Walking Through the Doorway of Balance ~ A Transparent Share & Vulnerable Disclosure

I alluded to the intensity of May 26th’s Sagittarius Full Super Blood and Flower Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in my last post entitled “The Many Faces of My Garden” and after a week of integration and receiving guidance, I’ve decided to share some of what unfolded and the meaning for me. I don’t share this for any other reason than to be of collective support in any way that it might be, and however it is received or discarded is unimportant.

What I know is that we are One, regardless if we understand what that really means and believe it or not. And therefore, everything we individually do, since we each have within us the entire blueprints of the Cosmos folded within the portal of our core essence, creates a catalytic consciousness ripple through encoded frequencies of what we say, do, think, feel, create, how we act, and simply as extension of our being in totality.

As I shared, I was called to focus on the softer Spring energy of the “Flower” Moon in that last post, but via private messages I learned that several of you were able to feel into the layers through the photos of myself I posted and understood there was a complexity of energies being journeyed through that as a whole created the eminence of what was felt, even if not seen. I also heard from others that were experiencing their own versions of what I felt and did.

Today, I will present some of those layers and complexities that were encapsulated within the other part of this particular Moon’s name – the Blood Moon – including a couple of photos from the energy of that day, as I experienced it all.

I have intentionally been engaged extra in Cosmic collective undertakings, as what is being experienced on Earth has brought things to a head in a way that I feel is catapulting mass awakening in the likes that we haven’t experienced yet. It’s not that anything is out of place, since there is a natural unfolding at work always in direct line to mass consciousness, however there has been an extreme amount of tightening and infringing interventions that are giving every last effort to fight and hold on without the highest good of the whole at heart. This, leaving a collective sense of vast division and heaviness felt by everyone from the super-sensitive to the less energy-focused individual, even if you’re in a place of peace within your individual experience.

It is precisely this that I’ve felt as a knock on my door lately in a way that ignited the part of me that came in for this Earth dance, and that everything before now has been preparation for. I know as I write this that many of you are nodding your head or feeling a tug at your core in resonance with your presence here and now.

Life still is simple to me….be the purity of my energy signature no matter what I do. That can be living as a hermit by myself on the top of a mountain, holding a nondescript job to pay the bills, spending my time gardening, in nature, or creating, having a highly visible position, being in contact with many people or no one…. all while simply being and emanating the purity of my frequency. That heart and soul alignment, void of any parameters it needs to look like, has mass effect at quantum levels of consciousness.

And that’s true for every single one of us.

Yet, the here and now presented me some choices and because of what my soul signature wants to help create in the world, the outside folded me within like a collapsing sacred geometrical origami grid and I reached out across the Cosmos for assistance and guidance on how I might participate in something deeper that can assist the whole – not any one particular segment of the world or side, but the whole.

I felt the exhaustion running rampant in the world of the game of tug-of-war and how information is always one-sided while still full of half truths. I know many of you would also love to see great reveals that carry the energy signature of highest good for the whole rather than fueling further divide.

You may remember, I’ve often declared I am not about black and white. I never was and I never will be. I am committed to the Middle Way and for much of the bigger things right now in the world I haven’t seen any clear Middle Way. So what I knew from this is that ever-more creative and vulnerable depths would need to be traversed in order to explore possibilities unseen at present.

In recent months I’ve opened myself in limited funnels to the collective more than awareness alone, even though I had erected healthy boundaries in order to more fully embody my own frequency, which was important to do being a Pisces without boundaries and to do in order to hold and impart a certain energy within the collective web. Even just that little opening has been enough to ignite greater catalytic momentum within me, as it demonstrated a tipping point of pain in the collective body, mind, heart, and soul that was being pulled tighter and tighter at each end. This indicated potential of volcanic proportions without much softening. Was there another more effective way, or is this truly where the collective is wanting to go? I’m always looking at all the possibilities and reviewing potential probabilities from each of them, as one way there simply is not.

And it is just this that took me through the vulnerable levels of processing, much like mourning. So while in conversation with my Cosmic family and powers that be, I talked very openly and transparently about what I was seeing and feeling with the collective energies. I allowed both human perspective and bigger picture one to come forth and voice the nature of experience unfolding.

