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The Magick Bus Now Available for a New Family & New Adventures

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I’ve shared that our journey is taking a new turn and that this would involve a bitter sweet closure to our Magick Bus time, as we herald in a new era of adventure. That means that we are saying goodbye to our beloved home on wheels that has seen us through over a year of incredible change, immense beauty, and powerful experiences, and are making her available for the next loving family that is ready for their own magickal journey.

If anyone is interested in this lifestyle, has been thinking about heading off on the adventure of a lifetime, have secretly been dreaming about it, really want to create change, move energy, and reconnect with yourself, Nature, and what’s of deepest value to you, then this may be an opportunity for you and perhaps the Magick Bus will align with your essence and dream vision for the highest good of all concerned.

Whether you want to full time it or are interested in getting your feet wet and trying it out or having the option of this lifestyle part time, this might be opportunity knocking.

We’ve been so busy settling into our new place and making the transition, had family and then friends visiting, that I’ve only now had chance to post this.

Here is a link to her listing and if anyone has questions, you can direct them to the “Contact Seller” area below the specs:

2006 Fleetwood Discovery 39

Or, if you know of someone interested, please feel free to pass it along.

I know several people have been asking about her since I posted she would soon be available so I’m curious to see who she will align with.

magick bus2.jpg

We’re offering free deliver within 250 miles of Carson City, Nevada.

We actually were living in Southern California when we purchased her from her owner who was based in Arizona and drove her back.

The same happened when I sold my Toyota Highlander Hybrid and someone flew down from Northern California to purchase her and drove her home.

So, we understand that if something is meant for you and all things light up and align, that where ever you’re located will not be an issue and has a way of working itself out, but we want to help out in any way we can to make it more convenient if needed as well.

We’re currently based in Lake Tahoe, NV with expansive visions on our evolving life ventures, which may again at some point include another RV home for shorter trips in between all of what may evolve.

We love the lifestyle and this form of travel, so it feels like it will be a part of our lives again.

But for now are hunkering down, for the most part, for winter and staying focused on anchoring in the new.

I’ve shared about the amazing things that our RV lifestyle offered us in this post here, which I wrote in the beginning after only about 2 months, as we/I had already experienced the positive change from the get-go:

The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer

magick bus.jpg

And indeed the time spent was like lifetimes of huge processing and shift-leaps in just a matter of over a year, but everything I shared in the above blog still holds true.

What I’d like to add is how powerful nomadic, mobile tiny home living has been in moving energy big time. It’s like lifetimes of cycles have been processed and released.

The adventures and beauty we’ve encountered were more than we could have imagined and fuel my creative heart. It’s also provided us opportunity to explore and experience places in a way that has been conducive to our being able to truly know where the land calls to us and what aligns with our essence for our future home(s). We’ve been able to clarify what we do and don’t like, what we can and can’t live without, and to feel the resonance of finding those places that light our souls aglow.

This journey has connected me with my deepest soul passions, brought forth my soul song signature, gave me the extra precious, quality time I wanted with my beloveds and many things in my life, and has shared with me the vision of where my future is headed by realizing what’s most important to me.

There are so many gifts we’ve received from the Magick Bus lifestyle.

And while there are also challenges of RV living, that’s simply the nature of anything.

For us, the freedom, flow, and return has far outweighed any obstacles. If anything, each obstacle has presented a deepening to our gifts, greater harnessing of our personal power, and more conscious growth.

Quick Magick Bus Itinerary Update


I’ve had several friends recently ask about our upcoming whereabouts to see if things align to connect in person so I thought I’d share our itinerary between now and end of October to help out. We’ve just left Colorado and are in Wyoming with a continued journey onward through Montana, parts of Canada (we’ll be returning two more times here), down through Michigan, and a stop in Indiana to visit with my bestie. I do have the rest of the proposed plan to take us throughout North America over the course of the next couple of years, but will post as it evolves.

We’ve had three visits so far by family, friends, hosted a private retreat, and about to receive our fourth guest today – a sweet friend who has been inspired by our journeys and made her own abbreviated version of a similar path right behind us, now catching up with us to hang out for a while. I’ve also been able to connect with one dear friend while in Sedona.

We aren’t always able to make the connections happen, but I always know that everything has its divine timing and what does take place is perfect.

