The Magick That Takes Place In The Chrysalis

transformationYesterday, while spending the day with a sweet friend of mine at Knotts Berry Farm connecting with our inner child through laughter and screams, we also shared some great conversations. One of them led us to discuss the magick of the butterfly, and the miracle transformation the caterpillar goes through to emerge as such. It felt significant.

That conversation inspired this post, as the pure alchemy of that transmutation it undergoes is truly worthy of note, and perhaps you may not fully realize what a profound process the caterpillar goes through in order to renew itself into the enchanted winged one it becomes.

This goes in line with my post, November Thoughts ~ Becoming a Butterfly and may be of interest to all of you “cocooners” out there.

The caterpillar doesn’t merely go hide and sleep in the cocoon and then sprout wings, but nearly fully dissolves into a liquid inside the chrysalis and from memory-retaining imaginal disks, magickally metamorphosizes.

It is from these transform agent-cells that they reconstruct and rearrange themselves to grow anew, after they digest themselves into a primordial soup from the digestive enzyme they release within the cocooning phase.

I love the symbolism and implications of this and how much it resonates with my current experience. I’ve been through the cocooning stage many times, but this time I consciously feel the process explained here.

Here’s an article by Daven Hiskey that shares more about this:

Caterpillars “Melt” Almost Completely Before Growing Into Butterflies In The Chrysalis

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  1. Magic – creative is what you belong to. One of my music directors was amazed by your art Gallery in Woodland Hills, that was amazing!

  2. In awed silence, as we stand in the presence of a great mystery…

  3. There is so much magic to behold in this process and yet for some reason there is one thing that has captivated my attention for a few years now each time I have the privilege of finding a chrysalis under a leaf or windowsill and that is the ‘seam’ of perfectly placed little points of what appears to be gold ~ Such divine order ~ I Love that ❤

  4. Reblogged this on Tania Marie and commented:

    This post came to mind and felt particularly important to share again right now as we move into a more inner time of year. So many people are going through some pretty big transformations and even though you may not currently see what that will end up looking like, be sure that so much is percolating and rearranging on the inside. We often place importance on a tangible end result and devalue the process and all the internal shifts that make this possible. I hope you enjoy the magick of the chrysalis and find beauty and wonder in the in between.

  5. Ever wonder about the “gold” spots on the chyrsalis? As well as the part they play in metamorphosis?

    The last hundred years have shown intracellular communication by electromagnetic waves called biophotons is clearly a process underscoring cell growth & differentiation (as well as an Intercellular signaling radiance called “bystander phenomena”). These ultra-weak coherent photons originate & concentrate in DNA of the cell nucleus & rapidly carry large amounts of data to each cell & to the trillions of other cells in the human body — while creating an entanglement with compatible energy fields.  Coherence is critical and is accomplished within specific wavelength frequencies.  For instance, for discreet quantum communication links to form a larger quantum network w/entanglement involving many distant spins, the molecular spins interfacing with different axons must interact within a degree of coherence. Biophotons capable of serving as RNA~DNA transmission vessels and lenses do appear within the visible spectrum (with a “sweet-spot” ranging from near-infrared through violet).

    Specifically, biophotons represent a complex quantum cell-to-cell communication using speed of light transmission.  Light is the most efficient & fastest mediator of information in the world. The coherent property of biophotons has a profound effect on their ability to influence information transfer. Frequency coding gives light a capability of encoding information from DNA in biophotons. Cell matter serving as optical resonators  stores light w/i a very small confined space. The ability to trap photons and slow the propagation of light then plays a vital  role as light beam twisting (as is done in the C60 fullerene lensing of the Bioptron) forms a propagated helical shape helping tissue scan, encode parts of DNA and facilitate an enormous amount of data flow transmission.

    While the word “chrysalis” itself originates from the Greek word “chryso,” which also means gold, a careful study of the properties of these spots reveals they’re not metallic (so they aren’t really gold), but the cells reflect light like metals do, giving them the appearance of being metallic. The gold is created by a combination of a carotenoid pigment & a hill-like structure lens reflecting the “sweet-spot” wavelengths of light from the peaks to create the golden sparkle.

    Check out this commentary for more about this Magikal process…

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