I allowed expression of frustration in not yet understanding the next step on how to address everything, while remaining curious to the subtle seeds I could sense lived within every choice and experience, still yet untapped. And this then took me through my sensitive heart concerns at the human level, which allowed the anger to move through with responsible admission, accountability, and declaration of truly needing assistance to transmute the current situation we are all in, as although it’s being chosen, it also feels limited simply because we haven’t yet tapped into potential.

Cosmic beings, or what I refer to as Star family, or to some light beings, Galactic Federation, God, Goddess, the Universe, etc. of higher multi-dimensionality do not interfere with things. We must ask and invite the help. We must also step up and be ready and willing to do what is necessary to align with that help.

A lot unfolded over the course of weeks, as I worked toward releasing more old collective energies and trauma and focusing on stepping more fully into the new the best I could, and then culminated again the day of the 25th – the day before the Full Moon Total Eclipse. I’d been working toward readiness to go the next level, to receive insight, and to declare it was time. Time for a big “reveal”. Time for a big “upshake” (these were literal words I used) and with everything I intended, asked for help with, and invited, I always, always laid parameters in place of what I was willing to have experienced in order for any or all of this to happen.

I am no longer out of control or unaware of what could take place if I don’t make clear intentions because I’ve learned that from the past. Ask and you will receive, but if you don’t say how you don’t want to receive it, then you have no idea how that will unfold.

So, what happened next was not a surprise and I knew I’d be okay because of this. So, what I’m sharing is not in need of, or to gain, sympathy. It’s shared only in transparency of my experience and understanding, as I feel it’s ever-more important these days to share the full gamut of the journey so that we embrace the layers and complexities as part of the wholeness of experience. Moving through energies is natural. Trying to block, deny, or judge them is unnatural.

To premise things, it’s likely also because of my commitment I spoke of to the middle and balanced way and how much I’ve devoted these last several years to creating balance and staying grounded and embodied, that I did not experience what likely would have been experienced given any other time period in my life previous to having implemented these things. I’ve made it my focus to integrate spirit in body more fully in the understanding of the miracle that we truly are and merging my star/Cosmic self with the human expression of that.

Before, I was an uncomfortable, floaty, perhaps clumsy emanation and seeping energy vehicle of that Cosmic being in human body and I’ve been learning progressively over the course of my life to activate the responsible empowerment that this partnership can truly be. I’m still learning. πŸ™‚

I chose this photo even though it was taken a few months ago, as it pictures me wearing earrings I had custom made to reflect and support the energies I choose to walk through the doorway of balance with daily. As a Water sign with Earth ascendant, heavy also in Air with prominent Fire placements, it was clear upon birth this was to be my embodiment – balance. I finally got it. The earrings are custom zodiac hoop earrings – one with the sign of Pisces and aquamarine hanging from it and the other with the sign of Capricorn and a garnet hanging from it – my Sun and Ascendant/North Node/Mars signs.

So back to the evening of the 25th, last Tuesday. I was immersed in finalizing a lot of house projects and a deep cleaning of the house while home alone for the week. It was around 7 pm that night that I was just finishing the very last room to mop, which would complete the entire house and all of my intended goals while Dave was away. I was mopping in the kitchen area and saw a piece of white fur on the ground from our female cat since our fur babies are shedding. I bent down to pick it up and when I stood up quickly to return to mopping, the top left of my crown came in direct contact with the extreme edge of our granite island countertop. It was hard and it was fast. It immediately hurt a lot, jolted quite the energy through, and instinctively, I immediately placed my left hand over the place of impact to administer Reiki and Cosmic healing. I held it there a minute or so and then removed my hand.

I didn’t expect to see that my palm was fully covered in blood. It immediately put me in what felt like an out-of-body experience in order to handle the situation, as normally if I see blood or have a very bad physical trauma, or even see the same happen to someone else close to me, I get very faint, white, and nearly pass out. In talking to a dear Cosmic friend of mine who experiences the same, she shared this is likely because we’re still not used to blood, as our light bodies are more resonant. That finally made a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, none of these usual reactions took place, even though my mind scanned through all the possibilities quickly in order to assess things. I knew I needed to stop the blood and I was exploring the possibility of skull fracture, as well as running through what to do. I went immediately for a clean towel and ice pack and got both of them on my head, continuing Reiki and checking on it after a bit to monitor the blood amount.

