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Creating Unlimited Possibilities: The Ever-Evolving Journey Continues

Today felt like the perfect day to share these announcements with the rain coming down, which is what you hear in the video, cleansing all that has come before and making way for the new we are creating. Our Magick Bus journey has come to full circle closure, but the journey has just begun and is expanding into greater and unlimited possibilities, all anchored in the imagination of our hearts, as is aligned with the cosmic flow abound. We’ll be nesting in for the winter where I’ll be finishing my book in the inspiration of our “chateaux dans le ciel” (as its owners named it) – “castle in the sky” new home for the next 6 months while the rest of our visions unfold. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to create our next dreams. We’ll miss the Magick Bus and her nurturing guardianship, as well as her ability to provide opportunity to see with new eyes, and we wish for her to find the perfect soul/s whom she can help bring their dreams into manifestation too.

Please excuse the breaks, as my recorder kept stopping and I tried to just pick right back up.

The Magick Bus Adventure Takes a New Turn on the Spiral of Life


It will soon be a year that we’ve been living in the Magick Bus – my time flies when you’re soaring through shifts – and during that time much has evolved including some alchemically poignant experiences that were markers for both walking into and creating a new era. I’ve experienced literal near death, the transition of one of my beloveds, ancient remembering, peaceful embodiment, widening perspectives, realization of personal truth, a new level of alchemy initiated, shedding of more layers of skin, danced with cosmic forces of shadow and light, began a new creative path, deepened into sound as my harmonic resonance, heard the call of the sacred areas that align with my soul, and so much more.

It’s been potent indeed!

And as I shared in another recent post, “It’s an ever-flowing evolution of creative execution requiring constant, increasingly conscious presence to hear the voice within.”

Nothing ever “arrives,” but continues to morph in reflection to continued expansion beyond limiting versions of today’s ideas and beyond duality into multi-reality potentials that release definition.

This adventure we’ve been on has had several purposes, but most importantly to literally move energy in a rapid and deep way, which it indeed has.

It’s been a journey of surrender, vulnerability, lifting of veils, stepping into greater personal power, and expansion.

Much more than I have even shared with words and photos via my adventure blogging here that documented the journey, as it’s just not possible.

Things continue to spiral and with shifts embraced, adjustments to mirror and flow with the current streams of energy have, and continue to take place.

I know from what I’m hearing and experiencing from the collective that this is really proving to be a moment-to-moment fluctuation of different energy currents to navigate, which can be unnerving, confusing, knocking off balance, and challenging to say the least.

Or, fun if you’re able to really enjoy learning a new dance partnership with the current energies inviting you and the constant morphing quality to things right now while not getting fixated and attached, as everything rapidly transforms.

While we’re keeping from locking into anything and allowing the energy to move and form naturally to support new opportunities and visions streaming in, I can share some of what is happening in a general and symbolic level.

We are currently heading out of Canada sooner than originally planned (originally traveling another nearly 2 more months through) and will be entering back into the States on the 31st and last day of August (that’s tomorrow and seems symbolic) through North Dakota with the International Peace Garden as our entrance bridge, which feels quite fitting to move through a harmony zone between two “worlds” – Canada and the U.S.

Then we’ll continue traveling and touching down in several states along the way like Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc. getting a taste of this area of the country, and culminating with a very special, private, and intimate Equinox celebration and activation with Laura and her David in a sacred place, immediately heading to where the land has called us to start creating the next phase of our lives, right after.

We’ll of course be exploring what the areas we travel through have to offer along the way to our landing zone, integrating that into the creative manifestation process, no doubt.

We’ll then be focused on creating the next phase of our lives solely.

This will involve purchasing and setting up a new home in one of the places closest to our hearts, which will be an evolving process and may morph and expand into more than we originally thought to incorporate everything desired and necessary to our paths.

And during this time the Magick Bus will be our base until our home is in order, then we will likely be saying goodbye to it.

However, this doesn’t mean our adventure is over. It is simply evolving and taking a new turn on the spiral of life.

We are exploring varying possibilities, which may include things like purchasing a much smaller Magick Bus II and journeying sporadically once we get set up, or simply traveling without a Magick Bus.

