It Begins ~ New Moon Rebirths, Shifts & Friends

Today’s Taurus New Moon offers grounding energy and an opportunity to rebalance, anchor, slow down and smell the flowers. It’s time to prioritize the simple, yet invaluable pleasures in life. Think also self nurturing, care, values, inner security, emotional wellness, and balanced stability from the inside out. This is a wonderful time to surround ourselves with things that make us feel good and to enjoy the full abundance of being.

Within the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio we have two fixed yin signs, making it helpful to reflect upon where we might be holding tight to certain areas of life and where tension is within us to be curious about and invite a softening around. Creative spark for transformative and beautifying endeavors that can bring more fulfillment and value into our lives may knock on the door.

There’s a lot of layers to the shifting times and energies these days. I leave the more intricate details to the astrologers, as I navigate the energy channels in my own way that usually is a blend of senses, dropping into vibrational frequencies, and trust.

My garden is one way I do that and right now there’s so much to breathe in that’s wafting through the air.

I imagine that many of you have Spring beauty around whether in your or a neighbor’s garden, yard, a local park, nearby nature walk, or even just a potted friend or local store with flowers to greet you as you go about your errands. If not, check out YouTube and be swept away to a land and space where beauty is blooming. There’s also the imagination, where everything can be experienced to your desire – a place without boundaries and where no one else has power over, but you.

The still moist depths of Earth rise through the soil on scents of pine and musk, while the freshly opened petals propel sweetness from their newly exposed centers.

Just look at all the new beauties coming alive here to include a variety of colorful tulips.

The cycles of blooming are exciting to witness, as a new wave opens to the light.

The freshness of renewal is ever-prevalent, especially now after conclusion of my Spring cleaning.

The last couple of weeks have been like pages from a different book and in fact took me into a dimension unlike the one that I started off in. I am experiencing these enchancement modules in increasing frequencies and depths. Each time I think the last was the most profound yet, I eat my words and find my mind coming up empty to find a more accurate description for the current shift.

No matter, as this moment is all there is. The comparison loses importance when I step into the now fully.

Yet, I also eat my words when I think I’ve gotten to one ending, as another invitation then arrives on the next breeze passing through. This makes the next ride irresistible and is a literal way to see how unity operates as a merging of endings and beginnings together.

Another pointer to the here and now being all things and no things at once. Does it really matter whether something is ending or beginning? Nature just knows things are fluid and change is a constant. Perhaps if we drop the ideas and attachments around getting to this or that place and find peace within the potency of stages as a whole, then it doesn’t so much matter what end of the continuum we’re on. It’s just one momentous ride.

Yet, although all parts make up the whole in terms of this realm’s way of measuring time and defining things, it makes things easier to digest when taken in as bite-sized morsels.

As I mentioned, Dave was away for twelve days and I seemed to dwell in the in between of our yin and yang energy balancing of that period. We were each doing our thing, but synchronously were in unison.

Everything I experienced, was involved with, and that unfolded, felt to be in a place outside of space and time where the cauldron could be mixed. And although everything I engaged in was very somatic if one viewed me, this helped draw through what was taking place in the nontemporal realms so that it could anchor into embodiment more fully upon return.

That’s a lot of esoteric talk, but in simple terms…my day-to-day was filled with extreme physical sensations and energy movement through the body, while I was engaging other layers that nurturing and anchoring the body helped me to go off and do.

I achieved everything I set out to do, which involved a huge amount of endurance tasks as part of a huge Spring reset ritual. For astrology peeps – thank goodness for my First House Mars and Capricorn Ascendant! Woo!

Not only did I finish all the indoor cleaning and organizing, as I mentioned in a previous post that was a lot on its own, but I also completed the entire outdoor work. The last couple of years we’ve hired help for the outdoor work, but knowing I would have blocks of time to myself, wanting to get the outdoor exercise, and feeling it would be better this year to do the work in order to protect my new, sensitive plants and baby sprouts shooting up all over, I opted to take care of it myself.