I knew that head injuries can cause a lot of blood regardless of the depth of laceration, so I had to feel into anything else. I called my parents right after sitting myself down on the couch to stay calm and keep the cloth and ice on. I wanted to make sure someone knew about what happened in the event of anything unforeseen, and also to get their insights on anything I might not be aware of to physically do. They only live an hour away so if necessary they could come help. After talking with them for a bit I noticed the blood was slowing down and faster than I thought. By the end of our talking I was only seeing a small impression on the clean side of the cloth that was in the shape of the laceration – about 3/4 of an inch.

I could tell I didn’t need stitches, nor any medical assistance, and by examining my head I didn’t feel it to be a fracture. Of course there was a lot of swelling and tenderness, and many sensations and twinges going on, but no real pain other than the initial contact. I, of course, had many messages and thoughts flooding through as well and the sensation of energy downloads.

I expressed immediate gratitude on many levels to my Cosmic family and the Universe, for the direct message, confirmation of our work together, and for overseeing my ultimate protection within the parameters I laid out.

Long story short, for the next three nights I slept upright in bed to keep my head raised, especially so the first night in case of anymore bleeding, and then continued in that vein because it felt better than laying flat. It’s not that there was pain, but the sensations and pressure made me intuitively feel it wasn’t good to lay down yet and so I didn’t.

That night was right before the Eclipse, which took place at around 4:18 am our time here. So, this was in the window of the hours and energies leading right up to it. That night I also couldn’t go to sleep for a long time. Not because of pain and not because of discomfort in how I was sitting upright, as I didn’t have either, but because I was wide awake and super alert. The two cats were on both sides of me and I kept hearing things and feeling energies and even our male cat would quickly turn his head at the same time I would sense or hear something. I could feel a lot of extraterrestrial/Cosmic energies, which made sense given things I’d been engaged with.

I finally did get to sleep and the only dream I remember that night was one based in the present where I had the head injury and was slowly walking around to make sure I didn’t fall or get dizzy. I had presences around me that I was communicating with and they handed me a walking stick to make sure to help keep me balanced while I was healing. But this was no simple walking stick. The walking stick had a dragon on it. The dragon felt to be alive or enchanted with magick, as the head moved on the top of the stick. This, I would be walking with from here on. That’s all I remember.

I’ve known that head injuries are a literal and symbolic rewiring. The left side of the head is connected to the collective mind of logic and intellect and all that we’re dealing with out in the world right now is playing with these old thought waves and fears that have gotten stuck in a continuously spinning circle and methodically robotic state. It’s not the intuitive right brain side that flows in creativity, feeling, and just “knows” without proof, but is the fear and the analyzing, the black and white, aggression and old male side that I “cracked” open. The very energy I have been trying to navigate so much these past months.

I have found that like Earth releases steam through earthquakes, as I believe I mentioned before, that this experience also was like that…a way of releasing collective steam and trauma, as I’ve always played out collective things more consciously than going through motions of it automatically just being connected as everything and everyone just IS. Part of this being because I’m a Pisces and part of it we’ll just say is my energy signature. Synchronously, my sense of this “letting off steam” like earthquakes do, literally unfolded later too, as I’ll share shortly.

The blood is a form of old energy release and transformation and the totality of this experience became an activation of an upgrade recalibration from old to new that I’ve been trying to navigate a way for as my part, to assist the collective. It also made a poignant point of access for downloads of information to stream through, for heightened awareness and altered perception, preparation for the next phase of me, and a lead point to assist in deciding what role I’m willing to continue taking in the bigger picture here.

I will mention that I do have a natal Sagittarius Moon like the Full Moon was in that day and some transit aspects with the Eclipse, as well as have Mars in the first house which funnels how my enormous amounts of energy will channel through me – the head and face being directly impacted. I’ve been learning to put into effect my Mars powered by Capricorn to temper what could be reckless, impulsive, raw, and wild energy into more effective energy. So, while this was still a very Mars-like experience, there were many layers of Capricorn tempering that softened the blow from that literal and energetic “sharp edge.”

Yet, as I’ve been messaged and see this, these energies merely directed my personal role and expression within the collective field, the timing, and an igniting of things within my DNA that haven’t been ready to be released yet. We all have things express through, relative to each of us and our energy signatures and set-up. I do tend to have dramatic things and with a strongly placed Mars in the first house a head activation is right on course with possibilities. Yet, as I mentioned, rather than this actually turning into a more horrendous experience had I not been prepared energetically or consciously, it was one both myself and my Cosmic co-creators knew I could handle.

