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Whimsical Wednesdays Dragons & Mythical Beings: Releasing Primal Patterns & Revealing Dreamscapes – Part 3

Today’s blog post concludes the intuitively guided series of connected dreamscapes that felt important to share, as they are layered with coded messages beyond what I’m even reflecting in interpretation. I’ve been sharing them after having integration time and letting them process behind the scenes, so in fact today’s dream is actually one I had on the night of Tuesday 2/2/21 of last week. You can read or revisit Part 1 and Part 2 at the links provided.

This dream is a little bit different and also connects my most recent sacred tattoo design project I’ve been working on, as you’ll see – I love how everything is always interconnected and aligned in timing.

On 2/2 the dream took me through a sequence of really big magick happening. I can’t even begin to describe what all was unfolding, but it was layered and all-encompassing, spanning across the Earth collective, but in a multi-dimensional way. I remember looking down in my hands and seeing a book in them that I received from an unknown/anonymous or unseen source. All I saw on the cover was, “Part 1,” in large lettering. I saw that there were two other books that had been given to two other people and theirs read, “Part 2 and Part 3” in the same big lettering. I remember knowing one of the people who had the second book – a student of mine – and the third was someone more distantly connected, but connected nonetheless.

Telepathically I was given the message that the books contained alchemical instructions for collective change, woven into story form. We each had been given the books because they were part of our path to help decipher, invoke as embodiment, and share/spread.

Then big animals appeared – again like in Part 1 – but this time singularly and slowly. The first I remember seeing more clearly was some kind of giant, ancient bird-like creature. I said an inward message on a telepathic level to whom ever was making them appear that was something like, “These others are not enough (referring to the animals being sent my way). If you want more from me you’ll need to bring on more.” Then that bird-like creature mutated into a huge dragon with an energetic force like nothing else. I had no fear. I was ready for something I felt was coming next.

The dragon infused me with its energy. I’m not sure if it blew it into me through its etheric, fiery breath or if it just transferred it through the strength of its emanation, but it was so massive in strength that I was pushed back a few steps by the thrust of its power. And as I stepped back, keeping solid balance without falling over, my legs sunk into the Earth with their touch and where I stood, a deep hole was created beneath me by the energy I now had within and that made me heavier and larger energetically than my small frame would otherwise seem to embody. The dirt felt very cool and soft – almost light like flour. The hole created by the energy impact was like one a dragon or dinosaur might be able to create with thrusts of their weight and power. So, it was as if the dragon and I had become one.

The dragon then told me that it was time to use all of my powers to support the collective. I was to activate all of my inner parts and then transfer them to others so we could create change – create the next Earth experience.

An ivory tipped wand appeared in my hand, which looked exactly like the one I have and was holding in some of the photos from my Winter Solstice Visual Spell to Activate the Light Within blog. I was then waving the wand and pointing it at person after person, transferring and activating within them, the same within that was awakened from the activation transferred to me.

And the dream ended, or that’s all I remember.

Of course the giant and prehistoric animal theme carrying both primal and primordial energy continues to weave through with the ancient bird-like creature and the dragon. And although there is some personal messaging in this and the other dreams, there is still the collective symbolism shining through.

Simplistically, the three part books spoke to the three part blogs, but in more complexity they feel to foretell that there may be three parts or processes collectively to go through, as the Earth evolves into this new paradigm. They also feel like different groups of souls that will be involved in each layer, in their own time, or coming of age based on the gifts they carry. Each person given a book felt to represent each of these soul groups energetically, so they were simply coming through an individual as a symbol of that energy. The three parts also felt like a personal message layered in there that has to do with my individual path and work to be shared, as its own piece.

The multi-dimensional big magick happening at the beginning feels like the alchemical process we’re involved in that will continue to expand and reveal itself.

I really loved the part where I said, “If you want more from me, you’ll need to bring on more,” referencing that what was being given so far although impressive, simply wasn’t enough. This spoke not just to my own courage and readiness for the bigger stuff, but as a representative of one of the groups, or collective at large since in fact these feel like collective dream messages, that we are all saying on some level that we’re ready for much more. “Give me all you got.” ūüėČ

Enter the powerful dragon.

The dragon infusing me with its energy felt once again to be a DNA activation, much like the T-Rex of Part 1 had done through my crown chakra.

The hole beneath me felt like a deepening and grounding into greater embodiment and while larger in energy, the dirt remained soft and fluffy…So, in fact the core, root, and underground layers we’re peeling away are not as dense and sticky moist as we thought, but instead are easier to move through and lighter than we would have imagined, once we penetrate the outer layers protecting the soft, vulnerable core.

Things only seem hard, impossible, or slow, but in fact once we embrace our authentic powers, then the process can be lighter than we imagined.

The hole in the Earth felt like a transformation to the surface of things, morphing into a new terrain of experience that runs deeper than meets the eye.

The two of us becoming one – dragon and me – is a transmutational merging of energies, as well as the difference between a dragon slayer and dragon master.

The dragon slayer sees herself/himself to be separate from the dragon and that all it stands for in its primordial ways is something to fight, conquer, or destroy. These are the enemy. So the two will always be separate and one will always lose or win in a vicious, repetitive circle.

The dragon master sees no difference between the dragon and herself/himself and all that it stands for is a part of both of them. Therefore there is no enemy. Nothing to fight, conquer, or destroy. Only something to embrace, love, and understand for its value. So there are no longer two – only One. And they merge more powerful than either ever was on their own.

