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The Magick Bus Now Available for a New Family & New Adventures

magick bus3.jpg

I’ve shared that our journey is taking a new turn and that this would involve a bitter sweet closure to our Magick Bus time, as we herald in a new era of adventure. That means that we are saying goodbye to our beloved home on wheels that has seen us through over a year of incredible change, immense beauty, and powerful experiences, and are making her available for the next loving family that is ready for their own magickal journey.

If anyone is interested in this lifestyle, has been thinking about heading off on the adventure of a lifetime, have secretly been dreaming about it, really want to create change, move energy, and reconnect with yourself, Nature, and what’s of deepest value to you, then this may be an opportunity for you and perhaps the Magick Bus will align with your essence and dream vision for the highest good of all concerned.

Whether you want to full time it or are interested in getting your feet wet and trying it out or having the option of this lifestyle part time, this might be opportunity knocking.

We’ve been so busy settling into our new place and making the transition, had family and then friends visiting, that I’ve only now had chance to post this.

Here is a link to her listing and if anyone has questions, you can direct them to the “Contact Seller” area below the specs:

2006 Fleetwood Discovery 39

Or, if you know of someone interested, please feel free to pass it along.

I know several people have been asking about her since I posted she would soon be available so I’m curious to see who she will align with.

magick bus2.jpg

We’re offering free deliver within 250 miles of Carson City, Nevada.

We actually were living in Southern California when we purchased her from her owner who was based in Arizona and drove her back.

The same happened when I sold my Toyota Highlander Hybrid and someone flew down from Northern California to purchase her and drove her home.

So, we understand that if something is meant for you and all things light up and align, that where ever you’re located will not be an issue and has a way of working itself out, but we want to help out in any way we can to make it more convenient if needed as well.

We’re currently based in Lake Tahoe, NV with expansive visions on our evolving life ventures, which may again at some point include another RV home for shorter trips in between all of what may evolve.

We love the lifestyle and this form of travel, so it feels like it will be a part of our lives again.

But for now are hunkering down, for the most part, for winter and staying focused on anchoring in the new.

I’ve shared about the amazing things that our RV lifestyle offered us in this post here, which I wrote in the beginning after only about 2 months, as we/I had already experienced the positive change from the get-go:

The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer

magick bus.jpg

And indeed the time spent was like lifetimes of huge processing and shift-leaps in just a matter of over a year, but everything I shared in the above blog still holds true.

What I’d like to add is how powerful nomadic, mobile tiny home living has been in moving energy big time. It’s like lifetimes of cycles have been processed and released.

The adventures and beauty we’ve encountered were more than we could have imagined and fuel my creative heart. It’s also provided us opportunity to explore and experience places in a way that has been conducive to our being able to truly know where the land calls to us and what aligns with our essence for our future home(s). We’ve been able to clarify what we do and don’t like, what we can and can’t live without, and to feel the resonance of finding those places that light our souls aglow.

This journey has connected me with my deepest soul passions, brought forth my soul song signature, gave me the extra precious, quality time I wanted with my beloveds and many things in my life, and has shared with me the vision of where my future is headed by realizing what’s most important to me.

There are so many gifts we’ve received from the Magick Bus lifestyle.

And while there are also challenges of RV living, that’s simply the nature of anything.

For us, the freedom, flow, and return has far outweighed any obstacles. If anything, each obstacle has presented a deepening to our gifts, greater harnessing of our personal power, and more conscious growth.

Rewired & Ready to Go! ~ A Reinvigorated Return


What a jam-packed month it has been since I went offline, making it feel SO much longer than just 30 days. With the huge movement of energy and many miles traveled in this short time, integration sped up and balanced out with clarity that feels right for returning now, rather than later. Between the New and Full Moon Eclipses, powerful Equinox, Mercury retrograde ending, and rare second New “Black” Moon this past month, alongside rapid shifts embraced, it feels like a complete rewiring and catapulting activation has rooted quite swiftly.

So I will be back online beginning today, but it will be regimented going forward, to support my goals I’ve made and the balance that is of utmost importance and key to me.

