Leo New Moon Special Offering for Courageous New Change, Alignment & Abundance

I tend to forge my own way and it isn’t always easy. In fact, it can feel like climbing up a mountain with a collective storm pushing back. And yet, my energy signature knows no other way but to continue the journey my heart guides me on – even if that’s on my own.

I can’t succumb to any pool of thought unless it’s within my energy stream, and yet I honor the place for each thread in the tapestry.

The Aquarian Full Moon felt supportive to me having Jupiter and Venus in this sign, offering some fuel and relief to that climb. It also felt activating of the next cycle and supported a deepening confidence of the unknown ahead.

These photos were taken the evening before the Aquarius Full Moon when I was feeling like a sunflower Faery (sunflowers are my favorite flower) and integrating the energy of The Sun Tarot card from the Robin Wood deck that I’ve long resonated with – that cherub-like vibrant infant riding a white horse (that I see as a unicorn) with radiating sun above, sunflowers profusely blooming and red cape flying.

This card heralds pure joy, good fortune, divine alignment to support success into something greater, wonder and innocence to dream big and manifest all you believe, constant optimism and enduring hope, vitality, fulfillment and emanating and sharing the light where ever you go.

And now we’re edging toward another potent Moon – the Leo New Moon on the 8/8 Lion’s Gate in just two weeks.

The energy of the images captured that evening, mirror to me both the essence of Aquarius and Leo – electric visionary energy and that courageous lion heart of creative expression ready to take stage and initiate the new.

I noticed that my hair and overall energy somewhat reflected Leo as well.

As the breeze played with it, my hair felt to resemble a bit of a lion’s mane around the top.

In fact I do have a lion tattoo directly over the back of my solar plexus.

This is a photo of my back sacred art from the cover of my book, Spiritual Skin.

I have a connection with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet – she’s depicted as the lioness and her name means “she who is powerful” – and my relationship to her deepened on my first of two sacred journeys to Egypt when I got to spend private time in her temple with a statue of this powerful protector and healer.

My mom and I both were brought to tears when we connected with her loving energy. Although she’s been seen as a warrior Goddess, she is much much more than that and does have the heart of a kitten within the strength and boldness of that fierce lioness. She simply knows her boundaries and how to balance them.

Perhaps I get my love of the Sun from her, as she’s also the goddess of the hot desert Sun, and of course the Sirius stargate connection to the 8/8 portal and the constellation of the lion speaks of just one resonant piece of the Cosmic lineage shared.

It just so happens that the earrings I’m wearing in the photos were a custom pair woven to reflect the sparkle and energy of Lapis Lazuli, whispers of Egypt, and that Cosmic stargate I see in the Lapis stone.

All of it reflecting to me that Aquarius and Leo polarity of energies that is compelled, complimented, and electrified by each other.

This upcoming 8/8 Leo New Moon invites the presence of the Divine within the Self and creates an access point, or active portal, to align with and receive direct initiation that can support greater abundance, creative inspiration, courageous and connective action, and the ability to manifest visions in your life.

Whether you are into all of this energy talk or not, on the very basic of levels, a New Moon means something “new” or a “start” to something, and that invites a whole new field of possibility with each Moon cycle, to invite, seed, dream, intend, put into action, or wish for something fresh in your life to begin.

Speaking of new energy life cycles, I found this beautiful swallowtail, pictured below, on the hiking trail just a few days ago. I noted later, how she and I both were in the yellow and lapis blue energies – although most of her blue on her gorgeous swallowtail tips were gone.

The edges of her wings were slightly tattered, likely from hikers walking through without noticing her. She had come to lay on the path to transition and yet no one stopped to honor her. She appeared gone and I decided to carry her gently cradled in my hands to see what she desired.

I realized she was in this world still by only a tiny thread and had about .01% left in her because her legs would slightly grab on to me. I marveled at their strength although so tiny and fragile looking. I realized the gift I was being given to witness and hold the space for transformation from one who symbolizes the epitome of transformation, herself.

She basically passed fully with love held by me and it moved me so much. Butterflies have been the symbol of my life path since first I started my conscious journey. This was very potent for me. 

And again, it also deepened my gratitude to be able to share Reiki support and love to assist her journey.

And that brings me to the special offering the title of this post alluded to.