So my facing the dragon without fear and taking in its fiery energy transference, spoke to that transmutation into wholeness of power. Again, feeling much more collective than simply something I was individually going through and yet creating a trickle effect by doing so, myself.

The dragon saying it was time to use all of my powers and inner parts and transfer them to others spoke to me how we keep being told that the time is now. That what we’ve been waiting for and whom we’ve been waiting for is here now…is us. And there’s no greater time than to bring forth all that you are, shine your light, and by doing so will be supporting others to do the same. Transfer the power to one another through your individual gifts. Share the nuggets of awareness, spread the love, speak the language as only you can, through your specific frequency. Realize that every bravely kind encounter activates something within each other. This change from the inside will create the change on the outside.

The wand was an activation of awakening to everyone encountered. It speaks to being a conduit for love and awakening thread to thread of the tapestry, each in their own way. Some perhaps more visual and outwardly active, and others behind the scenes or quietly active. It also seemed to reiterate or confirm the guidance I received in sharing that Visual Spell blog to help activate the light within. Although this dream came after that, there is no time in the dream world and one might even say that this dragon dream experience was before that one and what I did through that Winter Solstice blog was a result of the activation transfer and message received “later.”

I find the primal or primordial energy thread in these dreams to be an alchemical key to our collective unfolding. And they are showing up in waking life as well. There have been other smaller confirmations of dinosaurs, dragons, and ancient winged creatures, but far too many to document all, so I focus on the main ones that speak louder. As I shared about the T-Rex statue and Dinosaur Museum sign confirmations in Part 1, the primal energy of Boojum our male cat in Part 2, and for Part 3 the waking life confirmations of these came through my recent sacred tattoo design project, as well as a close encounter in the forest.

The former being another first for some “Spiritual Skin” creations.

Synchronously, I’ve been working on a pair of sacred dragon tattoo designs for a mother and daughter. Each to have their own dragon and energy, but connected via some of the elements woven into the designs. The daughter is a Fire Dragon and the mother is a Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology. We added their birth or chosen flowers, symbols and Runes for their elements, the Moon and Sun/Fire Ball, and some connective Runes for both of them along with a touch of Cosmic Starry essence. (I might share more photos/info in another blog post upcoming.)

One is a Water Dragon Fae Queen and one is a Fire Dragon Empress.

This project was commissioned long before the dream and the timing of their creation was in order of completing the ones before them. This placed the dragons at the time, and integration after, of the dream. Fire and Water feeling especially potent to the alchemy of merging these powerful elements. Every time I work on a design it not only feels important for the person it is created for, but always carries collective support as a portal of activation on all fronts through that individual’s activation.

Much like the message of the dream to share the power with others that we activate within ourselves.

Then there was the close encounter, which took place this past weekend. We went snow shoeing after and during snow storms where we are in very fresh, deep snow. We have a huge forest and mountainous area right behind the place we’re staying, much like at home where we can hike or snow shoe out the back door.

We took some photos along the day’s adventure, which included this one:

It felt like a deliberate, perfect structure and the energy was strange. I was wondering in the back of my mind of what creature might have made it and often joke with Dave about Sasquatch on our hikes. We found some odd tracks that led to this structure that were not human. We thought perhaps a large animal had made its way through the very deep snow by what they appeared like…maybe a moose. It was a very quiet day and we could hear the trees creaking in the wind and no one else out, unlike the last weekend where we had come across several people. I had a strange feeling, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then I posted the photo, not thinking more of it, and a magickal friend of mine in Ireland relayed that it was an actual Big Foot/Sasquatch structure and that according to “experts” the cross marks the perimeter end of their territory. I used to watch many of the sightings programs back in the day, but had forgotten much of these kinds of details. Then two more confirmations of the same information came in from separate sources. It confirmed the feeling I had and while many might not believe in these beings or think they belong in the mythical creatures category of fireside storytelling, there are those of us who feel otherwise being that we live in a multi-dimensional world where portals, different timelines, and otherworlds merge. These make anything possible.

Regardless of fact or fiction, the connection that was brought to awareness of a primitive and primal creature with ancient or prehistoric connections, still held the theme of these dreams.

Now the energies and encounters were crossing dream into waking life and the merging of hidden into the light continues.

Interestingly, a few days after the dragon activation dream, I had a wedding dream. The dream was my own wedding happening all over in a different way, but again what’s mine is yours, so to speak. ūüôā It was being orchestrated on some other level from behind the scenes (much like I felt ours on Summer Solstice was) and being taken care of and put together without my having any part in it, but showing up. It was taking place in an expansive space with many people and an other-dimensional feel to it. I remember thinking this is odd, I’m already married, already had the wedding, but it was happening on a different plane of existence parallel to the other.

This isn’t Part 4, but a new beginning from all of this – a merging of parts, like the marriage of yin and yang partners, a symphony of new and primal/primordial notes, the partnering of elemental dragons within a family, and dream and waking life as one.

I believe we will continue to experience more cross-overs the more we create bridges through the portals of our hearts. Then we’ll realize separation is a choice and not a given.

Please take or leave what you choose from any of this. I share as I’m guided. I’m just being my part.

Embodying & Emanating Essence ~ How I’m Integrating Holistic Being on Every Level

So much rapid change taking effect in very literal ways for everyone and I’ve found it to be directly tied to greater embodiment of one’s own essence and authenticity, which then emanates clearly through. It’s connected to the messages we’re receiving about stepping up, raising our vibrations, and living out loud with greater courage and integrity to our nature of origins. And when we do, everything shifts in direct reflection to that in our environment, interactions, experiences, realities, and even how we start to look physically in correlation to our energetic frequency glowing from the inside out.

