Satisfied Clients Share About Tania Marie’s Offerings:

IMG_9018“Having looked for a shift in consciousness for quite some time and never really feeling called to a particular event, it was amazing how strongly yours pulled at me, leaving me no choice but to fly cross country to attend it. A weekend filled with like minded people, full of openness and unconditional love and Awareness – what could be better? Nothing could have prepared me for what was to transpire next, connecting not only with you but with all those who attended and nature in a whole new way, experiencing the release of the old that no longer serves me or those I love. Days of Reiki teachings and Attunements finished with evenings of sound bath lullabies to align our vibrations with what we had been integrating in our days together. Words cannot express at any level the peace and self realizations I experienced during your Reiki Renewal Retreat. The magick was felt. The magick was real.” ~Thank you! Yasmin Lageyre, Skaneateles, New York 

“I just want you to know that I have enjoyed participating in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forums.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I was curious about the topics that would be brought up by the other participants.  I didn’t actually have any questions in mind when I signed up.  Sometimes, the questions popped up just before the deadlines and other times my question arose based on something I heard on the forum.  I was surprised at how participatory it felt despite the video format.  Sometimes the answers were confirmation for what I sensed about a situation and a few times the answers came as surprises…ideas that hadn’t come to mind before.  Thank you for your thorough answer to my transcendence question.  As with the whole experience with the CEDFs, it has just been rewarding to explore ideas with you and all the other participants…ideas that I don’t always get to share with the people I see on a daily basis.  I love that you came up with the idea for the CEDFs.  Your answer videos are a wonderful body of work that you can be proud of.” ~Lisa, CA

“Tania has been a dedicated, nurturing, steady, and creative partner of support for me through her intuitive coaching and Reiki healing sessions. I was so fortunate to connect with Tania for powerful assistance in moving through a crossroads and major life transition. Her special way of seeing, mirroring, and compassionately working with me helped to identify and move me past old patterns, beliefs and blocks. I was able to plant new seeds on clear ground for goals I had in mind. I saw my true essence emerge and I am able to move forward with a lightness, creativity and much more confidence. Getting in touch with my soul essence through her strongly reflective, intuitive way was a phenomenal experience and gift, and for that I’m truly grateful. I would highly recommend seeking Tania’s assistance  should you want a focused, nurturing, steady partner and guide to greater healing. What a joy she is!” ~Theresa Huff, Reiki Master Teacher & Yoga Instructor  

“I’ve spent the past five Wednesdays with Tania doing Energy Guidance sessions.  I felt so at home with her during our time together and had no problem opening up about my fears, as well as talking about past issues that have been holding me back from living my life.  I’ve tried many things over the years to help move myself forward, but not as quickly as I did in the five sessions with Tania.  Tania is very knowledgeable and has many tools in her “tool belt”, and she gave me many tools to use to help propel me forward. I am forever grateful, as I’ll have these to use for the rest of my life.  I understand myself so much better now and feel so grounded since our work together.  Much love and appreciation Tania. xoxo  ~Kathleen, Irvine, CA  –  Check out her website, she has so much to offer: https://taniamarie.com/

“Tania~ You have been a guiding light in my life. Even though I have never met you in person, you have been one in a small handful of people, who have been the most important, valued, and meaningful, to me through this challenging, intense, and transformative time. You are a unique individual who shares her life, perspectives, wisdom, guidance, energy, healing, and gifts, through beauty, the imagination, vibration, images and words…with magick and with heart. It does not matter how/what medium you use to express your love, creativity, and healing energy…for as you often say, it’s about the “essence” of things. From the crystal pendant you sent me, the Lemurian pendulums, a sweet and sincere response on your blog, a Crystal Elixir, or a Reiki session, all these gifts, were imbued with your love, lightness, imagination and magickal mystical creativity and powerful intuitions, wisdom, and divine guidance. You are a beautiful example of a human and soul…of what is possible to embody in experience. You truly share of yourself…lighting your own path, so that others may see your journey, and be inspired on theirs. I have been touched deeply in my heart, by your words and images…I have been uplifted, blessed,and inspired by your healing energy…and you brought some of the magick back into my life, with your powerful Reiki…powerful healing experiences I will never forget. I love all types of healing modalities, but my Reiki sessions with you were amazing, unique, and very special. Thank you for all the ways that you have touched and uplifted my heart and spirit. I am forever grateful.” ~Much love, Mia, Virginia 

