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The Magick of Horses ~ Intimate Moments Captured by Robyn Louise of Our Time at Epona Rise


Feeling in my Essence ~ So grateful for this capture by Robyn of personal ecstacy


I shared a recap of our special Horses & Reiki retreat weekend at Epona Rise in British Columbia when I returned, but I just received the amazing captures of our intimate time with the horses from Robyn a couple of days ago.

I mentioned that I was so engaged in the weekend, I didn’t take photos of what was going on, but to our surprise, Robyn did.

Robyn was one of the beautiful souls that was part of our weekend retreat, but she just so happens to also be an amazing photographer.

On our off-time she was capturing shots of the horses that were incredible, but she also (without our knowing) was capturing photos of our time WITH the horses while we were working with them.

epona20It’s amazing that she was able to do this, as she, herself, was also engaged in working with them and received huge amounts of messages supportive for her journey.

But incredibly, her timing was impeccable to break away from her own work at just the precise moments to capture these special moments. She’s definitely a fellow multi-tasker extraordinaire 😉

So, I’d like to share the photos she took of all of us intimately sharing in powerful experiences with the horses.

These are so, so magickal, moving, and dear and provide an inside look at what this experience is like and what you, too, can share with the horses if it so calls to your heart.

These are very unique souls in horse bodies….masters at what they do.

epona2Robyn captured the essence of our time so beautifully and we each now have these lovely photo memories to remind us of our work done with them and the messages received.

And these moments were only the ones caught on camera on one of our days!

So you can imagine what happened the rest of the time and how rich, deep, and personally intimate the whole two days with the horses were – an experience that has changed all of us.

I want to thank Robyn dearly for the gift of who she is and for her beautiful artistry.

She is so masterful with a camera – a window of vision that extends from her heart and soul. 

If you’re looking for incredible photography in British Columbia and around the world, Robyn Louise Photography has a lot to offer.

Besides weddings, she’s an amazing Equine photographer (I got to see her work while we shared the weekend together), and can capture any special moments.

epona12Although Robyn has many special gifts, her love is photography. She is also an incredible horse communicator and has training in Equine Production and Breeding Management.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful and intimate captures from our weekend.epona611794617_10207607779098875_7428227991687355815_oepona3epona4eponaepona5epona7epona8epona11epona19epona9epona10epona13epona18epona17epona15epona23epona21epona24epona14epona25epona22

Our Magickal Weekend of Horses & Reiki Immersion at Epona Rise ~ The Beginning


Epona Rise Retreat Centre

The contrast of going from dramatically different energetic and literal experiential spaces to another is a constant in my life because of my travels and varied experiences. It is incredibly interesting, as well as potent. It feeds different parts of me and doesn’t present upheaval where it might have before, as I have learned to balance my energies, which allows me to more easily integrate into and embody a reflection of each environment – very Pisces-amorphous.

However, it CAN be quite shocking for some, which is why it is so important to take heed of your needs that call to be nourished and nurtured, as well as to keep balanced and aware of your energy.



Entrance to Epona Rise

The past few days I was immersed at the peaceful and magickal Epona Rise Retreat Centre in Ladner, BC and once again found myself in two very contrasting energies in a matter of hours, having my time in flight being my integration period before setting down in the city of Los Angeles where I immediately went out for lunch and did a bike ride through Venice and Santa Monica Beaches.

Talk about contrast!

My time there has been a huge reiteration of every single thing I’ve received over the last several months in messages. There were truly no surprises for me, although some things that had been in the background more than others showed up to be much more prominent when entering the sacred space with the horses. So there was a very rich depth of surrender into that even more…into myself that is.

And this is what you get to experience when entering into partnership with the masterful horses and the energy of Epona Rise with Hillary.


Epona Rise after some cleansing quick showers

It’s wonderful to receive that reiteration and confirmation, isn’t it? I truly believe we have all of the answers and that it’s simply about trusting that inner wisdom. I say simply, as that is the way it can be. We are the ones who get in our own way most of the time and make it challenging.

This was clearly one of the main underlying themes for the weekend’s retreat and each of the participants who courageously showed up to step into that.


Lunch time!

It’s always a beautiful unfolding to see how the people that come together for these intentful experiences always share the same underlying currents of energy being focused on, simply channeled in different ways, as to how that looks and shows up in each individual’s life.

What became clear, as we all ventured deeper with each other, was that trust, a deeper heart opening, and a courageous leap into brand new ways our life paths were going to evolve into, which meant literal moves for the majority, were the shared energetic focuses we’d be helping one another with and that would be supported by the horses.


The view from my room

I enjoyed being unplugged and fully “in” the energy the last few days, and didn’t feel called to take many photos either. The ones I DO share here, give you a glimpse of the energy of this space we shared, which is definitely a “magick” farm inhabited by Faeries, Unicorn, and mystical beings alike.


Magickal flowers!

The farm also sits under the path of Bald Eagles, some of which decided to nest across the street on a tall electrical tower, so we would see both adult and juvenile Eagles fly over, as well as were visited by Blue Heron, Cooper Hawk, Merlin, and many more of the Bird Spirit Tribe that would all show up at of course very synchronous and meaningful times.

This retreat weekend went through many shifts over the course of time, but the way it showed up in the end, was more than divinely aligned. As I mentioned to Hillary on our way to the airport upon my return home, when we step out of the way of how things “need” to look to us, we allow what is for the highest and greatest good to “be”.

We also discussed our similar ways of facilitating, which is about empowering others into creating their own facilitation. And this weekend was definitely one of those times, based on the powerful souls who were there, when I knew there was not a need for me to get too into details even with the Reiki training, because it was more about encouraging, reminding, and allowing others to take their own lead and to run with what they already have.

Sometimes just a little bit of energetic and literal mirroring of support is all that is needed to have those subtle, but life changing clicks and shifts take place within. Couple that with intent, specific souls coming together, and a time and place that has been sacredly created, and you have ingredients for magick at hand.

