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Sacred Initiation with the White Mountain Wild Horses of Pilot Butte, Wyoming


On our last day in Green River, Wyoming before our lovely guests Janet and Daisy moved on ahead before us, it was the wild horses that were calling. We just happened to be staying only a few minutes away from the 24 mile Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop, which is home to the White Mountain Wild Horse Herd – the best place to view wild horses in Wyoming. So of course Janet and I, who both share a bond with them, were led to go and ended up being gifted with a powerfully sacred experience we won’t forget.


Pilot Butte Wild Horse Loop provides opportunity to view a variety of horses, including black, spotted-paint, appaloosa and sorrel (chestnut-colored) breeds, and more. It also has many panoramic views of the Wyoming Range to the west, the Wind River Range to the northeast and the Uinta Range to the south.


We didn’t know what awaited us, but we were just open to the journey and whatever came our way. The drive where the horses are is all on a gravel road, so the whole loop can take about an hour and a half. Somehow we lost track of time and our experience extended to nearly 4 hours.

It also had rained quite a bit that morning and we weren’t sure how the roads would be, but the rain stopped for our drive through.


Janet and I not only both love and have resonance with horses, but have had past lives as horses, and had shared time at Hillary’s first retreat center in British Columbia (she now owns a different one) last year while Hillary and I hosted a Reiki and horses retreat there in the summer.


So it was very cool for us to be together again for this experience, only this time with wild horses.

I had a sneaking feeling that when rabbit showed up on our path, right at the start of our drive, that something special was about to unfold.

Again, we had no expectations and were simply on the look out to see if we could catch at least a glimpse of the wild horses roaming.

But what was in store would surpass any of our wildest dreams.

After about a half an hour of driving, there they were…our first wild horse herd.

It was a herd of seven – very significant I felt – that we later learned included 3 male stallions, 3 female mares, and a very young foal.

This small herd showed up far before the 14 mile point that information we found, had shared is the usual place to likely sight herds of the wild horses.

At first we were the only car stopped, but one other car approached and stopped behind us after a couple of minutes of our viewing the horses from inside the car, watching them come closer and move past to the right. Janet’s little dog, Daisy, was with us and it was the first time she remained silent when seeing animals outside, which was interesting and this assisted the horses in not feeling scared.

At this point, we hadn’t gotten out of the car yet, but the man in the car behind us did.

We watched as the man ran out across the field following the now more rapidly moving horses to catch a closer glimpse and photos.

It was then that Janet and I decided to get out as well, feeling prompted to follow….as I later got that they were leading us farther away from the road for a purpose and this man had been a catalyst for also inspiring us to get out.

It was a chilly day and I was wearing leggings, longs sleeves, rain jacket, and hiking boots – not my usual way to be outdoors since I enjoy dresses, skirts, and sandals, but the weather demanded otherwise.

Janet was wearing a skirt and so she said for me to go ahead and she’d catch up, while she changed into pants and closed shoes.

So I got out and followed where the horses led, and after a couple of minutes the man had enough and went back to his car, leaving me alone in the field with them.

I stayed a respectful distance back, so as not to give them reason to feel threatened or like I was infringing on their personal boundaries.

After a few minutes and the man driving away, the horses shifted their pace and slowed down.

I had been moving at a parallel path to them, rather moving directly at them, and then decided to stop and just be there with them and start more intentfully connecting.

Literally the second I went within and created an open communication channel to them and started to connect, they stopped altogether and all 7 stood still.


By this time Janet had dressed and had reversed her car to line up with me and where the horses were, as we had traveled a bit of a distance.

She got out and started making her way toward us slowly.

I remained still in my spot, communicating with them, and they, too, stayed absolutely still. Several of them turned directly toward me as I spoke to them telepathically.

Some of my initial communication was to simply make contact and to let them know that we meant them no harm, we came in peace, and had utter reverence, respect, and honor for them as sacred beings, and welcomed any messages and connecting that they would feel to share with us. I also shared that I came vulnerably without agenda and willing to be as revealing to them as possible.