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazing my private retreat was! Tania and I clicked while working on the phone together before, but this was the first time meeting her in person. I also met her loves Dave, Joy, Cosmo, Sweet Pea and Boojum. The magick bus is full of love and great energy. Tania made me feel so very loved, nurtured, supported, fearless, free, full of life, beautiful and so very special. Our conversations were easy, I spoke about things I wanted in life, things I wanted to change and things I struggle with. Tania is so great at listening deeply to what is said, she is calm and so full of knowledge and love when talking through these things. Asking me the tougher questions to arrive at an answer and making sure I am not hiding things from myself. I took a lot of notes while I was there, not wanting to forget what we spoke about. She taught me of many ways to reach out to my support system. To go inside and listen. How much nature and movement help move energy. We spoke about the food she was making, what was in it and how to make it. Let me tell you, the food was full of energy and sooooo delicious. I made all kinds of yummy noises while eating all of the delectable things she made, with love and her creativity and her dance through the kitchen. Thank you Tania, for showing me a different side of myself, for pointing out the things I already do and how to expand on them, for walking me through the meditations where I found so much to grow with, for making beautiful sound with me in our sacred circle, for walking beside me in a huge part of my journey to move forward. “The Littlest Faery”, very much appreciates you and your beautiful soul! I so wasn’t ready to go home and now I am home and am carrying all of the things you taught me in my heart and mind to reach into and use in my growth. I will cherish our time together, always. Oh, and I can’t forget about the perfectly intuited gifts from Tania at the beginning of my retreat. They were perfect for what I needed during the retreat and for the rest of my life. You rock Tania.” ~ Kathleen Kirshy, Irvine, CA

“I was so completely honored and overjoyed to be a part of the Reiki Renewal Retreat in Laguna Beach, California.  Tania and her mom were the perfect hostesses.  The weekend was life changing.  Tania’s teachings are sourced from years of her studies, work, and life experiences.  She truly lives and breathes her work.  The group that was created and joined together could not have been in more perfect alignment with what all of us needed and wanted.  It just magically ‘worked.’  I left with new life-long friendships, teachings that I can always apply and tap into and, most importantly, a deeper more loving connection to myself  and Source.  Thank you Reiki!  Thank you Tania Marie! ~Namaste, Lynne Day, Keizer, Oregon – www.LynneDay.com

“I have been feeling amazing since I got back from our Reiki Renewal Retreat weekend together. I feel like there has definitely been a shift in my energy and I am loving life, feeling inspired and having fun. Thanks to you!!!” ~Janet Wagner, San Diego, California, Pilates Instructor

reiki (3)“It has taken me some time to write about our time spent with you and the rest of the group during the Reiki Renewal Retreat, but my shifts have been so greatly deep and strong I still was, and kind of am, at a loss for words. On Friday the first day of class I felt such peace at the house and enjoyed talking briefly with the group just before starting. It was already as though we all had connections. The way you teach/taught us was just PERFECT!!!! Such a comfortable setting and open discussion and allowing us to guide each other as well. For me, it helped me to be MORE then present and take in such powerful sacred information. My entire body was radiating Reiki. Just listening to you tell the story of Usui was making me shift. At times I almost felt like tearing up from just feeling so grateful. Going through the steps as a group with our initiation attunement was so special and knowing now what you were doing, when you gave us attunements, is so beyond amazing. I also wanted to give a very BIG THANK YOU to you and your mom for prepping and preparing such tasty healthy meals and snacks!!!!! I know how much time and love that each tiny thing takes to all come together and it was by far some of the best food that has ever touched my palette and insides. I have yet to make the key lime pie (my husband, David’s favorite). Back to the second day of class. You advised us on Friday night to do some grounding work on Saturday and be in nature. Like I mentioned before, we walked the canyon with the kids and it felt so peaceful and freeing!!! Through all this, mind you, I’m shifting like no other!!!! Lol! So just being in the elements of nature and looking around and breathing the air and seeing EVERYTHING totally different and knowing David is as well and we are doing it together is more happiness then I could ask for. Again my words still cannot explain the great changes and feelings during this process and journey. As I’m sure you know what I mean. So once we arrived on Sunday back to the gorgeous Reiki “shack” it felt as though I was already a new person, if you will. Plus, just being in the presence of all of you wonderful souls again was a great start to the morning. Learning so many new steps to the Reiki Master Teacher level, along with the symbols and putting them in effect with you and us practicing was another special moment and connection we will all have orbs-with-nikki-and-davidforever!!!! (refresher course for sure)! Later to see the picture with the orbs between you, David, and I, taken while practicing attunements, sent chills straight through me!!!!! A photo captured that I will carry close to me and my heart and soul. Even though there are many many great photos from the weekend, that one is extra special. The whole thing is just beyond words!!!!! Just as we had to leave the house to head home that night it seemed like all the magic and fireworks were bursting like the grand finale. Shifting, shifting, and more shifting has been taking place since!!!! More vivid dreams, my heart is even more open, magical magic keeps occurring, integrating and grounding, trusting my journey and the unknown. Practicing Reiki, distance and self treatments, is the best feeling, knowing I have already helped others and myself. Tania I don’t know how to thank you. For so many things!!!! Our relationship, being my friend, Reiki, my struggles you helped me through with our Reiki sessions. You mean so much to me in so any ways from the very start. I have such a connection with you and appreciate everything you do for me and others. Thank you for your open arms and care. I want more of your knowledge as well. I also want to thank you for picking out my crystals and the one you gave to each of us at the retreat too. They are my family and you are my family too. I’m so honored to have gotten certified in all levels of Reiki from you. You and Reiki have blessed my family. The highest form of gratitude and respect for you my sister always!!!! I love you.” Namaste, Nikki Groenendyk Sanchez, Corona, CA