This is about collective stuff I personally invited for literal recalibrating, as I was ready for bigger and felt “enough is enough”….”it’s time.” I decided to step forth and stretch my neck into just a bit of growth discomfort to engage change.

And as mentioned, because of my Middle Way and balance commitment and anchoring, this led to not having any dizziness, vertigo, nausea, headaches, or pain other than initial impact, still to this day, and in fact the laceration began its scabbing process within a day and is in the itchy healing mode now. The swelling is pretty much gone and the sensitivity at the site is very minimal. I have had interesting sensations moving up and down the left side and even in my ear, warmth, twinges, etc. It’s felt like a snake at times in Cosmic embryonic fluid moving and swirling inside. Something incubating and evolving in preparation for birth through the opening/doorway created.

And, something kept me strong to handle this on my own without anyone to help me in person.

To put into context, I’ve had now about four major head traumas or hits that I can recall in my life, beginning at age three. The last one was when I got the side of my car hit while I was at my very last office job in my late 20’s. Needless to say, it told me what I knew – it was time to quit and move forward with my life. But my brain was sloshed around hard in my skull from that and I did in fact have vertigo for a few days after. The first day being the worst where I was standing in my kitchen and my head literally pulled and dropped me down fully to my left (left again) and I fell on the floor “just” missing the kitchen counter.

And here I was without that, to date, even though my brain received a huge blow moving everything from crown to base and even activating the jaw at onset of the initial impact. I remember sharing with my parents that I felt like a click in the jaw with the weight of the blow compressing everything between crown and jaw.

Definitely a personal evolution demonstrating the miraculous way our bodies can handle things in reflection to how we manage energies. Not that we have to experience things in certain ways, but with greater conscious intent, we can navigate and integrate things much differently and heal rather quickly. I’ve been taking it easy each day and being conscious of going slow and being deliberate, just in case. I don’t take anything for granted or assume, as every day is a new day to navigate by the energies of the moment revealing themselves and then aligning the best we can to meet with them rather than push against them.

I’d like to now back-track slightly to give a little sequential rundown of things leading up to and unfolding after the “impactful” threshold was crossed into a point of no return.

On 5/24, while hiking down to the post office and UPS store from the house through the forest and onto the street, I noticed the clouds in the sky were unusually expansive and radiating looking – different than what I’d seen in the sky recently. I saw this both as I approached the street, beaming up and out from above the lake, and also through the tree tops of the forest right before getting back to the house.

On the way I also noticed a bear statue I hadn’t remembered seeing – likely because I don’t walk that way usually – and for some reason I was told to get a photo with it, so I did. I later realized why, as it foreshadowed what I was about to find and to understand its energy very clearly as the messenger it was.

Not more than fifteen minutes after that, on the way back I noticed these layered doorways – tree limbs creating portals upon portals like inter-dimensional gateways folded into one another (much more profound in person):

And right after that I found this:

A giant sacrum bone, which I understood right away to be from bear. I’ve mentioned before how I always get led to bones, transitioned animals, fur or feathers of wild animals, and find unusual things in general. But this sacrum bone from bear was quite potent. I know the sacrum to be a sacred bone and portal, as I’ve researched and written about it due to my injuries in the tailbone and sacrum in the past, and residual activations in the form of pulsing deep pain that take place there when energetic things are shifting. In the text link above, you might also, like myself, find this interesting:

“Sacredness of this bone is also related to a belief found in various parts of the globe that the sacrum is the ‘resurrection bone’ from which residual raw material remaining after death a person will be reborn, presumably by attracting the spirit residing within.”

Then this:

“…the sacrum as a focal part of the pelvic girdle represents a metaphor for the cosmic portal linking this world with the Otherworld while emphasizing the generative or (pro)creative aspect of the life cycle, just as the jawbone as a focal part of the skull represents another metaphor for the cosmic portal, but one emphasizing the analytical or destructive aspect of the cosmic cycle.”

And this:

“…If the human body can be said to have β€œportals” or loci of transformative power where the body’s interior is connected with the external world, and perhaps also with the Otherworld, the sacrum in the pelvic girdle is likely one of these, while the jawbone in the skull constitutes the other.”

