Whimsical Wednesdays Dragons & Mythical Beings: Releasing Primal Patterns & Revealing Dreamscapes – Part 3

Today’s blog post concludes the intuitively guided series of connected dreamscapes that felt important to share, as they are layered with coded messages beyond what I’m even reflecting in interpretation. I’ve been sharing them after having integration time and letting them process behind the scenes, so in fact today’s dream is actually one I had on the night of Tuesday 2/2/21 of last week. You can read or revisit Part 1 and Part 2 at the links provided.

This dream is a little bit different and also connects my most recent sacred tattoo design project I’ve been working on, as you’ll see – I love how everything is always interconnected and aligned in timing.

On 2/2 the dream took me through a sequence of really big magick happening. I can’t even begin to describe what all was unfolding, but it was layered and all-encompassing, spanning across the Earth collective, but in a multi-dimensional way. I remember looking down in my hands and seeing a book in them that I received from an unknown/anonymous or unseen source. All I saw on the cover was, “Part 1,” in large lettering. I saw that there were two other books that had been given to two other people and theirs read, “Part 2 and Part 3” in the same big lettering. I remember knowing one of the people who had the second book – a student of mine – and the third was someone more distantly connected, but connected nonetheless.

Telepathically I was given the message that the books contained alchemical instructions for collective change, woven into story form. We each had been given the books because they were part of our path to help decipher, invoke as embodiment, and share/spread.

Then big animals appeared – again like in Part 1 – but this time singularly and slowly. The first I remember seeing more clearly was some kind of giant, ancient bird-like creature. I said an inward message on a telepathic level to whom ever was making them appear that was something like, “These others are not enough (referring to the animals being sent my way). If you want more from me you’ll need to bring on more.” Then that bird-like creature mutated into a huge dragon with an energetic force like nothing else. I had no fear. I was ready for something I felt was coming next.

The dragon infused me with its energy. I’m not sure if it blew it into me through its etheric, fiery breath or if it just transferred it through the strength of its emanation, but it was so massive in strength that I was pushed back a few steps by the thrust of its power. And as I stepped back, keeping solid balance without falling over, my legs sunk into the Earth with their touch and where I stood, a deep hole was created beneath me by the energy I now had within and that made me heavier and larger energetically than my small frame would otherwise seem to embody. The dirt felt very cool and soft – almost light like flour. The hole created by the energy impact was like one a dragon or dinosaur might be able to create with thrusts of their weight and power. So, it was as if the dragon and I had become one.

The dragon then told me that it was time to use all of my powers to support the collective. I was to activate all of my inner parts and then transfer them to others so we could create change – create the next Earth experience.

An ivory tipped wand appeared in my hand, which looked exactly like the one I have and was holding in some of the photos from my Winter Solstice Visual Spell to Activate the Light Within blog. I was then waving the wand and pointing it at person after person, transferring and activating within them, the same within that was awakened from the activation transferred to me.

And the dream ended, or that’s all I remember.

Of course the giant and prehistoric animal theme carrying both primal and primordial energy continues to weave through with the ancient bird-like creature and the dragon. And although there is some personal messaging in this and the other dreams, there is still the collective symbolism shining through.

Simplistically, the three part books spoke to the three part blogs, but in more complexity they feel to foretell that there may be three parts or processes collectively to go through, as the Earth evolves into this new paradigm. They also feel like different groups of souls that will be involved in each layer, in their own time, or coming of age based on the gifts they carry. Each person given a book felt to represent each of these soul groups energetically, so they were simply coming through an individual as a symbol of that energy. The three parts also felt like a personal message layered in there that has to do with my individual path and work to be shared, as its own piece.

The multi-dimensional big magick happening at the beginning feels like the alchemical process we’re involved in that will continue to expand and reveal itself.

I really loved the part where I said, “If you want more from me, you’ll need to bring on more,” referencing that what was being given so far although impressive, simply wasn’t enough. This spoke not just to my own courage and readiness for the bigger stuff, but as a representative of one of the groups, or collective at large since in fact these feel like collective dream messages, that we are all saying on some level that we’re ready for much more. “Give me all you got.” πŸ˜‰

Enter the powerful dragon.

The dragon infusing me with its energy felt once again to be a DNA activation, much like the T-Rex of Part 1 had done through my crown chakra.

