New Moon Eclipse, Messengers & Soft Transitions

With Mercury still retrograde and our journeying through this year’s intense Eclipse season, we are indeed going through some major recalibrating shifts on the worldwide scene in terms of all that we’re dealing with collectively. As usual, the way we navigate our inner world will have both an effect on altering things in the outer word AND on how we personally experience it all. Like I wrote as a comment on Laura’s recent blog post (here are snippets):

“….the Eclipses and things like these are individual experiences and that’s only known by the individual and their experience, so pay attention to your own energy signature and what your chosen role in things are….the importance of intention and setting parameters so that you’re fully conscious, aware and proactively cocreating your and the collective’s experience. Manifesting is easy these days so be VERY clear what you do and don’t want to manifest….Know thyself, as they say. Lots of love and harmonious balancing to everyone through these deep reveals and openings still yet to come. We’re all here together to buffer the journey as One.”

We are being taught something of value during all of this intensity and with this Gemini New Moon Eclipse it will come through channels of communication and information with reveals happening left and right either by accountable disclosure or surprising reveal. I’ve not only been seeing this play out in the world in stages (soon to be more and more largely all-encompassing), but have been hearing individual stories of huge surprising reveals that in some cases have shattered people’s lives and hearts. Yet, overall, the message has been clear to me….while devastating or disturbing for some to experience for now, the reveals are hidden gifts supporting the highest good for all that we have yet to see within the healing process of the fresh traumas.

I suspect that all things hidden in the individual and collective mirroring fields of experience, even if the individual or group has convinced themselves that having it hidden is for the best, will come to surface sooner or later in these “cracking open” times because separation can’t live on forever.

With emphasis in North Node energies highlighted, things we glean from now or through experiences that unfold during this Eclipse will have impact on our future self.

It can be helpful to make sure you are embodying as pure of energy as you are able to, relative to your frequency expression on Earth. No one is some idea of “perfect” and to be human involves evolution, but we can still do our most conscious best in each moment.

This is an opportune time to set clear, strong boundaries, to take pause, reflect, and receive.

After my dipping into things a bit recently to collectively assist and opening the boundaries a bit to work even more deliberately, I’ve gone back to erecting the boundaries. I am still deeply involved in the same focuses, but the transformational impact was enough to set things in motion in new directions and for another future version of me to step in.

It’s best not to try to force anything during these Eclipse periods, but instead to allow the Universe to move through you and guide the way.

Synchronous with the energies, short distance travel is ruled by Gemini – the sign that the New Moon Solar Eclipse is in early this morning – and come the 14th I’ll be away on a short journey only about two and a half to three hours from here, through the 17th. This also happens to be a self-induced silent retreat (interesting given Gemini rules communication) that Dave and I are sharing in a remote sanctuary area. Because of this, I’ll likely not blog again until I return.

I’m curious what will be gleaned, received, and activated from it. The timing wasn’t planned, but what was available, yet it happens to feel significant right before our threefold anniversary on Summer Solstice of the 20th and since it starts on the day Saturn squares Uranus.

In the meantime, I continue to receive visitors sharing their support and guidance – on and off Earth – and having multitudes of dream visions. Some of these messengers in Earth animal bodies include coyote, snake, a tiny brown bird, ladybug, a special chipmunk, hawks, wild mustangs, and lots of geese.

The coyote is the very same one that keeps crossing my path – our beautiful resident coyote who uses our house as her pathway into the forest. I always just “happen” to be by the window when she crosses and she makes it a point to stop and give me a long look at her, enough so to see her gorgeous creamy fur with speckled hints of darker pattern. She came through recently with a deliberate, long pause.

Then garter snake decided to slither on by across the driveway in front of me, as I got in the car that same day.

The tiny brown bird – no more than 3 inches long from head to tail – felt like a direct mirror. We heard a bang on the window and I went outside to see if a bird hit it and fell. It’s nearly a miracle I saw her, but of course she drew me to her, as she matched the soil she was laying in under a bush in the shade. I wasn’t sure if she was hurt or stunned, but decided to support her with Reiki and other energy work. She just looked at me super calmly and listened. Then when I got up she flew off onto the limb of a nearby tree. I was happy she was fine and she reflected to me my head hit and transformational opening from it, but that all was well.

Then there was ladybug who sat on my hand at the beach for about 20 minutes and two days of geese at the beach as well – one day a group of 10 and then mainly 2 from a smaller group on another day that were coming right up to us and connecting. The geese always feel like family and they always get close enough to share long soulful eye communication with me.

On both days I found a bunch of large geese feathers – 10 on the first day and 13 the next. The second day the feathers actually floated to me while I was wading in the water.

Large flocks of geese showed up yesterday on our hike, returning to their nesting grounds for the season. We sat on the bench watching and connecting with them. There were at least a hundred.

Hawk continues to show up at punctuated times, including right before I visited my parents two days ago. I’d just seen the wild mustangs roaming by the lake in the valley – always a treat when they show up, given my horse connection since I was a little girl and their powerful meaning to my life transitions.

