all that I’m rapidly assimilating with the big shifts in my life and that my birthday cycle heralded in. I’ve been allowing the desert energy to work its magick, while giving myself even more with self nurturing pool time, massage, and just soaking in sun therapy and rest.20160227_161938_resized

It’s important to allow ourselves to integrate all that we work on and process so that it can fully root and blossom. Doing what seems like nothing is doing something and it’s important. It will help keep you balanced, healthy, and support those leaps.

20160227_103608_resized.jpgAnd speaking of blossoming, the desert here is already in bloom! It’s Spring early and that also feels quite reflective of what I’m feeling internally.

20160227_103622_resized.jpgDesert blossoms as reflections of all that is blossoming within.

20160227_104143_resizedAnd I felt like a desert blossom on our gentle hike yesterday, wearing my tangerine red sparky strapless dress with gold threads and hat. I’m a big proponent of hiking in dresses and flip flops or open rugged sandals.

20160227_104302_resized.jpgI’ve also seen more animals and insects mating right in front of me than I ever have in the last few weeks. They literally are drawn to me and going about their uniting – be it ducks, pigeons, several variety of insects, geese….

20160227_112156_resized.jpgI’m seeing it as that divine igniting and creation flame I’m channeling along with falling in love with life in a whole new way.

20160227_112138_resizedIt’s a whole new love story emerging.

20160227_104959_resized.jpgAnd speaking of love…even the place we stayed at this weekend, arriving on my birthday, is called Emerald Desert Resort, which perfectly aligns with my business named Emerald Bridge, which is all about the heart chakra energy and that wonderful healing and nature emanating green glow of brilliance and warmth.20160227_105422_resized

It’s been a gentle transition into my 43rd year of this life considering all of the transitions I’ve been making, having concluded my sound course on my birthday as well (which has been hugely and deeply integrative), and shifting out of one way of living and sharing of my services to completely different ways.

20160227_103938_resized.jpgOther than the needed rest to assimilate, I’m grateful for the ease and grace that is taking place with everything, as I know not everyone is experiencing flow. I know this has also been a time of intensity and challenge for many.20160227_105211_resized

My hope is that by continuing to hold the energy of what is possible in the face of immense changes, as others are doing along with me, that we can assist each other into a more gentle experience of ever-greater potentials that are available.20160227_104359_resized.jpg

My life hasn’t always been easy, as I shared in my post on the 25th: A Selection of True Awakening Experiences20160227_104700_resized

Yet, there is light available to us all within the darkness. Darkness can be the sweet spot of immensely beautiful possibilities and you can learn to have clarity of vision even when it appears there is no light. You will find that light was always within your heart and can “see” you through anything.20160227_104051_resized.jpg

Like the desert can be deceiving with its harsh way of life – seemingly barren, dry, and challenging unless one is resilient and resourceful, there is also much beauty, abundance, and life is plentiful and blossoming – as it learns to adapt and renew itself within each season of change.20160227_115224_resized

Soul Nurturing A New Cycle

20160224_125933_resized.jpg“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Yesterday I enjoyed sharing a pre-Birthday celebration with a Pisces sister and sweet friend of mine on Catalina Island since it was her birthday yesterday and mine is tomorrow.

It’s super cool that Catalina Express is still offering their free pass to Catalina if you travel on your birthday, along with all of these free or discounted perks when you arrive.

So, we got to enjoy a relaxing, supportive, playful day immersed in island beauty and fun, giving us a little get away from everything for the afternoon.


I’ve spent a great deal of time on Catalina over the course of my life, since my family went there a lot and I’ve returned quite a bit as an adult too. The last time being about two years ago, or so.

It felt like the perfect way to just “be” with the energy of closure and opening that is simultaneously taking place in my life with a new cycle emerging for me.


The day ended in complete magick with hundreds of dolphins that kept showing up on the way back to our harbor home from Catalina island. They were jumping higher than anyone had ever seen, playing in our waves and simply playing all around us, literally shooting out of the water like torpedoes. It was incredible the bursts of force, joy, excitement, and playfulness that they emanated. Everyone was screaming , I was squealing, wide smiles stretching our cheeks, we were clapping, tears in our eyes, chills running through us, and I’m still continuing to vibrate when I think of it. The reflection of their energy felt so aligned with our conversations and the creative passions thrusting forth, as well as wanting forth. It felt like they were celebrating our birthdays with us and simply wanting to play with us and remind us to continue that playfulness every day in these new cycles of our lives…”Oh yes I say!! Yes!!!!”