I have learned over time that balancing power is important, and this is something the horses, especially Shiva reiterated for me this weekend in my work with him, and that responsibility is about knowing when it’s appropriate to speak, when it’s appropriate to be silent, and when it’s appropriate to be lovingly firm, or take a place on the outside while still maintaining energetic connection. Personal power can be a gentle power and it is a knowingness embodied, rather than an outward action.

It also involves knowing, as a leader, how to shine your light in such a way that it enhances and draws out others’ lights and isn’t overpowering and blinding, but rather, radiates as a soft glow whose presence is known, without need to be known.


I arrived Thursday afternoon and because I got there first, Hillary and I had a chance to connect in the flesh for a bit, which was as beautiful and magickal as each of us knew it would be. Hillary is such an amazing soul and I love how we share the same approaches and outlooks, as well as loves and affinity for magick.

We met a couple of years ago online because of a blog article I wrote about the Narwhal – Unicorn of the Sea – a story we shared with the group this weekend.

I felt compelled to share a dream of mine publicly, along with their symbolism in this article and Hillary was searching online for Narwhal symbolism because of her own dream of them. She was then led to my article, which then prompted her to explore information about me some more and then was guided to write me a message from her heart without knowing the reason why to do that, only that she knew she felt guided to.

After I received her message, I explored her a bit through her website and feeling the words in her email, knew we shared a special connection and that we were meant to do something together. She responded in the same reflection and here we were this weekend in that space the magickal Narwhal created for us out of each of our vulnerabilities to share our truth out loud.

It was beautiful to have this personal time with her and the animals at the farm to anchor me in and get my own sacred experiences of connection with them.



I also got the opportunity to meet the two dogs that live there, Luca and Sidney, the eight sweet chickens that are all named after flowers – Lily, Foxglove, and Briar Rose were some that stood out for me, although they were all incredibly sweet – the eight Horse Masters that we would be working with that weekend – Navir, Tareena, and Athena immediately creating special connections from onset, and experiencing the many birds, energies, and Faeries of this realm.

Later in the weekend we all met Camille – or “Cat” as Hillary would call her. She is one of the feral cats she adopted and has made this home now too along with Pineapple – the other feral cat.


Nazir saying hi to Camille the “Cat”

bc26Being with these horses was like no other experience with horses that I’ve had in the physical.

bc29They are an extremely special herd and their consciousness is truly not able to be described….only experienced to know the depths of what that’s like.

bc30While horses carry a unique wisdom and medicine as a collective, like with any animals, there will always be some that are here to do the work on deeper levels than others.

bc60Hillary led me out to the horses – a sacred space one doesn’t enter into without presence and reverence. And that was incredibly special to meet each of them and to be greeted immediately with such warmth. Navir was my first welcome and quickly a bond with him was reunited that I will continue to carry with me, as Hillary has shared that he is meant to be my guide now that I can journey with, which is incredibly meaningful on many levels for me.

There was a great sense of reverence between us, like meeting an old friend, but also one that holds a shared respect and recognition of. He is the oldest of the herd and the mystic with great wisdom. He embodies and provides a direct link to the ancient horse collective consciousness and medicine. He’s both in this world, but not of it….journeying in and out often – reminded me much of some of my own animal companions, as well as yours truly. My time with him felt like long strolls with a dear friend, where I felt at home and reminded of who I am.

Out in the field I met the others including Tareena, the White Unicorn – and when I say that I literally mean she is a Unicorn. She came over and we shared a special hello. She had come to me in a meditation previous to my being there, so we had already created a bond. She welcomed me with a hug around my head, as she cupped hers to both sides of mine, one after another, with sweet embrace. Any time I spent with her put me right into my most magickal embodiment, where nothing else existed but a Faery playing with her Unicorn friend.

Oh the beauty and magnificence in that field…the field of dreams…reminding me of my childhood one of being with horses and living on a ranch, as horses were the most prominent component of my life visions, thoughts, and dreams daily in my childhood.


I shared a story with the women at dinner one night, as I was providing a similar experience to one of them as support. It was about my pre-teen years where there were a couple of years that I had terrible stomach issues that would hit me every night, due to my sensitivities and all that I energetically absorbed. So bad I couldn’t eat dinner without my mom feeding me by hand. And every night was horrendous stomach pains that brought me to the brink of purging, but never quite so, which is more horrible.

During those times it was the horses that I called upon and met in my peaceful pasture in my heart and mind that saw me through the night, along with my mom who stayed with me until I could sleep.


Gorgeous giant Sunflowers – my favorite!

Since horses do work so much with our personal power and solar plexus chakra energy, it is no wonder I instinctively called upon them to help me then, without consciously knowing why.


After acquainting and getting to know each of them briefly through experience and Hillary sharing their stories, we made our way back and there we met Athena who holds very powerful Divine Feminine Goddess energy. I had a lovely connection with her, as she nudged me with her head and I embraced hers with my hands in honor and celebration of the space we were meeting each other in, in our power.

I was grateful she was so connective from onset, venturing to me, as Hillary said she is the one horse that is very selective and will not come to people unless or until they meet her in the same energy.

She will not hold space, but asks of you to step into yours, which is exactly my own way and what I’ve shared with my students and clients about not meeting people in their stories, but standing in your own light on the other side of the bridge, so that they can see that reflection and choose to meet you there instead – the empowering way, rather than disempowering both people.

So to have this immediate connection with her was a beautiful mirroring of that embodiment.

And it was incredibly beautiful to later see one of the other women in our group – a dear friend of mine – having an amazing connection with her too, later, that was hugely healing and opening.

Special, sacred, intimate, and hugely opening experiences would continue throughout this weekend. It’s incredible what can take place in just a few days. And it was incredible to see people’s faces, body language, and dialogue shift, as well as the inspiration and openings expand.


Our days were filled with lots of conversation and connecting, Reiki training of levels 1 and 2 with practice and treatments for everyone, a couple of hours with the horses, integration time, healthy food, nature immersion, and Tarot readings sporadically, but mostly in the evenings after dinner until bedtime.

We started out with a small amount of Tarot decks, which continued to grow by the hour and day, as Hillary would feel guided to bring out more! Soon the whole coffee table was overflowing with amazingly magickal decks, as we explored messages with them all.


