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Embodying the Vibration of What You Desire to Assist Yourself and Others

cosmic buddha

Everything you choose to feel sets a certain vibration within you and as a result, attracts a certain vibration without. The vibrations we embody bring back the effects to the source of origination – you.

None of this is a punishment being handed down to you in any way, it is simply that all vibrations offered come back to us with corresponding manifestations. No judgment. Simple energy creating energy for divine unfolding of energy experiencing energy.

There are many layers that could be addressed, as I know this hits home sometimes for people wondering why such tormenting experiences take place, but for sake of this post let’s just focus on the concept of vibration creating vibration, as some things take a little more exploring than can be done in a blog post. And some of this is a subtle shift in perspective and offers a different way to view concepts we have learned that can take things to a whole new level.

Let’s explore a bit further.

Critical thoughts and emotions towards others unfortunately end up limiting your own progress. They don’t add benefit to anything, as the other person will likely increase their behavior of the very thing you are criticizing and you will be immersed in unproductive energy drains on yourself.

Emotions and thoughts cannot contradict each other in order to clearly create what you desire. The source of your feelings stem from inside and are a choice of free will.

“I must be aware of bad things, and guarded about bad things, and I must watch out for bad things by trying to guide myself toward good things. You can’t do both at the same time. You can’t watch out for bad things, and allow good things at the same time. It is vibrationally not possible.” ~Abraham Hicks

You can check in with your vibration by being mindful and conscious about things you are feeling in each moment. Take note of how you are feeling in situations. And when you become aware of your feeling, it will provide clues to how you can change it at will. Feelings indicate vibrations that then indicate manifestations in direct result.

Finances are a huge thing people find they have unhappy and frustrated feelings about. If you are unhappy about your financial situation, does that help or hinder? While it can be challenging in the heat of things, especially when you feel discouraged or energetically spent, it will not support you to make more money, by spending more or all of your energy being angry or fretting about it, or even denying the situation. You will create less money because your vibration is not happy and this will attract more events and people and situations that you “think” are making you even more unhappy with your financial situation, and even attract others that are in the same vibrational feeling and mind-set to support you in feeling justified for your feelings.

Again, this isn’t something to blame yourself for, as for one, it’s not something that was taught to you for most of your life. We have all seen our parents, and society, over time, struggle, work hard, sacrifice, and do all the external manipulations possible. Not to mention we have things in our soul history that we are still carrying in relation to acquired beliefs. But now we have other options in this now moment. Our conditions are not independent and external causes. They are simply effects.

One of the most effective tools is to change your perspective to that of gratitude and satisfaction for your situation – in this case, your finances, and what they are sharing with you. Of course there is exploration of your core feelings surrounding money, how you were raised to believe about it, your own internal value, worthiness, self-appreciation, security, fears, responsibility, and abundance mentality that will benefit you to look into and work at integrating. But while you are doing so, you can start being mindful of your thoughts and feelings so you can shift them a bit more each day and start embodying a new vibration that reflects more favorably for you. You can start to stand in alignment with your vibrational source that is wholeness.

I know that for me, I even have gratitude and take pleasure in paying my bills, being grateful that I have the ability to do so and am part of the cycling of energy in and out. I also take leaps to support what I want to create. I don’t let myself get in my own way. I act as if I already have what I desire. I only align with vibrational matches and listen to wise discernment that is in resonance only with that vibration I am holding. I do the things I love. I extend myself in the direction of what is in alignment with who I am, even if I have no idea how it will happen, or how I will get the money or ability to do it. And then I keep believing, as I move forward, without allowing any fear or worry to step in, trusting that everything is in Divine order. Knowing that when I take care of myself in this way, I will be taken care of. I constantly trust that I am always supported, have everything I need, that my natural state is that of abundance, that everything is in consistency with being for the highest good of all concerned, and that I am in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. And if in the event what I was working at creating didn’t come about as I may have pictured, I know that it will come out in an even better way than I could ever have imagined.

