Comfrey Poultices – Bone Mending Magick!


Not many know that I just recently fractured my left foot – a spiral fracture of the metatarsal bone to be exact – two Saturdays ago via a silly fall from atop my stool in my office, as I was reaching in my storage shelves to find my satin emerald table cloth for last Saturday’s art opening event I had. I guess I took that good luck phrase people say to you, “break a leg,” a little too seriously.

Everything happens for a reason and one of the message I got was that I needed to slow down and that change was going to shatteringly hit my life in a big way! Oh boy!

My intuition told me that it was a fracture and that it would need to just heal on its own, but at the prompting of loved ones, five days after the fall, I went to see an orthopedic doctor to get it checked out. They were worried since it was hugely swollen and bruised and didn’t want permanent damage done. Gotta love peeps for caring!

In the meantime, the lovely Laura Bruno, whom I’d shared the news with, since she’s my dear friend, had mentioned looking up information on comfrey poultices to see what I could find and to use my own guidance and judgment on its use, forewarning only to use it “externally” for short periods if I did, as it can be toxic to the liver. But she remembered it being called “knitbone.”

So I did look it up and did some research including information on how to make my own comfrey poultices and in the interim I stayed off my foot (hopping around at first, then picked up crutches at the local pharmacy) while I applied my comfrey magickal potions all day long for the next 4 days, starting Sunday after the fall on Saturday.

I read it was good both fresh and dried so after calling to find fresh comfrey, to no avail, I was lucky to have one store that carried it dried. Mixing it with my ionized/alkaline water and a little flour to create a paste, I spread the comfrey poultices on cotton rags and folded them into  squares. I put a freshly made one on my foot where I knew the fracture was and wrapped it in bandages to hold it in place. I then took the remaining 3 and put them in a ziploc bag with parchment paper inbetween, in the freezer to use in the days following.

When I visited the doctor last Thursday he confirmed my suspicions and basically said the fracture would have to heal itself. I saw the x-rays he took and he showed me how my bone was perfectly straight and aligned with a line through it. I believe the comfrey poultices had already worked their magick, as I had wacked the heck out of my foot with all my weight on the wood floor when I came crashing down off the stool. One good thing came of the doctor visit, which I try to avoid unless absolutely necessary, was getting this very funny black hard shoe I like to call my Frankenfoot because it makes me look like and walk like Frankenstein! LOL! The doctor said I could put pressure on my foot and to use my pain as a gauge, as doing so actually induces healing. My sweet friend and rock support system through all of this and then some, Allison Jacobson, had confirmed this when she researched my injury and read many people talking about how some tried not putting any pressure on it and some did and those that did actually had the best healing.

Until then I’d completely stayed off my foot and had been applying the comfrey every day, while using my crutches. But upon return home I did away with my crutches and started trying out my foot, finding I could actually put pressure on it and I wasn’t having pains by just mindfully shifting weight a bit and with the use of my new Frankenfoot I was Frankensteining around the house! Yay!! Mobility again! Really makes you grateful for what you have! My foot immediately started decreasing the huge swelling that I had and now my foot only has a tiny bit of swelling, but is getting close to normal. It still has the bruising a lot, but bruising takes a bit more time for my body regardless.

Today I just made the last batch of my comfrey poultices to utilize for the next four days and I feel I’ll be on my way after this. It has only been a week and a half and it’s already done some efficient healing! The doctor told me to expect 4-6 weeks, but between my comfrey and Reiki, and all the lovely healing support from great friends like Laura and Allison, that time will likely be cut in half or 2/3.

I’ve been able to just walk on my own now with this shoe, but mostly because I wanted to ease into things, but it feels like my foot would be fine without the shoe (as now and then I do walk without it at home) and I know shortly I’ll be able to just walk gingerly on my own. No marathon runs or strenuous hikes and biking, but definitely will be walking normally in no time.

Comfrey is one powerful healing plant! It’s also known as the miracle herb and forgotten herb. Well….it won’t be forgotten in my book!

Here’s some info on Comfrey:

Known for centuries as a priceless herb for wounds, sprains, bruises, and broken bones in both people and animals, comfrey (genus name, Symphytum –  meaning to “unite or knit together,” leaves and roots can be used both fresh or dried. The name com-firma means, simply, “knitting of bones,” which is why comfrey is often called knitbone and healing herb.