My perspective from where I was teaching Reiki

And every day was all about the outdoors and nature, as the only time we were indoors was for Tarot time at night, which would last through until 10:30 – 11:30 pm each day. A couple of the women were even camping on the grounds, which added to the experience.


Tent fun!

We always had lots of animals around us, including during Reiki training and attunements, which we did entirely outdoors on blankets and pillows spread on the lawn next to the free-roaming chickens and just on the other side of the horses’ realm so we could hear them.


Integration time after everyone’s first Initiation Attunement and Healing Attunements

This also allowed us to have many bird friends be a part of our day, with Eagles, Hawks, Merlin, Great Blue Heron, and more flying overhead and near us. Luca and Sidney especially enjoyed being part of Reiki time, laying and playing with us on the lawn.

It was truly wonderful, as all that good nature energy was perfect for grounding and balancing while we were raising our vibrations.


One of the yummy kombuchas that fueled my teaching

I even found another little feather during our first horse session, which ended up being from a Killdeer. It presented itself, as I was being led by the horses working with me at the time, which were Nazir and Honey.


My Killdeer feather alongside my Tibetan Quartz and Lapis Lazuli

bc34I even got the chance during our second day, to visit O.W.L. – The Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, which is “dedicated to public education and the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned birds.”

bc32This was a gift made possible because one of Hillary’s amazing roommates works there and she offered to take anyone to go visit, which two of us were excited to do. It was a dream for me to be able to see some of my most favorite bird friends live and in person.

bc39bc35I am very connected to Hawks and Owls, so it was wonderful to see them up close and connect eye-to-eye.

bc44And I was giddy with delight that my favorite cosmic Owl was there – the Barn Owl. Her name is Alice.

I felt like I was in The Secret of NIMH when I witnessed one of the Great Gray Owls have his lunch, reminding me of the scene in the movie of the Great Horned Owl that did the same with a mouse. And directly after, seeing the Great Horned Owl himself in the enclosure next to them.

bc41Winston Churchowl, one of the Great Gray Owls, was truly an incredible connection. All I could see was a human behind a mask peering into my soul.

There was even a Hawk named Isis. 🙂

What an amazing gift to connect with all of these amazing bird beings, which included Bald Eagles, a Golden Eagle, Turkey Vultures, a variety of Hawks and Owls, Falcon…

bc36It felt important that I’d both connected with Horse and Bird Medicine for this journey and I know I will continue to integrate the energy and messages, as well as continue to connect with the souls that touched me so.

On our second horse session day I connected a lot with Tareena, Navir, Honey, and Shiva. Lots of energy was being moved, messages being given and reiterated, and mutual giving and receiving taking place, as I was also able to provide energy work for the horses that were in need and one that actually sought me out for it – Tareena.

She and I exchanged gifts, as I supported her where she needed it and she took me into my Faery essence and reminded me of my magick.

bc27Our beautiful, intimate group of women shared individual time with the horses, as well as group time where we’d share about our experiences and messages. This was always a way for us all to support one another, which went on throughout the weekend with all of our discussions. We were there to empower each other and it was a space where excuses for not shining your light, were brought to light.


I also had a lot of Faery connection time. When I first arrived, the last place Hillary showed me was a special circle of trees at the front of the property. She told me she has never been guided to take anyone there before, so I was feeling the sacred honor of this invitation from the Faeries that she was channeling.

It is a very special and magickal place creating a portal and dimensional doorway. I loved the energy and received chills right away.

And it was at the end of the weekend that I was invited again.

During the course of my work with the horses, through the Tarot cards, and more I kept receiving that my answers would come during my three month sabbatical. Important answers not only to how my life is evolving, but in terms of my soul’s journey in general.

Hillary asked me the last evening if I’d ventured back to the Faery tree realm again, which I hadn’t with all that we’d been doing. She made mention I should before I leave, as the Faeries have a gift they wanted to give me.

Since we went to bed late again, I decided to wake early and go out in the morning before she took me to the airport to catch my flight back home.

That night I did dream, however, that I went there. What I saw in the dream was a headpiece/crown sitting in a thicket of grass, left as a gift for me. It was lovely with threaded twigs, leaves, and metals of some sort.

Interesting because that evening I’d received a vision of a lovely Faery ring gift for Hillary in the Reiki session we did of Fire Opal.


The Faery Tree Realm

So the next morning I got ready and packed up and went out in the yard out front just around/before 6 am and entered the tree circle. Right as I neared, I immediately started singing a melody, as a song came through the sound resonance I do.


Amongst the Faeries

I stayed there about 20 minutes, standing between the two largest trees, as I closed my eyes to be and receive, as well as give my love in return.


The two trees I stood between

I received some messages and a Unicorn also came through. Then I was told to look down.

As I did, I saw a tiny moth at my toes and right next to it was a tiny dandelion, which was not growing from the ground, but was just sitting there already cut. It was only the very top, with just enough stem to hold between my fingertips, but it was very delicate and there were no others around like that. I saw one or two a little away, but they were on long stems still growing from the ground and were not perfect like this one.

This felt like a deliberate gift that had been picked by the Faeries for me. The message I received was that they wanted me to make wishes while I was there amidst the Faery trees in this portal and that they would grant them.

So I did…I wished for all the things that came to heart. And then I blew the dream seeds into the wind.

I gave them my song, and a promise. And they reminded me that I can now be the “not of this world” me fully.

It was lovely.

bc47After, I returned inside and felt guided to pull a card from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Tarot deck and the card you see here is what I pulled as my message.

bc48The message was “crystal” clear reiteration in concluding summary of everything I’ve been receiving over the last few months, my reading I received in Sedona, the messages from the horses this weekend, and now the Faeries.

And so it is.


As I was the first to arrive to Epona Rise Retreat Centre this weekend, I was also the first to leave.

Hillary, Luca, and I jumped into the car and off we went to the airport. And the magick continued.

As we got on the highway we both saw a large bird sitting on the light post ahead. At first we thought Hawk, but realized how large this bird was and the shape of his body, as we approached…then knowing it was a Bald Eagle.

