Checking In, Some Thoughts & New Guided Meditation

I was guided to pop on and do a check-in with everyone. How are you all doing and feeling?

I’ve heard from so many, directly and indirectly, about how the current energies, especially tied in with the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, have been quite a wild ride and intense on various levels.

One person told me that this has been “the strangest year so far for me” after experiencing back-to-back challenges and others have chimed in with similar. I’ve also heard about a lot of injuries and illnesses, or experiences of difficulty where normally manifesting has been easy.

So please take care out there. High presence as a priority feels vital.

It’s interesting that bear energy has continued to be around – I’ve heard from two friends who had very big messaging from in-person bears and I’ve been feeling them strongly. One evening even our female cat felt the one I did in the forest, as she and I both sat up on alert, looking toward the window. I never saw it, but she sensed it, and we both heard movement out in the brush.

Trusting instincts, deepening into intuitive guidance, opening a new primal connection within, learning how to navigate the limitless and nondefinitive path, having the courage to surrender to your true creative freedom and both balancing and transmuting duality, stand out with these versions of bear coming forward. True, there is also the nurturing, boundaries, and leadership aspects as well, but I’m seeing different layers speaking.

Overall continued messages seem to point to slowing down, checking in, and grounding with the guidance of your heart and spirit, rather than operating on cruise control patterns dictated by other forces.

These days I focus a lot on lifestyle crafting to match the now me. This includes aligning myself, decreasing stress and sources of stress, nurturing self, resting and being as much as I need, tons of nature time and connecting with my animal companions and crystals, exercising and moving energy – mostly outdoors and only fluid forms like rowing indoors, eating healthy and delicious food, practicing intentional and organic processes, expressing creatively, deepening presence, and moderating anything in my day that seems heightened or sped up, returning it back to a harmonious place of balance that feels in line with the nature of me.

Making something a practice is about your own creation of reality from moment to moment. The vehicles you use and the awareness you implement are all tools to support your process of practice.

Everything that I think, believe, and do can be, and is, an intention placed in motion – and for some that could even be described as casting a spell. One needn’t be or identify with witchyness, to cast spells. Our clear intentions, accompanied with heart-matched backing, and any process you implement that feels creatively potent, can become a sacred ritual or spell.

Life can be an organic meditation that you refine as an intentional practice.

And when you’re able to find a way to even make things that you don’t like doing into a meditational practice, or at least see the potential there to shift something into an intentional process, you shift your relationship to things and start to integrate the contrasts and potential conflicts in your life into a more merged and blended experience that isn’t so “this or that.”

Your perception shifts and that always makes a huge difference.

I’ll use cleaning and organizing as an example. Even though I happen to love these processes, I know not everyone does. So, I’ll share briefly how I make them enjoyable and potent.

Not only do I see how cleaning and organizing literally clears my sacred space for living and creating, but it also is a vehicle to do the same in other areas of my life by intentionally holding that connection around it, as I move the energy.

As I clear out what is no longer needed or being used, keep, repurpose, or redecorate/recreate the things that are useful, scrub away and organize the build-up and confusion, wash and refresh things to new perspective, and beautify and change the feel of areas, I am making space for the new and letting go of or transmuting the old.

There is room to breathe, feel spacious, inspired, lighter, and more liberated.

I also love how cleaning and organizing inherently makes me ultra present and in the moment while I focus on the tasks at hand. I also find ways to activate and infuse it with fun like singing and dancing along the way. I don’t need to necessarily hold every detail in my mind of what I’m moving energy about in terms of my life while I am in process. I can simply have that intent at the start, or I can understand that my willingness to actively go through these motions is my invitation to those other areas of life to step forward and partner with me.

In the end, I feel so good. And even though it takes time and effort to do all of the tasks, I know that it’s a simple way to activate energy in my life and make the other parts I may have even less affinity to want to work on, easier to join the dance.

The same holds true for dreams.

