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Thoughts Upon Approach of Our 12/21/12 Journey – A Few Days Left to Join


On my last trip in Bimini with my conch I found and now have with me – Reflecting on my return and it’s here!

In just 10 days, on the 15th, I will be leaving for our journey to Atlantis and beyond. The next day, the 16th, I will be connecting with the rest of our beautiful group of souls that will be joining and am very excited to meet all of them – some for the first time and others, again. In either case, connections that transcend this Earthly experience.

It is all very surreal and seems both like ages and only yesterday that this all came together and was written in the stars. Cosmically aligned indeed and I can think of no other place and way for me to spend this momentous time of Cosmic aligning than with these people and at this specific Earth grid energy vortex.

What a blessing and gift. I am grateful beyond what can be shared here in words for the opportunity to be part of something so powerfully transformational in support of the collective and each individual who has courageously embraced their calling. The meaning of this journey is more than can be expressed and yet whether understood or not, it just IS.

Moving into the 5th Dimension with maximum empowerment means confronting your greatest fears and guilt and cleansing and releasing them fully. This is necessary to release all negativity and illusion that keeps you from accomplishing your mission. This portal in Bimini holds the opportunity for those journeying, to do this. How each chooses to face, embrace, and meet with this energy is the choice of the individual soul.

Having journeyed to Bimini and worked with the Atlantean energy deeply this life and in previous lives, I have been led to help support others and facilitate this powerful shift of a Cosmic order at this time and at this specific spot.

For anyone who is still deciding on where they would like to be on 12/21/12, remember that there are only 10 days until our journey, so this is the week to figure out your travel plans. If you have any questions and still want to join, you can contact me at I will need to get all final information on passengers for the charter in and registration by beginning of next week. Use these last days and this weekend to tune in!

We have an amazing group of souls joining. Do you feel connected to be there too?

Visit: Cosmic Heart Activation in Bimini 12/21/12  for more information.

During the time I will be away, the 15th – 22nd, I will have no access to cell phones or computers. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or requests before I leave or know that I will not be able to get back to you until the 23rd. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like energetic support on 12/12/12 to prepare for 12/21/12 and beyond, don’t forget the $12 offer for me to include you in the special energy I’ll be working on sending out. I’ve received some beautiful requests from people that are very clear and focused, as to what they want help with. This is wonderful. I look forward to supporting each of you. I can take as many requests as come in, as I will be focused on the energy this day most intently and fully. When sending a request, please share as much and as clearly what you would like support with. For more information see the link above.

Wishing you all gentle grace and powerful clarity in the creation of your rebirth.

Receive Extra Support & Activation on 12/12/12 for Only $12 – Empowering the Global Community

We are now only 9 days away from the first gateway December holds – that of 12/12/12. This date has a divine link with 12/21/12 and will bring forth new insights and energy in preparation for it. The upcoming dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 represent doorways of possibility for evolutionary leaps towards conscious creation and a new world paradigm.

And as I’ve shared before, it becomes increasingly important what you are focusing on, feeling, and what choices you make in all areas of your life at this time. As well, it is significantly ideal if you can support releasing of the old and embracing of the new in your life, and be mindful of how you spend your time. Supporting yourself and others is crucial to nurture, as we synchronize personal and collective into One.

I will be holding an intimate sacred ceremony of my own on 12/12/12, surrounded by all of my powerful crystalline friends and in partnership with others I work with both here and in the other-realms. It feels that my guidance to be inward more on this date balances the more outward energy I am in preparation to be sharing in support of those joining in Bimini for 12/21/12 in just 2 weeks.

Any time I do energetic work towards intentions and conscious creation, I always focus on the collective and highest good for all concerned. It just so happens that this will manifest in a Yin and Yang way for these dates in terms of the process I will be in. While I may be individually in my own space on 12/12/12, I feel guided to offer my energetic support towards others, as this is such an important transition we are all going through with amazing potentials for transmutation.

If you would like assistance in making those empowered leaps that will help you with releasing the old, integrating healing, embracing the new, and manifesting your intents, I am happy to include you and what you specifically desire, to my ceremony of energetic work.

I am offering a Reiki Healing Attunement with very specific focus and combined with my personal ceremony for individual and collective support, to you at the discounted price of only $12. ($50 Value and savings of $38 = over 75% off regular price). It is my way of being of service to the powerful changes we are consciously creating as a global community.

Joy with her giant Amethyst friend

If you and/or the animal companions in your life are in need of healing support in some way, if there are intents and goals you want help in manifesting, fears and blocks to be released, stress, unclarity and confusion to be put at ease, or greater flow, inspiration and empowerment to be activated, then this special offer is opportunity to receive the support you desire at this opportune time to harness your potentials.

