My Thoughts as Our Summer Retreat Nears

arc breakfast

The ARC welcomes you to Bimini

In just 5 and a half weeks we’ll be in the magick of Bimini again and the inner joy is building, as I envision the space being created for this gathering – not to mention I am filled with peace to return to a place dear in heart.

You are welcome to join us for our opening experience, which will be a daily indulgence of yoga, raw food, dolphin playfulness, expansion, and connection.

It’s a great honor and responsibility that I take to heart with gratitude, to be able to share in the journeys of each soul that allows me the opportunity to know them on deeper levels.

Yet, always the perfect group is divinely orchestrated and I’ve been getting a sense of how things are aligning with this one, as I observe the dance of energies that have been maneuvering to create the perfect mix for this time and space of coming together. It’s always like a game of Chess, where people make strategic decisions/moves that then dictate decisions/moves by others – all soul-based of course. It’s quite the dance too and I find it fun to observe, as Divine synergy takes the lead.


Magick underwater with our dolphin friends

And there’s been a lot of maneuvers with this retreat. I’ve seen some last minute, pretty drastic events take place in people’s lives that are really interesting in terms of their ability to join or not. I have found that what goes hand-in-hand with things that bring along transformational shifts on new and increased levels, is truly a choice in readiness to embrace or not.

And timing will take its part in when and how that unfolds for each. This happens every time I teach a Reiki workshop, and have heard the same from my teacher as well. You never know who is actually going to be in the day’s workshop, until the morning of it.


Dolphins and Sea Turtles in the Bimini waters await

So, that being said, I’m not going to make predictions, as energy constantly shifts daily, but I am receiving a loud nudge about how things are evolving with this group and timing, which will play out in the experiences I set up for us. I am seeing a very intimate soul group family that will be delving deeply. And I honor this time and the souls that are choosing to join in with me in this really powerful vortex that supports and enhances activations.

All experiences are special, but there’s something different taking place for this gathering and I’ll enjoy seeing it through to its fullness once it unfolds.

I’ve only touched briefly on the types of things we’ll be engaging in, as truly I would rather people be drawn in by energetic resonance than knowing every little detail. It’s a soul knowing that involves just choosing if its for you or not.

It’s simply impossible, anyway, to provide all details, as I constantly flow with where the energy is and this is what brings about the specific experiences we’ll encounter along the way. Plus, it will also depend on the people who are part of the group.

meditating in Bimini

Meditation and activation in Bimini

That said, there are some unique things in store for whom ever hears the call, as we explore and access deeper levels of ourselves through a variety of channels including:

  • Sound and movement flow from the depths of emotions
  • Activation through expansive exploration to open and challenge your perspectives and have you experiencing more multi-dimensional awareness
  • Connecting more with your personal frequency and authenticity that provides a clearer connection for conscious channeling
  • And all this while you deepen your connection with your new Crystal friend

People who are drawn to my retreats and workshops are not people wanting to learn structure, rules, and dogmatic approaches. But they are people who are wanting to delve into the discipline of “unlearning” in order to unleash their true gifts and flow more. They are ready to explore the nature of their own uniqueness through the different modalities and perspectives available, and come to create their own journey through the process of remembering and awakening what is within. My role is to gently guide this process and facilitate experiential activation, which takes place in subtle ways simply through the energetic exchange we share.

quartz crystals

New Quartz Crystal friends

All who join will be receiving a FREE Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has chosen to be of service and there is still opportunity to receive a free print of my painting, “Visions of Atlantis”, as well as receive an in-person Reiki session with me in Bimini. Your Crystal will be an active part of our week’s journey.

To see if this is where you are called to be this Summer, you can let your heart explore the possibilities here: July Bimini Retreat

Please contact me at for more information, to help with questions, and to register.


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