I do not know how long they stood without moving, as Janet and I were lost in a vortex of timelessness with them, but it was an incredibly long time. Janet was several yards away from me at this point and standing still at her spot, along with all of us.

We estimated later that our entire time with them was likely about an hour and a half or nearly 2 hours.

They were all in a line evenly spaced out and utterly still and deliberate in their presence.

This silent stillness spoke loudly and immense energy was being exchanged between us.

I would alternate between closing my eyes and going within, and opening them to look for any reflections or alterations in their stance, behavior, or movement, as I was observing for any signs.

They continued not to move and stood without changing their foot placements. There was only the rare turn of a head toward or to the side.

During this time, as I shared, Janet and I were apart – each connecting in our own way. Later we shared our experiences, feelings, visions, and messages, but for now we were simply being with the moment.

But much was happening even though from the outside it looked like 9 statues affixed to the ground.

A couple of visions came to me….one was of a horse running toward me that turned into a golden lit horse and felt very cosmic. Another vision was of what seemed to be an Indian chief or Elder appearing as one with a horse, riding its back, but like they shared the same soul. I see lots of black and white in the coloring of both the horse and the adornments worn by this impressive figure. Horse rearing up and wind whipping through both of their long black manes of hair. I get chills while writing this.

This herd was channeling this presence that resided within their ancient soul energy.

I soon was feeling that these horses were much more than they appeared and were holding the energy of something both Earthly and Cosmic that would soon prove to me to be a sacred initiation that their appearance had manifested deliberately for.

I started feeling that the seven of them were each representing and embodying the energy of each of the basic seven chakras. And that they were assisting in clearing, and opening a full body activation through this representation they emanated. I felt that the young foal represented the heart chakra and the others were the six surrounding chakras.

And then I started feeling into my body and my solar plexus had begun gurgling, which happened several times while in their presence.

I also felt energy between my solar plexus and throat moving. This seemed to be the most potent areas that were flowing from solar plexus, up through the heart and higher heart, and into the throat chakra. Janet later shared, when we came together, that she felt the energy in the same places, without me saying where I’d felt it myself.

It wasn’t long before I felt a stripping away take place and I heard myself compelled to say telepathically to them, “I am not as strong as people think I am. I am a child and that is my power.”

This stripping away and declaration prompted a release of tears that flowed, as I sat there transparent and revealing myself purely and authentically to the herd.

Chills were also present, and within the honesty and peeling away, I also suddenly was feeling a deeper embodiment of my true power filling my body…it was soft and Cosmic.

It was a simultaneous experience of release and reveal, along with truer beingness. As if I’d unzipped another body suit layer that fell to the ground and revealed a truer knowingness and presence.

I then recognized myself in the horses before me and saw that our standing in such presence with each other was standing in our power as a mirror reflection. Horses want us to own our power and that comes through honesty and being willing to embrace all of us, weaknesses and strengths, as they are the totality of our personal alchemy and creative potential.

After quite a while connecting in this way, the man who had originally gone out in the field after the horses and left, now returned. He had never been quite able to get that close to them before, since he was chasing after them, but for some reason he was back and must have seen us with the horses and their being still and not too far off, so he made his way out to where we are.

He came through the middle of Janet and I, since we were still apart at this time, and kept approaching the horses more, pushing past the safe space we had created with them. As soon as he did so, a couple of the stallions began to move and took several steps back in effort to communicate the boundary to respect.

Luckily, the man was only after closer photos, so once he got a few he ran back to his car and left Janet and I with the 7 horses, still remaining still.

I then felt it was time to come together, so I slowly made my way towards Janet and when she saw me do so, she then began coming to me as well.

We now stood together facing the horses and began to talk about some of our observations, still staying in our place and still. Then a little critter caught my eye that was between us and the horses, emerging from underground…some kind of little groundhog or other burrowing animal, which felt significant too in terms of its connection to inner Earth alongside the grounding energy of these horses that also carried the whispers of the Spirit Winds and in the case of this herd, were also channeling an Ancient Cosmic energy.