And the more we embrace who we are and aren’t afraid to put it out there, the more others feel greater ease and comfort in doing the same too.

I’ve written before on how my lifestyle and life path changes have changed so much for me as a result of embracing deeper integration of my uniqueness and what feels most authentic to myself, along with making balance and harmony a foremost focus and experience.

And while we speak often about the emotional, mental, and spiritual ways this happens and takes effect, we often overlook the physical because there’s an undercurrent of negativity placed there or invalidation of it because that’s thought to NOT be part of “ascension” ideas and living a spiritual life.

Time and again I’ll reiterate that it’s about integration….physical and spiritual together in harmony and each reflecting the other.

“The very reason each exists is to integrate wholeness and realize the partnership they share, one channeled through the other.

The physical becomes sacred.

The spiritual becomes tangible.

And together they exist simultaneously in harmony.”

(Excerpt from my book, Spiritual Skin)

I’ve always been quite literal in making outer transformations or taking actions that match my shifts internally or the shifts I desire to make, so as to create a space for me to grow into. Such has been the case, for instance, with my sacred tattoos. But it’s also been with things like my hair, my clothing, adornments, and even my body or face morphing.

A lot of this is that I tend to feel “not myself” if the outer doesn’t match the inner or where I’m headed and some of it is as a direct result of needing to express my personality, unique creative self expression, and way in which feels most aligned with the “real” me.

Some simply happens naturally and some with intention to match the natural.

So, as mentioned, with so many shifts lately for me in very dramatic ways, I’ve seen this naturally express itself with how I look and my desires to share how I feel.

Some results that naturally happened are my hair growing long very quickly, my silver grays growing in abundantly, but in a very almost deliberate way (someone recently called them “highlights from the Fae,” which I’ve now adopted and love), my body taking on a naturally balanced, more Earthly fullness rather than my waif self, my skin finding its healthy, clear balance because of my own, and my body becoming fully adorned with sacred and balanced art that feel like adornments reflecting the inside out I couldn’t imagine not being there (some people have shared they can’t imagine me without them and that they’ve never seen tattoos placed in such a way where they are like they’ve manifested themselves in transparency of revealing what’s underneath.)

And of course the way I dress has gone, and continues to go, through constant transformation, which is why I move out clothes often and bring in new that are more reflective and help me feel like “me” just as my tattoos help me to feel more at home in my own skin.

I immediately can feel “off” if my hair or clothing is not matching the vibe of how I’m feeling and what I’m creating in my life currently – literally, making me feel quite energetically icky and out of place.

And over this last year that has taken a huge turn, as mentioned already in my hair taking its natural, ancient and cosmic “roots”, and just this Saturday while visiting and taking my parents out to celebrate my mom’s upcoming 74th birthday tomorrow, I knew I needed to have my hair freshened and purged.

My mom used to be a beautician (what her family did back in France), so she’s done my hair a lot over time and Saturday we chopped off four inches to my very long hair. This felt necessary, as the ends are literally and symbolically the oldest parts and carry the energy of the past…so it felt important to literally shed it, just like my dreams of snake skins recently, and how I regularly enjoy body scrubs to slough off old skin too.

Being that my hair had grown so long, it still remains so, but it was amazing once again to see and feel how that made a difference even without getting a whole new hairstyle – yet. ūüėČ I not only looked different, but felt completely lightened and new and it even activated the next phase of change upcoming with more hair shifts to match dreams and visions I’ve been having of my origins.

But on top of this, I’ve purged, minimized further, and refreshed my wardrobe as well, and all of this has really become outwardly a reflection of the magickal parts of life and my wanting daily to, in all ways, live fully as all that I love and really am, and will keep me clearly focused on the path ahead in the most embodied and aligned way.

This has seemed to morph me literally into my Faery Bunny self, with hints of cosmic, ancient, and water nymph/mer qualities.

So while people may have felt this about me, it really isn’t something one would have to “feel into” anymore, as it’s becoming quite literal.

I feel and see this to be happening more and more with many people, as things shift and we’re lighting up those latent parts of our DNA, stepping up and out, and integrating more of our Cosmic and Earthly selves, we are seeing this in how we find ourselves walking in our human bodies as more of the otherworldy beings we have retrieved and remembered, through physical form here.

Exciting times and feels so much more natural.

So while most people know I’m a rabbit lover or perhaps a crazy rabbit lady ūüėČ some may not know¬†how far that extends, but truly my life is immersed in Faery bunny energy through and through.

These are just some photos of the magickal bunny wardrobe I have and wear below. Photos include: 3 sparkly vegan rabbit shoes (I normally only wear flats, but bunnies have me reaching to new heights again these days when I feel so called), matching vegan rabbit purse, a one-of-a-kind amethyst carved rabbit ring, a purple satin skater dress with dancing bunnies, an aqua poodle skirt with bunny border, and my Peter Rabbit collection of vintage 60’s dress, wedge heels, vintage Beatrix Potter original sweater, and my Peter Rabbit statue from Laura.

Laura has even said I’ve literally turned into a Faery bunny, like this photo that briefly captured this in me seeping through in one of my shape shifting moments a couple of years ago and now seems to be the pervading emanation these days, although has integrated with the other elements I shared above, too. I’m curious to see how this will evolve and morph in the days and months ahead.