“If you have the opportunity to work with Tania Marie, jump at it!  Although I had been following her online posts for some time before joining her in Bimini, Bahamas for a 12/21/12 transformation and Reiki training, I didn’t truly understand what a shining star she is prior to spending time with her in person.  I believe the things Tania has to teach have to be transmitted in person, and even though she is a great writer, words don’t suffice to explain what her energy transference feels like or how it can change your life.  As a former litigator, my left brained skeptical side is awfully well developed, but Tania helps you reconnect to your heart and its deepest desires.  She works true “magick” and I feel blessed to know her.” ~Kate Ladd, Newport Beach, California – www.NoWastedJourney.com

IMG_6463“Tania, just want to give a big heartfelt thank you for helping me awaken back into the dance of life and trusting my healing gifts and now letting them lead me on my path where ever they may take me. Much love to you… I am forever grateful knowing you on this journey of life….Being in Bimini Bahamas for vacation has forever changed me…I feel the dance again and am fully embracing it! Bimini was the answer to my prayers. A blessing that sums up how I have been feeling and how this trip has changed that is ‘A New Beginning by Jonathan O’Donohue’ : In out of the way places of the heart, Where your thoughts never think to wander, The beginning has been quietly forming, waiting until you were ready to emerge. For a long time it has watched your desire, feeling the emptiness growing inside you, Noticing how you willed yourself on, Still unable to leave what you had outgrown. It watched you play with the seduction of safety and the gray promises that sameness whispered, Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent, Wondered would you always live like this. Then the delight, when your courage kindled, and out you stepped onto new ground, Your eyes young again with energy and dream, a path of plenitude opening before you. Though your destination is not yet clear, you can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is at one with your life’s desire. Awaken Your Spirit To adventure; Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; Soon you will be home in a new rhythm, for your soul senses the world that awaits you.” ~Chris Bohner, Chicago, Illinois

“The sound that came from you, while you were in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber, is something I will never forget. I’m getting vibed right now. What came out of you was magical, mystical, angelic……. Words fail to paint the experience. I’m truly honored for the experience.” ~Michael, Arizona

“When you were Singing, it was one of the most Wonderous and Powerful things I witnessed the whole trip on our sacred journey in Peru–WOW! The energy you were bringing through was so Pure and Beautiful. You were definitely the pinnacle of the Triangle that day! I am Honored to have been able to support you in that moment. I am still filled with Gratitude and Awe for everything that happened!” ~Christopher, Montana

IMG_9437“I just want to share with you how I feel because you’ve left such an imprint on my soul and on my person and I know I’m better because of it. While I love, looove your blog, it really is you that I love more.  It is your person, your being that I admire.  I’m inspired by the way you live your life and I know that we are all love, but you, you live it and exude it like no one I’ve ever met.  That inspires me in profound ways.  I am me, but in many ways, I am the sum of those persons who have touched my soul throughout the years.  You my beloved T, are one of those persons.  Whenever I am chanced to read your blog, I come away feeling as if my soul has been fed.  Whenever I catch myself behaving in unloving ways, you often come to mind and I am reminded of the kind of person I want to be; I am reminded that I want to be for others what you are for me.  Similar to the pure love and light that radiates from you, I want to exude and radiate my own version of pure love and light.  I want that because I’ve experienced how powerful it can be and how it can affect others and touch them in the most benevolent ways.  I know this to be true because that has been my experience with you. So I just shared how you as a person have influenced me.  In similar ways, but a different capacity, your blog, your writing, and  your FB posts, have also influenced me.  I feel the love from all that you share.  Whether it’s a quote posted on FB, photos shared from sacred retreats, one of your many hikes, or a day at the beach, I love it all.  It’s like I’m picking up pieces of love that you sprinkle out into the world for all to catch and cherish. That love usually touches me and reaches me during times I need it most; during times I need to feel the purest love from another human being.  What  influences me most about your writing is your love and appreciation for life, for God’s beauty, for every single thing! It amazes me!  And that very appreciation, that gratitude, that love, has planted a seed in my mind and in my heart and it is blossoming into a very beautiful tree….my very own tree of life. To share one way I’ve been influenced and to share about only one post and how it’s influenced me wouldn’t be fair.  I had to share how it’s all influenced me.  Because after all, each time I read your work, each time I look at a photo of you, a photo of Joy or Gaia, or even photos from your nature walks, I come away with more.  Each experience builds upon the last.  It doesn’t start anew with each new post or each new photo.  It’s all woven together. I carry you in my spirit and hold you in my heart.  I love you.” ~Adrianna Cadena, Chicago, Illinois

“Tania – thank you so much! I feel an abundance of gratitude in my heart for finding you, Jenny and the wonderful people in our group. It was a profound experience and I am eternally grateful for your kind, loving guidance and wisdom. You are a rare gem indeed. You facilitated a wonderfully safe environment to learn and grow and I’m excited because I know there will be more journeys with you in the future!!” ~Yvonne Lopez, La Habra, California