The Universe doesn’t care or pose questions as to why you vibrate a certain way. It is non-judgmental and an unconditional observer. It merely reflects with experiences to match your vibration that fits your chosen evolutionary needs.

Everything has a vibrational frequency. This is why working with sound and energy can be so powerful, as they cut through to the core essence of things where your mind has the opportunity to step out of the way. Your body, brain waves, DNA, words, feelings, colors, food….all have a vibrational frequency.

I know for myself, that if I want to shift how I feel, aid what I am focusing on creating, heal something, or take things to a new level, I work at shifting my vibrational frequency to come into alignment with more of who I am in natural wholeness, in a way that will match that which I am wanting, as well as will assist, rather than hinder.

This involves many different aspects, to include even the food that I am intuitively guided to eat, activities I engage in, the language I use and how I communicate more in alignment with who I am. But taking food as an example, I have found that when I shift vibrationally, or when I am in process of shifting, my dietary needs shift as well to crave or want only certain foods to match that vibration. Food has been a big source of support for me in lightening or creating more density when I need it.

For example, I am currently in another phase of major expansion and shifting at a new vibration and this has increased my sensitivities to foods, which in effect is simply my body knowing how best to support where I am headed and what foods will and will not help that.

I don’t have severe, life-threatening allergies, but I do have allergies or, better yet, physical “reactional messages” that have been speaking what is a vibrational match for me always. The difference between then and now, is that I am conscious of the message and I listen, whereas it took me time in the past to understand. I never set out to change my food, it just naturally starts happening because of the vibrational shifts I make. I don’t even like calling things “allergies,” as I feel it more aligned to just say my body is messaging me as to something going on that is vibrationally imbalanced. No bad or good about it. No right or wrong. Simply, a vibrational adjustment is in order.

I’ve gone through these shifts a lot, in subtle or very profound ways. Several years ago between 2007 and beginning of 2010 I was led to be 100% raw. This assisted the major life changes, including divorce, I was going through, amping up my energy and making a huge leap in new ways and with my business. Then I began incorporating more cooked and grounding food energy that little by little increased until taking over perhaps 80% of my intake. This assisted me in reintegrating back into body more fully and grounding, and also helped in manifestation. Then as I began spending tons of time in nature, the need for the grounding foods no longer was necessary and along with another huge leap, expansion and major shifts taking place now, having so much grounding food plus nature was creating a heaviness and density to a degree unnecessary and felt like an anchor I was towing, plus created physical messaging to take note of. So hence, a shift came to be again just recently.

We are always in process of finding our balance. And for me, being ultra-sensitive, I immediately make modifications to all things in my life to assist that, rather than proceeding so I blow my energy out, as in the past, or start getting stressed, frustrated, or anxious. All of this in effort to vibrationally align myself within and without and to operate in consistency to my beingness, rather than be in conflict with or create inner turmoil that will only deplete my energy rather than fuel it.

My personal vibrational balance now has me back to being extremely high (90%) raw vegan, gluten-free, mostly nut-free, sugar-free except from natural sources like dates and fruits and eating VERY SIMPLE, whole foods in their natural state (tons of veggies and fruit mostly) added with only a few cooked grounding things like yams, quinoa, and legumes and warmed soups of veggies and legumes that are perfectly vibrationally matched. Nothing processed (even if all natural), so not even things like tempeh or tofu. Likely not very creative or tasty to other people, but for me is total yum and creates high vitality.

This is just one of the ways I work with my vibrational alignment to support my needs and to keep balanced and naturally in tune with Source within. I immediately feel the results and my physical body also shifts in response to the vibrational match taking place. And this all assists the new I am creating and the changes I am making, as well as aligns me with my personal nature. The more ways we integrate that resonance on all levels, the more we are able to experience vitality and empowerment, and draw to us the things we desire with more ease and grace – pure alchemy at work.

We each need to find that vibrational balance and resonance for ourselves, keeping mindful of how you are feeling in all moments so you can listen to the messages and make the corresponding adjustments.