This proved both fun and the perfect energetic movement and expression that is both healthy for me and was balancing to what Dave was experiencing.

He and I share puzzle piece dynamics, not just with perfect components to a most complimentary North Node evolution, but also keep the scales even with what we innately have to offer and what we daily weigh in on at any given moment – two parts demonstrating wholeness in motion.

So, while I was engaged in massive amounts of physical and outward movement of energy, Dave was immersed in the deep inner realms and stillness.

My last few days on my own saw me:

  • sweeping all of the outdoor decks, stairs, paths, driveway, and front porch
  • raking the entire perimeter of our home and land, the sides, front, and back yards, hand clearing the beds, gardens and around pots of pine needles, branches, pine cones, and old season cycle-through – 11 hours total spread between two days of 5 and 6 hours each
  • filling 21 thirty-two gallon bags and carrying them to the front
  • planting eight new perennial beauties – 3 different colored African Daisies (blue-eyed yellow, purple-eyed violet, berry-eyed pinky white, and some peachy orange Arctotis Majec Flamingo and spreading a couple of packets of wildflower seeds
  • checking and fixing driplines to ready them for water turn-on
  • placing some new statue friends in their garden home – check out Mr. Hedgehog, a wee tortoise and hare duo, a white rabbit holding flower bath I received for my birthday, and a Nestor statue I used to have indoors that made her way to the garden corner as sentinel of all things magickal (I’m awaiting 3 more to arrive to replace lost ones) I took the photo below of everyone gathered before placing them in their homes

It felt SO good and my energy was through the roof. Between that and the hours of snow shoveling this past Winter, this is the most consecutive physical labor I think I’ve ever done.

I felt SO enlivened, though, and truly haven’t felt better, which makes me extra optimistic about the collective shifts unfolding at large.

While I may have moved tons of energy during the long hours of the day, alongside any other things I worked on in the other realms of my life, I always took time to make myself really nourishing meals, enjoyed slow mornings, mixed in other fun little things I enjoyed, and relaxed in evenings with my fur friends, just being and catching an hour of movie time together.

The usual, nightly position was me wrapped up in a blanket cocoon with Sweet Pea sleeping on my chest, Boojum curled up and resting into my thigh, with Astrid on the ground next to the couch where my arm could reach her head and back for pets. Where ever mom was, the babies were close at hand, as you can see here with me working on my computer at the couch and kitties wanting in on things too.

I also stopped to smell the flowers – literally.

After a downpour of rain one day that weakened the stems of three of my hyacinth beauties, I moved them indoors and brought their incredible scents into every corner of the main living space upstairs. They are thriving there still and lighting up the kitchen island, as well as invigorating every deep breath with their heavenly aroma.

While finalizing yard and garden work, one of the last things I did was to bury that precious mouse you might remember me finding during Winter. She was laying in the snow outside our back door near the jacuzzi and looked as perfect as can be. I placed her in a little box inside my outdoor mini greenhouse to keep her “on ice” and when I opened the box, she was still a perfect little angel that merely looked like she was sleeping with the tiny amethyst shard I gave her.

As I started to bury her in the garden area where I have buried other forest friends, a raven began to caw and then as I finished saying a little prayer while covering her in a blanket of dirt, the raven stopped.

I later learned of a very potent experience and messenger that Dave had while away, upon asking for a sign. He had a raven show up and when he wondered if it was his answer and for him, the raven literally followed him for several minutes.

Another parallel Dave and I shared was Dave’s seeing four deer in a miraculous unfolding, and I saw a transitioned one.

We both went through our own rebirthing and the reflections around us supported the inner knowing we felt, as well as guided us through the doorways.

During the time on my own I also supported some major shifts that those dear to me went through, and facilitated the most impactful key and important energetic dynamics work of my life thus far.

