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These Moments

are everything to me.

So many of the experiences I’ve chosen to follow recently, in response to guidance received, embody all the things I find important in life, teach me those things, and draw forth, as well as deepen them for me.

Of course that’s to go without saying this includes my relationship with my rabbit companions and their presence in my life.

I’ve mentioned before how they consciously assist me on a daily basis, and I them.

Yet, it is in the moments where I sit in silence with them, giving and receiving, that simply are the key to everything for me.

They remind me of who I am and what the core essence of my existence and individual expression are.IMG_20151206_201019124

Nothing else matters that is going on anywhere and especially not anything that may have been bothering me in any way before that moment.

I know the innocence of my energy. I know the purity of my soul.

And I am no different than the precious being held in my arms.

Those of you with animal loves likely understand what I mean when I say that my rabbits ARE my children. I feel it in every sense, including the physical.

I become one of them and they become me.

I am one of the rabbits in the warren. We are family.

I peer through eyes that feel as if they are looking through a rabbit’s body.

And yet the rabbits also become human.

We morph through the love that disintegrates all veils and perceived boundaries.

There is only the precious experience of the moment shared, as One.

We are stardust.

There are times I hold them individually.

There are times we snuggle as a threesome when they are entwined with each other on the ground and I join them at center.

There are no words.

Just a few nights ago I was holding Cosmo, as I often do. He was laying against my chest. His legs cradled in my arms. His body and front paws pressed against my heart. And his little head flattened to my throat, just Β under my chin.

We sat in silence, as I gently and tenderly stroked his body and head and he fell asleep, feeling safe and nurtured.IMG_20151206_201101767

Every now and then he slightly stirred and gently licked my throat and area just below, near my higher heart.

Then he drifted back to sleep again.

This could go on for hours if I let it.

And it’s always the same, although more special each time.

This night I was extra absorbed in this experience and how it felt like I’d returned home with my newborn baby I was cradling in my arms.

IMG_20151206_203123189I gently rubbed his little feet and he spread his toes from the tickle.IMG_20151206_203114066

Just as a baby would.

And yet he slept nuzzled in to me.IMG_20151206_203133254

How blessed am I to be gifted this precious and powerful soul, I thought.

In a body so fragile and delicate, it makes the experience, his love, and trust for me all the more beautiful.

Everything that means anything to me is wrapped up in that moment and this tiny, incredible, and magnificent miracle of All That Is, expressing itself through this being.

When I peer into Cosmo’s eyes I see All That Is peering back at me…I see who this soul really is…I see myself…I understand.

These moments are EVERYTHING to me.


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