Dreams are activated by action and guess what? Action needs dreams.

When we couple lifestyle changes and intentions to our days, we inherently create cohesive practices that support all areas of our experience.

If you want more of something, find a few minutes a day to invite it in. Even if that is through the routines you find less exciting.

You can make things a game where each task you complete is one step closer to an intention and each thing you clear away, is one less block hindering you. You feel more empowered with each move.

Empowerment is also about changing priorities and placing your hopes, dreams and wishes closer to the top of your list rather than on the bottom for when you have time or get such-and-such in place in order to feel you can focus on it.

Empowerment is also about honoring the authenticity of your heart where the true sugar sweetness is, without sugar-coating the rest.

These are just some things that came to me to share today in the current energy field of experience.

I’ve accomplished so much this past week with my cleaning and organizing intentions and got everything done indoors – including organized the garage and cleaned the winter-ridden floors from the caked on stuff this big season brought in on our tires. What a refresh indeed!

The so-called “delay” of outdoor yard work, due to ongoing moisture, was the perfect window aligned with focusing on all of this indoor stuff. However, I did get the party started there, as yesterday I swept all the outdoor decks, stairs, paths, and front porch clean and clear.

I’m now ready to rock-n-roll outside!

In the meantime, look at some of the beauties that are just as excited with this new energy to blossom forth in.

I’m loving all the colorful hyacinths rising to meet the Sun! They, like my crocus, are new this year.

New flowers. New life songs to sing!

Earth sings in flowers and so do I, along with singing in bunnies too.

Did I mention the abundance of wild rabbit poops everywhere outside? While sweeping and clearing around pots and plants I was in awe of the most pellet droppings I’ve ever seen even though the bunnies haven’t appeared yet in the flesh.

The paths are clear and fertile indeed.

Alongside space-making and opening pathways to the new, I also saw our cat Boojum through a sudden health challenge, as I mentioned in an earlier post, that literally started the eve Dave went underground.

All is well again with Mr. B and in fact, this time with him has been enriching. We shared some powerful conversations, understandings, and I was able to connect the dots to some things as well. I even channeled a song of integration for him on the way to the vet, which was potent. So much has shifted with him and on top of that we discovered that his kidney numbers that used to be high have now reversed to normal with changes we implemented. He does have a bit of an elevated thyroid, but this gave me great insight to implement new things. I’m working on one more angle he’s demonstrating to see if I can figure out a remedy, but I’m confident I can.

For now, we have a refreshed and energized Boojum boy. You know he’s feeling better when he’s doing the humpty dance with his Humpty Bear multiple times a day. LOL!

That Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse sure was an activator for this black cat and helped me to support a rebirthing there and ignited new pathways of understanding.

Alongside the above, Monday evening I volunteered to take over hosting the Meditation Meetup group for Dave, while he is away, which put me in a different space than my recent enjoyment of being more behind-the-scenes in that regard. Something was activated through the experience and I felt a new layer of my evolution shift. I think that being in that space prompted me to act on other recent nudges.

And that brings me to one of them – a new video with a guided meditation.

This is a very simple, but potent one that has been both a favorite of mine, as well as loved by those that I’ve shared it with in retreats, sessions, classes, and even our Meetup when we first started it.

People for years – since we lived in Costa Mesa, CA actually, have been asking if I would put my guided meditations and sound channelings into a format where they could access them. I’ve sent them in written form before, but they wanted to hear my voice. Well, I did start sharing the sound channelings already, but never got around to the other stuff. Monday evening, while my throat chakra was activated, I sat down and literally put together the video you see below in one shot.

Astrid was by my side as always. I love when she gives me the side eye.

I’m not about fuss and flash. I just do things when moved and want them as natural as possible…emanating essence is key to me. So, here is the guided meditation I chose for this video share. It’s called “The Emerald Bridge” of course. Anyone who knows me and has been with me over the years, knows the connection to that for me.