Here’s a short recap of this month’s journeys from Manitoba, Canada to Cheyenne, Wyoming where we currently are….We’ve made stops in:

  • Manitoba, Canada
  • Turtle Mountains and Dunseith, North Dakota
  • Lake of the Woods, Bemidji, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Gays Mills and Madison, Wisconsin
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Omaha, Kearney, and Big Springs, Nebraska

Yes, we’ve definitely been moving energy rapidly, coinciding with our quick, but rich travels, and it all culminated with a very potent time in a neutral, surreal, “middle way” zone in the International Peace Garden that is half in the U.S. and half in Canada on September 1st’s New Moon Solar Eclipse for a few days that rewired and clarified everything.


No coincidence this peace zone, or gray area, on the international border – the longest undefended border in the world – became such a pivotal experience. It is a place where a visitor from either country can enter without passing through customs and move throughout the park crossing the boundary without restriction, until you return to your respective country where you need to pass through immigration at that point.

It felt to be the perfect place for receiving clear guidance and it definitely was a turning point with everything.


Dave straddles the border like a balancing pendulum…swinging to the North Dakota, U.S. side


Then swinging over to the Manitoba, Canada side



And of course we partook in a powerful Druid activation ceremony on the Equinox itself that solidified things with our dear friends Laura and David.

Here’s a flashback of some of the things we’ve experienced this month.

During this past month we’ve explored an enchanting Renaissance Festival.




Toured some landmarks like the amazing James J. Hill home – Great Northern Railway tycoon.




Saw the world’s largest man-made turtle called the Wee’l Turtle (wee!) This coincided with my dearly departed, but ever-present tortoise, Gaia, coming through with messages.




Crossed paths with a rare Spotted Salamander that I emailed the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about at their request since they are trying to track and help preserve their habitat. Potent!




Wore some “visible” Faery wings with giggly joy.




Got activated in a tree portal and emerged supercharged!




Connected with several lovely animal spirit guides.




Strolled world class sculpture parks in terms of very well known artists, and became art ourselves.


des-moines-iowa-3des-moines-iowa-9des moines iowa (4).jpg


Biked (and hiked) lots of lake, forest, and river trails including the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers.




Saw the original International Peace Tower for the last time before it gets torn down this fall due to deterioration.




Enjoyed two symphonies while dipping back into city life and discovered fun surprises along the way.




Plus, sampled an array of vegan restaurants and an amazing Herbivorous Butcher of all vegan cheeses and meats while enjoying some of the specialty goodies we’d picked up along the way.



It’s also been incredibly deepening and opening with my writing, which also culminated with new inspiration and guidance while in the International Peace Garden with the visitation of a dear soul friend from the beyond that catapulted a new direction for it.

All this to say, my time away has been fruitful and while I will be highly regimenting my time online in all ways to maintain the goals I have, I do feel harmonized in returning.

I had no idea when I went offline that it coincided with last year’s timing of my first sabbatical month away, nor did I look ahead at all of the powerful energetic occurrences that would be culminating in September’s month of purging and renewal. I only recently put it all together and said, wow!

But, like with all things, when we listen within we will always be guided in divine accordance and alignment. I’m grateful I listened and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to support my needs and personal upgrades.

My guess, from what I sense, is that many of you have gone through some immense and intense transitions, magickal renewals, exciting openings, challenging releases, and pivotal points this month as well, which continue to culminate in life-changing experiences unfolding and that you’re feeling called to create in ever-new and expansive ways.

I’ve had dreams of many people I know during this time away, since I pick up on the collective, and they did in fact indicate big changes for everyone.

As you can imagine, I’ve taken a lot of photos during my time away, but the ones shared here are those that felt most indicative of the energy, guiding medicine, and symbolism experienced.

Especially so, is this one of the incredible hawk that sat in the tree by our Magick Bus while we received guidance and inspiration in the International Peace Garden haven we enjoyed virtually alone for a few days.