While all of the horses had been standing still, the foal was laying still in the grass next to her mother the whole time.

The ones we later learned were males all started yawning in procession, one after the other in a line. This is their way of moving energy and they continued to do this on and off.

We started trying to figure out which were male and female and that’s when they started, one by one, displaying this to us. The beautiful dappled gray stallion started displaying his parts then. Janet giggled and asked if I was connecting with him and got him excited. lol! We wondered at first if he was the lead since he’d first taken this initiative, but we quickly learned who the lead really was not long after that.

But first the herd started to shift their lined formation and the three that we later learned to be females all surrounded the foal that was laying down.

Two of the stallions were off to the right and one was to the left of the females.

We learned this, as after they moved as such, each of the males demonstrated their manhood to us.

The three females moved in a perfect triangle formation around the foal and stood that way motionless. Any time the herd moved into a formation, they would then stand still in that formation for a long time, to ensure we saw this, got the message, and to do the energy work that these sacred grids were intended for.


The females were like the Trinity and Maiden, Mother, Crone energy. The triangle is such a potent sacred geometry figure symbolizing creativity, magick, harmony, balance, ascension, manifestation, illumination, and one of my favorite words – integration.

The peak at top symbolizes higher thought, inspiration, enlightenment, oneness of mind, aspiration, focus, and unity consciousness. In this way it helps you focus and center the inner conflicts in order to be in stillness of peace with the wholeness of who you are and within that peace to be guided by your authentic voice.

The triangle symbol expresses itself in terms of clarity, focus, and a doorway to extraordinary, higher wisdom, which is attained by balancing thought and emotion (or the alchemy of polarities combined that create a new opening).

They also represent the symbolism of the number 3, which I am by birth as a life path number.

At first for quite some time the females were standing as such, but then one of them laid down along with the foal, still in the triangle formation.


It was then, a while after they’d been like this, that we realized who the lead stallion was, as the one to the left of the females neighed and moved at them to prompt them to get up and reposition themselves in the next formation. The other two stallions would also stand off further together, like sentinels for the herd.

So now we knew there were 3 males and 3 females, along with the foal. A beautiful and perfectly balancing energy, with the foal as the integrative heart chakra of the herd. The black mare appeared to be pregnant, which was another beautiful symbolism…new life begun and new beginnings on the way shortly. The field of experience was fertile.

We both made the observation of the foal being surrounded representing how we protect our hearts and inner child and when they opened up and she came forth on her own, it was like saying there is no more need for that protection, although we can always trust that we are protected and safe, it’s about fully letting the heart lead, as all of our other parts are there to serve and support it into its fullness.


But one must trust and one must allow themselves to be in the power of that soft, fragile grace of purity.

They were obviously very comfortable with us, as they just continued to be there with us when they could have left, run, or walked away at any moment they desired. They also chose to fully be present and communicate, as they could have been engaged in eating all that time, but instead decided to stand in stillness to create an open channel between us and work the energy around and through us.

They were not that far away, but I then turned to Janet and said I think we are being asked to come closer and to trust that. Not to worry or feel less confident, but to approach them as equals and in our own power. I said, they’ll tell us if we push their boundaries by moving.

Janet agreed and so we started taking several steps toward them slowly, one by one. We’d stop, connect, observe, and then take some more steps.


The horses were unaffected and completely at peace, so much so that they now decided to go about eating.


We were being accepted into the herd.

We continued edging closer until we were 50, 40, then likely no more than 30 feet away (maybe even 20 at some point)…hard to really say, but we were close.

And still they went about eating and in fact the foal laid down on the ground and her mother joined.


The mother then started rolling on her back in the dirt and brush.


They were completely at ease and even the males were not on alert. The main stallion watched, but there was no indication of his concern, as if he was concerned, he’d soon be alerting the others.

