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Celebrating an Evening of Creative Collaborations

Me with my art

This past Saturday, 2/25, we enjoyed a fun filled night of celebrations and artistic inspirations at the Circa 92 Art Show, which was a collaborative effort of style, art, design, food, photography, music and great people. As I’ve mentioned, I believe that co-creating and collaborating like this is the wave of the future and that we will be seeing more meetings of the minds and hearts as things unfold in 2012 and beyond.

My friends surprised me with a little pre-birthday celebration and gorgeous piece-of-art cake, both by sight and taste, by Bianca Blanco of , which truly topped the night off. And thank you for the gorgeous sunflowers (my fav!) and wildflowers bouquet from Allison and Chris Jacobson. I am so blessed to have such thoughtful and supportive friends.

From left to right: Bianco Blanco, me and Allison Jacobson

I just want to extend my gratitude once again to everyone that came for this evening, both from near and far. Thank you again to Yoshi Ito, salon owner and Mato Nakajima, salon manager for inviting me to be part of their creative vision. Again, thank you to Bianca Blanco for her beautiful and delicious vegan cupcake contribution and to Jenny Ross of 118 Degrees for her raw vegan appetizers and desserts. Thank you to Full Moon for their food that included veggie sushi and to Palms and DJ Red Conspiracy for their musical vibes. Much gratitude goes out to Alanna Airitam of – 2nd Chakra Studio – photography for self promotion of small businesses, blogs, performers, and real people – for capturing the whole night on film. And to Allison Jacobson for her gorgeous pendant designs and for her all-around support from start to finish with everything. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Me sharing about my paintings to patrons of the arts - Sanctus Germain, CEO of Saint Germain Sweets, Co. pictured right

It was a really great evening and beautiful turnout. I was excited to be debuting new pieces of art that are a new genre of creations for me channeling through, to be launching our new crystal pendants (blog to come with these new birthings!) and to present my book, Spiritual Skin in person for the first time.

It was a night, as I put it, to “experience.” Just as I let go and allow when I create, it was my hope that those that joined us for this evening and those of you that will join us for events to come, will always keep that at the heart of your goal – to let go, allow and simply “experience” through your heart.

Me giving my brief talk

For those that weren’t able to join us, this was the message of my talk on the evening of 2/25, as well as wanting everyone to remember that:

“When we celebrate the works and accomplishments of others, we celebrate that creative potential within us all.

Life, to me, is about authentically expressing your heart’s passions and understanding the collective synergy that you provide in service when you share that compassionately with others.”

Until the next event, wishing you creative magick and love!

To see all the photos from this evening please visit my facebook page:

As Above, So Below

Wanted to share my latest Heart Visions channeled creation called, As Above, So Below.

I will let it speak for itself. Enjoy the experience…..

This painting will be at the Art Show tomorrow 2/25 at Circa 92, along with other creations and is now available. It will be up on my website by end of today where you can also find info about the event. Only the original is available of As Above, So Below. No prints will be made.

Circa 92 Runway and Tania Marie Art Show

I would like to announce and share a special event production of many more to come for my company, Emerald Bridge. On Saturday 2/25/12 at Circa 92 Salon in Santa Ana, CA I will be debuting new paintings and pieces from my signature collection. There will be a runway show featuring hair and makeup from Circa 92 and potent crystal pendants from the new creative collaboration between Allison Jacobson and myself. My highly acclaimed book, Spiritual Skin, will also be available for purchase and signing at this event.

Complimentary food and beverages, including vegan/raw vegan delights from Bella Savour and 118 Degrees. Featuring music from DJ oso Nice and a chance to win raffle prizes!

What an awesome way to celebrate my birthday weekend, as this event precedes my birthday on Sunday 2/26! I love how things manifest synchronously. A great way to ring in the new cycle of energy and to celebrate in joyous fun and creative style with positive people and vibes coming together! So exciting and I’m so appreciative.

I’d like to share my gratitude with all the beautiful people that are collaborating on this event:

Allison Jacobson, Designer, Reiki Master Teacher, event coordinator and Emerald Bridge partner

Circa 92 Salon Owners, Yoshi Ito and Mato Marushima

Bianco Blanco, Chef and Owner of Bella Savour

Jenny Ross, Chef and Owner of 118 Degrees

Alanna Xochitl Airitaml, Owner and Photographer of 2nd Chakra Studio

DJ oso Nice

And the rest of the collaborative efforts in food, videography, stylists and models that will be part of the evening.

Also tons of loving gratitude for all of the support from those dear to my heart and to all of you that have helped to fuel my inspired passions!

If in the area, I hope you will join us for an evening of creative inspiration, music, good food and fun.

The event goes from 7-9:30 pm and the location is:

Circa 92 Salon

31 E MacArthur Cres #104, Santa Ana, CA 92707

You can rsvp for the event and get event details on facebook: or simply contact me for details.

For more information on Emerald Bridge:

This is an Emerald Bridge production

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