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Small Acts of Compassion Have Far-Reaching Effects

cruelty free

What you may not know about Cosmo is like many other abandoned and neglected animals, he has gone through quite a challenged life and has contributed much to both animals and humans alike. It is those very challenges that aligned him with his path and helped a voice from the voiceless to emerge.

He was dumped at the doorsteps of the Humane Society’s Hollywood Office in a cardboard box with nothing in it and left there with several high risk physical issues that luckily they took care of right away and were able to see him pull through to good health.

Everyone at the Humane Society was overwhelmed by his demeanor, saying he was the sweetest and most loving bunny they had ever met.


Because of his calm, sweet temperament and loving to be held, he became the new ambassador for the Humane Society International – End Animal Testing Campaign in China, being featured with actress Zhu Zhu – the first Chinese celebrity to ever speak out about animal testing in China.

He never had a real home until now, being moved around to foster families. And it was at his last foster home where his spinal injury took place under unknown circumstances, leaving him unable to walk anymore. He also was diagnosed with a lot of arthritis, an enlarged heart (no surprise there since he is pure, ever-giving love in abundance), and onset of cataracts.


His foster family wasn’t committed to nor capable of caring for his special needs, including daily bathing, and through divine alignment, that is when I heard his call and we were brought together.

We bonded the moment I held him the first time, recognizing each other immediately. He had a different name then that was not suited for his soul and immediately I received the whisper it would be changed to Cosmo.


Through patience, commitment, and love, we’ve seen him grow stronger, have huge break-throughs, and in general, but most importantly, come to know he has a forever, loving home. More recently his condition has plateaued and our days are simply filled with making sure he knows only peace and love.

He places complete trust in our bond. We have a relationship that is like child and mother, best friends, soulmates, and spiritual colleagues able to communicate crystal clear through a variety of channels. He is my constant companion.

Now, at almost 10 and a half years old (and a year and 7 months with us already), I am blessed and honored to be able to provide quality care and companionship for Cosmo in his golden years (that’s like 100 in rabbit years), have cherished seeing him experience his first bonding relationship of love and best friend companionship with my now transitioned rabbit, Joy (a first for her too), and have witnessed his gifts flourish, which included standing by proudly while he received his Reiki Master Teacher training from Joy in my presence.

Joy and Cosmo3.jpg

Through his journey and story I’ve been sharing extensively since his arrival with us, he has continued to be of service to many and an example of living in grace despite challenges.

He has and continues to be one of my greatest teachers on a daily basis and I’m so grateful that I can provide him such deserved peace and harmony in his remaining years and time he chooses to be here.

My life was forever changed in the most dramatic of ways when Cosmo – a name that means the whole Universe (from Cosmos), as well as order, harmony, beauty, completeness – walked into my heart again.

And this is how I see him…whole, complete, and beautifully harmonious, exactly as he is.

GAM_9195 web

Never take for granted the power of any small act of compassion, as the effects are beyond your mind’s grasp.

The Apple of My Eye


Yesterday was “Cosmo and me time” outdoors, as I like to take him out now and then for some sun, fresh air, and nature immersion when the energy outside feels peaceful so as not to stress him.


I just love spending time with him, as he loves snuggling, sharing love kisses and licks, and enjoys just taking it all in with me by his side.


We shared a lovely time and conversation, while I gave him some kale to munch and laid next to him with his head resting in my palm and my head to his.

I love that we have this time together, my little boy and I, and it reminds me that the only other time I had a male animal companion was when I was 12 and my first bunny, Twinkie came into my life.

Twinkie was with me only for a Summer, due to severe dental challenges that led to putting him to sleep. 😦

I’ve often wondered if Twinkie has returned to me in Cosmo, as our time together was cut way too short.

Twinkie was also a love bunny and loved to be held.

Twinkie reminded me of twinkling stars, from which he was named.

Cosmo, is the Cosmos at large and everything star-like.

Regardless, all of my little ones that have graced me with their presence and love in my life are alive within the love I share for them all and in this little guy’s heart that is big enough to hold ALL of that love and then some.



Brief Update & Solstice Wishes

GAM_9268 web.jpg

A brief note to share that my precious little Joy is going through a challenging hurdle right now after major surgery just yesterday, leaving her in a critical and volatile condition that is in need of my full attention. The silence and hold on projects, including Magick Stones, is because of this. It’s been a Divinely orchestrated alignment of unfoldings however, which I’ll share more of when I can, but for now I’m seeing her in her wholeness and grace, as she navigates her personal journey, with me by her side fully supporting what ever she chooses.

Wishing everyone a powerfully transformative and enlightening Solstice and Full Moon in Sagittarius, as you embrace more revealing truths and a new way of being. I know it will be a potently alchemical and illuminating one for us here on the Magick Bus for sure.

Celebrating 7 Years of Joy

GAM_9325 web

Happy 7 year anniversary Joy!!!

I love you more today than ever!

Thank you for all that you bring to my life and everyone you touch.

Thank you for helping me to open my heart again.

And thank you for opening your heart to Cosmo, which has been healing for you both.

You are an inspiration to me with how you’ve expanded your heart, moved through your challenges, learned your boundaries, and embraced your role as teacher and healer.

I’m so grateful that you came into my life as my birthday gift to me 7 years ago.

And I’m so grateful for all the things I don’t need to say, but that you know so deeply in your heart and soul.

You are my “Joy!”

GAM_9268 web

A Year in Celebration ~ Cosmo’s Message of Love & Commitment


I’ve posted so much about Cosmo, his journey, and how he’s awakened the Sacred Mother within me.

Today I want to share a celebration of our one year anniversary, although will be day-long here on the Magick Bus.