The possibilities are endless!

Either way, we would be navigating the landing zones of exploration by very specifically focused areas of intent and calling, rather than everything in between.

This to include some international travel that’s come up, including a long stint in Australia in the Spring of 2017 due to an important event invitation for Dave in relation to his book.

So, there is much evolving and much excitement ahead, not to mention I am looking forward to creating a new sacred haven and sanctuary to continue with my creative projects and new ventures that I envision.

And that’s where my next phase of feeling I need to withdraw external energies comes in, in order to fuel all the things I/we need to create and anchor in.

This may seem abrupt, but I’m going to be offline beginning September 1st – the New Moon Eclipse in Virgo and our first full day back in the States – for a good majority and unknown length of time, and will touch in only if absolutely called, which means the rest of the journey I won’t be documenting anymore.

This means I won’t be updating via Facebook either and newsletters are coming to an end for an unknown period of time.

I may pop up with an update or channeled inspiration, via my blog solely, when you least expect it, but that would be in alignment with what’s already anchored, rather than the process, and I’m not going to place any time frame or limitation on it.

Like with everything, it will organically create itself.

I just wanted to put it out there so that you don’t think something happened to me or that something is wrong, like some people thought the first time I took my 3 month sabbatical, although much IS happening. 😉

This feels more resonant, as things shift way too much and with such speed that it doesn’t make sense, nor supportive all around, to update until things anchor into manifestation more solidly.

Plus, I want this part of my life to be created with as little commingling and energetic interference than we already all share simply by being part of the collective experience unfolding.

And, I also need this time to utilize an early, clear, and focused hibernation for the creation of all of this on a personal, partnered, and collective level.

Thank you so much for all of the loving support and understanding that you share so generously.

Sending out much love and wishing everyone a creatively empowered journey, an alchemically potent New Moon Solar Eclipse tomorrow, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, and Equinox, as well as a peacefully flowing end of 2016.

Exploring, Unveiling & Rebirthing in the Lake Louise & Banff Area


Last week was one I will not forget. Some major energetic shifts, literal timeline jumps, and bigger picture energetics unfolded that were life changing and potent indeed. The details are far too involved and likely too challenging to convey for understanding and I’m not feeling guided to go into sharing at this time. However, I will share nature’s beauty that was surrounding us during our week in the Lake Louise and Banff areas to focus on the magick and mystery so richly around and available to navigate, yet not for the faint of heart and soul.


I will say that since being in Canada I’ve felt a big energetic shift in general and in the very touristy, packed areas of Banff and Lake Louise I sense energy dynamics that were not once there in years previous, but creating quite a vortex of energy to navigate through with utmost conscious, heightened awareness.

I continue to find myself drawn into experiences and traversing where healing, harmonizing, and balancing energies are desired by the sacred land and collective. And I will say that that path is not an easy one to be on and embracing it has me walking fine lines and slipping through veils, not to mention encountering and working with challenging energies and forces.


Here is a generalized summary of where we explored, for anyone who may feel called to visit the area, or who wants to know what they’re looking at, interspersed with photos from the week.


First day: Bow Lake and Glacier Falls Hike where an amazing magickal rainbow greeted us. A sign and affirmation that all would unfold divinely, regardless of how it seemed.


Second day: Lunch and errands in Banff at Nourish Bistro (an all vegan and vegetarrian restaurant), followed by grocery stocking up at Nester’s Market (Nestor was strongly by my side) and checking out the Banff gondola, and returning near our campground to hike around Moraine Lake.


Third day: Lunch at Indian Curry House in Banff (delicious!) before kayaking from Banff Falls to Canmore on the Bow River, which had been delayed the previous day, ending up falling on the Leo New Moon of this day. Did 10 miles on it then hiked 4 and a half on this portal day of potent and transformative unfoldings. My friend Janet and a new friend of hers, Anna, had just arrived that evening, picked us up, and we had dinner together in Lake Louise Village. Saw an osprey and our first great blue heron in a long time on the river this day.