But what you don’t see pictured here is that my wardrobe and sacred space also include a¬†vintage rabbit cardigan, 4 rabbit t-shirts, 3 rabbit tank tops, 3 rabbit leggings, 1 rabbit sweatshirt, several rabbit pendants and rings, 1 rabbit scarf, rabbit flannel jammies, rabbit artwork, a stuffed rabbit I sleep with (the surrogate bunny to my little ones that they enchanted), a rabbit support pillow, crystal rabbits, and other rabbit pieces for my sacred space.


And the rest of my wardrobe contains various other elements of “me” and anything that doesn’t I either have, or will continue to weed out.

I’ve fully cracked open the Cosmic egg and all the “me” is oozing out for sure without worrying what others may think. Just simply about living a life of passionate purpose¬†by looking within and seeing what truly moves me and melting into that love.

One sweet friend of mine shared, “I love your daring use of fantasy fairy elements proving that fashion is for fun and personal pleasure and in this case also the delight of others.”

It reiterated to me, that when we embrace what truly brings us the greatest joy, express that in any and all forms, and understand how we can utilize all aspects of life and the material in creative, healthy, and valuable ways, we also bring that same energy to others to experience through our expressions and to mirror the relative possibilities within each other to do more of what supports this too in life.

So while I could just feel and emanate my essence energetically, I’ve been guided to literally take this through to all levels of experience, to include the physical as an expression of consistency and action in a holistic way and through every avenue of my existence here.

Having peeled back the layers I find clarity in my divine desires and that all things I’m about are truly encapsulated in the focus of what inspires me most. Channeling this into soul fulfillment, dream manifestation, and the reality of my choosing is the gift of letting this desire move through me and that includes moving through me in any and all ways – sharing and expressing my deepest divine desires and beingness.

One of my oracle tarot cards I recently pulled, shared this beautifully,

“Desire sometimes gets a ‘bad rap’ in spiritual circles, or it is celebrated as being something that should be pursued without restraint. The truth that will serve most spiritual aspirants best is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. Desire need not be a distraction from your spiritual journey nor a goal to be pursued at any cost, even to your own integrity. Desire on the spiritual path can become a way to know what is going to move and inspire you enough to see you through the challenges that arise when you want to create a contribution to the world. If you long to bring your ideas to life, rather than keep them only as ideas, then desire can become enlivening fuel for the spiritual path, motivating you to act rather than hesitate. Searching for your true soul desires helps you find what it is you can believe in more than fear or doubt.”

I believe that living our authenticity in any and all ways that feels truest to ourselves and expresses our passions is effective use of creative power and supportive of personal empowerment and frequency, joyous living, and inspirational motivation that aligns and supports us with our intents, while igniting similar fires within others.

Plus, it simply brings a little sparkle of joy to the day, some giggles, and smiles…and if nothing else, that’s worth a lot!

Ants, Ankles & Aquarian Energy ~ Personal Dream Messaging with the Collective in Mind

I had a dream that stuck with me a couple of nights ago. It involved ants.

I always marvel at how much animal spirit guides in particular show up for me, as well as show up when I do sessions for others. They are indeed one of my strongest connections.

I thought to maybe share the dream when I had it, but then didn’t.

However, when another dream two nights ago came up around something similar, and a friend of mine mentioned ants as an addition to a sacred tattoo, I thought I’d share.

So in my first dream, I dreamed about ants and my ankles.

I don’t know how this fit into context of what I was dreaming, but that isn’t important, as the part I remember is what I feel is key.

In the dream I remember looking down at my ankles and seeing ants underneath my skin, as if my skin was translucent.

They were moving about through them and some coming down slightly at the area where my ankles connect to the top part of my feet.

They were larger than normal, but then some started to really grow and become the size of about an inch and a half with bulbous black bodies.

And as they grew, big tumor-like bulges and bumps emerged on my ankles where they were moving under, swelling to the size of their growth.

The bubbles of swollen skin where these large ants were moving under, felt as if they might at some time burst once they got too big.

The rest of the ants just kept moving about through my ankles, doing their thing.

That’s all I remember from that night, but then two nights ago I, again, dreamed of my ankles.

No ants this time, but the continued focus on my ankles felt significant.

In this dream I was actually in Montana and found that one of my tattoo artists who has done some of my work was living there. I decided to ask him if he had time to fit me in, which he did. I didn’t actually know what I was getting until he asked.

Then I asked him to make some Mehndi designs on both of my ankles to balance with the tattoos I already have there and to match with the one on my hand he’d already done.

And we started playing with the ideas on the flow of that.

That’s all I remember.

In medical astrology, ankles are connected to Aquarius, as Aquarius rules the lower legs including calves and ankles.

Medical astrology is a way to connect parts of the body you have challenges with, to the energies of signs and planets, which will help you connect more with the meaning of how this challenge is conveying a message to you.

I happen to have two placements in my chart of Aquarius:

Jupiter in Aquarius in the 1st House and Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd House

I also happen to have deeply bruised my ankle back in August (I can still see some discoloration there with slight tenderness) when we took our first RV trip out to the Vegas area, as my ankle got caught in the car door that closed on it because we were parked on an incline.

Needless to say, I’ve been monitoring this area and energy and to have it come up so potently twice in dreams definitely had me reflecting deeply again.

I share things in this way to help you to see how you, too, if you don’t already, can dissect and explore your own meanings and messages in life to help interpret when things show up, how they do, dreams, symbolism, animal spirit guides, etc.

