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A Message from Blue Jay


Rest, city errands, cleaning out my closet, finalizing things, and cleansing rains upon completion of it all were the themes of the day and a half stop over in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. We had a completely private little haven camp site surrounded by trees and lawn making it a perfect sanctuary for all of this, but it was Blue Jay who was the highlight. Since we didn’t venture out except for errands and a late linner upon arrival, his coming to me was definitely noted for a message of presence, wise and balanced use of personal power, resourceful adaptability for ease,.creative self expression and assertion, and bringing higher thoughts into action.


He sat in the tree next to my window, moving from branch to branch incessantly talking away to get my attention and peering into the window. His voice shifted into varying degrees of communication, but he was definitely on a mission and the message was coming from a deep, powerful place within him, despite his size. He was confident and assertive, but also soft and majestic.


His beautiful blue immediately connects me to the power of the throat chakra and its symbolism of creative self expression, sound and song, and having something to communicate that is unique to my voice. He seems to be saying “get to it!” with his loud expressions that went on for about 10 minutes, as he leaned forward toward the window.

Of course synchronously I’ve been aching to get back to my focuses that indeed utilize my gift of creative expression and communicating through my individual works in process. Where I had reservation on clarity of the messages and my ability to communicate them before, there is no need now and I have felt a readiness and timeliness.

Blue Jay comes to share it is time to embrace, develop, and apply your gifts to their fullest. You cannot afford to neglect them. And when bringing higher thoughts into action, unlimited potentials await you.

There’s no need to seek or call attention to anything, only a need to respond to what’s before you and to the world.



Blue Jay reminds us to sink into the comfort of ourselves where ever we are. To assert our personal truth and authenticity, and to communicate what feels to express that in any given moment.

This bringing to mind personal boundaries and undoing any repressive tendencies we have.

Blue Jay seems to own her/his space and knows how to focus and call the shots in her/his life of when, where, how, and with whom and what to use their energy.

They bring a message of embracing life to the fullest no matter where you are and engaging in that which you love at all times.

They shine a light of brightness to any situation and can see you through the darkness as well, bringing to light the shadow in which you can utilize to create greater potency with the gifts you bring forth.

Blue Jay embodies a presence of knowing her/his gifts, but knowing is not enough. They know the importance of cultivating them and bringing them forth with wise use of discernment.

Their appearance seems to call you forth into this realization and knowing that the time is here where all that you’ve learned so far is ready for the next evolution of expression with great clarity and vibrancy.

I did some researching into Blue Jay and found that the word “jay” come from the Latin word “Gaea” meaning Mother Earth. And since they are aviary brothers and sisters, with a crest that reaches into the heavens, they directly link us with both Earth and Universal/Cosmic energies, bridging them for integration and active expression of divinity brought into embodiment.

I also found that in Native symbolism their gorgeous blue that mirrors the sky is said to indicate a double vision or double clarity that symbolizes their/your ability to express the purity and truth of your heart and soul and to have great clarity of thought when bringing that forth to share with others.

I loved that my beautiful Blue Jay friend appeared at this time and that he spent time preening himself and exposing his soft under feathers inbetween his communicating with me.

To me this spoke to knowing one’s self worth, that what you have to share is of value, that self nurturing is important, and the tenderness of this act toward self is a reminder that the way we bring forth our personal power can have a soft, gentle essence at the core of the clarified, strength of expression.



Little Boy Blue ~Tarot With Cosmo & Tania Marie

Just a little sparkly message from Cosmo to support those creative nudges you’re feeling.

Yes, this is the perfect time to listen to your inner nudges and begin anew.

You know what is calling to you…trust that inner voice and encourage your soul child.

Full SuperMoon in Aquarius Energy – July 22nd, 2013

full moon aquarius

Artist: Susan Seddon Boulet – Aquarius

I’ve found myself in the last week or two needing more rest, sleeping deeply, dreaming a lot, and waking up a bit later than usual. There is a lot going on in the inner realms and to trust and embrace the needs to retreat and nurture what is within is essential. This allows for things to naturally percolate while you are still actively engaged in a state of awareness, even if not fully “acting upon” at the moment. This will support leaps to take place as direct result.

It’s really important to become more and more acutely aware of your vibration and frequencies moment to moment and when and what seems to drive it up and down. It’s essential to find your center and realize that everything that takes you away from this is simply a temporary story that is not aligned with your highest vision of the soul and an illusion that does not have power over you unless you give it power.

