My Own Little Private Idaho

I’ve been enjoying a very mellow, nurturing, and productive birthday week and all the while being grateful for the peace I’ve cultivated in my life. Part of that has come through the focus on creating balance and part of that has been a commitment to changing the patterns that really never were who I am, while putting boundaries in place that honor my needs and well being.

I’m extra grateful for this sense of peace, as the outer world increasingly throws around a lot of chaos. It helps me not only to manage my energy and not become debilitated or controlled, but it supports my ability to hold anchor for others, and have the energy reserves to send out and share with the collective.

The weather has been beautiful, although warm for this time of year, so I’ve enjoyed solo ski days and even a lovely walk down to the lake.

I enjoy and desire my own alone time so much so that I carve it out in any way I can outside of the times I spend otherwise.

For instance, on my birthday I went skiing and as I was preparing to head on the first lift I noticed this man looking at me and smiling as if he knew me. I smiled, but went on my way. I guess he got on a few chairs behind me. At the top I had to get to the next lift. I was waiting for a few people to get on the chair when someone comes swishing quickly up to my side. It was the man. I immediately didn’t like the feeling, as I sensed he wanted to ride with me and his energy was overbearing and like he ran the show. I don’t ride these two lifts with anyone, as they’re long rides of 10 minutes each and there’s never a need to because there’s no line. It’s also my favorite thing to do, because it’s so meditational. I especially wasn’t going to ride with someone on my birthday when I specifically chose to do this for my own little private Idaho time with nature.

Anyway, he proceeds to point at me and then to himself and says, “you and me?”

I immediately reply, “I’d rather go by myself, thanks.”

His reaction was one of like I should have felt privileged, although it was his way of covering up that he felt rejected – an ego blow.

He went quickly ahead of me and I waited for the next chair.

When I got on, I noticed that his chair was #69 and mine was #70. That put me in a chair that equaled 7, which matched my new birthday 7 year cycle I was entering.

This is the kind of experience that speaks to truth and boundaries, but how kindness truly is inherit in truth. I was kind to myself and my needs and kind in not being false to this man who obviously had other agendas on his mind.

It’s always a balancing act, but with mindfulness we can make highest good decisions from a grounded and centered place.

The temperatures do keep oscillating, just as the world scene does, so I take advantage of every day and opportunity…never pushing off what I can do right now and never giving away my power when I can embrace it today.

This is part of my life balance I am committed to and it extends to how I navigate even the mundane things in my life.

No more pushing or trying to cram as much in as possible out of some sense of needing to attain something false.

I embrace what I can and I flow with the rest.

One of the ways in which I’ve added to that peace, is discovering what I’ve now come to call “my own little private Idaho” while skiing.

My Own Private Idaho is the name of an older movie from 1991, and although it is a story of embarking on a journey of personal self discovery, there’s not really any other reason that would connect why I’ve adopted this name other than I like the reference to something “my own” and the reflection of the vast, expansive, solitude of some of the scenes in Idaho within the film.

It just came to me instantly when I created the space I did and it adds another layer to that peace I keep anchoring in my life – finding ways, that no matter what’s going on around me I can always create my own reality.

What it means literally is I’ve discovered a way to have peace while skiing, so I’m not in the midst of a bunch of people zooming around me and I don’t have to be on high alert all the time. I’ve carved out the most beautiful space where I get to immerse in nature, have downloads come through, experience expansive openings, and make skiing even something more to look forward to, while I continue to cultivate my experience.

So much so, I’ve continued doing my solo skiing while Dave has been away and it’s been my meditational time up high on the mountain with beautiful views all around me and flocked tree tops that whisper secrets.

And speaking of whispers…the above photo I took on my birthday is from the front yard where I have iris and daffodil bulbs planted that come up each year. The last two years my lilac irises have shown up miraculously for my birthday. This year they are slightly delayed, but as you can see I have some babies about to blossom.

This is just one of several bunches that have sprouted and I imagine within the next week I’ll see the first ones peaking their heads out.

Their timing, although slightly delayed from the last two years by a week or two, is still pretty normal to previous years. For this year, the delay feels like a perfect pause and that oscillation I spoke of where there just seems to be a little more incubation time needed before jumping ahead.

This photo of my plants sprouting creates such a sweet little bed mixture of cultivation and wild. It also feels like a little piece of peace for the in between and from the depths of winter’s slumber, new life emerges.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this in a blog post, but I’ve been talking about it with people around me. Oh, actually it was part of a theme and space I held in the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum for the souls that have been moving on in large numbers these days both in human and animal bodies. In any event, what some of us had been noting is how the circle of souls transitioning seems to be closing in tight, increasingly.

Whereas before it seemed people were passing that we may have known of remotely, or through someone, or grew up watching on tv, or very far family removed, some of us noted in our personal lives, that that no longer was the case. People were directly connected or once-removed. And many of them without any warning. Just out of the blue.

This may not be the case for everyone, but a few of us were experiencing this at high rates and it’s added to the energy we need to navigate, but also brought the experience of death more tangible. In my feeling, to help us understand eternal existence and that life and death are but two sides of the same coin. Again, the dance of duality very loudly playing out. It also speaks to me of the energies lining up in ways that support the next phase unfolding…some of that being a rearranging of souls on and off Earth.

We had recently lost very close friends we grew up with that were like family or aunts and uncles out of the blue. And they were just two of many more.