It just takes the willingness to observe, be open to the reflections, be curious, do a little investigation, and be willing to take the time to delve into engaging your own creative faculties and power.

So this is what I did and do.

Since Jupiter in Aquarius is about expansion, ease, luck, and abundance of and with the energies of being innovative, independent, insightful, unconventional, altruistic, and having this in the first house means that bringing that energy through comes in ways of the self, my personality, and who I am and identify with that others then would see me as, then this translates as my having the need to be, and an ease with:

freedom, thinking outside of the box, always willing to try new things, unafraid to step away from tradition or to be different, to be a pioneer with discovering new ways, perhaps eccentric, very artistically and spiritually inclined, leading, wanting to make the world better for everyone, work independently, but for the greater good, and will find luck and remain joyful, confident, expansive, and optimistic when I consistently use my visionary skills and innovative energies in life and work.

Much of the work I will feel called to do and the ways in which I think and feel could be ahead of its time since it is future focused and looking at ways to create a better world for the collective at large.

The second house is our relationship to our physical existence on Earth and how that translates in our self worth, values, and our inner and outer resources, as well as relates to the type of work we do/our career, and money.

Having Venus in Aquarius in my second house conveys as a love for beautiful things and creating beautiful and unusual things, an ease and gifts with music and the arts, a flow of money in and out, and all things Aquarius I shared above would be my natural ways of expression through my work in these areas. It also lends to being peace-loving, balanced or in constant focus of wanting to create balance and harmony, soft spoken with peaceful and healing speaking skills, self growth being a focal and important part of life, and fulfillment and reward in experiences in life for me are when I am able to be the Aquarian energies through my work without restrictions.

All of this background reveals what a focus on my ankles would all point to.

The catching of my ankle in the door as a wake up call and reminder that these are the ways and energies that make me who I am and how I operate most beneficially not just in terms of my own inner peace and fulfillment, but in terms of what I have to offer to humanity and the collective.

That made sense at the time, as it was just as I had taken my sabbatical, which was meant to focus on my creative, visionary projects, although at the time was on hold due to getting things situated with the move and new RV life.

I was needing to walk through a new door and being reminded that this part was key to harness in its truest form now, as the next leg of the journey would be about a deepening into who I truly am in all ways.

Timing was/is of the essence, I felt and even the small delays, although necessary to implement, were to keep in check as to not totally deter me.

So then to the current dreams….another reminder, but also reiteration that my choices of letting go of most everything I’ve been doing in terms of my work and expressions would be transforming greatly to mirror the new embodiment of this energy in all ways.

This leading me to know that it is crucial to my own life force, not to mention my ability to truly serve the collective from my authenticity – since that is one and the same, especially so with the Aquarian energies – to follow the strong impulses, inner guidance, and messages that my work must change and what I feel a need to bring forth through my creative self expression is necessary.

Where I felt complacent and boxed in, I would now expand and be free to explore the visions of my heart and guiding inspirations.

Where I had structures or guidelines to still somewhat stay within, I would have none but the essence of me channeling through.

In the first dream, the ants so much mirror this Aquarian energy to me.

Ants are very focused on doing their part with an extremely industrious energy, but they are simultaneously part of a collective community that is innately built in to why they do what they do.

Each ant knows their place and they fulfill their individual duties that each only can do, as a means of serving the whole.

They do this patiently, with great stamina, and in cooperation with one another – team work is their powerful medicine, yet it comes with knowing their part and respecting and honoring the same within each other.

Ants are also great architects so they demonstrate to us how we can construct our dreams into reality with great precision and persistence.

They message us that if we align our body, mind, heart, and soul to the intentions of our dreams and goals, infused with patience then we can create the reality of our dreams.

Mastery of patience is key and letting go of ego running the show so that we come from a place of inner truth and equality.

In this way ants are great humanitarians and so very much link to the Aquarian values. They give unconditional love freely.

And to me, having the ants under the skin in my ankles, growing and ready to burst out, really means to me that this energy and that ants are literally the veins of my existence and their energy is in my blood.

Synchronously, I’ve also been saying over and over that the energy I feel is like a volcano ready to passionately pop and flow – and which is why I had to follow the energy and make the necessary adjustments in my life and work in order to align with it, with me, and ultimately with the collective energy at large.

These little ant hill mounds under my ankles were swelling with big ant hearts and bodies.

They remind me that with continued patience all things that I feel called to newly birth, if taken one thing at a time and patiently, will all come to fruition.

The dream was not one of discomfort or pain…it was not violent or scary…it was simply these ants/this energy making itself known and supporting my decisions and commitments I’ve made.

They are also telling of my “antsy” energy within that I have been managing while putting into place the supportive elements and environment for this new work.

So, again, they are reminding me to take one step at a time…to hold the vision I see of the future, yet move with patient flexibility within each leg of the journey. To be mindful that there will come times of working with others and that my strength of will is what will see me through, which will need to be exercised not just in the process of patient creation, but also in keeping to the commitments without interruption.

Ants showing up can indicate a time of honing in on your gifts and special talents, to consider the role you have, and ensuring you are making the most of those natural gifts – always staying in tune with knowing how it fits in with the whole and seeing it as an expression of unity that takes into account the person and larger picture together.

They also help us to realize that even if we think our part is small, or what we have to contribute isn’t some grand idea in the scheme of things, that it is still essential and necessary as our contribution to that unity.