Hawks have been a guiding force in my life for several years now and this last leg of the journey has included countless other bird tribe experiences too, including several magickal owl encounters during the light of day and deep darkness of night that coincided with Cosmic experiences.

And speaking of animal friends, a quick update on the increasingly magickal Cosmo. He’s as high spirited and love filled as ever, although his legs and spine are weakening more and more. He is one of the guiding forces in directing us to our current destination and is a guiding force in my life as a great teacher and writing assistant.

That leads us to now.

As our year-long road trip winds down, we are currently on a fast-track trajectory to Lake Tahoe, Nevada where Part 1 of our extremely flexible and flowing multi-level plan begins and will continue to evolve thereafter with each choice and action taken.


T-shirt Dave and I both got while in Sedona on our road trip, perfectly mirroring the Magick Bus adventure and reflecting other perfect pieces to the puzzle


I’m feeling more focused, yet fluid than ever….and definitely anchored in the frequency of my personal integrity.

Life is a moment-to-moment creation and so it’s truly about surfing the energy stream and listening to our hearts in alignment to that flow.

With Mercury retrograde over, all the portals we’ve passed through, and yesterday’s rare, New “Black” Moon, the energy field supports greater clarity and ease of breaking free to enter new doorways of your desires, brings a magnification of changes in your life, presents opportunities abound for you to seize and help conquer fears, infuses surges of creativity to harness and manifest, and overall heralds new and deepened meaning to your life.

You might be feeling an increased drive forward to create in innovative ways that have far-reaching effects, ultimately indicating more authenticity embodied.

I can feel those strands of DNA that have been latent over the ages, lighting up more and more. And while there will be experiences of duality present, and very opposing forces and contrasts around, remaining true to you is the most powerful gift you give yourself and the collective.

Flow with that.

I look forward to hearing what has evolved for many of you during this time period and continue holding the collective in heart as I take individual steps as my threaded expression in that tapestry.



Quick Magick Bus Itinerary Update


I’ve had several friends recently ask about our upcoming whereabouts to see if things align to connect in person so I thought I’d share our itinerary between now and end of October to help out. We’ve just left Colorado and are in Wyoming with a continued journey onward through Montana, parts of Canada (we’ll be returning two more times here), down through Michigan, and a stop in Indiana to visit with my bestie. I do have the rest of the proposed plan to take us throughout North America over the course of the next couple of years, but will post as it evolves.

We’ve had three visits so far by family, friends, hosted a private retreat, and about to receive our fourth guest today – a sweet friend who has been inspired by our journeys and made her own abbreviated version of a similar path right behind us, now catching up with us to hang out for a while. I’ve also been able to connect with one dear friend while in Sedona.

We aren’t always able to make the connections happen, but I always know that everything has its divine timing and what does take place is perfect.

Magick Bus Itinerary: 


6/8 – 6/11 Laramie, Wyoming
6/11 – 6/14 Green River, Wyoming (Flaming Gorge)
6/14 – 6/19 Moran, Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park)

Leave to Montana

6/19 – 6/22 West Yellowstone, Montana (Yellowstone National Park)
6/22 – 6/26 Gardiner, Montana (Yellowstone National Park)
6/26 – 6/29 Bozeman, Montana
6/29 – 7/3 Helena, Montana
7/3 – 7/6 Missoula, Montana
7/6 – 7/10 Great Falls, Montana
7/ 10 – 7/17 East Glacier Park, Montana (Glacier National Park)

Leave to Canada


7/17 – 7/20 Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
7/20 -7/24 Calgary, Alberta
7/24 – 7/31 Edgewater, BC (Kootenay National Park)
7/31 – 8/7 Banff/Lake Louise, Alberta
8/7 – 8/14 Jasper National Park, Aberta
8/14 – 8/17  Edmonton, Alberta
8/17 – 8/21 Elk Island National Park, Alberta


8/21 – 8/23 Lloydminster
8/23 – 8/25 Saskatoon
8/25 – 8/28 Candle Lake
8/28 – 8/30 Manitou Beach
8/30 – 9/4 Sherwood Forest near Regina