I haven’t felt compelled to put out anything big at this time, as you might recall I’ve been in completion mode with what was already in motion and creating open space for new things and a return to my projects.

I’ve been in a little upswing of creative inspiration that hits now and then, but that’s my embrace of energy moving through that wants to birth and express in mini cycles of little creations – ever the Creatrix.

But being that I’m in process of finishing my last design commission and actually am finishing the mentoring in the next few days, earlier than projected since clients desired a customized fast track, that leaves me with an upcoming clean slate.

I am not moved to devote focus on big things, but have been feeling nudged the last couple of weeks to offer a couple of smaller things with big impact and collective support toward creating that 1% that is all that is needed for a worldwide shift.

The first of these I’m sharing today and the next will be in an upcoming blog once I finalize things.

The first offering is a Distant Group Reiki Healing Attunement that will take place on the 8/8 Leo New Moon.

“Distant” means done by distance where I will connect with and send the sacred Reiki ritual of support to where you are, without in-person contact, as Reiki allows us to bridge all time and space.

I’ve been doing quite a few personal RHA’s – more than my usual – and have been experiencing their impact and successful results quite potently with these upgraded energies we’ve been traveling through.

I’ll be doing my own RHA on 8/8 and decided to open that up to anyone else who would like support on that portal.

I’m going to make these very accessible at only $25 (normally $55) if you’d like me to add an extra big thrust of energetic support for something you’re working toward in any area of your life.

These could be an extra boost for people in the midst of shifts, healing, changes, wanting more alignment, ability to see the opportunities, gain greater clarity in general, support courage, creativity, and anything you want to enhance or bring forth more, help reveal and clear blocks, open doors, add increased magick to your current trajectory, etc.

If this speaks to you, then this is how we can jump start things:

Please place your intent with purchase below and then please get in touch with me via my CONTACT page to let me know your name, location, and intent for the Reiki Healing Attunement.

Since this is a group distant RHA, please only share with me one intent – think of what speaks to you most right now that you feel could open up what you’re desiring or stands out as important to you. It can be in any area of life: health, career, partnerships, self love/worth, a move, emotional or mental blocks, trauma release, etc. I, of course, will add any goodies around what I sense with this. These will be different, as I won’t be doing a write-up at the end for everyone, but please feel free to share anything after the time and day of the RHA about your experience, if you desire.

I will be time stamping these for 6:50 am PST (my time) and the peak of the New Moon on Sunday, 8/8.

The cut-off date to purchase a Reiki Healing Attunement is Friday, August 6th.

I look forward to supporting anyone who wants to join. It’s always a beautiful experience when things are done as a collective, adding to that connection, synergy, and alignment.

8/8 Leo New Moon Distant Group Reiki Healing Attunement


I look forward to sharing about the next offering in the coming weeks that was divinely guided as another collective way to help anchor that 1% for shifts.

Also, if you’re thinking about a unique and energetic gift that carries meaning and purpose, there are 8 Cosmic Curiosity Chests with Ritual Bundles still awaiting to align with the perfect souls. They can now either be purchased here: Cosmic Chests or here: in our Etsy Shop.

I find it synchronous that there are 8 remaining (Update: 5 left) and we’re talking about the 8/8 New Moon and the symbolism of 8 is very Leo to me – abundance, power, prosperity, inner strength, will, resiliency, success, mastering raw emotions, courage to make big moves in life… (In fact, it’s The Strength Tarot card) – the card depicting a lion on it.

Anyway, I’m always fascinated by the energetics that line up….But whether you feel to gift yourself or a beloved friend, coworker, or family member something special for a birthday, the upcoming holiday season (Christmas in July ๐Ÿ˜‰) or simply as a gift of love and gratitude, these might be a resonant way to share that expression.

I had a couple of people ask if the chests could be purchased with or without the ritual bundles, so I’m making that available. If you would just like a Cosmic Chest, please CONTACT ME and I’ll be able to assist you and also send a separate invoice since these prices aren’t on my site or Etsy Shop. You can also reach out and I can assist you in intuiting the perfect box for you or a loved one. If you are interested in more than one, I can create a special bundle package price too.

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  1. You look good and glowing in yellow Tania. ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Some friends have beautiful and magical souls and you are one. Tania.

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