As mentioned, we will be leaving for Palm Desert tomorrow on my birthday, which is another of my childhood playgrounds. So that feels fitting too.

And I plan to spend the day solely with my little family relaxing in the desert energy at a lovely resort there, seeing where the day takes us – hike, pool time? – with massages booked to surrender into.

Anyway, since I’ll be taking tomorrow off, in terms of being offline, so that I can just “be” with the energy of this shift and deepen into some more soul nurturing, I thought I’d share my birthday joy and gratitude with you all now.

I am so excited for all that is unfolding, the adventure ahead, and the continued creativity I am honored to express through me.20160225_114710.jpg

I am grateful to all of you who so lovingly share your hearts and joy with me and who are also sharing your lights courageously.

I celebrate each of you and your unique energy signatures, as I celebrate this rebirthing within myself of my own.

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

I would like to extend my gratitude to Barbara Franken for the invitation to be part of the February Challenge…Inspiring Others By Our Own Awakening Experience

Barbara asked each of us who is participating to share our awakening experiences.

Since I was not in on the first part of the challenge, I will share a brief story of my journey to greater freedom and self-realization, along with where I find myself now as a result, which is what this collaborative effort by all who participate in, involves.

Barbara will be sharing each of the 33 posts together in a free E-Book to inspire others to resonate with the natural awakening of all humankind that is happening now.

My Awakening Experience:

First off I would like to share that I believe we are constantly in spiraling cycle of “awakening”, or as I like to refer to it as, “remembering”.

I believe that this is a process that involves one to be triggered or self-prompted by their own journeys of alignment, openness, readiness, and soul missions chosen.

For me, this process seemed one that I set up without capability of escaping, unless I totally gave up, but that simply wasn’t written in the signature of my soul.

My life has been a series of experiences I either embraced and learned from or would find myself creating situations that provided no other out, but to do so in.

I can’t say that one specific time period or experience would be what I’d consider my “awakening” or ultimate “remembering”, but rather there have been several experiences that collectively have been the stepping stones to this process, which continues unfolding in ever-deepening and expanding ways.

However I do remember that as a very young child I did come in with that natural remembrance.

And like many of you, through a series of experiences, events, conditioning, and contracts to fulfill, that remembering became a confusion of inner voices that reeked havoc on my nervous system trying to make sense of it all and operate as the sensitive empath that I am.

And this then became an experience of forgetting, while trying to reclaim those authentic parts once again.

I was easily impressionable and without boundaries, as a Pisces. And so what I naturally was became the hidden part, as I tried to function and perform as others would rather prefer seeing.

And yet, those parts of my nature were impossible to fully shove away, and so these made me stand out and kept me still just out of reach of fully going unconscious, while I was just trying to get through the parts of life I HAD to like school, performing in the way that was almost like a game to me.

School was too easy. I knew how to breeze through it because of my intuition, photographic short-term memory, and ability to use both sides of my brain equally.

However, it was all I could do to get the heck out of there quickly, as inside I was dying from this boxed-in experience that didn’t support the parts of me that knew.

But as I said, it was all inevitable that I would get to this point now, it was just a matter of which way I wanted to do that… Isn’t that the choice for us all?

And while I became adept at being an observer of my life and having three voices…one on each side of a choice, and the third that oversaw it all from the bigger picture…this only made it more challenging to be with others who didn’t understand my way of thinking in so many perspectives.

And so I mostly remained silent.

As mentioned, I can’t pinpoint just one moment that was hugely opening, but there are several that stand out.

From the onset I was having incredible experiences and throughout my childhood and teens, many many spiritual experiences that were not normal to anyone I knew at the time.

This included out-of-body experiences, seeing presences in my room, prophetic and deeply symbolic and disturbing dreams for one so young who didn’t understand, telepathic incidences, knowing things without understanding why, feeling everything around me, communicating with animals, healing with my hands, voice, and dance, painting and drawing with ease at a level beyond my peers, and having a connection and longing to the stars, wishing to go back home.

It was my mother who was the trigger for both my brother and me, who started to read metaphysical and spiritual books, passing them on to us once she read them. This took place around freshmen year in high school (around 15) and once I got a hold of this material it was like something took off with a flash-forward leap.

Finally something that made sense in a world that did not.