As we came close enough to “see” him, he literally lifted just his right wing and waved. Hillary said, “He’s waving to you!” I said, “He totally is!!! Oh my goodness that is too cool.”

Immediately after we saw two Hawks perched together, side by side, on another light post. I’ve never seen two together like that.

Then right after that a single Hawk on another light post.

I was grateful for their seeing me off.

And then, something white caught my eye to the right. There was a large white bird perched on a limb of a tree ahead. As we approached I was thinking maybe Heron or Egret, but realized the body of the bird was quite large and the tail that was hanging down below the limb was very long and full. I immediately thought white Peacock and it indeed looked like that, as we got closer.

Hillary hadn’t seen it, but I asked her if there were white Peacocks around. She said, “There could be. Or it was magick for you.” I said “Yes, or something showing up as a white Peacock to message me.” Maybe even a Unicorn in disguise I thought.

I was indeed meant to take the magick with me…and to know it will always be with me in increased amounts, as long as I stick to my promise and live the ecstasy of my heart’s essence.

A lot of energy was moved this weekend for everyone. All with general, shared themes, but each in individual ways.

And as always, when I work with a lot of energy I always find myself physically lighter. This happened again.

I’m excited to see what unfolds for everyone, as we each received so much and much has been presented for us to partner with.

For me, I know that much of that which has been put into motion already, will come to be shared when I return from my sabbatical.

I have received the clean slate confirmation from which to create from, and one that will unite both childhood dreams with soul essence as never before.

bc28I’m so grateful for Hillary inviting us into this sacred space, for each of the beautiful and powerful women that courageously showed up and said “yes” to their journey while saying “yes” to the collective shift they are assisting through that, for the horses partnering with us to mirror our personal mastery available to us, for all of the animal beings and spirit guides that reflected to us, for the Faeries and Spirit guides that supported the magick, and for our beautiful Earth Mother who nurtured us in her care throughout our experience.

It was a bitter sweet return home for me, but we all know in our hearts that this is just the beginning.

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horses and reiki

Image taken at Epona Rise capturing an intimate moment of connection


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“Long ago a seed was planted in my heart through the relationship and connection with horses that started when I was a little girl…Ever since I have been around horses I have known that there was something special about them. When I am around them I feel like I have come home, grounded in myself and deeply connected to who I really am at the core. That is what they do for people. They create space for us to be reminded of who we are and provide us with an access to that deep wisdom that exists inside of us. There is nothing that compares to the gentle encouragement to bear witness to our truths when we are with them – a mirror of purity they help us to see where we are blind, gain clarity on where we are meant to be, and give us the confidence to stand in who we are.”

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I hope you enjoy these photos from some of the time people have spent with the horses at Epona Rise, reflecting the kinds of experiences you can look forward to on this sacred retreat, as well as the magick that these amazing beings exude.10687537_360088334153954_1549798822768571171_o885907_360088370820617_2094548668780973897_o10608394_360088234153964_8091592889234784165_o

Magickal Moments with the Horses at Epona Rise Retreat Centre – A Glimpse at What’s in Store for You

horses epona riseHere are some amazingly beautiful moments captured at Epona Rise Retreat Centre a few days ago with the magnificent and masterful Horses you will have a chance to work intimately with during September’s Retreat with Hillary and I.

Horses so beautifully and transparently reflect our true vibration, which aids us in taking responsibility for ourselves. Working with both Horses and Reiki combined is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.

epona riseHere’s Hillary expressing her feelings from the experiences caught on camera that she shared here with me:

“We had a very magical day at the farm today with the horses…such a powerful space that they provide us to awaken us to our gifts and purpose in the world…we are really looking forward to partnering with Tania for this retreat in the space! I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty out of this world!! Here are some pictures from today!! Our herd is pretty amazing and masters at what they do!”

epona rise4To say that I’m excited for this retreat is an understatement and I’m grateful for Hillary’s sweet words, for opening her heart’s passionate service to us, and for the Horses who have welcomed me to share in partnering with them in service to others.

epona rise5In the photos you’ll see one of the amazing Horses, Tareena (above), who showed up in my meditation immediately when I was tuning in for guidance from them for this retreat’s inspiration. I was not aware of Hillary having a white Horse, nor that she was a she, but after I asked her about this, she shared in fact she did have a female white Horse and that she is in fact a magical Unicorn in disguise. 🙂

No wonder it is she that was the first to approach me, given both Hillary’s and my love for our enchanted Unicorns.

epona rise horses (2)I am excited to connect with her and the other masterful Horses in person in just a month from now. You can see their beauty, power, and majestic wisdom in these captures.


epona rise horses (3)We hope that you’ll join us for what is sure to be a memorable and powerful extended weekend July 9th – 12th, 2015 at the enchanted Epona Rise Retreat Centre in British Columbia for a Four-Day intimate journey of vibrational alignment through the partnering of Horses and Reiki.

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Tareena - Hillary's Horse

Horses & Reiki: Living With Vibrational Integrity ~ A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat

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From Dream to Reality – 4 Day Equine & Energy Partnership for Healing, Clarity & Empowerment


The stunning and magickal setting of Epona Rise where we will share this journey together

Next July 9th – 12th, 2015 welcomes you to an opportunity to intimately connect with yourself in nature through exchanges with Horses and exploration of Reiki, including certifcation in Levels 1 and 2. You will also receive individual energy healing and integrative sessions in this idyllic and loving setting that welcomes you.

Hillary Schneider and I came together over a magickal dream about Narwhals. We both had dreamed of them and Hillary’s dream inspired a search that guided her to read about mine.

Alongside our love for horses, all animals, and bringing a return to harmony on Earth, we both also share a deep love for unicorns.

Narwhals are considered the “Unicorns of the Sea”, which make connecting through these enchanted creatures, that much more special. 

As Hillary shares, “Once upon a time I had a dream, this dream led to exploring the wide world of the internet where I found Tania Marie and her blog…following an urge I wrote to her, we connected and have been speaking about doing a workshop together ever since.”