Unconditional love, harmony, joy, gratitude, appreciation, seeing yourself whole, healthy, and abundant…all raise your vibration and get you in touch with your unlimited energy Source. Fear, denial, resentment, anger, worry, focusing on the things you want not to have in your life… will lower your vibration and produce experiences of limitation, lack and further creation of the things you do not desire. Fear isn’t always clearly outlined for you. It can hide ingeniously behind other masks and ego will devise ways for you not to find it.

Another aspect to vibration, is how when you align with your own vibrational Source, you will be of most benefit to others in helping them align with their own. Not much different than the “be the change” message, but taken to another degree.

This concept I was anchoring in and exploring this morning was perfectly expressed through a video coming from Abraham Hicks – one that holds a very similar message I have shared in my workshops where I utilize a bridge example of supporting someone into their wholeness when they are in the challenge of a current vibrational story. So, for me, I resonate deeply with this concept since it reflects my own beliefs.

In short, I’ve summarized the video’s message, but please do see where it takes you and what it brings up for you. It may be a concept challenging to grasp, as it takes things we have come to learn to another level in regard to our concept about compassion that can make the next difference in experience potentially. There are some key aspects in the message that may take time to fully understand or embody, if you feel so inclined to do so. I find that it’s always the subtle perspectives that create the next shifts. Some of them really challenging our current accepted concepts.

As always, do with it as feels vibrationally supportive and matching to your resonance.

Here is the video message summary:

Be a vibrational match to others so you can be of best assistance to them. Bring others into fullness of who they are by standing in the vortex and only bridging the vibrational pathway rather than leaving the vortex to join them in what they are feeling. If you don’t tend to your alignment with your vibrational Source, you have nothing to give to others. Everyone has Source energy flowing in abundance to them and if they are not receiving it easily they have made their claim. Never sacrifice your vibrational alignment with some misguided understanding about what true compassion is. One who is connected to a stream of well-being is more powerful than a million who are not.  True compassion is pure resonance with who someone really is in their wholeness. When you stand in your utter knowing of who someone is, you can call them to you/Source. Focus on wellness. Stand as the focal point of well-being and others are drawn right into that. See people for how they really are, not as they believe themselves to be. You can’t focus on where someone is at now and who they really are at the same time. You are always making that choice. You guide people to the knowledge of the solution rather than compassion for the problem. Vibrationally being who they are and beaming a vibration that is indescribable and you beam like a satellite dish, this vibration closer so they have access. Be a vibrational match to who people really are so in your assistance to others you don’t leave the vortex. Everything you say and share is about bringing others into fullness. Jesus never focused on people’s illnesses. He connected only with the person’s wholeness, health and well-being and people then experienced the fullness of well-being.

This applies to self and collective simultaneously. Stand in your vibrational Source for the experience you desire. Stand in your vibrational Source to assist others to do the same.

We’re all on different journeys and a variety of approaches are therefore inevitable and valid. There are people holding space for more ways and other potentials and possibilities. I think the key is in being mindful of the energy and vibration you are holding when engaged in something and gauging how it affects you, your experiences in life as a result, as well as the actual effects collectively, and then proceed with adjustments where needed in terms of effects desired. That may mean making adjustments in all areas of beliefs, thoughts, words spoken, feelings, perspectives, actions, and even food you eat…all being assistive to helping you embody, and therefore manifest, the vibration you desire.

We are in constant evolution. This is the beauty of free will and life. Life is an evolution of experiential growth.

Galactic Family of Light – Moving More Fully Into This Realization

Galactic Family of LightThis post comes again from Peggy Black and her Morning Messages. Peggy and her “team,” as she refers to the loving guides that channel through her, share beautiful, simple and loving messages I enjoy reading, as they always are mirroring of what I experience or receive, and in this particular case are spot on to my own messages and things I’ve been sharing. Perhaps you will also find some connection with the message in terms of what you have been experiencing. It reflects on this time for celebrating the internal shifts and changes that HAVE occurred, as well as to be extra mindful of your spoken words, thoughts, and emotional offerings, as manifestations occur quickly, if not instantly. Increased synchronicities are unfolding and it is wise to be gentle with yourself, mindful of your body and what you put into it, as well as how you are feeling in order to move through the densities with greater ease and grace – bringing increased love, laughter, and lightness into your life, as you connect more deeply with humanity and your Galactic family. Freedom to move inter-dimensionally is at hand on this journey into luminous being. I hope you enjoy.