Comfrey’s success as a healing agent is due to a special substance it contains called allantoin—a substance that speeds the production of new cells and aids in wound granulation (healing) – basically a cell proliferative. This means it makes cells grow faster, which is one of the reasons why comfrey-treated bones knit so fast, wounds mend quickly, and burns heal with such little to no scarring.

Allantoin is the same substance found in the placenta of a pregnant mother, which supports rapid baby growth and is also in the mother’s milk in abundance and then decreases as the child grows.

Comfrey is rich in vitamin B12, which is important to vegans and vegetarians, as very few plants have B12, and is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, E, A, pantothenic acid plus calcium, iron, manganese, and phosphorus.

Good thing is that you can receive the greatest medicinal benefits equally so without ingesting it, so this way you can avoid the toxicity it can cause. But used externally for short periods comfrey is safe, even for babies. When used as a wound dressing its magick shines through and can really work wonders.

Like with anything consult an expert or doctor when seriously injured, but even doctor’s admit to comfrey’s power to speed the healing process. So it’s a great, complimentary support to any treatment you need, desire or choose. So if you find yourself with an unexpected wound, cut, sprain, burn, or break, you can turn to comfrey for comfort. Comfy Comfrey to the rescue!!!

Again, remember never to ingest comfrey and to only use it topically. Consult a professional when in doubt. I offer no medical advice. I only offer my personal experience. And after having had 2 other fractures, of which I never used comfrey poultices with, I can say that it DOES make a huge difference in the efficient healing process.

Read more about comfrey here and  about how “Modern science confirms that comfrey can influence the course of bone ailments.” Yes, it’s not just a witch’s magickal brew!

Here is one version of how you can make your comfrey poultices:

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  1. Thank you!!! I recently did the same thing to my foot last Sunday. My friend who is a massage therapist brought me some comfry last night! I am preparing it now!

  2. Itry to sourde it out here in the Phi;ipppines , but I can find it. My wife has been suffering for ostheo arhtritis but I can’t bring her to a doctor because of lack of money . Can you he me get a few twigs for her please . My address is
    77 kappiville , Katihan , Poblacion < Muntinlupa City , Philippines Thank you very much . .

  3. Great article Tania, i recently fractured my right foot. Your article gives me hope. Take good care, Fahad

  4. Hi Tania i broke my leg and still the healing process can you please inbox me on where i can buy comfrey, i need it thanks

    • i’m sorry to hear about your leg. i am able to get it at my local natural market or grocery store. i don’t know where you live and what kind of stores you have available, but you can try your natural markets, herbalists, or perhaps just order it online by googling. wishing you speedy recovery and healing.

  5. I have almost the same injury at the moment. Did you keep your foot wrapped and splinted most of the time? Didn’t the doctor want to put you in a cast? Thanks for sharing, very informative information!

    • I would suggest you follow the instructions your doctor shares accordingly with your injury. I am no doctor and everyone is different. The poultices will benefit your healing nonetheless. As my post shares, I went to an Orthopedic Doctor merely to get x-rays and check on the damage. He confirmed what I felt, that it was fractured, but basically there was nothing to do, but let it heal – no cast or splint. The crack was aligned, so it was just about it needing to mend, so the comfrey was a perfect compliment to assist this. I had fractured the metatarsal bone in my left foot.

  6. How long did you leave the poultice on for? My husband has injured his arm and I want to go as natural as possible and wonder if this can help him. Could you please email with your reply too, I don’t always get blog replies. Thank you.

    • hi sandra, as shared in my post, i applied my comfrey all day long for 4 days. it can likely be done for longer. good to do immediately. everyone will experience different results, as with anything, but as you shared…any natural ways to assist and support the healing process are a good compliment to the healing. i’m not a doctor and so if your husband has broken something and injured himself, it is still best to see a doctor to find out the extent of the injuries and then make decisions based on the recommendations they make. wishing your husband healing energy for quick recovery.

  7. An invaluable axiom to apply here. Correlation does not dictate causation. It is possible there was some effect of the comfrey poultice on your healing. I am in favor of herbal interventions that work myself. However, be careful to put so much faith in something like a comfrey poultice healing your bone when you were also getting crutches at the same time you started the comfrey. The rest among other things could truly be what healed your bone. So, without an objective and repeated process for determining what heals bones all should be carefully skeptical and looking for legitimate research without anecdotal support only that proves out causation or lack of.

