Amplified Messages, New Moon Reminder & Heading Out

Just a quick share today to pass along the energy of some of the experiences this past week, as I love to share the threads in the tapestry with you all. I know that what shows up is not just for me, alone, and that there is collective messages to glean that can help paint a picture of things you might have been pondering, feeling, or asking for your own signs about. Many people often share resonance with the timing of the messages and/or receive confirmation of something they were feeling too.

I’m also wanting to remind anyone who would like to join the 8/8 Leo New Moon Group Distant Reiki Healing Attunement that tomorrow is the last day to register and for those of you who still haven’t sent me your intention, to please also do so by tomorrow Friday, 8/6.

Here is the link to register: 8/8 Reiki Healing Attunement and here is the place to contact me: Contact Tania

This past Monday and Tuesday we had a whirlwind of adventures on our hikes we took some friends on that were visiting for a couple of days. It began when my powerful bear messengers stepped out into reality from having been mostly within dreamscape journeys – you’ll recall my saying how they are cosmically connected for me.

We encountered not one, but two, black bears that appeared near the end of our five mile hike.

Previous to seeing them, a whole series of messengers had come through carrying very aligned meaning for me.

I found a dead vole in the forest (messenger of intuition, awareness, destruction and rebirth – eliminating and tearing down unproductive patterns to move forward to what you want, going after dreams, creativity, persistence, bigger picture, and invisibility), an osprey flying overhead (messenger of visionary power, illumination, sovereignty, vigilance, the Sun, royalty, Egyptian symbol of the soul, honing senses, precise timing, keen sight to see through illusions and hunt in the waters of emotion, communication from Cosmos, and master of conscious and unconscious since no other hawk family member leaves its natural air element to dive into the water element), and four beautiful, blue Steller’s Jay feathers (messenger of bold, fearless energy, power of presence, how to use personal power effectively, integration of spirit and body, mind and heart, channeling universal wisdom through the crown, adaptability, resourcefulness, and using talents in a bigger way).

Then the two yearlings appeared. I found two being interesting and also that one was light and one was dark and we stood at the middle of the trail between them at first. And each of them had different behaviors. The light one was much more courageous and actively curious. The other was more in the background and shadowed the lighter sibling’s actions.

Bears are also messengers of inner power, strength, protection, boundaries, healing, fearlessness, grounding, authority, illumination, introspection, dream-time, ancient mysteries, restoration, vision quests, vitality, family, magickal powers, and sacred ritual.

The first one had blonde and cinnamon fur and came forth from the forest onto the trail. She/He then met her/his sibling – another yearling, but with dark fur. The darker one climbed partially up a tree then the two of them resumed foraging together. The friends we were with had never seen a bear in the wild, so they were a bit unnerved and fascinated at the same time.

The lighter one seemed to take particular interest in us and both didn’t seem concerned by our being there and in fact wanted to come closer. Momma bear will leave the young ones at around one and a half years old, so by their second Summer they are usually on their own.

That was the case for these two, since mom was not anywhere in sight, which put them at about 1 1/2 – 2 years old. Still, I felt we needed to give them space, as they were a bit too curious and young or not, we needed to create boundaries. So, I led our group off-trail to get around them so we could re-enter the trail ahead.

We heard some other hikers behind with a dog. We couldn’t see them, but heard their dog who obviously saw the bears. This seemed to make the young bears want to follow us, likely thinking we might know the way, away from this barking being.

We made it to the trail again after bush whacking and widening out away from them, but the yearlings followed on the trail alongside us, even though we were several yards to the right of them, and then behind us for a bit. Lol!

I led our group, but would peer behind to see where they were and saw the lighter one following slowly behind. We did get to the car just fine and the bears went back into the forest, but along the bush whacking journey it appeared that we likely stirred up a wasp who decided to give each of the guys a friendly warning sting on their legs. They are both fine and all healed up now – nothing serious – but definitely quite the zap they each felt with burning until the next morning.

While I didn’t wish it upon anyone that they get stung, I was happy it wasn’t me since I react much more harshly to stings of any kind. But apparently it wasn’t us girls who were in need of a little powerful wasp messaging – (messengers to help you to discover your strengths and potential and get you to take action to achieve something you want with laser focus. They also help you to pay attention to your emotions and which are on the rise so you can temper things where needed).

So, yes, many messengers in a short period, but the bears continued the theme in a string of encounters and dreams I keep having with them – as you likely may recall. They also felt connected to other dream messages of something big coming – timing unknown.

Interesting side note, as it feels collective, is that one of my recent dreams included massive fleets of spaceships flying through at tree level just feet away from me and Dave. Fleet after fleet they came in groups nonstop. Some more sophisticated and others fake looking – like woven toys – that felt to be government fabricated. Then tons of things came floating through the air like chairs and desks and debris, interlaced with people that looked like they were in a trance floating through the air within all the debris. Their eyes were open, but they were not conscious and laid flat in the sky as they floated by.

And the next day I found the feather of osprey who flew overhead the previous day, followed by a woodpecker feather (incidentally we had a woodpecker come knocking at the eave under the front of our house for a few days before our visitors arrived and stopped after they left – our male friend and I both saw a giant red crested woodpecker peering at us over a fallen tree after I found the feather too), and then found a hawk feather.

There feels to be an amplification of energies and messages trying to thread together a story and to help us navigate the new energetic terrain we find ourselves in so that we can make more conscious choices.

And speaking of new energetic terrains, Dave and I are headed out on a road trip beginning tomorrow, Friday the 6th. I’m finalizing trip prep today and have a hair cut scheduled before we go, which feels so needed to change up the energy in a big way before departing. We’ll be away for two weeks and are navigating the journey intuitionally, as we don’t have a plan since we’re monitoring air condition, fires, and simply how we feel for divine alignment.

During our time away I’ll continue to share a couple of inspired blogs that have been percolating and of course am doing the 8/8 New Moon attunements, and completing a sacred tattoo design because journeys feel potent for that, but beyond these I will be immersed in the adventure. I will limit my time online, so if you message me please be aware I may not respond right away. And if you happen to purchase one of the remaining Cosmic Chest ritual bundles in our Etsy Shop, please know that they won’t go out until after the 20th.

Wishing you all a revealing, cleansing, and activating New Moon!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Hello, It was a good read.

  2. Have fun on your spirit led journey. Much love. Tuesday night, all night long I was feeling a tremendous amount of intensity, chaos and ungroundedness. Thankful feeling much lighter and brighter today. So interesting about the space ships, the unconscious and things moving so quickly. Oxox

    • thank you so much D!! will be thinking of you and tuning in for 8/8!! ❤ interesting about what you were feeling…i was feeling that the week before leading up and until the time you mentioned too. there's definitely a strong collective undercurrent that keeps ebbing along. and yes! the dream was very telling. love you !!

  3. I was just saying the other day, “Tania’s seen a lot of bears.” Hehe, so the “outta the blue thoughts” go both ways. Love you … happy travels and hair!

    • hehe! and i’ve been feeling bears all around even when i don’t visually see them. i had just missed by 30 seconds a giant one last week when i went to our po box too that the owner said as she came in right behind me. ❤ love you too and thank you for the happy thoughts! weeeee!

  4. Kudos on your continued nature encounters and messages Tania. Enjoy your trip! 🚗 😍

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