One year ago, today, Cosmo came home to live with us. It was unclear at the time what would unfold between him and Joy, as that was the only reason for first fostering before adopting him.

Yet, once I picked him up and he came home, it was clear he’d be staying for good and I trusted it would all work itself out, as it felt meant to be.

The message I feel guided to share today in honor of Cosmo, is about the importance of heart and soul commitment to your animal companions, as if they were your biological children – the ones that are both healthy and that have special needs.

But within that message is also a call of importance for your heart bonds and commitments to ALL of your loved ones and those you hold dear, including yourself.

You can’t afford to spend one more day pushing them and you aside, as today may be your only opportunity to share your love.

During this year I’ve invested my heart, time and energy into giving Cosmo everything possible to provide a quality life, by keeping him happy, healthy, and thriving. Not to mention, support his soul in the best and highest possible way with his path.

And I will continue to do so until our last physical moment together in this life.

There’s not a day, hour, or minute that goes by that I’m not saying “I love you” over and over to my loved ones, but also showing them that love, which means even more.

Dave was just saying a couple of days ago that Cosmo is lucky to have me, as although there are many animal lovers out there, he’s not sure many would do what I do for him. He even included himself in there feeling he wasn’t sure he’d be as capable of doing the kind of job and giving as I invest.

And yet I often say that I’m just as lucky to have him, as he is to have me.

GAM_9168 web

He helps me always to know what’s most important. It’s not the work I have to complete, the deadlines, the schedules, the ego-driven thoughts of what needs to be accomplished in a day that mean anything.

The most important thing is the love I share with him and the responsibility to caring for this little one and ensuring that it is quality care, without cutting corners because other things get in the way.

Nothing gets in the way of a heart bond and commitment you have – whether that’s just to yourself, your partner, your children, and your animal companion children. You make the time or time will pass you by and so will all of the precious and fleeting moments that are life in its finest.

Although I’ve shared some of the things that are involved in his care, truly it’s like having a newborn baby that will never grow up.

It is round-the-clock care, presence, intuiting, listening and observing, and physical and emotional giving.

I wake up twice a night to check on him, turning him over if he’s fallen on the weak side and can’t get up, bringing him to his food and water and sitting with him until he’s done, or even a middle-of-the-night changing/cleaning.

Then there’s the daytime stuff, which all makes it even more important that I’m a work-at-home mom.

I share that for anyone thinking of taking on a special needs animal.

It’s not something to do as a charity case, because you want to feel good about yourself, or simply because you love animals.

They need special care and if you aren’t willing to provide the kind of care you would to your own flesh and blood child, then maybe allowing someone else who can invest that way would be best.

Or, if you’re ready to commit, then educating yourself and being ready to make life-adjustments is necessary.

ALL of which I love. And I say that with EVERY OUNCE ounce of my being.

The time I spend caring for my little ones is my cherished time…the timeless time…the realness of life…the reason for living to experience that preciousness and purity.

It’s amazing it’s already been a year! My time flies. But it’s been the best year of my life so far.

Thank you Cosmo for the gift of you and the countless and continuous ways you teach me about life and love.

I love you with every breath of life within me.

These Moments

are everything to me.

So many of the experiences I’ve chosen to follow recently, in response to guidance received, embody all the things I find important in life, teach me those things, and draw forth, as well as deepen them for me.

Of course that’s to go without saying this includes my relationship with my rabbit companions and their presence in my life.

I’ve mentioned before how they consciously assist me on a daily basis, and I them.

Yet, it is in the moments where I sit in silence with them, giving and receiving, that simply are the key to everything for me.

They remind me of who I am and what the core essence of my existence and individual expression are.IMG_20151206_201019124

Nothing else matters that is going on anywhere and especially not anything that may have been bothering me in any way before that moment.

I know the innocence of my energy. I know the purity of my soul.

And I am no different than the precious being held in my arms.

Those of you with animal loves likely understand what I mean when I say that my rabbits ARE my children. I feel it in every sense, including the physical.

I become one of them and they become me.

I am one of the rabbits in the warren. We are family.

I peer through eyes that feel as if they are looking through a rabbit’s body.

And yet the rabbits also become human.

We morph through the love that disintegrates all veils and perceived boundaries.

There is only the precious experience of the moment shared, as One.

We are stardust.

There are times I hold them individually.

There are times we snuggle as a threesome when they are entwined with each other on the ground and I join them at center.

There are no words.

Just a few nights ago I was holding Cosmo, as I often do. He was laying against my chest. His legs cradled in my arms. His body and front paws pressed against my heart. And his little head flattened to my throat, just  under my chin.

We sat in silence, as I gently and tenderly stroked his body and head and he fell asleep, feeling safe and nurtured.IMG_20151206_201101767

Every now and then he slightly stirred and gently licked my throat and area just below, near my higher heart.

Then he drifted back to sleep again.

This could go on for hours if I let it.

And it’s always the same, although more special each time.

This night I was extra absorbed in this experience and how it felt like I’d returned home with my newborn baby I was cradling in my arms.

IMG_20151206_203123189I gently rubbed his little feet and he spread his toes from the tickle.IMG_20151206_203114066

Just as a baby would.

And yet he slept nuzzled in to me.IMG_20151206_203133254

How blessed am I to be gifted this precious and powerful soul, I thought.

In a body so fragile and delicate, it makes the experience, his love, and trust for me all the more beautiful.

Everything that means anything to me is wrapped up in that moment and this tiny, incredible, and magnificent miracle of All That Is, expressing itself through this being.

When I peer into Cosmo’s eyes I see All That Is peering back at me…I see who this soul really is…I see myself…I understand.

These moments are EVERYTHING to me.


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