There are many personal elements that I won’t share here, but I will say that it more fully activated my North Node as never before and so on down the line.

And that is something worth celebrating for it means much more than an individual evolution.

How many rebirths can one have?

As unlimited as creative life force is.

If Nature can continually renew, so can we.

And part of that renewal can be aided and cocreated by us.

Now that there’s a fresh slate here at our home, we are looking at ways to revitalize and aid the steps forward within this new landscape we find ourselves in. So we enlisted a favorite landscaper/contractor of ours to look into moving and securing some trees, planting some new ones, and creating a special area in the open space right of the garden we’ve been saving for a while.

As always, when we make shifts, things become more clear. We finally figured out what we want to do there so we’ll be leveling it out to get it ready and are excited that something we had as a vision years ago, is now going to root.

Creative energy in motion indeed and the perfection of timeless continuum bringing it all together in the now!

This week has been interesting, but in a super fun way. I’ve enjoyed breakthrough energies and welcome, but potent surprises, as well as heart-warming enrichment and deepening connections. Relationships at all levels have been in the spotlight and expanding in exponential ways. I’ve noticed a sweetness emanating like never before and a profound clarity and fluidity of energy moving through me and between me and others.

I even found this tuft of feathers from a very potent messenger on a recent hike a couple of days ago. Can you guess who they’re from?

It all makes me extra revved to get some new plant babies and kiss the Earth with their fresh roots. So, off I go to gather some perennials to add to the garden mix during the perfect energy elixir of this Taurus New Moon.

And while I do that, perhaps you might enjoy this short, impromptu, four minute video of a sound channeling that took place the evening of major energy movement. Again, if you’re reading this through your email then you won’t see the link to the video. You’ll need to click through to the post on my site and from there you can listen or click on the title to go to YouTube and listen and comment there.

It’s from a much longer harmony that channeled through, but I was guided to just share the focal harmony as a quick access key. There is actually a star coded language that accompanies, but for this video I’m just doing the melody as sound movement through.

It’s titled “It Begins.”

As the video description says:

Feel the codes of this new terrain welcome and invite you on to a space where exponential creative doorways lie before you. Your new frequency becomes the key to any dimension you choose to explore. A short snippet of a much longer sound channeling repeating the focal harmony to awaken the starseed within.

This Taurus New Moon also prompted some new crystal friends that wanted to align with the energies of this doorway. I did not have time to get them on the page yet, but some of them wanted to be introduced here today that are incredible to say the least.

These include three new and amazing skull friends that will be more fully discussed and shown in the next couple of days at the link:

Creations & Crystals Closet

There you’ll currently find the one remaining crystal friend still awaiting her person. She asked that new photos be taken that reflected more of this time of year, the Taurus New Moon, and reflected her essence more purely.

I can’t express how much more beautiful these crystal beings are in person. I always smile when I hear people united with them and share the happy reunion.

Wishing you a fresh and nurturing New Moon!

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. I just love reading your blogs!

  2. Kudos Tania! It’s a delight to hear and feel your energy flowing, projects progressing and nature bonds blossoming. ❣️🌺🪻🌸

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Ooooooooo sweetest dearest Sistar…….🌟🌟
    This post filled my soul this morning~ I loved hearing of you and Dave’s synchronous connecting experiences~ They were just too beautiful! I’m so glad Dave was able to have that (what sounds like) an amazing/special experience~ and your support of him is such a good example for other couples!! And all that work you did and accomplished during his retreat…. You’re amazing!! 💪🏻
    All the messages through this post I took deep into my heart and soul, and this channeling you shared filled my whole body with pulsing light~ I was in tears. Thank you with all my heart!!! 😌💓
    LOVE YOU!!

    • It was quite the potent balance between Dave and me…loved it and feel rich depths and new that have and are continuing to come from it. Thank you dearly for your beautiful, loving and supportive words!! I love you!! You are SOOOOO welcome! I love sharing the love via the channels that come through.

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