Gaia activating her crystal grid

Reiki is a gentle and powerful system of natural healing that can help heal and/or support you or your animal companions with all of this and more. As a very powerful aid to personal growth, Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is a complimentary treatment to any and all other treatment modalities, improves their effectiveness and benefits and helps to stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Gaia inside the Amethyst

And to add to the Reiki energy you will receive, I will be working in conjunction with some very powerful crystals in my home crystal grid that are eager to be of collective service and my two crystal-attuned animal companions that always work with me and love to support humanity and other animals.

If you would like me to include you in my healing and activation work on 12/12/12, please message me at for details. Can be purchased as a gift for self or others. For more information about Reiki visit: About Reiki

Remember these poignant messages for December 2012 from Lee Harris:

You are the creator. Fear has no more place in life. No more giving away your power. Empower yourself. Creation, laughter, and loving one another are highly highly productive and alchemical energies that we as human beings share. The gospel of yourself is what you are looking for. Trust this is exactly what the world needs. Moving away from external validation and moving towards center.  

December 2012 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

December 2012 Energy Forecast: Release of An Old World Paradigm is Here! – Only 2 Weeks Until Our Departure for Bimini 12/21/12

beststockYou are the creator. Fear has no more place in life. No more giving away your power. Empower yourself. Creation, laughter, and loving one another are highly highly productive and alchemical energies that we as human beings share. The gospel of yourself is what you are looking for. Trust this is exactly what the world needs. Moving away from external validation and moving towards center.

These are some of the poignant messages Lee shares for December 2012’s energy focuses.

Who are you? What do you personally feel about being a human being? What would you like to see more of in 2013? What would you like to learn more about in life?

These questions and more to ask yourself and focus on, also in this month’s energy forecast by Lee Harris, which you can listen to and watch here:

December 2012 Energy Forecast with Lee Harris

Lee also shares about the upcoming 12/21/12:

“December, the month of December, is going to be quite magical at times – that is the message I keep getting.

You’re going to have some very, very magical experiences and you’re also going to have some undertow experiences, where it feels like you (and everyone) is being slightly dragged through the water. So, nothing particularly different to anything that’s happened this year, but the rapid nature of it will be at an all new level.

December 21st is an auspicious day and there is going to be a galactic alignment on that day and it’s going to be very powerful. So the more that you can quiet yourself down and give yourself contemplation time in the next 3-4 weeks, it’s going to be incredibly beneficial for you.

And where normally you would have a New Year resolution on January the 1st, and people harness the energy of that day to bring in a new affirmation, start to do this on the 19th and the 20th, start to tell yourself not just what you would like for your personal life, but think of the world. Because we are all connected more than ever before now and that’s going to be more and more apparent as we go through the next few years.”

Thank you Lee for your always valuable insights that mirror much of what we have all been feeling and preparing for.

And as we continue our journeys to closure of 2012, many light workers and healers are in preparation for their December travels to anchor in these new energies Lee shares about, at the spots they have been guided to. I, too, will be joining them as I set out for my soul’s calling – a commitment of heart I made before I birthed into this Earthly experience. Everyone will be aligning in key positions both physically and psychically (at home or afar), as their service to humanity and our loving Earth.

As we each re-evaluate our lives, release, and renew in these final weeks, it is increasingly important what you are focusing on, as what you intend, you will create.

Our group in Bimini will be working with these energies to not only nurture the seeds you intend to create for self, but to assist in collectively supporting the beautiful energies linked to the 12/21/12 birthing Winter Solstice of the New Earth. This Harmonic Convergence of planets is a time of journeying through a new world time gate and being in Bimini’s powerful energies of the Atlantean vortex simultaneously, will prove to be amazing.

If you feel this calling, there is no more time to think. This is a time to feel and follow the guidance within and, in Lee’s words, “the gospel of yourself,” as we walk through gateways of new realities.

If you’ve been going back and forth on this, have stumbled upon this “arbitrarily” :) or been feeling the calling to be somewhere, here is a link to immerse yourself in and see if the energy of Bimini and this retreat and group are right for you: What You Can Look Forward to Experiencing 

And here is the direct link to all of the details and itinerary of our Bimini journey: Cosmic Heart Activation

I am here to discuss any questions or needs you have. You can contact me at with inquiries.

This is a very special trip to me in more ways than I can express. I’m so excited about the beautiful group we have joining so far – a divinely connected group indeed – and I look forward to who else may be called in these last opportune days to join us.

This is not the first time we have connected, but a coming together once again in great service of the heart. I honor you all and am grateful for hearing the call.

I have been immersed in preparation both in logistics and energetically for our upcoming experience, as my commitment is to the highest good of everyone joining and for the collective, in direct connection.

For these reasons I wanted to commemorate this special journey and have been guided to gift each courageous soul joining us, the following:

  • One intuitively chosen Atlantean energy Amazonite specially programmed just for you. It has many beneficial healing properties that include assisting in manifesting universal love
  • One healing attunement during our week together to support manifestation and healing of anything you desire

I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone on the other side 🙂

Releasing, Mourning, and Transmutation – Seeing Change with the Heart

I, and many others, have written so much about the powerfully transformative experiences we are having and how the intensities for many is increasing as we near closure of 2012. I feel it, experience it, hear it from friends, from my clients, and from fellow healers and light workers who are constantly supporting clients with amped up challenges.

