5/5 Illuminating the Opportunity for Alchemy

With today’s Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ready to ignite, I’m sharing this post before I head into fuller days here, which involve more deepening and cocooning for a bit with the help of Nature and my Cosmic friends.

I feel this to be an extra opportune time for major changes to root by continuing to find ways to stay flexible, open wider to bigger picture perspectives, loosen my grip on any areas that could potentially have older approaches, ideas, or feelings lingering, and honor the voice within. Whenever I hear a voice different than mine, I drop into curiosity of how I can spread the reach of my compassion for, and realization of, wholeness.

I know in my past I was extra sensitive to lessening the blow for others, at the expense of my own feelings. Or made choices based on ingenious ways of talking myself around in circles that convinced me I knew what the highest good was, when in fact that happens naturally when we align and let go.

Things may look or unfold differently than our sneaky ego minds may want them to, or the way we hope to be seen by keeping the rosy tint on lenses for others when viewing us, yet these might just be ways to appease our fear and insecurities – not necessarily the highest good, as is within each individual’s path to approach their own way when we stop micro-managing and start being.

This may be a time for stepping away a bit more, relaxing, and taking it slow. The pause is highly underrated, but oh so very potent. Everything always feels urgent, wanting us to keep going, pushing, faster, meet those deadlines and self-imposed time restrictions, but these are unnatural frameworks that merely add layers of stress and take us out of being present and truly feeling.

I’ve found the slowing down to do wonders for me and whenever something tries to squeeze me into something other than that, I remind myself there’s no better place than right here, right now.

Sure, I may not have some visions of mine manifested yet, but that’s okay because the mere fact I can see them in my mind’s eye, imagination, and dreams and feel them so fully is because they do in fact exist on a timeline I’m tapping into. At some point this me will merge with it or won’t need to because it already is.

I feel that the slowing down is supporting retrieval and recreating from a stronger, more resilient and rooted place. A time for deepening, but not getting ahead of ourselves.

The weather, here, still keeps mirroring those steps back and leaps forward I keep talking about.

On Monday night – 5/1 – snow hit once again and persisted all day Tuesday – 5/2.

This followed gorgeous Spring to almost Summer-like days and a “calm before the storm” Monday afternoon, as you can see in the before and after photos of the collage below and the images above.

They show Monday’s hiking views in the day along the beach and then Tuesday morning’s contrast of Jack Frost’s return visit that brought about seven fresh new inches to our forest home by the time he was all done exciting in yet another snow dance.

We’ve continued having rainy days mixed with flurries and even hail that are predicted to continue, now, through the 6th.

Everything keeps shifting, so who knows! I don’t try to predict, I just lean into flow.

But for now, it’s perfectly supporting where I feel called indoors to complete things and also focus on our cat, Boojum who ironically is going through his own challenges since the moment Dave went underground – more on that shortly.

Momma’s boy, Boojum embodies one of the energies collectively that is misunderstood and calling us to lean into the wisdom of and how to use it effectively. During this time of nurturing him, I’m seeing so much that is supporting intricate layers of what used to be unknowns, into organic understanding. Every energy and experience, regardless of how they “seem” is so rich.

But I’ve seen this continuous theme of embracing the redirects and what ever time it takes to make the current journey I’ve embarked upon.

The In Between is a wonderly place to be.

Another example was with a recent package delivery I was expecting. It went out early April from the MidWest and I only just received it on May 3rd. It was untrackable and so I just let it be. I then was given the tracking number and called on 5/3 to see if there was any news. As things go, while I was on the phone getting help tracking it, wouldn’t you know that the package arrived literally as I was talking to the person. When I went to pick it up, I found it miraculous that the contents even arrived and were untouched, given the package went on quite the journey. One corner was torn down to showing the insides of the cushioned package and the whole top of the envelope was completely open. The only reason the contents stayed put was because the lip of the envelope had sticky stuff exposed, and the tissue paper the contents were in, was stuck to it.

It’s resiliency and determination is a great example for these times.

And goes to show you that things have their own timing, as well as their own version of experience, and yet despite outside influences they can still navigate their own alignment to maintain the integrity of authenticity and wholeness.