Fourth day: Took it easy, rested, painted, took care of things at home, then made our way to Lake Louise seeing some deer, caught some orbs for the first time around the front of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, then hiked around Lake Louise seeing beautiful white seagulls on the aqua glacial water, as well as golden-mantled ground squirrel.


Fifth day: More painting, then picked up Janet and Anna from their hike nearby leaving them at Moraine Lake Lodge to rest while we hiked to Consolation Lakes and connected with a hoary marmot. We returned to the lodge for refreshments and snacks and made plans to meet up with Janet and Anna again later at the Upper Banff Hot Springs for a relaxing soak after another visit to Nester’s Market. We saw a large black bear running along the edge of the forest on our way there.


Sixth day: Janet and Anna left to head back to my friend Hillary’s ranch where they are working and we took the Lake Louise Gondola up the mountain to see the stunning views while hiking around a bit. I found some raw quartz at the top of the mountain and golden eagle sighting. Upon returning to our Lake Louise Campground we took a walk along the Bow River – the same we had kayaked down, which runs along the campground and is just across the way from our site.


Seventh day:  Packed a picnic lunch and drove out toward the icefields. We missed the turn and ended up on the other highway, which aligned us in perfect time for sightings. It took us to the spiral tunnels where we perfectly timed seeing a massively long train (longest I’ve ever seen) go through them, then as we turned back to our car, on the right of the highway we came across a second black bear. Then as we neared our destination of Bow Summit Lookout Trail we came upon two grizzlies, one of which was still there on the way back after the hike. We stopped to connect more, as they munched on berries coming about 15 feet from the car, just completely absorbed in filling their bellies on berry delicacies so we were able to peacefully tune in with them. On the hike another marmot was hanging out taking in the view with us overlooking the stunning vista of Peyto Lake and Glacier. And another golden-mantled ground squirrel said hello. There were tons of amazing mushrooms on this hike of many varieties.


Eight day: On our last day of transitioning from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park, we stopped at the Columbia Icefield where we were surrounded by glaciers galore and beautiful vistas of this glacial zone. We stopped and had lunch in the rv overlooking the glaciers and took in the sights, as well as stopped in at the Glacier Discovery Center. We didn’t take any of the helicopter or adventure rides out on the glacier, nor did we do the skywalk, which is further down the highway, as there were so many people and we’d already experienced this in a much more intimate way in Alaska, so just being in the energy and seeing these glaciers was powerful enough. I did manage to get a photo of the Glacier Adventure vehicle out on the glacier though.


Our 5+ hour journey from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park took us through this vista, which to me symbolized, most literally, the veils that were crossed during the week’s experiences and the new realities of potential manifesting through the journey as I continue embracing more of my essence including my inner mountain goat.



If you’d like a look at the animals I mentioned seeing during this week, please visit:

Animal Medicine Encounters

We are now at our new home at the gateway to Jasper National Park and the energy has shifted and continues integrating into more clarity and balance. There are changes with our journey upcoming and with things for me personally too, but still working that out right now. Just listening to the messages and going where the energy is guiding.


Exploring Calf Creek Falls

20160409_161502_resizedYesterday, our last day in Escalante, ended with a beautiful six mile roundtrip hike to Calf Creek Falls – the 126 feet high lower falls.

This is an incredibly beautiful hike that has 14 interpretive stops along the way, leading you to the cool, shady haven of the falls.


It follows Calf Creek the entire way, meanders over cliffs and through canyons, which at this time of the year was full of beautiful purple blossoms and purple cactus that almost looked painted at times with splashes of yellow.


The area is also home to the North American Beaver, so we did see evidence of dams and lodges.


Above the canyon ledges were several granaries built by the ancient Fremont Culture that inhabited Utah from AD 700 to AD 1300.


There were also incredible painted figures at the bottom of one of the smooth cliffs. These are three large figures done in red pigment and have a trapezoidal shape (hard to fully see them in the photo, as it is across the canyon, but which also shares how large they are). The three figures are typical Fremont-style rock art with elaborate head dresses and seem to be holding hands together. Only speculative ideas on their meaning are available – religious ceremonies, deities, lineages, information, maps, or even warnings.

Interestingly we saw our only snake of our trips so far, on this hike.