Hillary and I are very excited about September’s offering at her magickal Epona Rise Retreat Centre, which will take us on a 4-Day intimate journey of vibrational alignment through the partnering of Horses and Reiki!

I’m inspired by Hillary and how she is truly “living” her dreams. I’ve loved her from the moment I read her first email to me over a year ago.

I’ve always wanted to work with horses and people in a broader way than simply my own experience, having been so changed by my physical interactions and my meditations with them. I have a very long soul history with horses and to be able to partner with them through Reiki – another love of mine – is a gift beyond words. And after my very special experience with the Wild Mustangs of Reno, I knew the Horses were speaking to their excitement and approval of this timely and aligned venture.

hillary's horse

One of Hillary’s beautiful horses – this horse actually came to me in meditation when I tuned in for the guidance on the offerings of this retreat ❤

Working with both the Horses and Reiki combined is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.

We are so lucky, as this is the first ever 4-Day retreat at Epona Rise in beautiful British Columbia, and what a blessing it is to share it with you.

There are limited spaces due to the nature of this intimate work with the Horses.

And there’s only 1 room available on the property grounds – we are also able to offer tenting onsite to anyone who’d like to enjoy the full nature experience of the outdoors on Hillary’s beautiful land, or we can direct you to the B & B’s in town.

So if you’re coming from out of town, please let us know as soon as possible, what arrangements you’re interested in, so we can help meet your needs.

For full details and to register, please visit:

Having just returned from another empowering and opening retreat I was hosting, I can’t share enough how these experiences positively transform people’s lives. The sparkle in their eyes, skip in their step, peaceful renewal their faces reflect, inspiration and hope they leave with, and the smiles that reflect their inner heart and soul light shining brighter, speak for themselves.

We welcome you to come join us or share this opportunity with others who you feel this would be perfect for. It is sure to be an enchanted, nurturing, and heart-opening experience.

Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity – A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat in Ladner, BC

Epona horse

This retreat has been cancelled due to personal circumstances that made it not possible for Hillary to host the weekend. We will let you know if and when new dates in the future become available. Thank you for your understanding.

I’m very excited to announce July 2015’s magickal retreat offering that partners my beautiful friend, Hillary Schneider, myself, and Hillary’s amazing horses, along with any of you dear souls that feel a heart calling to join.

We can’t wait to share this special and opening experience with you in the south of picturesque Ladner, British Columbia at Hillary’s stunning Epona Rise Retreat Centre – just 20 minutes from Vancouver International Airport.

We and the horses look forward to lovingly supporting you and welcome the opportunity to partner in this guided experience of opening more into who you are.

Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity

~ A Four Day Certification & Experiential Retreat ~

Epona horsesHorses are bridge workers who support deeper connection to yourself and provide a way to walk through new doorways of experience with greater sense of what is within you. They so beautifully and transparently reflect your “real” vibrational frequency that is operating, which reveals the emotions and patterns you have pushed down and hidden away. Reiki also helps to draw your natural essence out, so that you can integrate and become more energetically flowing, without holding on to things and storing them away anymore. Working with both the horses and Reiki combined, is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.

Hillary horse healingWhat you will experience during this retreat:

* Intimate exchanges with the horses

* Customized Reiki training to the nature of our weekend’s focuses, initiation attunements, and certification in Level 1 and 2

* Personal attention and loving support by both Hillary and Tania

* Experience energy and learn self treatments, along with practicing with each other and the horses

* Become more self-aware, in touch with your intuition, and feel a greater sense of balance, personal truth, vulnerability, compassion, responsibility, freedom, and trust

* Individual energy healing and integrative sessions

* Retreat time in natureTania and wild mustangs

When: Thursday, July 9th – Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Price for the extended weekend: $1100 + 5% GST

Receive $100 off if you register by 11/11/14

* If you live in the U.S. please direct your registration requests to  or call 775-343-9244 and for those of you in Canada, please direct your registration requests to or call 778-874-4177

Due to the nature of this work, spaces are limited

You have the option to either pay the full amount now or hold your space with a non-refundable deposit of $300 per person.

If you choose to do the deposit, you also have the option of making monthly payments or waiting until 30 days before the retreat date (when the balance is due by), which is June 9th, to pay your balance in full.

If you choose the payment option, you can be joining us for as little as $95 a month if, for example, you were to place your deposit in the month of September and start your payments in October – June.

This retreat has been cancelled due to personal circumstances that made it not possible for Hillary to host the weekend. We will let you know if and when new dates in the future become available. Thank you for your understanding.

Hillary and the horses

Day schedules: 9:30 am – 5pm this will include a blend of 1/2 day workshops and 1/2 day experiential horse connecting, along with group bonding during the weekend to support your journey

What’s included: All training with both Hillary and Tania, guided work with the horses, manuals and certification in Reiki Levels 1 and 2, individual energy healing and integrative sessions, vegan snacks and lunches

What’s not included: Your overnight accommodations and flights (if needed), breakfasts and dinners

Epona Rise

Epona Rise Retreat Centre

Accommodations Available:

Tenting: If you’d like to enjoy the outdoors on her beautiful land, tenting is $11 a night on the property and provides you access to the bathrooms and kitchen.

B & B’s: There are a few B & B’s in town – all within 5-7 minutes drive of Epona Rise. These links will help with finding one that meets your needs: and

* Anyone staying on the property is welcome to use the kitchen to store and make food during your stay. 

Epona Rise Retreat

Epona Rise Retreat Centre

Epona Rise grounds

Epona Rise grounds

For more information about Epona Rise and working with Hillary and the horses please visit: Epona Rise Retreat Centre

For a glimpse at some of the magickal moments with the horses you can look forward to please visit: Magickal Moments with Epona Rise’s Horses

Hillary SchneiderHillary Schneider is the Founder and Creative Director of Epona Rise Retreat Centre, a manifestation of a lifelong dream of having a space that focused on the incredible experiences that can happen in partnership with the horses. A visionary and fierce advocate for the realization of dreams, Hillary is passionate in her facilitation of guiding others to step into who they were meant to be. Along with her many years and extensive background in working with horses, Hillary has also received intense and in-depth training in both the Co-active coaching and leadership model through the Coach Training Institute, and the equine experiential learning field through Horse Spirit Connections in the art of  FEEL.