It’s happening. The shifts are now and we always have a choice in how to embrace them. Having just spent time with one of the beautiful people that will be joining us in Bimini for 12/21/12, again the messages were reiterated through the mirror of her sharing.

The new is already here. A new reality is alive and the experiences are that of getting all of your pieces on board fully and walking through the doorways in wholeness.

Some will choose to. Some will choose not to. And some will choose to be in other forms in order to assist, which may include leaving the Earth plane altogether. All of this is in divine order and perfection.

This year has been huge in many ways for everyone. And these last few months have taken all of the year and upped it to the 10th degree in terms of experiences. It can be both heavy and light all at once. The ebbs and flows exist simultaneously. There are some already experiencing the magick, some seeing the potential magick and continuing to trust the process, and some just opening their eyes, and some yet to. All are honored and respected for the choice to be here at this pivotal time, as each is integral to the journey.

For myself, the last few months have been very interesting and telling. I continue to follow my intuitive guidance with each choice I make and being led down new roads. I’ve watched even physical transformations take place in how I am morphing in look and just recently literally dropped several pounds, which for someone small already and not trying, is indicative of old energy releasing.

Before, I was needing more grounding to balance out and now, having been integrating for a while, I’ve intuitively been led to stay as light and clear as possible in general, for the upcoming trip I am facilitating, and the reality I am creating. My powerful Andara friends have been assisting daily, as have many of my otherworldly friends I’m grateful for.

Any remnants of old are being faced and released on all levels and I am not entertaining any of it except to integrate it when it shows up. It becomes clear where the challenging areas are, by which things move out quicker than others and which pattern round again to ensure I heal and release them. It’s all in perfection, nonetheless. If you can keep mindful and present, and catch the ways you hide from yourself, this will be of benefit. And I feel that what I heart-fully choose to be personally responsible for in my own life not only gifts me, but gifts the collective.

That energy of responsible co-creation is so meaningful to me. It is the fabric of my life and as the quote by Dan Millman shares:

“Responsibility is a grace you give yourself not an obligation.”

We are each in process of rebirth in our own ways. Like a caterpillar to butterfly or a phoenix from the ashes. Sometimes this means a symbolic death and in some cases, transformation can mean a literal physical death, which can present heavier challenges to understand right now alongside all the rest you may be going through. In either case, a cycling of death and rebirth, as we move from old to new is happening, relative to each.

This is a major time of releasing, mourning, and transmutation. In the darkness, yes the light undeniably coexists.

So many souls are choosing to transition during this time, both human and animal. Just in the last two days, two of my clients I was assisting, back-to-back, were going through this – the physical loss of a dear one in their lives. It is an intense time and souls are choosing where to be as things transform here on Earth.

Our minds can grasp why this may be, but our emotional attachments can be challenged to wrap around it. It is when we can feel with the Universal heart that the healing integrates. Being human definitely carries with it the very depth and spectrum of feelings and it can be hard to remember the source of all that you are when experiencing something painful.

You are not alone in feeling the depth of the changes taking place on a collective level right now. We all have been going through challenges and experienced loss and significant transformation. And each of you is learning to courageously face and embrace what is coming through and I honor you for that.

When the transformations take form in a physical death, the souls choosing this experience are freed to move on to more expansive journeys. But this leaves friends and family trying to piece together torn hearts. Being human can be such a beautiful and joyful experience, yet simultaneously so very painful. It is this full spectrum of experience we are capable of feeling that can either be a curse or a blessing, hinging on a simple change of perspective.

While the mind and spirit find more ease in understanding why things happen, the old ways of our emotions have not the luxury of such logic. Our hearts are transforming into higher heart experiences that can feel unconditionally. Yet, human emotions take time to make sense of it all and should be given the honor of their natural unfolding to do so, free of judgment that binds us to our suffering. And judge not judgment, as it is an opportunity for allowance. We have the power to choose our way of experiencing and in taking ownership of our suffering, we are led to peace and joy.

Human “Being” is a state of experience that is ever complex with duality, but was also meant to be a gift of harmonious union between physical and spiritual, which allows us the ability to experience and create in amazing ways. We as humans are gifted the opportunity of unlimited expansiveness and by design are extremely sophisticated, refined, and highly developed consciousness potentials waiting to blossom. And this IS your time to blossom.

Yet, for a long time we have chosen only to live a fraction of that potential, unaware of what lies just on the other side of that wall we either hid behind or straddled. What is the fear? Perhaps it is a fear of the promise of joy and what that could mean. This fear is a powerful thing that when chosen, surrenders your power to choose, as it can take over your life like a dis-ease.

