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5 Steps To Attracting The One – Any Relationship You Desire Is Reflective Of The Relationship With Yourself

Another awesome video from Preston Smiles that will also hit home for many of you I feel.

I couldn’t NOT share this one, as this topic is so prevalent for everyone and comes up so much in my sessions with clients or conversations with friends where they are wanting support with relationships and being able to draw in that special someone.

Many go about things in backwards ways, don’t realize the undercurrents of their quest that are running the show, or don’t understand why they can’t be with someone they feel is the reflection of the “One” they would like to be with.

You must be your own “One” to be with another “One”.

Preston shares what being that means.

And, as he points out, it’s not just about romantic relationships, but you can utilize and tweak these steps to work for any relationship – business partners, friends, clients, etc. that you want to align yourself with.

And for some people, the “One” may mean different things…or you may have several of them throughout your life.

No matter how that is relative to you, make sure your “One” is foremost yourself.

The rest will fall into place after.

Although you may have heard these things, it takes several times to really get it sometimes. And then more time to actually put it into practice.

Remember practicing what you know is far more valuable than just saying you know it.

So here are some of those reminders again and Preston shares them so beautifully and makes it easy to understand.

Less Waiting And More Creating

At now only five days remaining of online time for me, after today, before I jump offline and off-grid, on to my personal sabbatical beginning September 1st, I’m guided to share things that support others in following their hearts, manifesting their dreams, and experiencing their own version of ecstatic living.

I’ve shared a post from Preston Smiles before – Paralysis of Analysis – and today this one found its way to me and felt perfectly aligned to the messages I’ve been sharing about how to create the life you love and your heart’s joy, now.

It also mirrors exactly what I am doing in my own life and how I’ve created this three month sabbatical I’m taking, how I live the life I love, as well as how I’ve created the upcoming adventure I’m heading out on shortly – changing my life 180 degrees.

Preston has a lot of great, short, inspiring video shares you may find inspiring.

Today’s is about creating your dreams by “being” and doing things you’ve never done from the vulnerable and courageous place of the unknown.

I didn’t know how my dream was going to happen, or how the details would come together to make it so (much like everything else in my life)….I just knew it would and was willing to trust in the unknown, while experiencing the magick unfold every step of the way that I had the courage to keep moving toward and believing in.

Here’s Preston Smiles bringing it home once again:

Paralysis of Analysis

I SO LOVE this! Preston Smiles dances it home to the core.

Do you over-analyze? Are you never making a decision because you have so many choices and refuse to decide until you have the perfect green light?

I see this time and again, and have gone through it myself, where things get dead-locked, or even continuously self-sabotaged into a circle that continues to just circle.

While there isn’t a right or wrong, or time-frame, using that as an excuse isn’t necessarily of help either. We easily convince ourselves we need to “know” more, see it ALL clearly, get some fancy message, make a certain amount of money, read more books, take more classes and seminars, etc… in order to feel secure and adequate to make a move.

You can do all of that OR you can simply understand you are perfect in this moment, and that you have everything you need, and trust you’ll have everything you need along the journey, as you take the supportive steps into your truth. It doesn’t have to result in some “idea” of the perfect outcome, as every moment is a step and evolution to something else that is surprisingly enjoyable, but you wouldn’t know it, had you not taken the step. So when you just embrace the journey, you’ll find yourself loving the process and enjoy every place you land because you know it’s leading to something new and will more closely resemble and feel like your joy.

The time is now. Truly. You only need to take a step in “some” direction…let the energy move through you and ignite into an expression of experience, which will lead you forward and draw the next experience to you.

Don’t wait on the fence all of your life because of some old conditioned thoughts and beliefs that weren’t even yours to begin with. Live out loud! Dreams happen when you decide to start living them.

Thank you Dawn Vierra for sharing this. I hope it inspires others to take a step, a leap…anything. Then perhaps you’ll soon be dancing your way through life inspired by the rhythm of the Universe moving through you.

This video shares insights on how to think less and live more.

And as Preston shares, “Life honors the Liver”.

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