9/4 – 9/8 Riding Mountain National Park
9/8 – 9/11 Portage La Prairie

Proposed Places To Be Booked Soon:

9/11 – 9/14 Winnipeg
9/14 – 9/18 Nopiming Provincial Park
9/18 – 9/22 Big Whiteshell Lake


9/22 – 9/25 Vermilion Bay
9/25 – 9/29 Nestor Falls
9/29 – 10/2- Mine Centre
10/2 – 10/9 Thunder Bay
10/9 – 10/16 Pukaskwa National Park
10/16 – 10/20 Lake Superior Provincial Park
10/20 – 10/23 Sault Ste. Marie


10/23 – 10/24 Grayling
10/24 – 10/25 Big Rapids, MI (Manistee National Forest)


10/25 – 10/30 Goshen

Newness In The Air ~ Life Conspires With Us When We Take the Steps

After two long days of travel on Sunday and Saturday, which I spent completing work – one of the perks of traveling in your home is that you can work while in transit and stop anywhere to eat and rest – we came to land back in Malibu, which was our first destination after leaving Orange County.

We requested our same spot, which was open for us and the energy here has been the perfect support for my stepping into the new.

This is one of our favorite places so far because of the uniqueness and beauty of the site here.

We have a site that sits at the end of a private cul de sac where only three RV’s can be. And the sites look out over the cliff onto the Pacific Ocean – where I’ve seen dolphins and whales in transit from last time.

The energy here feels very light and expansive and has me singing each morning.

Perfect, as today I begin getting into my personal focuses and back to my sound healing work I was cultivating while on sabbatical.


We’re spending a lot of time relaxing and taking in the energy…have our chairs set up facing the water, my plants on the picnic table taking in the ocean breeze, and each evening we’ve sat with refreshments watching the sunset while I do some Tarot readings for us.


Since yesterday was a holiday, I took the day off to assimilate, as that’s a much needed part of life to know when not to push things, but to let things settle and root.

We spent the afternoon at Zuma Beach getting some sun, cleansing my feet in the water on a long walk, and really just allowing myself, body and mind, to engage in nothingness. The temperatures are so hot right now in the mid 80’s and warm crazy winds of change greeted us since our return, usually starting up in the evening and raging through the night.

It’s a big contrast from being in the alpine winter air and exploring the snow. Another perk of living this nomadic lifestyle is being able to experience the diversity of Nature, but also honing in on flexibility and our adaptability to flow with change.

The sea gulls at Zuma are always full of life when I pass by and reflect to me the new found sense of total freedom that is entering my life.


The first day we were here, we had two neighbors, who left the next morning. Was it our energy we brought with us that scared them off? 😉

Likely it was just our drawing in the perfect support for the experience needed and the work ahead.

This seemed to be the case, as when we returned from beach time we learned that no one was was booked to replace these people and that we could move over two spots to have an even fuller view out the side of our RV now, along with the front, without possibility of a neighbor beside us.

Of course we jumped at that and made the move and we have this private cul de sac to ourselves.

Expansion feels to be in effect, as even yesterday morning the RV felt so much bigger for some reason and even more spacious.

It must be the changes in effect.

While it’s fun being right on the water, there’s something about being up higher for me that feels more supportive. I have a thing for high altitudes – where I feel more at home, feeling free, and flying.

It brings back past life memories of some of my favorite spots I worked and live in in my power lives. It also brings me closer to the Cosmos, which of course is near and dear to my star child heart.

So likely when we come to settle somewhere again that’s where you’ll find us.

For now, what a joy it is to wake and see the ocean from bed this morning out our unobstructed window view. Sweet Pea, our female cat seems to think so too.


From our new spot here I can now see both the sunrise and sunset from inside without walking over to the other end of the park to catch dawn awakening.


Sunrise through the side of the RV


Sunset through the front of the RV

This feels to be the perfect place this week to focus on the studies I’m completing so that I then can get back to my writing.

This morning I was singing “The Love Boat” theme song to welcome the day -my friend Jayn will love that! Although I was infusing The Magick Bus in there, as right now we feel to be gliding on the water from our vantage point and indeed my heart is filled with love and peace.