Relaxing around things, allowing space to breathe its own potency, not rushing or forcing, or trying to fit someone else’s expectations or prove something is a way we can see where our natural tendencies will take us.

At the same time, I’m not afraid of diving deep into those natural tendencies and the layers that can sometimes distort them.

Scorpio is quite the masterful alchemist when it comes to diving deep into the emotional, subconscious, and mystery realms, turning all that stuff we churn up – including the pain – into gold.

Scorpio is also the master of elimination, in balance to its counterpart Taurus who is the master of accumulation.

So, this Full Moon illuminates much of where we can temper these energies within us and see where things may be outweighing others in ways that tug us back or propel us forward. We can then feel into whether we like that dynamic we discover and if we would like to redistribute the energies differently.

Highlighting the hidden motivations can support a more authentic relationship within and without.

Synchronously, Dave is away on a very potent silent meditation retreat for twelve days, overlapping this potent Full Moon Eclipse – perfectly aligned with his Scorpio Sun self. I’m excited for him and the powerful journey he is so courageously embracing within. There is no outside contact, distractions, or stimulation of any sort other than the inner realms while he is away, so he’s completely unreachable. They take away your phones, there’s no reading, journaling, or personal items except for the necessities and days consist of 11 hours of meditation.

This leaves me holding down the fort completely to manage and make decisions on all aspects of life here that we normally manage together, while I focus on my own journey.

There’s a level of trust and telepathic connection, as well as honoring of the individual dynamics we are copartnering and creating in. Our shift of balancing energy focuses, along with our combined, shared focuses is a beautiful thing to witness and experience through the surrender and organic embrace.

Today, 5/5, is always a special time for me since the energy of “5” is alchemical in my life, but also because it is my Russian Tortoise, Gaia’s, birthday and the day Nestor’s powerful ashes returned home to me.

I’ll be tuning in, which simultaneously beams out, while also opening to a new relationship with All That Is.

In the mean time, it seems no accident that on this day – 5/5 – we now only have 5 (now 4) remaining crystal beings beaming out their own inner essence. I can feel my sweet soul companions in the stars working their magick! They can be found at the following link with 5/5 sweet specials built in that have “5” numerology for this resetting portal today: Crystals for these Times. It’s amazing how this whole group has been aligning in incredible ways with incredible stories and experiences continuing to unfold after they reach their heart homes. I love observing the journey of connection unfold its brilliant wings. Astrid and I can’t wait to see where these last ones land.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Happy Eclipse, plus healing energies to Boojum! ❤

  2. I’m always in awe of the pictures of your surroundings, enjoy your 5/5 🙂

  3. Thanks for the timely reminders about slowing down Tania. I believe I made a rushed decision to give up my apartment that I’m already regretting it. I’ve been in rush mode since my trip to see mom and making decisions for both of us.

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    This was exactly what I needed TODAY!!!!! 🤭🤗
    I too, have so many beautiful visions and things I am currently manifesting……(as you know!!!)….. but I also feel this way~ flowing, small steps towards these visions and things, then pause, rest, big steps forward, step back, pause, rest, and then also alongside of this, in my life at this time, you know I’m taking huge deep dives in the shadow realm…..healing, processing, transmuting, releasing……which absolutely creates even more inner space and strength from which to create with!!! It IS a sacred cyclic dance which I FINALLY feel in harmony and total alignment with!!!!!
    Wishing you the most beautiful ‘Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Day!!’ 🌑
    Love you all!!! xx

    • Yay for divine alignment striking again! Yes, there’s no need for us to treat the new like the old…relaxing into and luxuriating in the creation of fresh and anchored beginnings is a way to shift the patterns. Not only is it helpful to build the new, but to also do it in new ways. A full sweep of clear flow. This Full Moon Eclipse is so supportive for the deep shadow dives! So much potential from these energetic doorways getting activated over and over these days. I’m happy to hear of your beautiful partnership with yourself. It’s a wonderful inspiration and example for others to see what is possible. Magickal wishes to you! xoox and love

  5. Sending the best to you, Boojum and the whole gang. Love you all from me and Miracle 🥰😘❤

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