And from there my brother and I took over and were on a fast track, reading tons of material we could get our hands on and delving into conscious conversations between us, which then extended to us teaching our parents what we learned, as we were determined to work out family dynamics along with our own.

While this made me connect to these parts of myself, it was also what made me feel even more different and not wanting to be around others, or feeling really conflicted when I was. But because I was a Pisces and easily could morph into environments and any group of people, no one was the wiser.

The inner conflict and turmoil however just continued growing, as I delved into what I knew was me, and yet was still operating in a world that I didn’t fit into unless I continued in the conditioned vein others wanted me to be in. It created a lot of emotional challenges and I would find myself crying all the time in the solitude of my dark bedroom or in the safety of the shower throughout my time in school and even beyond.

The shower became my sanctuary and place I’d go to cleanse and release, as well as work through things. It also became the place I released sadness as to what I saw around me until I later learned it all had its place and purpose that wasn’t for me to judge.

The next times I remember having big leaps were when I quit my first job, out of college, after basically burning myself out from being an over-achiever and having performance perfectionism, which led to having a physical stress breakdown and needing to do something fast.

My brother helped prompt me at this time that I needed to focus on me and nurture myself…I’d become way too fragmented inside and drained. And with having saved every penny I earned, I did just that, devoting myself completely to personal growth, delved into my writing, and started physically taking care of myself.

Things turned around, but there would continue to be layers.

A couple of years later I moved with my parents to Sedona and left everything and everyone behind. I basically lived as a hermit for two years and once again devoted myself, in the transformational energy Sedona offers, to personal growth.

I basically tore myself apart in every way, even more deeply, with self-help books, astrology, numerology, working through, releasing, and repatterning what I was capable of, came clean with all things I never told my parents about myself, daily work through revisiting everything in my past until that moment where I forgave myself and others and understood the perfection of it all, and all things in my family’s history as well, and then speaking to the first channeler ever who provided a most thorough reading on every level that supported the things I came to learn about myself during this process and more.

I was my own therapist, counselor, life coach….and it took everything within me at the time to dig deep and let the flood of healing emotions flow.

This was another milestone for me in my journey around my mid-twenties.

And from there my life just continued in devotion to this unveiling and remembering. I would never stop uncovering layers and trying to work through and gain clarity on why I was the way I was and felt the things I did.

The rest of my experiences became ones I learned through the relationships in my life…and there were many, including marriages, and by exploring a whole gamut of different jobs to explore what felt most aligned with myself and utilized my gifts.

I saw everything as a reflection and knew that you don’t escape and run away from things, but rather I was determined to be as conscious as possible, smack in the middle of it all, and play out any dynamic that was necessary, despite how that looked to outsiders.

This also became a decision of one to do without escaping through drugs and alcohol, which could easily have been a route for me as a Pisces. I never touched a cigarette or any form of mind altering drug, and still haven’t to this day, as I choose to do the work myself of opening to these experiences via my own efforts and innate powers, I believe we all have.

I did drink when I was younger, but only now and then when out to dinner or a party, but never out of control and I actually didn’t ever like it. It was one of those things that wasn’t me, but I was finding myself doing because those parts weren’t as strong yet as the conditioned ones.

I don’t drink at all anymore, and haven’t for 10 years, and never will touch any again. It doesn’t resonate with my vibration and the journey I’m on personally.

I like feeling everything…the not so fun and the fun things, as that’s my way to clarity.

My struggles weren’t seen by anyone but my family, as I was still adept at living different lives when needed, but luckily this lessened more and more over time, as I started aligning both the outside and the inside.

The next large shift occurred in my last marriage, which not only drew me to where I needed to be in terms of location, people that would be instrumental, and the most transformational experience yet, but it also was the time period that I finally and fully connected to my path, moved through past life things and karma, and made the last commitment I needed to being who I came to be, which I haven’t wavered from, hidden from, or ever had to live a dual life from again.

During this marriage I also became a Reiki Master Teacher, meeting my Teacher and life coach at the time who became my best friend that finally was like finding resonance in the world beside my rabbit, Nestor who understood me, traveled to sacred sites across the globe, began my deepest work with painting, drew in other resonating souls, and said goodbye to my rabbit and twin soul, Nestor when she left her body.

The latter being a catapulting experience in early 2008 that changed me forever, through the deepening, releasing, opening, expansion, and clarity on what I couldn’t see while she kept me comforted. A commitment like no other came through losing my twin soul, Nestor – it was based on love and a responsibility to that love for her, for myself, and for what our shared soul roles were, which she reminded me of within my heart.