Sitting in stillness of mindfulness is a powerful place and the energies for today are supporting this, as shared in Laura Brunos’ Oracle Report for today. It’s always nice to see we are synchronously feeling in alignment.

Here is a short summary of the Full Moon energy we are immersed in today:

This is a time to be the beauty of who you are and to express your truth and creative self-expression as is aligned with your highest. What you put out there right now in intention is powerful. This is a time to realize your power and say “yes” and “no” firmly, and mean it with all of your heart. It’s also a time to take stock of your energy and see how it can best be used efficiently, realizing where you are focusing over-time in areas that no longer are deserving of your energy, time, resources – be it job, relationship, or any other focus. There should be a balance of giving and receiving in all that you do.

I’ve seen this play out in my own life, where I used to give and give, but the channels of receiving were not as open, which ultimately will block the energy flow in all areas of life to bring in your abundance. And in opening the receiving end in equal balance, it has been a hugely supportive shift that is in more natural alignment and creates so much more joy and benefit, not to mention harmony and release of false resentments.

Everything has to be able to spiral in cycles, flow freely, move in and out. So really stay aware of your energy and vibration and see where things are blocked, unbalanced, where there are fears or you are focused on things taking away your attention or adding unnecessary anxiety. Have you become comfortable with and found a way to “put up” with things that are not aligned and limiting? Where are you placing your attention and how might it be helping you to avoid what your Higher Self set out for you this life?

People use all sorts of vices, including relationships and “only” focusing on helping others, and turn their backs on the relationship with themselves. It’s a common, but mis-interpreted thought that this is selfish and once again takes us back to the point that you haven’t anything real and lasting to provide others, if you haven’t taken care of your own needs. And by aligning with your soul authenticity, you will discover your divine collective service that flows naturally and without karmic creation or hidden resentments and one-sidedness.

It’s time to heal the healer and come to know the dance with your essence. Release all that doesn’t serve, that distracts, that blocks…and reveal your authenticity so that it can help you laser focus from the heart.

There is a lot of energy now supporting you to be more courageous and confident and feel ready to really take some bold leaps in your life with greater trust and inner knowing. Aquarius is also very altruistic and expansive in terms of your connection to the collective and community – in essence – cocreation. It’s also a very progressive, forward-thinking and moving sign that assists us in learning to be unconditional, unattached, and authentically compassionate from a place of power. And Leo, where the Sun currently is, will assist us in realizing the balance of how this comes about most productively and efficiently, when we know our true selves and bring forth our radiant heart’s self-expression and creative power.

You come to be of greatest service when you have learned to serve your truth.

And the Aquarius Full Moon reminds you that everything can be, and is, more fun when done together as this cohesive experience. Balance is always key. And learning discernment and timing for logic and intuition and when to take action and when to rest and be still is what we are learning.

It is time for you to be who you really are despite anything anymore. Do not be afraid to be you. While it may seem you are being different than many around you, I assure you that once “you” step out, not only will you feel more alive and realize there was nothing to fear, but you will suddenly find yourself drawing in others doing the same as you. This is where to focus – not on the vibrations that take you away from this, but that lead you further toward you.

There’s a focus with this Full Moon on energy and what you do with it, how you express it, and how well you’ve learned to process and manage it. In general, I feel this is our focus anyway, but being spot-lighted currently if you haven’t taken note already. You are an unlimited being and the creative potentials you have in how you want to perceive and utilize the energy is up to you. This is a time to exercise that. Aquarius is an air element so there is focus on the mind and shattering old patterns of thoughts and beliefs, releasing them fully so you can break out and explode into the more freeing expression of you.

Don’t be surprised if there is a feeling of build-up right now, or irritations being heightened. It’s merely sharing that you can no longer compress and repress things. If you just allow things to release through creative expression you can avoid having a blow out or shattering take place to your life. Taking responsibility, you can release things little by little and assist the process to be more natural and manageable than if you continue avoiding it and having it explode.

You can’t afford to hold anything in or back anymore. It’s going to come up and out whether you like it or not. Do whatever you are drawn to, to release it, but do it – be it exercise, dancing, writing, singing, painting, etc., express and do it, but with the awareness that it is for the highest good of all concerned.

Yes, your shadow aspects are at center stage, but realizing they are friend, not foe, you can utilize their assistance in integrating their messages for wholeness. Be gentle with yourself and others. There is no need for blame, only the courage to take responsibility for the now moment you can change it all in.

