Bridging the Gap through Hearts and Shining Eyes

So many beautiful messages and experiences are flowing in abundance like never before and it is a beautiful sign of the magic we are all tapping into collectively. We are seeing synchronicity take place moment to moment, as the lines between self and collective blur, and our concept of time integrates into the now moment of unlimited Oneness, where all power exists to create from our hearts.

LOVE, is the constant theme and underlying message, answer, power that shifts reality.

The lovely Laura Bruno and I decided, today (unbeknownst to us) to both post a favorite TED talk. On the surface they seem different and energetically have a different vibe, however after I saw hers, which was a beautiful and moving talk by Dr. Neha Sangwan called The Communication Cure, I not only recognized the synchronicity of our posting TED talks, but that the message was also synchronous – one that beautifully and easily translates to everyone and speaks also to bridge workers, about how through our hearts we can bridge the gap and heal.

Dr. Sangwan shares through her experiences, as an Internal Medicine Physician, an evolution into understanding medical intuitive awareness for self-care that stems from communicating from the “heart” of our experiences to recognize personal and collective ways to heal.

In the TED talk I am sharing, Conductor Benjamin Zander shares through his infectious passion for classical music, a way to not only tap into an understanding, appreciation and love for it, but demonstrates an untapped love that creates new ways of connecting and provides us with “shining eyes” to experience our life, the world and each other.

~ I love both of their clarity of passions, depth of infectious love for not only the gifts they uniquely have, but for helping others, and the individual ways they have tapped into and embraced those individual gifts in ways that not only channel their soul journeys, but beautifully speak to others in loving, joyous and tangibly simple ways, to share empowering messages that can shift realities. ~

Benjamin exudes a joy and sparkle that is magical to me and I always resonate with that exuberant, expressive, inner child essence, likely why I loved his talk so much. I also have great resonation with music (classical being one of them) and have seen how it can be a way to understand the inexplicable and to be so healing – much like I feel with my painting as well.

I love simplicity, as that truly to me is how life is – simple. There isn’t complexity and all the fluff is unnecessary – a way to perpetuate getting to the “heart” of the matter – utilizing all faculties, but our love capacity. Everything can be broken down into graceful ease when we decide to be in the present, with open, courageous hearts and responsible awareness. Life is about experience. And I so appreciate, honor and admire the beautiful way in which both Neha and Benjamin so lovingly demonstrate this.

My favorite quotes that Benjamin shares in his talk, Classical Music with Shining Eyes are these:

“My job was to awaken possibility in other people.”

“The conductor of an orchestra doesn’t make a sound…he depends for his power on his ability to make other people powerful.” (this realization for him was life changing and caused him to ask this question:)

“Who am I being that my players eyes are not shining?” – “This creates a totally different world.” (replace “players” with children, wife, husband, friend, boss, co-worker, mom, dad, cashier, person you just met, etc.)

“Who are we being?”

“Look at their eyes. If their eyes are shining, you know you’re doing it.”

“My definition of success is, it’s not about wealth and fame and power. It’s about how many shining eyes do I have around me.”

And lastly:

“It really makes a difference what we say…the words that come out of our mouths…Make a vow, I will never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing I ever say. – It is a possibility to live into.”

If you missed the link above, here is the video of Benjamin’s TED talk:

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  1. I so have this possibility every day and I absolutely MUST use it more! =)

    Thank You Tania!

  2. Asking questions are in fact nice thing if you
    are not understanding anything totally, however this article provides nice understanding even.

  3. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:

    This post came back around to me this morning synchronously and it felt very “in tune” to reshare. I adore Benjamin Zander and his infectious joy of life and I heart-fully love his way of perceiving things. There are some key and powerful insights, some of which I quoted, that he shares in the video on the transformative power of classical music (music which I enjoy immensely)….my favorites have to do with “shining eyes”. The question to ask yourself is, “who are you being that others eyes are not shining?” When you stand in the joyous wholeness and love of your divine and natural beauty, you shine a light for others to do the same.

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