All of my sacred travels were also deeply enriching, but the one I would say that had the most profound effect on my life that opened all that I’m focusing on now, was in Egypt. It is there that I retrieved my voice, my power, and my essence. It was so profound that I returned there again, just four months later.

And since this time period there has been no turning back and constant leaps in my process.

That’s not to say the road still hasn’t been challenging and filled with new adventures to test my abilities learned, and to motivate my courage a bit further.

But once I left the last marriage, lost Nestor, did all of the new levels of work to penetrate and retrieve the parts I hadn’t yet been able to on my own, and became a teacher, as well as embraced my gifts as my strengths and without doubt these were meant to be my life’s work, it’s been a game-changer.

Each part of my life has been taken to new levels through the choices and things I’ve embraced. It’s what brought me to my current relationship, although went through it’s own challenges, is in a beautiful place, enriching, and expanding place because of integrating and applying all that I learned.

Everything has been like this now, since. I’ve been able to apply things I’ve learned in ways that aren’t just about talking about and knowing concepts, but truly integrating and embodying them. This is why things have manifested and unfolded as they have because I learned my processes and understand how to work through the energies that come up.

It becomes a seamless process now after practicing it over and over.

And this is what I believe is available to us all…it’s not that you arrive at some destination without challenge. It’s that you take the things you’ve learned and start applying and working them like alchemy in your life. You come to understand your personal processes, how you self-sabotage and hide from yourself, and how to support yourself and create the way to move through them.

You become the magician and master alchemist, able to work with all of the elements to create a desired result or reality of your choosing.

GAM_9750 web

Where I am Now:

And so this finds me now the freest, happiest, most clear, and empowered I’ve ever been – all of which is increasingly expanding each day. It also finds me retrieving my inner child wonder and innocence in the deepest embodiment yet, while I’ve been integrating my Earthly and Cosmic essence in a way that creates an experience of more wholeness.

My life seemed a bit backwards in comparison to others, as I was on this mission to work through my “stuff”. This made me seem older and more mature than others when I was younger and ironically I’m now a playful child once again, because of the reclaiming and remembering that has taken place, bringing me back in touch with the heart of who I am.

I am still with the same partner after these nearly eight years, have a beautiful little family of animal companions including two new bunnies that are connected with Nestor and are powerful healers, teachers, and souls too, and two cats that my partner, Dave brought to the relationship, am living in an RV as I dreamed of manifesting, we’re just starting our grand adventure across everywhere our hearts call to, I’ve achieved and shared a successful spiritual and healing arts practice, have a strong connection and good relationship with my intuition, telepathy, and clarity of heart and mind in alignment, and am currently following my heart’s greatest joy and dreams after manifesting the ability to focus solely on the creative energy wanting to channel through me.

So I am now full-time engaged in all the things I once had done when younger, or had retrieved during my life-changing explorations, but with all of me now. My focus is on creatively expressing and channeling the song of my heart through the things I love most and that speak to the essence of who I am and came to express.

I’m grateful for the ride, although it at times was tougher than I thought I could handle, nor did I want to. I wanted out many times, as I hit my personal rock bottom, but it is within those dark depths that I found myself and the light of hope within my heart once again. I am grateful that I am always being supported and watched out for from beyond this realm, that I have a beautiful powerhouse of supportive companions that came to assist me, and grateful I chose to have the fortitude of endurance and commitment that I did otherwise I wouldn’t be here still.

But it’s true what they say about only being given what we’re capable of handling. Our strength and resilience is far greater than our minds would like to think they are. And although I’ve had times of not knowing for sure if I would be hanging around for very long, since I worked through the contracts and karma, and now understand how to work through anything, I have a lot of joyous things in my life that have me the most deeply embodied than I have ever been.

This seems very timely to be sharing, as my birthday is tomorrow – 2/26 – and today completes the end of a #9 year cycle for me. So, putting closure to all of this through sharing and writing it out is a beautiful way to move forward completely with all of me.

And although it is only a summary, as I couldn’t possibly fit into this post everything unless it were a book, it feels definingly final.

I have no need to revisit the past, as my focus is in the here and now.