We fear our own humanness, the very thing that is so beautifully powerful, and what it would do if unleashed. Fear creates the separation and hinders your ability to see other perspectives that could instantly disintegrate it. Our true hearts will never steer us wrong and reality can transform miraculously if we live in, and choose from, them always. We then come to understand the limitless choices of experience and continuity of life, beyond duality that lives with us from this state of being.

From our fragmented perspective, we fear death and endings as permanent and final. Like a door brutally slammed on our hearts, just as we were learning to open them. The secret here is that while a closed door might, in the realm of conditioned thought, mean the end to something and a desire to give up and never try again, the opposite is also true and might simply mean that a circle of life has completed a revolution and is about to pick up momentum for the next more expansive spiral of experience. The choice is yours.

Every pain has both the ability to sour us for life, or to sweeten the journey. The deeper we allow ourselves to explore the realms of watery abyss, the more beautifully we learn to swim with the grace and flow of our cetacean friends, through the turning tides of life.

Every coin has two sides and these two sides are part of the same coin. Yin and Yang are complete opposites, yet are integral to Oneness. One creates the possibility for the other and therefore, is not a separate experience. Together, they are grace in perfection; a feeling without words that is the expansive totality of consciousness “being” the essence of unconditional love.

Therefore, to know your pain is to know your joy. And in order to truly know the depths of joy, sometimes you will choose to walk in the shoes of pain, until the experience becomes a perfect fusion. The beauty is that the length of each season is determined solely by the perspective you embrace, until the season integrates into one cycle.

I have experienced the greatest loss in my life. That of my twin soul, Nestor, whom I’ve written about before. And in losing her, I actually truly discovered her and myself, and she is with me more now than she ever was. It was an instance of total surrender and vulnerability and like experiencing all stages of birth and death at the same time; coming to know the perfection and beauty of eternal creation and love.

We don’t have to say goodbye when we come to embrace how expansive we really are and can see beyond one single focus trapped in time.

magicThis is part of the new reality we are creating. Where magick, synchronicity, synergy, connection, and heart knowing is a constant experience. This shift helps us to realize that the timeless love we feel and share is perpetuated in the life force energy that runs through every experience we have, every encounter, and in everything tangible and intangible. When we see through different eyes, everything changes.

And the gateways approaching can only be seen with the heart. These are the different eyes I speak of.

Loss is always challenging when someone is in your heart so deeply. Whether that means a physical death or simply dear people leaving your life, as you each move on to new experiences that benefit both. Yet, in time, we can grow from the experiences and create new processes of how to move with greater ease and grace through life by embracing our new perspectives.

When we try to hold on to something or someone, all we do is hurt ourselves and stop the promise of new seeds to blossom. Our loved ones do not want us to live in darkness. They leave in order to assist our moving into our greatness and will be there every step of the way. That is the way of the collective heart. Everything for the benefit of the greatest good.

If you have been faced with loss of any kind, please do take gentle nurturing time to honor the natural mourning and healing, as that is important. The last memory may never leave altogether, but the way in which we view/feel it CAN.

I’ve come to see that many times physical loss, such as soul transitions, takes place at pivotal shifts and deeply transformative times in our lives. There is a web of life and magically supportive gifts within each experience for our perspectives to embrace. And within shifting perspectives, the opportunity for powerful soul growth.

It’s like that moment a butterfly emerges from the cocoon, discovering its chrysalis form has taken flight. It does not mourn the loss of its caterpillar self, but embraces the joy of this new and expansive creation it has become. Not a death; merely a transformation. A simple change of perspective.

My heart goes out to each and everyone of you choosing to be here right now and so bravely walking through the depths of change in your life. Releasing that which no longer serves you will benefit you greatly. Nurturing yourself and allowing the mourning process of  all that is transitioning in your life to move through you with grace and honor will bring you peace.

Surround yourself with support if you are feeling challenged. Keep trusting and believing despite how dark things get. Love with all of your heart. Transmutation of your very existence is at hand. This is not little stuff. You are not alone. We are in this together.

“If we are alive, we cannot escape loss. Loss is a part of real life…So you try to hold the moment quite still and not let it move on and show itself. Today might be tough for you. You might not want the next moment to show itself, to reveal the twists and turns of life’s mystery. But at least you have it. You still have life. A choice as to how you will live this precious day. Don’t wish it away. Don’t waste it. For the love of all that’s holy, redeem one hour. Hold it close. Cherish it. Above all, be grateful for it. Let your thanksgiving rise above the din of disappointment – opportunities lost, mistakes made, the clamor of all that has not yet come. And if today is so horrendous that the gift doesn’t seem worth acknowledging; if you can’t find one moment to enjoy, one simple pleasure to savor, one friend to call, one person to love, one thing to share, one smile to offer; if life is so difficult you don’t want to bother living it to the fullest, then don’t live today for yourself. Live it for others you love or for those that have lost in ways similar or greater than you.” Sarah Ban Breathnach

It is not the body, nor the personality that is the true self.
The true self is eternal. Even on the point of death we can
say to ourselves, “my true self is free. I cannot be contained.”
-Marcus Aurelius
Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.
Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade,
But do not be disheartened,
The source they come from is eternal, growing,
Branching out, giving new life and new joy.
Why do you weep?
The source is within you
And this whole world is springing up from it.