Creative power is one of your most valuable gifts available innately to you. It’s sad to see it forgotten and underutilized. Make it a goal to harness it from here on out. It is your ability to be creative and keep challenging your unlimitedness that will assist you in integrating things with greater ease, efficiency, and harmony. It will also keep you in your center and able to realize you can always get back there if momentarily taken off-center with less and less down time.

This Full Moon allows the visionary you to come to forefront, to be inspired with vision for creative action on a global level. You are capable now of changing your way of thinking and feeling towards a more expansive experience that has profound effects and reach for the highest good in collective and future productivity.

Finding the balance of emotion and intellect, you can harness a powerful source and force for inspired creation. Trust, flow, allow, let go, and be willing…You are in process of creating a new reality with clarity of vision that will contribute to the New Earth experience that has lasting effects because it takes into account all aspects of your highest soul vision in relation to the collective.

Creating in My “Temple of Silence”

joy-artMy office/art studio is a cosmic sea of canvases, crystals, sacred treasures, and magical beings, as I immerse in the powers of creativity in my temple space this last week.

And while it may look like a sea of “stuff”, none of it is random or cluttered, but rather woven into the perfect essence of the vibe currently channeling in here. There is a powerful stillness that vibrates the minute you set foot inside.

I have canvases galore (17 total) all over and crystals spread out everywhere (some of which are my own, some that are being infused in sacred paintings, and others that I haven’t had time yet to post) and Miss Joy has been my very loyal and loving partner, assisting me with everything, while Gaia transmits through the energy waves.

You can see Joy pictured here in her chewed up little house that sits next to my canvas where I paint. Sometimes she hangs there or in a little ball next to me. And other times she is smack up against the speakers to my stereo, as she loves the music mom plays and loves to feel the vibration against her physical body.

Her support really helps me with accessing what is to come through.

While I create I’m always immersed in music that takes my soul on a journey. It is in the frequencies of the music, that I can be free in that “no mind”, but “all heart” space.

The energy in my room is pretty potent right now and flowing in creative and magical abundance.

The song posted below is one of my favorite musical journeys to channel creativity with (will be again after this post) – always allowing the energy to draw in the mirroring music to assist. It mirrors the feeling and essence of where I journey in the in-between void of pure creation from my “Temple of Silence.” I can’t help but “physically” be moved by the very soft undertones in the background of ancient primal energy that is over-layed in the celestial. And so one will find me, while I paint, in a sacred dance. Perfect harmony to me for balance and drawing from the core forth.

While you listen and watch the beautiful images, I hope they carry you into your own creatively self-expressive journey of empowerment or simply provide you 9 minutes of silent “being”.

My Personal Alchemy of Creative Expression – Symbolism of the Leo New Moon

Change is a constant in life that is easier when we flow with it rather than fight it. And for those that know me, it is a continually, pretty dramatic constant in mine indeed. I’m a creature of symbolism and live a symbolic life. I’m also a visionary artist and thrive on creative expression and finding ways to imbue energy, feelings and alchemy into and through what I create.

My sacred and symbolic body art

That is no surprise, if you’ve seen my tattoos and read my book, Spiritual Skin, or if you follow this blog and have seen any of my paintings or sacred tattoo designs. I pay attention to signs, I experience synchronicity, I find joy in walking the magick path, and I channel and express everything in symbolic and creatively loving ways whether on my person, in my personal environment and sacred space, or through my work. Creativity is a magical and powerful energy that is vital to exercise and cultivate through love.

I often share of the transformations and shifts I go through very publicly and vulnerably, as I feel experiences shared can assist others in ways we are not even aware at just the right moment needed. Following and encouraging our hearts to be open allows us to connect so deeply with others we may never meet, simply by creating energetic doorways.

I’ve been experiencing another huge shift lately that feels so lovely in gentle, soul caressing ways, even though some of the outer expressions of that may seem abrupt or dramatic to others. Or maybe they won’t, since everything seems to be in much more natural flow these days, but either way, it’s a joyous time and an empowering time and life continues to get more magickal and amazing to me.

I’ve recently shared about new tattoos I’ve gotten and will be here shortly, healings that have taken place, and in general, new phases of my work being revealed and the expressions of them shifting in process as well, along with a lot of new perceptions on everything in my life – and integrating how that manifests. I also shared recently about physical changes, as in going back to 90% + high raw vegan, cleaning out and restructuring my closet and wardrobe (a really fun and cleansing thing for me), shifting around my personal space, and hinting at a new hair change, which entails lightening and empowering myself with short locks (cutting likely what will be just over 13″ off)! Yay! And all of these changes will continue, as that is life…an ever-evolving experience of loving, co-creation.