The hole beneath me felt like a deepening and grounding into greater embodiment and while larger in energy, the dirt remained soft and fluffy…So, in fact the core, root, and underground layers we’re peeling away are not as dense and sticky moist as we thought, but instead are easier to move through and lighter than we would have imagined, once we penetrate the outer layers protecting the soft, vulnerable core.

Things only seem hard, impossible, or slow, but in fact once we embrace our authentic powers, then the process can be lighter than we imagined.

The hole in the Earth felt like a transformation to the surface of things, morphing into a new terrain of experience that runs deeper than meets the eye.

The two of us becoming one – dragon and me – is a transmutational merging of energies, as well as the difference between a dragon slayer and dragon master.

The dragon slayer sees herself/himself to be separate from the dragon and that all it stands for in its primordial ways is something to fight, conquer, or destroy. These are the enemy. So the two will always be separate and one will always lose or win in a vicious, repetitive circle.

The dragon master sees no difference between the dragon and herself/himself and all that it stands for is a part of both of them. Therefore there is no enemy. Nothing to fight, conquer, or destroy. Only something to embrace, love, and understand for its value. So there are no longer two – only One. And they merge more powerful than either ever was on their own.

So my facing the dragon without fear and taking in its fiery energy transference, spoke to that transmutation into wholeness of power. Again, feeling much more collective than simply something I was individually going through and yet creating a trickle effect by doing so, myself.

The dragon saying it was time to use all of my powers and inner parts and transfer them to others spoke to me how we keep being told that the time is now. That what we’ve been waiting for and whom we’ve been waiting for is here now…is us. And there’s no greater time than to bring forth all that you are, shine your light, and by doing so will be supporting others to do the same. Transfer the power to one another through your individual gifts. Share the nuggets of awareness, spread the love, speak the language as only you can, through your specific frequency. Realize that every bravely kind encounter activates something within each other. This change from the inside will create the change on the outside.

The wand was an activation of awakening to everyone encountered. It speaks to being a conduit for love and awakening thread to thread of the tapestry, each in their own way. Some perhaps more visual and outwardly active, and others behind the scenes or quietly active. It also seemed to reiterate or confirm the guidance I received in sharing that Visual Spell blog to help activate the light within. Although this dream came after that, there is no time in the dream world and one might even say that this dragon dream experience was before that one and what I did through that Winter Solstice blog was a result of the activation transfer and message received “later.”

I find the primal or primordial energy thread in these dreams to be an alchemical key to our collective unfolding. And they are showing up in waking life as well. There have been other smaller confirmations of dinosaurs, dragons, and ancient winged creatures, but far too many to document all, so I focus on the main ones that speak louder. As I shared about the T-Rex statue and Dinosaur Museum sign confirmations in Part 1, the primal energy of Boojum our male cat in Part 2, and for Part 3 the waking life confirmations of these came through my recent sacred tattoo design project, as well as a close encounter in the forest.

The former being another first for some “Spiritual Skin” creations.

Synchronously, I’ve been working on a pair of sacred dragon tattoo designs for a mother and daughter. Each to have their own dragon and energy, but connected via some of the elements woven into the designs. The daughter is a Fire Dragon and the mother is a Water Dragon in Chinese Astrology. We added their birth or chosen flowers, symbols and Runes for their elements, the Moon and Sun/Fire Ball, and some connective Runes for both of them along with a touch of Cosmic Starry essence. (I might share more photos/info in another blog post upcoming.)

One is a Water Dragon Fae Queen and one is a Fire Dragon Empress.

This project was commissioned long before the dream and the timing of their creation was in order of completing the ones before them. This placed the dragons at the time, and integration after, of the dream. Fire and Water feeling especially potent to the alchemy of merging these powerful elements. Every time I work on a design it not only feels important for the person it is created for, but always carries collective support as a portal of activation on all fronts through that individual’s activation.

Much like the message of the dream to share the power with others that we activate within ourselves.

Then there was the close encounter, which took place this past weekend. We went snow shoeing after and during snow storms where we are in very fresh, deep snow. We have a huge forest and mountainous area right behind the place we’re staying, much like at home where we can hike or snow shoe out the back door.