_________ Message from the “team”_________ 


Galactic Family of Light  
Peggy Black and the “team”

We are here, joining you in the midst of all things. You are to be acknowledged for consciously anchoring the energy from the core center of the galaxy. The crossing of this energy threshold signals the beginning of change in the collective field. Those of you who are aware of what has taken place can celebrate, for you were the physical chalice of all that was being offered.

We realize that many were expecting great and grand sweeping changes once this event took place in your reality. Let us assure you that on our level there were great and grand sweeping changes. These profound shifts will now begin to filter into the physical reality that you are focused upon. The celestial alignment anchoring the new reality of earth into the realms of the 5th dimension has occurred. The higher frequencies and the vibrations of light held in the 5th dimension are now more available to feel and experience.

Allow yourself to be acknowledged for all the active internal shifts and changes you have processed in the last series of years. We assure you that the density that has been transformed from this dimension has been monumental. You have done your personal work in clearing compressed vibrational traumas from your physical body, your mental patterns and your field. You have also assisted and supported the clearing of compressed vibrational traumas from the collective consciousness as well.

We say congratulations and keep up the good work, there is still more to be transformed. We assure you that you are making the difference by bringing your light, love and willingness to this galactic theater. We also assure you that literally the changes are coming forth with greater speed and manifestation then ever before.

In the coming days there will be an increased awareness that your spoken words and emotional offerings are manifesting more quickly. Many of you are now experiencing this very thing as you state your intentions and the results show up in your life without delay. We invite you to begin to consciously clean up just how you use the power of your spoken words. There are no throw away words.

Learn to listen to how you are stating your lack or your bounty, your challenges or your blessings, your gripes or your gratitudes. What you are telling the universal energies will manifest in some expression in your life and experience.

Each word carries the vibration of your personal power and intention. These word/sound vibrations, infused and partnered with the force of your emotional expression, interface with the quantum field of all possibilities and bring forth what has been offered. We invite you to own this awareness and power from your multidimensional perception. This truly is how the act of creation works and you know this in your deepest self.

In the past there was a buffer of time which allowed you to correct many of these false or misqualified statements that you offered without much thought or intention. In the coming times you will be amazed at how rapidly your thoughts, desires and intentions are showing up. So we invite you to claim this personal power as you practice creating life-enhancing realities for yourself, your community and the world.

You will also become aware of the incredible synchronicities that occur to bring about these realities. Recognize and remember that synchronicities are meant to be a part of your experience. They serve as guidelines or markers to let you know that you are “in the flow”; consider them signs along the way. This will become a fun and playful aspect of creating your new realities and experiences.

We invite you to look for and acknowledge these unusual events that are somehow related. Once you begin to train your awareness to see these, so to speak, “miracles” or recognize a seeming odd coincidence occurring, you will know that you are on the right track. Watch for the synchronicities as they show up and celebrate your clarity.

Also begin to notice how your physical body is feeling, for it is also undergoing tremendous changes. Each cell is shifting to hold more and more light frequencies. This does not happen overnight. So be kind to yourself and conscious of the foods you ingest, making sure that they are whole, healthy and fresh. Make a practice of infusing your conscious energy blessings, into any substance you put into your body. Remember you are a transformer of energy frequencies as a multidimensional being.

