Dropping More Deeply Into All of Me: Layers, Scorpio New Moon Dualities & Tools for Empowerment


Fun-lovin’ Faeries

If you’re feeling anything similar to how we’re feeling (this to include Astrid), you may be dropping deeper into all of the colors of you. What I mean by that is, we have many parts to ourselves – some that we love or hold as more ideal and some that we judge and deem of much lesser value and perhaps even don’t want to admit to because of the societal stigma they may carry. A rainbow color spectrum lives within each of us and I’ve been integrating even more layers so as to merge and harness these for even greater optimization and daily understanding. I believe this is an ongoing journey we can explore, if we’re both curious and willing. I feel it isn’t everyone’s desire to go down these paths, but I do find life so much easier, more flowing, and empowering when I do.

This definitely brings up the topic of shadow energies and the parts of our innate aspects we’re born with that can create contradictions and dualities within us when we have difficulty in transmuting them for optimization. I’m not going to go into that deeply as I’ve done a lot in the past.

I’m just going to share that alongside the very reflective, on-the-verge-of-something, conserving and pulling back energy I’m feeling, I’m also seeing how in my own experience of life and the path that is evolving in front of me, I’m really needing to work with these energies on a continual, check-in basis. That feels necessary because of collective dynamics at play, both in what comes in and what goes out from my internal home-base.

It feels to be about fine-tuning what my particular energy signature is anchoring. And this is directly navigating the changes upcoming on the work and life front.

It is interesting that shadow-talk did crop up in the last couple of days from others, including this morning with a dear friend while sharing about the world of the Fae and the variety of Faeries and Nature Spirits that aren’t limited to the idealized version of “fairytale” Tinkerbells. There are shadow energies alive and well within the Faery realm, too, which is one of the reasons not everyone may be ready to interact with them. If we can’t recognize and embrace certain energies then we can’t recognize the sacredness outside of ourselves that is present within everything either.

What we end up doing is compartmentalizing aspects of ourselves, shut some down, venerate others, suppress or completely repress some, or decide only to walk in one limited version of ourselves.

This controls and/or limits our experience of life.

I know that anytime I’ve done this in the past, it simply cropped up in other ways and forms to get my attention, or caused inner voices that created turmoil.


Mischievous Faeries

Astrid works daily with these different layers of herself too, which she also wears on her fur much like I wear tattoos on my skin. She does in fact have symbols and images that evolve, in direct reflection of my tattoo portals. Yet, these “darker” colors and energies are merged with “lighter” ones to very deliberately create a journey of walking the middle path at the forefront of our Earth-bound adventure.


Integrated Faeries

It’s no surprise that these themes are showing up given the current New Moon in Scorpio of yesterday and our quick approach to 10/31’s thinnest veil-between-worlds doorway.

The shape-shifter Scorpio is a master of shadow and purges to birth. There’s a boldness in Scorpio’s approach that welcomes a deep dive, wiggles with delight into esoteric mysticism, is a constant regenerative magician – transmuting like nobody’s business, adventures into unabashed authenticity, boldly confronts, and lives in perpetual cycles of change.

Scorpios’ counterpart is the strong and steady Taurus who luxuriates in life and comforts, tends to hold on to things and accumulates the finest of pleasures, protects that which he/she loves, and likes to build and plan safe and beautiful passages for life’s experiences on all levels.

One values holding on to life and the other values the creative impetus of life eternal.

One is about the sensuality of life, love, and sexuality and the other is fascinated with the dimensional intensity of life, love, and sexuality as a complete orgasmic experience to explore in depths.

Of course there is every shade in between since no one is simply one thing or another, but has layers of beautiful energies woven into their embodiment. Yet, this gives a general picture of dualities at play right now and energies present that you may feel moving through you.

In perfect timing, my Faery sister Laura just put out her new release: Second Chakra Healing Journal that helps guide one with working through a lot of these energies, blocks, and challenges to optimize a more passionate and creative life.

These are energies that come up a lot for both Laura and I when working with people in sessions and so I’m glad she’s put out an accessible tool for greater empowerment.

As I continue to explore, integrate, purge, reevaluate, renew and build, I respectively make corresponding changes in my life to be in greater alignment.

One of the things I’ve mentioned is that I never know how long I’ll be offering something and this includes the sessions I put out there due to feeling there was a need that merged with my ability to offer it.

I’m really sensing that like with other things I’ve put to bed, whether temporarily or permanently, that 2020 is moving me in a different direction.

I’ve also been experiencing more how others are stepping up and starting to anchor into these kinds of roles, which feels like a messaging release for moving into different roles for people who have been on their way to anchoring something else, but straddling for now.

I know people were surprised and disappointed when I stopped offering sacred tattoo designing and Reiki workshops, so I just want to put this out there ahead of time because several people have messaged me about wanting to work with me.

I’d be honored to, yet these last couple of months of 2019 are currently what I have available for certain. I can’t promise at this point how much longer it will be an option, as I am going to likely need all of my time to complete a goal of my own before I’m able to take on anything else again, and to conserve my energy for upcoming changes I feel coming.

Of course, if you’re currently working with me I will continue our work together as long as is needed. I just want to let anyone who is potentially new to working with me, or was considering more sessions for a different layer of work with me than you completed already, that two more months is what I have for sure.

That said, I will be away for 11 days in December, so I have very limited time and space and am already near capacity. This makes it important to let me know and get things scheduled now.

If you’re interested in booking a session or package to work on empowering any area of your life, here is the link that includes details and testimonials:

Also, remember that through end of this month (just 3 more days) – October 31st – there’s still a 10% discount on all individual and package phone sessions.

Please contact me directly if interested, as the prices aren’t reflected on this page:

Intuitive Energy Guide – Navigating the Inner Landscapes

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  1. Zuzana Stefkova

    Hello Tania,

    I have not read your news letter yet.(looking foreeard to it very much though.

    I would love to let you know that one of the most beautiful photos you have sent …🙂🐇🌹


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  2. Aw, thank you, T, for sharing the Second Chakra Healing Journal. I hope it helps many! xoxo and here’s to the big shifts after quiet contemplation and readying.

  3. Perfect….much appreciation…peace~

  4. Love this Tania, such a great account of the collective pulse 💙 2020 is bringing some bigger brighter energies for sure. Looking forward to that unfolding… til then xo

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