We took some photos along the day’s adventure, which included this one:

It felt like a deliberate, perfect structure and the energy was strange. I was wondering in the back of my mind of what creature might have made it and often joke with Dave about Sasquatch on our hikes. We found some odd tracks that led to this structure that were not human. We thought perhaps a large animal had made its way through the very deep snow by what they appeared like…maybe a moose. It was a very quiet day and we could hear the trees creaking in the wind and no one else out, unlike the last weekend where we had come across several people. I had a strange feeling, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then I posted the photo, not thinking more of it, and a magickal friend of mine in Ireland relayed that it was an actual Big Foot/Sasquatch structure and that according to “experts” the cross marks the perimeter end of their territory. I used to watch many of the sightings programs back in the day, but had forgotten much of these kinds of details. Then two more confirmations of the same information came in from separate sources. It confirmed the feeling I had and while many might not believe in these beings or think they belong in the mythical creatures category of fireside storytelling, there are those of us who feel otherwise being that we live in a multi-dimensional world where portals, different timelines, and otherworlds merge. These make anything possible.

Regardless of fact or fiction, the connection that was brought to awareness of a primitive and primal creature with ancient or prehistoric connections, still held the theme of these dreams.

Now the energies and encounters were crossing dream into waking life and the merging of hidden into the light continues.

Interestingly, a few days after the dragon activation dream, I had a wedding dream. The dream was my own wedding happening all over in a different way, but again what’s mine is yours, so to speak. πŸ™‚ It was being orchestrated on some other level from behind the scenes (much like I felt ours on Summer Solstice was) and being taken care of and put together without my having any part in it, but showing up. It was taking place in an expansive space with many people and an other-dimensional feel to it. I remember thinking this is odd, I’m already married, already had the wedding, but it was happening on a different plane of existence parallel to the other.

This isn’t Part 4, but a new beginning from all of this – a merging of parts, like the marriage of yin and yang partners, a symphony of new and primal/primordial notes, the partnering of elemental dragons within a family, and dream and waking life as one.

I believe we will continue to experience more cross-overs the more we create bridges through the portals of our hearts. Then we’ll realize separation is a choice and not a given.

Please take or leave what you choose from any of this. I share as I’m guided. I’m just being my part.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    From our beautiful Dreamer, Tania:

  2. Excellent dreams, Tania. I have had dreams with dogs, cats, otters, giant bears, horses… and pink rhinos?

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    β€œIf you want more from me, you’ll need to bring on more!” My FAVORITE part!! It made me smile and laugh because I could totally picture you saying that! Thank you for sharing these dreams/experiences. They always bring a parallel depth to understanding openings/dreams that I’m receiving behind the scenes and on a soul level too, and help me to β€˜see’ and identify the connections that are entwined in my 3D flesh! LOVE YOU!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’žβœ¨πŸ’«πŸ’«
    New Tattoo designs are amazing…..as always!
    (I happen to adore (with all my heart) the dragon that’s part of mine! Still in awe of how you captured her essence so completely/perfectly! xx.

    • Lol! That part was funny to me too πŸ˜‚ you’re πŸ™ welcome! I’m so glad that sharing them has been reflective. I have so many dreams every night that are vivid with messages, as I know you do too, but I only share what I’m nudged to. It’s good to hear confirmation of those.
      Last night was quite the dream series that took place and one included my sweet tortoise Gaia. 🐒
      I know you’ve been moving mountains of energy so I can see how these connect πŸ˜‰
      Thank you so much about the new designs!
      I’m so happy you love your dragon… she’s a special one. She’s you!

  4. This post is filled with magic, insights, courage, and compassion. I too chuckled at you proclaiming to bring it on! You’re a brave little wand waving dragon slayer! 🧚I have not been active in physical or dreamtime, at least that I’m aware of. But I resonate with your insights on merging the physical and ethereal with open hearts. Beautiful dragon designs. Thank you.

