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Cosmic Blossom & Cosmic Energies



I’ve shared about the Golden Selenite Flower before, which is one of the crystal friends I partner with in terms of my path. She’s become a focal point again, having a place right alongside me on my desk as I write. I kept having her show up in my thoughts so I listened and brought her out from my crystal chest and have found her energy quite aligned with helping to create a clear channel for what wants through in my creative work, and also heralding another wave of deepening Cosmic energies to pulse in and fuse with.

Some quick info about this crystal that I’ve shared before:

  • Also known as Golden Ray Selenite
  • This particular kind comes from Canada
  • It’s a completely natural formation that will carry the energy of Selenite, but with additional metaphysical properties due to its golden essence
  • Is a powerful, beautiful, and high vibrational crystal known to call in the highest frequency of white light and the Golden Ray of Buddha
  • Some say it stores Ancient Priestess teachings and can be used for a variety of metaphysical purposes – making them excellent for any healing environment
  • Connects to the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Heart, and Crown Chakras – helps to integrate, open, and activate
  • Supports creative manifesting from your heart
  • Directs your will in a loving, joyful manner
  • Assists you to create your reality based on intention, trust, and joyful wisdom
  • Helps you to become attuned to, and harmonized with, your soul purpose for this lifetime
  • Focuses on joy, manifestation, and creation/creative energies and is really good for digestive issues and addictions, as the dis-ease of one’s will

I love both the inner Earth and Cosmic essence it embodies, which makes sense since Selenite is an embodiment of “As Above, So Below”.

This is also an energy I’ve cherished in all things, especially since it’s a major focus of mine to integrate and merge my human body with star-self….integrating terrestrial with celestial..


And so many things these days indicates that this is taking place on a wide spectrum, or at least within certain realities experienced.

More Cosmic energies are streaming in.


The pulse of All That Is is being heard, felt, and seen.

Life has become surreal with the remembering of all of our parts.

Timelines are a blur, indicating the truth of no space and time distinctions.

Other dimensional experiences and beings are slipping through regularly and so on.


No one has the answers as to where things are leading. Although within the core of our hearts and souls we know the truth of our being.

I am grateful for my crystal friends, and so many other friends seen and unseen that are constantly there to help remind me.

I feel more like myself everyday, which is nothing like what I’ve been perceived as for the majority of my life by others, let alone myself.

Perhaps many of you are experiencing the same.

Gopher Wisdom – Masters of “As Above, So Below”

gopherEach weekend always involves a nature immersion experience of some sort and yesterday it was hiking day. And as always, walks include conscious conversation. I find that energy moves through and things process out naturally, when moving in nature.

And what usually happens, when something is stated that is poignant, made with conviction, or truly shifts and transforms perceptions – opening to something new – an animal spirit guide will show up at just the right moment and offer up his or her supportive insights and messages through the symbolism they embody.

So yesterday was no exception to this. At first it was two very large Ravens that were gliding and floating on the air just about 15 feet away from us. One of them was just going back and forth in a 40 foot area, floating, which allowed us to see his full beauty and detailing in a way I hadn’t been able to see before. He looked so magickal there just floating in air with wings out and talons showing, as if ready to pounce on something.

And then a bit later, after some conversation, we were graced with a very rare sighting. This time, the animal that showed up at Divine timing, was one that I hadn’t ever seen in the wild before, ever.

It was a Gopher.

We were walking along and we noticed a head pop back in to hole we were about to walk over. We stepped back a couple of feet and he returned, not shy at all. I was only about 2 feet away from his hole, but he kept popping all the way up and saying hi, as I talked to him, and sometimes grabbed a bunch of grasses outside his hole to munch on, then popped back in, and out again…over and over.

gopher2He came about 3/4 out and it was the first time I was able to see those little buck teeth protruding from his mouth and his long nails for digging. He was just adorable and I felt really honored he felt so comfortable to show himself, as like I said, I have seen many a Gopher hole, but never a Gopher.

So, of course, I shared what I felt the meaning of his appearance was, in relation to the conversation at hand, and then decided to look it up at home to see if what I could find. What I found did in fact reiterate what I had shared, but also added some extra insight that I thought was very cool.

Since Gophers may not be one of the animal spirit guides that come along for many that much, I felt to share their wisdom, as it seemed aligned with energies I’ve noted for the collective and even that align with today’s New Moon energy. And perhaps others may have seen Gophers more than I have, or will now start seeing them after reading this, so now you’ll understand their gifts they have to share with you.

Gopher as an Animal Spirit Guide:

Gophers live in colonies and understand the meaning of family and trusting in others. They have a very cool communication between them, which includes speaking in clicks and whistles, as well as with a special ultrasonic whistle for family members.

As a being that lives underground, they are said to be “Secrets of Life” Keepers. They are also known to be Masters of “As above, so below”. They live underground in tunnels that intersect and connect, keeping them safe underground for extended periods of time. But whether life is above ground, or below it, or even in the water, their series of tunnels demonstrate how everything is connected, even though it may be hidden from us.

Gopher is a master at  knowing how to dig and uncover hidden truths and meanings and she/he shares this gift with you. Gophers have poor eyesight (in part because of spending a lot of time underground in the dark, and because they are small) so they will keep watch on the tallest point of land in order to be able to see movement so they can warn their colony.

And of course, they are very adept to feeling vibrations in the ground, which is usually why we don’t see them often, as they have advance warning of oncoming visitors. Gopher has beautiful attributes and not to be seen as a pest like many do, as they try to run them off, or worse, from their homes, especially because they love our gardens too. 🙂

They feed from their tunnels, pulling down plants and run around with ease and speed, able to jump down small holes instantly. But rather than see them as a nuisance, it would be of more benefit and compassion to observe the Gopher’s wisdom and get more acquainted with what they have to share.

gopher3Gopher showing up in your life is asking you to feel all around you and to be present with the vibrations of energy you pick up, are sensing, and intuiting. Their medicine teaches you how to attune yourself to these spiritual and physical vibrations and sensations, as well as teaches abilities to listen, feel, and heighten your intuition to be able to tune into the guidance of direction your innate instincts are leading you to. Then to be do the energy work that what you are feeling is presenting to you.

They bring a message of looking to your own growth process and observing where you plant your seeds, and ask you to take responsibility for your actions instead of adopting a victim role and blaming others. Gopher also helps us develop the skill of uncovering hidden truths and meanings and all that lies beneath a situation, which would include our shadow parts.

He/she also shows us how to listen to and align with perfect timing to take of the many choices available and how those choices are interconnected. Perhaps it is time to “dig” with a sense of purpose and direction or perhaps it is time to utilize your resources that you have before you – because you are more prepared than you realize, but just haven’t trusted yourself enough to just go for it – get it….”go pher” it. 🙂

So our amazing little Gopher friends shows you how to maneuver with purpose and keep the balance of instincts in tune with the heartbeat of our beautiful Earth. Gopher offers us wisdom of deeper truths that are awaiting us to pay attention to and then to follow their flow.

I feel very grateful for Gopher showing up yesterday. The one I saw looked exactly like these images I found online that I’m sharing in this post. Thank you sweet Gopher teacher!

As Above, So Below

Wanted to share my latest Heart Visions channeled creation called, As Above, So Below.

I will let it speak for itself. Enjoy the experience…..

This painting will be at the Art Show tomorrow 2/25 at Circa 92, along with other creations and is now available. It will be up on my website by end of today where you can also find info about the event. Only the original is available of As Above, So Below. No prints will be made.

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