Drink water, for this holy substance supports the work of the cells and tissues in becoming more crystalline and light filled. We invite you to honor yourself with the gift of being in the nature that is available. Drink in this holy substance of energy and frequency offered by nature for it will revitalize your subtle energy bodies. Be sure that you find ways and methods to relax each day even for small moments or mini rest bits. You are also invited to play, joyfully and childlike. Be sure to incorporate laughter in your daily pattern, for laughter is a powerful healing vibration which resets your energy field.

You are also experiencing altered states of awareness, noticing a subtle shift in your perception. Welcome those experiences; you are beginning to own your true authentic self as a multidimensional being. The dimensions are much like rooms in a large dwelling; you will discover these dimensions or rooms as you explore the possibilities and allow yourself to move beyond your rigid boundaries. Again we invite you to play with this concept and potentiality.

Allow yourself to explore creating a space for this to occur naturally. Part of the shift in consciousness, the awakening and the ascension is the recognition and the ability to move freely along the timeline as well as from one dimension to another. You have had those moments where you truly do this, however we are inviting you to be aware of when you make this shift and to practice and welcome this ability to unfold.

You will find the perfect method which will support this shift in awareness. Sages and ancient ones have all given clues of how to bring about this shift; our favorite will always be the use of sound vibrations; chanting and drumming will certainly create a shift, as will dancing and meditation. There will come a time when you will able to shift your consciousness and alter you perception just with the desire and intention.

You will begin to explore the other dimensions and timelines with greater ease, each time bringing a new awareness back into this dense dimension of physical reality and duality. You will learn how to be in the altered-state of non-duality and still be present in this here and now. The doors are open for you; allow yourself to cross the threshold into the wonder.

We are welcoming you into the galactic family of light. Your planet and humanity is moving more fully into this realization. It is important that you always honor your physical body and presence in this dense polarity and dimension; however we also want you to honor and welcome your divine multidimensional presence. Each day invite this divine partnership, anchor this energy to the electromagnetic and geomagnetic field of this planet, and embrace the clear knowing that you are receiving pure energy and support from the one true source of the All That Is.

Remember you are here on assignment to transmute and transform the dense unconsciousness and the misqualified energy that has been offered into this matrix or reality. You are a master and we are just reminding you of your true self. When we invite you to “lighten up” we mean this on every level.

Bring your light of consciousness to each experience; offer your light of joy and gratitude as often as possible; drink in the energy of light that is being given to you at each moment, from all of nature, the stars and your very galaxy.  Your every cell is adjusting and shifting to hold and anchor more and more light conscious vibration. You are literally being bathed at all times with this beautiful healing, ever expanding, vibration of light.

Welcome this pure energy you call light, acknowledge this pure energy of light, and begin to offer and share this light with all you encounter. You are becoming a true being of light vibration. Remember that you are light. You come from light and you will always be an extension of light. You are a guardian of the light.

We are honored to have this opportunity to acknowledge and welcome you into the divine family of light and love. We offer our gratitude and deep appreciation for the work and service you continue to extend into this physical reality. Be kind to yourself and others as these shifts and changes in density bring challenges. We are always available to assist and support upon your invitation and request. the ‘team’

Auspicious Completions – Message on the Accelerated Reality You Are Becoming

Image: Artist UnknownThis post comes from Peggy Black and her Morning Messages. Peggy and her “team,” as she refers to the loving guides that channel through her, share beautiful, simple and loving messages I enjoy reading, as they always are mirroring of what I experience or receive. Perhaps you will also find some connection with the message in terms of what you are experiencing currently, or insights on the shifting energy of these upcoming stargate portals and energies.

_________ Message from the “team”_________ 

Auspicious Completions
Peggy Black and the “team”

We are here to honor and celebrate the auspicious cycle of completion. We invite you to stand proud in the awareness that you have been and you are a powerful link of consciousness in this unfolding evolution.

You are on the cusp, the threshold of the grand beginning, the ascension of consciousness within the collective. We acknowledge the many experiences that you have anchored on this timeline in order to seed the coming reality. We acknowledge your continued willingness to uplift and transform any denseness and unconscious behavior.