To add to this, I just got some shocking news yesterday that a dear friend of mine since about 2005, transitioned on the eve of my birthday.

This would make the second death of someone close to me falling on my birthday – my paternal grandma and now this friend.

While I say shocking, on the one hand transitions happening out of the blue these days I do understand very deeply in the grand scheme of what is unfolding energetically. It was just more surprising because of the fact that there was no indication of anything being wrong, we had just spoken, and it aligned with my birthday.

I don’t take these things lightly, as when something happens so connected with me, I pay attention. So, I was filled with chills in receiving the news and will be taking time to integrate it all.

He had just emailed me in the morning to wish me happy birthday and I messaged him back…then he passed that same evening to the shock of everyone.

I’m sending huge supportive love and energy to his family and friends, as he was a beloved soul to many. He and I shared a spiritual connection that has been very special over the years. I’m also going to be tuning in more with him to see what he has to share.

So, I’m extra present around gratitude for the peace I’ve carved out in my life, as it definitely supports me in holding space for these kinds of things, for the people it affects, and for just navigating it all.

I feel that cultivating your own little private Idaho in any and/or all areas of your life can truly be a life saver and in these wild times, doesn’t really feel to be a luxury. We need that sense of peace in order to maintain momentum in other directions.

I continue to have harmony and peace as my motivators. It’s not to me about the extremes of feelings…so while joy and happiness, and all those ecstatic bliss experiences can be nice…they’re fleeting and not sustainable. Just as we also wouldn’t and likely couldn’t always be in a space of sadness, anger, and resentment. Peace provides us the ability to move in and out of experiences and always know our way back.

It’s that balance that unifies and harmonizes.

On a lighter note, thank you to Astrid for peeking out and shifting things through her peaceful anchor. She’s been nudging my ankles and feet while writing this post. Let me just add a huge burst of gratitude to her, as it bears noting. Astrid has been an increasingly powerful partner in all of my energy work lately. She actually just nudged my ankle while I wrote that! LOL! She’s been coming behind me like Nestor would, and nosing the backs of both of my ankles when I do Reiki Healing Attunements. This infusion of her and my energy together has been extra potent. She’s always helped, but she’s been much more physically engaged than doing it energetically alone. I so love and appreciate her!

Okay, so now that I shared that very important acknowledgment, if you think Astrid looks curious in the above photo, she too is enjoying all the new founded peace we’ve been cultivating together, but also has an announcement about our new:

Curiosities Corner of Curated Items

We’ll let you explore, but as you may notice, we’ve been anchoring some pages of offerings, one-by-one on our site where you can explore things like workshops, magickal, and power pieces that align with your timing and readiness.

Eventually we’ll be doing a makeover of our site, but that’s still down the road. In the meantime the Curiosities Corner has several very unique and special pieces to include hand-crafted enchanted beings, original paintings, framed prints, and crystal singing bowls. At least that’s to start…and may grow in time.

You can read all about these and how they’ve gone through interesting journeys nearly finding new homes, but hanging around for the perfect alignments.

Also, some people said the new:

Spring Fae Magick Bundles page

wasn’t loading fully for them. I hope that wasn’t the case for everyone. It should be fine, but if you haven’t gone there to explore, it’s a space you’ll discover some bundles of crystals, nature, and other magickal little things Astrid, the Fae, and I put together very specifically chosen and prepared with energies for the now. All of the details on each bundle is included there, just as on the Curiosities Corner page.

I’m trying to not have that info taking over my blog posts, so each page is its own story.

Today is the last day to register for the:

Empowerment Series of workshops

I may open it up another time down the road, but I’m keeping the energetics of the group for now aligned with current messages that will come through.

We did sell out of the extra Perspective hat (I was wearing in my last birthday blog) and apparently it was well received, so I’m putting in an order for a few more (this is the only way to get it is by contacting me). If you’re interested in it, I can get it in red as was seen, but also hot pink, a creamy off-white, royal blue, green, brown, or navy.

Sending out peaceful energy and hoping that peace will fill your hearts a little more each day. We have to want it and work toward it though. It’s not something that happens on its own.

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  1. Desiree Bergeron

    Sending you so much extra love…..πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
    And thanking you for this most beautiful post-
    I could absolutely feel the encoded peace within it, while reading!!
    I love how you make your own space and experience wherever you go, and what ever you’re engaging in!!
    That is a very powerful practice. πŸ˜‰

    • Aw thank you so much sweet sistar! I’m so glad this post spoke to you in the silence of it all. These are challenging times for people and anyway I can add some lightening of energy, hope or support I gladly embrace. I’m grateful I’ve figured out how to manage energies and create the spaces I need because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to. I know you understand that. Love you and so proud of you.. have to keep saying that πŸ˜‰

  2. It seems you have a lot going on Tania, especially for wanting your solo time to recharge. Kudos for creating your own private Idaho for skiing, creativity, and life. I like how Astrid is adding her energy to the mix. πŸ’•πŸ‡

    • Aw thank you! I love that about Astrid too! She’s just incredible in all the colors of her she shares. It’s been such a nurturing time these days… been making all my fav food, relaxing, sleeping in, nature time, movies and still able to get some things done that I’ve wanted. Plus lots of bunny snuggles in between hehe! So πŸ™ grateful! Sending you hugs and snuggles from the girls here πŸ’–

  3. Big hugs and extra love around the death of your friend. ❀

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