Curated Cosmic Curiosity Chests ~ Explore & Activate Your Inner…..

Perhaps today’s New Moon in Cancer heralds a deepening commitment in your heart to merging, rather than continuing to divide, and to creating bridges to greater inner harmony so that you can enjoy being more in the nature of you. I have what feels like an important post upcoming that shares a thread with this theme of the New Moon energy, but it is telling me to give it time before jumping in on sharing it. In fact, it’s been percolating for nearly two weeks. So, that will likely come the week of the 19th, as we head toward the Full Moon, since I’ll be offline next week while entertaining some special visitors.

I felt guided to get this post out today with the New Moon energy, however, that shares some inspired creations I’ve been working on putting together for you. I wasn’t sure I’d get it done in time, as days have been full, but some how I magickally was able to pull it off – so it feels aligned and meant to be.

What you’ll find below are 11 offerings – I didn’t plan to have that master number available, but it just so happened to work out that way or was cosmically orchestrated, if you may.

I got the message they were to be called Cosmic Curiosity Chests and since they each come in a themed energy I procured, Curated Cosmic Curiosity Chests they are! 😉

Each of the 11 offerings are comprised of a Cosmic Curiosity Chest that I hand painted inside and out and adorned with all semi-precious stones of the world and mirrored tiles.

They tell me that they are CosmicCuriosity” Chests because they invite you to engage parts of yourself more consciously and consistently, to explore, be curious about, or open a dialogue or connection with parts of yourself through the invitation of each spirit energy they embody. In this way they activate an initiation of sorts into a Cosmic dance for you to merge into your human experience so that the two become One.

The magickal then is integrated into your daily life as a natural ritual, rather than being separate. This is one of those ways to live the magick.

Each one is unique, but they are all done in an understated cosmic paint that was a two part process of layering a black undercoat and then applying a few coats of a holographic rainbow paint over that. This creates a mystical, shifting effect when in direct or indirect lighting. You’ll almost not notice the delicate, colorful starlit backdrop, but then when the light hits, it’s like a delicate, rainbow star Cosmos all aglow and animated – so magickal! This effect is both on the outside and inside.

Then each has an energetic theme of semi-precious stones in a pattern that their energy inspired. They all have the same mirrored tile design on the sides, but the front, back and top are all varied. The mirrored tiles were also divinely guided to act as a form of reflecting back to you – as within, so without.

I then received their name and brought together a themed bundle around their energy. These were curated from a variety of artisans, including our Great Mother Terra herself that I’ve collected and prepared from the forests here and while on our silent retreat, in some cases my garden, and beaches over time. So, these are cocreated curations bringing together works of art from the visionary and natural realms.

I understood these to be ritual bundles and that the combination of chests and curated pieces could support bringing in more of the energies into your life that call to you. Pieces can be used alone, together, on an altar, as decoration, personal adornments, etc. Some of the pieces can fit inside the chests and others are meant to adorn the outer world.

But the key is, these are Curated Cosmic Curiosity Chests that help you to explore and active your inner…..?

Please let yourself wander through the energies of the 11 below to see what muse or part of your own inner muse you would like to integrate and ignite more of, or perhaps for the first time, if you have been afraid to or felt unworthy in some way before. We all have aspects of ourselves and our gifts that we shy away from or might feel scared to empower. This is a magickal and fun way that you can.

The chests can also be used for a variety of things – as Reiki boxes, to keep some of your curated pieces in, for jewelry, keys, intentions and dreams, special keepsakes, ashes, a lock of hair or fur, to create your own magickal spells in, you name it…..

So now that you know what they’re basically about, I’d rather just share them and let you go at it in exploring.

You’ll find a few photos of each (in person is always so much better, especially the color and detail of the stones and sparkle) – I didn’t take a lot of photos and I didn’t photograph everything in each ritual bundle, because I’d like some of that to be a surprise. But you’ll get an idea and then the rest is up to your intuition, as intuition is key!

Each bundle includes a chest and their own transformational butterfly or moth spirit, specifically chosen crystals, and a ring. The rest is unique to their theme, but the colors, crystals, and rings also have their own energy signature that aligns.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. I love when inspiration channels through when I least expect it. Something magickal always appears when I trust the messages.