  8. I just divided the five comfrey plants we have growing here into five more little starts, so when you get here, we’ll have comfrey galore should you ever need it! Hopefully not, of course, but it’s very good for fruit trees. We grow a special Russian hybrid that does not spread like the usual comfrey, which can take over a yard. I’ve since learned that you CAN use it internally, but it’s still wise to be very careful, since it can be toxic in larger doses. The FDA is just extremely aggressive about natural remedies, so with all of them it’s wise to investigate, use caution internally and don’t make claims not “proven” by their (pharmaceutical company) paid scientists. 😉

    • oh cool! that’s awesome. dave and i had actually talked about growing some comfrey as well here in the garden tower. i had a set back with that however. because i was away so much, we didn’t have the chance to open it and set it up. i should have at least opened the box. we went to set it up this weekend, finally, since i was caught up and could spend time with it and found it had arrived broken. so i have messaged the company to see about returning it and getting another. waiting to hear from them. but sounds like although i don’t plan on any more cracked bones, it could help out in other ways in the garden, which would be cool. glad you brought up that everyone should do their own investigation. one can only speak from personal experience with natural remedies. i’ve had so many requests about people wanting comfrey and not knowing where to get it. perhaps there is a special blend offering we might both create 😉

      • Oh, bummer about the Garden Tower! I’m not sure how well comfrey would do in a container, even the tower. The reason it has all the benefits it does is that it has this incredibly deep taproot. It wouldn’t be able to do that in a container. Sometimes to root goes down 25 feet! If you get comfrey, the kind that does not spread is called Bocking 14 (also known as the Russian cultivar). Remind the GT guys that you’re my best friend. Hopefully that will smooth things along. I’m sure there’s a warranty of some sort, though, too, right? xoxo

      • yeah, apparently they had a bunch of problems with the first batches that went out and people have been needing replacements and such with damage…so they may be backed up with stuff right now. i sent a second message, but hadn’t mentioned you. if i don’t hear from them, which may just be because they’re busy, i’ll try again and remind them as you shared. oh! well then yeah, likely the comfrey won’t work then. could plant elsewhere. i hadn’t researched yet into it. so thanks on letting me know which might work. i’m sure the garden tower will challenge will work out. they seem to be on top of things, as they’ve sent out tons of messages along the way with challenges they were having and correcting, etc..

  9. hi! Itry to source it out here in the Phi;ipppines , but I can find it. My brother has been suffering for thoraculumbar spine since2014 but we can’t bring him to a doctor because of lack of money . Can you please get a few twigs for him please . My address is
    Lot1 Block 10 Sunrise Hills Branggay Sabang Dasmarinas Cavite City Philippines ,thank you very much… .

    • hi garcia, i’m sorry to hear that you are unable to find some there in the Philippines. unfortunately, i do not have any myself on hand (i had to go out to find some when i needed it too) and cannot purchase and send it out to everyone who asks. sending you and your brother healing and peaceful energy, along with the synchronicity to align with the treatment perfect for him. i am not familiar with his condition, but i’m guessing that there may be other forms of support and even energy work that could help. don’t give up.

  10. I found it odd that it has not been mentioned that comfrey leaves are to be used externally only and that boiled comfrey root is what is used internally for many different things. I am taking it presently to heal a fractured ankle and got it from the pharmacy as a homeopathic remedy. But it is simple to grow and there are sites online explaining how to prepare it. The rule is always leaves externally, roots internally.

    • thank you so much marion for your insights…actually, if you take a look at the paragraph about my friend laura who mentioned the comfrey to me in the first place, it shares of her “forewarning only to use it “externally” for short periods if I did, as it can be toxic to the liver.” and lower in the researched (not my own info) part under the section, “here’s some info on comfrey” it states again, “Good thing is that you can receive the greatest medicinal benefits equally so without ingesting it, so this way you can avoid the toxicity it can cause. But used externally for short periods comfrey is safe, even for babies.”
      i thank you for bringing this to readers’ attention again though, as it is important to know and emphasize and i like your additional info on its being easy to grow (which my friend has also recently shared with me and is growing some of her own now too) will be helpful for others who can’t find it and continue to ask how to get it, along with your deciphering between leaves and roots. great info! i am not an herbal expert, nor doctor, and it was my first time using comfrey. i always suggest, as stated in my article that is simply a personal experience, that one consult an expert or doctor with their individual circumstances and health.