Tania MarieTania Marie is an international Reiki Master Teacher, experiential facilitator of workshops and retreats, author, visionary artist, and sacred tattoo designer. With over 25 years’ experience in healing arts and metaphysical studies, Tania supports people globally to find inspiration and empowerment, and to live with more joy, love, and conscious awareness. Tania’s passionate devotion is to empower others into recognition of their wholeness, provide inspiration, nurture creative energy, support a return to natural harmony from the inside out, and cultivate courageous self-love to walk in the personal frequency that is unique to each individual.

“Rising” to the Magickal Awareness of You – Interview with Epona Rise Retreat Centre’s Founder, Hillary Schneider

hillary11I love hearing about, connecting to, and co-creating this beautiful new paradigm with other visionaries. So many amazing souls are shining their lights these days within the creative and healing arts world and it is these very souls that are paving the way to a new reality that not only is focused on authentic self-expression, but weaves co-creative community, love, and rhythms of natural harmony into the collective frequency field.

We’re about to meet another of these super-inspiring souls in today’s guest interview.

Hillary Schneider is an amazing, heart-based soul that is sharing powerful work through her own unique gifts. I feel so blessed to know Hillary and from the instant we connected online, it’s been a beautiful and synchronous flow that we know is simply a reconnection continuing on.

hillary20We are all reuniting with soul families these days and it is increasingly, more rapidly, and more instantaneously taking place with conscious awareness. Why? Because we are, together, integral threads to what is collectively being woven as a new reality. And that recognition, implemented into action, is the foundation for shifts we are creating.

Hillary and I connected, as I said, via the web. She found me online and followed a nudge to reach out. I, in turn, reciprocated, feeling something amazing there energetically hillary13between us just from onset of reading/feeling the energy in her email. Shortly after, we connected via telephone and it was such a beautiful resonance of family, through hearing and feeling resounding expressions and experiences. During the course of our “reconnecting”, we have come to find so many parallels between our experiences, much in common, and a ton of magickal synchronicities.

And, no sooner did we connect, did it become evident we would be co-creating and collaborating together.

Very soon we will be sharing our venture together, which is looking to be in the summer of 2014. So stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on a special retreat in British Columbia at Epona Rise Retreat Centre that we will be offering from our hearts and the horse’s hearts to yours, in likely June of next year. I’m overflowing with joy and love about this for many reasons, and have already been connecting with Hillary’s beautiful horse family there in my wake and dream experiences.

But today’s post is focused on this star-light, Hillary, who is beautifully weaving her love in service.

hillary8Hillary Schneider Bio:

Along with her many years and extensive background in working with horses, Hillary has also received intense and in-depth training in both the Co-active coaching and leadership model through the Coach Training Institute, and the equine experiential learning field through Horse Spirit Connections in the art of  FEEL. Both trainings have aided Hillary in her development as a gifted facilitator and helped her blossom in her unique skills as leader who is intuitive, wise, gentle, calm and fierce! Hillary is strongly committed and passionate in her partnership with the wise and incredible teachings of the horses. She is  grateful and honored to be engaged in this sacred union with the horses and is excited at the opportunity to bring their teachings out into the lives of others through the space that has been created at Epona Rise.

hillary23Inside Hillary Schneider – A Short and Inspiring Interview: 

Tania: Did you always know what you wanted to do in life and if so, when did you first have that clarity?

Hillary: I knew from an early age that my purpose would involve horses in some capacity but I didn’t know exactly how that would manifest.  I also know I was born, in some extent, being aware that I was here to fulfill a purpose and that this form that I was in was not “it” and there was a reason for me being here. The horses came into my life early on and have been a guiding light from very young.  That, coupled with a strong knowing and desire to be on purpose in some capacity, helped draw me to my purpose and clarity on what it was I was meant to do during my time on earth.

Tania: I find your work to be so unique and a beautiful expression of you. Can you share a little bit about what you do and what you find enriching about it, both for self and others?

hillary2Hillary: Loaded question. I will try not to write an essay 🙂  I run a retreat centre where I support others on their path of growth, discovery and awakening all through the way of the horse.  The horses are my partners in the facilitation of others, I call them access points or gateways, they provide a really powerful space of reconnection for us to remember who it is we are and begin to rediscover and heal our relationship with our inner voice, spirit, and help us ground into a purpose that is uniquely ours.  From my own process of self growth and discovery I have found hillary10that not much compares to the power and wisdom of the horse, they just create this really powerful space for us to really see ourselves, our brilliance and connect to who we are in a way that just transcends all boundaries that we may have that has kept us from really tuning into ourselves.  For me personally I have always felt most grounded and aware of myself when I was with the horses – the clarity, depth and knowing and touching the depth of who I am has come from being with them.  They have also helped me with my own struggle of being in the body and learning how to embrace my humanity and also take claim of the gifts I have brought with me during this lifetime. I have watched others that have come into their space just transform and become so much more present in themselves and empowered in who they are when they are with the horses.  What I love most about being with them is that they really help us awaken to our own inner wisdom and remembering that all the answers we have are within us, our intuitive senses hillary5sharpen, and we begin to learn how to be in flow with nature and our own cycles. They also provide a loving non-judgmental space for us to see ourselves in a way that feels really safe and sacred for people to be vulnerable and open during the process.  Horses are so intuitive and cannot be lied to, in that way they provide such a pure and honest mirror for ourselves, which some people are afraid of because they fear they will only see bad. This is so not true. The beauty of the horse is that they mirror our brilliance. We do a good enough job putting ourselves down and painting distorted images of who we are. The horses remind us of our own purity of spirit which is really beautiful to witness in others as they come into the space with the horse.