December’s New World Time Gateways – Where Are You Called to Be to Seed the New?

A portion of my painting, Garden of the Gods

We are fast approaching 2012 markers signifying continued and great opportunity for ascension and increased power of consciousness and creation. The upcoming dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 represent doorways of possibility for evolutionary leaps to support all of the work, shifts, and transformations you have already been making and experiencing. It is all a choice of how and if we each, and humanity as a whole, decide to walk through these openings offered by Universal consciousness.

There is potential for so much beauty and greatness to unfold, as we lovingly let go of the old ways. Part of the choice lies in how each of us decided to move through the transformation – gently or with a fight.

There is a divine link between 12/12/12, which will bring forth new insights and prepare for the next gateway walk through, and 12/21/12. Exploring the numerology of these dates can provide added magickal insight and align you with the frequencies unfolding. It is interesting that the number 12 repeats so universally, as in 12 months of the year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, 12 knights of the round table, etc., etc. But we also come to see that the number 3 is prevalent in the 12’s showing up on both of these dates ~ 1 + 2 = 3 so we have 3/3/3, which then further breaks down to 3 + 3 + 3 = 9.

The number 3 is that of creative power and growth, moving forward of energy, overcoming and integrating duality into something new that emerges from going beyond it, expression, manifestation and synthesis, as well as represents the sacred trinity and the third chakra – your drive and expression for and of rebirth. And the 3’s adding up to 9 takes the creation energy into a cycle of completion, which then opens the door to new cycles of possibility, creation, experiences, and developments.

Each soul will find their own importance as to where they are and what they are doing on these dates and in the time surrounding them. What will be of particular significance is what you are focused on, which will be a culmination of everything that has been leading up to now for you and how you have been embracing shifts and choices in your life. Many will be deeply drawn to particular places, people and experiences, including being drawn to places of power where they can be of service energetically to the collective. This can include areas related to powerful past lives where integration of the power of your soul will be brought into the now to support this service and perhaps set the stage for this place in its future Earth role.

Of course there are the planetary alignments taking place as well at this time, of which I have shared a bit on before. Someone very versed in all of the very detailed astrology and numerology could share a multitude of significant and potent energy surrounding the closure to 2012, but for sake of this post, I share general meanings and energy, as while I find the details to be telling and helpful, I also honor that the essence of feeling into what it all means for you is of deeper importance.

You choose what you want to manifest and this is a beneficial and important time to be mindful of the seeds you want to plant for your new experience. What unfolds as we move through these gateway dates is not necessarily something that will be seen with the eye, but for those who are consciously creating their experiences, you will feel the shift and know what has been birthed.

Do not take it for granted what you are doing right now, leading up to, and on these dates. Allow yourself to be guided where you feel is the place most aligned for you, even if that is at home in your sacred personal space, and do not take it for granted what you are focused on. Creating a sacred time to symbolize what your soul desires as the bridge to your next state of dimensional being will be fruitful. Where each is called and with whom is all significant, regardless if you can understand the fullness of why at this time. We will be assisting each other in beautiful ways by being present in our hearts. You can create what you desire and choose how to go through these gateways with greater sense of soul purpose, peace, lightness, and love.

Many light workers and healers will be traveling around during December, fueled by a soul and heart calling to align in key positions both physically and psychically, as their service to humanity and our loving Earth. Many I have been in contact with have and are in the process of making their arrangements and it is really exciting to see where everyone is being called and guided to seed their inner and outer journeys. Very powerful collective support we are being called to.

I know that some are still in process of figuring out where they are wanting/needing to be and if you have strong ties to Atlantis, there is possibility that Bimini, and our group gathering there, could be aligned. Being that the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini is considered one of the most powerful vortexes on Earth, this is one such power spot that light workers are coming together. I know of others being led to Chichen Itza, Peru, Mt. Shasta…

Our group in Bimini will be working with these energies to not only nurture the seeds you intend to create for self, but to assist in collectively supporting the beautiful energies linked to the 12/21/12 birthing Winter Solstice of the New Earth. This Harmonic Convergence of planets is a time of journeying through a new world time gate and being in Bimini’s powerful energies of the Atlantean vortex simultaneously, will prove to be amazing.

If you’ve been going back and forth on this, have stumbled upon this “arbitrarily” :) or been feeling the calling to be somewhere, here is a link to immerse yourself in and see if the energy of Bimini and this retreat and group are right for you: What You Can Look Forward to Experiencing 

And here is the direct link to all of the details and itinerary of our Bimini journey: Cosmic Heart Activation

I am here to discuss any questions or needs you have. You can contact me at with inquiries.