It was a very windy day and right as I was turning to head toward the road to their home, one was playing in the strong wind, just soaring in place with wings spread wide so I could see all the details of his feathers. After other recent hawk encounters, I felt hawk feathers were going to come to me at some point, as the feeling was strong every time I thought of them or saw one. I would actually see the feathers in my mind’s eye. Then when I got to my parent’s house after seeing the soaring, stunning hawk, my mom handed me two feathers she recently found and knew to keep for me.

One was the gorgeous, large hawk feather you see in the photo with me above. I love how it matches the leaf print on the right shoulder of my dress creating the effect of two wings from my shoulders.

And then there was a special chipmunk that showed up. I realized and received that this was our sweet Strawberry returning and the timing was uncanny!

You might recall the story of Strawberry the chipmunk I saved who got stuck in our wet cement epoxy in the garage, which took place on June 8th, 2018. Well, nearly three years later on June 5th of 2021 we made contact again. Typically chipmunks are known to live 2-5 years, but as many as 8. Strawberry was grown now and much larger, from the time of that experience as a youngster, but her fur showed evidence of not having fully come back right in all places. She did have a lot of fur, otherwise, but there were areas missing that plushness and her tail as well was thinned. Overall, she looked healthy in terms of eating well and obviously still being alive after all this time, but she was older and moved differently. I could tell her eyes were aged and the fur around her face and ears were scruffy and showing signs of aging too. But she was drinking out of the bird bath I have out for the forest animals in my garden and then jumped to my garden bench and slowly got up on the fence to lay in the sun. It took a little effort to jump across and up on it, but she made it and let me come close while I talked to her. She just layed in the sunshine absorbing the healing rays and listened to me until I was done and started back to my watering and then she jumped up into the nearby tree.

That encounter was very dear to my heart and felt full circle, much like the recent events between Eclipses and so much more.

Dave and I had seen her around not long after the first incident, and you may recall that lots of little creatures were coming by after that to learn of me and Astrid who helped, fed, and gave her Reiki and crystal energy inside the Wonderland room. They were curious about what life was like in the house on the forest where a faery and rabbit queen lived.

I actually had noticed a chipmunk around the house recently with what looked like mottled fur and wondered if it was her, but I was never close enough to get a good look and she would be off and about quickly. Until five days ago when we connected once again in close encounter that allowed me a good look at her fur and face and to feel into her energy and eyes, after our first meeting where I held her gingerly in my hands to clean and care for her after the incident.

Every encounter has been such a gift, but seeing Strawberry feels very deep for me and not only meaningful on so many layers, but also very personally reflective of me like the tiny brown bird. Strawberry’s life feels connected to mine in a way I can’t explain yet. We are growing older and making life transitions together, stronger through the trials, and living in peace amidst it all. I love that she stayed to make this her home.

I’m so grateful for these messengers and this window of peaceful ease and grace with all of the transitions evolving. I’ve felt a softening to energy again and even the scab on my head is completely healed and gone, with only remnants of a superficial scar I’ll get to wear on my crown along with others.

It’s not always an easy time out there right now, but when we listen and intend with full consciousness, we can experience things a bit softer and without surprise. We can also be there for one another to support the changes now and upcoming.

My days since my head Eclipse experience have been about soaking up rays of sunshine, immersing in the magickal and activating Tahoe waters enjoying beach days, lots of garden time, clearing the way for new things in my life, relaxing and baking, reflection and intention, very limited work hours, and short walks we’ve worked up to about 2 1/2 miles now for Dave’s knee recovery, which like my head is going extremely well.

Paying attention to the ways in which energy doesn’t feel balanced in your life on any level, and making adjustments or intentions to change that, makes a huge difference.

I also just happened to have a hair trim appointment come up, which felt perfectly unplanned in timing for today’s energy. A New Moon Eclipse refresh helped shift energies in the direction of releasing the old and softening things even more for the next phase of life transitions.

This was just two days ago after the renewing crown energy, which was also perfect like a rebirth from the head wound that I did in fact feel take place.

When my stylist asked how I wanted her to style it after the refresh, I told her, “I’ll let you choose.” She chose a soft loose wave. 😉 Perfect alignment with the softening energy in motion.

May we all ride these new waves of transition in softer ways, but with all of our hearts.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my Eclipse post and your comment there. Happy Solar Eclipse from Henna-ville. xoxo

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    It was so heartwarming to hear of your reconnection with sweet little Strawberry!!! 🐿🍓
    So glad you quoted here what you shared on Laura’s blog; such a good reminder (and I feel very strong about this too—) being responsible for, and keeping one’s personal energy as pure and as elevated as possible, and also being very clear and conscious about what one is manifesting! Soooooo true.
    xx 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    • Thank you for feeling the meaningful depth of her return with me! It meant a lot. 🥰 yeah I agree…I reposted that even for myself as it’s just not something I want to ever be lax on. Sending you big love sistar 😘

  3. Great article….rabbit has been showing often for me, which is somewhat rare for our area….very sweet energy in the flower bush and nearby neighbor …lovely pictures

    • thank you sherry! i love that rabbit has been showing up for you a lot lately. what a gift! rabbit came through today for me too….well besides Astrid and my loves in the stars i mean 😉 a wild rabbit showed up for divine support

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