I feel this guided meditation can be one of the perfect ways to center and reconnect in these times with all the challenging energies being experienced, but also and as the description at the link shares, it is:

A guided meditation for centering, peace, love, serenity, expansion, empowerment, abundance, and greater connection. Use this any time you need to destress, recharge, ground, integrate, and feel more hope and support.

I hope you enjoy it, if you feel so called to be with it.

Please drop a comment at the video link about your experience, if you do.

And if you’re reading this blog post through your email, you’ll find that the video doesn’t show up there. You’ll have to actually click through the post and then you can play the video there or click on the title to go to YouTube and listen and comment there.

We’ll see how the energy moves me the rest of this week, as I feel the moment will prompt me for some other shares I’ve felt percolating. Creative energy is like an electric spark!

And speaking of that, a new crystal friend named Elektra just joined me and I just know her timing is divine. She’s a giant smoky cathedral quartz with rainbows, lightning strikes, and so much more. Let the electricity spark!

Just like this single daffodil sparking up the kitchen space and my heart each time I see her.

And if sparking, igniting, or refreshing something in your life feels supportive, we have just four potent crystal friends still awaiting to be seen. There’s in fact a rare, giant smoky quartz and several of the crystals have starbrary etchings (these are encoded cosmic information from different star lineages) and rainbows too. I’m actually a bit curious that they haven’t anchored in with their person yet. All in divine spark indeed! Weeeee! I wish I could post the videos I shared of them on my Instagram page, as their liveliness speaks through more, but videos are too large to embed so many of on this platform. If you do want to see or know more about any of the four, please ask: Crystal Cocreators

Love and peace filled, warm hugs from my heart to yours!

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  1. I love how the new just keeps unfolding in organic ways! We found two pieces of art on our trip, one for each bathroom, and those changes feel and look so expansive. They transport us to some of our favorite places and experiences.

    So glad Boojum’s feeling better. That photo still cracks me up. I literally LOL’d in the car for about five minutes after seeing it–most remembering his exhibitionist ways from my visit.

    And the new offerings around meditation, both hosting the group and your video–just wonderful! Love you so much, and thanks again for the Reiki surrounding my knee and our trip. ❤

    • Yes! It’s so fun how many ways things can evolve when we flow with things. The new art sounds great and I agree, even just one change can shift so much!

      Thank you about Boojum! He’s always been an interesting and entertaining one! Lol! Glad we could bring some giggles your way ☺️ 🤭

      And big thanks around the meditation stuff 💚 The meditation and mindfulness group was Dave’s idea. I think it’s been ongoing now a year already. When first started there were 3 of us that rotated hosting each week, but after a couple of months Dave naturally became the weekly facilitator, and he’s perfect at it and it’s perfect for him. I’ve enjoyed being in the background as support. I only volunteered to take over because he was away. It was fun as a one-off thing if needed, but not feeling called to do consistently. The variety of video shares though are fun when I’m inspired. I love organic and flowy expressions weeee!

      Love you so much too and you’re so so welcome! 💗

    • For added giggles, here’s a flashback for us that connects with Boojum as a fun hash tag #backinthesaddleagain 🤣🤭🤠 hope it makes you laugh!

  2. Lots of helpful and timely reminders for me like slowing down and being more intentional. Thank you dear Tania. 🙏❣️

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    I love this all…… and will be definitely doing your Emerald Bridge💚 meditation for some sacred nurturing on Mother’s Day to morrow!!!!!
    Still so relieved about sweet boy Boojum! 😘
    As you know~ Right alongside you with the massive spring clean/yard work~ feels soooooo good! Hooray!! xx

    • Awww hehe! 💗 that sounds so lovely! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! I’m so happy it will be a nurturing part of your day! Celebrating with my mom today and so relieved all around! It’s been quite the week and moving all that energy with cleaning up was perfect accompaniment. 🥰 YAY us!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!

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