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Crystal Animal Spirit Wisdom

Animal spirit guides and crystals are two prominent channels of supportive love, inspirational guidance, and wisdom that I have been working a lot with. Whether via my current series Universal ARKitecture, Animal Companion Portraits, the animals and crystalline beings in my life, or the animal spirit guide intuitive readings I support others with, these are two very cherished and beloved parts of my life that I feel natural affinity to.

I have several small carved crystal animal beings that sit with me at my desk – two rabbits, a turtle, and a dolphin. The rabbits and turtle I have taken with me on many of my travels, as they each represent the lovely animal companions in my life that assist me on my sacred journeys. I recently was gifted the dolphin by my Joyful Earth Crystals‘ partner, Allison, which is representative of the dolphin energy I work with a lot and feels connected with our upcoming Bimini retreat in December.

The energy of crystals and animals are each very powerful and to bring them together adds a combined synergy of what they each have to share, working in harmony together.

Many crystals and stones are carved into animal images that can be used for meditation and to help you connect with a totem or power animal. Carved totem animals combine the attributes of the animal with that of the metaphysical and healing properties of the crystal or stone used. You can choose a carved figure made of a crystal that enhances and compliments, or balances, the energy of the crystal. So either the crystal/stone can mirror the same energy to really strengthen that specific attribute, or it can be the opposite in order to channel an enhanced quality to the energy.

For example, you could have a masculine energy crystal to balance and strengthen a feminine energy animal totem, or vice versa, a feminine energy to balance and soften a very masculine energy – each would bring enhanced qualities in the way the energy of that particular crystal and animal spirit totem expresses.

We currently have 3 such pieces as part of our Joyful Earth Crystals collection that are available, at amazing new discount prices, to the resonating crystal keeper. Each beautifully pairs a resonating crystal energy with an animal totem energy. They include Blue Quartz Carved Elephants, Marbled Agate Turtle, and 3 Raw “Dolphin Energy” Larimar.

Here is information about each of these animal spirit energies below. You can read more about the properties of the crystals themselves, their measurements, and place orders at the links provided.

Stunning Ganesha and Good Luck Energy – Blue Quartz Elephants

Marveled by the Chinese, Indians and Africans as the most auspicious symbol from the animal kingdom embodying strength, dignity, virility, fertility, prudence, wisdom and intelligence, the elephant is worshipped and honored, sacred and loved. In Buddhism, the elephant is one of the eight precious holy animals and the India God Ganesha (remover of obstacles) is pictured as having the head of an elephant – signs of revered greatness.

In Feng Shui, the Elephant is considered a sacred symbol. Although it is often used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength and fertility, it can also be used to symbolize longevity and success. It can act as the grantor of wishes and as the protector of the household. For most feng shui applications, the elephants are usually depicted with the trunk up, as this symbolizes the showering of good luck, prosperity and victory.

Elephant Wisdom:

Connection to ancient wisdom
Removal of obstacles and barriers
Using education opportunities

Giant Marbled Agate Turtle with Gaia Energy

Turtle/Tortoise Wisdom:

Symbol of the earth
Connection with the center
Navigation skills
Associated with the feminine
Power to heal female diseases
Respecting the boundaries of others
Developing new ideas
Psychically protecting oneself
Nonviolent defense

To learn more about Turtle and Gaia energy and how the two are connected you may find this article post I shared earlier this year on just that:

Gaia – Earth Mother and Turtle? Ancient Wisdom for Conscious Living

Three Natural, Large, Dolphin and Ocean Energy Larimar (these rare stones, at this size, are not literally carved into dolphins, but they are very powerfully connected to, and mirror, dolphin energy and are very connected to that unconditional and universal heart energy)

Larimar is known as the Atlantis and Dolphin stone, as it helps channel energetic connections with the ancient civilization and also aids communication with sea creatures.

Dolphin Wisdom:

Includes change, wisdom, balance, harmony, playfulness, transcendence, gentleness, communication skills, contentment, freedom, trust, friendship, community, generosity, understanding the power of rhythm in your life, use of breath to release intense emotions, water element magick…to name a few. The protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor of the dolphin is a message of well being to the pure of heart.

Dolphins can express a need to embrace more playfulness and joy of life into your experience and to be in balance and harmony with yourself and others while reaching to connect more vulnerably and share of yourself. They are masters of the water element and hence, speak to the emotional and intuitive aspects of ourselves and to hone those energies more in order to create balance with the intellect and mind that is used more often…flowing, feeling more rather than over-analyzing. This trust of emotions takes practice, but will reveal where your heart’s joy and gifts are leading you.

If you have any questions about these or would like assistance in procuring a special piece you have in mind, you may contact me at

Please Don’t Cry Mother Gaia!

Today I wanted to highlight Sonya Oak’s lovely short story ebook: Please Don’t Cry Mother Gaia! which mirrors my own heart’s reflection and work towards creating a return to compassionate harmony on Earth and throughout the Cosmos.

Sonya contacted me while she was writing this, to ask permission to use my article information, which helped confirm her understanding of what Mother Gaia is: Gaia – Earth Mother and Turtle? Ancient Wisdom For Conscious Living” – She so graciously listed me along with other contributors in her bibliography, but it is she who I would like to place the spotlight on, as I LOVE her story!

Please Don’t Cry Mother Gaia! is a quick and colorfully sweet read, which she is granting rights to others to post, copy, distribute and embed freely, at no charge. Her intent was to create a story about Earth and animal rights issues, as well as health and veganism that is more playful and easier to digest, while still maintaining the integrity of the information that is serious at the core. And she managed to do just that! Her story is sweet and presents the information in such a loving, endearing, magical way through the eyes of the animals, Earth and beyond. A great and easy, quick read for children and adults alike.

I love the energy of it, which emanates in such a positive and compassionate way! I think it’s great, and as I am a child at a heart, this touches the child within me and us all, at a vulnerably innocent level without intrusive rhetoric. Things don’t have to be complex to make a difference.

Thank you Sonya for being a part of spreading this light and love, sweet sister, in an accessibly easy way. I hope that many will discover the messages you share from your heart to theirs.

For more about Sonya Oak visit:

Here is the link:

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