    • aw thanks so much Brad!!! i love that you could feel all of that within the share and that you also got a fun giggle out of my boldness LOL!! it was fun to know that my subconscious doesn’t have fear…kind of says to me that we carry these fears perhaps only as accepted beliefs. anyway, i bet that nature, faery and peace loving soul that you are has a lot of dream experiences even if you aren’t remembering them and from what i see in your photos, poetry, and shares, you simply are being a heart bridge actively in your life. ❀ i so appreciate your compliments on the dragons ❀ sending you some enchanted wishes and warmest hugs

  5. I have found these posts to say so much. Thank you sweet T. I felt timing was interesting since about a week ago I had a very vivid, detailed dream that i awoke from in the middle of the night. It felt prophetic, it was crystal clear and it had basically shared with me much of what is going on means, how it ties to what is unfolding and also what the ultimate ending will be and look like ( using ending loosely since everything is eternal, but you get the drift.) I felt so much peace and upliftment, that any worry or concerns I may have had evaporated. The feeling was so strong and clear I knew I would remember it all. So I fell back asleep in this warmth of well being for all. When I wake in the morning I still had the feeling and still a knowing if you will, but absolutely no memory of the details. I just feel that it’s more about the knowing and how that changes my interactions as I walk in the world from this point forward. I’m truly impressed of your memories and how you were able to communicate them here. Love you bunches. Very interesting about the wedding too

    • i so appreciate reading your reflection on these recent posts and how you’ve received a lot from them. you’re welcome dear D!! and i always love to hear the synchronicities and interesting experiences you share. especially interesting that you had such a vivid precognitive dream during the same time period. it sounds super powerful with all of that coming through! i can feel the depth even without the details….just through your words. i love what you share about receiving peace and lightness from it, as i do feel that part of why we are receiving such clear messages and visions is to assist us in anchoring into peace even if we don’t know when or exactly how things will happen…in this way helping to create more calm collectively, and to also help us to be anchors and bridges for others with more stability and grace. given all the work you do and the care giving, i imagine that is very helpful in these roles. and what you described about waking and with absolute clarity and not feeling you needed to write it down, but then waking and forgetting, but still “knowing” is something i’ve had a lot too. in these cases, it feels like it’s not necessary to carry forth the details..just the essence, as you’ve shared. because it’s within us regardless. sometimes we can get hung up on the details. and even ego can get in the way of being “right” about something, or trying to maneuver things to fit the details in our lives…so it can be better left unknown. that’s all to reiterate what you said about the knowing being key above all else. you expressed this all so beautifully! and yes the wedding part was something else…love you bunches too! i can’t remember when your eye surgeries are coming, but feels soon? but interesting you had such vision in your dream πŸ˜‰

      • Thank you for your wonderful reply to my comment. You put it all so well, saying just the right words to explain it to where we all can understand.
        Well the eye surgeries seem to keep moving farther out, which I find interesting. I was referred to surgeon, but didnt hear from them. Then I called and they hadnt received referral so I asked it be sent again and I still havent heard from them. I will call again next week. I’m almost wondering if my sight is in the midst of changing, maybe that’s the delay. We will see. I also had identity theft happen a few weeks ago. I feel like this is all tied in together but not sure how. So I will do like you, observe and see what happens.

      • that IS very interesting about your eye surgery on delay…there’s indeed something shifting and aligning with it all. i’m so glad you flow with things as you do. it makes all the difference. the identity theft with it is also interesting…feels like you are perhaps leaving behind an old you and in process of emerging anew…i’m interested to see how things continue to blossom for you ❀

      • Thankvyou for confirming the feeling I am getting as well. Heres to the new for each of us and our world. Love you bunches

      • love being in sync with you! love you ❀ ❀ ❀ kisses to Miracle

      • 😘😘 love you too and kisses to Astrid

  6. Reblogged this on Tania Marie and commented:

    I found it quite synchronous that I stumbled upon this post today, just two years and ONE day later. How’s that for timing? When I reread the dream at the beginning I got the strong nudge to reblog it for its collective messaging – not just my own. There’s so much in it that I feel reflects so much currently taking place and some supportive words toward that. It was also interesting that Faery sis Laura had reblogged a post herself today titled Synchronicity and Inner Guidance: https://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2023/02/11/synchronicity-and-inner-guidance-2/ to which I immediately texted her because the opening paragragh dream tidbits directly reflected things in my own life that were too ironically funny not to share. In any event, I feel the underscoring of paying attention to signs, messages, intuitive nudges, and also to the thoughts and feelings you are carrying and speaking moment-to-moment.

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