There is one of each only and no more will be created.

If one calls to you, you can purchase them directly through the Paypal links below each. Free shipping included.

These might speak to you, or as a gift to a friend or loved one you feel it could support, inspire, or enchant in some way.

All Cosmic Curiosity Chests with their ritual bundles will be shipped out the week of July 19th due to having visitors for a week, beginning this Sunday.

And now, here we go!


Cosmic MermaidSOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned with Brazilian Amazonite, South African Turquoise Jasper, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a blue butterfly, seashells, dolphin stone, millions of years old Ammonite fossil from the ancient ocean waters, hand-created water essence puffy heart infused with green tea and cleansing energy, and Mermaid Queen ring (non-adjustable, but is about a size 7 – 7.5 and can either be worn or used on altar).

Key words: Creative flow, inner peace, renewal, sacred femininity, beauty, flexibility, fluidity, self-expression, speaking your truth, Universal Love, emotional balance, ability to manifest inspiration, transformation.

Cosmic BlossomSOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned with Flower Jasper from Mexico, Brazilian Flower Agate, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white and gold butterfly, Red Tigers Eye, super clear small, tower Quartz, dried Dahlia blossom, gorgeous blue and peachy bronze butterflies with pink blossom knuckle ring that fits two fingers at once with sparkly crystals (non-adjustable, but is about size 6.5 – 7 and also makes a great altar piece), turquoise and brown braided bracelet with sacred geometry blossom centerpiece, bronze and blue material flowers, and a blossom sticker.

Key words: Uplifting, joy, stabilizing, balancing, nurturing, wholeness, protects and encourages new variety and adventure, reach highest potential, inspire manifestation of dreams, live life fully, healing and releasing trauma, growth.

Cosmic Owl – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned all in Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white and gold butterfly, two different Moonstones, a super sparkly Aura Quartz cluster cigar ring that is adjustable to any size, a handmade owl dreamcatcher, a small handmade owl sitting on a perch with a star above, and a handmade white ghost leaf.

Key words: Cosmic consciousness, psychic and mystical visions, release inhibitions, freedom, creativity, originality, know self worth, express authenticity, move between dimensions, karmic healing, confidence, wisdom, intuition, see beyond veils, ancient knowledge, Great Mystery.

Cosmic Alchemist – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in a variety of stones that include Tigers Eye, Jade, Amazonite, Opal, Jasper, and Fossil. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a gold and white butterfly, a beautiful Amethyst cluster with a very defined larger point, a tiny Steller’s Jay feather, an adjustable silver ring with unique double faced center stone that can be flipped from Lapis Lazuli on one side and Coral on the other, and a deep Amethyst scepter.

Key words: Good luck, clarity, alignment, harmony, grounded intuition, balance, gentle power, integrated wisdom, mastering the elements, gift enhancement, visionary, ability to create daily magick, merged embodiment, creative innovation.

Cosmic Dream Weaver – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Brazilian Snow Quartz, Cream Jade, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a Luna Moth, dreamy Candle Quartz, large handmade dreamcatcher, and a gold leaf and pearl adjustable ring.

Key words: Innocence, soft, but powerful, patience, mental clarity, discernment, child-like perspective, calm, harmony, purity, new beginnings, unlimited potential, abundance, draw in spirit guides, creative exploration, dreams brought to life, Oneness, protection, connection, deep meditation, lucid dreaming, creative visionary, interdimensional travel, dream journeying.

Cosmic Dragon – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in a variety of stones that include Amethyst, Opal, Charoite, Jade, and incredible Fluorite. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a Blue Morpho Butterfly, 2 handmade dragon’s eggs, a 5 star rhinestone adjustable knuckle ring that fits two fingers at once, and a handmade stunning, mystical Amethyst Dragon necklace.

Key words: Vigor, grounding of high frequency energy, hidden knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage, good fortune, transmutation, primordial power, master of elements, peace within chaos, fierce, empowerment, rebirth, powers of focus and concentration, protection, move between worlds, hidden knowledge, vision, boldness, grounded magick.

