Birthing a New You and the New Earth – 1 Month Countdown to Bimini 12/16 – 12/21/12

Have you been feeling at a crossroads in your life and receiving deep nudges that call to you for making major transitions that are more heart centered and supportive of empowering your needs? If so, you’re not alone. So many are experiencing the same and I know that a lot of my clients and friends express this to me and are going through this currently, myself included. Every moment new energy and opportunities are being presented and this is definitely a time when you can harness that energy and channel it in positive ways to support your intents.

One of the ways in which I have supported and drawn in powerful energy into my life to help with integrative healing and to fuel transformation, is through sacred journeys. The experiences that I have had on my travels to sacred spots and energy vortexes all over the world, have been some of the most empowering and memorable experiences I have had. I always return a new person, recharged, amped and vibed up, and inspired with new insights, direction, and greater sense of wholeness.

Having just returned from an amazing and explorative trip in Grenada, I have come back renewed and am experiencing all of what I just shared. So much is birthing and I’m taking time to integrate it all right now to focus all of the exciting and new energy and visions received. Being that Grenada lies Southeast of Bimini, Bahamas in the Atlantean energy region of the Caribbean, it seemed also to be a preparatory trip to kick off things for the upcoming journey of 12/16 – 12/21/12.

We are now exactly 1 month ONLY away from embarking on our cosmic heart journey in Bimini to work with the upcoming 12/21 energies. We have been experiencing the energy shifts for quite some time, since things have been speeding up, and so 12/21 will be about anchoring in that “return to natural harmony” energy to fully harness it in ways relative to you and with the collective highest good in mind.

Being that the energy vortex in the outlying waters off Bimini, where all time stops, is considered one of the most powerful vortexes with the presence of one of the most powerful crystal chambers on Earth, there is opportunity to immerse in something truly once-in-a-lifetime changing.

The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center, where we will be based at for the week, is sited on the magical island of Bimini in the Bahamas where you will find beautiful weather, crystal clear turquoise waters and wild playful dolphins surrounded by mystical and powerful Atlantean energies. This will be a week for visiting with our brother and sister dolphin celestials daily and preparing for the new energies of the 21st – the end date of a 26,000 year cycle according to Mayan cosmology. You will also have opportunity to practice yoga, enjoy high vibration gourmet  raw or cooked vegan food by chef Amanda Russcol, receive loving support by myself as you become certified in, practice, and experience Reiki, as well as receive other inspirational and empowering insights, join together in group meditations facilitated by Jenny Yemaya, and much more that will leave you feeling anew.

On 12/12/12 the New Earth grid is said to achieve full programming, to include the Crystal of Thoth activation beneath Lake Titicaca and the Ruby Fire Crystal activation in Bimini, making all 9 master crystals active.

Those called to join our journey in Bimini, just a few days later, will be able to work with these energies in place to not only nurture a special gift for self, but be part of collectively supporting the beautiful energies linked to the 12/21/12 birthing Winter Solstice of the New Earth. This Harmonic Convergence of planets is a time of journeying through a new world time gate and being in Bimini’s powerful energies of the Atlantean vortex simultaneously, will prove to be amazing.

If you’ve been going back and forth on this, have stumbled upon this “arbitrarily” 🙂 or been feeling the calling to be somewhere, here is a link to immerse yourself in and see if the energy of Bimini and this retreat are right for you: What You Can Look Forward to Experiencing

And here is the direct link to all of the details and itinerary of our Bimini journey: Cosmic Heart Activation

There are only a few spots remaining and with only 1 month away it is a good time to search your heart and take action on what it is sharing.

***** Special gifts are in store for all who feel called to join us. More to come on this! *****

You can email me at with questions and to book your space.

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