Dolphin Magick – This and More Awaits You in Bimini this July on the “Accelerate Your Vibration” Retreat

cosmic dolphins

my absolute favorite photo – cosmic magick!

I’m increasingly getting excited about July and the upcoming retreat in Bimini we get to share together. I just finalized my last reservation for my own trip just recently, for a hotel overnight in Florida before heading out to Bimini the next morning, so I’m all ready and set to go! Is it July yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

arc2I’m also excited that some dear people are set to join the beautiful group forming, one of which I met on the first retreat I hosted in Bimini over 12/21/12 and has become a dear friend, and another sweetheart who I had the opportunity to connect with at the recent Laguna Reiki Retreat in March that will be experiencing Bimini for the first time with us. I love how the soul connections continue to bring us together for personal and collective work. It’s always so evident to me the contracts we make and the paths we came here to fulfill.

It’s going to be so amazing to share this beloved place with them and the others. And since the energy is increasingly amping up in this experience of life in general, I can only imagine what our time will be like in this magickal vortex this time around.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the retreat I’m talking about it’s the upcoming “Accelerate Your Vibration” Retreat in Bimini, Bahamas that will be shared over the week of July 20th – 25th. One of the sacred experiences of 2014 that you can join if you feel so called. You can keep up to date on other journeys here: Retreatsย as I will be updating things soon with more 2014 and 2015 offerings.

arc3But for now, since we are closing in on our Summer journey with just over 2 months away only, I thought you might enjoy some beautiful (although that word isn’t enough to describe) captures of the most recent dolphin experience my friend Jenny – who runs The ARC (Atlantis Rejuvenation Center) where we will be calling home for our week together – had with the dolphins on a swim (see below and throughout) – photos by Jillian Rutledge. This is ONLY a hint of what it’s like, but the magick in these images speaks for itself. It’s unusual that we get such wonderful photos taken on our retreats, as we are so focused on the moment and being present with the dolphins during our time with them, so these are spectacular and rare views of a “day in the life” swimming in the Cosmic ocean with these highly advanced beings. Thank you Jenny for sharing these moments with us, as it just brings me right back again to my own breath-taking experiences I’ve had in the Bimini waters.

I can’t share enough how life-changing it is to be with these angelic beings of another world. And the combination of Atlantean energy in this vortex on and around Bimini, the warmth and connectiveness of The ARC, nourishing food for the arc5body and soul we share in, and the expansion experienced (as everything is enhanced and accelerated in power spots), is part of the reason I get called back to host retreats at The ARC. Not to mention, it has been part of a soul contract I have and reverence for service with this energy.

Every sacred retreat shared creates not only a reconnection with soul family, but exponentially shifts you into another level of experience. This can come with huge change and upgrades indeed, but it never ceases to amaze how the energy continues to unfold long after returning home from the present-time experience shared. Life-long friendships, partnerships, working relationships, and supportive healing for your personal relationships all comes about – and many times with the circle of friends you meet on the retreat. I’ve seen and heard it time and again, and have also seen how people come into a more solid embrace of their life path or received greater clarity of it after going through powerful experiences like this. Some of the people I’ve had honor to share with have exponentially grown their new lives and businesses in beautiful ways after the time spent together. I just love seeing and hearing about them, as I keep up with their lives long after our retreats come to closure.

dolphins 36It’s simply a new chapter that starts to write itself.

It doesn’t always have to be so hugely blaring, in terms of the changes, but can be as beautiful and valuable as connecting with a greater sense of peace within or opening up some more layers to your personal healing integration. It’s all relative and all supportive as to what you’re ready for and willing to embrace.

I can say for myself, that the sacred journeys I took across the globe before I started supporting others with theirs in this way, were so transformative I couldn’t even begin to share just how. I’m grateful to now be able to support others with similar.

dolphinsThings are still being worked out in terms of making sure The ARC will be able to continue to facilitate such wonderful experiences for others, but I always say, there’s no time like the present to embrace the call of your soul, as we never know what tomorrow may bring. We can no longer afford to keep pushing things off. Accelerated times call for courageous hearts and I’m here to help in any way I can.

If you feel called to this journey in July, I’ll do my best to help support it into being. Many people started with a belief, but no way or means in sight, and have found themselves now living their dreams and embracing their life path more fully because the way manifested through their embrace.

dolphins1There’s still time to take advantage of payment plans and there’s some good discounts running right now on getting over to the island.

Each person ย joining this journey will be receiving a free, beautiful Quartz crystal that is also choosing to show up in service for each of you that hears the call. There may be other goodies in store too, as I usually am always inspired by something to gift. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just today, actually, I shared this testimonial I wrote for The ARC in terms of supporting a possible new opportunity that may present itself dolphins10as the help it needs to keep things going. Perhaps it provides a glimpse about what may be awaiting you there:

“When I met Jenny I knew she was a special soul and that anything she touched and created would be something mirroring her beautiful qualities and that I would want to be a part of. There are no words to describe the experiential reach of what The ARC creates for the people that are called to it – simply life-enhancing and changing. Jenny has created a magickal place that is nurturing, opening, supportive, educative, expansive – a healing sanctuary where people can access their wholeness and come together in community. And it hasn’t come easy, but she is committed heart and soul, which is one of the things I honor and respect about her so much. I have been so grateful and honored to cocreate retreats there with her since the dolphins20day she completed the first round of stunning renovations, which have been nothing short of life changing for all who have joined. The countless stories, magickal photos captured, tears, laughter, vulnerability, courage, bliss, continued connections, lifestyle changes, and testimonials we have experienced and received from people who have joined us there, speak volumes for what The ARC and Jenny have to offer. The ARC is a place where intentions are supported into dolphins17being and I’ve seen how people have gotten on their true path and had healing openings by what they’ve experienced from things facilitated there. I am looking forward to more sharing in this sacred space with jenny this summer. Much love and gratitude to Jenny for pouring her heart and soul into The ARC and all that she holds dear.

I will now share some more of my favorite images of Jenny and our beautiful dolphin friends and family photos so that you can receive their energy and experience what it will be like if you feel called to join us. We go out on the boat for a dolphin swim every day while in retreat together, which simply amplifies the experiential experiences we will also share on land. I hope to see you there and share the love in my heart with each of you.dolphins3


dolphins30dolphins28dolphins27bimini dolphins (2)bimini dolphins (1)dolphins25dolphins23dolphins16dolphins14dolphins18dolphins19dolphins22dolphins32dolphins33dolphins35jenny2arc

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