Not sure of the type, but was not a rattlesnake and likely not poisonous, but it slithered quickly across the our path ahead and into the brush quickly, then made its way out from the brush back toward us and hid under a rock.


It moved quickly and seemed to time its appearance with us in order to see it, but then quickly disappeared back to the shadows.


Snake medicine is powerful and last night I also dreamed of black panther that kept coming at me….so a lot of shamanic and deep shadow, mysticism, and cosmic energies abound. Still making sense of all of the messages.

There was much lush vegetation in this wetlands habitat due to the creek, which makes it an ideal home for many animals, bird varieties, reptiles, fish, and plant life.


It was much colder near the falls that are set back in the shady canyon. Scarlet monkey flower, maiden -hair fern, and Easter flower are said to bloom near the seeps in the cliff walls here at certain times of the year.


We started our day with lunch at Kiva Koffeehouse, which is a unique and secluded spot outside of the main town of Escalante on the way to our hike.


It sits atop a hill with great views all around. And to our delight, which I had called ahead to make sure of, they had a couple of yummy vegan options including a vegan fire roasted corn and potato soup and veggie sandwiches with carrot salad, fruit, home made vegan bread and hummus on the side.


Even their hot drinks like lattes, mochas, and hot chocolates all had vegan options with choice of almond, oat or soy milk… So I enjoyed a chai latte with lunch, warming up from a cold morning that was just finishing off from rain all night and first part of the day.


We have lucked out with everything, including weather, as the rain started the day before, but had only sprinkled during our time at the petrified forest, which made the wood vibrant for us. Then rained hard again after and all night and morning.

But it didn’t rain once while we were on this hike and the sky in fact opened to lovely blue skies.


We talked to others coming back from the falls, as we were heading to them, saying that it actually was freezing and hailing at the falls when they were there right before us.

We didn’t experience any of this, but the sky did darken and gray once again when we finished the hike and made our way home, although did not rain again and today the sun is shining.

I love the image of this portal in the sky and glowing rain off in the distance, as we drove back last evening.


Another door has opened for us from our time spent here in Escalante and all that has been received.

And from the snake and black panther medicine, something big seems to be initiating and needing my embrace in a bigger way again.

I wonder what will be next as we continue our journey with three more Utah National Parks, heading off to Capitol Reef today.

Finding Your Way When the Path is Unclear

Yesterday we found ourselves exploring the history of Escalante and the two sites we’d felt drawn to explore ended up giving us a pioneer perspective.

We began by checking out the small museum at the west end of town, which was incredibly interesting.


There we found a replica of one of the small covered wagons the 250 Mormon pioneers used to carry all of their supplies and families on their treacherous six month journey, along with an outdoor walk of replicated images of the journey with information and quotes from the brave souls who forged their own way.

Inside the building the older couple that are caretakers of the museum graciously showed us some of the artifacts found in the area, including a collection of hundreds of different sized and different stone arrowheads that lined the wall like a border and were behind glass cases.

We then watched a short 15 minute film on the journey the pioneers took.

Simply amazing to say the least was the six month San Juan Expedition (which they thought would be six weeks) they embarked on unknowing of the challenges that lied ahead on the 200 miles of some of the most rugged, grueling, and treacherous terrain there is, including a nearly vertical 2000 foot cliff they would descend.

“The rough and broken country is characterized by sheer walled cliffs, mesas, hills, washes, slickrock, cedar forests, and sand.”

Which today still remains greatly untouched except by natural erosion, since the area has been preserved in an effort to keep it in its natural state as much as possible. This makes the land here quite unique in energy, as it is raw wilderness, giving you a feel for how things once were. This is also why they leave trails greatly unmarked, sometimes only with a trailhead and other times, only known by their miles in distance.

But with determination and belief they forged ahead and the men went about for six weeks building a steep, rough 2000 foot/mile long road in the only somewhat passable crevice they found in the canyon wall for the 250 men, women, and children settlers, 83 wagons, and 1000 head of livestock, which became known as “Hole in the Rock”.

