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Paralysis of Analysis

I SO LOVE this! Preston Smiles dances it home to the core.

Do you over-analyze? Are you never making a decision because you have so many choices and refuse to decide until you have the perfect green light?

I see this time and again, and have gone through it myself, where things get dead-locked, or even continuously self-sabotaged into a circle that continues to just circle.

While there isn’t a right or wrong, or time-frame, using that as an excuse isn’t necessarily of help either. We easily convince ourselves we need to “know” more, see it ALL clearly, get some fancy message, make a certain amount of money, read more books, take more classes and seminars, etc… in order to feel secure and adequate to make a move.

You can do all of that OR you can simply understand you are perfect in this moment, and that you have everything you need, and trust you’ll have everything you need along the journey, as you take the supportive steps into your truth. It doesn’t have to result in some “idea” of the perfect outcome, as every moment is a step and evolution to something else that is surprisingly enjoyable, but you wouldn’t know it, had you not taken the step. So when you just embrace the journey, you’ll find yourself loving the process and enjoy every place you land because you know it’s leading to something new and will more closely resemble and feel like your joy.

The time is now. Truly. You only need to take a step in “some” direction…let the energy move through you and ignite into an expression of experience, which will lead you forward and draw the next experience to you.

Don’t wait on the fence all of your life because of some old conditioned thoughts and beliefs that weren’t even yours to begin with. Live out loud! Dreams happen when you decide to start living them.

Thank you Dawn Vierra for sharing this. I hope it inspires others to take a step, a leap…anything. Then perhaps you’ll soon be dancing your way through life inspired by the rhythm of the Universe moving through you.

This video shares insights on how to think less and live more.

And as Preston shares, “Life honors the Liver”.

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