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Quick Reminders – Free Reiki, Reiki Renewal Retreat Discount Deadline, Art Showcase, & Official Sale of Eternal Harmony

A few quick reminders on things going on right now and coming up soon that you won’t want to miss:

global heart1) There are only 3 more days until the end of the month, which means 3 days left to send in your email entry shares if you’d like to be entered to receive a FREE Reiki Healing Attunement, which I will announce the 3 recipients of on Friday, November 1st.

All entries must be received in by midnight on Thursday, October 31st – Halloween!

This is a $55 value totaling $165 of services gifted this month.

A Reiki Healing Attunement amplifies the energy available for healing and helps dissolve any energetic resistance and blocks, so the Reiki energy can work more quickly and more deeply to promote growth and integrative healing, as well as aid the creation and alignment for manifestations to take place.

For all details on how you can enter to receive this powerful gift, explore the link below:

FREE Reiki Healing Attunement


family room leading to rear deck and fantastic view2) There is only one month and a half left to take advantage of the Early-Bird Special $100 Off Discount for the upcoming Reiki Renewal Retreat. Deadline to pre-register is 12/12/13. There is extremely limited space and room options are filling.

If you are a local and not staying overnight, but coming for the classes and day’s food and activities, you also won’t want to miss out on this special. Message me for rates in accordance with your class choices.

All details can be found at the link:

Reiki Renewal Retreat: Spring Equinox in Laguna Beach, California


art walk3)  This Saturday, November 2nd is the upcoming Santa Ana Art Walk Showcase with Orange County Creatives at the Santora Building in the Artist’s Village on the 2nd Street Promenade from 7:00 – 10:00pm. (Promotional story to follow)

Details and location of this event can be found here: 

Santa Ana Art Walk

I will be featuring my Crystal Illuminations body of work, along with some crystal jewelry and crystals.


Eternal Harmony4) I’m excited to announce that many people’s favorite painting, “Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home”, is officially available for purchase in giclee prints today, both on canvas and fine art paper.

You can choose from 3 different size options and purchase here:

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

Payment Plan Options Available for all paintings – Contact me at with inquiries and orders for this special piece, or any of the visionary art your heart is feeling drawn to.


More announcements to come! 🙂

Visionary Art to Shift You into New Realities – Full Series of the “ARK” & Eternal Harmony Now Available


Dance of the Twin Flames

I’m happy to announce that my latest series, Universal ARKitecture, is now available in its fullness at my website Having such a full plate these days, I had gotten behind on updateing my website, but you can now check out the series and the latest at the link, which literally just got completed (for now). 😉

While I feel refreshed, having caught up with things, there is still quite a lot more new announcements that will be coming in. For now, you will find hints of what’s to come on the home page.

But this post is simply to share my cherished series with you all together for the first time. This is a momentous occasion for me that feels like when a mother gives birth to her children. And interestingly there are nine, so that sort of equates to the nine months of labor in a way, not to mention the perfection of a full cycle coming to closure and renewing.

All nine of these sacred animal spirit paintings can be purchased as originals or various giclees on both canvas or fine art paper to suit your desired size and affordability.

Note: “The Power of Silence” original is no longer available. But you can still purchase original-sized giclees of it and the quality of these giclees is astounding. 

If you have any questions about any of these, about sizes, or if you would like to purchase several to have in your sacred space, spiritual center, yoga studio…contact me with requests.

I just today shipped off all 9 original sized giclees on canvas overseas to a healing center and I couldn’t be more honored, as this is the perfect mirror of how I see the paintings I create being utilized – to support others through the energy they convey and that they are imbued with, which assists shifting into new and empowered experiences.

Explore the series of 9 and read about their collective and individual meanings here: Universal ARKitecture

I have also written individual posts on each that you can peruse by name on this blog.

Eternal Harmony

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

With the updates, I have also been able to finally add the beloved new piece, Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home to my website for purchase of giclees as well. Many people had shared resonance with this piece, so I had announced giclees available a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t officially gotten it up on my website until today.

Giclees are still available at Pre-Order Special price on this piece until September 22, 2013. So you have just under a month still to place orders and receive 20% Off.

If you are interested in pre-ordering, contact me for info and purchasing details.

Pricing and info can be found here:

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home Special Pre-Order Discount Prices

After September 22nd, you will be able to purchase it directly from my website here at regular prices:

Eternal Harmony – The Journey Home

Payment Plan Options Available – Contact me at with inquiries and orders for any of the visionary art your heart is feeling drawn to.

The Power of Silence – Snow Leopard’s Message through Visionary Art

The Power of Silence

The Power of Silence by Tania Marie
~ click on image to enlarge and magnify ~

He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.

~Elbert Hubbard

As always, it is a joy to be able to bring a vision to life and this most recent commissioned painting provided me opportunity to channel not only a personal expression for whom it was being created, but one that collectively had meaning too. I was excited by the synchronicity of this request to paint a snow leopard, as it had been on my radar to be included in my series, Universal ARKitecture. So this piece felt aligned on multiple layers and serving a greater good, which is always something I put out as intention.

I was so excited that this painting would have two-fold purpose. It seems that most things these days is about synergy, everything aligning as a cohesive tapestry, and depth within simplicity.

This painting happens to also be perfectly aligned in being the #9 painting in my series (the only one that the original will not be available, but prints are), as its message and symbolism is very connected to the symbolism of the number nine and its association with “The Hermit” in Tarot.

For starters, snow leopards carry the message and medicine of focused silence, true strength and power, gracefulness, and independence. “Coincidentally” they live in, and are well-adapted to, the remote areas of Asia’s Himalayan Mountains (the area I have been researching for my own personal sacred journey) and create their dens in rocky caverns and crevices in the high altitudes of the mountainous and snowy region. They are extremely rare and in fact are endangered species under protection. As a very solitary creature, they only come together with another of its kind to breed, but otherwise remain on their own.