We continued to honor their space and felt no need to go further, as we were feeling grateful for these wild beings welcoming us into their world.

They continued about their grazing, mom and foal stood up, and soon the little one was nursing.


We noticed that the new formation was now creating nearly a sacred circle around us. They had positioned themselves in a circular shape that included us into their group.

With chills I write, we had become a part of the herd.

We were breathing as one with them and intentionally engaging as equals – all along while they were doing a lot of work with and to us on deep levels.

The entire time, except for the man that came back briefly, no cars drove by on the road off behind us and the gray rain clouded skies opened to sunshine, illuminating our field of dreams we had chosen to show up in together.

It was like a vortex that we created…where time stood still and a dimensional portal to our Cosmic selves was opened. One in which was grounded in Ancient Earth energies and was helping us to integrate polarities, empower the Sacred Male and Female within, and step into greater wholeness and harmony.

It felt like we were receiving a sacred initiation and Ancient activation.

So much happening on levels we consciously were and weren’t aware of, but that didn’t matter.



Then we heard a motorcycle coming down the road, which seemed to be the indicating factor and triggering indication that our time was at close.

The lead stallion neighed and the other males chimed in with little tussles between them and the herd started to gallop off toward Janet’s car and the road.



Janet and I looked at each other and knew. So we, too, took the cue, chimed in, and started running along with them as part of the herd until we reached her car. Feeling so much as one with these horses and the horse within.

It was an incredible experience beyond anything I have even shared here, as I can’t simply capture the feeling and what took place. Some of which is beyond explanation and need for.

All I know is that we both felt different in a very incredible way.

I experienced another shift, which continues, that in part opened me to a deeper level of knowing truths about things and people around me and even more softness and release.

It was like I could see clearly and even though that clarity revealed deceptions and manipulations I’ve long surmised from others around me, I also accepted it without anger and instead felt even more open and wanting to share vulnerably from my heart.

But that was just part of the changes that took place, as in general a click has been activated and it’s just the beginning of how that will unfold in totality, as much is still integrating and I’m still processing all of the symbolism from the experience.

And Janet had her own openings, visions, and messages she shared with me and she also expressed feeling elevated from it all, but tired. I agreed, I felt a bit drained later that day and my eyes were tired, but it just felt like the integration process of another level of energy that was moving through.

But our experience didn’t stop there.

After we returned back to the car from our run with our herd, we then continued on to see what else was in store or us.

We drove several miles more and then came upon a much larger herd of wild horses, but there were two other vehicles ahead of us facing the opposite direction that were stopped and observing the horses from their vehicles.


We instantly recognized one as the large four-wheel drive tour vehicle, which we had originally considered. Janet had researched it online and wasn’t impressed and we both agreed we’d rather explore on our own rather than be stuck in a vehicle for four hours and pay $75 for something we could do on our own.

And as you can see, our choice had proven to be confirmed with the experience we’d just had. But when we saw this vehicle we were now elated by our choice.

This large herd was spread out on both sides of the road and also crossing the road. They created a barrier between us and the two other vehicles facing us.

Janet and I got out for two minutes to get a closer look and were now feeling compelled as one of the horses ourselves to join in. We snapped a few photos, but it was so cold outside at this point that we decided to get back in the car and connect from there.

Guess what the horses did?

They all came our way.


They’d been heading toward the left and were closer to the other vehicles, but they all turned to come to us and settled right outside of my window I had rolled down.

That was when the tour vehicle started making its way to us and stops by our car. The tour guide rolls his window and says to us, “Stay in your car. They will only stay with you if you remain inside and they’ll stick around long that way.”

He then drives off, likely puffing his chest a bit with his guests that are in the large safari-like vehicle, as he likely told them a long speech about protocol and I can hear him saying to them when he saw us outside something like “those tourists don’t understand anything.” LOL!