I will be 43 tomorrow and starting a new #1 cycle, which is fitting with my also now shifting gears in my life with new heart and soul aligned focuses that reflect who I am right now. This is the journey I am now committed to – that of walking an authentic path that expresses the innocence of my essence and to do that with total freedom where my nature is the only voice I now listen to.

And since tomorrow is my birthday I will be offline immersing in a day of self-nurturing just that, but you’ll be able to continue to explore another soul’s journey with this challenge.

The next post in this blog challenge is by Mei of

Celebrating 7 Years of Joy

GAM_9325 web

Happy 7 year anniversary Joy!!!

I love you more today than ever!

Thank you for all that you bring to my life and everyone you touch.

Thank you for helping me to open my heart again.

And thank you for opening your heart to Cosmo, which has been healing for you both.

You are an inspiration to me with how you’ve expanded your heart, moved through your challenges, learned your boundaries, and embraced your role as teacher and healer.

I’m so grateful that you came into my life as my birthday gift to me 7 years ago.

And I’m so grateful for all the things I don’t need to say, but that you know so deeply in your heart and soul.

You are my “Joy!”

GAM_9268 web

A Quick Touch In Before Leaving California Plus Destination Update

20160221_132502_resized.jpgSo we’re back where we started, in Newport Beach again, although we opted for a waterfront site this time, since it really does make a difference in crowded parks like this that are quite busy all the time.

We got really lucky with a beautiful spot dead center of the lagoon and with a gorgeous tree spirit directly in front of us, which we’re really enjoying with our picnic table on the lawn underneath it.20160221_132522_resized.jpg

I’m about to head off there to do my work for the day.

full snow moon in virgoIt’s been great timing with being here for yesterday’s Full Moon in Virgo and being with this tree seems so perfect with feeling supported by Mother Earth and knowing, as well as surrendering to the fact, that we can find the support from her when we need it.

20160222_210735_resizedLast night we enjoyed sitting under the Full Moon and roasting vegan S’mores, while I also did some healing energy work with dynamics I wanted to change involving Virgo energy in my life, asking for assistance to support this.20160222_210917_resized

As you can see in the photo below, it does seem in fact a spirit of the fire emerged to help. To me, I immediately saw a Native Indian with feathered head piece chanting to the moon in sacred dance with the fire.20160222_211350_resized.jpg

Astrologer Molly Hall shares: “This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying. You become the Virgin, whole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.”

That feels very resonant for me.

It’s a little odd to be back, I must admit. It feels very different and although this area has been my home for a few years, I now officially do feel just like a visitor.

The only reason we came back was due to business plans Dave had, but those all changed at the last minute without a way to shift our coming back. Plus, I had made some appointments like Cosmo’s acupuncture I promised him and a bunch of errands to get done while in the area.

So, back we are, although as all things do shift, my thinking I was going to be here for my birthday in fact is not the case, as we were able to change our length of stay and did.

Originally we would have stayed here through Sunday February 28th, but we are now leaving on my birthday – this Friday the 26th instead.

That feels much better to me, although I always see the meaning and perfection of however things do unfold.

And while we’ve been here we’ve now started to map out and more officially plan our route for the adventure ahead that will now finally take us away from California altogether. Yay!

This beginning stage has felt like an assimilation and rooting process, while we tended to getting situated, ironing out the tweaks, getting things worked on on the RV, seeing our families, which was planned long before this started, etc., but now the real adventure begins.

So we did finally take out the map and we have the directional plan in mind, which means we’ll know more now where we’ll be, although timing can shift a bit depending on our feelings, guidance, and unknowns.

With that said, since I have friends all over and some people may be interested in a Private Immersive Retreat in one of the areas (which is the way to also receive Reiki training if that is of interest) we will be at that is a fun destination for you or nearby for convenience, I’ll continue keeping you posted of our timing and whereabouts.

Here is what we know so far:

2/26 – 2/28 – Palm Desert (Leaving on my birthday, which takes me back to this desert location I loved as a child. My family went here every year up through my early twenties. Seems fitting for my birthday energy to be in a resonant area that is renewing for my inner child)

2/28 – 3/6 – Blythe on the Colorado River

3/6 – 3/27 – Sedona

Then we’re off to the Grand Canyon and Utah, however the dates I shared are the ones we’ve actually booked so far. Will know the rest soon.

Looking forward to all that’s in store and how that will translate into my life, work, and my connections with you all.

Ants, Ankles & Aquarian Energy ~ Personal Dream Messaging with the Collective in Mind

I had a dream that stuck with me a couple of nights ago. It involved ants.