I have been guided to gift each courageous soul joining us the following:

  • One intuitively chosen Atlantean energy Amazonite specially programmed just for you. It has many beneficial healing properties that include assisting in manifesting universal love
  • One healing attunement during our week together to support manifestation and healing of anything you desire

I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone there in just 20 days!

Create Your Own Island or Come Join Us on One! – Peace, Empowerment & Free Gifts

If you’ve ever dreamed of the simple life or simply dreamed of immersing in paradise as a break from your life, you can make it your reality. So many are learning how they can create their own experiences, right now, and rather than resigning to it being only a dream, they are just trusting and doing it.

You have more energetic support now than ever before, if you are willing to be courageous and follow your heart. I love to hear stories like this about a man who “built” his own island and created the life he wanted to live: Man Builds His Own Island.

As we all re-evaluate what is most important in life and move through the transitions that our energetic shifts are leading us through, we are each contributing to the collective movement towards living authentically and in creative love abundance.

If building your own island is a bit out of your ball park, then perhaps your dream of a once-in-a-lifetime experience in paradise that can shift your life might be satisfied by taking a beautiful journey where you’ll be supportively swathed in loving energy.

Renewed sense of self and the expression of how that collectively integrates, is a valuable experience. If you’d like to embrace more of the authenticity you desire and receive a boost with the transitions you are experiencing, then we’d love to have you join us in December on the island paradise of Bimini.

This is one island you won’t have to spend years building yourself, but it will assist you in rebuilding a relationship within and how that manifests and emanates without.

In 26 days we embark on a journey of heart activation that will assist us in integrating a return to natural harmony with self and all of life.

Visions of Atlantis




You can read all about what awaits you on this magickal journey 12/16 – 12/21/12 at these links:


What You Can Look Forward to Experiencing

Birthing a New You and a New Earth







Special Free Gifts for All Who Join

This journey we will be taking together is very special to me and I am both honored and grateful to be able to support everyone who embraces the call. I’ve been guided to offer some special gifts to the courageous and generous group that choose to join and will be giving of themselves in beautiful ways both personally and collectively.

Gifts you can look forward to receiving on this trip include:
  • One intuitively chosen Atlantean energy Amazonite specially programmed just for you. It has many beneficial healing properties that include assisting in manifesting universal love
  • One healing attunement during our week together to support manifestation and healing of anything you desire

If you have any questions or feel called to register, please contact


~ Live simply, purely, loving and honestly ~


Birthing a New You and the New Earth – 1 Month Countdown to Bimini 12/16 – 12/21/12

Have you been feeling at a crossroads in your life and receiving deep nudges that call to you for making major transitions that are more heart centered and supportive of empowering your needs? If so, you’re not alone. So many are experiencing the same and I know that a lot of my clients and friends express this to me and are going through this currently, myself included. Every moment new energy and opportunities are being presented and this is definitely a time when you can harness that energy and channel it in positive ways to support your intents.

One of the ways in which I have supported and drawn in powerful energy into my life to help with integrative healing and to fuel transformation, is through sacred journeys. The experiences that I have had on my travels to sacred spots and energy vortexes all over the world, have been some of the most empowering and memorable experiences I have had. I always return a new person, recharged, amped and vibed up, and inspired with new insights, direction, and greater sense of wholeness.

Having just returned from an amazing and explorative trip in Grenada, I have come back renewed and am experiencing all of what I just shared. So much is birthing and I’m taking time to integrate it all right now to focus all of the exciting and new energy and visions received. Being that Grenada lies Southeast of Bimini, Bahamas in the Atlantean energy region of the Caribbean, it seemed also to be a preparatory trip to kick off things for the upcoming journey of 12/16 – 12/21/12.

We are now exactly 1 month ONLY away from embarking on our cosmic heart journey in Bimini to work with the upcoming 12/21 energies. We have been experiencing the energy shifts for quite some time, since things have been speeding up, and so 12/21 will be about anchoring in that “return to natural harmony” energy to fully harness it in ways relative to you and with the collective highest good in mind.

Being that the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini, where all time stops, is considered one of the most powerful vortexes with the presence of one of the most powerful crystal chambers on Earth, there is opportunity to immerse in something truly once-in-a-lifetime changing.

The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center, where we will be based at for the week, is sited on the magical island of Bimini in the Bahamas where you will find beautiful weather, crystal clear turquoise waters and wild playful dolphins surrounded by mystical and powerful Atlantean energies. This will be a week for visiting with our brother and sister dolphin celestials daily and preparing for the new energies of the 21st – the end date of a 26,000 year cycle according to Mayan cosmology. You will also have opportunity to practice yoga, enjoy high vibration gourmet  raw or cooked vegan food by chef Amanda Russcol, receive loving support by myself as you become certified in, practice, and experience Reiki, as well as receive other inspirational and empowering insights, join together in group meditations facilitated by Jenny Yemaya, and much more that will leave you feeling anew.