Because of their “hermit” like nature, they whisper to us the “power of silence.” They know its value and also the power of mindfulness, being observant, present, aware, and focused all by going within your inner silence. They understand good use of purposeful retreat in order to prepare for the new. From this place, you are alert and ready to embrace opportunity when it presents itself, having the advantage of the wisdom gained. They also know how to conserve energy and to use it discerningly and efficiently. They tell us to avoid talking too much about future goals until you have achieved them, but realize that you have all the energy and strength to very effectively manifest them and will be able to perform well under any circumstance. They warn not to take on too much though and make sure it is aligned with who you are at heart. Keeping focused on what your inner guidance shares as most important will help you to pinpoint your attention and energy and when you do, go forth with all of yourself, but make sure to keep balanced and rest and play as well. Know that when you are out on a limb that like the snow leopard, you can land on your strong, broad feet. Be mindful of not taking on more obligations and commitments. Snow leopards teach us to be fearless leaders and to use our power wisely and effectively. When they show up for you they reflect that clairvoyance is a natural gift you have that can be used to integrate your shadow and make productive use of all of your parts working together in wholeness, rather than in separation, which is counter-productive. They also message you to trust your intuition to guide you, as it is right, and not to be afraid to “stalk” your dreams. Go after what you are passionate about, but do use caution and discernment when “out of” your own natural territory. Like the snow leopard, it may at times be wise to blend with your environment, lay low for a while, and come to understand Divine timing for revealing yourself.

For those of you familiar with The Hermit energy from Tarot, you may see some similarities with the snow leopard.

Much like the snow leopard, The Hermit stands alone on the top of a mountain with a lantern in his hand. The Hermit symbolizes soul-searching, introspection, inner guidance, searching within, meditative time, connecting with Source and centering self, time of self-discovery and purposeful withdrawal to do so, being patient, going quiet into your heart stillness, and spiritual focus and enlightenment. Like the mountain he is depicted standing upon, this symbolizes reaching a spiritual pinnacle of growth, achievement, and accomplishment that has been in preparation to bring forth to share with others. The Hermit focuses on inner awareness as guide to life and the lantern he holds is a symbol of the wisdom and enlightenment found, and of the inner light that is revealing answers. The staff he holds symbolizes a path of initiation, power and authority, which also demonstrates his wise use of deliberate isolation and reveals what has been attained in wisdom to support the evolutionary path he follows. And since the staff is in the left hand it is connected with the subconscious and coming to master all parts of himself (the seen and unseen). The snow he stands upon (like the highest grounds of the snowy Himalayan peaks where the snow leopard resides) symbolize the great heights of spiritual enlightenment achieved, or that is available to achieve, by walking this path when it cycles around. The cloak offers the same ability that the snow leopard’s coat does, that of being able to stay “invisible” until ready to reveal what has been attained and even then, to do so with discernment.

This leads us to the next interesting synchronicity that this painting comes to double as – being #9 in my series – the numerological correspondence for The Hermit card is number nine. 🙂

The number nine represents the end of a cycle, wisdom, completion, fulfillment, attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, search for truth, releasing all that no longer serves your life, and endings to old cycles before the new begins. The spiritual meaning of nine has to do with intellectual power, influence over experiences, inventiveness, going within to access your own inner wisdom and power, and then extending your authentic gifts to the world in service for positive, influential change.

The painting also happens to symbolize the season of Winter – the Winter of your soul – a season that symbolizes the hermit – no surprise – and a time for stillness, silence, indwelling, percolation, introversion, contemplation, integration. It is basically a time for going within and quieting the mind so the soul can retrieve from that centered place/Source, what will be of greatest benefit. It is a time of “crystallizing” your inner workings from a place of clarity and purification.

And the snowflakes of course represent our individual and beautiful uniqueness, simultaneously within our unity of connection with the Collective Consciousness that all originates from Source. We each have our own journeys, as Source experiencing itself, but how that journey unfolds is up to us to create in the reflection of our hearts.

As you can see there are many layers within the symbolism of this painting and that goes without mentioning the other layers you can likely discover by exploring it and letting your heart feel the energetic message it conveys.

I created an image that brings physical clarity and the mystical surreal together, whereas you see a very poignant snow leopard that for purposes of this painting is not camouflaging itself, but revealing itself so you can come to feel what it means to be in that space of grounded strength and centered peace that exudes from within, while following your spiritual path – seen also through his soulful and piercing clear eyes, which mirror the environment of enchanted crystalline snowflakes and enlightenment that is coming through from Source.

The question is, are we seeing Source as a separate entity from which this comes, or is this a projection of the inner journey revealed of what is going on within and behind those crystalline eyes from the Source at heart?

Above the snow leopard you also see the faint appearance of Buddha with star-like snowflakes lighting up his heart and sitting just above his crown.

Since the Himalayas are home to the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest, and to many Tibetan Buddhist monks, they are known to symbolize spiritual enlightenment and ascension. Is it no wonder then that the “hermit-like” snow leopards reside here as well?

There is much I could continue to reveal, but I’ve already revealed much more than I normally like to do with my paintings, as they are meant to be “experienced” and what I may say, share, or see, may be something completely different than what you “experience.” I prefer not taking away from that, but providing some insights to anyone who is interested.

