Working with Pendulums – A Tool to the Heart of You

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Sphere Pendulum

As we continue to evolve into more empowered living, pendulums are one tool that people are feeling drawn to in order to assist in tapping into their Higher Self/Essence/Sub-Conscious, etc.

I regularly use a pendulum, alongside my intuition and spiritual work, finding them to be very supportive  and reflective friends with quite the personalities! Being that they reflect and mirror us, it is quite amusing to consciously see how we operate on deeper levels.

I work with two favorite pendulums that I have on my desk at all times, one of which is a Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal sphere pendulum. The other, a double clear Quartz. I have found these to be my favorite, but the Lemurian spheres are very unique and relevant to the now and have become the favorites among many I have shared them with, as they seem to be some of the easiest and most eager to work with everyone and their sphere shape utilizes the complete and whole energy of the crystal, reflecting the spiraling, circle of life.

My personal Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Sphere Pendulum

Pendulums are great for receiving answers from within. It’s not about trusting the pendulum, but about trusting yourself. The pendulum can provide a good second opinion, as it uses your own energy. Using a pendulum is a path of surrender to your higher self and by doing that, you put aside your ego – that controlling part that wants to be right – and receive a universal, higher good, heart answer instead. They are excellent in supporting a more heart-centered and connected, global consciousness, while aiding individual empowerment.

It’s fun to teach others how to use pendulums, which is quick and easy, and to see their eyes light up when they experience the magic at work before them. It creates a new relationship with crystals, for those that may be new or unsure of how to work with crystals, and a deeper connection with self.

So, what is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a small weight on the end of 6 – 10 inch piece of thread, string, twine, or chain. You can use anything as a pendulum (for example when I’m out and don’t have mine with me, I use my keys and key chain). Crystals are really unique in the way the crystals’ energy is collectively connected, have their own properties that come into play with ours, are great at mirroring and reflecting, and have interesting personalities that create a beautiful partnership with us.

It is thought you use a pendulum to:

Gain information from your subconscious mind, your cells of your body, your higher self (the intuitive, spiritual part of your Spirit), and Spirit.

Because pendulums are one of the easiest tools you can use and the quickest to see results from, working with them has become one of the most popular forms of divination. Regardless of being into metaphysical things or not, and even without an understanding or any kind of background, they are simple for anyone to incorporate and provide empowered fun. For thousands of years this tool has been used for dowsing purposes, foretelling the future, seeking answers to nagging questions and healing.

Throughout history pendulums have been used for several other purposes, as well. You can read more about those here: What is a Pendulum Used For?

Things important to understand about working with pendulums:

When Spirit is communicating through the pendulum, it is the subconscious part of your mind or higher self that is moving it – not Spirit. Spirit is answering through that part of you. This makes it important to be clear of unconscious subconscious blocks to Spirit communication. If you were taught or have old programming of fear in this regard, you may not see the same results others have, but do not give up or judge this, as the more you work with your pendulum and create a relationship with it, the more it will reflect the evolution of your partnership within. If you are not sure of subconscious blocks you may have, you can communicate with your higher self. The way in which to do so, is in being specific when asking questions. More on this below.

The challenge with pendulums is to be in a state of clarity – this means a suspended void place clear of conscious and unconscious thoughts about which direction the pendulum will move or which direction you want it to move. A place of surrender and releasing ego desires or control. This can be easier with some things more than others, as we many times are emotionally invested. At these times, if you cannot clear yourself or feel you are not able to receive something accurate, then it can be helpful to have a friend who can ask for you with their own pendulum so you can get an answer from a detached place. A good reason not to rely on a pendulum for decisions that affect ego and emotions. They are useful tools to assist with informed choices – and a chance for you to get out of your own way.

Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Sphere Pendulum

In the beginning, which you will only need to do once, you will need to establish what a Yes and No answer look like for you, as we are all different. The pendulum will reflect these answers through different directions it turns, swings, vibrates, lies in stillness, etc. The way to do this is to hold the pendulum so that the weight/crystal is hanging idle from the chain and say aloud or within, “show me what a Yes signal/answer looks like.” Then wait and note how the pendulum moves. For some it may be clock-wise, counter clock-wise, side to side horizontally, up and down vertically, diagonally, stands still, vibrates….Continue to ask this and repeat Yes, until you are sure you are receiving its message. For some this may happen quickly, for others it may take a while. It’s good to find a pendulum that feels like a good match for you, as this will aid in their reflecting things with more ease.