“Tania Marie is a beacon of light and love inside and out, shining brightly on a moment-to-moment basis.  From my first interaction with her online, to phone conversations, to meeting her in person, I felt safe, secure, inspired, and energized.  Genuinely and naturally connecting with others with her affable, personable nature, from student to client to friend, Tania is a very effective teacher, guide, and practitioner.  Though my Reiki certification was in an accelerated manner in Bimini, I felt my sensitivities to learning this new practice were supported by Tania.  She relayed information at a pace that worked for everyone who was part of the training and made sure individual attention was given as needed.  I always felt like I was in good hands (pun intended) and am excited to incorporate my newfound practice into my daily life and Life Nutrition Coaching business.  Thank you, Tania!” ~Steven Todd Smith, Life Nutrition Coach, Ahimsa Life Coaching, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks Tania for organizing and leading an unforgettable trip to Bimini.  The group dynamic was incredible and enriching for all.  Your Reiki classes were great, and I am glad to have had the attunements.  I have been doing Reiki self-healing frequently since the trip.  So it was great new friends, raw food, Reiki, yoga, wild Dolphins and watching the sunrise at the beginning of the new Mayan long count calendar.  Thanks again for making it happen. Love and light” ~Don Trapp, Orlando, FL

“Thank you for an amazing session. Your workshops are amazing. Learning from you is always so special.  I’m always amazed at your wisdom.” ~Charlotte Cressey, Animal Rights Activist and Educator, Chopra-Center Certified Meditation Instructor, Originator of Earth Energy Yoga, Charlotte Cressey, CA

“The time I spent in Bimini was one of the most magical and transformative times of my life. To be surrounded by such shining, unconditionally loving people was in itself such a gift. Each person who was called to join carries so much wisdom and light to share. One leaves knowing what it is truly like to be surrounded by like minded soul family. It is nourishing, it’s uplifting, and it will  transform you, as each person holds trigger keys to your soul’s evolution. Having Tania there to teach and support the collective journey is truly a gift. Tania has a graceful strength and quite wisdom that gently facilitate whatever intentions one may have in a way that feels so safe anTania’s workshops are amazing.d loving. She is a very powerful, intuitive woman who exudes the ancient mysteries and unconditional love in service.” ~Cassie Margraf, Sonoma, CA – Crystal Eden

IMG_9452“It has been more than a month since I went on Tania’s Atlantis Rejuvenation Center retreat. Words can still not describe what I experienced during those 6 days on Bimini – it was truly priceless. I feel an abundance of pure love, peace and gratitude radiating from me every day as a result of the journey and I have formed nurturing friendships for life. For that alone I am forever grateful for Tania’s retreat. Her Reiki attunement has changed my life and I feel love, comfort and joy in her presence. Tania is an inspiration and leads by example and is a genuinely caring and giving spirit…I am so thankful to be walking on the path with her and when the time is right, I look forward to going on another one of her retreats!!!” ~Melissa Bradley, Laguna Beach, CA – Bradley Communications & Kundalini Yoga Instructor

“That’s amazing! I experienced many interesting things in the last hour: dream recall, blocked chakras opening, vocalizing certain feelings. At one point I had the phrase “Let love emanate from my heart” going through my head over and over. At another point the phrase “Don’t be mean to Baby Mark” was going through my head. For the last half hour I had my forearms pointed up like I was using them to receive energy but it seemed effortless to hold them there. Lots of powerful things came into my consciousness. I feel lighter and more balanced now. How did you do that? Tania, I am SO grateful for this Reiki with you! I feel like I’ve reconnected to my Spirit and I feel JOY! I can’t thank you enough. You are truly an angel. I look forward to Saturday’s session. Wow, that was incredible!” ~Mark Iannelli, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania – Received a 1 Hour Full Reiki Session by Distance

“That was lovely.  I sat and became calm and peaceful.  I felt comforted.  I felt a little tapping on my third eye. I felt light coming into my crown.  I imagined/saw bats fluttering from my abdominal region.  I was reminded that the self is the most important and real, and limitless~ I imagined I was being told this…..I am where I am in life and deserve to celebrate the hard work I have been doing on myself, and that since I have lived out these hardships and experiences, while working on myself, things are bound to shift.  I felt your loving, kind, gentle, nurturing and healing energy/power. Thank you so much for this healing experience, Tania.  You are such a beautiful and loving soul.” ~Mia Morales, Virginia – Received a Reiki Healing Attunement by Distance

“Wow again!!! I just opened my eyes!!! Tania I totally felt it . Mainly in my core and I cried for a minute. My stomach was making the same sounds as well. It was a beautiful feeling. I’m so amazed.” ~Nikki Sanchez, Corona, CA – Received a Reiki Healing Attunement by Distance

group2“There is always a need to observe inspirational art as yours to inspire someone through the eyes of an artist into a world of many wonders! Every line and every brush stroke you created seems to take me into a visionary world of marvel. Congratulations, surely, I am not alone to think so!!” ~Nelly

“I am thrilled to have seen your work and my heartfelt appreciation for all your soul is bringing to this amazing Shift of Ages. In Lak’ech” ~Karen Majorowski, Author of “Daily Guide to the Mayan Sacred Calendar” www.mayancountofdays.com

“Thank you for providing my eyes with seeing the beauty of God through your web site and your paintings and words.” ~Robert Storey, South Africa