I always marvel at how much animal spirit guides in particular show up for me, as well as show up when I do sessions for others. They are indeed one of my strongest connections.

I thought to maybe share the dream when I had it, but then didn’t.

However, when another dream two nights ago came up around something similar, and a friend of mine mentioned ants as an addition to a sacred tattoo, I thought I’d share.

So in my first dream, I dreamed about ants and my ankles.

I don’t know how this fit into context of what I was dreaming, but that isn’t important, as the part I remember is what I feel is key.

In the dream I remember looking down at my ankles and seeing ants underneath my skin, as if my skin was translucent.

They were moving about through them and some coming down slightly at the area where my ankles connect to the top part of my feet.

They were larger than normal, but then some started to really grow and become the size of about an inch and a half with bulbous black bodies.

And as they grew, big tumor-like bulges and bumps emerged on my ankles where they were moving under, swelling to the size of their growth.

The bubbles of swollen skin where these large ants were moving under, felt as if they might at some time burst once they got too big.

The rest of the ants just kept moving about through my ankles, doing their thing.

That’s all I remember from that night, but then two nights ago I, again, dreamed of my ankles.

No ants this time, but the continued focus on my ankles felt significant.

In this dream I was actually in Montana and found that one of my tattoo artists who has done some of my work was living there. I decided to ask him if he had time to fit me in, which he did. I didn’t actually know what I was getting until he asked.

Then I asked him to make some Mehndi designs on both of my ankles to balance with the tattoos I already have there and to match with the one on my hand he’d already done.

And we started playing with the ideas on the flow of that.

That’s all I remember.

In medical astrology, ankles are connected to Aquarius, as Aquarius rules the lower legs including calves and ankles.

Medical astrology is a way to connect parts of the body you have challenges with, to the energies of signs and planets, which will help you connect more with the meaning of how this challenge is conveying a message to you.

I happen to have two placements in my chart of Aquarius:

Jupiter in Aquarius in the 1st House and Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd House

I also happen to have deeply bruised my ankle back in August (I can still see some discoloration there with slight tenderness) when we took our first RV trip out to the Vegas area, as my ankle got caught in the car door that closed on it because we were parked on an incline.

Needless to say, I’ve been monitoring this area and energy and to have it come up so potently twice in dreams definitely had me reflecting deeply again.

I share things in this way to help you to see how you, too, if you don’t already, can dissect and explore your own meanings and messages in life to help interpret when things show up, how they do, dreams, symbolism, animal spirit guides, etc.

It just takes the willingness to observe, be open to the reflections, be curious, do a little investigation, and be willing to take the time to delve into engaging your own creative faculties and power.

So this is what I did and do.

Since Jupiter in Aquarius is about expansion, ease, luck, and abundance of and with the energies of being innovative, independent, insightful, unconventional, altruistic, and having this in the first house means that bringing that energy through comes in ways of the self, my personality, and who I am and identify with that others then would see me as, then this translates as my having the need to be, and an ease with:

freedom, thinking outside of the box, always willing to try new things, unafraid to step away from tradition or to be different, to be a pioneer with discovering new ways, perhaps eccentric, very artistically and spiritually inclined, leading, wanting to make the world better for everyone, work independently, but for the greater good, and will find luck and remain joyful, confident, expansive, and optimistic when I consistently use my visionary skills and innovative energies in life and work.

Much of the work I will feel called to do and the ways in which I think and feel could be ahead of its time since it is future focused and looking at ways to create a better world for the collective at large.

The second house is our relationship to our physical existence on Earth and how that translates in our self worth, values, and our inner and outer resources, as well as relates to the type of work we do/our career, and money.

Having Venus in Aquarius in my second house conveys as a love for beautiful things and creating beautiful and unusual things, an ease and gifts with music and the arts, a flow of money in and out, and all things Aquarius I shared above would be my natural ways of expression through my work in these areas. It also lends to being peace-loving, balanced or in constant focus of wanting to create balance and harmony, soft spoken with peaceful and healing speaking skills, self growth being a focal and important part of life, and fulfillment and reward in experiences in life for me are when I am able to be the Aquarian energies through my work without restrictions.

All of this background reveals what a focus on my ankles would all point to.

The catching of my ankle in the door as a wake up call and reminder that these are the ways and energies that make me who I am and how I operate most beneficially not just in terms of my own inner peace and fulfillment, but in terms of what I have to offer to humanity and the collective.