Because of the way that things are so magically aligning these days, I felt to share more of the story. And because this painting feels significant to the current energies of where some people are, in terms of really doing that deep inward work with the reflections of shadow and old to integrate and release, this felt important to expound upon a bit. There are also cycles that are continually happening on a daily basis where we are learning to balance our energy and this involves both the inner and outer and understanding when to move in and out for optimal results. So even though we are in Summer and we are being asked to bring forth into the light and create the new reality we have been wanting and working towards, there are also periods of stepping back, like with the Mercury Retrograde currently, to regroup and make adjustments so you can leap forward with greater focus.

As always, I have said that anything can change at any moment, and I follow where things lead. There is the potential this may be the last in the Universal ARKitecture series, contrary to originally feeling there may be a few more. The numbers within the series has shifted a couple of times already, and could again, but currently this is where I am putting present closure until, or if, I receive guidance differently.

Perhaps it is perfect in this way, as the cycle of 9 leads us to the birthing of the new cycle, and what that new looks like is up to each of us individually to create for ourselves from the mirror of our own heart’s reality.

So the next canvas is a blank one for you to envision and manifest as you desire. What will your #1 look like?

Whereas, I am called to create in another vein, having channeled the messages given to me for this series of “experience” and am now ready to walk through the next doorway.

Time Off for Exercising Freedom of Creative Self-Expression PLUS Huge Sale on Visionary Art

What does freedom mean to me? It means realizing at any moment I can always choose to connect with and trust the pure spirit I am, beyond the stories, and allow this part to always guide me in harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned. It means loving the Divine within me that is connected to the Divine within All That Is and letting that love flow freely, knowing I am always free to choose differently, see differently, speak differently, feel differently, act and respond differently…all from love.

Freedom is always knowing I have the ability to “be” myself. That is MY choice. Freedom is knowing I can rewrite any part of my experience from the now moment and have the opportunity to live more authentically and passionately by simply deciding to do so. Freedom is realizing and embodying the Universal law of Free Will knowing I can transcend and minimize the impact of experiences by choosing to allow things to flow through me without attachment and can always return to centered, natural balance. Freedom is knowing I am an empowered being and by being conscious, I can create the change I want, by choosing to be the change.

And all of this is something that is available to me every moment of every day.

As Shakti Gawain shares:

“When I’m trusting and being myself… everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.”

“What I am actually saying is that we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.”

“We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own or to other peoples’ models, learn to be ourselves, and allow our natural channel to open.”

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.”

So today, one way I am exercising my freedom, is to choose to trust and support the spirit within me and honor its expression, knowing it will guide me in the highest and most harmonious of ways. My well being equates to the same potential for others and my ability to give more.

Before I left to Bimini to host the Summer Solstice Retreat, I mentioned that upon return I would be taking some time off to focus on painting. While in Bimini, I also made that intention that I would paint more and when I got back online from my time away, I found some commissions awaiting me. 🙂

So that creative channeling time kicks off now – perfect timing with having settled back in, with Mercury Retrograde’s wonderful support for going within, balancing, staying in my heart, and allowing the flow to wash through me for the new, and for integrating things deeper.

I am choosing to honor my soul need to nurture the creative being that I am, which I know in turn provides unlimitedly in ways beyond myself.

I will likely take off through the end of July, subject to shift depending upon what comes through (always keeping on my flexible toes), but for now it’s time to step into my Pisces realm fully for a while and allow more creations that would like to flow through, to do so. This is my way of keeping balanced and nurturing the parts of me that keep me vibrant and enlivened for everything else that I do. A very important thing for each of us to do, I believe – to find the balance and to do the things your heart is guiding you to express.

What would help YOU to feel more balanced in your life? When you answer that, then ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing some of what you know would nurture you in profound ways? You do have the freedom to choose differently at any moment.

During this time of creating, I will also be in receiving mode to channel guidance on the new directions and things that are in the works and will be finishing/catching up on some other creative projects like sacred tattoo designs during this time, but will not be taking on any new work until I’ve done some creativity output of my own.

The creative time will be perfect for channeling and receiving and a way to reset into the new. Creation and innovation/visionary mode rocks!

I will still be posting what comes through to share and you can still contact me to set up Reiki classes, sessions, or commission my design or painting services. This time off to create and envision just means I won’t be able to schedule or work on anything other than my current creative focuses until, on, or around August 1st. It’s just me designating specific quality, creative channeling time. So just keep that in mind.

That being said, remember also that things like commissioned sacred tattoo designs, as well as paintings, I do in the order I receive the requests and deposits. So if you do have something you’d like created, you can set that up with me during this time, so it will be the first thing I get on once I’m back in the saddle come August 1st. 😉

This all coincides synchronously, with 2 potential upcoming art showcases as well that I just received interest in my work for, so as always, timing is aligned. I’ll keep you posted on those when I finalize details.

In the meantime, in the spirit of creative abundance and creating space for the new, I have been guided to offer my paintings and prints at huge discount. It seems that the Universe has plans to move a lot of creativity through me over the months to come, so I need to free up space to house the new creations. That, along with my receiving that the energy of the other paintings is needing to work with people in a bigger way (rather than sit in the dark not doing their facilitation work), makes me, as always, ready to gift away.

So, this sale will be for the original pieces and giclee  prints I have on hand as inventory from shows and are the last “in stock” items – NOT for orders of new giclee prints. And only for the particular originals that are listed, as others are meant to remain with me still until the right aligned timing for them as well, due to their energetic frequency.

The list of what IS available can be found below, which includes some of my and other’s most beloved and powerful paintings. So, if you’ve been energetically drawn to any of these, now is the time to snatch them up while Universe is moving them through.

These are the prints and originals that are available at unbelievable prices. You can view the originals  and information at the link here in the Galleries 1, 3 and 5: Gallery of Creations.