“Beyond words, Tania’s creations help resurface emotions, knowledge, and visions that seem to come from deep inside the human collective. Her latest creation, “AIR,” has confirmed that she will be amongst the most inspiring modern artists of our time. The ability she has in surfacing hidden worlds with her art is life-changing and evokes a passion to better our ways, come closer to Mother Earth and our Celestial Family. Her color palettes remind us of nature’s awesome beauty, and the care she puts in all the aspects of her art and healing abilities is remarkable. If that wasn’t enough, she also provides useful wisdom in her writings, the Emerald Bridge Newsletters, which provide information and thoughts that the mainstream will soon envy and adapt. The ongoing Quintology – FIRE, EARTH, and AIR, with WATER and SPIRIT coming in 2009, is capturing people’s imaginations, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. It was no surprise that during her last expo, Raw Spirit Festival ’08 in Sedona, her paintings drew like a ‘meditation museum,’ where people were led to. She is truly one of the most intriguing and vivid visionary artistes! Speechless.” ~Karim “Kaz” Choucri, Cyberloops, Montreal, Canada

“My mum came to visit me today and saw your painting for the first time. The amazing thing was, she’s not very outwardly spiritual but she still stopped and went ‘Wow! It looks like…beauty and rebirth!!!’ I love that your art can speak to people like that!!! ~Anonymous, Muscat, Oman

“I can’t say enough about Spiritual Skin. Tania Marie is tremendously intuitive at creating transformational tattoo designs. For years, I tried to find someone who still practiced the sacred art of spiritual tattooing. If you love tattoos, I urge you to check out her book, or website: www.spiritualskin.com.” ~Nora Pierson, NY

“I read your book and I have to say, I am not a reader, I buy a lot of books that I read half way and then give up. Your book is the only book that I have ever read every page of willingly. I’m writing to you in regards to a tattoo I would like you to design. I might actually want a few or just one big one. I’ve tried to meditate on it, but I can’t seem to quiet my mind completely. Asking you for your assistance just felt like the right thing to do. I have a Chakra book, a book on Egyptian yoga, I have audio books about the Law of Attraction, I have audio meditation guides that have been very helpful. I have books on angels (I love my angels), and I collect stones to try to meditate with them. I feel like I’m on the right path, but I’m just not getting something. Your book helped me understand a lot of what I have been reading about and listening to, more than everything I’ve been reading or listening to has. This is why I’m reaching out to you! Thank you for your time!” ~Isabel Corrochado, Columbia, South Carolina

“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I’m lost for any words to describe how I feel … The tattoo design you created for me is just so breathtaking. I love it so much…so much. Wow! It blows my mind!! And the way you have described the flow of the work gives me such goosebumps. I feel so connected to it, to you, to your words, to the divine energy pouring in right now. This process has been one big heart expansion for me. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Thank you for sharing you, your beautiful soul, your passion, your artwork, your all. I feel so overwhelmed right now. I’m in deep gratitude for your love. All my love … all of it and more. Thank you Thank you Thank you xxx” ~Ame Delves, Sydney, Australia, Entertainment Engineer & Dance Choreographer

“About the design-wow!! I’m struggling for words, every time I look at it, I feel like a new layer of meaning is revealed-amazing! You were spot on about a divine feminine energy being better for balance, it was something I hadn’t considered but despite being female I have always tended to have an imbalance towards the divine masculine so this is truly perfect and I’m so glad you picked up on it. You even picked up on my natural tendency to favour control and planning, over gracefully going with the flow, which is something I’ve been working on and its fantastic to have a boost towards that process included in this design. I actually felt very connected to the design process while it occurred, I had several dreams relating to tattoos and I had briefly picked up on what looked like an ‘s’ shape in my mind, which of course is included in the design. I also intuitively knew that two eyes looking out would reveal themselves, but I didn’t see it coming in the form of an owl, but again it makes perfect sense that it would be a guide of mine and of course, the Athena connection. I’m so happy to have a tattoo that will truly enrich my life, and it is so empowering – I am SO grateful for all your hard work! You have such a gift to be able to create art that has so much purpose and potency. I’m already excited about my next tattoo, because as long as you continue to do sacred tattoo designing I know I’ll be back for more!” ~Anonymous, Muscat, Oman