Tania: Please tell us a little about your background and training in both Co-active coaching and leadership and how this partners with your equine training in the synergy of the services you offer at Epona Rise Retreat Centre.

hillary24Hillary: I was fortunate to grow up in a house where personal growth and development was valued, and with my Dad being a leader and teacher for CTI – Coach Training Institute (one of the top training institutes for personal and professional coach development) – I grew up in a culture and space that really fostered an empowered state of being in relationship. We were always encouraged to express ourselves and were listened to in those expressions.  It was actually through my training with CTI in 2006 that I was led to this way of being with the horses.  I had just recently left what I thought would be my career of being a horse breeder and was lost as to how I would come to be with the horses. hillary16When I was taking the courses I became aware of coaching with horses and the rest was history. I find the coaching will help support people in their process and the tools I learned on how to powerfully empower others has fit beautifully with what the horses naturally do for people.  The leadership program really helped me understand who I was as a leader and what my unique gifts that I bring into the space are. It helped me really know my impact which has given me the space to help others do the same. The beauty of the horse is that they help us really integrate the learning on such a deep level and also provide us with instant feedback so we are able to really see, feel, sense and know who we are being and showing up as in each moment.  The Co-Active coaching model aligns with what I do with the horses because it is all about seeing people as creative resourceful and whole, and being partners in the work and equals in the process.  It is seeing people and knowing that they have all the answers within and there is nothing to be fixed and no solution that needs to come from anyone other than the person. It is empowering them in their own wisdom, greatness and resourcefulness which is what the horses really want for us. To be authentic, congruent and empowered in who we are and knowing that we are so much more than what we think and there is so much available to us within ourselves.

hillary28Tania: How did Epona Rise Retreat Centre come to be?

Hillary: Epona Rise Retreat Centre is a life long dream come manifest. I have always wanted to live on a farm and have a retreat centre. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do there, but I always felt that this was a space I was meant to create.  It has been a vision I have held for many years and this particular space we are on now came about quite magically!  I moved out to BC (British Columbia,  Canada) from Ontario, two years ago, after feeling a strong pull that I needed to hillary29be out here. Before that time I had been doing the work with the horses out of other facilities until it was time to have my own space.  Within a year of being out here I felt the push that it was time to find the space to run the work full time.  And so I got really clear on what I needed for the space, allowing the horses to provide their input as well and I put it out there. Within a month a friend drove me to a farm that she thought I would love, which I did but I didn’t have two million dollars to buy, so driving away from the farm that day I said, “ok peeps, if it is meant to happen hillary30help make it happen.” Within another two months I received an email from the real estate agent I was working with that she heard of a place that came up for lease and low and behold it was the very same farm.  The power of manifestion and intention setting!  That was a year ago and after I manifested the space I went from 1 to 5 horses, the horses I have with me were donated or given to our program because they can’t be ridden anymore due to injury, or old age.  The work we do with them here is all done on the ground being in the space with the horses, so it was also a way to give the horses a second purpose and to help shift hillary31the consciousness of how we hold them.  About a month before I was to move onto the space I spent three days in meditation, in nature and with the horses on finding the name of the space that was to be. I find names such a symbolic and powerful thing so I wanted to really create some awareness and feel into the space that was being created. “Epona” came in strongly. She is the Celtic goddess of horses and I really felt that my mission on earth was in such deep resonance with what she represented. I feel like I am fulfilling a purpose that aligns to her energy with horses, women, children, nature and the earth. She was a beautiful symbol to pay homage too. “Rise” comes from “moon rise” and wanting to provide a space where people rise to the consciousness and awareness that they were meant to and rise above the mundane to experience something profound and magical!  That is how the space came to be. This is our first setting. There is a bigger property that I hope to call my own one day that will be our home sometime in the future so stay tuned for that!

hillary25Tania: What is it about the horses that you feel makes them such powerful teachers, or better yet, as you put it, “co-facilitators”? Please share about how they play a role in the healing at Epona Rise.

Hillary: I have touched on that a little bit and just to expand some more, as prey animals they have a natural heightened sensitivity and intuition to what is happening in their space. They are able to discern and connect to what we are holding within us that we are sometimes and most often not even connected to. They hillary6have a purity of vision and connection to energy, emotion, and what is happening to us internally and they mirror that and interact with people according to what they pick up and feel the person is needing.  They are honored in the work as teacher. They are co-facilitator and we work together to help support a person in their process. I look to them to guide me and they will look to me to help translate and be messenger for what they are trying to communicate with others.  Everything I do here is in partnership with them, from the programs I run to each session I facilitate, I am in constant communication with them and co-creation. They guide the space as much as, if not more than, I do in some capacity. They are aware of things before I am. I joke that I am often the last one to be privy to what is going on:)  What is so amazing about this work is that I am blown away every time. What I watch them do with people is amazing.  I never know what is going to happen in a session or workshop because I can’t predict what they are going hillary21to pick up on or how they are going to respond to each individual, that is the beauty of it, it is so present-moment-unfolding. There is a deep trust between us in the process and a real intuitive flow to what is going on. I really allow them to dictate and lead what we do with someone and how that is going to unfold and my part is creating the space for them to shine in their gifts and purpose in helping us awaken to ours.  They are truly amazing animals and I feel deeply blessed and honored that I get to co-create and live in partnership with them.

hillary22Tania: Have you always felt connected to animals? Explain the relationship you have with them and how that developed.

Hillary: Yes I have, always. More so than people, animals have always felt more kin to me than humans. I remember most of my childhood was spent pretending to be a horse or acting like one!  They have been my companions in life and so deeply part of my growth and also safety in a human world hillary17that has often felt harsh.  I feel like my soul is very intertwined with the animal kingdom, they are my messengers, my guides, my teachers, my strength and are a big part of me being who I am today.  They have truly been a saving grace in my life and a place I have found comfort in very dark places in my life. What I love about the space with the horses that is created here is that it creates an opening for the other animals to come and have their wisdom be shared. We often have eagles, herons, birds, my dog and cat that will take part in sessions here, as well, and become integrated into the teachings for others who come here.  Every animal here, or that shows up, is witnessed, heard and received as teachers and wisdom keepers.