Ants work instinctively to build their future, but with much vision. And so, too, do we have the instinctive knowledge of how to slowly build our dreams, create life as a work of art, and be the architects of our lives.

Perhaps it also came up because I’ve had to stand strong behind these commitments to honoring the energy and my boundaries recently with a lot of requests that have come in for work I have moved away from for now.

Like the ants, I know the role I need to keep focused on so that exceptions can’t be made and although my heart is one that would be tugged, I am being shown that there is a timing and purpose beyond what it may seem that this new path is important to keep moving forward on.

I don’t want those ants to become so large that they in fact may inflict pain or unwanted challenges in my life if I do not heed the message.

I’m grateful I have come to a place of recognizing these things and that I’m strong enough in my knowing to lovingly be firm, knowing how that best supports the collective as an example.

Ant asks: Are you sacrificing your dreams and parts of yourself for something or someone else? If so, you may need to re-evaluate things to ensure you are not veering away from your path.

And then there was the second dream of the Mehndi tattoos.

Although I am not literally getting more tattoos, I have in the past considered Mehndi designs in this area.

However, I take it symbolically that this again is a strengthening and empowering of the energy of my ankles, which I’ve described above. And although I may not wear literal tattoo designs there, I in fact do have sacred symbolism etherically supporting that realm.

Mehndi is “intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun. Vedic customs are centered on the idea of awakening the inner light.”

And so it seems this dream was about awakening and embodying that inner light of my unique expression through the artistry of my soul expressing forth at this time.

Even though these are not the only ways one could interpret these symbolisms, as that is something one must feel out as the right meaning for themselves, you can see how intricately you can uncover and explore your internal messaging to assist you in understanding yourself and your journey more.

Some of it is part research, some of it is part intuition and creative thinking from multiple perspectives.

I share this to empower each person to do more of their own self explorations and not needing to always ask someone else to interpret the messages, as truly you are the one who really knows the way to interpret it to the resonance of your own truth. Someone else can only provide suggestions and possibilities, but ultimately even those aren’t the answer, as if you don’t want to “see” the message you still won’t hear it.

For myself, I’m grateful for my willingness to explore and the desire to look at all possibilities. I’m also grateful to the ants for their messages of support, and to my dreams that always reveal just what I need to know.

I know, like myself over the years, many of you overlook your own nudges and intuitive feelings simply because of the lack of self trust, which is something many, if not most, are all together working on strengthening back into its power once again.

And this ultimately will affect the whole, just as each ant doing its part is always in the innate mind set of unity consciousness while doing so.

Perhaps our friends the ants have a message for you today too.

The Phoenix

Love this! The energy and insights go great with Tom Lescher/Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul on tomorrow’s New Moon energy I just posted. Loving how everything is increasingly weaving such synchronous threads. Enjoy!

Native American Indian Sacred “Soul Tapestry” Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignAnother week of sacred tattoo designs is in flow again. I love these individually unique journeys I am honored to get to take with each of the beautiful souls I co-create with.

Today is the first of three new designs I’ll be sharing. I was inspired by Native American Indian energy and art I’ve experienced, which spoke loudly from the get-go for this client, the minute I started to tune in. I later found out she was part Native American when I shared my feeling of direction I was going. It also felt to be a powerful bleed through from past life experiences and energy that was prominent.

Without much to go on except some themes, I worked away at receiving what wanted to through to assist in the essence of intents she had.

This piece is intuited for her upper back/higher heart area and as always I created the design in shades of¬†blacks and grays, which can then be decided upon with the tattoo artist if it will remain as such or be added to with color. My client was feeling drawn to delicate colors and this I feel would look lovely if chosen as such, or as it is. Staying light and ethereal for this would will add to its energy I feel. The original design is 7‚ÄĚ wide by 11‚ÄĚ high. When working with detail it’s not recommended to go small in order to retain the delicate touches. Bigger is always better and will be more pleasing over time.

As mentioned, I kept getting native American Indian energy from the get-go. So I was pleased to hear the connection and her resonation with this. And a lot of powerful symbolism wanted through which I enmeshed in this Native American Indian woman’s (representing my client) shawl. She stands empowered, grounded, integrated, centered and looking up and beyond to the left, welcoming courageously, peacefully and with great heart joy, the new found wisdom and direction her journey is now taking her.

She is illuminated by the Great Central Sun’s radiating beams that also seem to emanate from her. That spiral at her Crown Chakra, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. Reflected in the natural world, the Spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. When used as a personal talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. The acceptance of change is one of the greatest freedoms a human can experience, putting consciousness in the present moment where the power of creation is condensed. On a larger scale, using this symbol assures all beings are reminded of their inward and outward evolution, a balanced and centered state of mind.

The spiral repeats throughout the design and I also incorporated a moth with spiral antennaes that shape a heart at her Heart Chakra, lotus designs, buffalo medicine (white one in this case) and horse medicine (black one in this case), as well as butterfly and leaves of the Earth that all flow up and down her Chakras and anchor her, as well as give flight to her journey with each of their symbolism they carry.

I felt something very grounding, integrative, forward moving, expansive, and opening to another level of drawing in a new frequency of energy, was wanting through (keeping with that natural harmony within and without) and so this interwoven tapestry of wisdom and empowerment came through as her Higher Self wisdom revealed.

Here is some more on the specific symbolism included.