Here is a quote from one of the women pioneers on the descent down Hole in the Rock:

Elizabeth Morris Decker, in a letter to her parents, wrote a vivid account of the descent to the river: “If you ever come this way it will scare you to death to look down it. It is about a mile from the top down to the river and it is almost straight down, the cliffs on each side are five hundred ft. high and there is just room enough for a wagon to go down. It nearly scared me to death. The first wagon I saw go down they put the brake on and rough locked the hind wheels and had a big rope fastened to the wagon and about ten men holding back on it and then they went down like they would smash everything. I’ll never forget that day. When we was walking down Willie looked back and cried and asked me how we would get back home.”

The story speaks to that determined pioneer spirit that makes all things possible. Every time they met a challenge, they kept finding a way.

What we found extremely synchronous was that the day we were inspired to connect with the incredulous history was yesterday, April 6th, 2016.

We discovered in the short film that after passing through the Hole In The Rock, the pioneers arrived in San Juan County area and settled in Bluff on April 6th, 1880.

Coincidence of it being the exact same day, 136 years later?


We keep finding ourselves connecting deeply with ancient and past ties that integrate everything along our own and the collective journey.

After our journey through the past, we set off for the two areas we were drawn to explore: Covered Wagon Natural Bridge and Cedar Wash Arch.

I thought it quite synchronous again that after learning about and seeing the replica of the wagons they used, here we were heading out to a natural bridge that carries the name “Covered Wagon”. All chosen ahead of our historical exploration.

Both of the sites were on a different road we hadn’t taken yet – Cedar Wash Road, which starts at Center Street that takes you through the farms of the current day inhabitants of this area.

Then you’re in the backcountry on a dirt, rock, bumpy and winding road and the only way to find the trails is to keep track of mileage and pay attention for the things our information from the guide we visited a couple of weeks back had given to us on looking for things like road curves and washes, unmarked pull outs, etc.

Our whole time out here was again on our own, making it feel much more like it once would have been.


First we went to Covered Wagon Natural Bridge, following the wash upstream five minutes or so until you come to the beautiful bridge.


We took turns climbing out on it and journeying under it following the wash to another cool cave-like cut out behind the bridge that created a large half circle carved out by the water.


It was both haunting and nurturing there.

Another Earth womb feeling to experience.


After exploring we headed back on the road another mile or so to find our next discovery.

This one was more challenging in terms of tracking, as there was a quarter of mile to get to the Cedar Wash Arch without anything but directions saying to head southeasterly toward the rim of the canyon, pay attention to landmarks so you can find your way back, follow game or wash trails, and head/look east for the arch in the distance.

Luckily Dave is a good navigator. We like to say we’re a good team because of his skills coupled with me being the treasure finder and energy guide. 😉

This was definitely a hike we had to use all of our skills for, luckily not too long of one. Along the way we kept seeing deep mountain lion tracks and some deer tracks that we followed, as we kept following southeast.

Incredibly we came right out at exactly the point we needed to, which we knew we had because someone had put a small cairn on the gray stone cliff we arrived at, indicating we were on track.


A little ways up from there we found the Cedar Wash Arch in the distance, just as the directions said we would.


Being that there was no trail and we were simply making our way in the wilderness, it connected us to the feeling of pioneers, although this was nothing like the wild journey the original pioneers were on, in some small way we were tapping into our inner determination and guidance too and the directions we had were like receiving back information from the scouts that were sent ahead for the pioneers.

We followed our tracks back and arrived directly to our car, again without any veering off.

And on our way back to town on the winding, rough road Jack Rabbit ran across our path just as I was speaking about Joy and Cosmo to Dave.

We stopped the car to watch him, as he connected for a bit and then ran off out of sight with speed, agility, and a little playful frolic.

Such a wonderful ending to our day.

The whole experience made me reflect on how we all at times will feel the path is unclear and have to forge ahead with only our instincts and will guiding us on.

There is nothing like the determined spirit that doesn’t allow fear to overcome it, but instead turns that fear into a formidable force of courage and strength that turns anything into the “possible”.

You may not know what lies ahead, but there’s an inner drive within you, a yearning, a passion, freedom, excitement, knowing, that encourages and urges you on.

I saw a quote in the museum that said something like “When met with a challenge you don’t find a way out, you find a way.”