On 12/12/12 the New Earth grid is said to achieve full programming, to include the Crystal of Thoth activation beneath Lake Titicaca and the Ruby Fire Crystal activation in Bimini, making all 9 master crystals active.

Those called to join our journey in Bimini, just a few days later, will be able to work with these energies in place to not only nurture a special gift for self, but be part of collectively supporting the beautiful energies linked to the 12/21/12 birthing Winter Solstice of the New Earth. This Harmonic Convergence of planets is a time of journeying through a new world time gate and being in Bimini’s powerful energies of the Atlantean vortex simultaneously, will prove to be amazing.

If you’ve been going back and forth on this, have stumbled upon this “arbitrarily” 🙂 or been feeling the calling to be somewhere, here is a link to immerse yourself in and see if the energy of Bimini and this retreat are right for you: What You Can Look Forward to Experiencing

And here is the direct link to all of the details and itinerary of our Bimini journey: Cosmic Heart Activation

There are only a few spots remaining and with only 1 month away it is a good time to search your heart and take action on what it is sharing.

***** Special gifts are in store for all who feel called to join us. More to come on this! *****

You can email me at with questions and to book your space.

There Will Be Magick! – Creative Fun to Come

As shared, I will be away Sunday 11/4 – Monday 11/12 on vacation and will not be checking emails and messages, nor posting while I am away. I am looking forward to going within and enjoying full days of communion with nature, especially the Caribbean Sea and the rain forests, which creates a deepening connection to the Universe. I love how my latest painting, “Dance of the Twin Flames” seems to set the stage for my time in the tropical water energy. I also look forward to the experiences and energy that will come through, as my travel journeys always bring great change with them that infuses my life and work.

While I’m away don’t forget the Bimini retreat continues to edge closer and when I return we will only be about a month away from embarking. You can review the trip here Bimini 2012 and drop me a message with any questions and your desire to register, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I return. Spaces are limited so don’t hesitate now that we’re down to the wire.

The opening reception celebration of Ménage MIXED…An Evening of ART+MUSIC+ WINE!!! featuring the Jill Warren Trio will be on Saturday 11/10, while I am away, where you have a chance to experience my series, Universal ARKitecture, in person and can meet my partner Allison Jacobson. I will attend the closing on 12/8 for a chance to connect as well. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join for one of them. You can find more information here: The Liberty Art Gallery.

And when I return, the magickal holiday season will be filling the air and a lot of new excitement stirring, as we approach the end of 2012 – an opportunity to infuse new sacred values and rituals that are more mirroring of your true nature, in place of the old.

Along with getting ready for our journey to Bimini, I will be a little faery buzzing around in my creative, crystal studio shop with tons of energy to infuse into many new things and sharings, just like Santa’s magick elves buzz around the toy workshop. 🙂

Upon my return, you can look forward to an enormous collection of new and amazing, individual crystals and crystal pendants from Joyful Earth Crystals that will “rock” your world, more details on the upcoming 2013 Creating Life as a Work of Art Workshop Series (info in the newsletter link found here), the Closing Reception Celebration at The Liberty Gallery on 12/8, which I will be attending, and more new developments I’m creating and intending. The more you nurture your inspirations, the more joy and abundance you will discover. Creativity is love! Stay tuned, as there will be empowering fun to be had and that equates to experiencing and creating magick!

Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it. ~Johann Wolfgang von Geothe

I wish everyone a wonder-filled experience and will connect you with you again as soon as I return. If you need to leave a message while I’m away you can do so by emailing, but understand I will not be able to get back to you until I return


From Grenada to Bimini – Anchoring the Energy for Our Upcoming 12/21/12 Retreat

I will be away on vacation on the small island of Grenada (also known as the “Isle of Spice” and home to The Grenada Chocolate Company that creates organic, vegan dark chocolate 🙂 ) in the Southeastern Caribbean (just 12 degrees north of the equator and northeast of Venezuela) from Sunday 11/4 until Monday 11/12.

Grenada is considered a place to be, not a place to do, even though it is a tropical island with all the usual land and sea activities and day and nightlife. So if you have anything time-sensitive to contact me about, including signing up for the upcoming Bimini journey, please do so before I leave, as I will not have email access while away and intend to retreat from things even if I did. Otherwise, you can send a message, but please understand I will only be able to respond to anything received while away, after the 12th of November. Be assured I will answer all questions and messages promptly at that time.

Never having been to the island of Grenada (at least this life cycle), I believe it is not arbitrary to have been led to it now. The timing of this journey seems synchronously aligned with my personal, and the collective, energetic landscape, and as always, I know that where I am guided to be has a reason. I am excited to see what unfolds energetically and have been guided to take my group of 7 Andara Crystals along to work with while there to help anchor in the energy.