So I’m off to focus on my day here with a song in my heart and a breeze under my wings.


Wishing everyone a day filled with exciting possibilities, knowing that when you take the steps toward your dreams and intentions that life will conspire to support you.

First Stop Malibu ~ Nature Reflecting A Way Back To You

malibu magick bus (1).jpg

view from our picnic table when we arrived


So we landed safely yesterday afternoon to our new home for the next week in Malibu.

I’ve never lived in Malibu, which will end up being the case for all of the destinations we touch ground in over the course of our journey.

So now we actually get a chance to feel out the energy of tons of places we normally would never have the chance to…then better know where we want to ground later down the road when the journey feels at closure.

RV life is really amazing. I get more excited every day.

Again, I know it’s not for everyone, but if you feel it calling to you, or are looking for a different kind of adventure, I highly recommend it.

I don’t think that everyone would necessarily think this would be the way I would enjoy living, based on perceptions they may have of me, but it’s more me than they know!

You can read my post on my discoveries so far, here:

The Gifts RV Living Has To Offer

It’s so fantastic to have all of your life with you where ever you go and get to live in some amazing places and amidst nature in a way you might never.

malibu magick bus (2)

view from the driver’s seat of the magick bus where we celebrated with refreshments after setting up


Anyway, we’re here in Malibu and our spot is so wonderful nestled against the hillside of cactus, flowers, and brush on one side, only one neighbor on the other side, and the whole Pacific ocean and part of the coastline out the front without obstruction.

I can already feel the shift in energy and feeling greater peace and flow, which will be perfect for this week’s projects I have including painting a book cover and more designs. Can’t wait to see how those channel forth with the new energy.

malibu magick bus (3)

view from desk last evening…all ocean and coastline as my inspiration


For now, it’s just so wonderful here and I know I’m going to be saying this a lot over the course of the journey because each place will be so unique and wonderful in its own way.

Where we came from in Newport Dunes was really nice, but different nice.

Well situated with a combo of city and nature abound, but the park itself was more crowded and city like where as now we have more space and the park is much less populated and nature is the focus rather than amenities. Just like it was at the Sequoia RV Ranch.

So, nestled on the hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean is where we are just above Pacific Coast Highway.

We don’t have to close our curtains at night so we can see the view all day long.

We can hear the waves crashing on the shore.

We can watch for sea life…this morning we saw dolphins feeding with a flock of pelicans.


sunrise this morning from…you can see the new home my mini traveling garden has on the picnic table over looking the ocean


And we can watch the sunrises and sunsets over the water.

We arrived on an overcast day, and then woke to a brilliant color-splashed sunrise, but as you can see there’s just a beauty and coziness no matter the weather.


view out the back….colors rising over the ocean


I spent the first hour of my morning before anyone was up, taking in the sunrise and watching the ocean with Cosmo on my chest sleeping.

We became the peace together.


my view this morning from my desk as the sun was rising and no one was up yet


And now I’m getting ready to make a vegan pancake feast!

All of this keeps driving home to me what’s most important in my life and to my well being.

And slows down life in a way that feels most natural and not driven by “ideas” that have no validity except the power I place behind them.

It also is helping to solidify the elements we are looking for when we decide to settle down and create a home somewhere again.

Nature has a way of slowing things down and bringing out the best in us.

No matter where you are, I hope that you will take time to enjoy the natural around you.

It truly isn’t a luxury, but a necessary ingredient to harmony, balance, and well being.

Nature is a way back to you…the real embodiment of our essence.

The more I hear about people getting sick, challenges overwhelming people, health crises on the rise…the more this message becomes crucial.

Don’t push off what is available to you today.

Your body and soul will thank you and you’ll become incredibly more productive and creative.

Lost your spark or inspiration?

Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected?

Forgot what is sacred and truly valuable in your life?

Nature is the key to your personal alchemy.

Everything you think is crucial and important really isn’t.

It can all wait.

You can’t.

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