We both looked at each other and giggled with a smile. We both know what we’d just experienced and I said, “he just doesn’t really understand the horses on a deeper level, so his speech may work and be a good thing for most people since they wouldn’t likely spend the time really connecting and chase them down or approach them with a different kind of energy that didn’t respect their sacredness.”

We knew that the timing and alignment of our previous experience had been perfect and led us away from the road and other people so we could have that sacred time we were meant to. We also knew that we don’t go by the status quo of accepted rules. We follow our own inner guidance and barometers and that is what leads to magick.

So he drove off and we were there with the horses that were coming to connect with us. So many varieties and so beautiful.


That’s when Janet spotted the young foal, older than the one we’d seen that was quite newbie, with a white heart patch on his third eye.


He and several of the others were hanging out a long time with us and then a painted mare came along with a white diamond patch on her third eye.


They literally were positioning themselves and facing us, intentionally connecting, and making sure we got a full look at them.


They kept moving until they created a perfect portrait painting, directly aiming their amazing third eye patches of white symbols at us and low and behold there was also a dark heart cloud in the back, just to the right of the mare, which I didn’t notice until I looked at the photos after we started driving off.

And they finally came to rest in this perfectly positioned portrait.


I was taking photos for both of us, as Janet was on the other side.

They were just stunning and their symbols were potent. They went along with the messages from before and also channeled through more energy. A continuation and new activation.

Then the slowly moved off and other horses would move in and give us good looks.


We then decided to move on a bit when we felt complete there and came upon three horses that were perfectly positioned in front of Pilot Butte, which again was like a perfect portrait painting that conveyed how this Loop got its name of Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop.


This last area is at the 14 mile mark point in the drive, which is supposed to be where you get the sightings. It must be their regular path and something about the Butte is energetically magnetic for them.

So we snapped some more photos capturing this amazing sight, while two of the horses started grooming each other. They always seemed to intentfully pose and position for us, feeling very at ease.


We were grateful and feeling very heart-full.

We then left and completed our drive, with no more sightings.

That’s when I decided to look briefly through the photos and saw the heart cloud that I mentioned above.

I saw it immediately and showed Janet right away…we were in awe as low and behold not only did the foal have a heart third eye patch and the mare had a diamond third eye patch, but now there was a heart cloud to add to the magickal mix. WOW!

It was all so incredible these signs and amazing alignments. But we experienced them and so they were again reflecting the ability to create incredulous realities, even when others around are in a different reality of experience when we are willing to consciously engage life.

I had brought with me a small box with a gift for Janet that was with us during our time this day. I almost gave it to her while on the drive, but decided to wait.

I had her open it upon arrival back to the RV where she was dropping me off before heading out to her next location along her journey.

In it was a quartz crystal pendant of mine I was gifting to her. I’d actually felt it was meant for her quite a while back, but I waited for the time to present itself and on her personal journey and here after our wild horse experience, that was it.

The reason I bring it up is because this crystal is very unique and rare in many ways, but one of which mirrored something we’d seen.

It is an Isis Goddess crystal that has a diamond “window” on it, which makes it a very personal, introspective, truth revealing, and inwardly clarifying stone. The diamond mirrored the diamond patch on the inner eye of the mare.

And Janet mentioned something about having thought about a diamond having coming up for her, I can’t remember the specifics, but it was just before all of this.

Love the synchronicity and I loved this special encounter.

I can’t quite do it justice with this share, but believe me when I say it was very intimate, deeply moving and opening, as well as powerfully intense in such a beautiful way.

These were divine beings in horse bodies holding sacred ceremony with us and I’m ever-grateful for their gift of initiation, as well as grateful that we all chose to step into this space and time together to co-create.

It felt like more than just an individual activation taking place, but as if each of these beings were of an Ancient Council of Elders and our communion was an emanation of synergy that would go out into the beyond and create trickle shift effects collectively.

I would like to mention that while beginning to write this share (as I use our time driving for personal or blog writing) we drove past a small herd of 8 wild horses. Definitely in the zone.