I also love this one by Jim Rohn, “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

Let your pioneering spirit and heart pave the way to your soul’s dreams.

You are incredibly more powerful, able, resourceful, resilient, and creative than you think.

You don’t need to know how.

The road doesn’t need to be clear.

You simply need to allow your heart to fuel your mind with passion that is food to the creative will.

Our Little Private “Peace” of Bryce


20160329_170113.jpgYesterday we decided to explore in the beautiful fresh snow that had fallen the night before.

We had another small snow storm last night and woke to our outside water and sewer pipes frozen, as well as where they connect to the RV.

We figured out hair dryers and space heaters work to thaw it….so we’re going to go out and purchase one we can keep by the pipes at night so we can stick around here and not leave early.

Everything is working now that we did so. Yay!


We keep seeing the other RVs leaving, likely for the same reason.

If you don’t have your RV winterized, which most of us don’t, then freezing temperatures aren’t a good thing and present challenges.

As long as this works, we’ll remain, but can easily leave early to our next destination if need be.

20160329_171029_resized.jpg20160329_174641_resized.jpg20160329_165951_resized.jpgBut one thing the snow does is it seems to keep people away from exploring.

Perhaps because they also aren’t prepared with clothing and equipment, or perhaps the snow, ice, and cold are foreboding.

20160329_165713_resizedLuckily we have all we need with us for all occasions and do love the snow…so off we went yesterday to do 5 miles of trails that included Mossy Cave and Hat Shop Trails at opposite ends of the park and we had the canyon to ourselves.20160329_170038.jpg

You’ll see why it’s called Hat Shop Trail, as there are balancing bounders that sit on the hoodoos that look like hats atop a person.20160329_174219_resized.jpg20160329_174419_resized.jpg20160329_174900_resized

This trail takes you down nearly 1100 feet elevation into the canyon and you can’t see the Hats until the very end of it, but the vistas along the way are amazing.

20160329_171203_resized.jpgWe saw many animal tracks on it as well…rabbit, prairie dog, mule deer, maybe pronghorn….and came upon beautiful crystals in this one rock that were so magickal!20160329_171804_resized.jpg20160329_171823_resized.jpg20160329_171843_resized.jpg

And at Mossy Cave trail we came upon little waterfalls, creeks, and the cave of moss and ice sculptures and icicles….they say these can last through June and Summer some times due to the moisture and exposure.20160329_152030_resized.jpg20160329_152046_resized.jpg20160329_152155_resized.jpg20160329_150610_resized.jpg20160329_151723_resized.jpg

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos, which give you ideas of what you can expect to see if you decide to explore this park.20160329_151518_resized20160329_172606_resized.jpg20160329_170045.jpg20160329_171915_resized.jpg

The terrain always looks different depending on the light and you never know what little animal friends may show up!


Willow Lake Ruins, Enchanted Canyon Petroglyphs & A Sweet Farewell to Prescott

Yesterday we decided to explore the Willow Lake area, which is also within the vicinity of the Granite Dells in Prescott.

Having spent the previous day at Watson Lake, I was curious to see the difference, if any, in the energy there.

And indeed there was. I could sense it right away and even the landscape had a variance to it.20160305_123545_resized.jpg

Part of the difference may have something to do with the area around it being more developed and homesteads across the way on the south also within view.

But there also seemed to just be a different energy that wasn’t as inviting to me. The lake itself didn’t seem as pristinely kept and even the RV within walking distance from it felt different.

For not knowing the area, I felt again we were always being guided to the area that would be most supportive for us, as we really liked the energy of the park we were in and that it was within walking distance from Watson Lake.

Regardless, there was still beauty there, ancient history and energy.

That is what drew us to check out, knowing there were some ruins to explore here.

20160305_114424_resized.jpgAnd so it was a day of retracing ancient footsteps….first exploring the significant archaeological site of the remains of village ruins that were occupied A.D. 900 to 1100 on the north shore of now Willow Lake.

20160305_114541_resized.jpgRight before stepping into the ramadas that protect the ruins, we found a gorgeous giant moth (like 4-5 inches) right outside like an ancient guardian. Neither of us had ever seen a moth so huge! And it was really beautiful in coloring, as well as had this very thick soft looking body with feather-like antennae. Prehistoric indeed.