Interesting in relation to my finding the sacrum/sacred bone portal and having the crown to jaw activation with the impact the day after. A full book-ended portal circuitry:

“…If the body can be viewed as a microcosm, then its form is either a template for or a reflection of other cosmic levels, and its form is our only guide to the appearance and operation of these other levels, incomplete as this guidance may be.  The body has two ends regulating the passage between the inside the body and outside of it, and at these two ends are portals.  One end has the mouth; on the other end are the anus and the water producing urethral orifice (and in females there is also the entrance to the birth canal).  Concentration of power is in the bony appurtenances surrounding these portals, and most focally these bones are the lower jaw and the sacrum (sometimes including the coccyx).  On a slightly more inclusive scale, these bones are the upper skull and the lower ‘inverted skull.’ “

And I’ve mentioned before how much bear messengers have been visiting me more than any other over the course of the last year and a half or so and their Arcturian connection.

A couple of minutes after discovering the bone in the meadow grass, this heart stone led the way home (the heart being the bridge and portal to Unity):

That night I’m led to a documentary film that contains messaging exactly reflective of and in response to my Cosmic conversations, confirming and assuring things are in motion.

On the evening of 5/25 I hit and activated my head. I had texted Dave a photo of me since he was away, as he wanted to see how I looked. This is what I sent him below.

As you can see, Sweet Pea was nestled behind my head to the left, very relaxed and without stress and what you can’t see is Boojum nestled to my right on the couch next to me in the same comfortable positioning. I’m sharing this photo because it captures a transitional energy between human and spirit. You can obviously see the trauma impact on the physical including my disheveled hair I parted to care for the wound, but what I noticed was the clarity and lightness of my eyes that seemed to be transcending the experience. My eyes tend to lighten when my energy shifts.

There was no scream or cry of pain when it happened, nor tears. I immediately went into caretaker mode of myself while also reviewing the incredulous way instant manifestation was at work.

That night I slept upright, as I said, and placed a white cloth around my head in case of any more blood seeping through in the night. I noticed that I ended up looking like a nun and when I woke in the morning this is the photo I sent Dave, as he wanted to see how I was feeling/looking. I didn’t move from my position all through the night, nor did the cats on both of my sides, as you can see their fur left and right.

Again, I noted a transcendent kind of look in the photo and for someone who had gone through what I had, I looked quite at peace and almost refreshed.

The early morning of 5/26 was the Eclipse, which I didn’t see because I was sleeping, but also was being very self-nurturing and careful, so I wasn’t going to get up and move without need, nor would I set an alarm to disrupt healing rest.

Dave returned home late that night. He came back two days earlier than originally planned because the best date for a surgery he wanted was on 5/27. He tore his meniscus back in late Fall, and although was still able to ski, bike and hike, there was still a level of discomfort and pain during some of the activities – mostly hiking – that made him decide to go ahead with surgery to clean up the meniscus, which should lead to alleviation of this.

Ironically, I became his caretaker even though I was still doing my own healing, waking early that morning to get him into surgery and picking up things he/we needed and then taking care of things while he rested that day. I had a giggle at myself and the situation when I was sitting in the hospital waiting for him to be released. Here I was coming to pick him up as his guardian, while unbeknownst to them I had just had a head injury and was sitting there with matted dried blood under my hat. LOL!

I hadn’t wanted to wash my head and hair while it was sensitive, so as not to disturb the cut from healing and scabbing, so I had only opted to gently clean it up the night of the incident, spraying hydrogen peroxide onto my scalp to saturate the area and tenderly dabbing it with cotton pads.

On the morning of 5/28 the “upshake” I asked for and letting off of steam continued from my intentions and personal embodied release, or blood-letting. I woke up at 5 am and as soon as I opened my eyes an earthquake hit. Again, in all the time we’ve lived in Tahoe the years previous to our return to Southern California and the years following our Magick Bus adventure, I don’t recall feeling any quakes here. I mentioned in a recent post how several had been popping up around the perimeter of the area (as recently as April and May) – nearly all on the California side (we live on the Nevada side of the lake) – and were connected with energetics I felt moving through or something I was engaged in thinking through.

Well, on this morning of 5/28, not one, but SIX earthquakes all centered in the same area of the northwest California side all hit. The first at 5 am and continued through late morning. We felt four of them, but the earthquake records I tune into showed in fact six took place. The epicenter was apparently near the middle of the lake 8 kilometers from a town on the California shore. The middle of the lake being interesting since the lake is split in two sides – one half in California and the other half in Nevada. What also seemed unusual is that they grew in size from the first one. I believe the first was 2.7 and the second came in at 4.2, then one at 3.1 then 2.8 or 2.9, and I don’t recall the others, but in the upper 2 range I believe.