There is much chaos, shifting and change occurring on all fronts on your reality. Yet we invite you to stand strong in the midst of all that is surfacing and own your multidimensional awareness to transmute the field of vibrations creating the event.

Each individual star being is here on purpose to expand their own conscious understanding by experiencing this dense physical reality and dimension. Those of you reading these words know and recognize who you are.

Allow us once again to acknowledge you for your courage and firmness of purpose as you offer a personal and unique expression of the Divine.

We celebrate with you as the coming days offer powerful portals, or stargates as it were, which allow you to anchor this new energy of a higher dimension into the field of all possibilities, bringing consciousness from a state of polarized opposites to a field of non-duality.

Ascension is the act of knowing and embodying a spacious state of non-duality from your multidimensional awareness at the same moment as you are physically focused in a reality which is polarized, holding both these truths in your expanded state of being.

Ascension is the ability to move from one conscious dimension and state of awareness into another with incredible ease and skill. This is your task, your opportunity in the coming days, years, and decades. By your choice you are on a sojourn with humanity in partnership with the conscious energies of this planet you call Mother Earth.

This galactic completion of cycles is to be celebrated; however it is truly only the beginning. Once humanity steps across this threshold, all does not change instantly.

There will be a quickening that many will experience, codes of consciousness will be activated, and awareness will expand. Welcome and anchor all that is being offered into your personal field of energy as well as the collective consciousness of humanity. Hold firm to your experience as the true physical chalice allowing expanded states of awareness to be seeded.

Consciousness is the inherent aspect of all nature and its foundation. In the coming new cycle this will be acknowledged and recognize by all. There will be a renewed partnership with all living things, with all sentient beings. This partnership will offer you and all living things a fresh and renewed alignment with honor, integrity, honesty and compassion. The true energy bridge for this alliance and cooperation is the expression of your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for what is offered by the other.

This renewed reciprocity, this total connection, will offer humanity the invitation to honor wholeness and truly acknowledge and experience oneness. Nature and all living things are interwoven and interconnected. In the coming new cycle more and more individuals will awaken to this realization.

They will become aware that their actions and thoughts truly influence and impact the collective field of consciousness, every time, always. There is no thrown away energy.

This elevated understanding will call forth what has been hidden and unseen concerning your divine partnership with other sentient beings.  When you and others open up to this realization and allow yourself to interface with the nature that surrounds you, all will begin to heal and reconcile.

Nature and all sentient beings have gifts to offer this reality; you will honor and call those forth with salutary benefits for humanity.

You will learn to expand into the spaciousness of non-duality, free of the constrictions of this polarized dimension, allowing yourself to interface with the future and call it forth and anchor it in your now.

You are pure conscious energy, full of potential, force and authority. In the coming times your expansion will amaze and delight you, as you relax into who you truly are as a multidimensional being and what that actually means.

The imposed limitations and restrictions of consciousness you have experienced in your sojourn on this timeline are being lifted. The multitude of gifts, skills and abilities that are yours as pure conscious energy is unlimited. This realization is touching each and every individual in profound and wondrous ways. This is the ascension and you are here with a front row seat and an active part in all that is being revealed.

So we are inviting you to celebrate what has been accomplished and transformed, as well as to welcome what is being offered, all the time knowing that there is more to be done, more to secure.

Your experience of time will continue to shift as there is an accelerated momentum. We invite you breathe into any challenging change, knowing that you are a part of the accelerated momentum as your personal vibration increases. Remember who you are and remember to consistently, with clear intent, use the powerful tools that we, as well as your own guidance, have offered.

You are being invited to master all energy emotions that you are experiencing and to transform, anchor and offer coherent emotional vibrations into the field. You are the inviter, the chalice and the container for all the transformation that is occurring and will continue to occur on your timeline.

There is much information that is being offered about these times of great change, there are fears, predictions and prophecies expressing scenarios that might unfold. We remind you to always go within and question any information you are given, to make sure it resonates as your truth.

We acknowledge that these times are intense as you and your planet begin to shift your vibrational frequency into a higher dimension. This intensity is heralding the grand re-birth, the welcoming of new and expanded realities.