There is no expiration date on the sale. Sale ends when all pieces are gone. 🙂

If you are interested in more than one, contact me for a group pricing special.

Prices DO NOT include shipping. If you prefer to cut down on shipping costs, I can have any original or canvas giclee taken off the bars and rolled instead when shipped:

Celestial Birthing – 20″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas Original – Was $799, now ONLY $200 – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Celestial Birthing

Heart Sanctum ~ Love In, Love Out – 30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas Original – Was $699, now ONLY $175

Heart Sanctum web

Heart Sanctum

Awakening – 30″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas Original – Was $999, now ONLY$350



A WALK BETWEEN WORLDS “Hatun Karpay of the Nagual” (The Great Initiation of the Nagual/ Powerful Shaman) – 36″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas Original – Was $1999, now ONLY $450 – STILL AVAILABLE and Giclee on Fine Art Paper 19″ x 25″ – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE


A Walk Between Worlds

REBIRTH ~ CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH “A New Generation Consciously Loving and Co-creating” – 30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas Original – Was $699, now ONLY $175 – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth

Rebirth ~ Children of the New Earth

COSMIC TREE ~ HEART OF SKY “Mayan Cosmology of Creation” – 30″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas Original – Was $699, now ONLY $175 – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Cosmic Tree ~ Heart of Sky

In Lak’ech Series Giclees on Canvas and Fine Art Paper:

Fire (Hanging Gardens of Babylon/Ancient Sumeria)

– 48″ x 48″ Giclee on Canvas – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

– 36″ x 36″ Giclee on Canvas – Was $1999, now ONLY $250

– 36″ x 36″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Was $399, now ONLY $45

– 20″ x 20″ with 2″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Was $199, now ONLY $35

– 12″ x 12″ with 1″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper (6 available) – Was $99, now ONLY $25 – SOLD – Only 5 AVAILABLE

– 10″ x 10″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper without Border – NO LONGER AVAILABLE



Air (Ancient Druids and Celtic Ireland) 

– 48″ x 48″ Giclee on Canvas – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

– 36″ x 36″ Giclee on Canvas – Was $1999, now ONLY $250

– 36″ x 36″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Was $399, now ONLY $45 – (2 Available) SOLD – Only 1 AVAILABLE

– 20″ x 20″ with 2″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Was $199, now ONLY $35

– 12″ x 12″ with 1″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper (5 available) – Was $99, now ONLY $25

– 10″ x 10″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper without Border – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE



Earth (Ancient Egypt) 

– 48″ x 48″ Giclee on Canvas – Was $2999, now ONLY $350

– 36″ x 36″ Giclee on Canvas – Was $1999, now ONLY $250

– 36″ x 36″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Was $399, now ONLY $45 (2 Available)

– 20″ x 20″ with 2″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper (2 available) – Was $199, now ONLY $35

– 12″ x 12″ with 1″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper (4 available) – Was $99, now ONLY $25

– 10″ x 10″ Giclee on Fine Art Paper without Border – Was $75, now ONLY $20



Water (Atlantis and Lemuria)

– 48″ x 48″ Giclee on Canvas – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

– 20″ x 20″ with 2″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper – Was $199, now ONLY $35

– 12″ x 12″ with 1″ Border Giclee on Fine Art Paper (4 available) – Was $99, now ONLY $25



Spirit (Creating the New Cosmic Earth)

– 48″ x 48″ Giclee on Canvas – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Spirit Scan for web


Universal ARKitecture Giclees on Fine Art Paper with Deckle Edge:

Garden of the Gods (Ocelot) – 6″ x 9″ – Was $65, now ONLY $20 – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Garden of the Gods

Visions of Atlantis (Dolphins) – 8″ x 10 1/2″ – Was $80, now ONLY $22 (4 available)

Visions-of-Atlantis for Web

Visions of Atlantis

The Child In Us (Porcupine) – 6″ x 6″ – was $50, now ONLY $15 – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE


The Child In Us

Once In A Blue Moon (Rabbits) – 8″ x 8″ – Was $75, now ONLY $18 – SOLD – NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Once in a Blue Moon web

Once in a Blue Moon

Contact me at with any questions and to order. Only a few of the prints have more than one available. So if something speaks to you, don’t hesitate, as once it is gone, there are no more. Especially in terms of the originals. This is a chance to own a piece of original work at huge bargain, as well as to have giclee prints of potent and popular series work.

Prints Now Available of the First 5 Paintings of Universal ARKitecture – Plus, Once in a Blue Moon Revealed for the First Time

As I mentioned a week ago, I completed the 5th painting in my new series, Universal ARKitecture, called Once in a Blue Moon and this felt like the first cycle of energetic closure in the series before embarking on the the next cycles within the 28 pieces still to come! (there will be 33 in all).

These new pieces are VERY precious channelings that I so enjoy creating. I look forward to the rest that will emerge in their synchronous unfolding, and the energy they will each have to share.

For those who have been inquiring, I’m so excited to announce that prints are finally available! Yay! AND, for the first time I am able to provide professional, vibrant and clear images of the paintings that have never before been seen, which will provide much more to the experience of them now that they’ve been captured with clarity. This will also be the first time that Once in a Blue Moon has been revealed and I felt it appropriate to do so when all five were ready as a group to launch together. The first four I blogged on over the months, as they each came into manifestation. You can search them by name in the blog if you want to read about any of them again.

As always, the in-person experience is a whole other thing, but these images are sure to evoke an energy shift nonetheless, in viewing them.