I’m grateful for the energy releases that take place personally and Earth-connected, as I believe these help to diffuse things without major explosions or greater trauma. There felt to be no coincidence that these came within the energy of the Eclipse days, things on the collective scene, and my own personal work and experience, since everything is connected.

That same day I had already planned to do some yard work and did end up removing a dead tree and some dead bushes from the previous owner – out with the old. I had been taking the days easy to make sure to support healing from the head hit, only walking out in my garden for grounding, so I continued to do things slowly even with this activity, but it did feel good to move out in nature and literally move out old energy.

On this day I also found a partially formed nest in the rocks on the side of the house where one year I found a fully formed nest that is now part of my mobile I made for our bedroom of a variety of abandoned old nests I’ve found. This partial nest feeling like the trials of life in process along the journey.

And besides waking to the earthquakes, I had also seen momma Robin at onset of the morning in her nest above our front door entrance, likely incubating her eggs. She doesn’t leave the nest while doing so and dad comes to visit throughout the day – a lovely sign of rebirth and hope, but also of that nurturing and mothering energy I was cradled in both by myself and in softened after effects from my hit, courtesy of reflective Cosmic energies.

On this day we also saw the return of our first tree frog who suddenly appeared.

He was so cute listening to me talk and then he turned toward the impression of what looked like a doorway in the wood siding, as if to say he’d come through this little portal and that there are other realms all around us to slip in and out of if we so desire too.

Look at him touching his nose to it, head fully engaged with the round etched doorway.

A pure and open heart can lead the way.

On 5/29 I felt ready to plant all the new friends I shared in my last post and did – in with the new.

On 5/30 I saw a starship above me while sun bathing – each day I’d been sitting out in the sunshine, as it is so nourishing to me and the Sun’s rays activate healing – and while looking up there it was maneuvering in and then made a backwards motion and zipped right back through the dimensional doorway disappearing. Just like frog seemed to indicate.

Residual flickering crafts or energy particles all around the area showed up right after, but only with a softened gaze that would not have been detected by the eye otherwise. Following that, our first beautiful yellow swallowtail made an appearance, enjoying our blossom tree and fluttering across the deck where we sat.

Indeed a contrast of events, but painting a visual story of messengers imparting the transformation of energy in motion and rebirthing hope on the way.

I also learned that on May 26th at the exact time of the Eclipse, a dense solar flare hit Earth’s magnetic field.

On May 22nd sunspot AR2824 unleashed a sequence of solar flares and one of these struck Earth’s magnetic field on May 26 producing a G-2 Class Geomagnetic Storm and auroras. The solar storm took place at the precise moment that a super blood moon total eclipse became visible across much of the globe.” The text link here will take you to a YouTube video about it if interested.

So, yes, if you felt this Eclipse as big too, this underscores things some more.

This photo was taken on 5/28 – just 3 days after my incident. I wore my custom Cosmic Serpent Song earrings that weave a starry night sky above a desert and volcanic landscape. Woven into the starry sky is the Ursa Major Little Bear constellation as well. The energy of these earrings felt reflective of the activation at hand and I noted again a clarity and lightness to my eyes continued. You can also see my dragon peeking out from my left shoulder mirroring the dragon walking stick energy in my dream of that night.

If you read this far, thank you for listening. I was told to share this experience and more around my role as I know and experience it, so I’m leaning into trusting there’s reason for that. I’ve always been forward about my experiences and Cosmic connection. I’m being told the time for more of that reveal is now.

What is the take away from all of this and what does it mean?

Maybe it means nothing at all.

Maybe it means everything.

Maybe all that I share is some kind of invitation down The Rabbit Hole simply to play in Wonderland, as a break from the world you live in, and the nonsensical is my little girl desiring some playmates.

Or, maybe what I and others share might possibly be true on some or all levels.

Curiouser and curiouser indeed, the world we live in and what we’re experiencing is.

Experience is the only way I’ve learned that makes the biggest impact. Disclosure merely opens the doorway for exploration of possibilities you’ve not yet ventured into. Yet, within the words, feelings, thoughts, visuals, and energies we share, the frequency seeds are available and recoding each of us daily.

It’s one of the reasons I try to keep my vibration as pure as possible and erect boundaries or make certain kinds of choices that help me stay aligned. I came in with innocence and I intend to leave the same way I came.