That made sense at the time, as it was just as I had taken my sabbatical, which was meant to focus on my creative, visionary projects, although at the time was on hold due to getting things situated with the move and new RV life.

I was needing to walk through a new door and being reminded that this part was key to harness in its truest form now, as the next leg of the journey would be about a deepening into who I truly am in all ways.

Timing was/is of the essence, I felt and even the small delays, although necessary to implement, were to keep in check as to not totally deter me.

So then to the current dreams….another reminder, but also reiteration that my choices of letting go of most everything I’ve been doing in terms of my work and expressions would be transforming greatly to mirror the new embodiment of this energy in all ways.

This leading me to know that it is crucial to my own life force, not to mention my ability to truly serve the collective from my authenticity – since that is one and the same, especially so with the Aquarian energies – to follow the strong impulses, inner guidance, and messages that my work must change and what I feel a need to bring forth through my creative self expression is necessary.

Where I felt complacent and boxed in, I would now expand and be free to explore the visions of my heart and guiding inspirations.

Where I had structures or guidelines to still somewhat stay within, I would have none but the essence of me channeling through.

In the first dream, the ants so much mirror this Aquarian energy to me.

Ants are very focused on doing their part with an extremely industrious energy, but they are simultaneously part of a collective community that is innately built in to why they do what they do.

Each ant knows their place and they fulfill their individual duties that each only can do, as a means of serving the whole.

They do this patiently, with great stamina, and in cooperation with one another – team work is their powerful medicine, yet it comes with knowing their part and respecting and honoring the same within each other.

Ants are also great architects so they demonstrate to us how we can construct our dreams into reality with great precision and persistence.

They message us that if we align our body, mind, heart, and soul to the intentions of our dreams and goals, infused with patience then we can create the reality of our dreams.

Mastery of patience is key and letting go of ego running the show so that we come from a place of inner truth and equality.

In this way ants are great humanitarians and so very much link to the Aquarian values. They give unconditional love freely.

And to me, having the ants under the skin in my ankles, growing and ready to burst out, really means to me that this energy and that ants are literally the veins of my existence and their energy is in my blood.

Synchronously, I’ve also been saying over and over that the energy I feel is like a volcano ready to passionately pop and flow – and which is why I had to follow the energy and make the necessary adjustments in my life and work in order to align with it, with me, and ultimately with the collective energy at large.

These little ant hill mounds under my ankles were swelling with big ant hearts and bodies.

They remind me that with continued patience all things that I feel called to newly birth, if taken one thing at a time and patiently, will all come to fruition.

The dream was not one of discomfort or pain…it was not violent or scary…it was simply these ants/this energy making itself known and supporting my decisions and commitments I’ve made.

They are also telling of my “antsy” energy within that I have been managing while putting into place the supportive elements and environment for this new work.

So, again, they are reminding me to take one step at a time…to hold the vision I see of the future, yet move with patient flexibility within each leg of the journey. To be mindful that there will come times of working with others and that my strength of will is what will see me through, which will need to be exercised not just in the process of patient creation, but also in keeping to the commitments without interruption.

Ants showing up can indicate a time of honing in on your gifts and special talents, to consider the role you have, and ensuring you are making the most of those natural gifts – always staying in tune with knowing how it fits in with the whole and seeing it as an expression of unity that takes into account the person and larger picture together.

They also help us to realize that even if we think our part is small, or what we have to contribute isn’t some grand idea in the scheme of things, that it is still essential and necessary as our contribution to that unity.

Ants work instinctively to build their future, but with much vision. And so, too, do we have the instinctive knowledge of how to slowly build our dreams, create life as a work of art, and be the architects of our lives.

Perhaps it also came up because I’ve had to stand strong behind these commitments to honoring the energy and my boundaries recently with a lot of requests that have come in for work I have moved away from for now.

Like the ants, I know the role I need to keep focused on so that exceptions can’t be made and although my heart is one that would be tugged, I am being shown that there is a timing and purpose beyond what it may seem that this new path is important to keep moving forward on.

I don’t want those ants to become so large that they in fact may inflict pain or unwanted challenges in my life if I do not heed the message.

I’m grateful I have come to a place of recognizing these things and that I’m strong enough in my knowing to lovingly be firm, knowing how that best supports the collective as an example.

