The Spirit of Grey – An Animal Companion Portrait Created With Love

The Spirit of GreyI love channeling soul energy that comes through our animal sisters and brothers. It is always an honor to be able to capture the spirit of someone’s beloved animal companion and this week I’ve been working on a special commission of Grey.

Beautiful Grey is no longer on this Earth plane with us, but her spirit lives within the hearts of those she holds dear. This painting is a Christmas gift from a client to her father of the special companion that had great impact on his life.



Grey was a rescue puppy and lived in Oaxaca, Mexico with her human companion where they enjoyed the beautiful outdoors together. She was the “alpha” dog of his large property that was shared with 4 other casitas and dog friends.

Grey loved roaming the outdoors, spending time in the garden, and enjoying the mountains of Oaxaca with her human companion where she would run and play in a place called San Isidro-Sierra Norte Llano Grande.

From the moment I saw an image of the forested mountain area there that my client shared, I knew immediately the image that was wanting to come through. Of the images of Grey that I was sent, I chose this very soulful one of her as a puppy, that both shows her depth and spiritedness.

It was a welcome challenge, the image I was receiving wanting to come through for this, as it was a melding of realism with an ethereal quality that was channeling in my heart. This was to be an overlay of what I saw as two different dimensional experiences seen at the same time…where Grey once used to play, and where she still does.

Grey being the portal, bridging the two at center.

Pine Forest in the Pueblos Mancomunados

Pine Forest in the Pueblos Mancomunados – my inspiration

The butterfly symbolizing the journey of life and transcendence, as well as the shifting of one experience into another. To the Maya, butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality and have a very Earth and cosmic bridging connection. 😉

Grey is illuminated by the light coming through the forest, as she seems to say, “All is well.”

I believe the way that Grey was wanting this painting to come through as, holds a symbolic message that is also embedded within it, specifically for her dear soul friend.

Her presence was a powerful part of her human companion’s healing path and it is on that “path” they walked together, that she is still guiding him.

This painting not only celebrates the life of Grey and all whom she touched, but I dedicate it to all beings that have transitioned into another experience – both animal and human. There seems to be many souls journeying these days, as things naturally shift, and to each I thank you for joining this experience with us and supporting the perfect piece of the puzzle you embodied.

And I have to mention the amazing magickal thing I noticed when I was uploading the photo to this post. After I cropped the photo and saved it to my computer, low and behold, the file size naturally is 444 KB! Indeed the angels are around big time..and one of their names is Grey 🙂

I love Grey’s name, as it is the grey areas that we could do well with opening up more to.

“Life isn’t black and white. It’s a million grey areas, don’t you find? ~Ridley Scott

The animals have a message to share with us. We need only to listen. 

To read more about my animal companion portrait service, to view some of the portraits I’ve helped bring to life, and to commission your own portrait, you may visit Animal Portraits or email me at

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