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Ants, Ankles & Aquarian Energy ~ Personal Dream Messaging with the Collective in Mind

I had a dream that stuck with me a couple of nights ago. It involved ants.

I always marvel at how much animal spirit guides in particular show up for me, as well as show up when I do sessions for others. They are indeed one of my strongest connections.

I thought to maybe share the dream when I had it, but then didn’t.

However, when another dream two nights ago came up around something similar, and a friend of mine mentioned ants as an addition to a sacred tattoo, I thought I’d share.

So in my first dream, I dreamed about ants and my ankles.

I don’t know how this fit into context of what I was dreaming, but that isn’t important, as the part I remember is what I feel is key.

In the dream I remember looking down at my ankles and seeing ants underneath my skin, as if my skin was translucent.

They were moving about through them and some coming down slightly at the area where my ankles connect to the top part of my feet.

They were larger than normal, but then some started to really grow and become the size of about an inch and a half with bulbous black bodies.

And as they grew, big tumor-like bulges and bumps emerged on my ankles where they were moving under, swelling to the size of their growth.

The bubbles of swollen skin where these large ants were moving under, felt as if they might at some time burst once they got too big.

The rest of the ants just kept moving about through my ankles, doing their thing.

That’s all I remember from that night, but then two nights ago I, again, dreamed of my ankles.

No ants this time, but the continued focus on my ankles felt significant.

In this dream I was actually in Montana and found that one of my tattoo artists who has done some of my work was living there. I decided to ask him if he had time to fit me in, which he did. I didn’t actually know what I was getting until he asked.

Then I asked him to make some Mehndi designs on both of my ankles to balance with the tattoos I already have there and to match with the one on my hand he’d already done.

And we started playing with the ideas on the flow of that.

That’s all I remember.

In medical astrology, ankles are connected to Aquarius, as Aquarius rules the lower legs including calves and ankles.

Medical astrology is a way to connect parts of the body you have challenges with, to the energies of signs and planets, which will help you connect more with the meaning of how this challenge is conveying a message to you.

I happen to have two placements in my chart of Aquarius:

Jupiter in Aquarius in the 1st House and Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd House

I also happen to have deeply bruised my ankle back in August (I can still see some discoloration there with slight tenderness) when we took our first RV trip out to the Vegas area, as my ankle got caught in the car door that closed on it because we were parked on an incline.

Needless to say, I’ve been monitoring this area and energy and to have it come up so potently twice in dreams definitely had me reflecting deeply again.

I share things in this way to help you to see how you, too, if you don’t already, can dissect and explore your own meanings and messages in life to help interpret when things show up, how they do, dreams, symbolism, animal spirit guides, etc.

It just takes the willingness to observe, be open to the reflections, be curious, do a little investigation, and be willing to take the time to delve into engaging your own creative faculties and power.

So this is what I did and do.

Since Jupiter in Aquarius is about expansion, ease, luck, and abundance of and with the energies of being innovative, independent, insightful, unconventional, altruistic, and having this in the first house means that bringing that energy through comes in ways of the self, my personality, and who I am and identify with that others then would see me as, then this translates as my having the need to be, and an ease with:

freedom, thinking outside of the box, always willing to try new things, unafraid to step away from tradition or to be different, to be a pioneer with discovering new ways, perhaps eccentric, very artistically and spiritually inclined, leading, wanting to make the world better for everyone, work independently, but for the greater good, and will find luck and remain joyful, confident, expansive, and optimistic when I consistently use my visionary skills and innovative energies in life and work.

Much of the work I will feel called to do and the ways in which I think and feel could be ahead of its time since it is future focused and looking at ways to create a better world for the collective at large.

The second house is our relationship to our physical existence on Earth and how that translates in our self worth, values, and our inner and outer resources, as well as relates to the type of work we do/our career, and money.

Having Venus in Aquarius in my second house conveys as a love for beautiful things and creating beautiful and unusual things, an ease and gifts with music and the arts, a flow of money in and out, and all things Aquarius I shared above would be my natural ways of expression through my work in these areas. It also lends to being peace-loving, balanced or in constant focus of wanting to create balance and harmony, soft spoken with peaceful and healing speaking skills, self growth being a focal and important part of life, and fulfillment and reward in experiences in life for me are when I am able to be the Aquarian energies through my work without restrictions.

All of this background reveals what a focus on my ankles would all point to.

The catching of my ankle in the door as a wake up call and reminder that these are the ways and energies that make me who I am and how I operate most beneficially not just in terms of my own inner peace and fulfillment, but in terms of what I have to offer to humanity and the collective.

That made sense at the time, as it was just as I had taken my sabbatical, which was meant to focus on my creative, visionary projects, although at the time was on hold due to getting things situated with the move and new RV life.

I was needing to walk through a new door and being reminded that this part was key to harness in its truest form now, as the next leg of the journey would be about a deepening into who I truly am in all ways.

Timing was/is of the essence, I felt and even the small delays, although necessary to implement, were to keep in check as to not totally deter me.

So then to the current dreams….another reminder, but also reiteration that my choices of letting go of most everything I’ve been doing in terms of my work and expressions would be transforming greatly to mirror the new embodiment of this energy in all ways.

