Litha Doorways of Initiation ~ Titania’s Midsummer Eve Visual Spell

Litha, known as Midsummer or the Summer Solstice Sabbat, honors the longest day and shortest night of the year. Summer Solstice was called Midsummer’s Eve – a time of magick and mystery – and this day is one of inner power and true brightness that comes from an alchemical dance that harmonizes the light and dark forces in your life and throughout the Cosmos.

Summer Solstice is a reminder of the source within you that mirrors that of the Great Central Sun and to feel your way to knowing your full potential as the Cosmic light that you are.

This is a time of blossoming, celebrating, embodying self-awareness and your higher self, releasing old patterns of suppression, and recharging mind, body, and spirit to bring what you desire into your life with greater fullness.

This is a time of the Sacred dance, union, and balance of the Feminine (Earth, Mother, Moon) with the Masculine (Sky, Father, Sun) energies.

A time the Mayans believed to be for spiritual initiation and change and for creating ceremony to balance the Earth’s energy.

This is an opportune time to invite the Sun’s energy to connect with our Higher Self and to follow inspiration and dreams while tuning inside and realizing the alchemy of “as within, so without.”

As our gardens illuminate in full bloom and forests burst with lush growth, so too do we see our greatest abundance reflected in this pause to honor all that we have manifested and brought to maturity in our lives to this point.

This is a time to emanate the warmth of love and beam it brightly to all you encounter, including the being who looks back at you in the mirror.

And even if you don’t feel that you have certain ideas of abundance you’d like to see or have limited your scope of the brilliance you do embody right here and now, take a moment to celebrate your spirit in flesh here with each of us at this incredibly potent time on Earth.

Today, for me, holds many layers of celebration to include the above, but is also threefold in anniversaries. Today I celebrate my one year wedding anniversary, the four year anniversary of Astrid coming home to me, and the five year anniversary of sweet Joy who departed on Summer Solstice (that year it was on 6/21). Today is also Father’s Day and so it’s a celebration of the Sacred Masculine figures in our lives who hold that Sun source for our hearts – a sweet partnering to all these feminine figures for me on this day and honoring of my own dad who has helped make so much possible in my evolution.

This will always be a very special portal in my life and although I love the magick of all seasons, I have always been a Sun lover and resonated with the Sun card in Tarot.

As you know, I just returned from silent retreat away, but will share about that in a separate blog that will piggy-back this visual spell that we captured at onset of arriving to our destination before officially beginning the silence.

The landscape of what I found awaiting me there inspired embrace of the moment for this, as I was so taken by the magick all around – especially the magickal manzanita forests and portal I’ll share more of in the next blog too.

Oak trees, garden beauties, dreamy waters, and lush faery realms were my surroundings, of which some I’ll share with you today.

It immediately spoke to me to not only walk, dance, and breathe in this visual spell in fullness of personal experience, but to share the potency of energy, collectively, for Summer Solstice as well.

This actually became the perfect segue to our silent retreat experience, as it literally journeyed me more fully into the new reality that had been initiated through the Eclipses and my crown activation.

As I mentioned in my Winter Solstice Visual Spell, “The root of my name, Tania, comes from Titania – The Faery Queen…From the essence of which I was named and that I be, I drop into my heart and spread love and harmony throughout the land.”

And in my most recent disclosure and share about the crown activation initiated, “I will continue forth, more fully embodying my Cosmic star essence that walked into this human body from birth, as this is where my true freedom lies…I carry the seeds of Unity like each of you do. And I’m engaged in a form of Cosmic gardening, to cultivate, nurture, and activate those seeds into the blossoming of expanding and inclusive awareness, creative potential, and Cosmic love.”

Faeries walk between worlds and dimensions, as Cosmic embodiments.

It’s time for these worlds to merge and not be separated, just as it’s time for all of us to merge through the heart and overcome conditioned divisions on all fronts of life experience on Earth.

Perhaps you’ll see, or at least feel, the essence of this journey I felt take root from one world or dimension to another, as the giant, magickal manzanita forest doorway ignited that alchemical dance in the eve just days before Solstice.

It felt like a celebration of enchanted twilight mirroring the next phase of my years in similar vein of fuller embodied enchantment merging the light and dark.

And so, the next blog will visually reveal these sacred energies more literally of greater human embodiment transmuted by embrace of light and shadow, but for today we focus on the lush garden and forest abundance blossoming within and without.

We also observe the transition from mythical being to human form embodiment, while we celebrate the liberation of the same potential within each of us and of conscious awareness in totality.

May these images create windows into your own spirit liberation and remind you of the fullness of your royal and sacred being right here and now.

You are a Cosmic blossom of pure possibility and boundless creativity.

A new reality has anchored and you can choose what role you’d like to participate as, in its unfolding.

You can also choose how much you’d like to shine.

Let today be a reminder that your brilliance is far greater than you’ve been able to experience or even know as of yet.