Ant asks: Are you sacrificing your dreams and parts of yourself for something or someone else? If so, you may need to re-evaluate things to ensure you are not veering away from your path.

And then there was the second dream of the Mehndi tattoos.

Although I am not literally getting more tattoos, I have in the past considered Mehndi designs in this area.

However, I take it symbolically that this again is a strengthening and empowering of the energy of my ankles, which I’ve described above. And although I may not wear literal tattoo designs there, I in fact do have sacred symbolism etherically supporting that realm.

Mehndi is “intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun. Vedic customs are centered on the idea of awakening the inner light.”

And so it seems this dream was about awakening and embodying that inner light of my unique expression through the artistry of my soul expressing forth at this time.

Even though these are not the only ways one could interpret these symbolisms, as that is something one must feel out as the right meaning for themselves, you can see how intricately you can uncover and explore your internal messaging to assist you in understanding yourself and your journey more.

Some of it is part research, some of it is part intuition and creative thinking from multiple perspectives.

I share this to empower each person to do more of their own self explorations and not needing to always ask someone else to interpret the messages, as truly you are the one who really knows the way to interpret it to the resonance of your own truth. Someone else can only provide suggestions and possibilities, but ultimately even those aren’t the answer, as if you don’t want to “see” the message you still won’t hear it.

For myself, I’m grateful for my willingness to explore and the desire to look at all possibilities. I’m also grateful to the ants for their messages of support, and to my dreams that always reveal just what I need to know.

I know, like myself over the years, many of you overlook your own nudges and intuitive feelings simply because of the lack of self trust, which is something many, if not most, are all together working on strengthening back into its power once again.

And this ultimately will affect the whole, just as each ant doing its part is always in the innate mind set of unity consciousness while doing so.

Perhaps our friends the ants have a message for you today too.

Embrace Your Inner Monkey


Monkeying around in Bali

As you know we are in the Year of the Monkey – and a Fire Monkey at that.

Yes, a big year for transformations, expanding into new horizons, realizing your inner gifts and resources, being courageous and brave, yet having a sense of humor and playfulness, and seeing the magick in everything.

As  Chinese Astrologer, Narrye Caldwell shares about our moving into a Fire year after two Wood years:

“Wood is growth, enthusiasm, the innocence of youth and the pursuit of a vision. Wood qi is fresh and unformed. It has the drive to break through barriers, but it lacks wisdom and refinement, so can sometimes be unstable and reckless. Fire qi is the full expression of Wood’s vision. Fire brings forth the rose, lays the paint on the canvas, and gives voice to the song that’s been forming in the depths of your heart.”

Yep, there’s that “song of your heart” again, that I often speak of being your key to personal alchemy to bring forth and sing in your life.


Embracing my inner monkey in Bali

I’m totally feeling the energy of Fire Monkey, as he blazes his way through my life and resonate with what Astrologer Susan Levitt shares here about how this may take form – all of it feeling “full on” for me:

2016 Fire Monkey Year

How about you?

Precious Moments & Sacred Spaces Shared

When I saw these sweet and sacred moments yesterday, I was compelled to capture them in both my heart’s memories and in photos to reflect upon.

Today we leave our special place here in Malibu that has held a beautiful space for us on so many levels of assimilation and deepening.

You’ve seen and heard from me how I’ve experienced this place.

And here are photos to share my loves experiencing the expansive and nurturing energy of our little piece of paradise here.


Dave and Cosmo sharing the Reiki love, both giving and receiving from each other. I could hear Dave’s tummy gurgling from the Reiki Cosmo was flowing through to his heart, as he laid on his chest and shared precious moments.


Cosmo placing his third eye on Dave’s chin while connecting


Dave working while Boojum and Sweet Pea enjoy the outdoors with dad. Boojum is napping under the umbrella behind him and Sweet Pea is doing her usual walking the perimeter and making sure dad’s ok. Dad sure loves his kitty babies.


I snuck out and caught this photo of Dave doing his stretches and yoga in our outdoor space above the ocean yesterday morning. We have both enjoyed this space and the beautiful weather that has had us outdoors most of the day doing our daily things, like work, exercise, relaxing, watching the cats play, and looking out on the ocean. Yesterday there was a group of sea lions literally jumping out of the water for nearly a half an hour. We’ve seen whales, dolphins, sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, sea gulls, hummingbirds, butterflies, rabbits, and heard the coyotes at night from here.  Sacred indeed.

Thank you Malibu. ❤

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