Contact Tania Marie to commission a painting, for more information and to receive a quote. She will need a photo or photos that you can simply email to her with a brief description of your loved one, their personality and anything else you'd like to pass along about them, as well as any requests. This aids Tania's desire to know your loved one so that she may bring to life the joy of their soul for you to cherish always.

Or, if you simply share a love for a specific animal that resonates with you, has powerful meaning in terms of being a personal animal totem, or that you'd like to honor and send healing out to in the world, this is all something you can explore with Tania and together you will create beautiful animal portraiture.

Animal Portraits

Animals are our best friends, children, companions, soulmates and in many cases are the dearest gifts in our lives - always there unconditionally to support and love us. Many have lost dear ones, currently have new members in their family, or have those that have been with them through thick and thin for years. In honor of these dear ones that bring invaluable joy to our lives in immeasurable ways, Tania offers this custom service.

Many loving requests, her own deep connection to animals, honor for all the dear ones in need of healing from the disasters globally and support of animals as a vegan, are Tania's inspired passions behind offering these creations. Tania has a remarkable way of capturing the essence and spiritual beauty of animals by bringing to life their personalities, depth of soul and human qualities. If you work with any organization in support of animals, and have need for beautiful images to support your cause, contact Tania to create beautiful animal portraiture.


Animal portraits in acrylic are created on quality 1.5 deep gallery wrap canvas, which do not need additional framing unless desired. Varying sizes are available and pricing will depend both on size desired, as well as the number of subjects (animals) per painting. Below you will find size and pricing options for one subject matter (one animal). Each additional subject matter (animal) is an additional 20% of total listed price. Larger paintings are available, but Tania does not create smaller than the 16 x 20 size. A 50% deposit will be required upfront to commission a painting and the remaining 50% is due upon completion. Shipping charges are also applied upon completion and will be added to the final 50% total due.

Size and Price Options for Custom Animal Portrait Paintings:

16 x 20 - $850

18 x 24 - $1100

20 x 24 - $1250

24 x 24 - $1500

24 x 30 - $1750

24 x 36 - $2000

Larger Please contact Tania for a quote

A secure PayPal invoice will be sent upon agreement, once your questions and requests have been addressed and concluded to satisfaction.

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