Then you do the same to receive what a No signal looks like.

You can do the same for I Don’t Know, Ask Later, Maybe, Kind Of, Can’t Say…if you want to. But usually a Yes and No will suffice and as you start to work with them you understand when they don’t want to answer, are giving you Maybe or I Don’t Know. A relationship develops, which always directly deepens your relationship with yourself in the process. 🙂 As this is a way for you to discover yourself more and communicate with Spirit through your higher self.

After you’ve established your answers it is helpful to make several simple statements or ask questions you know the answers to to practice. You can ask your pendulum something like, Is my name Tania? Then ask something you know that is not true like, Is my name Lily? This is for practice and helps you make sure your signals and answers are working properly.

Once you’ve established these, then make mental or literal note of them so you know for any time you work with your pendulum.

It’s good to be completely open to the responses and to get out of your mind and thoughts when you do the testing. Keep your mind on what you are saying, maybe say it out loud to focus on only the question, and stay away from watching or thinking of the way the pendulum is going to go, as it will follow your thoughts.

Sometimes using statements rather than questions can increase the accuracy of answers received. Stating the source you are wanting to receive from will direct where it comes from. You can test from higher self, subconscious, body, conscious self, etc.

For instance, when asking or stating something, without prefacing the source, it will respond from your subconscious/deeper inner beliefs. And we know that what your subconscious believes to be true for you is what manifests. You can test if your subconscious and conscious beliefs are different by sourcing each in the statement/question you ask.

Ex: I consciously think _____. If you don’t preface with “conscious” it will automatically be from your subconscious.

You can also test the same about the body, either utilizing the body in totality, or part of the body, like heart, cells, etc. – My body ____. My heart ____.

So, you could test things like: I feel loved, and get a subconscious feeling/thought/belief answer.

Or ask: My body feels loved, and get an answer reflective of what the subconscious knows your body feels/thinks/believes because when it comes to your body, the “nature” of your body over-rules what you feel/think/believe. The body is connected to Nature’s programming, which is the higher self of the body.

And so on….

Other things you can ask about with your pendulum:

Once you become comfortable and familiar, then you can ask questions relating to different things you want to know more about – a way to get in touch with your real feelings and inner wisdom to assist in making empowered choices in your life.

You can also use your pendulum to test food (ask about allergies), drinks, vitamins, supplements, medications, your emotions and feelings, past life questions, etc.

A way to increase results if you aren’t experiencing much from your pendulum:

For some it can produce more results if you hold the pendulum just above (maybe an inch or so) the open palm of your opposite hand holding the pendulum. I do this a lot. It was just instinctive, but read that it opens your energy circuits and creates a freer flow of energy for some, like a bio-feedback loop. For those who don’t use forms of energy healing like Reiki, you can also try opening and closing your hands a few times to activate the hand energy centers and try emptying your mind of doubts and preconceptions about the experience and the outcome of your questions. You can clear the energy from your pendulum if you want, after each question by lowering it for a moment to your hand or surface, or stopping it with your hand. This signals completion with that question and ready for the next. For myself, I like to keep a flow going and so I just keep asking questions and my pendulum adjusts. I’ve learned the timing it needs to do so and we are just in synch so I can be more fluid with my process and inquiry.

I hope this helps a little in how to work with a pendulum and provides some helpful insights. Like with anything, it all takes practice and with that committed effort, you will receive beautiful results. Enjoy the journey into the discovery of you!

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  1. many years ago i acquired a book by Gary Olsen on pendulums an charts an usage an how to’s an what not, an what u state here is qualitatively of the same ideas an sage techniques, u are so very right on also, for it teaches the intuit yes how to intuit! if one is willing to be honest , listen an respond accordingly without expectation or ego, yes very suprised the novice will be when they find out :”it does! werk!” an helps one to learn an see an envision that crystal voice “within” this post-it is great for the seekers new to this field of crystal technology an teachings….another kewl post-it thanQ frum Q aka mike in colorado 🙂

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