After connecting with moth we entered the ruins.

20160305_115007_resized.jpg20160305_115304_resized.jpgThese are called pit houses because they are built down into the ground and the holes you see include holes for the poles that were for roof and floor support, storage, and fire pits. They apparently were inhabited first and then later turned solely to storage houses, but while inhabited they built wooden platform floors over the ground so that they could use the underneath part for storage (creating a basement-like effect).20160305_115310_resized.jpg20160305_115358_resized.jpg

It’s unclear why the inhabitants left, but that the settlement declined gradually, perhaps due to changing climate, drought, and other environmental changes.

20160305_114723_resized.jpgIt’s very interesting to read the information at the sites, which I included a little bit here for you.20160305_115529_resized.jpg20160305_115815_resized.jpg

We just made it in time to view the ruins as they are only open on Saturday from 10am – 12pm and after we left they were closed off.

We then hiked around the lake just a bit to explore the terrain, discovering some different cactus, including these sweet snowflake looking ones.20160305_121554_resized.jpg20160305_122530_resized20160305_122714_resized.jpg20160305_123645_resized.jpg

And then enjoyed our picnic lunch I packed by the site of the ruins under a ramada.

Then we continued our day of ancient discoveries by driving to find the petroglyphs we had seen on a map when we first arrived to the area.20160305_135248_resized.jpg

They are in an inconspicuous place you wouldn’t know to look unless you specifically were trying to find them, as a whole development has been built upon around it with homes, leaving the petroglyph area smack in the middle with a hiking trail around it.20160305_135302_resized.jpg

After finding the site we climbed the rocks to view what are known as some of the most treasured petroglyphs and American Indian remains.20160305_135345_resized.jpg

These Indian Rock Petroglyphs in the Enchanted Canyon subdivision contain over 100 petroglyph elements including etched names and dates of early visitors from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.20160305_135553_resized.jpg

They were very cool indeed and the most detailed I’d ever seen, but the more involved ones you did have to climb up higher to be able to see.20160305_135946_resized.jpg20160305_135954_resized.jpg20160305_135957_resized.jpg

After I’d climbed down, Dave continued exploring the rocks to see what else he could find, as I decided to take the other path of the trail to see where it would lead.

I went a little ways and felt I’d gone as far as I wanted and got ready to turn back when I looked down and what do you know….once again I discover a heart rock in my path.20160305_141405_resized.jpg

Loving the ancient energy and where this journey is taking us, integrating the old with the new, and deepening into our embodiment as human beings.

After coming back for a shower and to give Cosmo a bath, we decided to head into the town square of Prescott. I hadn’t been there for years. We explored some of the galleries, including the coop galleries there, and one crystal/metaphysical store where we picked up some incense including one called “Fairy Dreams”.

And then decided on pizza for dinner where we discovered they just so happened to have vegan cheese and next door a shop that had vegan chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

Our waiter was a young guy no more than 20 and it happened to be a particularly stressful night for him, which he kept apologizing for. He was handling big orders and a lot of tables, told us about one woman who had her dinner and then told him she had no money and asked him to pay for it, and so on. I could feel his stress and we of course were in no rush so made it easy for him.

There ended up being a mix up with our pizza, which took longer and they ended up giving it to us free. And in the end, as we were walking by him to leave the guy said in passing how sorry he was, AGAIN, telling me it would be better next time he promised and that he has “served me before.”

As we got outside I told Dave what he said and he said, yeah, he must be talking about another lifetime in which he “served” you, as he laughed and I laughed hearing that from him, as we both knew it was not in this life, since I’d never seen him before or eaten there.

We then enjoyed the movie, “Zootopia,” which is such a cute movie about a female bunny who decides she can be anything and becomes the first bunny cop in Zootopia, ending up changing the world for the animals.

In one of the galleries in town I’d been taken by a sculpture of a jack rabbit and wouldn’t you know that when we pulled up back to our RV park, a little cotton tail bunny ran in front of the car.

There has been a lot of rabbit energy here.