  11. I had fallen off a wall about 7 feet high and turned out I broke my Hill which is called the calcaneus I’ve heard so much of comfrey root but I have had a hard time trying to find the plant as a whole I had a custoMer swear by it but she had said she said to get comfreypowder mix it with orange juice and drink it but I’ve read on the internet that they do not ingest because it may beharmful to the liver I have mixed feelings about that what do you suggest and where can I actually get the actual comfrey plant

    • i’m not a doctor, but from what i have heard and researched all info has shared that it’s not something to ingest and should only be applied externally. my article is simply a sharing of my experience with it and not meant to be medical advice, but something for others to explore as complimentary care. i was able to find dried comfrey at my local natural food store. if you’re looking for some other source of it i would suggest a google search, talking to an herbalist, and/or asking around locally. sorry i can’t be of much help

  12. Hi Tania. I am just discovering all the healing methods of Comfrey in order to speed up my stress fractured foot. I broke the bone in May and recovered in 6 weeks. I am a dancer so I was eager to get back on my feet and it all seemed to be fine until last weekend I started getting pain again. After an MRI scan showing the bone is still not fully healed I am desperate to do anything that may help, I don’t want to be off again. Thank you so much for sharing this post! You mentioned dried is as good as fresh which is a relief. Is it possible to buy it online?
    Thanks again xx Harriet

    • sorry for delay harriet…i’m not online hardly at all right now, because i’m on personal sabbatical, but saw your comment come through my email and didn’t want to leave you hanging…i’m not a doctor or herbalist, but just know from my own experience and stories from others, as to the powerful healing support that comfrey has been. i’m not sure about its availability online, but my guess is probably so…you can try googling. will be interesting what you find. i got mine at a local natural foods store. i hope your foot healing flows beautifully so that your dancing can remain unaffected. love to you

      • Thank you for replying 🙂 I have bought a cream and also root powder to make a poultice, so fingers crossed it will help me speed up the healing. Thanks for the advice and help. Maybe I let you know how it goes xxx Harriet

  13. sorry another question. Do you know if Comfey cream could also work well? xx

  14. Can anyone tell if it’s OK to reuse a comfrey poultice? I had it on overnight and then put it in the freezer in the morning. Does it lose efficacy if used for another 8 hour period?

  15. Can you reuse the police if you reheat or freeze it. I have a bone bruise

    • when i made mine, i made batches of them, as you may have read in the post…and the ones i wasn’t using right away went into the freezer. i don’t have an answer as to the length of potency and reusing one over and over, but perhaps you can make more than one too, so you have several.

    • Abigail Wirth

      Yes, you can refreeze and use again. It might smell a trifle funky, but definitely still effective. I’ve used the same ones at least 8 times and they’re still good.

      • wonderful! thank you so much abigail for the information to share here with readers, as a few people have asked and i’d hoped someone might chime in with answers.

      • Abigail Wirth

        You’re welcome! This is really fantastic stuff. I use poultices for my knees overnight. When I first make up poultices (each one wrapped in sheeting); then freeze them in ziploc bags, 2 to a bag with a piece of parchment paper between the 2 poultices so they won’t stick together. It makes it easier to thaw them if you only need a few at one time. I thaw the frozen poultices in the ziploc bags in hot water. As long as you make sure the bags are tightly sealed, they come out just fine. I apply them right on my skin and then wrap saran wrap around my knees to prevent leaking. Then I put on close fitting, stretchy bottoms and wrap an ace bandage around each knee over the leggings. The wrapping should be snug, but not to the point of restricting circulation. You’ll actually be able to walk around a little without poultice slippage. Of course, anyone with diabetes or serious circulation problems should consult with a health provider first before doing any wrapping.

      • i agree abigail! you’re so generous to share your experience and process with this for others. thank you so much for detailing this out for readers. love your share. it’s amazing how much a holistic approach can benefit and compliment our healing process. lots of love!

  16. Any one know how to get comfrey out of sheets and clothing? It is extremely difficult to get out. Used Saran Wrap and it leaked, used flour and it still leaked but not as much! Help!

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