Lotus symbolism: This powerful and ancient image symbolizes harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential. The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge of muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower. It is often used as a mandala, or circular symbol, but any way you use the Lotus in a spiritual practice, it will provide a resonant field that reinforces the concept of resurrection. Human mistakes and challenges are the fertilizer for brilliance and awakened creation as the Lotus shows us. Born in the murkiest of ponds, Lotus still emerges pure. Use the Lotus as a reminder that “this, too, shall pass.” Be assured that all fertilizer nurtures a beautiful new life. In the greater world, Lotus is a peaceful cosmic beacon for forgiveness, gratitude and compassion to prevail where the sludge of conflict has resided. Using this symbol on water invites a balance between humility and pride.

I love the symbolism that Avia Venefica always has to impart. Here is some information on the rest of the symbolism included.

Moth symbolism: vulnerability, determination, subtlety, intuition, faith, dreams, shadows, otherworldliness, secret knowledge, psychic awareness…The moth is a nocturnal creature and even in navigation, when we observe the moth to fly into artificial light or flames, the moth demonstrates its faith and determination. It is still unproven as to why the moth is driven to light Рbut the best hypothesis is that the moth navigates by lunar light. In the absence of moonlight, the moth moves to the next best thing: man-made light. Even at the risk of losing its life, the moth is ever-vigilant in following its path of light. This may also serve as a moral to us to keep our own vigilance, but not fall victim of blind faith. Those with the moth totem will find this creature a magnificent assistant in developing higher awareness, and psychic enhancement. We gather these symbolic attributes because night creatures conduct their life-sustaining activities in complete darkness. As humans, we may translate this as symbolic of living our lives by intuitive feeling rather than physical sensory perception. Philosophically speaking, night creatures do not tumble in the dark, and neither do humans. We use our dreams, our awareness, and our deeper, inner knowing to navigate through the darkest hours of our lives. Faith is another tool we use to move through shadowy times of uncertainty, and the moth also shares this aspect. The moth never questions provision. She has complete faith that all of her needs will be meet each night.

Buffalo symbolism: provision, gratitude, abundance, consistency, strength, stability, blessing, prosperity‚Ķthe Buffalo is a sacred animal the Native American Indians and is a true reminder of the greater whole. The Buffalo is like a hologram – one example of abundance – it’s behemoth features are a physical manifestation of the store-holds available in the energetic realms. The White¬†Buffalo is considered incredibly holy. When the White Buffalo comes into our awareness (dreams, vision or even while hiking) it is a huge¬†sign of promise, and great prosperity is soon to come after sighting this regal creature. Buffalo reminds us that we are always provisioned and our¬†attitude towards abundance¬†influences the rest of this planet.

Horse symbolism: power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, freedom…The Horse symbol meanings of power are widespread through most cultures, and it is linked as an emblem of life-force. Many cultures assign the attributes of the four elements to the Horse: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. As a Native American symbol, the Horse symbol meanings combine the grounded power of the earth with the whispers of wisdom found in the spirit winds. The Horse has long been honored has helper, messenger, and harbinger of spirit knowledge to the Native American. Considered wild and an emblem of freedom, the Native American sees many potentialities in the symbolic nature of this noble creature. Another aspect of Native American symbol meanings of the horse comes with the understanding that the wild freedom of the Horse can be harnessed and used to the benefit of the tribe. This understanding comes only when man and beast enter a silent contract, acknowledging mutual respect and awareness of responsibility to each other. Black Horse: mystery, death, night, secret, messenger of esoteric knowledge.

Butterfly symbolism: Butterflies are messengers of powerfully transformative healing and regenerative energy and symbolism to the indigenous peoples across time. They symbolize the precious miracle of life, hope, love, transmutation, magick, joy, reincarnation ‚Äď to the Maya, butterflies are seen¬†as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality and have a very earth and cosmic bridging connection (ex: the galactic butterfly symbol ‚Äď Hunab Ku powerfully broadcasts your¬†reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy), resurrection, transition, communication, celebration, lightness, time, soul, unquestioning embrace, freedom, keeping the faith, grace‚Ķphew!‚Ķit felt to be speaking to another aspect of my client in this greater expansion sense with her shifting work, community sharing, spreading of her wings in deeper ways of service and heart-deepening, more and more.

There’s always so much more to the designs than I can possibly write about, but I like each person to feel what it speaks to them and to know that energetically so much is imbued and will be felt and activated regardless of whether or not we are literally aware of the specifics.

I’m grateful for this opportunity¬†to support another soul’s beautiful and transformational journey and to help manifest a sacred design, soul-mirror-template for empowerment.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

My Personal Alchemy of Creative Expression – Symbolism of the Leo New Moon

Change is a constant in life that is easier when we flow with it rather than fight it. And for those that know me, it is a continually, pretty dramatic constant in mine indeed. I’m a creature of symbolism and live a symbolic life. I’m also a visionary artist and thrive on creative expression and finding ways to imbue energy, feelings and alchemy into and through what I create.

My sacred and symbolic body art

That is no surprise, if you’ve seen my tattoos and read my book, Spiritual Skin, or if you follow this blog and have seen any of my paintings or sacred tattoo designs. I pay attention to signs, I experience synchronicity, I find joy in walking the magick path, and I channel and express everything in symbolic and creatively loving ways whether on my person, in my personal environment and sacred space, or through my work. Creativity is a magical and powerful energy that is vital to exercise and cultivate through love.

I often share of the transformations and shifts I go through very publicly and vulnerably, as I feel experiences shared can assist others in ways we are not even aware at just the right moment needed. Following and encouraging our hearts to be open allows us to connect so deeply with others we may never meet, simply by creating energetic doorways.

