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Simplifying, Creating & Living Your Dreams


I decided to post this inspiration I shared for this month’s newsletter, given the themes in it that keep coming up for everyone I talk to and hear from. If you want to sign up to receive monthly newsletters, you can do so here: Receive Newsletter

May’s Inspirations: 

Wow, we’re already a week into May and 2015 is nearly half through! What an incredible year it’s been so far. For me, it’s a simultaneous experience of this deeply powerful energetic cleanse and build up both in shedding layers, as well as fueling the new in the same breath of release.What I know solidly is that I’m no longer holding space, but creating it. And that is enormously freeing.

And within this experience it’s been an increasingly present state of embodying that which I AM, without concern for what that looks like or how it unfolds – it just IS.

I may have visions and intents, but I’m letting my “beingness” create the path and the manifestations.

Along with physically lightening the load I’d been carrying, naturally inducing the shedding of 9 pounds of energetics from my core, I’ve also increasingly be living a life of simplicity…truly knowing the experience of not “needing” anything.

In this process I’ve been able to not only release old core “stuff”, which induced the unusual shed of pounds that I wasn’t trying to lose, but have even been guided to move my most prized/cherished parts of my life on to others, sold, donated, and continue to let go of everything, but that which speaks as most essential to this leg of my journey NOW.

And mostly, that is simply ME and the rest are joys I can choose, but don’t need any longer.

It’s an empowering process of releasing and lightening on all levels. And it opens the door for what currently wants in and mirrors my ever-shifting, creative intents.

We recently had a Scorpio Full Moon that to me speaks to this and digging into the dark inner realm where the truest security and personal power lives.

I remember a past article on Scorpio Moon by Simon Vorster that spoke about it as “a powerful cosmic flush” that brings us to the inner core vibration of who we really are through a total “inner spiritual transmutation.” Love this!

Indeed an inward journey back home.

And it is this inward journey that assists us in actualizing our dreams from a place that isn’t anchored in the old paradigm, structures, and conditioning. There’s nothing weighing down or restraining what wants to emerge.

This brings to mind Snail wisdom, as she keeps popping her enchanted little antennae up now and then.

Snail speaks to grounded awareness, conscious expansion, the motivational inspiration to create, self-reliance and having all that one needs within/on them, the cycles of renewal and unlimited abundance, and the vulnerable sensitivity of full awareness that can be harnessed into patient progression – all while thoroughly enjoying life (whimsically) each small, purposeful step of the way and knowing what is desired WILL come to fruition.

There have been many things in my life I’ve embraced in the smooth, deliberate glide of Snail, while journeying over rocks and twigs in the path – steadily continuing ahead. And with that unhindered inner guidance, regardless of outward experiences, have one by one been seeing things continue to come to fruition.

And now, another large dream I’ve had for a while and intentfully decided 9 months ago that it simply already WAS, now IS.

This involves my upcoming move and an adventure that is now happening after simply living it already on another timeline, while the me in this timeline did the necessary Snail-gliding to merge the details with the vision embodied.

I’ve lived “as if” my dreams already were, in all ways and senses, while letting go of the timeline, which is ego-driven at its unproductive best.

So I do believe in living/embodying your dreams regardless of whether or not they are here and now yet in the physical manifestation. This means every choice you make, the visions and feelings you hold, the thoughts and beliefs you tell yourself, the actions you take, are all aligned with the dream “being.”

That doesn’t mean you lie to yourself or deny the “stuff” that comes up in the process. But you DO keep creating, while you journey through the rest with full embrace – in this way all the pieces become alchemical ingredients to the creation.

And a lot rides on us letting go and simplifying so that what is necessary and of valuable benefit can speak to us without the clutter of “stuff” in the way. Simplifying also removes the distractions, the temporary appeasement of superficiality, and our tendency to put and project energy/time into things that we convince ourselves are needed because we don’t want to really take the steps.

Simplifying not only involves the physical clutter in our lives, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter. Yes, you can have spiritual clutter too, to convince yourself you’re doing something aligned, but is actually on a camouflaged-to-look-like, yet diverted path away from your dream.

I will devote a separate newsletter for details on the upcoming dream manifestation/change, as I’m taking heed of Snail’s wisdom to slowly, step-by-step it. Plus, this newsletter is packed enough! 😉

In the meantime, please allow yourself to imagine, dream, and deliberately create!

What is it that calls from within?

How much do you want it?

And if I told you it WAS possible, would you invest trust in yourself to at least see where your inspiration wants to take you?

Because here’s a little secret….it IS possible.

Now it’s up to you to believe that and to take the steps toward embodying it.

For this moment, this day, allow yourself to journey where you wouldn’t dare normally go…even just an inch…and see where it takes you…what unfolds and what starts to grow.

I have and will continue to allow myself to live my dreams, as simply and as gracefully as possible – these are my intents. But I gave up worrying about how long it took to get there, how I’d get there, or even if my dream wanted to shift along the way.

I know these “control” mechanisms are simply a means to deter me from what naturally is my destiny. And they simply don’t reflect the truth of my essence.

When I go within, I discover the ingredients to create alchemy in my life. When I embrace the shadow and the light I am powerful beyond measure.

And so are you.

On Beltane I placed a Crystal offering out in the garden for the Faeries. My intent placed was to give/live in reverence of ALL that is sacred and to receive their reflection of that sacredness and flow in all that I create.

The next day the Crystal was gone. The commitment sealed and honored.

What are you willing to commit to in order to manifest your dreams?

In Love and Creative Magick

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