Personal observational note that just clicked: Since this is the first time I’ve seen them all together in one place on-screen as well, it was the first time I saw something symbolic about them and why doing the first 5 feels like the first cycle of closure. For those that remember my In Lak’ech series, you will recall that they represent each of the 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. As I viewed these first new 5 together it suddenly hit me that energetically they also resonate with the elements in a way, in a slightly different order – Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit. Although they each clearly could have overlapping elements in each, this could also be a new energetic vibration of the elements channeling through for 2012. Very cool and fun to explore the meanings! Especially if you realize the symbolism shifts between both sets. 🙂 And very interesting that the only element that remained in its original #5 placement is Spirit, which both have the rabbit symbolism and Nestor in them. The other elements reversed order in groups of two – Earth and Fire switched places and Water and Air switched places.

To view the print options available for each painting, and to order, please view them here on my website. Originals also available:

Universal ARKitecture

If you have any questions about them, you may email your inquiries to me at

I’m excited to introduce the first five paintings in the series together, in the order they were channeled:

Garden Of The Gods by Tania Marie

Temple Of The Sacred Heart by Tania Marie

Visions Of Atlantis by Tania Marie

The Child In Us by Tania Marie

Once In A Blue Moon by Tania Marie

“Universal ARKitecture” of the New Earth – A New Series of Visionary Paintings Emerges

Garden of the Gods by Tania Marie

An “ark” by definition and historical understanding was a vessel built by Noah to house and keep safe his family and pairs of every animal of the Earth. It is also known as a sacred chest where the ancient Hebrews kept the two tablets containing the Ten Commandments. In either form, it is seen as a sacred and protective structure that contained the promise of a new life where a new architectural system of life codes would be embraced and instituted to start anew.

We have arrived at a place of empowering renewal, where the embracing of a new code of life is upon us once again. Cycles repeat themselves, as is apparent throughout the history of this Earth for every ancient civilization that has walked upon it. There are always messages, signs and guidance being provided to catapult us into a new co-creative experience,  when we come to embrace conscious, loving presence and courageous responsibility. To me, this means the end of a way of life is completing and a new form is in process of being embraced into manifestation.

Temple of the Sacred Heart by Tania Marie

According to shamanic belief, everything is alive and carries with it a wisdom and power. Shamanism is found in all cultures of the Earth and is the world’s oldest healing tradition. This ancient, worldwide practice involves engaging with spirit helpers and the forces of the natural world to develop relationships, solve problems and perform healing. Shamans travel to the parallel worlds where time and space have no meaning and use the powers of those worlds, the subconscious and the realities of this world to cause change. They are able to go within and enter an altered state of consciousness at will, in order to contact and utilize a hidden reality that most do not consciously perceive.

According to the shamanic and ceremonial traditions of the Inca, there are those known as naguals. Naguals are a form of very powerful shamans that unlike man that is driven by psychological ego desires, they have none. They are conduits of Spirit, receiving orders from an indefinable and indescribable source. Almost a non-entity, they have learned to break the psychological conditioning of the cognitive division that keeps us cut off from our sources. They can magically assume the physical manifestation of a different entity by shifting into its energy pattern, yet remain the same in Essence, since everything is energy. There are considered to be two different forms of shapeshifting wherein either the luminous body changes into a power animal or the physical body on the Earth plane changes into an animal.

Power animals are essential to shamanic practice, as shamans believe that everyone has power animals. These power animals act as guides or angels, imbuing their individual energy, power and wisdom to guide, heal and protect you. They provide the wisdom of their kind and are not only limited to mammals, but can also be reptiles, insects and sea creatures. Any living creature can serve as a power animal and plants and trees can serve as plant spirit guides, providing their own wisdom.

Depending upon the culture, the gifts each animal provides can vary, yet there are many consistencies across the board as well. It is important to let the animal speak to you in the way meant for you and to be limitlessly open to their sharing. Shamanic practice honors with awareness the wisdom and life in all things on Earth, understanding and believing that everything has something to teach. Many western cultures do not get taught to value animals and the gifts they have to help support our lives and the world at large. Yet, animals show up for us in many ways and they are believed to communicate with us by drawing our attention to things, sometimes through repetition. They try to get our attention because they have some wisdom to impart and are most eager to be of service.

Visions of Atlantis by Tania Marie

We are all connected and we have each been part of all of the cultures, races and religions on the Earth. Animals are transcendent beings that speak to us in a boundless way, free of judgments or enculturated restrictions, which our ego minds may otherwise be closed off to. It is this reason I feel I was guided to bring forth their messages through my new series of heart-channeled creations, “Universal ARKitecture.”

It wasn’t something mentally contrived that I set out to do. I simply was supporting the intuitive visions and love I felt in my heart to express through channeled images I find an innate instinct and joy in creating. After I started to do so, it became evident what was simultaneously manifesting, as I followed my heart.

“Universal ARKitecture” was communicated to me several years ago and it basically speaks of sacred vessels, which I see as these paintings being channeled into creation. They house within them messages, codings, energy, keys….spoken through the many voices of the animal spirits of the Earth, uniting us through a Universal language of heart energy that is of the Earth and beyond. These medicine beings (naguals/power animals/spirit guides) hold antidotes for a new “ARKitectural” plan and code of life for creating the New Earth experience.

Their Essence will encompass an ecclectic tapestry of interwoven threads that may span and honor the many ancient, forgotten civilizations and world religions of the Earth’s history, as well as intertwine Earth and Cosmic dimensions. The power animals and shape-shifting “naguals” emerge through timeless energy portals to share their wisdom and powers. These channeled images I feel are supportive in guiding us with some of the keys for co-creating a loving New Earth with conscious, unconditionally compassionate awareness, embracive remembrance, visionary innovation, and empowered hearts.

I am seeing 33 paintings in total, providing loving, subtle energy to support a new existence as a Conscious Global Human Being, collectively connected in Universal Oneness.