Magick Bus Itinerary: 


6/8 – 6/11 Laramie, Wyoming
6/11 – 6/14 Green River, Wyoming (Flaming Gorge)
6/14 – 6/19 Moran, Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park)

Leave to Montana

6/19 – 6/22 West Yellowstone, Montana (Yellowstone National Park)
6/22 – 6/26 Gardiner, Montana (Yellowstone National Park)
6/26 – 6/29 Bozeman, Montana
6/29 – 7/3 Helena, Montana
7/3 – 7/6 Missoula, Montana
7/6 – 7/10 Great Falls, Montana
7/ 10 – 7/17 East Glacier Park, Montana (Glacier National Park)

Leave to Canada


7/17 – 7/20 Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
7/20 -7/24 Calgary, Alberta
7/24 – 7/31 Edgewater, BC (Kootenay National Park)
7/31 – 8/7 Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta
8/7 – 8/14 Jasper National Park, Aberta
8/14 – 8/17  Edmonton, Alberta
8/17 – 8/21 Elk Island National Park, Alberta


8/21 – 8/23 Lloydminster
8/23 – 8/25 Saskatoon
8/25 – 8/28 Candle Lake
8/28 – 8/30 Manitou Beach
8/30 – 9/4 Sherwood Forest near Regina


9/4 – 9/8 Riding Mountain National Park
9/8 – 9/11 Portage La Prairie

Proposed Places To Be Booked Soon:

9/11 – 9/14 Winnipeg
9/14 – 9/18 Nopiming Provincial Park
9/18 – 9/22 Big Whiteshell Lake


9/22 – 9/25 Vermilion Bay
9/25 – 9/29 Nestor Falls
9/29 – 10/2- Mine Centre
10/2 – 10/9 Thunder Bay
10/9 – 10/16 Pukaskwa National Park
10/16 – 10/20 Lake Superior Provincial Park
10/20 – 10/23 Sault Ste. Marie


10/23 – 10/24 Grayling
10/24 – 10/25 Big Rapids, MI (Manistee National Forest)


10/25 – 10/30 Goshen

A Quick Touch In Before Leaving California Plus Destination Update

20160221_132502_resized.jpgSo we’re back where we started, in Newport Beach again, although we opted for a waterfront site this time, since it really does make a difference in crowded parks like this that are quite busy all the time.

We got really lucky with a beautiful spot dead center of the lagoon and with a gorgeous tree spirit directly in front of us, which we’re really enjoying with our picnic table on the lawn underneath it.20160221_132522_resized.jpg

I’m about to head off there to do my work for the day.

full snow moon in virgoIt’s been great timing with being here for yesterday’s Full Moon in Virgo and being with this tree seems so perfect with feeling supported by Mother Earth and knowing, as well as surrendering to the fact, that we can find the support from her when we need it.

20160222_210735_resizedLast night we enjoyed sitting under the Full Moon and roasting vegan S’mores, while I also did some healing energy work with dynamics I wanted to change involving Virgo energy in my life, asking for assistance to support this.20160222_210917_resized

As you can see in the photo below, it does seem in fact a spirit of the fire emerged to help. To me, I immediately saw a Native Indian with feathered head piece chanting to the moon in sacred dance with the fire.20160222_211350_resized.jpg

Astrologer Molly Hall shares: “This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying. You become the Virgin, whole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.”

That feels very resonant for me.

It’s a little odd to be back, I must admit. It feels very different and although this area has been my home for a few years, I now officially do feel just like a visitor.

The only reason we came back was due to business plans Dave had, but those all changed at the last minute without a way to shift our coming back. Plus, I had made some appointments like Cosmo’s acupuncture I promised him and a bunch of errands to get done while in the area.

So, back we are, although as all things do shift, my thinking I was going to be here for my birthday in fact is not the case, as we were able to change our length of stay and did.

Originally we would have stayed here through Sunday February 28th, but we are now leaving on my birthday – this Friday the 26th instead.

That feels much better to me, although I always see the meaning and perfection of however things do unfold.

And while we’ve been here we’ve now started to map out and more officially plan our route for the adventure ahead that will now finally take us away from California altogether. Yay!

This beginning stage has felt like an assimilation and rooting process, while we tended to getting situated, ironing out the tweaks, getting things worked on on the RV, seeing our families, which was planned long before this started, etc., but now the real adventure begins.

So we did finally take out the map and we have the directional plan in mind, which means we’ll know more now where we’ll be, although timing can shift a bit depending on our feelings, guidance, and unknowns.

With that said, since I have friends all over and some people may be interested in a Private Immersive Retreat in one of the areas (which is the way to also receive Reiki training if that is of interest) we will be at that is a fun destination for you or nearby for convenience, I’ll continue keeping you posted of our timing and whereabouts.

Here is what we know so far:

2/26 – 2/28 – Palm Desert (Leaving on my birthday, which takes me back to this desert location I loved as a child. My family went here every year up through my early twenties. Seems fitting for my birthday energy to be in a resonant area that is renewing for my inner child)

2/28 – 3/6 – Blythe on the Colorado River

3/6 – 3/27 – Sedona

Then we’re off to the Grand Canyon and Utah, however the dates I shared are the ones we’ve actually booked so far. Will know the rest soon.

Looking forward to all that’s in store and how that will translate into my life, work, and my connections with you all.

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