I hope you enjoy this simple, little Litha Prayer from WytchWood:


The sun is high above us

shining down upon the land and sea,

making things grow and bloom.

Great and powerful sun,

we honor you this day

and thank you for your gifts.

Ra, Helios, Sol Invictus, Aten, Svarog,

you are known by many names.

You are the light over the crops,

the heat that warms the Earth,

the hope that springs eternal,

the bringer of life.

We welcome you, and we honor you this day,

celebrating your light,

as we begin our journey once more into the


And, now, here’s an automatic writing I channeled fluidly within just minutes (unedited) while on silent retreat that I was told to share as a message and today feels ripe to do so:

Do you see the unfolding glory of all around you?

If you stop and listen there is so much that has changed.

Can you let it be that all things are as they need be?

There’s time for you to do anything you want and no time for all that you want.

Please let go of trying to force anything.

We hear you and are working with and through you to assist the change.

If there is anything we can tell you it’s to just love and let be.

If you desire to do something then open your heart wider – that’s all you need do.

Everything else is a choice and you will not miss out on the path because your being is always on path.

Have you lost your way? No.

We would say you’ve merely lost sight of the important things and when you listen to what is singing to you then you will understand your way.

Your way is part of the sacred unfolding of all ways meeting in the heart. There, there is no distinction, separation, or need to define – do you understand?

When you are being you, everyone can too.

Drop the pretenses and merge yourself with everything around you.

See how your notes are perfect to the notes of others.

It’s cliché to say, but it’s true – you all create a divine symphony, but you fight over which note is better rather than knowing they all are of value and necessity.

Drop into the melody more often and you will hear its grace reverberate.

Enchanted Solstice Blessings

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Beautiful, as always. Happy Solstice and Happy Anniversaries!

  2. Love all the images Faerie Queen Tania! The automatic writing is a lovely fractal of truth, strongly connecting with my inner knowing.

    Blessed Solstice and Happy Anniversary!
    love, Linda

    • Thank you dearly Linda! 💛 I appreciate you sharing how the message that channeled through resonates deeply for you as well. 🙏 so much love, gratitude, and enchanted blessings to you! Big hugs dear Linda

  3. Thank you Tania for your enchanting words and images. You seem to be embodying the magic faery energies. 🧚🧡

  4. Thank you sweet, beautiful spirit.
    Gorgeous pictures.
    But WOW what a sync wink your automatic writing share is today!!!!
    Sweet sacred blessings for the light that is you.
    Sweet sacred blessings for the light of the growing sun.
    Happy solstice and happy anniversary to you and D!
    All love…

    • aw you’re so welcome sweet T!! i’m always so happy to hear how things shared create those synchronous wow’s of confirmations. so key to why sharing feels important, as it’s a collective world we live in 🙂 we so appreciate your beautiful and heart felt wishes and love! beaming love right back at you beautiful soul! xoox! happy solstice!

  5. You are spotlighted in so many photos here. It seems to be a cosmic spotlight, that follows you as you moved through the forest and the gardens. It’s always with you, it is reflecting more and more in your photos. Such a floating quality in all these yet very grounded, if that makes any sense. Love you and thank you. So many anniversaries, that have brought so much to you and is through you ❤❤❤❤❤😘

    • Thank you so much for reflecting that D ❤ it was a very very magickal space to be in and felt like journeying both here and not here, so it does make sense what you said. The giant manzanita trees were just incredible. I couldn’t get over them and the energy of that portal passageway they created like traveling through a birthing canal. We only have small, lower manzanita bushes here, but the trees are so magnificent. It was a gift after having been so drawn by the blossoms I created jams and syrups with. As if the manzanita spirit is strongly calling and with me these days. I’m always fascinated by the light that shows up revealing so much more than words can say. Grateful for this portal day that is so dear to me – like you!! 😘

  6. Desiree Bergeron

    OHHHhhhhh! Where to begin???
    FIRST Happy Anniversary to you and Dave from all of us! We love you both sooooo much! 💞
    Your visual story overwhelmed my heart and soul with so much love and happiness— your exquisite essence beamed straight into me like rays of The Great Central Sun itself!! xx The merging of dimensional energies you bring forward in such a harmonious flowing blend is so real and it speaks for itself—what is possible!!!! I sat hear looking, feeling, reading, absorbing, crying, and cheeks streamed as I read the words you channeled…..pure light, love, and healing! With all my heart, beaming you the hugest THANK YOU!! 💛💛💛💛💛

    • Thank you dearly for the sweet wishes! I feel all of your love from your hearts in overload of sweetness! I’m so moved to feel the energy you experienced from all of this. You always are such a powerful mirroring confirmation of things I am experiencing. I know you’ve been experiencing the same profound shifts so it’s a gift to feel that through your words here. You said it! Everything truly is possible and it’s made so the more we share transparently and vulnerably together. Here’s to harmonious relating from the awareness of love that we all truly are. Thank YOU 😘

  7. Desiree Bergeron


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