“To me, getting tattoos has always been about the spiritual meaning of them.  I would get to a point in my life when I would want to have a design that would signify an important accomplishment or change in my life. I have searched through many different means, ways to transform my life.  I have never experienced anything as powerful and life-altering in a positive way as the experience of tattoos as Sacred and Spiritual. I began to try to find out if anyone else had these same experiences, if anyone else cared about the Sacred and Spiritual Energetic shifts that can occur with Tattoos.  In my searching, I found Tania Marie who wrote a beautiful book called Spiritual Skin – Sacred Tattoos More Than Skin Deep.  I was drawn to her book by the title, and it enhanced my experience even more. Eventually, I was compelled to email Tania and discuss the possibility of having her work with me to design some Sacred Tattoos for me. It is almost impossible to put into words what this experience has meant and continues to mean to me in my personal life.  The process of co-creating with Tania, Sacred Skin that is meaningful and life-changing, is so much more than just designing a beautiful tattoo.  So much more than mere ink on skin.  Any good artist can create a beautiful design.  But I know of no one who does the kind of work that Tania does. Working with Tania is like working with someone on a different plane – someone who takes what you say about who you are, and listens to the energy behind your words.  Tania has the beautiful ability and gift of being able to read a client’s energy and also to read the energy that is coming through from the universe that is most needed for the journey of wholeness to be made complete in the sacred tattoo design. My heart and soul trusts this woman with complete openness and faith in her incredible ability to truly listen.  This is a rare, rare gift, and it shows in the designs she creates for me. My life has changed, and continues to change, in miraculous ways due to the Spiritual Skin designed by Tania Marie especially for me.  These Sacred Designs are so much more than beautiful ink on skin – they truly are portals to different depths of experience of the fullness and wholeness of life. I am blessed and honored beyond measure to be a part of such a Sacred and Transformative Process – working with this beautiful human being to bring in the healing designs that are what I need at that time. May you be blessed with your choice to work with this truly gifted and spiritual woman.  You will never regret one second of this choice.” ~Mari Braveheart-Dances

IMG_9079“I struggle with finding words to describe the shifts that have occurred since I received the design. It has been such a beautiful vibration with synchronicities galore! I am writing to tell you excitedly that I had my first ink session last night. My experience was remarkable. I was nervous and uncomfortable when I first arrived. Then I sat in the chair turned on my iPod and entered a very deep meditative state listening to a mantra. My eyes were closed and as the design took shape I noticed the moment when my cellular structure recognized it. I felt the design melding with my intention of transformation and spiritual commitment and vibrating into my genetic programming. I was connected to a higher plane of creative love and Source energy and could also feel the echoes from the crystalline grid below me under that chair. I felt like a channel that was open to allow an overlay of some of the more anxious nervous energy that was there with love and calm from Source. It was a near out-of-body experience just with this small piece and I am so excited for the next one! Thank you for your work, dedication and light!” ~Heidi L., Colorado

“Tania Marie is so amazing in creating tattoo designs through getting to know me spiritually, emotionally, and intuitively. I love this! I look forward to all the reminders embedded in this piece, as they are all pieces of me…so special! You do amazing work Tania, and your power and beauty should be shared with others.  I have so enjoyed this process, I truly feel I was led to you and your gift.  I deeply appreciate what you have given me….depths of my Self! Thank you so much Tania.  I look forward to continuing our connection and reading your thoughts and words through your posts and blog.  And perhaps you will do more designs for me in my future!  Life is an incredible journey, and I find tattoos to be an artful depiction and communication of that journey, to share with myself and others.” ~Sara Sallese, Massachusetts 

“I was drawn to Tania because of her BEautiful loving Spirit. As I learned more about her by witnessing the many innate talents she so eloquently expresses, my soul knew there is something valuable to connect with here. I had a few symbols in mind of what I would like in a tattoo. With these symbols and a heartfelt dialogue with Tania…she went to work! The moment I saw this amazing image she had created for me…my heart SANK and healing tears of Joy and Love streamed down my face. Soon after I caught my second wind to continue traveling down this awesome road of transformation I long for! Thank you from the depths of my heart Tania for sharing yours…not only with me…but the world.” ~Julie Watts, Pahoa, Hawaii, Massage Therapist

“Dear Tania, I don’t even know where to begin….It is BEYOND BEYOND ANYTHING I could have imagined. Words really cannot express….I looked at the illustration for a long long time and I was like “Wow….That’s me. Here I am.” And I say that with so much pride and love. It feels like I am complete…like the closing of a circle in some way……I keep looking at it and I can’t believe that I will get to travel the glorious road ahead wearing something this BEAUTIFUL, this HEARTFELT…this AHHH-MAZING…. AND with a bird of paradise in it no less….my FAVORITE flower and I didn’t even tell you but there it was. Perfect. Just perfect. I entrusted a part of my soul to you and you turned it into the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined EVER….THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU…..DIVINE. DIVINE. DIVINE. DIVINE. My gratitude for you overflows like a cup full of water…” ~Raquel Griffin, Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Fine Art Photographer

“What a true blessing it has been to get my Sacred Tattoo designed by Tania. My gratitude cannot be described with words. I have searched for years for the perfect design, but never found anything close to what I was searching for, needed, or imagined. Yet, when Tania completed my design, it was exactly what I was seeking and needed. Honestly, I’m not surprised at the perfection. The energy and consulting invested throughout the creation process was like no other I’ve seen or heard of; but exactly what I needed. It’s no wonder my design came out perfectly the first time. I even had a chance to learn about the healing aspects of tattoos which was new to me, but now makes so much sense. On top of everything else she gave me the opportunity to donate and sponsor her in a very special cause for animals which is a true blessing.  I’m honored to be forever connected in such a special way to Tania through her creation. Forever Humbly Grateful” ~Venus Banguela, New York, New York, Holistic Health Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher www.infinitivewellness.com