It is my hope that these paintings will also help to bring conscious awareness of the animals on the Earth (endangered and misunderstood) – lending a voice to their expansive soul journeys, aid in supporting their precious lives, while providing deeper understanding and compassion amongst us all. We are all connected. Every living being holds infinite intelligence integral to the circle of life. Each has its own unique Essence that creates a colorful thread in the tapestry of magnificence we know as Universal Consciousness.

Visionary Art Available for Love Offer Donations – The Last Ones

Today I share the last three pieces that are now available for “Love Offer” donations of an amount of your choice that reflects the value you feel you receive. For more details about this special offering you can read this post: Name that Love Offer

Some have shared not knowing what to offer or feeling uncomfortable in creating an offer due to knowing the amount of time and creative artistry I have put into them, or the previous prices.

Again, there is no right or wrong amount. 

I truly would enjoy seeing these pieces go to loving homes and I know that some can afford more than others to offer. That is OKAY. That is why I offered it this way, rather than set a price, so that it would make it easier for those who have wanted a piece of spiritual art  to have the chance to do so. I really feel it to be an empowering process on both ends, and a beautiful exchange we can share.

If any pieces remain at the end, I will think on setting a special that may make it easier for people without any potentially weird feelings. 🙂 Thank you to all those who have given of their hearts so far. I’m so happy that these pieces have found loving homes!


Remember that I am gifting a special “Tree of Life” fine art print for FREE to accompany any purchase. Shipping cost is your responsibility.


If you missed Monday’s six pieces that were posted, you can view them here:Compassionate Animal Art. And yesterday’s four pieces are here: Collective Earth and Personal Consciousness Art. Don’t miss out on any favorites that call to you.


Rather than share which aren’t available, here is the list of the only pieces still available from the previous posts, plus today’s pieces:

  • Reflections ~ One  12″ x 15″ print on fine art paper
  • Discoveries ~ One  14 1/2″ x 22″ print on fine art paper
  • Everyday Miracles ~ One  12″ x 12″ print on fine art paper
  • Nestor ~ Three  6″ x 12″ print on fine art paper
  • Embrace Change ~ One 22″ x 28″ Acrylic on Canvas Original  and  One 22″ x 28″ Giclee on Canvas
  • Gaia ~ One 24″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas Original  and  One 24″ x 24″ Giclee on Canvas


To make an offer, contact me at

Here are today’s Love Offers and details on each. Title and info are listed before the corresponding image. Today’s three pieces each reflect their own unique visionary energy:


1. Phoenix Sunrise ~ One 20″ x 24″ Giclee on Canvas of Original Acrylic that sold (The symbols are Chinese for Happiness, Harmony and Compassion in this order)

2. Uniquely You, Divinely One ~ One 22″ x 28″ Acrylic on Canvas Original  and  One 22″ x 28″ Giclee on Canvas (just releasing the original on this, as I’d only sold giclees until now)

3. Colors of Venice ~ One 24″ x 30″ Giclee on Canvas of Original Oil that sold


Through the Stargate – Custom Personal Portal Painting

I just completed a custom commission painting for a very dear Canadian client who is an amazing soul brother and light in this world. He is one of the very few people I know that is always a bright, positive and ever-giving light. Even when going through the most difficult challenges life can throw a person’s way – he still faces it all with courageous and humble joy and love. He has been a supportive gift in my life since as long as I have known him and I am grateful.

He and I have collaborated on several creations in the past and now was a chance to bring one of his ideas into creative manifestation, which I intend to be supportive to his personal journey and current processes. There are no coincidences and the timing of this synchronous creation indeed will be a portal of intention that can take him into a new vibrational experience of life.

He commissioned me to create a portal painting and had a specific cosmic theme he shared with me that I was to bring to life with a “T twist.” And so Through the Stargate that you see pictured here, was born.

This painting in person has some very cool gold metallic touches and really vibrant blues, with touches of lilac, whites and creamy pink amidst black with deep navy blue undertone.

Another cool synchronicity is the timing of the birthing of this painting, as today marks 9 years ago that I brought my dear Nestor (twin soul bunny) home for the first time with me, who is now a multi-dimensional being of the Cosmos. And I have discovered that in every one of my new paintings, my parents have pointed out that a rabbit image shows up, among so many other animal and symbolic images that can be found if you take a moment to “see.”

If you desire your own custom commissioned painting created with your unique energetic fingerprint or bringing to life a vision you have, you can contact me at with your ideas, requests and to receive a quote. Here is some more information about my painting commission services: Commission a Painting

As Above, So Below

Wanted to share my latest Heart Visions channeled creation called, As Above, So Below.

I will let it speak for itself. Enjoy the experience…..

This painting will be at the Art Show tomorrow 2/25 at Circa 92, along with other creations and is now available. It will be up on my website by end of today where you can also find info about the event. Only the original is available of As Above, So Below. No prints will be made.

Creative Alchemy – A Glimpse of My Story as a Visionary Artist

Many have been interested in my personal experience with my art, what’s behind them and what I feel about visionary art in general, so I felt that a blog with more insight was in good timing to share now, as I know that many visionaries and healers are stepping up and out more and more. So any support I can provide in any way for your experience, I love to share.

Photo of Tania Marie - Visionary Artist

What it means to me to be a Visionary Artist

A visionary artist, to me, means an artist who creates from their soul and intuitive connection to the Universe. It is one who not only creates “outside of the box,” but has the ability to see beyond the boundaries of physicality and enculturation, and is able to capture moments of inspired vision and thought, feeling and expression, in a form that reflects something bigger than him or her that speaks in foresight or healing messages to the viewer.