As a Pisces and by nature of my Cosmic emanation on Earth that I am in this particular human body carrying the signature frequency I do, I’m always very actively experiencing collective things as conscious personal expressions and personal things as conscious collective expressions. We all do, regardless of whether we know we are or not because of Unity consciousness. I am just one of many who experience this in a more sensory and literal way, so it makes it much more every-day-profound, or normal, depending on your perception. Everything I do and experience is a simultaneous act and knowing of this full gamut of existence in the here and now. It all sounds much more complicated when I have to write things out, but it’s instantaneous in my daily experience.

There’s so much more to this, as with any experience, and the layers are beyond words to weave. So, I rely on the encodings within my words and energy shared, as everything we put out has a frequency and since the purity of frequency is so key, I do my best to share that alignment.

Part of what I received from this is that this created an access point that not only cracked the old layer to allow increasing release, but that the next phase of more reveal in the collective also involves shifting me, and each of us, into greater embodiment of the original signature I and we carried into Earth this time around, but wasn’t time for yet.

Leading up to and since this event, there’s been an increase in my Cosmic experiences and even the kinds of conversations, openings, and activities happening with people around me that hadn’t before, and what’s being facilitated has all shifted like a light switch from off to on.

So, the great divide we are experiencing, has sped up the emergence of voicing this – almost like a tectonic shift where the Earth’s tectonic plates move toward or away from one another – creating earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Tectonic shifting has huge impact on the planet. The plates move slowly always, but friction causes the edges to get stuck and as the edges overcome that friction, an earthquake releases the energy. And when the plates move away from each other a volcano (formed by a tectonic plate moving under another) can erupt to release magma to fill the crack.

Earth naturally releases and reheals, just as our miraculous human bodies do. And I feel collective energies running through my veins in much the same way, releasing and reweaving, activating, and anchoring. I have an agreement to share these in more seamless experience, rather than as a separate observation or understanding.

Division is inherent within wholeness and vice versa. Yet, when we only focus on division, we forget the natural state of Oneness that never left us even though we only chose to feed one side.

Whenever we divide, we weaken.

Division can’t go on forever, before something erupts from the core to heal the separation. Just as magma rises to fill in the crack, something new will need to rise to return our focus and understanding of consciousness back to a unified field of experience.

No layer is better or worse, but the key to how to return to that experience and knowing of Unity is hidden within each. The division may be needed to crack things open to the next phase, so that something new can emerge.

One question is, how much suffering are we willing to go through until we meet in the Middle Way? Another asks, is there a way to transmute the pain of division even while divide continues?

True, we can stand amidst it all and be the peace ourselves. This moves mountains for us and others when we come to know that space that exists within all spaces.

Yet, I feel that some of that also is asking each of us to stand more in the truth of who we really are and not being afraid of truth in general – to be ready for reveals on all fronts, as there will be many and we will need many of you to help others through them. You have prepared for this even if you think you don’t know how or are afraid of what others might think when you actually step forward into the light.

It’s hard to do, but we have each other and there are many others doing it too, I assure you.

It only takes 1% of the Earth collective to create the shift needed.

Only 1%.

I will continue forth, more fully embodying my Cosmic star essence that walked into this human body from birth, as this is where my true freedom lies. The profound experiences all throughout my life from child to adult have never waivered. Yet what used to only be behind closed doors has and will continue to step fully into light. I didn’t understand it back then, but I do now.

As I said, walking in the purity of my frequency, no matter what, is what I intend to continue doing. How that will look, I have not yet chosen, but I am reviewing things from all angles, including revisiting the invitation I received several years ago. For now, this disclosure is key to that promise of energy signature emanation I embodied as.

I’ve shared this before and I’ll share it again.

Yes, I’m a Bridge Creator for the Middle Way, but I am also a Cosmic Ambassador of harmony between all forms of consciousness on and off Earth, throughout the Cosmos and various Star Systems and Galaxies. That is who I truly am as an expression of All That Is. And it’s been both an incredible and challenging journey to contain, integrate, and walk that within human form, but, like many of you likely also feel who love with all of who you are, is worth the commitment.

I carry the seeds of Unity like each of you do. And I’m engaged in a form of Cosmic gardening, to cultivate, nurture, and activate those seeds into the blossoming of expanding and inclusive awareness, creative potential, and Cosmic love.

Forget what you think you remember, and remember what you’ve always known.