“I would HIGHLY encourage you to consult with Tania for your next tattoo. She is immeasurably tuned in and talented in this arena. WOW! The direction my sacred art is going is inspiring me–it’s off the charts. And the portals it will open on my body? Exciting! Check out her website. She is so very generous and thorough. The storytelling art will come back to life through this whole gift of sacred art/spiritual skin…and I am deeply grateful to Tania for this unfolding! Her teachings are so strong, and yet come to us in this sweet feminine current. Hard to describe. Kind of like opening a door without any harsh signs or shoves. Pure grace.” ~Gaile Lynn, Haiku, Hawaii www.gailelynn.com

beachfun“Dearest Tania, I absolutely am in love with your design and all that it represents.  I am at a loss for words right now.  You put so much into it, and Ive read your sharing on its symbolism a number of times now and still will read it many more times. I am thrilled with it. Absolutely thrilled, I will be staring at this for awhile! It’s so interesting the timing of all this, when you began, what I was going through in my experience, and what you were experiencing, as well as the channeling all brought this to life. I am in awe, in a very peaceful and grounding way.  I couldn’t have pictured a better design. I love you bunches. Such a talented and dear soul you are.” ~Dawn Vierra, Kamas, Utah, Reiki Master Teacher & Shaman, Reiki Dawn

“Before starting Reiki treatments with Tania, I was completely stressed out and having trouble sleeping. My normal vibrant health had slipped into a pattern of minor yet nagging illnesses. I could not get well. Treatments from Tania immediately helped release the stress I had been holding and made me sleep better which in turn allowed my immune system to rebuild itself. I have recovered. Reiki treatments from Tania have also helped enhance my spiritual journey by strengthening my self-awareness of the power of choice we all possess. Very unexpected and a very welcome gift. Whatever your reason for exploring Reiki, I cannot recommend Tania enough!” ~Jay Hare, Reno NV, President & CEO IonWays www.ionways.com

“I felt like I was in the midst of an emotional breakdown, when a dear friend ‘gifted’ me a Reiki treatment from Tania. It was like an angel pulled me into her field of healing energy. I went to her not knowing what to expect, completely open and in a state of surrender. My experience was very transformational. I realized this more later than at the time. At the actual session I clearly felt certain blockages in my being which needed to be released. What I didn’t realize until the weeks following, was that the treatment had actually ‘activated’ the healing process. I am still seeing and feeling the amazing results each and every day of my ‘renewed’ life. Thank you Tania for your incredible gifts.” ~Lynne Day, Los Angeles, CA www.lynneday.com 

“Tania has incredible healing hands. During the session in Egypt she provided me wonderful insights. I could feel and sense her energy throughout the entire Reiki session. Her intuitive feedback on what was happening in my life was incredibly accurate.” ~Gary M., San Diego CA

“Tania is such a wonderful human being that just to be in her presence is a form of healing in itself. I was lucky to have an amazing Reiki treatment from Tania in Egypt on the Nile….an experience that will be with me forever. Her nurturing and loving aura created a sacred space for me to feel safe and to completely submerge myself in her healing work. During the session I felt a sense of warmth, comfort and love. The kind of feeling that you would relate to what a baby feels like swaddled and held by its mother. The relaxation and rejuvenation that I felt was not only physical, but it reached my soul as well. The Reiki session with Tania transformed me and continues to be of help throughout my process as I continue to develop and grow in this constantly changing journey we call life.” ~Amy Reed, San Diego, CA, YogaDeeksha Instructor www.yogadeeksha.com

tania marie teaching reiki 3 master teacher class

Tania Marie teaching Reiki 3 Master Teacher class in New Jersey

“I have been procrastinating responding to you since I started looking for words to express my deep gratitude towards you and the Universe for creating the opportunity for us to learn together.  Your stamina for teaching was amazing with our marathon session and the peace you brought in to your class is something I will draw strength from in the future with my students in other venues. I ordered my table on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon found me practicing my distance Reiki treatments on a loved one in Upstate NY. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, experience, and wisdom with the world, and with me in particular.” ~Paul Walters, Belleville, NJ

“Tania, you are a reminder of how powerful it is to be of service to others with your love and energy. I am very impressed with the integrity and credibility of your Reiki course. You are very patient, kind and nurturing. I feel as if I was somehow guided to you for your service and energy; the world needs more people like you in this critical stage. I had a longing inside me for a deeper spiritual connection and you provided me with just that. I am grateful and honored that I received my Reiki training through you. Reiki facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation in the body-mind-spirit. I plan to incorporate Reiki into my healing work as a nurse, so many people can benefit from this wonderful gift. All one needs to perform Reiki is an open heart, set of hands and a willing spirit. Thank You! Tania, I have been born again.” ~Amanda Barnett, RN, Prescott, AZ

“Dear Tania, The moment I saw your photo on your website as I was searching for a Reiki instructor, I knew I had to meet you. I felt an instant rapport that assured me that you could help me transition into a higher awareness and purpose. And I was right! My Reiki I Attunement with you was incredible. My whole life has changed in such a positive way since that day in December 2008. You are a great role model and teacher. Your calm and quiet nature comforts and soothes me. You are wise beyond your human years and I look forward to learning even more from you in the future. Thank you for being there for those of us who are ready to move forward in our journeys.” ~Diana Hooper, Reno, NV