In part, I feel that this trip is in preparation for the upcoming Bimini retreat in December, being that Grenada lies Southeast of Bimini, Bahamas in the Atlantean energy region of the Caribbean. Seems I’m being called to this area to give and receive toward the energy we will be working with, come our journey 12/16 – 12/21. And of course, I can also sense some personal meanings it will support as well.

I find it no coincidence I’ve been receiving and being led to more information about the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini and the significance and impact of the upcoming journey on all those being called to it and for the collective. This energy vortex, where all time stops, is considered one of the most powerful vortexes with the presence of one of the most powerful crystal chambers on Earth.

I stumbled upon this cool little historical tid-bit on a Wikipedia about the Spanish Andalusian composer, Manuel de Falla (one of Spain’s most important musicians of the first half of the 20th century) that shared about his living and composing in Granada from 1921 to 1939. What I found particularly of interest was that while living here he started and completed what he considered to be the most important of all his works, although future generations have not agreed. This large-scale orchestral cantata was titled Atlantida (Atlantis), based on the Catalan text L’Atlantida by Jacint Verdaguer. It shares a mythological account of how the Atlantic ocean was created by the submersion of Atlantis, which separated Spain and Latin America in the process, but recounts how the Spanish discovery of America reunited what was always meant to be connected. The Granada/Grenada connection and the “Atlantida” composition, was a magickal little alignment that spoke to me.

A very cool little nudge and synchronicity for my upcoming trip. Being that I’ve spent extra time attending classical venues, listening to my classical and healing music cds, and sensing more about the ways I’ve impactfully utilized sound healing in this life and others, I feel my journey while in Grenada will incorporate and tap more into this aspect of my life and potentially may reveal inklings I’ve had toward providing in Bimini. We will see.

Needless to say, without going into greater detail, I am grateful for this upcoming trip to Grenada and what it has in store, as well as am heart-ecstatic for the journey that will follow in Bimini, to be shared with the group joining.

With only slightly over 6 weeks until we embark on our magical journey in Bimini, this is the perfect time to feel into your own heart and answer what ever voices are calling you. I know for myself, I have found that there is always a way to manifest what my heart shares as its desires. Things that are meant to be, guided by your Higher Self, aligned with the Divine, and supported with courageous trust, do come to be. I am following this trust implicitly right now on many things I, myself, am feeling guided to do.

There are other powerful spots across the globe as well and many will be led to where and what is right for them as we end this year and approach the 12/21 energies. Whether you feel drawn to Bimini with us, other places, or are feeling the need to create your own sacred journey within, I hope you will honor the messages you receive and follow the guidance of your Higher Self’s knowing of what is in your highest good always.

If you haven’t explored the upcoming Bimini retreat details, or if you would like to again, you can do so here: What You Can Look Forward To Experiencing – The Magic Of Bimini 12/21/12.

This will be a journey of the heart supported by Reiki, communion with wild dolphins, yoga, vegan raw or cooked foods, meditation, and loving new friends and family – an empowering opportunity to connect within, with others, and to support a global energy shift.

Space is limited, so if you are feeling called, contact me at with any questions and to secure your spot with a deposit. 

Together we can help transform our beautiful Earth into a radiant star.

Sacred Journey to Atlantis – Only 2 Months Until We Embark!

bimini sunset

Today, October 16th marks our being ONLY 2 months away from embarking on our Bimini journey to anchor the New Earth and 5th dimensional energies. As energies are amping up and more and more people are processing these shifts and trying to create new intentions, this is a perfect opportunity to come together as a group to support one another and the collective with all that we are manifesting. The power of one is great, but the power of many is invaluable.

If you’ve been considering this journey or where you might want to be as 12/21/12 approaches, this is a good time to ask yourself some important heart questions to see what is calling you. Trust, faith, and self-nurturing are important aspects to cultivate now and to gift ourselves what we desire. I know the hosts, including myself, who are providing this retreat have all taken leaps of faith, based on our soul commitments and beliefs, to make this trip possible and offer all we can to support, in every way, this journey for those who will be joining. It is our hearts’ mission to fulfill.

This trip is filling up and has many interested, but in order to secure a spot, a supported intent of registering will ensure this. We are excited to meet the group that is coming together, knowing those souls that are called have been awaiting this time to merge in harmony together for a greater good. I have already had a dream about the day we all come together on the 16th. 🙂

bimini dolphins

Our journey to the aqua blue Bimini waters and energy of Atlantis will begin December16th. It will be a time of joy, communion, empowerment, integration, healing, acceleration, raised vibrations, and love as we center ourselves in the energy of this Harmonic Convergence to restore a return to natural harmony within and without.

To read more about what you can look forward to experiencing on this once in a lifetime journey with us, visit Cosmic Heart Activation in Bimini, Bahamas

To register, contact me at


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