Regardless of what others think of me or anything I share, the truth is I TRULY care.

I love you.

What ever or who ever I am, let that truth sink into your heart. Lean into it.

From One to One, I love you.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I don’t necessarily understand or follow all the of your path, but I totally love who you are Tania. I’m grateful for your love, friendship, support, and great example of living your truth. and thank you for grounding spirit to be a bridge builder for us all. πŸ™πŸ§‘

    • Aw Brad, your message brought sweet tears to my eyes reading this this morning. What you shared touches me more than you know. Thank you dearly. πŸ™πŸ’™ I reciprocate in totally loving who you are too. You are part of my daily gratitude practice, as I truly feel the gift of your friendship and presence and always want you to know what a special soul you are. Thank you for the love, friendship, and honest heart you gift.

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    I read every single word of this. And I am deeply, deeply moved and aware/understanding of all you shared here!!!! You are such an incredible gift to this world. You have activated cosmic codes of light in my heart/whole being in ways words can’t explain, and mere earthly understanding and utterly fails! β€œForget what you think you remember, and remember what you’ve always known” 🌟🌟 Feeling so so connected to you as I had just penned a short poem in my journal (literally during my bad burnt wrist/Phoenix activation….) entitled β€œStar Skin” and was also wakened at night to see heavenly activity and fire-like solar flaring move through the skies.
    I love you. Thank you for being here. The End.

    • You are so sweet πŸ’— I so appreciate the care and time you devote to things of importance to you. I also do appreciate how you always understand the spoken and unspoken. Thank you!! I’m so grateful for all the major potent work you’ve been integrating for us all too. So amazing to read about the Star Skin 🌟 and solar flare synchronicity tapped into. And I had to laugh so hard because originally I had “The End” written at the end lol and changed it with a different ending. You heard me!! Lol! I love you too πŸ˜˜πŸ’“

  3. This is a huge declaration of who you are, revealing all that has been up to now. Nothing is hidden any more. These are bold declarations, you are bold, standing in your truth, your power, fearlessly and lovingly. These are times for boldness. I admire you sweet T I see the starlight and cosmos in your eyes reflecting the knowledge, all the knowledge you now carry with you. The middle way, brought to mind middle earth. Thank you for your transparency and love.

    • You’re welcome and thank you for this my dearest D. Your loving strength continues to be a huge gift and guiding force in my life πŸ’– yes, everything revealed is what is needed now I agree. We are capable of handling the truth despite what anyone thinks. I have always thought of you as bold and courageous so it’s a beautiful reflection we are walking in. So synchronous you mention Middle Earth, as I was thinking of it a lot too and nearly bought something representing it for a room in the house. Still might hehe!

      • Sweet T, I so appreciate your reflections, and am humbled by your words. I so agree about the truth and us being able to handle it. I may not always like it but I’m willing and open to handle it. When its ugly, I will glimpse long enough to understand but dont choose to live there. Your words about setting your boundaries and knowing your strengths and weaknesses at any given time and defining that in such a way as you did, is a wonderful example of when processing for the collective you dont put yourself in harms way to where you dont make it out the otherside. That is a huge reminder to myself, to be specific. I have not always done that. Because of you hadnt done that, it could possibly had a different outcome. I know it was a combination of things, your conversations with your star family, your physical ou cal preparation too.

      • I feel you! That’s how I am too… about truths. Open and willing even if it’s not what I prefer. Love that about you! I so appreciate that confirmation around boundaries and parameters. It really has made a huge difference for me to understand this more and how we can implement the guidelines without being surprised. I didn’t used to do it either, but now it’s a must. Hehe!

      • Trials thru fire. Lol

  4. Wisdom is a good thing. And listening to your voice within. Excellent example of what to do vs not what to do. Maybe I’ll still be willing then to help with the collective energies after all πŸ˜‰

    • πŸ˜‰ I hear you more than you know dearest D! I’ve contemplated what, how, or if I wanted to continue as well. This recent experience was a step-in from purely only doing things energetically on the outskirts. No matter how we do it, it’s all still powerful and makes a difference. I’m contemplating the same though if I want to do more step-ins or not. πŸ€”πŸ€­

  5. Woah….
    I’m sorry you got a knock to your noggin, but holy sync winks. What an unfolding sequence of events. Incredible.
    Thanks for tying threads and sharing the insights here. In awe of you!

  6. Thank you for always being there right along with me πŸ₯°

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