This leading me to know that it is crucial to my own life force, not to mention my ability to truly serve the collective from my authenticity – since that is one and the same, especially so with the Aquarian energies – to follow the strong impulses, inner guidance, and messages that my work must change and what I feel a need to bring forth through my creative self expression is necessary.

Where I felt complacent and boxed in, I would now expand and be free to explore the visions of my heart and guiding inspirations.

Where I had structures or guidelines to still somewhat stay within, I would have none but the essence of me channeling through.

In the first dream, the ants so much mirror this Aquarian energy to me.

Ants are very focused on doing their part with an extremely industrious energy, but they are simultaneously part of a collective community that is innately built in to why they do what they do.

Each ant knows their place and they fulfill their individual duties that each only can do, as a means of serving the whole.

They do this patiently, with great stamina, and in cooperation with one another – team work is their powerful medicine, yet it comes with knowing their part and respecting and honoring the same within each other.

Ants are also great architects so they demonstrate to us how we can construct our dreams into reality with great precision and persistence.

They message us that if we align our body, mind, heart, and soul to the intentions of our dreams and goals, infused with patience then we can create the reality of our dreams.

Mastery of patience is key and letting go of ego running the show so that we come from a place of inner truth and equality.

In this way ants are great humanitarians and so very much link to the Aquarian values. They give unconditional love freely.

And to me, having the ants under the skin in my ankles, growing and ready to burst out, really means to me that this energy and that ants are literally the veins of my existence and their energy is in my blood.

Synchronously, I’ve also been saying over and over that the energy I feel is like a volcano ready to passionately pop and flow – and which is why I had to follow the energy and make the necessary adjustments in my life and work in order to align with it, with me, and ultimately with the collective energy at large.

These little ant hill mounds under my ankles were swelling with big ant hearts and bodies.

They remind me that with continued patience all things that I feel called to newly birth, if taken one thing at a time and patiently, will all come to fruition.

The dream was not one of discomfort or pain…it was not violent or scary…it was simply these ants/this energy making itself known and supporting my decisions and commitments I’ve made.

They are also telling of my “antsy” energy within that I have been managing while putting into place the supportive elements and environment for this new work.

So, again, they are reminding me to take one step at a time…to hold the vision I see of the future, yet move with patient flexibility within each leg of the journey. To be mindful that there will come times of working with others and that my strength of will is what will see me through, which will need to be exercised not just in the process of patient creation, but also in keeping to the commitments without interruption.

Ants showing up can indicate a time of honing in on your gifts and special talents, to consider the role you have, and ensuring you are making the most of those natural gifts – always staying in tune with knowing how it fits in with the whole and seeing it as an expression of unity that takes into account the person and larger picture together.

They also help us to realize that even if we think our part is small, or what we have to contribute isn’t some grand idea in the scheme of things, that it is still essential and necessary as our contribution to that unity.

Ants work instinctively to build their future, but with much vision. And so, too, do we have the instinctive knowledge of how to slowly build our dreams, create life as a work of art, and be the architects of our lives.

Perhaps it also came up because I’ve had to stand strong behind these commitments to honoring the energy and my boundaries recently with a lot of requests that have come in for work I have moved away from for now.

Like the ants, I know the role I need to keep focused on so that exceptions can’t be made and although my heart is one that would be tugged, I am being shown that there is a timing and purpose beyond what it may seem that this new path is important to keep moving forward on.

I don’t want those ants to become so large that they in fact may inflict pain or unwanted challenges in my life if I do not heed the message.

I’m grateful I have come to a place of recognizing these things and that I’m strong enough in my knowing to lovingly be firm, knowing how that best supports the collective as an example.

Ant asks: Are you sacrificing your dreams and parts of yourself for something or someone else? If so, you may need to re-evaluate things to ensure you are not veering away from your path.

And then there was the second dream of the Mehndi tattoos.

Although I am not literally getting more tattoos, I have in the past considered Mehndi designs in this area.

However, I take it symbolically that this again is a strengthening and empowering of the energy of my ankles, which I’ve described above. And although I may not wear literal tattoo designs there, I in fact do have sacred symbolism etherically supporting that realm.

Mehndi is “intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun. Vedic customs are centered on the idea of awakening the inner light.”

And so it seems this dream was about awakening and embodying that inner light of my unique expression through the artistry of my soul expressing forth at this time.

Even though these are not the only ways one could interpret these symbolisms, as that is something one must feel out as the right meaning for themselves, you can see how intricately you can uncover and explore your internal messaging to assist you in understanding yourself and your journey more.

Some of it is part research, some of it is part intuition and creative thinking from multiple perspectives.

I share this to empower each person to do more of their own self explorations and not needing to always ask someone else to interpret the messages, as truly you are the one who really knows the way to interpret it to the resonance of your own truth. Someone else can only provide suggestions and possibilities, but ultimately even those aren’t the answer, as if you don’t want to “see” the message you still won’t hear it.

For myself, I’m grateful for my willingness to explore and the desire to look at all possibilities. I’m also grateful to the ants for their messages of support, and to my dreams that always reveal just what I need to know.

I know, like myself over the years, many of you overlook your own nudges and intuitive feelings simply because of the lack of self trust, which is something many, if not most, are all together working on strengthening back into its power once again.

And this ultimately will affect the whole, just as each ant doing its part is always in the innate mind set of unity consciousness while doing so.

Perhaps our friends the ants have a message for you today too.

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