A visionary artist is one that does not buy into the idea of “impossible” and reflects the miracle in knowing that what you can see and feel in your heart, “is possible.” They mirror a vision manifested in form that reflects our co-creation potentials.

It also denotes, to me, one that is a dreamer and leads through their innovative visions, feelings, and imaginary foresight of what “can be” if we allow our creative expression and limitlessness to flow freely. Sometimes that involves idealism and fantastical, surreal vision, which in some ways makes a visionary artist somewhat of an inventor or philosopher; teaching, conveying, and expressing profound messages through their gift of art and imagery.

How being a Visionary Artist translates in my life

I have always been called a dreamer and an idealist, of which I apologize for neither. My life is about transforming and shattering the old and the idea of “impossible,” to bring forth the realization that miracles ARE a reality which I create. I am limited only by myself and yet in healing myself I help others to do the same.

We cannot rescue another. The best way to help someone is by being an example of your own life working. The healing waters of our experience create a ripple effect that touches the collective consciousness, one soul at a time, all souls for eternity, simultaneously.

I question everything that has always been and I don’t accept anything until I’ve thoroughly examined it from the perspective of every level of my being. Just because something is “tried and true”, doesn’t mean it’s right, or at least doesn’t mean it’s right for me. Just because that’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t mean it has to, or should even, continue that way.

What I choose to believe and focus on is what I create as my experience. It’s not okay to me to find comfort in the continuum of my pains, thus recreating the same experiences over and over. We are all co-creators of our world and it’s time to harness that power.

We all have a unique light to shine on the world and I celebrate that light within each of us, every time I create. When I heal myself and take courageous steps forward, that energy is available to everyone and vice versa. And so I move forward with conscious effort to choose joy and love.

As a visionary artist, this creative exuberance does not stop short of the creations I channel. I enjoy transforming my physical being, loving to feel like a new person, to match the evolution I go through continually. I have always felt that the inner and outer should reflect each other. Being a very symbolic person, I “create my life as a work of art.” The healing arts I channel provide me the opportunity to express my feelings and visions through different mediums. My canvas is ever changing, as am I. Sometimes it may be my art, other times my designs and writing, and sometimes the canvas is simply me.

“In words” about my life and art

I say “in words” as for me I find words limiting, which makes sense as to why my preferred choice of expression is imagery or through music, movement and telepathy. Those who know me, know that when I write, it is like I’m creating a painting, as my writing comes from the same place that I create from, which then translates into basically communicating as a Pisces (no accident I have Mercury in Pisces). I also tend to write in a different voice than what people experience from me, as it channels from a place I access more readily when I’m in that void space.

That being said, here is a little insight into my process and thoughts on my life and art for a little more intimate look.

To me, there is no separation between my life and my work. Everything I do is an extension of my heart’s passions and my soul’s drive and therefore everything for me, now, boils down to simply being a choice of my joy. And while life can be challenging, it can also be quite magical. That’s the beautiful thing, that it’s all so individual. Everyone resonates with something different. That is life and art for you – ever unique and ever relative. My experiences with things are interesting and complex, but where my art is concerned, it comes from a channeling through my higher heart.

In the past I had a much more involved process, as the paintings I was creating (in particular the 5 In Lak’ech pieces) were weaving an encoded, story-like, hieroglyphic imagery. Every single detail is filled with potent symbolism. The images would first come to me through channeled vision and inspiration and then reiterate through research of the ancient civilization, symbols, and information I receive, which was an amazing process. It’s a very cool Universal nudge for me in trusting what I receive, first, and then later discovering the substantiations my logical mind did not know. This is something I continue to practice in all areas of my life so that it becomes second nature to integrate intuition with knowingness and thought.

My processes now are very different, which mirror the current “speeding up” times of collective shifting and my own personal evolution. Now I simply access different essence messages, just like a writer, speaker or channeler would and share them through heart-created images that hold an entire story or message with a seemingly simple thumb print. Each still holding a collective healing message, encoded with essence and symbolism, yet rather than a more hieroglyphic, pieced-together process (which took me months and sometimes a year), the message is embedded in the totality of the feeling essence the viewer experiences from the painting and no decoding is necessary. Not that you had to decode before, as the pieces were created as activators, but there was always a tendency for the viewer to piece together and want to understand and “read” the paintings. Now, instant activation takes place and no need to “read,” – only to experience, as I’ve learned to take all the integral pieces and blend them into one integrated creation from the heart.

And that is where my creations come from. My work is created for and by the heart and allows one to feel and listen inwardly. They are filled with symbolisms and are healing portals with visual stories to behold. I am guided by the collective and through my own personal processes and unfoldings, as to the timing and the images that are channeled through. When I create I am “seeing” with different eyes….seeing the energy and essence of things, rather than how they appear in 3D.

My paintings contain encodings that are being imbued in my art as healing messages one can feel and hear with their soul. I also love color and play with color combinations that are truly stunning and unpredictable, and never enjoy painting things as they are “perceived” to be. I paint them how they “feel” to be and capture the true essence of how the images/life forms would like to be represented. I never know how I am going to create something until the moment I do. When I let go, it just flows divinely.

There are many layers to how and what I paint and so I choose not to disclose the full stories that are revealed to me in creating them, but to allow each person to write their own story when viewing these portals of experience. I don’t like words or the mind to get in the way of the “experience,” as we can get caught up in that space and lose out on the bigger picture. I’ve always been a creative, artistic, dreamy and imaginative child at heart and visions and imagery were a way I found to communicate a world of emotions and messages that were limited through the simple use of words. My paintings are mirrors into your soul and are bigger than me – a collective collaboration indeed!