Cosmic Earth Guardian – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Pyrite Jasper from Mexico, South African Silver Leaf Agate, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white and gold butterfly, a raw Black Tourmaline, a soft-edged square Green Jade, an adjustable Herkimer Diamond ring, a Spring Garden ritual candle, a turtle, and an Earth sticker.

Key words: Strong protection, clear blocks, strength of purpose, grounding energies to the Earth, willpower, sense of wholeness, clarity, renewal of energy, self worth, invoke harmony peace and love, attune to higher vibrations, heightened vision, embodied gifts, actualized potential, sense of direction and purpose, strong roots, ancient remembrance.

Cosmic Woodland FaerySOLD OUT

This Cosmic Woodland Faery Curiosity Chest is adorned in South African Autumn Jasper, Chocolate Jasper, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a lavender and periwinkle butterfly, a lavender Amethyst, an adjustable silver leaf vine ring, a small deep Amethyst scepter, a handmade rosey brown ghost leaf, a mini bundle of lavender, a piece of pine bark with lime green lichen, a pine cone, dried flower potpourri satchel, double attached acorns from an Oak tree, a small, silvery white, naturally created Algiz Rune twig, a purple crystal acorn, and Faerie Enchantment ceremonial incense.

Key words: Unify aspects of life, grounding, inter-dimensional balance, centering, wholeness, deep connection to Earth, innate sense of circle of life, integrity, transformational awareness, purity, grace, immortality, longevity, nurturer of the natural, enchantment, connection to all life, ability to live the magickal, plant and animal communicator, creator of beauty, lover and artist of life, harmony weaver.

Cosmic Bridge Worker – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in South African Rose Quartz, Dolomite, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a pink butterfly, a Rose Quartz, an incredible, large Ametrine Spirit Quartz plate from South Africa, an adjustable double Amethyst silver Faery ring, a rose heart plant magick bath bomb, and a wood “Love” heart.

Key words: Unconditional love and compassion, harmony, balance, patience, integrity and loyalty to your path, healing communication, deep and grounded connection, serenity, creative perspectives, inspired and inspires, grounded spirituality, comforting, speaks the language of the heart, unification.

Cosmic Manifestor – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Pineapple Jasper, Yellow Jade and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a Monarch butterfly, sparkly Citrine cluster, an adjustable triple Quartz point and moss ring, a yellow blossom and bee clay tea candle holder with tea candle, a handmade yellow woven pumpkin with wood stem, a peach and green fresh bath fizzie, and a handmade little orange bird with rainbow plaid wings.

Key words: Manifesting abundance and prosperity, fulfillment, light, hope, strong belief, grounded joy, increased creativity, confidence, energetic, stimulating, good luck, growth, ability to recreate, the dream brought to life, faerytales come true, anything is possible, embodied visionary, grounded alignment, actualized intentions.

Cosmic Forest Witch – SOLD OUT

This Cosmic Curiosity Chest is adorned in Green Turquoise, South African Nephrite, and Opal. You’ll discover a ritual bundle to include a white butterfly, a magickal Gray Amethyst carved Witch’s broom, an adjustable handmade Tree of Life ring, 2 pine cones – mini and large, a large acorn from an oak tree, a naturally created Algiz Rune twig, an amber crystal acorn, a handmade rosey brown ghost leaf, and a small black cauldron soap.

Key words: Natural and grounded magick, weaver of the natural world, action power, protection, deep peace, strength, motivation, passionate courage, seer, sacred ritual, plant magick, tree spirits, connection to life essence, ancient wisdom, keeper of the old ways, harmony, shamanic journeys, circle of life.

I hope you enjoyed this little creative journey of Cosmic Curiosities to explore.

And just a last reminder, that of the three animal spirit guides that were looking for a cocreator, just one remains. Falcon and Faery Rider are still looking for a home. If they call to you, please contact me directly with your intention.

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  1. These chests are beautiful Tania! I love the name curiosity chest as a perfect descriptor and reminder to store and spark our curiosity, wonder, and magic. I hope they find the perfect homes.

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    Tania these are stupendous!!!!!
    I love them ALL…..🤗
    Super special offering xx

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