We support you in claiming your empowerment and authentic divine multidimensional Self. All systems are in the process of being reset. So allow yourself to be more malleable and open to all that is being gifted; be kind to yourself and others as you acclimate with these new energies and expanded frequencies.

Remember the power and importance of gratitude, joy and appreciation. These frequencies will support and assist at all times. We embrace you with our gratitude and honor who you are in this adventure of unfolding awareness. Know that you are seen and appreciated for your willingness and courage to be in physical form, especially at this time. The ‘team’

©2012 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available  

Seeing with the Heart – A Way to Perceive Energy & Bring in More Light

Temple of the Sacred Heart by Tania Marie – available here:

I hardly read books anymore, unless I receive a big message it’s important I do so, but I used to read a ton. I currently only have two books I’ve been led to read, after quite the hiatus. Lately, however, I keep getting these nudges to share passages, excerpts and quotes from past books I’ve read.

Since information isn’t new, but recycled, and in most cases “ahead of its time” I find, the information seems very relevant to recurring patterns and themes that I see and feel come up for the collective.

And seems natural, since many of the things repeating are the most challenging to wrap ourselves around and to practice on a consistent basis. Ironically, they also hold valuable gifts that can be the key to unlocking doors of experience we are wanting to, and about to, enter.

It’s about timing and perspective, as to what we are ready to hear, embrace, or actually put into practice.

Today I’m sharing some passages again from Sanaya Roman’s channeled book, Personal Power through Awareness, coming through Orin. Several things kept jumping out at me this week from her book and I’ve let them unfold as they wanted.

Here are some quick insights from her book that may hold some gems of wisdom currently for you in your relations with others and yourself:

As you tune into others, open your heart, and embrace them with a thought of love, not criticism. Imagine an unloving, critical person tuning into someone’s energy. The other person would not open (even subconsciously or on an energy level) to reveal any information, for that critical energy would feel like an intrusion. Then imagine a gentle, caring, and loving soul seeking information. The other person would open to that warmth and bask in that love. As you start to sense energy, you will discover not only the pain and confusion in others, but also different reality systems that may not fit into your own. If you approach people with compassion and tolerance, you will be able to gather much more useful data. Many people are very aware of energy, and yet when they sense something that does not fit with their known reality, with life the way they believe it to be, they tune it out. You will need to be willing to see that many people think differently and believe in different things than you without making them wrong, if you want to accurately perceive their energy.

Tolerance means you can accept many different viewpoints and love people for who they are. If you are willing to be tolerant, you can embark on an enormous adventure. Each person has a unique way of looking at the world. If you can discover what is unique, is free, open, and loving about everyone you know and meet, you will discover new ways that you yourself may become more free, open and loving. It is fascinating to discover the ways people perceive the world. As you open to many beliefs, you will become more fluid and less rigid yourself. To grow lighter yourself, be flexible and adopt whatever viewpoints are appropriate to the outcomes you desire. Most people are fixed within their own being. They have been taught the world operates in a certain way, and that is how they see it. This inflexibility leaves them with fewer and fewer areas of freedom and choice. You have seen people who are stuck in certain ruts. They are unwilling to change even though their lives don’t work for them…If you want to direct the energy in your life, if you want to see clearly the world you live in, you will need to be willing to see life from other people’s perspectives, which may be quite different from your own. As you do so, remain open and nonjudgmental, keeping a sense of discovery, love, and adventure.

Pain is only triggered by another person when there is already pain within you.

Every time another person creates pain in you it is a gift. It is showing you an area in which your heart has not yet learned to be open. It is showing you a place where you may bring more light into yourself. You have drawn certain people into your life to show you the places where you need to become more open. Part of your lesson will be to stay open and loving even when they are acting in a way that used to cause you pain.

Before you approach the other person with recrimination, closing your heart and pulling away, creating more separateness and pain, stop. Ask yourself if you are willing to bring in light.

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