I’ve been experiencing another huge shift lately that feels so lovely in gentle, soul caressing ways, even though some of the outer expressions of that may seem abrupt or dramatic to others. Or maybe they won’t, since everything seems to be in much more natural flow these days, but either way, it’s a joyous time and an empowering time and life continues to get more magickal and amazing to me.

I’ve recently shared about new tattoos I’ve gotten and will be here shortly, healings that have taken place, and in general, new phases of my work being revealed and the expressions of them shifting in process as well, along with a lot of new perceptions on everything in my life – and integrating how that manifests. I also shared recently about physical changes, as in going back to 90% + high raw vegan, cleaning out and restructuring my closet and wardrobe (a really fun and cleansing thing for me), shifting around my personal space, and hinting at a new hair change, which entails lightening and empowering myself with short locks (cutting likely what will be just over 13″ off)! Yay! And all of these changes will continue, as that is life…an ever-evolving experience of loving, co-creation.

But back to my hair, which excites me in the symbolism and extra liberating energy I feel it is about to assist in ushering in, along with an authenticity that mirrors me currently. Usually when I get a hit on something, an epiphany, an idea, or whatever you want to call it, and it clicks, there’s no hesitation. I just do it. Of course I make sure it is aligned with what I feel to be most honoring of myself, but I don’t wait around to allow any nerves, fears or over-analyzing to kick in and take over. That isn’t to mean I don’t address things with discernment, but I don’t feed the unauthentic parts of myself with any more than embracing they are there, allowing what they bring up to move through me, thanking them for what they have shown me, and releasing them back to where they came from and empowering what I know to be me. There are times when I just channel something and I know it’s what I feel drawn to as my truth, regardless of whether or not I understand the whys yet, as I receive things sometimes way before the rest catches up. In which case, I also will follow that strong nudge. But this time, even though I had to wait about four weeks (less than the almost 6 it would have been) from onset of my getting the nudge, I knew there was power in waiting and I can see how everything in between has really been instrumental to what is being alchemized into creation.

I already had a regular hair trimming appointment scheduled, but the date felt so long off, and suddenly I felt to look at when the New or Full Moon was approaching, as I remember once a friend of mine had shared about how it was good to cut your hair on and around those times, for maximum benefit to hair Рand stylists seem to agree saying that trimming or cutting your hair when the moon is just entering a New Moon phase will perpetuate hair growth.

Later I realized how it aligned the energy also to you as a whole and what you are creating, as the astrological influences surrounding the Moon phases will have a personal and collective effect. I’ve sometimes made my appointments around these times, but not consistently. However, since I had the nudge, this time felt important to look at doing that again especially feeling the potency of things currently and what I’m looking to create. Originally my appointment was for the 28th, which was between the Full Moon of Pisces on the 31st (the Blue Moon) and the New Moon of Leo on the 17th. I felt drawn to both and both would indeed carry their own great energy, but my gut went with the Leo New Moon and that day approaches this Friday.

Ute York – a hairstylist who worked according to the moon phases for 15 years – shares this in his book, Living By The Moon:

Hair is an energy carrier. Hair is as sensitive as it’s owner and needs a certain vibration in order to feel well.

In order to promote faster growing hair, it’s better to cut it around the time of the New Moon¬†Phase. And, in order to promote thicker and fuller hair, it needs to be cut during the Full Moon Phase.

If the ends are trimmed on these 2 days, it will continue growing without impedence.

He has found that when men regularly get hair cut with the moon in the sign of Leo, their hair improves and becomes stronger. (this likely works for women too)

American astrologer Linda Goodman says if you want your hair short then continue cutting during the Full Moon; it will not grow back as fast. However if you want it to grow back quickly, trim regularly at the New Moon, even just a tiny bit. Then you will realize your hair is growing much faster.

Fire – #1 in my In Lak’ech Series – emanating fire alchemy from within

We are approaching the New Moon in Leo this Friday 8/17/12 and so too do I simultaneously approach the culmination of a personally symbolic transformational day. However, this energy is available to all of us at this time. The magic of the Leo New Moon highlights personal changes and can specifically result in dramatic appearance changes as a result. A time to radiate from within, and allow vibrant self-expression and inspiration to emerge and be shared with others.

As Molly Hall shares in her article New Moon in Leo ~ Be a Luminary:

New Moon in Leo themes: making time for play; fanning the creative flames; standing in your personal power; celebrating your unique story; going on an adventure; radiating confidence to be Big; taking delight in something; risking growth through creativity; stepping into leadership; passionate love and friendship; laughing out loud (for real).

The chart for this new Moon is a coming together with three other planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) in this vital fire sign. If you’ve been dragging around lately, it’s a chance to reclaim what’s been lost, and stoke your own inner fire. Being a fixed sign, this infusion of Leo fire can dislodge you from the passive, ho-hum, shadow of yourself, automaton life many of us fall into. It can be a new beginning that propels you down a more active, self-created path, if you take the first bold Leap.

…..Leo inspires acts of creativity that emerge from the heart of the Self. That makes this new Moon an ideal time to set intentions that re-energize your inner artist.

Continue reading her entire article here: New Moon in Leo

Needless to say it’s an exciting time for alchemizing our very existence.¬†We are infinitely creative beings here to evoke the remembrance of desires we have kept deeply hidden in our hearts. This is an opportune and timely alignment of energies for really bringing forth the authenticity of your heart and expressing it in its most beautiful light, outward to all from within.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

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