“Thank you so much for the last class! I left feeling like I was “somewhere else.” Happy, just off somewhere. I slept wonderfully. When I woke up…I could say the names of the symbols 🙂 and could draw them even the last one with only slight error, but I saw the correction as I was doing it and was able to fix it. I have a much more calm feeling and far more grounded and at peace than what I had with Reiki 1. That was very happy, light, almost child-like. This is all that with a better feel of direction and purpose. I guess that is the best way to put it. But still, I thank you. And thank you for being a kind and gentle teacher. You don’t even know how much that helps. Thank you for offering ways to help myself, that is mostly what I look for. I don’t care to have things done for me. Plust that lets me know someone else has faith in me. There is such a gracious, peacefulness about offering Reiki to someone other than yourself. I don’t know how to explain it other than it just fills your heart with so much love. This has been the best investment, other than my children, of my life so far. (both money and time) Thank you again my friend. I can’t even begin to fully express how much you have helped me. Blessings to you.” ~Shellie, NV

“I made a request for a boost up attunement and counseling sessions with Tania and I must say that the one month that we worked together brought forth powerful healing and awareness within my life. What I appreciated most with her was the gentle way with which she explored issues with me as well as the intuitive help I kept on receiving from her during the sessions. It was pleasant really feeling the unconditional acceptance that represented each session, which was an added bonus. I feel I grew up a lot during our work together and she is definitely a Spiritual Master I would love to reconnect with for additional services in the future. Sweet energy, great spiritual wisdom. Thank you so much for having helped me attain the growth level I have reached at the moment.” ~Vidushi, Curepipe, Mauritius – now currently Montreal, Quebec

IMG_9371“Hi Tania, just got off the phone with you and wow, I am soaking in the information and the experience. I was not sure how the tarot reading would go and quite frankly I was a bit apprehensive since I was not really sure what it was all about. I am not familiar with this type of method of counsel and it really blew me away. As you know, I am going through a rough patch and having that confirmed and hearing that indeed my realities are exactly what I am experiencing was very therapeutic for me. I am a private person and the fact my story and my inner and deep feelings were revealed through your insightful words allowed me to embrace my realities and essentially accept them. As a complete stranger, I felt connected to you… like old friends but with the bonus 🙂 of having an enhanced and guided analysis into how to work on my inner self and what mechanisms to utilize in this journey we call life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I thank the universe for connecting me with you. You are without a doubt a positive and mystic soul. Stay blessed!” ~Noreen Zayna Barlas, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

“Ever since I came across your website I have been transported into an experience of love … your many and varied essays on art, spirituality, ancient cultures, crystals, paranormal phenomena etc. reflecting a visionary intellect … your exquisite paintings such as Valeria, Transcendence and the surreal In Lak’ech series … imbued with a deep sensitivity of spirit, bursting with color and third eye vision … profoundly imaginative … a tapestry of juxtaposition reflecting an enlightened soul … high art of the 21st Century, with so many talents and abilities … I would call you an omnidirectional inspiration … a significant human being in the contemporary cultural and healing landscape … in tune with ancient mysteries and progressive spiritual understanding … your unconditional love and compassion reverberates in all you do and all that you are … your work as a Reiki Master Teacher is yet another skill that you bring to this world … an energetic gift to humanity … bless you Tania … you are a beautiful and rare exotic jewel.” ~George Sitaridis, Musician, Australia

“I just wanted to say I absolutely love reading your blog. It’s actually the only blog that I do follow. Usually you’re spot on aligned with how I see things, and perceive life and choose to follow my heart, and to get to read your experiences and how you perceive things brings some sort of comfort in me. As it also reinforces how I experience my life. In addition, I LOVE the tattoos that you once in a while share in your posts and I have set in me to contact you in the next year or two about getting a tattoo designed by you, also deeply feel how you truly connect to the person when designing their tattoos. All in all, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me simply in being yourself.. =) with a warm hug and smile!” ~Pavitra, Scotland

“You are to me a miracle in light. Thank you for being a part of 9-9-9 and bringing your peaceful energy to our group in Egypt. Words cannot express my feelings when I viewed your magnificent paintings. Divine essence from a Master Being. I am grateful to have you in my life.” ~Shelia Reed, President of Luminati Egyptian Travel www.luminati.net 

IMG_9013“Your work and life are significant and to that end its important that you be acknowledged for your positive contribution to humankind.” ~Micheal Teal, Psychic, Poet and Spiritual Consultant

“I am so grateful for meeting you and for witnessing the grace, beauty and devotion to service that you embody.” ~Jenny Yemaya, Owner/Facilitator of The ARC and idetox Holidays, Interspecies Communicator & Hippocrates Health Educator, Florida & Bimini www.rawdolphins.com

“And to me, Tania is the walking example of the Sacred Heart, and how to be in the moment from this space. Her energy is so pure. The word, Love is a perfect way to describe her.” ~Samone Meyers, Director of Earth Cure

“It is a so uplifting and powerful work you are doing and sharing with so much Love, you speak Heart to Heart and the effect is Magic! It is an incredible gift to read and see your website, paintings and videos.” ~Solange, Pau, France (Pyrenees Atlantique) 

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