But back to my hair, which excites me in the symbolism and extra liberating energy I feel it is about to assist in ushering in, along with an authenticity that mirrors me currently. Usually when I get a hit on something, an epiphany, an idea, or whatever you want to call it, and it clicks, there’s no hesitation. I just do it. Of course I make sure it is aligned with what I feel to be most honoring of myself, but I don’t wait around to allow any nerves, fears or over-analyzing to kick in and take over. That isn’t to mean I don’t address things with discernment, but I don’t feed the unauthentic parts of myself with any more than embracing they are there, allowing what they bring up to move through me, thanking them for what they have shown me, and releasing them back to where they came from and empowering what I know to be me. There are times when I just channel something and I know it’s what I feel drawn to as my truth, regardless of whether or not I understand the whys yet, as I receive things sometimes way before the rest catches up. In which case, I also will follow that strong nudge. But this time, even though I had to wait about four weeks (less than the almost 6 it would have been) from onset of my getting the nudge, I knew there was power in waiting and I can see how everything in between has really been instrumental to what is being alchemized into creation.

I already had a regular hair trimming appointment scheduled, but the date felt so long off, and suddenly I felt to look at when the New or Full Moon was approaching, as I remember once a friend of mine had shared about how it was good to cut your hair on and around those times, for maximum benefit to hair – and stylists seem to agree saying that trimming or cutting your hair when the moon is just entering a New Moon phase will perpetuate hair growth.

Later I realized how it aligned the energy also to you as a whole and what you are creating, as the astrological influences surrounding the Moon phases will have a personal and collective effect. I’ve sometimes made my appointments around these times, but not consistently. However, since I had the nudge, this time felt important to look at doing that again especially feeling the potency of things currently and what I’m looking to create. Originally my appointment was for the 28th, which was between the Full Moon of Pisces on the 31st (the Blue Moon) and the New Moon of Leo on the 17th. I felt drawn to both and both would indeed carry their own great energy, but my gut went with the Leo New Moon and that day approaches this Friday.

Ute York – a hairstylist who worked according to the moon phases for 15 years – shares this in his book, Living By The Moon:

Hair is an energy carrier. Hair is as sensitive as it’s owner and needs a certain vibration in order to feel well.

In order to promote faster growing hair, it’s better to cut it around the time of the New Moon Phase. And, in order to promote thicker and fuller hair, it needs to be cut during the Full Moon Phase.

If the ends are trimmed on these 2 days, it will continue growing without impedence.

He has found that when men regularly get hair cut with the moon in the sign of Leo, their hair improves and becomes stronger. (this likely works for women too)

American astrologer Linda Goodman says if you want your hair short then continue cutting during the Full Moon; it will not grow back as fast. However if you want it to grow back quickly, trim regularly at the New Moon, even just a tiny bit. Then you will realize your hair is growing much faster.

Fire – #1 in my In Lak’ech Series – emanating fire alchemy from within

We are approaching the New Moon in Leo this Friday 8/17/12 and so too do I simultaneously approach the culmination of a personally symbolic transformational day. However, this energy is available to all of us at this time. The magic of the Leo New Moon highlights personal changes and can specifically result in dramatic appearance changes as a result. A time to radiate from within, and allow vibrant self-expression and inspiration to emerge and be shared with others.

As Molly Hall shares in her article New Moon in Leo ~ Be a Luminary:

New Moon in Leo themes: making time for play; fanning the creative flames; standing in your personal power; celebrating your unique story; going on an adventure; radiating confidence to be Big; taking delight in something; risking growth through creativity; stepping into leadership; passionate love and friendship; laughing out loud (for real).

The chart for this new Moon is a coming together with three other planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus) in this vital fire sign. If you’ve been dragging around lately, it’s a chance to reclaim what’s been lost, and stoke your own inner fire. Being a fixed sign, this infusion of Leo fire can dislodge you from the passive, ho-hum, shadow of yourself, automaton life many of us fall into. It can be a new beginning that propels you down a more active, self-created path, if you take the first bold Leap.

…..Leo inspires acts of creativity that emerge from the heart of the Self. That makes this new Moon an ideal time to set intentions that re-energize your inner artist.

Continue reading her entire article here: New Moon in Leo

Needless to say it’s an exciting time for alchemizing our very existence. We are infinitely creative beings here to evoke the remembrance of desires we have kept deeply hidden in our hearts. This is an opportune and timely alignment of energies for really bringing forth the authenticity of your heart and expressing it in its most beautiful light, outward to all from within.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

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