And so we ended our evening and time here in Prescott on a sweet note.

It has been a lovely few days and great finding a Whole Foods we stocked up at. Dave was especially excited to find vegan donuts there.

There’s also a Trader Joe’s and Natural Grocers market here. So it’s an easy place to find some good food if you’re traveling through.

20160305_165649_resized.jpgThe whole city was in bloom and I was loving the white and pink blossoms on the dogwood trees so much.

I snapped a photo of the white blossoms against the blue sky of day and the pink blossoms against the dark night sky.

I love flowering trees so much! It reiterated that when we settle down into a home again down the road, I will definitely have some on the land. Pure magick they are!


Today we leave the area and head off to the Sedona area where we’ll be for the next two weeks. Very much looking forward to that, as it is always significant to return there at specific times.

A Quick Touch In Before Leaving California Plus Destination Update

20160221_132502_resized.jpgSo we’re back where we started, in Newport Beach again, although we opted for a waterfront site this time, since it really does make a difference in crowded parks like this that are quite busy all the time.

We got really lucky with a beautiful spot dead center of the lagoon and with a gorgeous tree spirit directly in front of us, which we’re really enjoying with our picnic table on the lawn underneath it.20160221_132522_resized.jpg

I’m about to head off there to do my work for the day.

full snow moon in virgoIt’s been great timing with being here for yesterday’s Full Moon in Virgo and being with this tree seems so perfect with feeling supported by Mother Earth and knowing, as well as surrendering to the fact, that we can find the support from her when we need it.

20160222_210735_resizedLast night we enjoyed sitting under the Full Moon and roasting vegan S’mores, while I also did some healing energy work with dynamics I wanted to change involving Virgo energy in my life, asking for assistance to support this.20160222_210917_resized

As you can see in the photo below, it does seem in fact a spirit of the fire emerged to help. To me, I immediately saw a Native Indian with feathered head piece chanting to the moon in sacred dance with the fire.20160222_211350_resized.jpg

Astrologer Molly Hall shares: “This can be a time of clearing, simplifying and purifying. You become the Virgin, whole-unto-herself (or himself), able to take in new experiences, and be changed by them.”

That feels very resonant for me.

It’s a little odd to be back, I must admit. It feels very different and although this area has been my home for a few years, I now officially do feel just like a visitor.

The only reason we came back was due to business plans Dave had, but those all changed at the last minute without a way to shift our coming back. Plus, I had made some appointments like Cosmo’s acupuncture I promised him and a bunch of errands to get done while in the area.

So, back we are, although as all things do shift, my thinking I was going to be here for my birthday in fact is not the case, as we were able to change our length of stay and did.

Originally we would have stayed here through Sunday February 28th, but we are now leaving on my birthday – this Friday the 26th instead.

That feels much better to me, although I always see the meaning and perfection of however things do unfold.

And while we’ve been here we’ve now started to map out and more officially plan our route for the adventure ahead that will now finally take us away from California altogether. Yay!

This beginning stage has felt like an assimilation and rooting process, while we tended to getting situated, ironing out the tweaks, getting things worked on on the RV, seeing our families, which was planned long before this started, etc., but now the real adventure begins.

So we did finally take out the map and we have the directional plan in mind, which means we’ll know more now where we’ll be, although timing can shift a bit depending on our feelings, guidance, and unknowns.

With that said, since I have friends all over and some people may be interested in a Private Immersive Retreat in one of the areas (which is the way to also receive Reiki training if that is of interest) we will be at that is a fun destination for you or nearby for convenience, I’ll continue keeping you posted of our timing and whereabouts.

Here is what we know so far:

2/26 – 2/28 – Palm Desert (Leaving on my birthday, which takes me back to this desert location I loved as a child. My family went here every year up through my early twenties. Seems fitting for my birthday energy to be in a resonant area that is renewing for my inner child)

2/28 – 3/6 – Blythe on the Colorado River

3/6 – 3/27 – Sedona

Then we’re off to the Grand Canyon and Utah, however the dates I shared are the ones we’ve actually booked so far. Will know the rest soon.

Looking forward to all that’s in store and how that will translate into my life, work, and my connections with you all.

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