The Magick of Horses ~ Intimate Moments Captured by Robyn Louise of Our Time at Epona Rise


Feeling in my Essence ~ So grateful for this capture by Robyn of personal ecstacy


I shared a recap of our special Horses & Reiki retreat weekend at Epona Rise in British Columbia when I returned, but I just received the amazing captures of our intimate time with the horses from Robyn a couple of days ago.

I mentioned that I was so engaged in the weekend, I didn’t take photos of what was going on, but to our surprise, Robyn did.

Robyn was one of the beautiful souls that was part of our weekend retreat, but she just so happens to also be an amazing photographer.

On our off-time she was capturing shots of the horses that were incredible, but she also (without our knowing) was capturing photos of our time WITH the horses while we were working with them.

epona20It’s amazing that she was able to do this, as she, herself, was also engaged in working with them and received huge amounts of messages supportive for her journey.

But incredibly, her timing was impeccable to break away from her own work at just the precise moments to capture these special moments. She’s definitely a fellow multi-tasker extraordinaire 😉

So, I’d like to share the photos she took of all of us intimately sharing in powerful experiences with the horses.

These are so, so magickal, moving, and dear and provide an inside look at what this experience is like and what you, too, can share with the horses if it so calls to your heart.

These are very unique souls in horse bodies….masters at what they do.

epona2Robyn captured the essence of our time so beautifully and we each now have these lovely photo memories to remind us of our work done with them and the messages received.

And these moments were only the ones caught on camera on one of our days!

So you can imagine what happened the rest of the time and how rich, deep, and personally intimate the whole two days with the horses were – an experience that has changed all of us.

I want to thank Robyn dearly for the gift of who she is and for her beautiful artistry.

She is so masterful with a camera – a window of vision that extends from her heart and soul. 

If you’re looking for incredible photography in British Columbia and around the world, Robyn Louise Photography has a lot to offer.

Besides weddings, she’s an amazing Equine photographer (I got to see her work while we shared the weekend together), and can capture any special moments.

epona12Although Robyn has many special gifts, her love is photography. She is also an incredible horse communicator and has training in Equine Production and Breeding Management.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful and intimate captures from our weekend.epona611794617_10207607779098875_7428227991687355815_oepona3epona4eponaepona5epona7epona8epona11epona19epona9epona10epona13epona18epona17epona15epona23epona21epona24epona14epona25epona22

Lessons Through Love – A Woman’s Bond With Her Horse and Soul Companion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy sweet friend, Njari Johnson shared a beautiful story this morning about a woman – Holly Tagg – and her horse companion – Abe -which really hit home. It reminded me so much about my relationship and bond with Nestor (my rabbit) and how the depth of love we shared was, and continues to be, the greatest teaching in my life.

My favorite excerpt from Holly’s story is this:

Towards the beginning of this new communication I was out in the pasture with Abe. He wanted me to put my hand in his mouth. I kept telling him no. I suddenly saw an image in my head. I assumed it was a flash of a past life we had together. I was riding him at a full gallop through a beautiful woods. I heard a roaring sound behind us. As I turned to look I saw the whole woods was on fire. I heard Abe say, “You used to trust me with your life, now you don’t trust me at all.” I felt horrible, I put my hand in his mouth. He promptly bit me! I said, “Abe that doesn’t bode well in the trust department!” He said, “I could have broken your skin or crushed your bones. I bit you to show you that the lessons I will teach you may be painful at times, but they will never crush or break you.”

This mirrors the kind of lessons I came to know well with Nestor.

I’m really excited to see more and more stories surfacing of amazing human and animal bonds, as well as animal communication coming to the forefront. It’s a testament to shifts taking place in the world, more people embracing all of life, and the value of partnering with Mother Earth, the Nature Realm, and all of her children.

You can read the full, beautiful, and tearful story of Holly and Abe here:

A Special Tribute to My Friend and Guide Abe on His Birthday

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