My Inspirations

I am inspired by my dreams, visions, and the things I have learned and experienced in my life and beyond. I receive the images for my paintings through stillness and channeled messages. This comes sometimes as a flash of inspiration, as a vision, through my dreams, as a result of transformations and healing I move through in my own life , and especially from listening to moving and inspiring music or seeing, hearing, or experiencing something profound. I am also inspired by my travels, nature, my connection to the Universe, the healing and evolvement I move through with the support of those around me, and especially by my dearest little ones… my rabbit, Nestor (whom recently transitioned) my tortoise, Gaia, and my current bunny love, Joy who is now physically in my life via connection from Nestor ~ all three of whom keep me present in my heart, grounded, inspire strength and faith, and remind me to stay balanced and connected, not to mention provide me with loving connection daily.

My paintings are alive (“living art”) and embedded with encoded healing messages, as well as imbued with Reiki. They reflect not only a personal process, but a collective process that channels through me as I create them, which is why they are created in their own timing and reflect something bigger than the artist who has created them. They are meditation tools that speak to the individual in the way they are meant to receive the message. They are visual stories and provide a space for one to have a total experience, which is why I have experienced people sitting with them for long periods, as they receive their healing and opening.

One most profound experience was seeing a young man at Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, where I had my art, come and “be” with one of the In Lak’ech painting, “Air,” and he sat and connected, as streams of tears rolled down his eyes. It was one of those special moments to feel the connection taking place through what is being facilitated through my work. I also love when people share exactly the message and meaning of things in the paintings, without me saying a word. That is much more profound than me writing up a bio of each creation and putting words in peoples’ mouths.

To have the telepathic message transferred through the paintings is a beautiful process that healing arts of the now can facilitate more consciously. Art becomes a conduit for large concepts, to be able to be conveyed without all the words that can sometimes create differing interpretations. It’s like me being able to project a snap shot of my visions from the projector screen of my heart and third eye onto a blank canvas that then embodies the totality of the essence in limitless form. And being that creative expression is unlimited, there can be countless essence images to impart.

This is part of why I’ve decided not to make prints available on most of the new paintings I create. In order to keep me in that continuous flow of creative abundance and unlimited ability to express myself in different ways. Each piece now becomes a special message needed for a certain individual or group that is drawn to it. So I feel myself tapping into the collective and also into a particular thread within the collective that will be assisted with the painting and the result of the experience shift will then affect what the collective needs.

My “Training”

My training with art is “experience.” Whatever I see in my heart and mind, I believe possible to create. And so I just allow it to happen and unfold on the canvas. With continued practice of this “allowing,” I have discovered my own hidden talents and developed a style unique to me.

I have no formal art training or schooling and never had an interest in such, as I’ve always wanted to keep the creative flow and expression that channels through me, as pure, authentic, and raw as it is meant to be, without trying to create a box it “should” fit in. I have enough things in my life that I manage, organize, and structure, so I enjoy allowing my art to be one of my flowing outlets.

To me, my paintings are a mixture of refined and complex with detail, coupled with the natural expression of a creative child. I enjoy that my art doesn’t fit any standards and can’t be compared with anything out there. I associate that with the fact that I opted not to go for formal training and the fact that I don’t spend time studying or viewing the works of other artists, although I celebrate all art and all artistic expression, as I think it is essential to support creativity in all of its forms. I find it to be freeing and healing when one allows themselves to explore their creativity, unencumbered by “standards” and “rules. “ To create authentically and from the heart is the only “rule” I choose to follow.

Art has always been a part of my life. It’s a natural gift I was born with and I have been drawing since I was a little girl. I used to spend my summers during the heat of the day, sitting at the dining room table drawing with my grandfather. Any chance I had I would draw and doodle, usually animals, and enjoyed the freedom of expression it allowed me. I’ve always been a creative, artistic, dreamy and imaginative child at heart and visions and imagery were a way I found to communicate a world of emotions and messages that were limited through the simple use of words.

I dabbled in doing small commissioned pieces in ’95 to ’96, but it wasn’t until 1997 when I moved to Sedona, AZ to do some soul searching and personal growth that I truly started to feel that art might become a part of my life and work in a bigger way. It was always present nudging me, but it took a while to hear the call. It is then that I created my first canvas paintings and was amazed at what came through, given the fact that I’d never painted before in my life. Yet, this was just an opening and timing is always key.

So I continued pursuing other interests while the art remained in my heart to blossom at a future point in time when I was ready for it. That time happened around 2003 when I finally connected that art was my heart’s passion and soul’s path, and quit my very last office job to pursue it and the healing arts, finally and wholeheartedly. I started a custom art business and started doing commissioned pieces for clients. In 2005 I realized that I wanted more creative freedom and that there were some important healing messages that were wanting to come through and so I embarked on a new path where I left my business behind and started creating my own original pieces as part of a five piece series, called In Lak’ech.

These pieces are still to me, very profound in the messages that they were helping to heal at the time of their creation, but that were also ahead of their time in what is currently coming into the process of integrated need now. I always felt they held a bigger purpose that is being revealed more and more. Upon their completion I then moved back into a fully integrated experience of healing arts in totality, which included the services I provide now and brought commissions back into the mix as well.

I continue to allow creative expression to channel through me in whatever way it feels it wants to come through as. I am mindful of the state I am in when I create and stay very conscious about the little energetics of things I feel in order to create from the purest and most flowing place. Creation is a very healing process of birthing life force energy into manifestation – pure alchemy of the soul.

To express and to inspire, to heal and to transform, to expand and to free, these are the reasons I create. 

“Like each individual, creativity is uniquely beautiful in all of its forms. We are perfect in our imperfection.” ~ Tania Marie

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