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5/5/13 Bimini Discount Extension! – Opportunity to Create the Dream

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I’ve been having a ton of vivid dreams, strong intuitive feelings and guidance coming through recently – perhaps you have too. One of the things that came in revolved around the energy of 5/5/13, which is a special day personally for several reasons, as well as the day I’ll be teaching a Reiki 3 Master Teacher class here in Orange County, in support of my amazing friends who joined on the Winter Solstice 12/21/12 Bimini Retreat and went through their Reiki training with me there.

To make a long story short when I receive something I listen and one of the things that resulted from this listening to the energy around this day, was to provide an extension to the discounts for the upcoming Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat. Seems that part of the message is to be of support in providing the best possible opportunities for empowered choices to everyone going through a lot of transitioning out there, as I know many of you are currently in very big ways.

So, if you were feeling drawn to this and then disappointed when the deadline passed, it seems there’s still an opportunity to embrace the specials for another few weeks in support of a life-changing experience. 

The extension on the up to $200 off special for this retreat is now good until Sunday 5/5/13. A deposit holds your space at the discounted price. (See link for details: Summer Solstice Bimini and contact me at with questions and to register)

If you have been going back and forth, this may be your opportunity answered, prompting a time to really explore and answer for yourself what might be holding you back if you are feeling drawn to journey with us because of the potential growth awaiting.

Are there any potential fears or blocks creating a feeling of unclarity? Do you believe your dreams are not possible? Are you worried about what it means to come into more of your authenticity and express your gifts?

Questions are important to ask ourselves whenever we are feeling confronted by a limitation causing us frustration in some way. It doesn’t matter if it has to do with a decision to join a trip like this or if it concerns a transition with your work, relationships, or even voicing your honest feelings.

I know a few of the people from our last retreat went through their own personal processes with this and I can’t begin to tell you the amazing stories that took place that have continued to work their magic in each of their lives.

One thing I’ve learned is that continuing to live life on hold is always being just an arm’s length away from having what you desire. Sometimes there is a timing for things to flow with, and yet sometimes we can also use time as an excuse.

I’ve seen the magic of all things falling into place for myself and others when we become committed to embracing the journey with our whole hearts. When we take the temporary, uncomfortable steps to move through fear, we come to realize the illusion we’ve been living in, once we’re on the other side of the threshold. Walking through the door is always the hardest part, and yet it sometimes is as simple as that one step that then reveals a whole new supportive experience we’ve been dreaming of.

Anything is possible and we don’t need to know how, nor to see the end result. Trying to dictate and map out the scenario just creates limitations in how things “could” be. You can’t possibly know the end result if you haven’t taken the steps, so to assume the final outcome based on where you sit now, is already setting up your decided future. We only need to trust in the decision made to be open to the possibilities.

This pertains to anything we may have struggle, challenge and fear around in our lives…both the small and large decisions.

I actually only meant to share the guided manifestation of the discount extension and as I started sharing, the rest of this came through. Always works that way when I open to the collective energy. I feel I know why, as it really isn’t about the details and the discount, as much as it is the theme of realizing how many opportunities and how much support is constantly around us there for the receiving and yet so many times we turn the other way. The Universe is saying to each of us in every moment, here is a life of unlimited opportunity you’ve been given…what do YOU intend to choose and WHEN are you going to realize what is possible?

There is so much support and we each are so powerful beyond words. Yes, you CAN create the life you desire and you CAN move through the challenges of today. You are eternally loved.

Being someone who lives on the edge of the moment never knowing what tomorrow may bring, I understand how fears, doubts, or even periods of feeling out of abundant flow can seep in from time to time, yet I believe in our ability to instantly shift every experience through shifting our perspectives, becoming alchemical magicians of our lives, and letting the joy of our hearts guide us. I know the power of complete trust and following my heart – having yet to experience not being supported by the Universe when I take the mirroring steps.

For those of you have personally committed already to participate and join us for this magical retreat week, thank you, and thank you also to all of the RSVP’s that have come through the event postings. Don’t forget to take the next step in registering, if you haven’t already, and please contact me if you’d like to discuss any questions or concerns. I look forward to assisting you with anything you may need and to sharing this positively transforming experience together.

I am counting the days until my return with you to this magical island where a door of possibilities awaits.

Stay tuned for next week’s updates on what you can look forward to on this journey. I will be sharing about the new focus of offerings for this retreat that will assist you in integrating on deeper levels.

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