Tania: What would you consider is the mission you are creating the space for at Epona Rise and are there any programs that you especially love and people that you feel especially called to serve?

hillary7Hillary: My mission and an anchor for me with Epona is really honoring and fullfillment of purpose. It is a space that provides fulliment of the purpose of the horse and of myself. My hope is to help others connect with my clarity to theirs.  Honoring each person’s unique journey, and honoring every person, animal, and being in their voice, in their wisdom, in their strength and teaching others to do the same.  I am particularly called to help people whether that be women, children, or men in awakening to their purpose, and living a life that is in alignment with their unique hillary14truth.  Working with sensitive people, especially youth and young adults, is another area that I feel especially called to serve. The horses have taught me so much about my sensitivity, how to honor it, and how to be with it in a world that often feels really overwhelming at times. They have taught me about grounding, sacred space and boundaries and how to be true to who I was.  There is also a resonance to work with those that are struggling to be in human form, as this was a big part of my own journey. There is a reason why we are in a human body and the horses taught me how to honor and embrace this, and to heal my relationship with humanity.  This is who I want to help and the horses have been such a powerful teacher and space for this. I do think though that everyone can benefit from the horses and trust that whoever is meant to come into the space will be led here!

Tania: What is a typical day at Epona Rise like for you?

hillary9Hillary: There is no such thing 🙂  haha!  Typical day…well there are daily chores that have to get done everyday so my morning usually is feeding the horses hay and connecting in with them, making sure they have had a good night, and everyone is well. Good way to get grounded first thing in the morning too!  Then I will either move into a walk with my dog, and then sessions, or if I don’t have sessions in a day I usually spend it writing, or spending time on the business.  Typically I will schedule 2 sessions a day, about 4-5 hillary26days a week, – maxium 3. Each individual session with the horses are 90 minutes in length. Then late afternoon there is another feeding with the horses where they will get their grain, fed hay, and I usually clean out their shelter, and again spend some time out in nature and in their space grounding from the day.  Each day is a bit different and I really just flow with the currents of the day. At least 1-2 weekends a month we hold workshops with the horses as well.  Then there is always yard care and house care in there as well 🙂 I also spend some time at the end of each day meditating and journaling before I head to bed for the night and tune into any intentions or energy I wish to create on the space.

Tania: To me, you are a shining example of exactly why I enjoy doing these interview articles – a courageous soul who is living her dream and following the authenticity of her heart. I applaud you and honor the beautiful way in which you have woven your intentions into the manifestation of your heart’s calling. Can you please share how you have been able to turn your dreams into a reality and what advice you would like to gift others that you have found to be the most valuable along your journey to create this?

hillaryHillary: Great question and thank you!! I am so passionate about this because my desire is to inspire others that it is possible to live a life that is in alignment with your purpose and you can live a life of your dreams.  For me, perseverance and holding the vision has been key.  I held onto this vision with a vice grip – it’s what got me through the times when I didn’t know how, when, where, why and felt lost and just persevering on the path. Knowing that this step will get me to where it is I am meant to go, even if it didn’t seem so at the time.  Letting yourself dream is a huge one too! We don’t allow ourselves to dream enough or dream big. I spend a lot of time creating dreams, vision boards, dream boxes… it is part of a ritual that I do at least every 3 months – putting intentions out into the space and just taking steps towards those dreams, following urges, intuitive guidance, and taking action when I feel guided. Faith and trusting the process is also important, which I am not always so great at! It is hard, but there is always some part of me that believes!  Also, surrounding yourself with people that support and empower you in your dreams and reminding you of your beauty, strength and wisdom. That is huge! I am so grateful for the people in my life that have really helped me and supported me in the process, and continue to do so.  Give yourself the freedom to dream, be bold in your dreams and your actions, take a leap of faith!! I moved out to BC without any idea of why, or a job, or anything, and just trusted that I was meant to be here.  I think really what has worked powerfully for me is a combination of connecting in with my heart and spirit and setting intentions, and then taking action in the physical, asking for help, and big and deep gratitude to my peeps ( who I call my helpers in the unseen ). Prayer and surrender are just as powerful as well! And just keep going. Don’t lose hope. A big one for me was “don’t quit right before the miracle occurs.”  And to remember just because we can’t see things happening doesn’t mean there is not something occurring beneath the surface. I love that image of a carrot growing underground. It takes time to nourish something into the light and we have to sometimes be patient with that process and learn how to enjoy the journey along the way!

Tania: What inspires you the most in life and really gets your heart pumping?

hillary12Hillary: Great question!! Gosh this is hard to answer, life inspires me! Being on a path that is so aligned with purpose is inspiring. Nature and the horses inspire me and I think the search or seeking of knowing the depth of myself and of others, and watching and being a witness to the awakening of our spirits.  Music and dance, and what is coming up for me is the whales. I love love love being out on the water and being in the space with these amazing animals. They inspire me. I feel so in awe of their presence and bigness.  I think if I wasn’t doing the work with the horses I would want to be out in the water with the whales!  My family inspires me, my friends and community, and the people that have come here to experience the horses always create such joy for me.  Deep connections and connecting with others has been rich.  I am inspired by the simple, ordinary, and extraordinary experiences in life, and within all that we walk through life with.

Tania: If there was only one thing you could tell all little girls and boys just embarking on their life journeys, about what you have found to be the most important piece of information that has changed your life, what would you tell them?

hillary27Hillary: That you are never too young to be know who you are, and what your purpose is, and that there is nothing wrong with who you are. You are a unique and beautiful soul. Don’t ever forget that. Hang onto your dreams like they were precious gems and know that you have wisdom inside of you that is so needed, is valued, and is meant to be shared. You don’t have to live a whole life here to be of service, or to know things that will serve us, the planet, and humanity.  You are worthy. Follow your heart, ask for help, and believe in yourself and your dreams. Stay true to you.   All will be well. Trust the process and don’t give up on the dreams of your heart!

And thank YOU, Hillary, for sharing and living from your heart’s dreams that you have made a reality. You are truly an inspiration to us all. 

You can learn more about and contact Hillary for her services here:

Hillary Schneider
Founder and Creative Director
Epona Rise Retreat Centre

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